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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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south shore of long island. the booms lasted over a period of an hour. >> eight of them between 1:25 p.m. and 20:40 p.m. >> reporter: and strong enough to be felt by people along the coastline? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: now, they tell us the planes that would be able to create this sonic boom of sorts would have to fly at 750 miles an hour or even greater than that. however, commercial planes only fly between 600 and 650. now, however, military bases in this area state that they did not have any planes up in the air at that time flying that could reach those speeds. reporting live in palisades, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> tim, thank you. this was so popular on social media. we are going to turn to weather with meteorologist lee goldberg who has more about tomorrow's snow and how much we can expect. lee, back to the sonic boom. did you see the radar on that? >> yeah, you know, we wonder if
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everybody keeps thinking about aircraft meteorite. let's go ahead and look at this radar with a little spec and i looked at some other parts of the country that have seen sonic booms on radar and they are not necessarily what you would think like waves, they are just more clusters like this. so very possible that this is what the radar was picking up. we will obviously be investigating as we go through the night. fascinating. meanwhile a wonderful looking sunset off to the south. high clouds coming in, we are at 40 degrees right our numbers are above freezing. they will be below freezing north and west later tonight. clouds are increasing, we are nestled in between two storms but we are worried about this clipper to the north, which is bringing snow showers to northernmost new england but look at the snow showers between cleveland and chicago. they are going to swing across our area and then some big winds behind it. we are not all going to see snow showers but there will be some gusty ones that could reduce visibility tomorrow morning. watch the futurecast, if you leave early for your morning travels tomorrow, you can beat it. otherwise, there might be toward the latter part of the morning commute, snow showers
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and then we are all at risk for snow showers and even a rain shower through the middle of the day. those will pass and then the gusty winds will begin to kick in. so watch out for the ice patches overnight as we go through the melting, refreezing routine, snow showers tomorrow morning, reduced visibility and slick spots mainly north and west. and 40-mile-per-hour gusts tomorrow afternoon, we will fill like 20s with the wind chills later in the day. much more on the accuweather forecast, we will take you through the weekend a few minutes away. >> thank you, lee. we've got new information for you on the zika virus and today we learned a pregnant woman here in new york city is now sick with the mosquito born illness. that makes three cases in the city, seven in new york state. all of the patients, though, were infected while traveling outside the country. of course that doesn't mean health officials here aren't taking this seriously. eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett live at jfk with more. >> reporter: they are dead serious about this. not because anyone is going to catch the virus here, but because it is spreading rapidly across latin america and the
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pregnant travelers at a time when travel to those regions is on the rise. the warning applies to travelers and more destinations were added today. the virus has now been identified in mosquitoes across the caribbean in central and south america including puerto rico, haiti, the dominican republic, el salvador, honduras and mexico. the concern, that more women will develop babies with devastating neurological birth defects like those in brazil where the disease apparently ravaged the developing fetuses in women who contracted it. the illness has spread exclusively by one species of mosquito and is not spread by person to person contact. it produces a mild flulike illness and is not fatal to adults and children. today the world health organization held an emergency meeting and said the potential is alarming. >> so this virus has been on
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of people have been exposed to this virus already in those areas, but it will continue to move would be the expectation. >> reporter: mosquitoes are dormant in the winter, although the species can transmit zika is present here, there is no evidence they are carrying the virus at least not so far. authorities in our area say their immediate concern is for americans traveling to the regions where the virus is already present. whether it's tourists or latinos or west indians visiting relatives. >> we want to strongly advise pregnant women or women who are considering becoming pregnant consider delaying travel to affected countries until we understand more about this virus infection. >> reporter: and again as diana said a moment ago, a total of seven cases across the state of new york including one pregnant woman, all of those illnesses, to be clear, were contracted elsewhere, but coming up at 6:00, we are going to talk to an expectant couple who say
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they tried to cancel their caribbean cruise. that's coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00 tonight. we are live at kennedy airport, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, n.j. of course concerns over the spread of the virus have the u.s. and canada mulling over whether to restrict blood donations. officials are considering asking people who have recently traveled to regions with the zika virus to not donate blued. officials say so little known about the virus and no way to test for it. they don't want to to see people donating blood who might have traveled to those areas: south and central american countries are working to kill the mosquitoes that carry the virus. stadiums for this summer's olympics are being inspected and fumigated. and on abc7 -- and on you will find a list of the systems and a list of all of the countries where the
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two robbers on the run jump into a getaway car with cops hot that their tail, suddenly the geta bayh car crashes -- getaway car crashes in the midwood section and that's when the suspects pulled out a gun and so did cops. darla miles is on the scene. >> reporter: that getaway car is still at the end of 18th 14th and avenue o in midwood where it crashed five plus hours ago. police say they have captured two of the suspects, one of them they are still looking for. >> my window was open and i heard the four shots clearly. thereafter i heard a whole bunch of commotion and then the helicopters up above me. >> reporter: four gunshots, one suspect down and two men who police say tried to escape this green cheap cherokee on east 14th -- jeep cherokee on east 14th and avenue o in mid brooklyn. >> they dropped a purse from the car that they stole, it was a gucci bag with some wallets and stuff inside that one of the guys that lives in the building gave it to the cops.
