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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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an ongoing labor dispute. right now no shipments can be accepted because of this job action. trucks will not be allowed to enter the port during the labor dispute. the international longshoreman's association said this advertise not an organized action. the union is trying to get the workers back on the job. we have a ground crew on the way to the scene and will update you with new information as soon as it comes in. now to the attempted abduction, police are looking for a man trying to take a young girl on her way home from a school in brooklyn. >> this happened near ps 399 in flatbush yesterday. that's where eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is live with the details. stacey? >> reporter: well, dave, this did happen right in front of an elementary school, ps 399 in flatbush. you see it behind me on rogers avenue. we are talking about a suspect driving an old gray rusty van which he got out of and he was carrying a wooden stick.
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here in flatbush, police have been combing through the area. they have been looking for surveillance cameras. clear pictures that they can get in this case. they say an 11-year-old girl was at the bus stop at albermarle road around 5:40 p.m. when the suspect asks her if she needs a ride then gets out of the his car and tries to grab her. she runs back to the charter school up the block and tells authorities. word has gotten out this morning. school safety officers were watching the kids extra closely. parents are well aware this could have happened to anyone. >> i'm very concerned because they go to the bus stop by themselves and they usually leave about 6:00, 6:30. they left a little late because i'm sick and i decided to take them because i heard it. >> reporter: now, once again, the girl was able to tell authorities the man was driving a rusty old gray van carrying
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he was on the shorter side, 5'3", baseball cap, gray sweater and gray pants. if anyone has information on this case, you are being asked to call police, the 67th precinct handling this. stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. new developments in a police-involved shooting in brooklyn. a third suspect is now placed upped arrest. in all, three men are accused of robbing a verizon store in bensonhurst. police say they shot one of the suspects armed and after he bailed out that crashed in midwood, there was a confrontation. two firearms were recovered at the scene. the suspect shot was taken to the hospital. another arrested at the scene. also new at noon, police in new jersey have arrested a physical education teacher for allegedly having sexual contact with a student. investigators say 36-year-old edward clark of hackensack had sexual contact with a 10-year old girl at school a number of times in paterson.
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sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child. his first court appearance is scheduled for this afternoon. now to the weather and the snow flurries are starting to fall in parts of the tri-state area. >> we want to turn to meteorologist bill evans with an update. he is outside our studio on the upper west side. >> waiting with a few of the flakes. there are some around the area. some up the hudson river valley, across long island, a cold front that will sweep through the area. you will notice it will get colder for the afternoon. here is how it looks. low gray clouds that look like the good old snow clouds we are used to seeing. temperature this hour 38 degrees which is going to probably hang at that number. 35 hudson arrival. 32 monticello. as we go into the afternoon, we are seeing this front sliding eastward. you see the snow showers from the hudson river valley and some of that changes to sprinkles at the coast, maybe a little rain mixed in across rockland and westchester county
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38, 39 degrees. a little above freezing. above 287 and i-80 you see snow showers. nassau county a couple of sprinkles. heavy on monmouth and ocean on the garden state parkway. watch out for areas where we will see snow showers for the afternoon. you will see on futurecast might create slippery roads and sidewalks for a few more hours, until 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon then it will get windy and cold tonight. we will talk about the weekend in the forecast. hang on and i will have that for you in a few minutes. back to you, dave and shirleen. fears surrounding the zika virus outbreak growing after dozens of cases have been detected including new york city. the cdc says there are 31 cases of the mosquito-borne illness in 11 states and washington, d.c. three people are battling the virus in new york city including a pregnant woman. >> they will monitor her developing baby to see if the baby is affected. once the baby is born they will
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to see if the baby has been damaged. we don't know how big the risk is to the baby. >> it's important to note there is no risk of contracting the virus in our area. the mosquito species responsible is not found here. mosquitoes in general are not activity during the winter months. in brazil where the outbreak was first record, officials launched a nationwide cleanup operation to eliminate breeding areas for those mosquitoes. shirleen? uber is slashing prices. not everyone is happy. taxi drivers and the union are outside uber headquarters in long island city to hold a protest against the company. this comes as uber lanes to drop its prices by 15%. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer is at the protest with more. hey, tim. >> hey, shirleen. the protest just got underway a few minutes ago. a small group of people.
