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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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we are following two breaking news stories right now in newark. police on the scene of a deadly home invasion. and in a separate incident officers investigating a police involved shooting. good evening, everyone, i'm sandra bookman. >> so i'm joe tour -- and i'm joe torres. in the city we want to begin with that deadly home invasion
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>> eyewitness news reporter cefaan came is there with the breaking details -- kim is there with the breaking details. >> reporter: take a look way down there to the right about two blocks down from here. detectives have been in and out of the apartment building on the corner of clinton place and lee high avenue. it's a five or six story building that this hour officials are confirming there was a homicide there and the home invasion apparently in that building. there's a heavy police presence here with about four to five blocks taped off and police are not letting us anywhere near the scene at the moment. still a very active investigation here and this happened around 9:00 p.m. tonight and as this investigation continues through the night, we are noticing more and more law enforcement officials arriving showing up at the scene. and investigators appear to be planning here to be for quite some time. at least one person dead at the scene as a result of a homicide and a home invasion and at the corner of clinton place and lehigh avenue and very active and ongoing investigation. reporting live in newark, cefaan kim, channel 7
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>> thank you cefaan. as you know a very busy night in newark, more breaking news at this hour. county prosecutors are investigating a police ved shooting. shove -- involved shooting. this is video from the scene near the intersection of south orange avenue and alexander street. still many police officers on the scene and no word yet on the circumstances surrounding this police involved shooting. no word yet on any injuries. not far away eyewitnesses say a child fell out of a six story window in jersey city. detectives closed off the apartments at summit plaza apartments this afternoon. one eyewitness says he saw medics performed cpr on the small child. at this point there are few details. the hudson county prosecutor's office is investigating what happened. we are going to turn our attention now to the presidential race and the iowa caucuses less than 48 hours
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and in the last poll before the vote, donald trump holds the lead with 28% of the vote. he and the republican field, ted cruz is just five pints behind -- mike d'antonis behind. on -- points behind. on the democratic side hillary clinton holdings a small lead over bernie sanders. but it's within the margin of error. the "new york times" endorsed her for the democratic nomination and also endorsed ohio governor john kasich. with the race so close the kind dates are all over iowa. abc's been key hit has the -- brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: the countdown in iowa is getting lug i. both a-- ugly. boat attacking ted -- both attacking ted cruz. >> people see through that. six weeks ago everyone in the field was attacking donald trump and now everyone in the field is attacking me. >> reporter: nearly all the candidates are now crisscrossing the hawkeye
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democrat hillary clinton joined by both bill and chelsea. clinton also addressed the state department's decision to declare 22 e-mails sent from her private account top secret in this interview with cnn. >> cent send or receive any e- mails marked classified. >> reporter: each rally, each town hall mow now critical in -- now critical in courting undecide voters. >> what i'm looking for the genuineness that maybe you can only get from seeing them in person. [ applause ] >> reporter: clinton's opponent is also drawing big crowds confident he can win on monday and in move. >> in of the -- many of the polls out there. >> reporter: the clinton and sanders' campaigns are also now going back and forth about whether the two should debate each other again next week. along with possibly adding three for debates through the -- more debates through the spring. brandi hitt, abc news, des moines, iowa. state corrections officer is under arrest in new jersey accused of having an
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a teenager. 34-year-old cole bonekin jr. of boardentown is charged with sexual assault and prostitution. authorities say he contacted a 15-year-old girl online and arranged to meet her at a hotel in edison yesterday. they were stopped by police outside the hotel. new details tonight in the violent and deadly scene at a motorcycle expo in colorado. investigators are now talking to a person of interest. police say there was an exchange of gunfire at the event in denver after a fistfight between two motorcycle clubs. four people were shot. one of them died. another person was stabbed. right now three people are in critical condition. >> this all happened on the stairwell. and then there's a bunch of mongrels, motorcycle guys beating up another guy on the top of the stairs. just seeing a bunch of guys scattering. >> police sate i appears there
