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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 30, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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she's 57 years old, blond, impossibly thin, yet oddly curvy. barbie is not just a doll, these a corporate franchise worth $1 billion a year in sales and 92% of young girls have owned one. when barbie gain weight, gets shorter, and changes skin color, it's a very big deal. the blond bombshell of a doll that set unrealistic beauty standards for more than five decades is getting a makeover. >> this one looks like me and this one looks like my mom. >> reporter: barbie will come in three new body types. tall, petite, and curvy. as well as seven new complexions. mattel telling abc news barbie's
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the times while staying true to her spirit is central to why barbie is the number one fashion doll in the world. many of their customers agree. >> seeing these changes, it really makes me think like, wow, i'm really beautiful. >> and she is beautiful. thanks for watching. tune into gma tomorrow. as always we're online on our "nightline" facebook page and at
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the owner of a new york city newsstand robbed and attacked by young teenager and it keeps happening. tonight he admits he's scared. but first at 11:00, a community in shock. a woman killed in a quiet new jersey neighborhood. the first murder in arlington in decades. >> and we're there with what police say happened and a worried community. nj. >> that's right bill. outside the crime scene and just now police have removed the yellow tape nearly 12 hours after the body was discovered and not just the body but a weapon and the alleged killer. the victim's husband. a macab scene in a community where homicide is virtually unheard of. >> you can hear a pin drop here at night. >> reporter: neighbors watched in disbelief. when officers arrived at apartment 28k investigators say
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plager in the same room with the lifeless body of his wife luisa who had apparently been dead since yesterday. >> we're investigating this as a which domestic violence homicide at this point. >> reporter: acting homicide detective, herb yewald. >> we're in the process of gathering evidence. we have a suspect in custody. my main reason to be here right now is to reassure everyone while there has been a homicide, we have a suspect in custody. >> reporter: although investigators recovered a weapon, they would not say how mrs. plager was killed and they refuse to comment tonight on a motive. north arlington police say there's no reported history of domestic disturbances at the home. it is the first murder here in 22 years. the burrough of north arlington
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the couple do not have children, and by all appearances, eric plager and his wife lived a quiet life. neighbors did not know them at all. >> everything here is people walking their dog. children playing. it's kind of shocking, scary. >> reporter: back now the live picture from the scene. investigators would not say what kind of weapon was recovered. they were apparently called here by the complex manager who had an unspecified concern and asked police to check on the apartment. dave, thank you. new at 11:00 a scare in the air. the plane quickly dropped 20,000 feet. this is inside of an air canada flight bound for vancouver after the oxygen mask dropped. the flight was diverted safely to toronto after it somehow lost pressure. no one was hurt. again and then it severely dropped altitude 20,000 feet in
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new video tonight showing the man who tried to lure a 10- year-old girl off the street in queens. cops said the girl walking today in jackson heights when a man across the street mosted -- motioned to walk to him. a school crossing guard confronted the man he then took off running. worried neighbors now posting fliers. if you want to spread the word, we have the story on our website. an inmate attacks a correction officer. investigators say the officer was slashed on the ear this afternoon. by an inmate who refused to take off unauthorized foot ware. union officials say the inmate a known gang member then tried to hide the blade inside of his body. the blade setting off metal detectors. also new at 11:00, an expensive walk out that shut
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right now it's over. a thousand longshoremen walking off their jobs blocking five major port terminals. an arbitrator saying that the walk off was illegal. they're now back the work. they were upset because they did not get paid for two snow days earlier this week. they are everywhere on new york city. curb side newsstands. there's even one outside of our studios. young thugs are ripping him off, stealing and even hitting him. and he wants it to stop. >> reporter: seven days a week, 12 hours a day, kershid works his newsstand next to time square. hard enough work without being knocked around by two teens. >> two boys come here, in the head, in the leg.