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people than reporters than protestors. these drivers don't like uber's latest move to lower fares. in an effort to attract more riders, uber is putting in a series of cuts of fares by as much as 15%. this taxi drivers believe will monopolize service and jeopardize jobs. >> it's bad. it's tough. >> reporter: uber fares will go down $15. the base fare to 2.55. per mile 2.15 to 1.75. per minute from 40 cents to 30 cents. the minimum fare from 8 kl to 7 kl. previous fare reductions ruled in more rides and less dime waiting for a ride. >> our job is to make them as efficient as possible and bring uber to as many people as possible making it more affordable.
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midtown to laguardia will be 37.12. the old fare 43.67. 8.40. it was 9.90. astoria to long island city, 10.29 versus the old fare of 12.09. as i say, the protest just got underway a few minutes ago. i can see that the leaders are speaking at a news conference. we will have more on this on "eyewitness news at 5:00." reporting live in long island eyewitness news. >> thank you, tim. police are making an arrest in the case of a woman slashed on the train in brooklyn. 37-year-old ras alula nagarit is accused of slashing a woman on the number 3 train tuesday night t. investigators say he told the victim, i will chop you up on this train, end quote. commissioner bratton rode the subway with other officers to reassure commuters. nypd will increase the subway patrols in response to a recent
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we are counting down to the iowa caucuses which will take place on monday. donald trump kept his word skipping the final g.o.p. presidential debate for the first votes cast. even though the republican front-runner didn't participate, he dominated the event. lana zak joins us from des moines. lana? >> reporter: good afternoon, shirleen. from the very beginning, this has been unlike any other campaign in the hawk eye state. with three days to go before the i way caucuses, some are asking where is donald trump with donald trump boycotting the debate, the new candidate at center stage was under fire. >> the last four questions have been and please attack ted, mark could please attack ted, jeb please attack ted. let me just say this. >> it is a debate, sir? >> gosh, if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have
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>> after a strong start for ted cruz. >> everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. now that we have gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. >> reporter: the night got rough. that is the assessment of cruz by the des moines register. >> i don't think ted can have it both ways. >> reporter: the national front- runner held his own event. >> i didn't want to be here. i have to be honest. >> reporter: in iowa, he isn't any more. the only republican candidate to leave the state today, campaigning in new hampshire. >> you can't let them push you around. >> reporter: his absence a boon for mark could rub i can't. >> i am not leaving the state no matter what you ask me. >> reporter: a lot of people here today say they are going to take a second look at marco rubio. even a third place finish if strong would be a big win for his campaign. reporting live from des moines,
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>> back to you, shirleen. >> thank you. political reporter dave evans is heading to iowa for monday's caucuses. he is live on sunday night here on eyewitness news. tune in. potential break in a notorious missing person cases. are investigators closer to finding out what happened to
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four miners are safe after 36 days trapped underground in a collapsed mine in china. the mine in east china collapsed on christmas day killing one person and leaving
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in the days that followed, rescuers attacked the four surface. 11 other people in the mine made it to safety earlier. the investigation into the jail break in orange county, california, leading to the arrest of five people. one of them worked in the prison as a teacher. investigators suspect the woman helped them get away by providing maps and other items. one of the inmates attended her english class and developed a relationship. she denies the accusations. a federal grand jury in florida indicted a former sheriff's deputy for violating a man's civil rights. now we are seeing new surveillance video showing the drug suspect's arrest in 2014. body cameras reported deputies ordering derrick price to stop resisting. he is lying down on the ground and then at least one deputy hitting him. >> it's an individual. unfortunate incident.
