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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tonight a dramatic new twist in the disappearance of a college student from new york five years after she vanished. >> lauren spierer disappeared
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looking for new clues. >> eyewitness news reporter aj ross following the search tonight and joins us with these new developments. >> new clues may shed a new light on a case that's left a westchester family heartbroken for years. today the fbi helped track down new leads in her case. >> reporter: vanished without a trace. it's a case that's been cold for four and a half years. now the fbi and bloomington police may have a new lead in the disappearance of 20-year-old lauren spierer. attending indiana university, lauren went missing in june 2011 after a night out drinking with friends. police were brought to the property thursday where sources say they spent hours searching for a body. while no remains were found, agents reportedly removed several pieces of evidence from the compound which belonged to the family of 34-year-old justin wagers, a registered sex offender currently behind bars for
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women. for now bloomington police aren't confirming any other information other than to say lauren's case remains an active and ongoing investigation. one of our affiliates spoke with lauren's mom about the new developments in the case. >> my main concern is bringing her home. wherever she is, that's my one and only goal. >> reporter: just days ago, lauren's family posted this heartfelt message to her page which now has over 85,000 followers. saying, quote, happy birthday, dear sweet lauren. missed every second of every day. always in our hearts. forever loved. mom, dad, and rebecca. >> a statement issued by his attorney, mr. wagers asserts he has no knowledge of the disappearance of lauren spierer or any other missing person. he never thought he'd have to use it. a grocery store owner pulls out his machete, confronting three mass robbers.
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down. it happened in the chula mini market in essex. the owner, pedro camilo, pulled out a machete. the robbers took aumpt -- took off. the boy mauled by a raccoon is home from the hospital and resting. his mom is thanking everyone for their prayers and support. they were walking in elmwood park when a raccoon jumped on him. the republicans holding their last debate tonight before the iowa caucuses next monday but without donald trump, the leading candidate. he refused to appear at the debate. the debate was a lot less vitriolic and less lively. dave evans with the latest. >> donald trump made the ride to the debate not as interesting with him not in it.
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that megyn kelly not be a moderator of the debate. fox news refused so trump, a no-show. >> reporter: the first question on what fox called the elephant not in the room. it went to trump's closest rival ted cruz. >> everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly, and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. [ laughter ] >> reporter: donald trump was in iowa tonight only three miles away hosting an event for veterans where trump claimed fox desperately wanted him back. >> fox has been extremely nice and the last number of hours actually and they've wanted me there. they said how about now? they called a few minutes ago. how about now ? i said hasn't it already started? >> reporter: fox denied it begged trump to come back. and back at the debate, one candidate who was pommeled by donald trump was glad not to see the billionaire there. >> i kind of miss donald trump. he was a
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>> reporter: this was a surprisingly civil debate, but about an hour in, it got nasty, with rubio attacking ted cruz. >> this is the lie that ted's campaign is built on and he's the most conservative guy and everyone else is a rhino. the truth is, ted, throughout this campaign you've been willing to say or do anything in order to get votes. >> reporter: cruz took so many hits, he even threatened at one point to pull a donald trump. >> if you guys ask one more mean question i may have to leave the stage. >> and governor christie may have scored some points tonight with religious voters in iowa saying the federal government should do as he has done in new jersey and cut funding for planned parenthood. when asked if there's something bigger you can cut, christie cutback there's nothing bigger than saving the lives of thousands of children. he's certainly pro-life. now next stop, the caucuses in iowa monday. dave will be there for us. his live reports
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news. among the democratic presidential contenders, hillary clinton leading the newest poll out of iowa. a new nbc wall street journal shows clinton leading challenger bernie sanders by three points, just ahead of the iowa primary. the candidates traded the top spot in recent polls. new at 11:00, we're learning what president obama does not plan to do after leaving office and that's serve on the supreme court. the idea came up when hillary clinton was asked if she'd nominate obama if she's elected president obama. she said that's a great idea but the white house says obama wants to spend his time handling a wider range of issues than what the supreme court typically deals with. the air was shaking and crackling with the sound of sonic booms amplified by the weather. so many people thinking this was an earthquake. it wasn't. the navy flying planes broke the sound barrier. eyewitness news reporter josh einiger with the story in fort jefferson tonight.