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so far there are no arrests. giants' player jay bromley is not facing charges in an alleged assault. a 26-year-old woman from brooklyn claims she met bromley on instagram and went to a hotel with him in midtown manhattan. but she claims the two got into an altercation after she refused to have sex with him. she jumped on his car hood she says to stop him from driving away but he reportedly kept drive asking she fell off the -- driving and she fell off the car. she was taken to the police and police are investigating the woman's story. funeral services today in new jersey for two toddlers who died during the blizzard. 1-year-old messiah bow inia and her 3-year-old sr. mania died of carbon monoxide poisoning along with their mother. they were all overcome last weekend in passaic. the children's father was digging the car out from a large snow bank unaware that tail pipe was covered. >> i haven't heard the tragedy
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it breaks your heart. >> very good people. very good. very nice family. i just can't believe that it happened to them. >> funeral arrangements for the children's mother have not been announced. a man faces charges tonight in the attempted luring of a 10- year-old girl in queens. investigators charged 29-year- old jamaton coreella with acting in a manner injure rouse to a child. he was commotioning to the child from across the street and he crossed the street and tried to grab her but ran off when a crossing guard intervened. now to the weather and what a difference a week makes from a blizzard last weekend to a temperature warmup this weekend. meteorologist jeff smith is here with our first look at the forecast, jeff? >> joe, of course speaking of the blizzard last weekend we still have five to ten inches of snow on the ground. across much of new york city and into much of new jersey and even 10, 5 inches on ground --
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that's the current snow depth over the i-78 corridor. this snow pack is really going to dwindle as temperatures go well above the freezing mark. they're still well bon jovi the freezing mark -- above the freezing mark in central park. 34 degrees. 34 teterboro and down below freezing in monticello. still 40 on the island. eventually we go down about 34 in the park overnight tonight. there will be some upper 20s north and west but check out tomorrow. what a recovery. a mix of sun and clouds and highs into the upper 0s in the park -- 40s in the park where you have less snow on the ground. in a place like poughkeepsie 33 for a high. we could have 60 on one of the days in your accuweather seven day forecast, but there's a catch. a father and son busted for a drug ring on long island. the new initiative that police say helped make the arrest sooner. >> two escaped inmates captured in california. who finally spotted the fugitives and led police right
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and an update now on the breaking news at the top of the show, we have now learned that two people are dead in that home invasion in newark. the essex county prosecutor's office confirmed that a man and a woman were shot and killed. this incident apparently started to unfold around 9:00 tonight on clinton place. of course, we will stay on top
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updates as soon as we get them. police on long island arrested an alleged father and son drug dealing duo. 40-year-old joseph fearon and his 23-year-old son jasheme face numerous drug related charges. they found cocaine, heroin and other drugs in their coram home friday night. it's part of a new campaign in suffolk county that places a new focus on drug houses. >> we've seen hundreds of ohm you'd related deaths over the last few years and hundreds of narcan saves over the last several years and the toll is tremendous, both financially and emotionally. >> the campaign focuses on shutting down drug houses in residential areas flagged by neighbors. suffolk county police have executed nine search warrants since the campaign began in december. tenants in two upper manhattan buildings say their
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subjecting them to deplorable conditions in order to force them out. bcb property management took over the buildings on broadway and the 124th street around two years ago and since then city leaders complained there has empty apartments while necessary repairs have been force rent stabilized tenants the leave. >> they're using construction as a weapon here. they went upstairs and -- upstairs and started pounding on the floor. they knew what they were doing. they knew it would impact quality of life here but they are so unconcerned for the existing residents -- it's falling as we speak. >> there are dozens of violations on record for the buildings ranging from exposed electrical wares to no cooking -- wires to no cooking gas for almost six months. we reached out to the property management for a response and have not heard back. sweeping changes to new york city's homeless shelters in the wake of a deadly stabbing inside a shelter in manhattan.