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>> don't let a few actions of these mendes freeway -- mendes stroy the image -- >> investigators say the kicked. the four other deputies pled guilty in federal court. fired. for the first time we are seeing dramatic video of the shooting in oregon that ended in the death with an antigovernment militant. this video posted on you tube by the fbi shows a truck fleeing agents only to run into a law enforcement roadblock. robert finicum exists the vehicle with his hands in the air but fishes around trying to reach into his jacket. agents knew he was armed and fired at finicum killing him in the process. the fbi says the video was released to counter claims that he did nothing to provoke officers. supreme court on eyewitness news, how swimming great michael phelps became a basketball team's secret weapon. >> this is awesome.
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parking agents in washington, d.c. handed out
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blizzard totaling more than $1 million. many of the parking violators got a present surprise when the city said it would forgive more than half of the 5,000 tickets it handed out. >> wow. >> the nation's capitol towed 700 vehicles in the days before and after the storm. >> i saw a number of vehicles here in new york with tickets on their cars. curious to see what the numbers are for us in the city and if we will forgive them also. let's check in on the forecast with bill. he is outside. what do we have. >> a side note to that, my son goes to american university in washington, d.c. he said he was standing in a parking lot in a space and he got a ticket. [ laughter ] >> that's going too far. >> william james evans probably deserved. get back where it's nice and warm. get inside. we have been talking about the flurries popping up. a live picture to show the low snow clouds that are coming in
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swinging through. our temperature 38 degrees. humidity 55%. winds west at 12 gusting to 21. pressure 29.48. that is unstable. also the soundings are showing that the atmosphere is quite unstable. i wouldn't be surprised if in some of these cells around the tri-state area you might actually here a rumble of thunder. the high yesterday 42. we will be close to that before the temperatures come crashing down in a couple of hours. 41 bridgeport. the winds are still coming in west-northwest about 9, 12 miles per hour. those will pick up a bit as the front keeps coming through. to give you an idea of the real feel, 31 in the park. 32 toward laguardia and 23 to monticello. 20s and 30s are what we expect for windchills with this front. you see it reaching from albany to litchfield in connecticut all the way down into the city. some is changing to a few sprinkles where it's warmer, warmer temperatures, especially
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rockland, up the threw way a mix there. then back to our west there is snow showers coming in. this will be for a few hours here. a little rain down around -- across the garden state parkway with scattered snow showers, a little rain to the trenton area and along i-80 a little mix. this could make roadways slippery. the winds will pick up. cold this evening and into tonight. on the futurecast, this will clear out by the time of sunset and just after. tomorrow we will have sunshine. weekend is warm. saturday night another clipper to the north. the northern suburbs may see a flurry saturday night. sunday we will warm up to 48 degrees. that will feel rather nice. a burst of snow. temperatures falling now. we hit the high of 41. tonight the temperature drops to 26. blustery around the cold. we will look at cold weather nights. dress warmly if you are out and about. tomorrow a chilly day.
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then we will see warmer weather into the weekend. sunday will be 46. then look at that, by tuesday, it's 50. 56 wednesday with possibly some rain showers. so, there you go. out this afternoon, watch out for slippery spots. tonight will be cold, dress warmly. we should be able to get through with this. i think amy is in this evening. she will have more on "eyewitness news first at 4:00". >> i will give my son a ticket this weekend for parking too long on the couch. >> the poor guy. >> tough dad. >> tough love. >> bill, you know best. thanks. coming up, an attempted bank robbery. we will tell you who won this face off. >> and could o.j.
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caught on camera, a version of tug-of-war. helping to prevent a bank robbery in north carolina, the bank manager was standing by the door when he saw a man dressed in black. the man grabs the door. the manager holds on, back and forth. the man fled. bank employees pushed the alarm button. police arrived to find everyone phraze letters but safe. a massive sinkhole causing a major problem in oregon.
12:25 pm
opening up under a highway near the california border. take a look from the sky. a drone flew over the scene yesterday. you can see just how large this sinkhole is as it causes problems for drivers on both sides of the highway. officials say torrential rains may have caused that giant sinkhole. olympics winner michael phelps going the extra mile to help college basketball fans at last night's game between arizona state. one of the players was at the free throw line when phelps jumps out deaned out in a swim cap and speedo. you won't get the shot with me doing this crazy distraction. while he is doing that wacky job it worked. the player missed the free throw. he is a michigan grad but asu students roped him in since he is training in tempe. the sun devils won the game. so, you need a distraction, michael phelps is the man.