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is the culprit behind today's tri-state tremors, a high tech f35c fighter yet undergoing testing over delaware when it crossed the speed of sound, causing sonic booms that rattled the region. >> it was really scary. >> reporter: joyce philbin collier felt it in her home more than 200 miles away in suffolk county's north shore. >> it was starting to shimmy a little bit then the whole bed swayed for a little bit and it stopped. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> i have a question for you. was there anything of a mini earthquake that happened? >> what's the emergency you're calling 911? >> we feel our house trembling several times. >> reporter: 911 centers were flooded with calls. in new jersey one home developed cracks in a ceiling and twitter explode with talks of an earthquake. but this was no earthquake. the
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sound, a jet that boasts unprecedented stealth capabilities. the navy says it routiney flies these testing missions off the delmarva peninsula. certain atmospheric conditions can carry the sounds hundreds of miles and all the way here to eastern long island. in port jefferson, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> by the way, check out what our meteorologist lee goldberg posted on his facebook page. he shows us exactly how that weather did in fact amplify the sonic boom. it's a really cool explanation. new tonight instead of helping students, she was apparently helping criminals. a teacher now under arrest accused of providing key materials to three dangerous inmates escaped from a authorities in southern california say 44-year-old ravaji taught english as a second language to one of the inmates and may have supplied maps that helped them plan the jail break.
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contributed to the escape of the three inmates and provided critical planning tools that aided in their preparation for the escape. >> police also saying today they believe the escapees are driving and may be living in a white utility van that was reported stolen in los angeles on sunday. they were busted for stealing a car. now two men are suspects in a violent armed robbery near jfk last week. a 53-year-old woman was shot and seriously hurt in a hotel parking lot. when she tried to protect her daughter during a robbery. police now say the two suspects already in custody for the car theft may face charges related to that robbery. police in brooklyn tonight searching for a third suspect after a getaway vehicle carrying three alleged robbers crashed in to a parked car in the midwood section. cops shot one of the suspects after they say he drew a gun. he's recovering at the hospital. another suspect was arrested. police chased the car after they say the three robbed workers at a wireless phone store in bensonhurst.
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about the spread of the zika virus as a new case is discovered in new york city. a pregnant woman. the world health organization bringing a global alarm about the zika virus saying it's spreading explosively. the mosquito-borne virus is linked to a dangerous birth defect in unborn babies. all recently traveled to countries where zika is spreading. the iconic zigfeld movie theater dropping the red carpet for the final time. star wars the force awakens playing tonight. a place that hosted countless star studded premiers since it opened back in 1969. movie buffs said they're sad to see it go. >> this is a theater that means a lot to me. it's one of the very first theaters i came to when i came to new york. it brings back a lot of emotion being here. the city has lost a
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>> the theater's lease was not renewed. it had trouble covering it's operating expenses. it's instead going to be transformed in to a ballroom. meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking snow for tomorrow. >> no repeat of last week. a powerful coastal system is sliding offshore but it's a second system to the west that
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police make an arrest in the slashing attack on the subway. cops released these photos of the suspect earlier this week. the slashing happened tuesday night in brooklyn.
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riding the number 3 train was attacked by a man who allegedly said, quote, i'll chop you up on this train, before he hit her, right hand, cutting it. so called affluenza teenager tomorrow will find out if he'll be transferred to an adult jail for violating probation. ethan couch held in the juvenile detention center in texas. the judge will decide if the 18-year-old will be continued to be held as a juvenile, moved to an adult facility or released. dramatic video of an antigovernment militant who illegally occupied a wildlife refuge in oregon and then being shot. he appears to reach in to his jacket. video was released, the counter claims finicum did nothing to provoke authorities.