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security at the boulevard homeless shelter in east harlem where 62-year-old devon black died wednesday after he was stabbed in the neck. other changes include new mental health teams at intake centers and additional peace officers and mental health shelters, and initial funding for mental services and new discharge protocols. the date is set for a special election to fill new york state's assembly and senate seats. vacated after corruption convictions. the election will take place on april 19th for the assembly districts as well as the 9th senate district. the date coincides with the presidential primary in new york. sheldon silver was forced from his seat after he was convicted in december on corruption charges. a week later ex-senate leader dean sellless was convicted of bribery, extortion and conspiracy charges.
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woman under attack. tonight they talk about how getting away. >> plus, the moment a father returns from deployment and meets his newborn quadruplets for the first time. >> and a winter warmup on the
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a frightening scene after powerful winds lifted a trampoline off the ground and into a set of power lines.
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trampoline suspended in the air and hanging from multiple lines. this happened this morning in california about 100 miles north of los angeles. fortunately, there was no one on the trampoline at the time. >> must have been some gust of wind. wow. >> yeah. >> nothing like that around here. in fact, it seems like our temperatures are going to opposite direction -- the opposite direction of what you'd expect this time of year. >> they are, going to be going up. typically this time of year is the coldest time of year but up. by the middle part of the week before we cool things down again. but a lot to talk about before that happens. here's a look over toward the empire state building and 38 degrees right now. not too bad. late january night, after 11:00 west winds coming in 10, hour. putting a little bit of a nip in the air, 39 was your high after a morning low of 28. that's almost as typical as you
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39 and 27 are your normal high/low splits. here's what to expect the nest several days. much milder tomorrow and temperatures averaging eight, ten degrees warmer than they were today. some places will even reach the low 50s. shower or two shows up monday afternoon. might show up as early as about midday and that's in the futurecast? just a minute. the wettest day by far wednesday but it's also the warmest day and we could actually approach 60-degrees in parts of the area. but at the same time, with a front approaching we could have some heavier downpours. 34 right now morriston and down to 28 and monticello. so some places well north and west have already fallen below the freezing mark. 40 on the island at islip right now. we have some clouds out there and that will actually help to stop it from cooling down too much overnight tonight. clouds acting as kind of a blanket in the atmosphere keeping it milder than it would have been had it been totally clear. here's the futurecast overnight
11:21 pm
temperatures around 37 in the park. you are below freezing well north and west but watch what happens in the afternoon. well up into the upper 40s and places where you have very minimal snow pack lick up toward poughkeepsie and really miss that storm last weekend. the afternoon? monday, now there could be some fog to start monday morning and we break out into a little bit of sunshine but as the front approaches in the afternoon clouds quickly increase and by noontime there could be a shower or two moving through the area. but look at temperatures, getting well into the 50s. by monday afternoon. we get a break on tuesday from any rainfall and then this big storm approaches from the west and this storm by the way will cause a blizzard over parts of the midwest. we're going to be on the warm side of things though talking we're talking mild temperatures. wednesday. here's your accuweather forecast for tonight. partly cloudy and down to about 34. we're 38 at sunrise. at 7:08 a.m. milder tomorrow. clouds. 47. there could be some patchy late
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we're down into the lower 40s. here's your accuweather seven day forecast. may believe some fog to start monday and then we break out into a little bit of sunshine and then the clouds increase and there could be an afternoon shower or two. 52 for a high. mainly sunny tuesday like i said a break in there la. and then windy -- 45. and then windy and wet on wednesday. but 47 thursday and friday, cloudy. a storm offshore we'll have to watch it to see how close to the coast that gets if it came close enough it could mean some snow or rain for parts of area, but on wednesday the rain could come down heavily enough to cause some localized flooding. there you go. >> thank you jeff. laura behnke next with sports. honest. nothing has been easy for the nets this season. wins, they're just hard to come by. tonight, they were going for one of those rare victories. it went down to the wire.