12:26 pm
was a basketball game going on. >> he may have a career in movies, magic mike part 3. >> no words from you, nothing. itself. >> thank you, david. great. xerox corp. splitting into two companies. they are expected to be divided into separate hardware and services businesses as part of the split. customers have started switching from buying printing equipment and supplies to using print management services. the names of the two companies have yet to be determined. a possible break in the case of a missing college student from westchester county. coming up on eyewitness news, detectives search the home of a
12:27 pm
we continue to follow breaking news. longshoremen have walked off the job at the port newark and port elizabeth this morning. it's part of an ongoing labor dispute. no shipments will be accepted until the labor action is over. >> other top stories, the search is on for a suspect that
12:28 pm
old girl at a bus stop in flatbush, brooklyn. police say a van pulled up last night and a man offered to give her a ride home. she refaced. the man stepped out of the van and tried to grab her. she ran off and alerted officials. uber is dropping prices. not everyone is happy. taxi drivers are rallying to protest the fare cuts. uber is cutting fares by 15%. hello again, i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm david novarro. we begin with new clues in the search for lauren spierer. she vanished five years ago attending college in indiana. the fbi searched a man's home yesterday. >> eyewitness news reporter marcus solis is live in scarsdale with more. marcus? >> reporter: shirleen, dave, for years lauren spear's parents -- spierer's parents suspected the friends she was
12:29 pm
than what they let on but yesterday the investigation took an unexpected twist. the search lasted hours. fbi agents and police officers scouring a yard in morgan county, indiana. the focus of the search, any possible evidence connected to the disappearance of lauren spierer. 4 1/2 years alleges, spierer a student at the university of indiana vanished after a night of drinking with friends. her parents have fought to keep the story alive. now a potential development as the cold case heats up again. >> we did assist the morgan county as part of an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: the yard being searched is at the former residence of a sex offender, justin wagers currently in police custody charged with public indecency in the presence of a minor. no comment at the family's home in edgemont but chirlane
12:30 pm
affiliate in bloomington. [ indiscernible ] >> that's my one and only goal. >> reporter: indeed, the mystery hangs over scarsdale to this day t. residents hope the family will find answers that prove to be so elusive. >> i think about how it must feel to not have a conclusion to lose your child then not have an ending to that. >> i hope with the new information they come up with that they can find out who did it and give the family some closure. >> so far no word of what if anything was found in the yard. this remains an active investigating and certainly plenty of activity the last couple of days. live in scarsdale, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> marcus, thank you. the navy is taking responsibility for several sonic booms that shook the tri- state area. take a look at this map. it shows all the activity on twitter of people talking about
12:31 pm
the navy said the boom was caused by testing on an f 35 aircraft like this one. the plane broke the sound barrier and combined with the weather conditions shook residents from south jersey to long island. >> it was starting to shimmy then the whole bed just swayed for a little bit then stopped. >> the plane was off the coast of delaware. the u.s. geological survey said nine booms were recorded over a span of about 90 minutes. we have new details about north korea's claim that it tested a hydrogen bomb earlier this month. a u.s. official says the north may have indeed tried to test components of the h bomb despite earlier statements from the government. the official says the assessment comes after careful analysis of the test data. this is a shift from earlier when the white house said the evidence was not consistent with a successful hydrogen bomb test. an extra $28 million is on
12:32 pm
battle its water contamination crisis. the state lawmakers approved a bill to send funds for bottled water, medical assessments and other items. the money would be on top of the 10 million already allocated. a petition with 21,000 signatures is in the hands of flint's mayor calling for the town to stop issuing water bills. >> we are still getting bills and shut off notices. i got one and i'm looking at it going you got to be kidding me. >> why are people paying for water they can't use. >> congress proposed sending $400 million to flint. the damage to the city's water distribution system is being blamed for the lead contamination and it is estimated at more than $700 million. >> unbelievable what happened there. a lot of private citizens like aretha franklin jumping in to help. now we have been told because i haven't seen him yet but we have been told there are snow flurries in parts of the area.