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men used this semiautomatic handgun to rob a wireless store about a mile away in bensonhurst around 11:00 a.m. thursday. there were four people working in the store at the time. investigators say they were all ordered into a backroom and robbed. >> an employee of the location followed the vehicle as it left the robbery and alerted one of our uniformed patrol officers to the fact that there had been a robbery. >> reporter: and police say the suspect hit two cars as they tried to avoid being arrested. >> he was coming through on the street and i guess it was a robbery or something and the -- they hit him and he hit into another car. >> reporter: was your brother driving his car at the time? >> yes. >> reporter: is he okay? >> yes. >> reporter: the green getaway jeep crashed into a parked car and police say when one of the suspects got out, he had a gun. >> the cop was running, drawing his gun, running towards the perps, the car was stopped
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person shot on the floor on the corner of avenue o and east 14th. >> reporter: police have not released the name of the two suspects they have taken into custody. we do know that the person who was shot was shot twice in the torso, 39-year-old male and is being treated at kings county hospital. reporting live in midwood, brooklyn, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. a police officer was dragged during a traffic stop in jersey city and the suspect got shot. when officers tried to question the driver of the stolen car early this morning, he sped off, one officer got dragged by the vehicle. it injured his foot but he was able to fire off a shot hitting the driver in the head. that suspect is now in critical condition. a florida man arrested for a wrong-way crash in suffolk county that injured a police officer. 43-year-old steven hennessy is now charged with driving while intoxicated. police say he drove his van west in the eastbound lanes on sunrise highway in patchogue, that's when he crashed into a
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the officer, joseph verde suffered minor injuries. a scary sight this afternoon as smoke and flames went billowing into the sky in midtown. it was coming from a crane that caught fire on top of the building at 20 west 40th street. the building is under construction. it's eventually going to be a 32 story condo and hotel. politics now, and a big question tonight is how many people will watch the republican debate without its star attraction. donald trump holding his own event this evening and a new poll out with just five days until the iowa caucuses. abc's brandi hitt in des moines with more. brandi. >> reporter: hi there, diana. donald trump has been unpredictable and has really kept this g.o.p. field on its toes from the very beginning. now deciding to back out of this debate at the very last minute to host his own competing event at the exact same time. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> reporter: it's the final republican faceoff before the iowa caucuses.
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is boycotting the event telling bill o'reilly the fox news network has treated him badly. >> i said how much of this do you take? i have zero respect for megyn kelly. >> reporter: megyn kelly sparred with trump in the first showdown five months ago. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> reporter: the latest polls show trump leading in iowa seven points ahead of ted cruz who issued this challenge to the g.o.p. front runner. >> one-on-one debate. >> reporter: with trump out, cruz is now center stage, which could also make him a target. >> marco rubio now is starting to gain momentum in iowa and if he doesn't be careful, marco rubio could come up and finish second. >> reporter: before tonight's main event there will also be an earlier undercard debate, at the same time trump is holding a rally nearby for veterans. >> going to raise a lot of money for the vets. that's what we are going to do.
