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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning. 6:00. new video of a subway attacker in brooklyn. nypd is taking steps to keep riders safe. >> with days before iowa, republican candidates take the stage again minus the guy in first place. we could see a few snowflakes but note for the weekend. that's the good news. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. it's january, 29. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with the exclusive forecast. >> we take a look from our camera in brooklyn to wall street, one world trade and brooklyn bridge down to the battery. nice start to the day. 37 the temperature. this is okay. close to the normal high. but it's later today it will feel a lot blustery, colder.
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of snow. that snow is off to the west in central new york state and pennsylvania gets here around 11:00 today, toward noontime. burst of snow this afternoon. then look at the temperature between 4:00 and 6:00. it drops like a rock. that it does. the windchills will feel like the 20s later on. weather and traffic every seven minutes. i beat you to at this time. >> you totally did. >> you do it better but -- >> a lot of practice. practice makes perfect. we have path trains journal square to newark resume. expect residual delays. long island railroad without issues. metro north on or close to schedule. subway service is on or close as well. no major issues with that. van wyck southbound side clearing away a crash. this oil tanker is still on the scene. you can see we have a couple of lanes getting through. this is the van wyck southbound
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expect delays as you go to j.f.k. as a result. street cleaning rules are suspended. metered in effect. ken, over to you. breaking news. police are searching for a man that tried to grab a girl off the street near a school. it happened at rogers and albermarle road in flood bush. police say a man offered the 11- year-old girl a ride home. she said no. he is accused of grabbing her with one hand and holding a wooden stick with another. she ran away back to ps 99 less than two blocks away. we have a reporter heading to the scene and will bring you a live report ahead. new video of a suspect in the city's latest slashing attack. police say the 37-year-old attacked a woman on a 3 train in brooklyn. while this attack was not
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action to protect strap hangars. >> reporter: one of the subway slashings that happened began with an argument that happened on the platform at this subway station in downtown brooklyn. that argument turned violent on the train. 37-year-old ras nagarit is accused of cutting a woman with a machete on a 3 train tuesday night. she was not seriously hurt. nagarit turned himself in last night. commissioner bratton toured several midtown subway stations and rode the train along with the chief of department. he is trying to send a message to millions of commuters that the system is safe despite the three slashings that happened this week. the commissioner announcing they will beef up patrols in the sway station and the trains by adding additional uniformed police officers. 2800 police officers are assigned full time to the
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so far this year, there have been five subway slashings. of the three that happened this week, the police are classifying one as being random. in downtown brooklyn, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. new this morning, on long island, a registered sex offender is back in police custody accused of having sexual contact with a teenage boy. he will be in court in suffolk county. he was arrested when police found him in a car with a 14- year-old boy in a parking lot. he is a level one sex offender. happening today, a suspected violent sex offender faces a judge in new jersey. kirban michael is due in court. he is charged with three sex assaults and. one attack was on a 13-year-old girl. prosecutors say he attacked the
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for the first time in this year's election season, republican candidates debated without the donald. he sat out the contest in iowa holding his own rally across town at the same time. lana zak is live in desmoines with the countdown to the all- important iowa caucuses. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ken. even without donald trump on the main stage, there was still plenty of memorable moments in the debate. of course most of those moments were about donald trump. it was the final debate before the first votes are cast in iowa and the national front runner was absent. >> let's address the elephant not in the room. >> everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. now that we got the donald trump portion out of the way. >> ted cruz jokes soon turned tense. >> chris, i would note the last
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attack ted, marco please attack ted, jeb please attack ted. let me say this. >> it is a debate, sir. >> if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> reporter: >> don't worry, i'm not leaving the stage no matter what you ask me. >> reporter: just a few miles away, trump held his own event. >> i didn't want to be here. i have to be honest. i wanted to be about five minutes away. >> reporter: he raised millions for veterans. >> will i get more votes, less votes, nobody knows. >> for him the less risk was something happened in the debate as opposed to just missing the debate. >> reporter: back at the debate without trump, the candidates took on issues from abortion. >> get rid of planned parenthood funding. >> reporter: to immigration. >> you used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you. >> reporter: a fiery exchange on immigration. how about this for a wild card.