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with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at oi you think a team that's named the pelicans, they pull out a win. >> or not. >> it was close. >> okay. >> how about that? well, they may have cleaned house a couple weeks ago firing their head coach and general manager, but little has actually changed for the nets on the court. heading into tonight they lost 11 of the last 13 games that
11:24 pm
back in new orleans, a great opening quarter for brooklyn. ellington a three pointer with a six point lead but anderson had the pretty nice game off the bench for the pelicans. his own triple. it was close down the stretch but lopez had a game high 33. the dunk with 32 seconds left tied it but the pelicans had one more shot. jrue holiday, the jumper to put new orleans on top with one second to go. so 105-103. the nets do indeed drop a heartbreaker. and you saw it right here on channel 7. the spurs meeting the cavaliers tonight. two of the top teams in the league. leonard leading the way for san antonio. he finished with 24 points and only one of the teams though could actually win. cavs in control for most of the way and lebron james, he had 29 points. and cleveland was just running away with this one. 117-10e 3. the cavs win their fourth game in a row. well, bring on the defending champions. tomorrow night the warriors arrive at the garden to give the knicks their biggest test so far this season.
11:25 pm
they're no longer riding a losing streak. after snapping a four game skid with a win over the suns last night. now carmelo anthony and porzingis both returned to the court and also should be there again tomorrow. that's very good news because the warriors are looking like strong repeat contenders. not just the defending champs. >> they're a dangerous team i mean all across the board. you just never know where it's coming from. it's kind of hard to prepare for a team like that. all five guys definitely contribute. after facing four top 10 s teams if five games -- 12 teams if five games, that doesn't mean it will be easy down the stretch. tonight the pirates visiting creighton. on breast cancer awareness night. first half seton hall a healthy lead and rodriguez working the perimeter and burying the triple. second half more pirates, whitehead had a game high 22 points. 75-65 seton hall gets the win. this afternoon, it was the
11:26 pm
the carrier dome and syracuse leading the way with 16 points there. the three mt. second gave syracuse a five point edge is it would go down to the wire though. malachi richardson the clutch drive and also hit three crucial free-throws down the stretch to seal it. 60-57. syracuse now won five of six. are you ready for the madness that's super bowl week? if not prepare yourself. the fun begins tomorrow. as the broncos and panthers both make their way to san francisco. but not before practicing back home first. we'll hear from both teams. >> plus a major upset down
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the san francisco bay area has been preparing for super bowl 50 for months. but tomorrow the fun really begins as the panthers and broncos arrive and super bowl week officially begins. but first, you got to practice. the nfc champions worked out yesterday for the final time in charlotte and next up the craziness of the super bowl but also find time to squeeze in a little football. in fact, the biggest challenge for carolina will be focusing on practice and making this week just like any other. >> we've been trying to really focus in on the game plan. and preparation for denver. is what we've really tried to do ask keep it the same. we use the same exact regular
11:30 pm
but their opponent won't exactly be following it. the broncos held the final workout in colorado today before they leave for the bay area tomorrow. oneup once they arrive it won't be business as usual both on and off the field. yes they have work to do to prepare for the big game on sunday but they're feeling pretty good right now about where they are. >> hopefully we're short and very sharp. and continue our meetings stuff and you know continue that process and how we prepare to play. but i want them relaxed and they've done work you know, they butt in the works and i want them relaxed next week. serena williams had 21 grand slam victories heading into today. angelique kerber had known. in the finals of the australian open. she came within one point of getting bounced out of the tournament two weeks ago in the opening round but she stuck around then and stuck around today.
11:31 pm
seat sets to win the first major keeping serena from tying steffi graf's record of 22 grand slam wins. >> every imtie walk in the room -- time i walk in the room. everyone expects me to win and as much as i would like to be a robot. i'm not and i try to. i do the best that i can. well, most of the nfl is enjoying a nice long break in week but not the league's best. they're all in nashville this weekend for the all-star festives. the games -- festivities. the games, they're tomorrow. the skills competition was tonight. rangers' captain mcdonagh representing the blue shirts. for the islanders john tavares showed the talent with sharp shaling. the aisle -- talent. the isles captain won the accuracy shooting competition. we see stuff like that game that we play. tomorrow game, actually three games, it's playoff. two games and then the winners of the games play.
