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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> reporter: he was expected to postbail, if he did, he is free. >> he's adamant that did not happen. he just found out what the allegationses were about 10 minutes ago. he was shocked. says there's no truth to it. we're confident this case will be dismissed. >> reporter: but his client's case will go to the grand jury. today he pled not guilty. clark was arrested january 27th after a patterson police investigation. a 10-year-old girl a student at school number eight has accused clark of inappropriately touching her. clark was a school teacher at the school up until he was arrested charged with aggravated criminal sexual contact with a child and endangering the welfare of a child. patterson school district spokeswoman corallo released a statement. this nontenured teacher was notified on wednesday that he had been terminated immediately.
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one parent who's heard about the charges. >> it's nervewracking, because if he touched that child, he may have touched my child. you just don't know these kind of things. >> reporter: clark was ordered no contact with the child or any other child. >> you have unsupervised contact with children under the age of 18 years. you also must turn in your passport and any travel documents you understand that? >> he's beyond shocked. he doesn't understand why it's happening and why someone would say this about him. >> reporter: no word yet on when that grand jury will hear this case. for now we're live here in patternson, tony yates. tony, thank you. new at 6:00 we're learning tonight about an attempted luring in queens. police say a 10-year-old was walking along 81 street in jackson heights just before 8:00 this morning. a man who was across the street motioned for her to come to him. she ignored him. and then he crossed the street and reached his hand out to
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charles ran and yelled for help. school crossing guard heard her and confronted the man who took off running. >> four people are under arrest for a string of gas station and bank robberies. the suspects were involveded in seven robberies beginning in late december and one attempted robbery last week in comack. the witness called 911 after last week's attempted robbery and led police to one of the suspects. >> this is a great example of where information coming from someone at the scene, led to an arrest of a perpetrator. >> reporter: authorities say heroin was a motivating factor. the busiest ports on the east coast at or near a standstill after a hundreds of longshoremen tonight walking off the job over a pay dispute. here's copter 7. where five port terminals affected by this wildcat strike.
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or drops off any cargo. we understand the workers were upset for not being paid for two snow days last week. a good samaritan who just happened to be driving by jumped in and killed the rabid racoon. >> just because one animal came back positive for rabies does not mean that other animals will be positive for rabies. that doesn't mean we're not going to step up our efforts and try to get the word out. >> that little boy has been released from the hospital but he will need a series of rabies shots. other wise he's okay. a legal set back for a man who thought he would be cleared
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there's growing evidence to suggest that edgar javier did not do it. the investigators uncovering the new evidence that was in court today. >> reporter: today marked the 26th time javier anger went to court an accused killer. he thought this time with mounting evidence pointing to his innocence he would finally be free of murder charge. >> anger javier thought this would be the day that the judge would drop murder charges that he's been battling for more than three years. it didn't happen. our investigation revealed a video withheld by the prosecution that shows javier likely had no role in the stabbing. it shows the victim running away from his attackers seconds after he was stabbed. javier is not in the chase. but standing off to the side. we also reported how as javier
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the district attorney never tested the victim's fingernails for dna. after intense family pressure, the dna was finally tested and found negative proving javier was not the source. >> javier, i have nothing to do with this stabbing. >> reporter: today his attorney filed a motion to dismiss. based on additional information, uncovered by a private investigator. >> we had the six witnesses who have, i've spoken with and interviewed and video recorded involves. >> reporter: he told the judge he needs more time before he considers dropping any charges. justice. >> reporter: speed is not how javier would describe his three
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>> i guess you're not surprised at all that the charge was not dropped today. >> i am surprised but not too much. because that's what they do in the court. delay, delay. >> i want justice, no justice. for son, for my family. >> javier is out of prison. he says all he wants is a trial or for the charges to be dropped. meanwhile, six eyewitnesses naming the same guy as the killer, he wondered why the district attorney has still not issued an arrest warrant. bill. >> jim hoffer please keep us posted on this story. hillary clinton's e-mail
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the withheld e-mails are from the when hillary was secretary of state. >> in the republican side, in iowa, donald trump was in new hampshire today urging voters there to turn out for him on primary day february 8. he's also continuing his crew said against ted cruz. calling the texas senator the immigrant term, anchor baby. a reminder political reporter evans heading to iowa for us. his live report comes sunday night. the number of zika virus cases has jumped here in the united states the cdc says there's now 32 cases across a dozen states in washington. some 80% of those infected with zika don't even feel sick and most who do have relatively mild symptoms. but it is important to know that the virus is not spreading locally in the u.s. instead it's coming through travelers meaning the number of cases could climb. >> so this virus has been on the move for some time.
