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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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small child who apparently fell from a window inside this complex. at this point, investigators are releasing few other detail, but people who live nearby say their hearts go out to the young child's family. >> i saw the baby on the floor and he got out and you know, i saw the window open, that's the only thing i could see. >> spokesperson released the following statement a short time ago saying this is a tragedy. we are saddened by the news. the investigation to the happenings has been referred to the hudson county prosecutor's office, which is standard protocall for this type of situation. as sandra and joe mentioned, we are still gathering information by the minute and as soon as we get more information, you will certainly be the first to know. live in jersey city, i'm a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a.j., thank you. we are following another breaking story. denver police say one person is
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shooting and stabbing at a motorcycle expo. the violence erupted around 1:00 at the national western complex near the coliseum. stefan kim is live with the details. >> denver police say one person is dead and numerous others were injured after a shooting and stabbing incident at the national western stock show. it happened around 1:00 p.m. at the colorado motorcycle expo which is being held this weekend at the complex in denver. police say multiple people were injured, but at this hour, they cannot provide an exact number. cops say there has been one stabbing incident. in addition to that shooting, police have evacuated people from that complex, but so far, no arrests have been made and no one is in custody. >> we do have officers that were working offduty here and we have some other security that we're working for at the national western stock show. we were able to get officers here quickly and our victims to the hospital.
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on to say it is unclear whether any gangs were involved in this incident. a shooting occurring at a sports complex causing many to be on edge. after the terror attacks in paris, outside a soccer stadium there. at this hour, one person is dead and a number of others injured after a shooting and stabbing incident at a denver sports complex this afternoon. we'll have the latest on this story coming up on eyewitness news at 11:00. back to you. >> all right, in the meantime, we'll continue to follow breaking stories and get breaking news wherever you are. sign up for the breaking news alerts on your mobile device. head to abc7ny. a developing right now, two remaining fugitives from a california jailbreak are back in custody. the two escaped inmates had been on week. a tip from a bystander led to their arrest. abc's lauren lister has the story. >> reporter: off the streets and back in custody, the remaining two california
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jonathan, captured today in san francisco. >> the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief. >> this may have been a key moment in the investigation. less than 24 hours earlier, the first fugitive cuffed on camera, calling rendering after a week on the run. >> we are just friends. he knows us and make sure he gets caught safely. >> investigators believe he was in charge of transportation and stole the white van the trio used to get away. that same van spotted in a san francisco whole foods parking lot this morning. a man alerted some park district police officers who quickly investigated. >> officers approached the van has hussein fled the area on foot. >> there might be another person in there. stand by. >> officers discovered the other escapee, jonathan, hiding in the van. >> reporter: now officials are working on transferring the pair back to orange county and
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escaped in the first place. police believe he may have been tasked with getting information. hoaxing his english teacher to give him more than english lessons. >> google earth that showed an image as she played a significant role in the planning. >> 44-year-old, anusha now under arrest for suspicion. lauren lister, channel 7 eyewitness news, orange county, california. a man is facing charges tonight in the attempted luring of a ten-year-old girl in queens. 29-year-old jamenton is charged with acting in a manner injurious to a child. this surveillance video shows him yesterday motioning to that girl from across the street. they say he then crossed the street and tried to grab her, but ran off with a crossing guard intervened. >> police arrested an alleged father and son drug dealing
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joseph and his 23-year-old son faced numerous drug related charges. police say they found about $60,000 worth of heroin and cocaine and other drugs in their home. the bust is part of a new campaign to fight drugs in suffolk county. >> this is the beginning of a campaign. the message of this campaign is that we will not tolerate drug dealing in our communities. >> the campaign focuses on shutting down drug houses in residential areas. areas flagged by neighbors. suffolk county police executed nine search warrants since the campaign began in december. >> funeral services were held in new jersey for two toddlers who died during the blizzard. one-year-old, mesiah and his three-year-old sister died of carbon monoxide poisoning along with their mother. they were all over last weekend. the children's father was digging the car out from a
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the tail pipe was covered. >> i haven't heard the tragedy, as a father and parent, it breaks your heart. >> very good. very nice family, i just can't believe it happened to them. >> funeral arrangements for the children's mother have not been announced. >> a gas line rupture overnight forced the closure of route 4 in new jersey. pse and g says a local water company struck the gas line. authorities closed the highway in both directions as utility workers repair the main. all lanes have since reopened. pse and g says no customers were affected and no evacuations were needed. >> coming up, a new york giant under investigation for an alleged assault at a hotel in midtown. >> also ahead, countdown to the iowa caucuses. most of the candidates out on the stump today trying to win over voters. we'll take you to des moines. >> and fallout from a general's sex and secret scandal.