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post reporter who spent 544 days in a notorious prison. jason rezaian returned to work showing his harrowing ordeal. rezaian was held for 18 months in what his family and the post called trumped up charges including espionage. he was emotional as he thanked u.s. officials and the post for not giving up on him. >> my iranian interrogators told me the washington post did not exist. that no one knew of my plight and that the united states government would not lift a finger for my release. today i'm here in this room with the very people who helped prove the iranians wrong in so many ways. >> his release came as the u.n. certified iran's compliance with its international nuclear agreement. it was a deadly catastrophe witnessed by millions of americans as it happened on live television 30 years ago today.
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exploding 73 seconds after takeoff. nasa today holding a rare ceremony of remembrance at arlington national cemetery for the seven crew members killed including christa mcauliffe, the first teacher in space. new at 11:00, the idea of driverless cars makes some people nervous but one group wants to start using them as soon as possible. advocates for the blind are asking california's dmv to allow them access to self-driving cars they say it would allow blind people more independence. the technology is now in prototype testing as the dmv considers how to safely bring it to the public. the central park conservancy tonight weighing in and not happy about mayor de blasio's plan to relocate carriage horse stables. he said extending it to the current boundary further north in to the park would increase traffic on an already overcrowded drives and bridle paths.
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new horse digs, $25 million in taxpayer money. that's a lot of hay. >> could be quite a scene, horse and carriage around 10:00 to noon tomorrow, maybe a snow shower coming down. gets kind of blustery. park. >> why not? >> let's go outside tonight. snow pile start ing to be lower now. even the crosswalks aren't as bad to navigate. light wind through early morning then the winds really pick up. we continue to melt. the snow in central park after the storm nearly 27 inches and now down to 6 inches, be gone by the end of the weekend. snow showers sneak in to the far northwest suburbs by about 9:00. the message is leave early, you beat any snow shower chance. those showers will shut down in the afternoon and the wind picks up. there's
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weekend, 39 on saturday. isolated flurry to the north then sunday could be near 50 in a couple spots. we're below freezing middletown, andover, newburg, so you're looking at some ice patches. patches of black ice tomorrow morning and maybe far north and west a couple snow showers. sitting at 39 in the park. notice light winds tomorrow morning. if there's a snow shower, it's well north and west. by midday it's a rain or snow shower. winds are starting to pick up. by 4:00 a much different story with the winds. sustained at 16 or 17 and gusting over 35 miles per hour and the winds it continue in the early evening. a lot of clouds around right now. but look at the snow. it's racing across eastern pennsylvania, central pennsylvania. this looks like it would be here by 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. coastal storm is actually going to help us this time. it's going offshore but it's almost like these get to an intersection and these have to wait for this to pass. it slows down had clipper. then some snow showers come in. if you
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a great tool for looking at some of the bands, you'll see 9:00, delaware water gap to 10:00 then really not getting down to the hudson valley and northeast new jersey and new york city till 10:00 to noon. showers continue early afternoon. same thing on this futurecast as well. snow showers north and west. reduced visibilities briefly. maybe slippery spots north. at least the numbers are getting above freezing. gusty winds come in during the afternoon. wind chills by tomorrow evening will be in the 20s. blustery late. mostly cloudy. light wind at 7:00 in the morning. 45, 41, snow and midday rain showers then a gusty afternoon. clear and brisk tomorrow night. blustery early. 26 feels like teens then the winds will back off later on. on the weekend for sunday this system really looks like it goes toward our north. i think for the most part we're in good shape. on sunday we'll be around 50 degrees. sunday, late day shower. 50, tuesday. i bumped up wednesday's high, even with
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degrees on wednesday. that snow is definitely going to be gone. could be a dusting mainly north and west. get an early start tomorrow. bill evans will be tracking those snow showers on radar in the morning. up next, barbie's new look. and could one of the keys to losing weight be to take a long walk? easy enough. >> first let's check in with jimmy kimmel. >> thanks, sade. hello, new york. tonight ewen mcgregor. we ask kids