11:32 pm
>> will there be defense in any of the games? >> probably not. about 85-70. >> exactly. basketball store. all right thank you laura. thank you. two escaped inmates back in prison tonight. the tip from the public that led police right to their hideout and the accomplices who could face charges. >> plus, it's ground zero of the zika virus a look at brazil's urgent fight to stop the pred of this dangerous --
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we continue to follow breaking news in newark tonight. two people are dead after a shooting on clinton place. it happened around 9:00 tonight. the prosecutor's office says a man and a woman were shot and killed. also breaking in newark, investigators are on the scene of a police involved shootings. -- shooting. a very active scene at south orange avenue and alexander street. police haven't yet released many details about what led to the shooting and it is still unclear if anyone has been injured in the incident. also topping our news this half hour, the remaining two escaped inmates from california back in custody tonight. >> the break for police came from a sharp eyed citizen's tip call. it led to a stolen van and one
11:35 pm
the other caught after a chase. >> abc's matt gutman has details. >> reporter: tonight that chaotic chase in downtown san francisco. a bystander spotting that white van. >> officers approached the van as hossein nayeri fled the area on foot. >> reporter: police in pursuit. he was wanted for torture and kidnapping. [ inaudible ] flush then -- >> code four, code four. >> reporter: but murder suspect jonathan tieu is still in the van. 5:00. standby with that van. there might be another person in there. standby. take a look that the van. >> reporter: he's arrested without incident and found in the van at least a dozen round of ammunition but no gun. the three escapees busted out of jail saturday hacking through bars and pipes and rappeling down the jail facade.
11:36 pm
of a jail english teacher. >> it was much close score much more porn -- closer and much more personal than it should have been. >> reporter: bac duong stole the same white van spotted today. on friday he gave up casually allowing cops to cuff him. even nodding to them as they i skort him -- escort him back to the jail he fled. >> charges are imminent. a former softball coach accused of harassing his players at a college in rockland county has agreed to a plea deal. 44-year-old cartloadwigson -- kurt lewdwigson pleaded guilty this month. he will not have to register as a sex offender. he still faces a civil lawsuit from three of the players. a gas line rupture overnight forced that closure of route 4 in new jersey. pse and g says a local water company working on a nearby
11:37 pm
authorities closed the highway in both directions as utility worners repaired the six inch main and all lanes have since reopened. pse and g says no customers were affected and no evacuations were needed. on monday health officials here in new york state will join in a webinar to discuss thousand reduce the race -- how to reduce the risk of the zika virus. in south america the source of the virus, the fight to stop the disease is much more urgent. abc's chief medical correspondent dr. richard besser has details from brazil. >> reporter: door to door, here in brazil, they're desperate to stop the explosive growth of zika. there's no vaccine or treatment and all we know mosquitoes carry. soldiers are scouring neighborhoods. there's a government requirement that every house in the area is visited at least once a month by the soldiers to look for any place a mosquito could breed. they are meticulous.