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exposed to this virus already in those areas. but it will continue to would be the expectation. >> world health organization has called an emergency meeting on the zika virus for monday. vice president biden tonight endorsing new york governor cuomo for paid leave. cuomo is calling for 12 weeks paid family leave in new york for the vice president it is a proposal that hits close to home. >> how do you choose between leaving the bedside of your dying son or daughter who doesn't want you to leave. just wants -- hang on. to go to work. >> an emotional moment there for the vice president. he has also endorsed the governor's effort to raise the minimum wage. they weren't enough to make
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today the dow jumped up 396 points. the nasdaq up 107. the s & p500 gains 46 and change. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 for this friday night. support pouring residents of flint michigan. sideline shipments, concerned citizens in new jersey collecting thousands of water bottles but as you can see they are sidelined. they are sitting out. wait until you hear why. a heartwarming reunion between a woman and suffolk county officer who saved her life. >> meteorologist amy freese in the accu weather center tonight. temperatures are going to cool off dramatically tonight. still a bit windy out there as well. before our weekend is out our
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the folks in new jersey doing a very good deal. helps residents in new jersey who's water is contaminated. >> but there's a problem, all those cases of water are just sitting in the front lawn. the good doers have no way to ship the water to flint. >> reporter: and with the water evaporating it's now pouring out on to the porch. >> we didn't expect this.
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contaminated with lead. since so much water came into new jersey volunteers are trying to pay it back. >> in the time of need we all come together. >> reporter: they started collecting on monday with no idea how much they would receive. >> put it on the porch, put it on the roof, put it in the front yard, you know. >> reporter: donations started with residents bringing in a case at a time. but as word spread on social media, local businesses began dropping off pallet. they received so much water they're having trouble getting it to flint. the red cross says the cost of shipping it would be more than the value of the water itself. plus the red cross says the local government is providing water to flint residents so it suggests making a monetary donation instead. meanwhile, organizers are hoping someone will help them with a large truck. >> it's going to get there. we'll figure it out.
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>> we will keep you posted on that. a woman from long island is reunited with the police officer who saved her life. 72-year-old kathleen manganelo was released from brook memorial hospital today. she was home by police at her home unresponsive and without a pulse. medics performed cpr until officer arnold reyes arrived. that's when he provided cpr and he revived her. >> i don't want to brag. but it is our job. it's a passion that i love to do. i love to do it because the outcome ends up like this. and it makes it extremely worth while. >> reporter: go ahead, brag. you've earned it. you deserve it. reyes says that he and mrs. manganelo are now friends for life. a victory for grass roots community organizing tonight in brooklyn and for the victors bring the spoils.
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get all 660 feet at a pacific park development. the community group ms1 brooklyn has been pushing for months for the school to be dedicated solely as a middle school instead of the originally planned k through eight and they won. so, how would you like to be a holy roler? >> sounds like fun. >> coming up, you too can ride in the pope's wheels if the price is right. >> and, blizzard? what blizzard. we're talking a winter warm up. yeah. amy freese is in for lee goldburg. she has the update coming up. >> and be sure to join us tomorrow night for the special on fire safety. simple tips that can save your life in a fire emergency to
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francis in the u.s. hitting the block. proceeds will go to the ministry and the children's hospital. >> people want the fiat from j.lo or the pope? i wonder. and it'll be cold for the first part of the weekend and warmer for the second half. let's see what we can do. outside right now temperatures falling below freezing in a lot of locations the winds are still gusty. skies are clearing up a bit. and we have to keep our eye on the winds though. we're going to switch out of the southwest that's what will bring our the temperatures out for the second half of the weekend.