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after the debate that they
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more than a coating to an inch. our camera in astoria southward down the east river, this is asbury park looking down the beach. a nice morning here. cloudy sky. your commute is flurry free. 37 degrees right now. clouds are just over us. to the west we are looking at the radar where there is snow in buffalo, rochester, toronto southward to pittsburgh. this slides eastward as i mentioned. to western jersey 10:00, 11:00, noontime in the city then about 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon connecticut and long island. then burst of snow might coat things. could make for slippery roadways. some of that will be a sprinkle of rain. then we clear out tonight. at the bus stop, kiddos, flurries, flakes unlike these flakes at the bus stop after school, 37 degrees. there is the chief flake in charge. >> that's right. >> heather o'rourke.
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van wyck because i have been telling you about this accident southbound near rockaway boulevard. big accident there. take a look at this picture. you really only have the left lane and the right lane getting by as you travel on to the van wyck expressway. think about this as you travel down the van wyck and you are trying to get into j.f.k., you are close to the airport. center lane blocked off as a result. we have path trains resumed but some delays between journal square and newark. long island railroad no major problems. subway service on or close to schedule. let's take a look at a webcam and show you how it looks on the fdr drive southbound side. this is 111th straight. we have an accident in the process of being cleared away. street cleaning rules suspended. metered in effect. lori, over to you. >> thank you. caught on camera, mother nature's furry ravaging parts of florida. new video of a tornado as it strikes and what people inside
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>> more than four years after the mysterious disappearance of a college student from westchester. police uncover a new lead in the search. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades,
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surveillance cameras at a church were rolling as a tornado touched down in south florida. the wind whipped up furniture and debris and one man outside when it started struggled to get back inside an open door to avoid getting sucked out by the tornado. the storm knocked down trees and tore tiles from the church's roof. ethan couch will find out if he will be transferred to an adult jail. couch is being held in a juvenile detention center in texas after he was flown back to the states from mexico. a judge will decide if he will be held as a juvenile, moved to an adult facility or released. he fled to mexico with his mother after video surfaced of him allegedly violating probation following a deadly car wreck in 2013.
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sonic booms that shook the tri- state area. that shows the activity on twitter of people talking about the event. the navy says the booms were caused by the testing of an f 35 fighter jet like the one we are about to show you. the plane broke the sound barrier and combined with the weather conditions shook residents from long island to new jersey. >> it shimmied then it swayed a bit and stopped. of delaware. nine booms were recorded over a span of 90 minutes. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is upper west side. >> a morning where we start out with temperatures near the normal high temperature. let's take a look at a live picture. a morning where we look from the fort lee side of the george
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39 is the normal high. we are warmer. it gets colder later today. yesterday's high 42 melting more of the snow. 29 around westhampton. 23 wrightstown. this morning we are looking at clouds across the tri-state. we are looking at what will be snow back to the west. that's from rochester, buffalo with a front, a clipper system. clippers bring light amount of snow and changes in temperatures. it will get windy later today. mild this morning for the commute, get that in. then for the afternoon, snow starts around noontime, 11:00 to noon western new jersey, hudson river valley and the city then through the afternoon. you see on the satellite, i should say on futurecast, it's showing some of that may turn to sprinkles of rain at the jersey shore. at the ocean it's warmer and we clear out tonight. kiddos at the bus stop after school, you will have flurries
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snow, wind. i give it a d. it will be cold. the temperature gets to 41. that is around midday. temperatures in the upper 30s. feels like the 20s with the wind. tonight clear, brisk and cold. after midnight the wind dies down, 26. tomorrow sunshine but still saturday a brisk and chilly day. leftover wind. sunsets at 5:10. we will look at warmer weather to sunday, in the accuweather seven-day forecast. we will have nice weather as we get into sunday afternoon. so, that will be a mild day. look by the time we get to tuesday, we will look at temperatures that will warm on up and get to the low 50s. >> hey, it's friday. why not have the samoan squad with us this morning.
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rei i, maximus, the kiddos are dressed up for mardi gras. they got beads. joy is a dog that works in the local hospitals with patients. she is one of those emotionally comforting dogs. this is her without the mardi gras beads. do i look like i got snowed in in a blizzard. >> how cute. >> finally i got my blizzard. >> best blizzard ever. >> have a great weekend. >> there is nothing in the bag. >> you will be there for a while. let's check on the commute. >> we have an accident fdr southbound around 111th street. we will go to newscopter 7 and check in with john del giorno over the scene. good morning, john. >> we have first live pictures from newscopter 7. this looks like a reasonable minor accident. you can see a fender bender in the left lane. there is a lot of activity responding to this. southbound side of the fdr in
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you can see the accident in the left lane. police and fire blocking the center lane. right lane is open. as you can see, all those flashing lights, we have more up there where the lane closure is. a lot of activity where the accident is. southbound delays begin north of the triboro bridge. bumper to bumper delays from the 130s to the 1 40s to the accident scene. >> not good. to the van wyck southbound near rockaway boulevard, this accident we have been looking at all morning long. a lot of lights there. the left lane is getting by here. the right lane is getting by. the center lanes are closed down as a result of this crash that is still being worked on. that has been there for a while now. journal square to newark, path trains resume. long island railroad on or close to schedule. new jersey transit southbound truck lanes near 7-a a jackknifed tractor trailer.