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doing what they can to stand out with just four days until the first votes of the 2016 presidential race. donald trump may not be here tonight at this debate but you can expect to hear his name likely mentioned on that stage. still the rest of the candidates are going to be really fighting for as much face time as possible because even a third place finish here in iowa can be a big boost to their campaigns. reporting live in des moines, brandi hitt, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you so much, brandi. our political reporter dave evans will be in iowa for monday's caucuses. his live reports will begin sunday night right here on eyewitness news. the so-called affluenza teen is now in custody in a juvenile detention center in texas. ethan couch arrived today from mexico on a flight to dallas- ft. worth airport. tomorrow a judge will decide if the 18-year-old will continue to be held at the juvenile facility, moved to an adult jail or released as prosecutors investigate whether he violated terms of his probation.
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group occupying a federal wildlife refugee in oregon are now under arrest. the three men turned themselves in overnight. through his attorney the group's leader, ammon bundy is urging the remaining militants to go home. police are tightening their grip on the remaining militants. wall street got a boost today from a rise in the price of oil. investors were encouraged after russia's energy minister says he's willing to meet with members of opec to discuss possible production cuts. the dow rose 125 points, closing at 16,069. the nasdaq added 38 points and the s&p 500 climbed 10 points. a school fight shocker coming up the video that led to the firing of an after-school coach accused of revving a fight instead -- reffing a fight instead of breaking it up. exposed an nypd officer with sticky fingers. now the department is taking action. and the actor and the porn
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with select plans. call now. an employee at an after- school program in queens fired tonight after a shocking video of a fight surfaced online. the video shows a brawl between two students at a middle school and the coach did nothing to stop it. stacey sager has reaction from one of the fathers of the boys. >> reporter: that boy's father has now hired an attorney here in brooklyn because he calls this unacceptable. you know, his son ended up in the emergency room after this fight and the way he found out about it was from the video
5:15 pm
he's the one in gray looking more like a referee than a grown-up in charge of these boys' well-being, armed on swinging and now the father of one of the boys is demanding answers. >> because at the end of the day this could be your child that's in that program that has to deal with these people that are not there for their safety. >> reporter: kevin jones tells us his 12-year-old son kayshon was encouraged by his coach marcus cruz to resolve his differences with a classmate here at ms53 in far rockaway, just not the way you would ever expect and another student was allowed to record it. >> he told me that the coach said let them fight. >> reporter: the program is called the sports and arts and schools foundation or sasf, whose mission is engaging students' minds and bodies. the department of education, meanwhile, disengaging itself from marcus cruz stating, quote, cruz was not a d.o.e. employee and he was swiftly
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after-school program at the school. meanwhile, this student, familiar with cruz, tells us he seemed to have good intentions, maybe just a bad method. >> i think he was trying to let them do what they had to do. >> reporter: the commissioner of investigations for the schools is now looking into this and the jones family attorney says it's just as well. >> was there endangering the welfare of a child, a class a misdemeanor? was there reckless endangerment? >> reporter: now, we also reached out to that after- school program, sasf and they tell us they have launched their own investigation and they won't comment any further. as for kayshon, he suffered head pain and neck pain and his father is now trans-- has now school. we are live in downtown brooklyn, i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, stacey. we've got breaking news and it is affecting the evening commute in a big way. we have a disabled car on the west side highway and that is
5:17 pm
he knows what that roadway is like. we've got shon shon above the scene -- shannon sohn above the scene in newscopter 7. >> reporter: it just almost caused an accident. this guy is sitting on a common ramp from the northbound side of the west side highway. bring that picture out for you so i can give you a better idea where this is. we will show you with sky rider 7. that is the ramp that takes you to the george washington bridge heading this way it is the ramp that takes you to the cross bronx expressway. this guy has been out here for at least 30 minutes now. we saw him with a police officer, the police officer left and there he sits. really bad spot. people are trying to get around him but just not doing a good job. it's affecting you coming off of the riverside drive area. look at this delay on the west side. it is a mess. this is a sea of lights that takes you all the way back into the 50s, riverside drive treats you better until you get up to this point. if you can take it over to the east side, certainly going to be a better ride. reporting live over the west side highway, shannon sohn,