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mid-30s here in the city dropping to the upper 20s overnight. across the board we go below freezing and we wait for the sun shaoeup tomorrow that should be help -- sunshine tomorrow that should be helpful in melting the snow. the wind is still strong out there if you're headed out grab the scarf. grab the hat. you will need it tonight. we're waiting for the wind to change. looks like it happens tomorrow during the day. late in the afternoon and then by sunday we've got southwesterly winds bringing warmer more mild air around, plus we're done with these showers that have scooted off to the east. we went from the storm 26.8 in central park and we've seen the snow diminish less than 6- inches in central park as far as the death penalty goes. we have the big mounds yet to go. wind do lessen overnight so we'll see some improvement tomorrow with the winds especially the second half of the day. it's sunny on saturday. still a chill with our temperatures staying below 40. but on sunday, a lot more mild temperatures pushing to 50 degrees.
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tomorrow here's what to expect. we're still below freezing by 8:00 a.m. by noon we're at 36. 4:00 southwest winds changing and going up to about 15 miles per hour. not really blustery tomorrow at all. but still that southwest wind will make a difference. clear and cold. 26 is our overnight low. we'll go to the teens and some of the northwest suburbs. the sun is up tomorrow at 7:09. chilly and 38 the high. that's a few degrees cooler than we had today. but with the sunshine and less wind it should feel better. for sunday afternoon we finish warm at 46. but even warmer on monday. this day with a mild shower about midday. it's not a total rain out. but worthy of a mention as the system comes in. tuesday is going to be a cooler day. mid- to upper 40s is what we'll look for. partly sunny conditions. all in all it really will be the warmth coming in on wednesday. i think that will capture everyone's attention. this day very mild. we're going to 56 for the temperature.
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to be near 60 degrees in some locations. low 60s expected for thursday and friday. pushing toward late next week. our temperatures are running above average in some cases as much as 15 to 20 degrees above average. so that will be a significant change. the first two weeks of february actually looking at long term models do look above average. no major storms are in the forecast but there will be these small chances for rain that should help wash away some of the gray snow left behind. >> thank you. rob is up next with sports. >> big night tonight, big night for basketball. both the nets, the knicks play home games. what's up for the knicks. and the coach just spoke.
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last night they couldn't play suddenly it's my rack miraculous -- miraculous, they come back home. >> all held out for health reasons. tonight against phoenix carmelo anthony and porsingus will play. anthony has that soar knee. but apparently they are better. here's porzingus on the court. he and anthony can give it a go at the garden. >> you know we still had chances to win these games that don't necessarily make any excuses for the guys that are playing. so, you know we have to focus on doing the things you still can do when you're out there. and you know we'll have another chance to do those things tonight. >> sure will. we still have over a week to go which gives number 58 thomas another day to heal.
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up to the game. davis broke his arm in the nfc game. about a dozen screws are holding everything together. and he will play in super bowl l. >> knowing that i had surgery on monday and to think about how well i've progressed from monday to now. i mean i'm excited about where i am. most certainly will be there on super bowl sunday ready to play. >> how about that. the broncos practiceded ed -- practiced inside today. all this retirement talk, the broncos say it's news to them but the coach has noticed this. >> i know peyton is enjoying this week. he'll preparing well, practicing well. i see him really enjoying the moment, each and every meeting,
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>> a little mix up at levi's stadium. the broncos logo was in both end zones. remember the chefs. the panthers feel slighted and somehow will use this to their advantage. >> mean while we get the nfl probowl. eli manning, odelle beckham jr. fans hope they can work together in this game and beyond. the chargers saying late this afternoon they will try to work out a deal to stay in san diego they will play there in 2016 at least. the men's australian final. all set. djokovic will play. and murray with a five set semi final win over the upset. murray's wife is back home in england too pregnant. he hopes to still be in australia for the final. hasn't won there yet. lost to djokovic in the final three times.
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the mets a new second baseman. avoid arbitrary litigation for $12.5 million. olympic swimming great phelps and the curtain of distraction. who shows up behind the curtain? none other than phelps in speedos with gold medals around his neck dancing. thompson missed both shots. phelps is training at uc and said he had a blast. i am guessing the hoops team. >> he's really tan. >> really tan. >> lots of jewelry on. >> thank you, rob. what's coming up on eyewitness news at 11:00. sade is here with some answers. >> i'm still taken away by that other video. tonight inappropriate messages sent to middle school students in our area. we're hearing about the mother
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she found about it.
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