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closed down. all lanes are reopened in the truck lanes. street cleaning rules are suspended. metered in effect. lori and ken, over to you. >> thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," the spread of the zika virus around the world and in new york. three patients including a pregnant woman battling the virus. how health officials plan to fight back. >> not a cat stuck in a tree. the unusual call for state police to help this elk. >> join the conversation with us throughout the morning on twitter, facebook and
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wall street looks to finish out the week after a day of gains boosted by tech stocks. 16,069 for dow. nasdaq and s&p 500 begin higher as well. futures are higher at this hour. >> nikkei added 3%. hong kong hang seng index gained 2 1/2 percent. a new type of plane takes to the sky if the weather cooperates. the boeing 737 max will fly
6:22 am
it's an updated lightweight version of the popular aircraft with new engines that use up to 14% less fuel. it's quieter with a split wing tip to reduce drag. barring a rain delay it's scheduled for 12:45 eastern time. head to abc7ny and we will give you a link to watch a live stream of the event. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with the forecast. >> temperatures this morning are warm for this hour of the day, 39. cloudy skies. good visibility. if you take the staten island ferry, a little wind out of the west to the northwest here about 3 miles per hour. not really a big deal this morning. taking the ferry from port jeff, a northeast wind here. nice ride back and forth. temperatures the next seven hours, 36, 35 at 8:00. warming to 38, 39 by noontime.
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those snow showers getting going around noontime. the weekend we will talk about next. weather and traffic every seven minutes. we will take a look at this. this is pictures from newscopter 7. checking out the fdr drive around 111th street. the left lane is closed off. two lanes are open now. we had one lane getting by earlier, we have delays back before the triboro bridge. let's go to the maps and another camera here and what is happening on the van wyck expressway, southbound side and this is an accident that is still being cleared away near rockaway boulevard. street cleaning rules are suspended. metered rules are in effect. lori, over to you. two people are safe after escaping a crash seconds before the truck went up in flames. this happened in southern california when the truck was rear ended causing the truck to lose control. the driver web site through a guardrail an crashed below the freeway. other drivers stopped and
6:24 am
in less than a minute before the flames engulfed the truck. new video of wildlife officials throwing out a lifeline to an elk in distress. this happened last month in oregon. that is a 6-point elk that got trapped in snow. it was weak and having trouble standing up. trappers came in and attached it to the elk which managed to free itself. closing in on 6:30. a young girl nearly snatched off the street near her school in flatbush. alerted this on our news app.
6:25 am
breaking news in brooklyn. nypd putting out a call to help find a would be kidnapper who tried to kidnap a girl near a school. new search for lauren spierer five years after she vanished from college. >> a major price cut for uber riders. not everybody is happy about it. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. it's friday, january 29th. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans. bill? >> this morning we will look at a cloudy morning. maybe a little brightening of skies toward sunrise around 7:00. but we are looking at temperatures of 37 degrees as we look from the fort lee side of the george washington bridge to the west side. cloudy skies and a light west wind. 23 hopatcong. up the hudson river valley, 26 poughkeepsie. white plains 31.