11:38 pm
water drains out of the refrigerator. the condensation. that's auld it would take. until shantytowns residents store water in large tanks with mosquito larvae like this. soldier sanitize each tank and at the clinic, we see firsthand why the stakes are so high. >> this is gary, we are dealing with a disease that we have no information about. >> reporter: these babies have microreceively. abnormally small heads and brains and there are hundreds of cases here in brazil. more than 4,000 in brazil. scientists suspect they are directly connected to a zika virus infection during pregnancy but we don't know how. mothers here struggle to plan an uncertain future for their babies. until the virus is under control in brazil and the other kuhn tremendous the cdc says it's far too dangerous for pregnant women to travel to the areas, stay at home. dr. richard besser, abc news,
11:39 pm
>> nonprofit groups in connecticut who depend on funding from general electric held an emergency summit today to address the company's decision to leave the state. the nonprofits say when ge relocates to boston, the company will take away millions of dollars in funding for social service programs. connecticut leaders say the state needs to work with nonprofits in order to deal with the loss. retired army general david petraeus will keep the four star rank. he pleaded guilty last year to a charge of mishandling classified information while cia director. the incident stemmed from an affair with his biographer. vote to downgrade his ranking would have reduced his retirement salary. david bowie is leaving most of his estate to his wife and two children. his will filed yesterday in
11:40 pm
leaves soho home to his widow. supermodel iman. the will also says bowie wanted the ashes scattered in bali in accordance with buddhist rituals. he was yes mated after the death -- cremated after his death earlier this month. some new jersey high school students hit the runway to help make sure other students can celebrate their prom in style. cinderella's closet of monmouth county hosted the annual prom fashion show last night in neptune. the nonprofit organization provides prom attire to students in need and some local high school students presented their own original prom fashion designs. on the runway. a small business from new york will have its commercials seen by more than 100 million people after the company's death wish to win an ad during
11:41 pm
>> in the heart of manhattan! >> this commercial made by death wish coffee company which is based near albany beat out 15,000 other small businesses in a national competition and will receive a free 30 second ad during the big game. >> that is -- >> get ready for the windfall. that's great news. >> yeah. mafia bosses arrested in italy. an ideas look at the bunker where they are -- inside look at bunker where they were found hiding out from police. >> and lebron james expanding his pizza business, where his latest pete s shop popped up. >> as we take a live look outside it's going to feel more like spring. this week. a little bit like spring. meteorologist jeff smith
11:42 pm
police in italy arrested two notorious mafia bosses after finding them hiding in an underground bunker. 48-year-old giuseppe ferraro was convicted of murder deck aids ago and has been -- decades ago and had been a fugitive for 38 years. 48-year-old giuseppe crea had been on the run for years also. they had been involved in a dangerous network involving drug trafficking and murder. their hideout had electricity and satellite avenue. three good samaritans stepped in to save a woman who was being badly beaten by her boyfriend. surveillance video shows the man punching his girlfriend several times in a wal-mart parking lot. in oregon. the video then shows three men running to help. >> it was horrible you know all i saw was two, three punches.
11:43 pm
every step i took it felt like she was taking another punch. only four, five steps and i'm glad i was there to help out. >> healabled out at the men but they managed to hold him down until police arrived. pope francis is stripped to the u.s -- trip to the u.s. still generating buzz. four months since the visit. now one of the two cars the pontiff used during the trip just sold for more than $80,000. the black fiat was auctioned off last night at the philadelphia auto show. the owners of a local car dealership placed that winning bid. $82,000. half of the proceeds will go to catholic charities. lebron james scored 29 points in tonight's game. but yesterday students at the university of connecticut scored a new pizza place. backed by the basketball superstar. blaze pizza opened its doors offering free pizzas to who followed the business on social media.
11:44 pm
brand and the chain which specializes in build your own pies has dozens of locations open across the u.s. well, the big winners at tonight's screening a fors guild awards. >> plus, a father returns home from deployment to meet his newborn kids. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter.
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a doctor in oklahoma found aqua to keep nervous young dish a way to keep nervous young patients calm. happy birthday to you >> dr. core crow finch runs an urgent care clinic in oklahoma city. according to his patients and co-workers, he never stops singing. the family doctor says he turned down a recording contract whole he was in medical school. well, now he's combining medicine with melody. because all of me loves all of you >> he sings all day. every day. >> it really makes it easy to calm a patient. >> it calms me. >> really didn't sound all that happy about it. dr. finch got his voice from his mother. well now he sings hits from bruno mars and pharrell williams for free. >> had dancing around when he's doing shots and we'll be okay. giving shots i should say. not doing shots. >> still.