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near by high school lets out, a group of kids comes by and harasses him. this is the surveillance candy. days later the teens were back this time dershid was recording with his camera phone as they threw snowballs at him and ran >> reporter: police say they've increased patrols in this part highly secure. >> my body is shaking, i'm not good, my wife is crying. my kids is crying, it's too much problem. >> reporter: so this newsstand is at the corner of 50th and broadway. it's really just this big metal box with no windows. this gate is down but this is where the man works in there. it's one of the reasons he says he feels so vulnerable when these kids come by. he says on a nearly daily basis, police say they have an
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and they're working with a near by high school to put a stop to this behavior and hopefully put an end to this. president diving into the zika virus crisis. president obama calling the president of brazil to try to end brazil's president says she's focused on ending the breeding of the mosquito and calling for brazilians to discard of standing water. that had been deemed top secret. clinton's campaign is questioning the secrecy of the messages saying the e-mails originated and remained on the state department's unclassified system. and we're just three days until the iowa caucuses, hillary clinton has no time to let the e-mail scandal distract her on the campaign trail. former president bill clinton
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joining his wife at rally in davenport tonight. sanders sanders held his own rally in davenport earlier today. fresh off a bruising debate. ted cruz is trying to convince voters in iowa he's a true conservative not front runner donald trump. cruz spoke at a rally saying he's the only republican voters can trust to keep his word. trump continues to gain traction by questioning cruz' right to run for president because he was born in canada. >> evans will be headed to iowa ahead of his caucuses. eyewitness news. action. their kids targeted by an internet predator. how much unfeddered action to
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have ? >> reporter: tonight i spoke to a mother who's daughter was recently targeted. she says she watching her daughter's instagram page like a hawk and if something like this could slip by her, it could get away from anybody. >> i read every comment, every post, it seems safe. >> reporter: several children were targeted. >> she accepted the direct message when she said i'm a friend of and mentioned her friend's name. she assumed it was safe to open the door. >> reporter: the stranger posing as a 13-year-old boy from ohio sent several direct messages and elicit photos. >> the messages went from little kid innocent to adult vile in three messages. >> reporter: the messages range from if you were my girlfriend would you do absolutely
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to do you want to learn something new. it feels really good. before asking if the young girl was familiar with the sexual act. jenna's screen shot even more messages and contacted police and confirmed there were more girls contacted by the same individual. >> i'm not sure how much sooner i could have caught it. >> reporter: as police remain on the hunt. school officials are reaching out to parents via e-mail and social media encouraging them to be vigilant. >> i don't want this to get by anybody else. because it almost got by me too. >> reporter: if you believe your child recently received inappropriate messages from a stranger contact police immediately. i'm a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. tomorrow, funeral services in new jersey for two toddlers who died from the blizzard, 1-
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sonia benia died of carbon dioxide poisoning last week. the racoon that mauled a 4- year-old boy came back positive for rabies. he's now facing a series of painful rabies shots but other wise we're told he's okay. new tonight, facebook making a major decision. we'll tell you what they are not going to allow anymore. plus, one escaped inmate captured but there's new information on where the other two may be hiding including one called a real life hanabal lector. >> we'll tall into the no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like.
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we have breaking news, the nypd says that they have taken a man into custody in connection with the video that we showed you moments ago in our newscast. he's wanted for trying to lure a 10-year-old girl off the street today in jackson heights queens. the girl ran and yelled for help. she was not hurt. again police do have a man in custody, no charges have been filed yet. new at 11:00, bold action by facebook against illegal gun sales on its popular social media platform. the company now banning posts and messages advertising public sales of guns on facebook and instagram. the ban applies to private person to person sales of gun that often take place without doing any background checks. this does not apply to gun dealers. new information on the
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one of the men surrendered today. the trio had been in san jose and northern california and that the other men now may be headed to fresno. a sudden price cut by the car service uber tonight surprising customers and perhaps surprisingly not everyone is happy about it. it did it without warning. it not only took passengers by surprise by also taxi drivers. >> i think they're used a lot. i think they've undercut the cabs in the city. and i think the cars and drivers are poor. >> i use uber because it's easier to use and it's a better service. means i'll be doing what i do and saving more money.
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saying they can't compete with uber drivers. new at 11:00, in a city where new restaurants are cropping up all of the time it's all about eating out. tonight in an effort to keep that pallet tentalized. how about a pizza with the taste of the mediterranean. >> reporter: we looked for the big food trend in 2016. one of them according to andrew nolton african and middle eastern flavors. >> everybody wants to eat healthy these days and this brings a lot of bang for a little fat. >> reporter: get used to some other new words like teft, camut. they're ancient grades. >> the flavors are a lot more interesting than just eating white rice or couscous and they're betting for you.
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detroit style pizza. crunchier with a more cicilian taste. >> there's no folding. i know new yorkers might not like that. you can literally walk around and there's no droopiness. you just pick it up and eat it. and something you might like in the colder months in new york is pho. >> it's the lighter version of ramen. >> many more restaurants will be including tips. >> in five years we're not going to be talking about this. i think this is the way the restaurant is going. 401k, work insurance. it makes for a much better workplace for everybody. >> tipping you actual ly do something with danny myers. >> setting a trend. so antifreeze in for lee goldburg. you have set up a nice weekend for us. >> you get that start early tomorrow morning.