6:26 am
this is the radar. we have snow showers in new york state to williamsport, state college, pittsburgh to west virginia. that will slide our way by about 11:00 in new jersey, 12:00 in the city and 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon. bursts of snow and the temperatures dropping like a rock. windy. feels like the 20s. low 30s later on this afternoon. weather then heather every seven minutes. we will talk about the weekend next. it will get better. >> we will head over here where hopefully this will get better. fdr drive, newscopter 7 is above. john del giorno showing us they are trying to clear the crash on the fdr drive. one accident south of 111th street and one in the same vicinity. either way you can have heavy delays on the southbound side of the fdr drive, even the northbound side dealing with rubbernecking delays. let's go to the maps. queens, van wyck south near
6:27 am
take a look at the scene. you have only one or two lanes getting through. accidents still being cleared away. everything is doing okay as far as mass transit. no major problems to report. alternate sides are suspended. metered are in effect. ken, over to you. >> thank you. we are following breaking news. police are searching information a man who tried to snatch a girl off the street blocks from her school. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live in flatbush with late breaking developments. >> reporter: good morning. the incident happened outside of ps 399 in flatbush. here is a map giving you a sense of where it is on rogers avenue in flatbush. the 11-year-old victim did not attend ps 399. she attends a charter school. but the incident happened outside of ps 399 where the victim was standing at a bus stop around 5:40 yesterday evening. a man pulled up in a van,
6:28 am
said no, the man jumped out of the van and tried to grab her. luckily she ran way, back to her school and told a school official what happened. that school official then called 911. here is the part where you need to listen closely. she describes the man in detail, the man that tried to grab her. he was a black man driving a gray, very old rusty van. she says he was wearing a gray baseball cap, a gray sweater and gray sweat pants. she said the man was carrying a wooden stick in his hand when he tried to grab her. so, despite this all happening so fast, she clearly was able to get a good look at the man who tried to grab her and give police those kinds of details. this happened outside of a school, ps 399 and nat far from the charter school.
6:29 am
word out to parents to that this man could very well be in the area and setting his sights on more children. if that description by chance sounds familiar to you, don't waste any time giving the police a call. live in flatbush this morning, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new details in a deadly stabbing inside a manhattan homeless shelter. police identified the victim as 62-year-old devon black. investigators say that he was stabbed in the neck inside the boulevard homeless shelter in east harlem wednesday night. detectives are searching for anthony white. he is described as a person of interest in the case. the two men suspected in a violent robbery and shooting at a hotel near kennedy airport are under arrest for a separate crime. the 53-year-old woman was shot last week when she tried to protect her daughter from a mugging. police say the two suspects have been arrested for car
6:30 am
city and nassau county. no charges have been filed yet in connection to the shooting in queens. the fbi may have a new lead in the case of a missing college student from westchester more than 4 1/2 years after she disappeared. lauren spierer was last seen in 2011 after a night out with friends. federal agents along with police officers searched a property in connection with her disappearance. investigators took boxes of evidence but it's unclear what connection they have to spierer's disappearance. >> [ indiscernible ] the compound belongs to the family of justin wagers, a sex offender behind bars for stalking and exposing himself to women.
6:31 am
knowledge of spierer disappearance. good news for taxi riders that would rather use their phone than raise their hand. a price cut for uber. enough of a sale to rail up yellow -- riel up yell -- rile up yellow cab riders. >> reporter: a lot of mixed emotions we are hearing. this is a significant cut, one that will likely make an impact. take a look at the sheet. you can see what uber is working on. the uber per mile rate will drop by 15%. the per minute rate drops by 12.5%. there will be rally at noon outside of uber headquarters in long island city. the tlc sets the fares for taxis. they are urging taxi drivers to
6:32 am
>> it's tough on me sitting down here with no business happening. it's bad. it's tough. so, i think, the governor, de blasio and the politicians should do much better to save the industry. >> reporter: the drop begins a few minutes from now at 7:00 this morning. live outside of penn station, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with your accuweather forecast. >> we take a look outside from the camera on the roof. we are looking this morning across the park. that's the sheep got cloudy skies. we have snow on the sheep meadow, six inches high. and it continues to melt. temperature 37 degrees. we will watch what will be snow showers coming your way off to the west. there they are in central
6:33 am
the wind picks up out of the northwest and makes it colder after lunchtime today. get through the morning commute fine. snow starts around 10:00, 11:00. maybe a coating. maybe slippery up the road. be on the lookout. it's cold. it warms up this weekend. at the bus stop dress warmly. a chilly start. you need your warm gear. hart has her hands full. >> two accidents fdr drive, one by 111 and one by 106th street. this problem, van wyck expressway southbound only the center lane is closed down. the center lane being closed down is never a good thing. where is this accident? on the southbound side of the van wyck near rockaway boulevard. just as you get down to j.f.k. airport, catching a flight or picking somebody up, the van wyck will be slow as a result. we have deegan problem
6:34 am
that accident is being cleared away. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north, they are on or close to schedule. subway service is running on or close. then the williamsburg bridge into manhattan, a disabled truck being cleared away. alternate side of the street parking rules suspended. metered are in effect. lori and ken, over to you. >> thank you, heather. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," dramatic video showing an end to a tense
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agents in oregon. people are surprised at how easy and affordable it is to get insurance through new york state of health. we help them to find the best insurance plan that suits their needs. working with so many consumers, you begin to develop a kind of kinship or friendship, a bond and you see them on a consistent basis, so it becomes almost like a big family, it's fulfilling and it gives me, you know, hope that there is a better future
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[text message alert]
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[crashing] [sirens] health officials in the city are battling the zika virus. three cases have been confirmed in the five boroughs including a pregnant woman. the cases are among seven statewide. the cdc says there are 31 confirmed cases of the mosquito- borne illness in the u.s. world health organization says the virus is spreading, quote, explosively in the americas.