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the nypd is investigating an alleged assault involving jay brawlly. a 26-year-old woman from brooklyn claims she met him on instagram and went to a hotel with him. she claims she refused to have sex with him and that's when the two got into an altercation.
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car to stop him from driving away, but he reportedly kept driving and she fell off the car. she was taken to the hospital. giants say they are monitoring the situation. politics now all eyes on iowa this weekend. site of the first major contest in the race to the white house. the caucuses are two days away. the races in both parties are too close to call with the front runners looking over their shoulders. abc's brandi joins us live from des moines. brandi. >> reporter: hi there, joe, what a sight here in iowa. nearly all of the candidates are now here in this state. with pressure mounting, the battle for the hawkeye state is starting to get ugly. >> ted has a big problem. other people have different problems. me, i have no problems, you know. >> it's down to the wire in iowa. glf if you see a candidate who washington embraces, run and hide. >> with republicans, ted cruz and marco rubio now clashing
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>> he has decided to run a very deceitful campaign at the end. people see through that. >> rubio deciding to run a half hour tv special in iowa this weekend. as the other gop candidates criss cross the state. >> they have never been through a crisis. >> the democrats, hillary clinton is bringing out the big guns. >> how are you feeling, secretary clinton? >> her entire family out on the campaign trail. but she is not addressing friday's announcement from the state department. declaring 22 of her e-mail frs her private account top secret. clinton's campaign is reacting saying this is over classification run a muck. >> the question the primary, does it undermine her argument about electability? >> large crowds turning out for her opponent, bernie sanders. >> i believe that democracy is one person, one vote, not
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>> here in iowa, caucus goers are getting blasted with campaign ads. we are seeing them everywhere. millions of dollars are being spent trying to secure those undecided votes. reporting live in des moines, channel 7 eyewitness news. joe. >> thank you. and our political reporter, dave evans is iowa ahead of monday's caucuses. you can look for his live reports beginning tomorrow on eyewitness news. >> retired army general will keep his four star rank. the pentagon says it won't demote patraeus after reviewing his case. if patraeus pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information while cia director. the incident stems from an affair with his biographer. would have reduced his retirement salary. a former softball coach accused of harassing his players a the a college in
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plea deal. 44-year-old pleaded guilty to forcible touching earlier this month. the former college coach will serve three years as probation, but he will not have to register as a sex offender. he faces a civil lawsuit from three of the players. >> one week after the blizzard, daredevils take a frosty dip. championship swimmers chill out in the icy hudson river. >> also ahead, how does 60 degrees in february sound? weather warmup is on the way. meteorologist, jeff smith, has the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> and a special programming note, be sure to join us tonight for a half hour special on fire safety from simple tips that can save your life in a fire emergency to important precautions to escape an active shooter scenario. eyewitness news anchor, bill
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rock icon, david bowie is leaving most of his estate to his wife and two children. his will filed yesterday in manhattan leaves the soho home where fans gathered to his widow, supermodel, iman. bowie wanted his ashes scatted in bali. the 69-year-old was cremated after his death earlier this month. bowie is leaving 25% of his $100 million estate to his son and another 25% to his daughter. >> fantasy sports websites have
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find a new payment processer in the latest globe to the $2 billion industry. fan dual and draft kings have come under fire in several states where attorneys general say the games are illegal. now the "new york times" is reporting the ohio company that handles processing players deposits and withdrawals is pulling away from the industry. then entertainment says it will suspend processing fantasy sports payments at the end of next month. >> dozens of warm-blooded athletes brave the icy hudson river today for their shot at winter sports glory. swimmers fly to inwood for the first ever u.s. winter swimming championships. athletes from all age groups competed in the short and long distance races with the water temperature hovering between 35 and 40 degrees. that sounds right, jeff. winners will go on to compete
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or where else would they be in siberia. >> siberia. >> now you want to go, right? >> you're going to compete this year, right? >> right. it's serbia. >> i saw that story and i was shocked that they were not in dry suits or wet suits. to be in the water for that long. >> hypothermia starts to set in. >> on the dangerous side. >> those are real athletes. >> yes, they are. we may have 60 degrees coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> which is something to applaud. >> we have a crazy pattern coming up. we have temperatures peeking out around midweek and getting cold thereafter. we have shots at getting more coastal storms as we head deeper into the month of february. a live look right now down toward the empire state building. 39 degrees. that wind is calm. the pressure rising from 30.03. so the high on the day is your current temperature after getting down to a morning low of 38.