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melting continues across the area. temperatures are dropping to freezing here in the city. we're already 32 in central park. we're going down to 26. and looking out over the city, beautiful blue skies. humidity at 50%. gusting still at 15. windchills are in the low to mid-20s. that's actually how we'll start tomorrow morning. the winds have been strong at times but mainly to the north and the west and northwest new jersey. windchill at 8 degrees. there are spots that really feel that blustery wind that's been with us off and on throughout the day. but the front is past us we've cleared out the skies really nicely. waking up to sunshine. saturday is looking beautiful. the melt down has been happening all week. we've gone from 26.8-inches of snow all the way down to six in central park. so what a week we've had as far as diminishing the snow around here. still have that big bulls eye through northwest central new jersey where we have 10 to 15- inches of snow still on the ground. we'll continue with the melting
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winds are going to overnight and we get the sunshine tomorrow. that will be one thing that helps us. we're storm free over the weekend. that will help us to get into the shape of getting rid of snow completely. that melting actually gets more intense the middle of the week. one of the things that's really going to help us out is the winds switching out of the south and southwest. that begins tomorrow and drags a lot more warm air in here. the windchill will not be as severe and we'll have an opportunity to see that snow get out of here. and winds diminish we go below freezing. we wake up that way. sun is up at 7:09. chilly conditions throughout the day tomorrow. two things that will make it feel better. one is all the sunshine we're going to see and that southwest winds will make things feel better. the accu weather forecast, we see the temperatures climb through the middle of the week. monday 50 degrees. a little cooler on tuesday but
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wednesday we could see numbers climb as high as 60 degrees. this day right here. middle of the day we will get a shower or two in here as that warm air surges. we could see a 60 degrees temperature on the map. we'll also watch for that. we have thursday and friday and above average temperatures for this time of year. february actually begins how we spent most of this winter with above average temperatures and very light precipitation coming through the forecast. looks like at least through the next week or two things stay above the average. >> mild winter continues except for the blizzard. >> except that one day. >> thank you. coming up next, rescue on the ice. a police officer saving a young boy who was stuck on a frozen pond. you'll see how the officer made meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed.
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new tonight rescue from a a cold pond but not everyone made it out alive. three teenagers were stuck on a frozen pond. and it was all caught on the officers body camera. the boys who fell through the ice did not survive. we have a special programming. join us tomorrow for a half hour special on fire safety from simple tips that can save your life in a fire emergency and a shooter scenario. my pleasure to host operation seven save a life tomorrow on channel 7. you can save your own life and save the life of the people you love. >> really important. >> it was delayed last week because of the blizzard. now we're doing it again. >> ron power is up next with sports. >> that darn blizzard. chalk up another one. garden. we told you at 6:00 who was able to play and now we find out how they played.
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missed a couple of guys with injury and illness. almost back at full strength for this one.
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so guys are sick on thursday, playing on saturday. >> sleeping on sunday. >> how did they do. >> lost four in a row. last night carmelo anthony sat out with a knee. and porsingus has an upper breathing problem but he played in this one. he did enough. former knicks tyson chandler in town with the suns. 35 points off the bench. and the best part, they never stopped hustling. losing streak over 102-84. nicks beat the suns. the suns haven't won on the
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the nets at dallas, 4-16 on the road. first time they've played darren williams he left the nets and wednesday to the mavs. strolls down the lane. dirk nowitzki scored a dozen. brook lopez 28 points for the nets. that to go along with 12 rebounds but this one was out of hand. nets lose, bench points, two. they are 3-12 in the month of january. >> football fans get the probowl this weekend. the super bowl next weekend until then more practice for both the panthers and the broncos. the broncos took it inside today. a little less distraction they say. peyton manning going through the paces but it's all about getting ready for game day. >> it's about the game plan. going out there and being the same defense, the same team that we've been over these weeks that have got us up to this point. >> it's about being in the moment and taking the
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>> von miller was the second pick. and the first, cam newton. they're hard at work to get ready. the same mission? >> everybody puts their best foot down to be who we are today. we're just going to continue to go out and fight. you know, and keep taking the strides. we have one more to go. and try to finish this thing off with a win. >> raiders making noise about las vegas tonight. as far as los angeles goes. the rams are there. the chargers will follow along here. the team did say today it'll stay in san diego for the 2016 season. try to work on a long term stadium solution there. but to cover themselves, the chargers have also come to an agreement with the rams on a back up plan to join them in inglewood if san diego doesn't come through with a the dodgers took over los angeles city council chambers today. a show of support for something near and dear to their hearts.
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