6:38 am
seeing dramatic video of a shoot out in oregon that ended in the death of an antigovernment militant. this video posted on you tube by the fbi shows a truck speeding to a roadblock then crashing. robert finicum exists the vehicle then holds out his arms and appears to reach in his jacket. that is when agents shot and killed him. he had a loaded handgun on him. it was released to counter claims that finicum did nothing to provoke officers. investigators arrested abdul harley yesterday on the upper east side less than half a mile from his third attempted bank robbery of the day. police were able to get their quickly because they had smartphones set to alert them to bank robberies in progress. officers got to the scene without waiting for a call. harley is now charged in eight bank robberies. the new york city council
6:39 am
on a bill to revamp the horse carriage industries but it is coming the same day council members will take up to raise their salaries by 30%. central park conservancy is unhappy about relocating carriage park stables. they say extending the carriage bound dress above 72nd street would increase traffic on business sis streets. the vice president comes to town to meet with governor cuomo. they are speaking at the mcbernie ymca. topics include paid family leave and employee funded system proposed to finance the plan. "good morning america" is coming up next. amy robach is live in time's square. good morning. >> good morning, lori. great to be with you on this friday morning. up next on gma, we know it was a busy night in iowa. the g.o.p. candidates making the final push before the caucus.
6:40 am
show taking the stage at his own political event. then we will have the latest on the zika virus. more than 30 cases detected in the u.s. after the outbreak originated in south america. boston reporting its first case. dr. besser joins us from brazil with everything you need to know. surprising theory about o.j. simpson. why he is convinced simpson's years on the football field gave him a brain disease. that is coming up on gma. >> have a good slow, amy, thank you. we check the accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with bill. >> this morning you need your coat and gloves, hat, everything because as we go in the day, windier. bursts of snow coming and colder for your evening commute. let's take a look outside. a cloudy sky this morning.
6:41 am
of the day. 37 normal afternoon high temperature. the average is 39. we have a light west wind. look at the pressure 29.53. atmosphere is unstable. that gets russett up for a cold front. normal high is 39. we won't see much of a sunrise or sunset today. temperature 31 bergen, passaic county. 25, 27 down the shore. these numbers are warm for the overnight hours. we will begin to slowly see the temperature creeping into the low 40s with the wind picking up and the snow off to the west on the radar pictures, that comes in around 11:00. a burst of snow flurries then that quickly pushes through. the wind and the front itself will force a lot of cold air in here this afternoon and this evening. by 11:00 there comes the snow showers. temperature at 37. then as we go into the evening commute, temperature drops into tonight and with the wind it will feel like the 20s. blustery and much colder.
6:42 am
another look on the futurecast. by 3:00 this afternoon, coastal connecticut, north shore long island might get a sprinkle of rain in there as it's warmer in the coastal sections. the warm air gets replaced by the cold air tonight and tomorrow. after school kids, bursts of flurries. windy, blustery. temperature will be dropping like a rock this afternoon. 41. we hit the high temperature about 11:00. tonight clear, brisk, colder. overnight lows 26. winds diminish. feels like the upper teens in the suburbs north and west. tomorrow a brisk and chilly day with a high of 38. in the accuweather seven-day forecast, it warms back up. sunshine sunday mixed with clouds, high 46. 56 by wednesday. there you go. >> 56? >> on ends in. >> it is still winter -- on wednesday.