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a groundbreaking ceremony for what will become the tallest skyscraper in new jersey. construction now underway on 99 hudson in the jersey city waterfront. when finished, the 79-story skyscraper will feature condominiums, commercial and retail space, and a public plaza. chinese companies behind the half a billion dollar project expected to be completed in 2018. barbie catching up with the times at long last. mattel is unveiling a new line of the iconic dolls in a variety of shapes and skin colors. barbie now comes in four sizes. petit, tall, curvy, and classic. mattel says the world of barbie
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to reflect her diverse group of fans. in tonight's health alert, surprising new research about the amount of calories you actually burn running versus walking. researchers at city university of hunter college say moderate exercis as walking 2 miles may be the best way to burn extra calories. the study suggests the body eventually adapts its metabolism so calorie burning eventually plateaus no matter how hard you work out. >> it's much easier on the body. it's good for you. rob powers up next with sports. >> got to run though. >> they say no, go ahead and take a walk, buddy. >> i say run. we knew the knicks would be shorthanded tonight. turns out we didn't know how shorthanded. straight ahead, a trip to toronto. no anthony. no porzingis. no calderone. no chance? we'll see about that. plus gearing up for the big game with a panther
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ar so the knicks starring in a remix of the mash series. >> they're hurting right now. >> not good. >> not right now. got to get to that all star break. at 6:00 we told you carmelo anthony would be spending a second straight game on the bench in a nice suit dealing with the sore knee and then more bad news. jose calderone is out with an injury and chrisops porzingis has an upper respiratory illness. all three out in toronto. arron afflalo tried to celt -- to settle in as the knicks score. kyle lowry had 26 points and 10 assists. knicks were down 10 at halftime. langston galloway scored a dozen. lowry was too good. the under man knicks lose their fourth in a row 103-93. the
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super bowl 50 practice underway now for both the broncos and the panthers. they make their way to california this weekend. the second day of practice in carolina. wayne hills high school product greg olson a nine-year veteran, about to play in his very first super bowl. a local guy so ready for this opportunity. >> we're not just going. we're going to win and so our approach and everything, you can't let all the outside stuff kind of cloud that. we're not just happy to be part of this. we earned this. we've got to take advantage of this opportunity. as the broncos get ready for what could be peyton manning's last hurrah, there is that nfl investigation in to manning's alleged link to a clinic dealing human growth hormone. the u.s. antidoping agency welcomed. >> i welcome it and it's garbage from the first day that it came out. and it's still garbage today.
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campus. couple hot teams, connecticut, cincinnati. huskies and bearcats had won four of their last five games. uconn was running early. uconn up by 2. 12 seconds to play. but cincinnati's gary clark goes up, gets fouled, scores the basket, makes the free throw. that. there's nothing they could do on the other end. it's a heartbreaker. cincinnati wins 58-57 on the road. as tight as it could be. number 25 notre dame and syracuse. today was dress like coach boeheim night. trevor kudi had 25 points. the basket plus the foul. and a fourth win over a ranked team. 81-66. the cuse wins it. irish had won four in a row. novak djokovic sits back tonight and waits to see who
11:30 pm
djokovic being interviewed by jim courier after his match. >> we started the interview over here, you keep moving that way. do i smell? like what's going on? why are you moving away from me? >> okay, this is what you do. you ask a question and then you step in. [ laughter ] >> it's like keep your distance, please. [ laughter ]
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>> we'll be right we're out of bud light. beer run? no. minibar delivery. female anchor: get the golden can and you could go to superbowl 50. sfx: door bell beer's here! (cheering) jb smoove? we're going to the super bowl! order bud light with minibar delivery
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you know what people are talk about tonight? >> djokovic giving the reporter a hard time? >> no. >> the snow tomorrow?
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>> lee goldberg's sound barrier thing? >> yes.
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