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>> i feel for every single driver sitting in those cars. thank you, shannon. a man who tried to bring two handguns into a hotel at disneyland paris is under arrest. no one was hurt. the park, europe's most visited tourist attraction remained open. the man was detained at the new york hotel, part of the disneyland complex. the woman with him was also detained. france is under a state of emergency following the paris terrorist attacks in november. we got lee back with the weather and we are going to get a little bit of the snow. >> white stuff? >> yeah. >> you know, a touch tomorrow through the morning hours. it's coming late enough that i don't think it hampers the morning commute in most places and then temperatures are above freezing so roadways are just wet. >> there is a mix, though, tomorrow, right? >> exactly. you know, you get closer to the midday and it's near 40 degrees and there might be a rain or snow shower around, it's very changeable tomorrow. what a great looking sunset, how gorgeous is that with that little sliver clearing right there. the clouds are definitely rolling in. doesn't feel too bad out. we are at 40 degrees, southwest
5:19 pm
factor at this time tomorrow. average high 39 degrees, not far from that today but above once again, the sunset was about 11 minutes ago. last year on this date, sunshine and 34 degrees. here's a look at that weekend outlook where we have partial sunshine on saturday, a stray flurry and then on sunday we are not far from 50 degrees, there's more of that. look at the lows this morning. we advertised last night the huge range we were going to have. it was low teens to even freezing in new york city. we won't have that big of a range tonight with the clouds moving in and the southwest winds, 35 andover, still have numbers freezing in the suburbs or below so there can be ice patches as we continue to melt that snow. increasing clouds overnight, if there's a snow shower at 8:00 in the morning we are talking sussex county, orange, pike into sullivan county. then by mid-morning into the middle of the day, we are all at risk for a rain or even snow shower and then the winds start to pick up as that vigorous front comes through. right now the clouds are starting to increase for two reasons. there's a storm going offshore and by the way, there's a confirmed tornado near the
5:20 pm
beach -- boynton beach area. that energy is going offshore. this is an energetic system right here and look how the snow and rain showers are starting to expand over the eastern great lakes. look how the snow showers start to blossom. if it's 9:00 to 11:00 in the morning, well north and west. by late morning into the midday, close to lunchtime, snow showers and even some rain showers around as temperatures around 40. so the roadways would just be wet, the thing is if these squalls come through, especially the northern suburbs visibility could briefly go down and look nasty for 15 minutes and then it leaves and then the gusty winds come in and when we are going home tomorrow evening, when we are looking at temperatures 32 to 37 and winds are gusting to 40, it will feel like 20s. by the way, accumulation pretty unlikely, may be in the highest elevations of the area, but this is just some of the areas north and west that we might see just a brief dusting if the snow comes down heavy enough in
5:21 pm
overnight, icy spots, tomorrow is 41, snow showers, slick spots north and west and then a gusty afternoon, clear it out tomorrow night and after a blustery evening the winds will back off. we are going -- are we going to be able to take flurries out of the forecast? it's a possibility. mild start to february, maybe 60 at some point next week with a soaking rain. more on that in our next half hour. back to you. >> thank you. we have been talking about that sonic boom, everybody is wondering where did it come from to cause all the tremors. >> now we know. >> it was an f35 that was doing testing, the navy was doing testing over the atlantic so they were working on doing some flights out there and there were several sonic booms, we are told. >> they were doing testing there. so still ahead, a ground breaking moment today for the -- which will be the tallest building in new jersey. also ahead, a school district marred by tragedy now hit with a sexting scandal, more than 20 newtown high
5:22 pm
of them didn't just stop at sharing the racy images. see what's next for this old nestle factory. and barbie has got a new bod. the new shapes coming to the i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see
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a step forward tonight for
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capitol hill to allow victims of terrorism to sue supporters of terror. new york senator charles schumer announced today the justice against sponsors of terrorism act passed the senate judiciary committee. the bill would allow victims and their families to sue foreign entities that sponsored deadly terrorists acts by eliminating protections in existing laws that give countries immunity. the factor that produced nestle chocolate products for more than a century is coming down. demolition is set to get underway this spring at the former nestle plant in fulton, new york, the 24-acre site was seized by the city last year for back taxes. fulton officials say a supermarket, a warehouse and a truck rental business will be built on the site. well, wendy's investigatorring a possible security breach tonight. the fast food chain said it has reports of unusual activity on credit cards that had recently been used at some of its locations. the company says it has launched an investigation with the help of cyber security experts and that it is cooperating with law