6:43 am
>> there is a lot of winter left to go. time to check the commute with heather. >> commuting by mass transit, no major problems, long island railroad, new jersey transit, metro north but we have a problem through new jersey in hackensack. earlier vehicle fire but we have john del giorno over the scene. what is going on, john. >> reporter: we have first live pictures, heather. another accident on 8 o. yesterday was a rough morning on enter state 80. this morning problems once again. this looks to be an accident where eastbound near exit 66 in hackensack we are north of teterboro airport, two vehicles off in the right lane. again, so long after the storm we are dealing with the after effects. you can see no shoulder of the roadway available. it's piled with snow. the accident vehicles are in the right lane of interstate 80. this is the local lanes. delays to the split with route 17. >> thank you, john. as we go over here, i can show you we have some relief on
6:44 am
we had an accident here all morning long. it looks like the accident has finally been cleared away. where was it? southbound near rockaway. but the accident is cleared away. you still have residual delays. williamsburg inbound a disabled truck that is being battled. then as you head up on the deegan, we had an accident southbound at 233rd street. newscopter 7 just took a look at that and that accident has been cleared away. you have delays getting down into the 230s. we have alternate sides suspended through monday. they are back in effect on monday. ken over to you. >> thank you. a final curtain call for the movie theater in midtown, manhattan. last night's 10:00 p.m. showing of "star wars" was the final screening. they were the largest single screen theater in new york city. the theater's lease was not renewed.
6:45 am
operating expenses. the space will be transformed into a ballroom. ground hog day only happens once a year. what mayor de blasio is saying about his decision to skip the event. >> join us tomorrow for a half hour special on fire safety from simple tips that can save your life in a fire emergency. important precautions to escape an active shooter scenario. bill ritter hosts operation save a life.
6:46 am
a massive sinkhole is causing major problems in oregon. this video shows the ground opening up under a highway near the california border. take a look at this. this is from the sky. a drone flew over yesterday. you can see how large this sinkhole really is as it causes problems for drivers on both sides of the highway. officials say the torrential sinkhole. >> wow. mayor de blasio's trip to iowa will prevent him from taking part in a new york tradition. >> some may not be happy that he is not here for ground hog day, someone is. >> i think if there were a ground hog union, they would ask me to miss ground hog day. no question about it. if they were taking a vote, i
6:47 am
>> back in 2014 mayor de blasio had a not so friendly rodent run in when he dropped staten island chuck. the ground hog died a week later. last year he chose just to observe the ceremony instead of picking up chuck. >> good idea. we are following breaking news. we were first to report it in our last half hour. >> a young girl escaped a kidnapping attempt fighting off her attacker.
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a man tried to kidnap a girl near a brooklyn school. >> eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live in flatbush with the story. >> reporter: the 11-year-old victim was start enough to say no and courageous enough to run away. it happened outside of ps 399 in flatbush. this map gives you an area where it is on rogers avenue. the 11-year-old attends a charter school. she was standing on a bus stop yesterday around 5:40 in the evening when a man pulled up in a van and offered her a ride. she said no. after she said no the man jumped out of the van and tried to grab her. she then ran back to her school and told a school official what happened and that official called 911. now, pay close attention shevment was able to get a good look at what this man looks like. she describes him as being a
6:51 am
that is old and very rusty. she says he was wearing a gray baseball cap, gray sweater and gray sweat pants. she says he was holding what looks like a wooded stick when he tried to grab her. if by chance that description sounds familiar at all, give the police a call right away. meanwhile, the police are trying to get the word out because there are two schools in the area. they are concerned that this man could still be in the area perhaps setting his site on another child. live in flatbush, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray, thank you. heather? >> we have that accident on route 80 eastbound side. newscopter 7 is still above. john del giorno showing us the accident scene. route 80 eastbound side in your local lanes near exit 66, in hackensack, you can see the right lane is blocked off. flares out there.
6:52 am
over to the maps, i can tell you that the williamsburg bridge inbound disabled truck is being cleared away. new jersey transit, long island railroad doing okay. subway service on or close to schedule. looks like mass transit is the way to go. the turnpike south, truck lanes jackknifed tractor trailer by 7- a but no lanes are blocked off. that is good news. >> okay. >> grab a coat, grab the gloves, grab everything. you need a hat, scarf, later today it gets windy and chilly. 35 will be the temperature at 7:00. these numbers are warmer than they were yesterday and warmer than normal. with the snow from the west, that line of snow showers, burst of snow flurries, that will bring in cold air behind it for the afternoon. it gets windy and chilly with the windchill. look out for the snow showers. great day tomorrow. chilly, 38. we are warming back up to 46 sunday. >> nice. >> watch out for a slippery condition later on. >> thank you, bill. >> that's the news for now.
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>> i'm lori stokes.
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