12:33 pm
let's turn to bill evans. >> no need to be jumpy. go to my twitter page at evans weather and see video folks have sent in. this afternoon flurries and probably toward sunset get out of the way and we go into the night, into midnight, temperatures will be dropping down. a cold and windy night tonight and we will see a few flurries, particular after school bursts of snow. that will be continuing for the next three or four hours until 5:00 and then we will see that clearing out. we will talk about the weekend which really warms up to the 40s by sunday. that is coming up in a couple of minutes. dave and shirleen, back to you. mayor de blasio's trip to iowa will prevent him from taking part in a new york tradition. he may not miss it too much since it hasn't always gown smoothly. >> if there were a ground how long union they would ask me to miss it. they were taking a vote, i would not be invited to ground
12:34 pm
>> let's remind you why. in 2014 the mayor had a rodent run in, if you will, when he dropped staten island chuck. the ground hog sadly died a week later, not because of that by the way. last year he chose to observe the ceremony instead of picking up chuck and the ground hog which is a smart thing to do. >> he has never lived it down. >> that's on video. >> over and over again. coming up on eyewitness
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four suspects are under
12:36 pm
of bank robberies and gas station robberies. the witness alerted police. the suspects are accused of robbing four gas stations and four banks since late december. a couple from connecticut accused of child abuse for allegedly forcing the children to stay inside a bathroom for days. george and nancy barnes from watertown were released after the arrest. four children and one child that they were a guardian for were taken by protective services. investigators say they forced the children to remain in a bathroom for days only allowing them to leave for school and to sleep. >> the punishment was that they were to stand in the bathroom and read books. the parents had a baby monitor system set up so they could see what the child was >> police say one child was held from some time in
12:37 pm
under those conditions. caitlyn jenner reaching a settlement in a car crash that ended in death. jenner's car rear ended two cars on a california highway that caused a chain reaction accident. the woman's stepchildren dropped a wrongful death suit against jenner. investigators determined she was traveling at an unsafe speed. more films are making their way into theaters this weekend. one is the third installment of the kung fu panda series. >> i have to say i may be an adult sometimes but this looks cute. entertainment reporter sandy kenyon with the reporter. >> it is cute. my 9-11 inner child got a good workout watching a kung fu panda. watching it was less of a job and more like pure joy. i came prepared to laugh but not quite as funny as the first took. watch. >> you must take the next step
12:38 pm
>> reporter: the next step has him finding his roots. he remains a kung fu panda but no longer alone. >> give your old man a hug. >> reporter: jack black is the perfect choice to play po with equal parts humor and hope. >> it's like looking in a fat mirror. >> reporter: the reunion is sweet. the tour of the hall of heros that follows is-- >> awesome. you were going to say awesome, right? >> reporter: angelina jolie's character has much less to do but having her family involved must have been fun for her. four of her kids lend their voices to the enterprise. much of this colorful movie is best seen in 3-d that helps the village come alive and parents of young children will appreciate the supernatural
12:39 pm
there is a habit of turning it into gated and he messes with the hero. when he threatens the calm of the village, he must train the fellow pandas but the outcome is never really in doubt. i thought the second kung fu panda was as funny as the first. i call it a couple of notches below in terms of the humor. i found myself laughing out loud left but kung fu panda three's jack black character asking who am i in a even during way. at 4:00 a dramatic rescue of sea off the coast of nantucket more than half a century ago. one problem with kung fu panda.
12:40 pm
>> stays in your head. >> everybody is kung fu fighting. >> sammy sung. >> maybe -- chung. >> maybe we are dating ourselves. >> i know it. >> saved by shirleen. >> thank you, sandy.
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go to or call 1-855-355-5777 enrollment ends january 31st. we are back with a theory about o.j. simpson from the movie concussion. that doctor is convinced simpson's years on the football field gave him a brain disease. ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: >> if it doesn't fit you must acquit. >> reporter: he is the most infamous football player in sports history. acquitted of double murder.