5:26 pm
customers are asked to check their bank statements. and a ground breaking ceremony today for what will become the tallest skyscraper in new jersey and one of the tallest residential buildings in the country. construction is now underway on 99 hudson on the jersey city waterfront. when completed, the 79 story skyscraper will feature condominiums, commercial and retail space and a public plaza. a chinese company is behind the half billion dollar project. it is expected to be completed in 2018, which seems like so soon. >> yeah. still ahead, the so-called taxi king pays up. the tlc cracking down after the eyewitness news investigators revealed he owes millions. plus leonardo dicaprio meeting the pope. the gift he gave the pontiff during his vatican visit. this saturday we will air our operation 7 save a life. it was scheduled to air last weekend but rescheduled because
5:27 pm
a sexting ring discovered at a connecticut high school more than 20 students busted for sharing explicit videos and pictures. some kids even sold them for money. police say the students used snapchat, facetime and i message to pass the images around. the scandal coming to light following a month long police investigation. >> all of the students involved go to newtown high school, three have been arrested and face child porn charges tonight. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis is at the school. marcus. >> reporter: this actually happened last school year but police say the investigation proceeded slowly. they needed to obtain search warrants to trace and track
5:28 pm
they also wanted to make sure a parent was present when the students were questioned by police. it looked like any other school day at newtown high school but this week has been anything but normal. almost two dozen students met with police as a six month investigation wrapped up. investigators trying to unravel a sexting scandal that started in last year's freshman class. >> that was a difficulty in the investigation was determine who was actually just a recipient of it and who actually was distributing the information. >> reporter: it was administrators at the school who told the school resource officer that several students, male and female, had taken and were exchanging sexually explicit photos and videos. but the materials soon ended up on the phones of other students, spread via apps like snapchat, i message and facetime. in all 50 students had the pictures and videos on their phones, though some were sent the images unwittingly. >> a lot of parents were surprised. we gave them as much information as we possibly can. you know, as far as where it's
5:29 pm
individual's involvement was. >> reporter: and police discovered a few students actually charged money from some without access to the images in order to view them. in the end, three students were arrested, 20 others will get to go before the juvenile review board, a diversionary program. for parents a reminder of the risks of social media. >> i just keep an eye on her. make sure she is doing the right thing. this is a great community. the kids here have been through a lot, especially recently and a lot of things have come to realization to our whole town and you would think they wouldn't let things like this sort of poison their life. >> reporter: the three students arrested facing the juvenile equivalent of distributing and possessing child pornography. the 20 that are going into diversionary program will likely receive community service. we are live in newtown, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, marcus. police are looking for a person of interest in a deadly
5:30 pm
police released a photo of 21- year-old anthony white just before midnight. a man was stabbed inside the boulevard homeless shelter in east harlem. police say the 62-year-old victim was found with a stab wound at his neck. he was unresponsive and died later. investigators still don't have a cause of a deadly fire in freeport, long island. the fire broke out on a first floor apartment this morning. one person was found dead in the apartment. at this point investigators are not calling the fire suspicious. the state of connecticut tonight being urged to consider a ban on smoking in cars when a child is in the vehicle. members of a task force are pushing the proposed ban citing the dangers of secondhand smoke for children. supporters say they are losing the battle against big tobacco, opponents of the ban say it would penalize people for doing something that is not legal. an nypd officer caught on camera stealing, hit with disciplinary action after the eyewitness news investigators
5:31 pm