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normal split is 29 and 37. next seven hours, temperatures really not falling off that much. we're talking mid 30s. a few clouds helping to keep it milder than it would have been had it completely cleared out. morristown down to freezing at monticello. and bel march mar on the island. a few clouds right now, tending to clear out as the clouds move offshore. we have mainly clear skies overnight tonight. here's our future cast. you can see partly cloudy right through 7:00 tomorrow morning. in the suburbs, temperatures will get down, perhaps, down to the upper 20s to around 30 degrees in the city, probably staying in the mid 30s. during the day tomorrow, check this out, some sunshine out there, temperatures getting all the way into the upper 40s. so any of that existing snow pack will be dwindling away pretty quickly. up to 50 in tom's river. and then as we head into the day on monday, we're watching a
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start with a little bit of patchy fog in the morning, then break out into sunshine and clouds increase and there could be a shower or two in the afternoon with that moving on by. look at what happens before the front moves by, getting up to 51 in the city. upwards of the mid 50s south of the city. then a real taste of spring by the middle part of the week. we get a break from active weather on tuesday and then by wednesday, a very powerful front approaches from the west. this, by the way, will create a blizzard in parts of the upper midwest. we're on the warm side. it's going to be rainy, windy, and mild during the day on wednesday. temperatures approaching the 60- degree mark. then the cold air does try to return late in the week. we'll have to watch a storm offshore during the day on friday. accuweather forecast for tonight, partly cloudy, down to 34. milder. sunshine mixing with clouds tomorrow. the high getting all the way to 47. partly cloudy tomorrow night. there will be patchy late night fog as more moisture comes in. down to 42.
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again on monday, an afternoon shower possible. 52 and then we're back to mostly sunny on tuesday. look at wednesday, it's windy, wet out there, and also it could be wet enough to cause localized flooding. could get heavy downpours out there and as we head into thursday, sun and clouds, 47. and then it gets colder, down to 40 for a high on friday. cloudy skies, there will be a storm offshore. we'll have to see if that comes close enough for snow or rain and clear things out by saturday. highs around 40. so a bit of a roller coaster ride coming up as we move into the month of february. >> thank you. >> 60 will work. >> laura is next with sports. >> not many of us were up late enough to watch it live. serena williams, she's not perfect. today, or very early, she proved it. battling it in the australian open against the woman who never won a major until now. and let the super bowl week madness begin, almost. the broncos and panthers
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if you thought it was a done deal, you weren't alone. i thought for sure she had it in the bag. >> she's quite good. serena williams is one of the best, if not the best player in women's tennis history.
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as we were reminded today in the australian open championship match, came within one point of getting bounced out of the ausie open two weeks ago. she stuck around then, and she stuck around today. taking down serena. to win her first major, keeping serena from tieing the record of 22 grand slam wins. >> i was actually really happy for her. she has been around a really long time and we've had a number of matches and i've beaten her a lot, and you know, she played so well today and you know, she had an attitude a lot of people can learn from. stay positive and to never give up. if i couldn't win, i'm happy she did. >> tomorrow is their biggest test as the knicks welcome in the warriors to the garden. last night it was about heading in on the right note. mission accomplished. carmelo anthony returned to game action for the knicks and
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streak as they rolled over the suns. anthony had a double-double with 19 points as they head to phoenix. a 13th straight road loss. >> no, i think everybody is healthy again, and we need to reestablish the consistency. we kind of got before, but we lost it again and we want to get back on track. >> if i wait, i'll be out the whole season. so, i had to deal with it. >> well, as for the nets, they are back on the court as they visit the pell cans. they are hoping it goes better than last night as they met darren williams and his mavericks. he finished with 8 points. but the rest of the mauves, they picked him up, coming in with a 12 point win. the nets won 7 of 8. super bowl week, it is about to get real. by tomorrow night, the entire gang will be in the bay area as the super bowl 50 party officially gets underway. first things first, practice. today the broncos held their final workout back in colorado
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san francisco region, where the biggest game of their season awaits one week from tomorrow. there's a wide mix of experience on this denver squad with some making their first super bowl appearance. >> young players respect guys. they know who the guys are that were great players and workers and reputations that they have. plus, they cling to certain people off the field to do things the right way. >> as for the panthers, they are on their way to the bay area today. after holding their final practice in charlotte yesterday. next up, the madness that is super bowl week, complete with wacy media day moments and fans as well as media members watching their every move. but don't forget about the football. >> like all of the guys in this room, you know, you still have some work to do ahead of you. and you know, that's how i feel right now. i am enjoying this process right now, but i also know that got some work to do next sunday. >> after a rocky start to the season, the syracuse men's
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just over a month until march madness, this is the right time to be playing their best. the orange hosting georgia tech up at the carrier dome. led the way with 16 points. this 3 in the second gave syracuse a five point edge. malachi richardson, the clutch drive, he would also hit three crucial hits to seal it. 60-57. make an ncaa tournament bid as we near that time of year. which is crazy. >> makes our producer really happy. >> it does. peter, that's for you. >> thank you, laura. that is the news for now. we thank you for joining us, stay tuned for abc world news coming up next.
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