12:44 pm
brutal killing of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman inspiring the new tv series the people versus o.j. simpson. >> you want to make this a black thing? i'm not black. i'm o.j. >> 21 years after the trial of the century, an intriguing new claim about the man at the center of it all. >> o.j. simpson does not suffer from cte. >> reporter: dr. bennett amolu, discovering cte in nfl players from repeated blows to the head believes simpson is a victim of the disease. portrayed by will smith in the film concussion, he hasn't examined simpson personally and c.t. can only be diagnosed after death but he can identify the telltale signs was cte
12:45 pm
>> explosive impulsive behavior, impaired judgment, criminality. >> reporter: the strongest evidence his college and 11 year pro playing careers. >> he was exposed to thousands of blows to his head. >> reporter: an assertion simpson reportedly made using concussions as part of a legal strategy after his 2008 conviction for armed robbery and kidnapping in las vegas. according to espn, during an appeal of his 33 year maximum sentence, simpson's attorney filed a sworn statement that he suffered numerous blows to the head or landed on his head violently playing football. for channel 7 eyewitness news, ryan smith, abc news. >> so many years since the o.j. talking about it. i can see because of the stuff
12:46 pm
>> interesting indeed. >> cte -- other things that happen with concussion protocols, my daughter got a concussion, sat in the room for days, dark. they know how to handle these things better. you take a test. >> i have to add this, i was watching a special report on the college and how they can do more. we are seeing it in some places but others they need more to protect the student athletes. so much to be discussed on that issue. we will leave you with weather. >> nothing wrong with that. here we go. a look outside at noontime, low gray snow clouds. pop up snow showers as we head for the next three hours or so. we will head to 4:00. that's what we will be seeing here. you will run into a snow shower or two. snow showers popping up in spots. it's hit or miss as we go into the afternoon with these temperatures that are hovering around 38, 39 degrees. with that in mind, temperature about 38, we are looking at
12:47 pm
yesterday's high 42. temperatures are starting to slowly drop through the afternoon. 39 north port. 39 massapequa and over to great neck and 41 around hauppauge and the east end. these temperatures will keep dropping. 33 northern new jersey. 32 up to monticello. as these temperatures continue to drop, we continue to see through the afternoon the winds continuing to make it feel colder. we got windchills in the 20s for the rest of the afternoon with that wind out of the northwest at 9 to 6 to 12 miles per hour and 31 in the park and 32 around laguardia. to the north into the 20s like monticello and 27 belmar to 29 wrightstown, new jersey. here are the flurries popping up and sprinkles and rain. as you get to the coast where the temperatures are a little warmer, you got rain. there are a few more hours of this to go on. you see up the thruway and 84 in newburgh and danbury, snow showers. you have to be on the look out
12:48 pm
might create slippery road surfaces. letter as you go into the evening, they will be winding down. blustery and colder tonight, 41. temperature overnight of 26. the winds diminish, tomorrow a chilly day on saturday but a lot of sunshine. the accuweather forecast for the next seven days is a warm up. we will get 46 on sunday. then 50 by tuesday. 56 on wednesday. what? rain showers-- >> every time you tell me the forecast, i'm like what? >> his eyes pop out. >> he wants to get outside and get the golf going again. >> i'm thinking spring. thank you, bill.
12:49 pm
time for the feed. we begin with the prize for a fund-raising event that has many raising their eyebrows. a high school wrestling team had to raise money for the team. the winner of the ralph got a glock 43 single stack 9- millimeter pistol. some parents though it was not a good idea for a high school to be selling chances for a gun. the high school said it was not the district throwing the ralph but a boost -- raffle but a booster club. they have deleted the tweets and we haven't heard if they have continued to do it. an elementary school principal didn't let the weekend blizzard get in the way of him getting to the school or having fun. check this
12:50 pm
the principal, he did play. [ music ] >> this is the principal at waterloo elementary in columbia, maryland, created tom cruise scene from risky business, shot in the gym. he toilet papered his own school. >> see, i always suspected this is what happens in the school during snow days. now we confirmed it. >> loads of fun by himself. >> i could learn from that guy. >> awesome. >> that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro.
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