it's one story we have been following that has a resolution tonight and investigative reporter jim hoffer is here with the update. >> an nypd detective disciplinary charges for having sticky fingers and injured construction worker gets his segment money and the taxi king pays steep funds for unpaid taxes. three investigations that got results. >> tell us what's going on here. >> because i don't need to. >> not long after we confronted attorney paul bess neighbor about his failure to pay his client $500,000 from a construction accident settlement claim things finally started moving in favor. two weeks after our investigation, mr. miss cue received a check from the attorney for a half million dollars and this time the check didn't bounce. you deserved it. it was your settlement and you deserved it. >> thank you so much. i appreciate. >> reporter: and a new development in our investigation last year into an
5:32 pm
last april the narcotics squad from the 73rd precinct raided this brooklyn deli and arrested two workers for selling untaxed cigarettes. video from the store security cameras seemed to show one of the detectives grabbing a handful of money from a cash box hidden under the counter and then putting that money into his coat pocket. we have recently learned that following an internal affairs investigation, detective ian cyrus has been served with departmental charges which include taking money from a business while performing a buy and bust operation and making false statements. he is suspended without pay while awaiting disciplinary action. >> you're not going to give us a comment? >> not to you, not to you. >> and our continuing investigation into the millions of dollars in taxes owed by the taxi king reveals that he has paid the tlc $98,000 in fines. those fines levied against gene freidman after our
5:33 pm
tax delinquency. we have also learned he still owes the state 5 1/2 million dollars in unpaid taxes and interest personalities. the tlc tells us they are working with the state to, quote, ensure we have all of the necessary records to move forward with any necessary actions. >> i will pay you if -- >> you're in denial. >> i'm not in denial. >> you're in denial. >> gene freidman insists he doesn't owe the state millions of dollars. the tlc has the right to take some of his cab off the street for failure to pay his taxes. remember, these stories came to us through tips. if you have an issue that you need investigated, please give our tip line a call at 877-tip- news you can also e-mail us directly at >> thank you, jim. nasa held a of remembrance this morning at arlington national cemetery to mark 30 years since the challenger tragedy.
5:34 pm
this on facebook today. the memories, seven crew members died in the post launch explosion on this day back in 1986. nasa is also paying tribute to the three astronauts lost in the apollo one fire in 1967 along with the seven astronauts killed when the shuttle columbia broke apart on reentry. well, see the new body shapes barbie is getting coming up. >> very different shapes. plus a new staten island ferry being named for this young man. we will tell you about the honor.
5:35 pm
new york city honoring a soldier by naming the first of three new staten island ferry boats after him. army staff sergeant michael allis was killed in afghanistan in 2013 while protecting a
5:36 pm
nubidore. >> when i got the call from the borough president yesterday i was standing in front of a bank talking to three priests. thank you. >> wow. the boat will be named in his honor and it will begin service in 2017 -- 2016. returned to work today, jason rezaian was released from a prison in a secret prisoner swap this month. rezaian was emotional as he thanked the u.s. government and the post for not giving up on him. >> for much of the 18 months i was in prison, my iranian interrogators told me that the washington post did not exist that no one knew of my plight and that the united states
5:37 pm
finger for my release. today i'm here in this room with the very people who helped prove the iranians wrong in so many ways. >> rezaian's release came as the u.n. certified iran's compliance with its international nuclear agreement. leonardo dicaprio brushing up on his italian before meeting with pope francis at the vatican today. the two share a common interest, saving the environment. they shared their concerns about that, then dicaprio gave the pontiff a book of art from a dutch renaissance painter which used to hang over his crib as a child. >> my father put it there and as i child i didn't quite understand what it all meant but through my child's eyes it represented our planet, the utopia that we have been given. >> after their meeting dicaprio speaking in italian thanked the pope for meeting with him. maybe leonardo was seeking
5:38 pm
the academy awards. so would you pay $1 million for a picture of a potato? well, someone apparently did. and this is a photo of the million dollar organic irish spud known as potato number 345. the celebrity photographer kevin abash who is known for his pictures of yoko ono, dustin hoffman and other stars snapped the shot. if verified it would be the 15th highest amount ever paid for a photo. >> it's not a bad looking potato. >> not great. we are in for another round of snow tomorrow. >> meteorologist lee goldberg has details on what we can expect and how much we are going to see, next. over the years barbie has had all kinds of looks, but the latest look is the biggest change yet. i am shirleen allicot with that story coming up next. donald trump a no show, his fiery moment with fox host bill o'reilly and the new warning
5:39 pm
authorities calling it alarming and explosive. dr. besser with what american families need to know right now and women in particular.
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police commissioner bill bratton made a special appearance at the traffic division role call this morning. bratton personally thanked the traffic agents who kept the streets safe during the weekend blizzard and in the days that followed. and we got lee back with us. some changes happening? is that what i hear? >> no. i was looking for information on the sonic boom. >> all right. >> temperature obviously usually gets colder when you go up in the atmosphere. well today because it was so cold this morning like teens in many suburbs, it actually went up so it's called an inversion. it makes -- with that temperature, makes like a ceiling in the lower
5:43 pm
very low, like 1500, 2000 feet. so as that sound came from the sonic boom, it almost reverb berated in -- reverberated in that -- it travels farther that. so i think weather actually did add to that. >> leave it to lee. >> pretty wild out there. >> well done, well done. >> or could be wrong. no, i think that's what happened. outside we go this afternoon where we look at that pile of snowfall. that pile just keeps shrinking and you got to hop over it, be very careful, hold hands, go slow. our temperature at 40 degrees, partly cloudy skies, a southwest wind at 6 miles an hour. so the central park's snow depth has been nose diving. yesterday at 9 inches, now down to 6 inches and with our numbers above normal, even though we could get a few snowflakes tomorrow we are going to see the snowfall disappear over the weekend. our numbers will stay above freezing in new york city, that's good, so tomorrow nothing more than some wet roads may be created by mid to late morning. north and west 8:00 in the
5:44 pm
snow showers and that's where we are concerned about slick spots and by the way, the wind is very light early on tomorrow. then by mid-morning it starts to get a little turbulent where you have a snow or even a rain shower around, wind is starting to pick up a little bit. and then the afternoon hours, the showers shut off but the wind kicks up and we could very gusts to 35 or 40, then tomorrow night things begin to clear out. so very changeable day tomorrow. clouds are rolling in tonight, there's still a few breaks, there's storm down to the south, big time storm, we are very concerned that a piece of this may brush us but stay offshore. you can tell there's a little bit of linking up between the two systems but for the most part they remain separate until they get to northern new england and the maritimes and that's where they bring big snows. for us we deal with these snow showers that will be passing through. so late in the morning commute, a possibility north and west but most of the commute should be spared, snow showers blossom along with a couple of rain showers midday into the afternoon, by the evening commute we are drying out and the wind picking up and it feels blustery.
5:45 pm
saturday, watching this weak system to the north, you i think there may be extra clouds that spill in, a couple of flurries could sneak into the catskills but overall most of us i think will have a dry day on saturday. on sunday, mild mix of sun and clouds at 48. monday at 50. that shower is late day. in between storms on tuesday at 50. i may be conservative with the 56 on wednesday. if the rain holds off a little bit we could get towards 60 degrees, it looks like a decent soaking there and that's really going to get rid of any leftover snow and thursday about 42. way above normal to start february. it won't last but for the first week of february it looks mild. >> thank you. >> you got it. many would say it's about time, barbie is getting a makeover. after criticism that the doll creates unrealistic body expectations, mattel is introducing new body shapes as well as different skin tones and other features. >> it is a big, big change. eyewitness news reporter shirleen allicot has the dolls and the reaction. >> it's important for barbies
5:46 pm
you know, like they are real people in the world. >> reporter: yes, the world of barbie is evolving. >> this one looks like my friend non. >> reporter: mattel's newest ad is debuting a line of dolls that look different from the leggy blond of our childhood. now she is all shapes and sizes. >> there isn't this narrow standard of what a beautiful body looks like. >> reporter: the dramatic change even making its way to the cover of "time" magazine. this as sales of the doll have dropped dramatically in recent years. >> oh, okay. i like that. >> reporter: we showed people the new ad and they seem to think it could be the change mattel has needed. >> almost trains the mind to see all kinds of people versus have one image. >> reporter: 33 different dolls that reflect the various body types, hair styles, skin tones that make us beautiful. the latest change comes after years of criticism over the doll's unrealistic proportions and concerns that barbie reinforced a virtually
5:47 pm
for girls to meet. >> the media is always, magazines, barbie all these things, little girls look up to and they are totally unrealistic expectations so i think it's good to have different shapes and sizes for barbie. >> reporter: and how old are you today? >> five. >> reporter: five? and for her birthday jennifer corcoran bought her a doll. >> would you like if you had a barbie that looked like you? huh? you would? yeah? i think that makes sense, you know, because there's all different types of children out there. >> reporter: the new barbie will be available in stores march 1st. shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> so important. >> yeah. >> because we all played with barbies growing up. a lot of women did. >> so many different shapes, sizes and colors. >> reflecting that, yep. a driving lesson that nearly took a deadly turn. coming up hear from the teen who was nearly killed during a road rage incident and how he was saved. and i'm liz cho coming up
5:48 pm
a string of rapes. where the victims were followed home. the youngest victim is just 13 years old. also a newlywed postal worker loses her wedding ring while delivering mail. we are going to tell you who found it and how she tracked
5:49 pm
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new at 5:00, a teenager grateful to be alive after he nearly died on new year's eve during a road rage encounter. >> the 16-year-old was learning how to drive and apparently angered another driver who police say stabbed the teen and his brother. >> doctors were able to save the young man and eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim has the story of him giving thanks tonight. >> i don't know what provoked him to go crazy and out. i don't know if he was drunk on alcohol or something, it was new year's eve. >> reporter: he said it happened so fast, he barely remembers the road rage incident that landed him in the hospital.
5:51 pm
had just gotten his learner's permit so he was teaching him how to drive. when the brothers got here to manchester drive they say the man behind him became furious because the teen was taking too long at the stop sign. the three got into a heated war of words, the man exit his volkswagen jetta, that's when he got out to protect his younger brother. cops say the man got back into his car and tried to run him over. his younger brother watching from inside his car. cops arrested 28-year-old jeff saint gerard. he missed noweed, instead running into a pole and then he attacked noweed,. a nerve in his left leg was slashed. >> here i am hopping on one leg trying to pick up my brother, put him in the car and drive
5:52 pm
>> reporter: as for mamoon he was slashed across the chest. doctors told him 3 centimeters higher would have cut his heart and he would have been dead. saint gerard was arrested almost immediately. police say they found the knife at the scene. mamoon is expected to make full recovery. the other may never regain feeling in his left knee. cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. a newly married postal workers delivers the mail but loses her wedding ring. >> it was found but how it got back to the postal worker, that's the story. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news with bill ritter and liz cho, rob powers with sports and lee goldberg with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6:00. he's accused of following women hope and then raping them.
5:53 pm
charged with several rapes. his youngest victim just 13 years old. expect there to be more cases because it is a widespread and increasingly widespread infection in many travel to. >> and a warning about the growing number of cases of zika virus. tonight a pregnant woman in new york city is diagnosed with the disease. and good evening to you. >> i'm bill ritter. moment. beginning with breaking news and mystery solved right now. the big booms so many people heard and felt this afternoon. turns out you can thank the u.s. navy. >> nine booms recorded over the span of 90 minutes, about 2 miles northeast of hammondton, 40 miles east of philadelphia. the booms were heard as far away as long island and connecticut. weather condition might have help amplify that sound. >> the booms come from planes based in maryland.
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