11:46 pm
>> yeah i think -- thought i'd just throw that out there. so we've got a little bit of a amup coming the next few days. >> we do, i mean tomorrow is going to be almost ten degrees warmer than today. and of course alternate side parking is back into effect on monday but guess what? maybe not so mountainous by early monday morning with significant melting during the day tomorrow and especially during the day on monday. right now that tv is 38 degrees. cloudy skies and we're getting some snow melt right now. that wind coming in from the west at 10 gusting up to 25 miles per hour as we look over toward the southern ends of central park. and midtown. central park still had six inches of snow on the ground as of this morning. next seven hours temperatures really not going anywhere. back to about 36py 5:00, 26 # 6:00 not, from last week's storm, generally five to ten inches from the city across much of new jersey. you still have this little area
11:47 pm
and southern morris county of 10, 15 inches of snow still on the ground. that snow pack is really going to be coming down next couple of days as we get the warm temperatures. 34 right now newark and 33 at teterboro and you have fallen down below freezing areas north and west such as monticello at 28. you are at the freezing mark. at morristown. 40 and islip. 36 down the shore at belmar. just some clouds out there right now. again partly cloudy into the night tonight and during the day tomorrow. look at tomorrow though, 47 degrees for a high in the park and 53 at poughkeepsie and even 50s down the shore at belmar and toms river. at sun rise tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies and temperatures around 38 and milder tomorrow and sunshine mixing with a few clouds and high up to around 47. we're 42 tomorrow night and could be some patchy fog in the lite night developing. as we check out the accuweather seven day forecast, monday a little bit of fog and we break out into the sunshine a shower
11:48 pm
front approaching. 352 mostly sunny on tuesday. 45. wednesday is a significant storm. i think a lot of rain from that. it's windy but it's very mild. the high up to 57 in and then we're back to reality by later on in the week. 47 on thursday not too bad. and then only 40 friday under cloudy skies will be watching the offshore system by then. amy freeze has much more. a special family reunion tonight like no other. a father returns from overseas to meet hiss newborn bays. >> that's right. babies. while he was deployed his wife gave birth to quadruplet. now he's meeting them very the for the first time -- for the very first time. this is the moment the army captain has waiting for. >> oh my goodness. >> anthony birch and his wife mary pat are now parents to henry, molly, nathaniel, and samuel. >> baby baby. -- beautiful baby. hey sweetheart.
11:49 pm
stronger neonatal intensive area unit in illinois. although anthony couldn't be in the delivery room last sunday morning, to welcome them into the world, he was not too far away. thanks to face time. the smile on his face in this photo says it all. >> perfect timing. you know, everything click together and i was able to see the babies as they were getting cleaned -- getting cleaned off in the room. >> he got to see them before i did even though us right there and he was 12,000 miles away. >> i was nervous, so many things going on and so many babies you are trying to like get information real quick on each one and make sure everyone is safe and healthy. >> anthony arrived home last night. this morning he's surprised the toddler alice. the birch's can't wait to bring the babies home and introduce them to their big sister. >> i don't think she fully grasps it yet. you know when i was pregnant she pointed to my belly she'd said baby but i don't think she
11:50 pm
that's going to be coming home soon. >> i don't think she's letting them go back home overseas. >> here's the funny thing, doesn't worry about the little girl not getting the volume of babies? i don't think they understand the volume of babies. that's going to be a big deal. >> a volume of diapers. >> congratulations to them. hey before we go some of the big winners at tonight's screen actors guild awards. best actress went to brie larson for her room in "room." >> leonardo dicaprio picked up revenant." don't think. and best ensemble went to "spotlight." >> a lot of people would like to see leo win the first one. >> room is good too. that was enjoyable. all righty, well that's the news for now, thanks for staying up with us, i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. i thought earn going to say -- >> i'm tricky like that. >> he's jeff smith.
11:51 pm
tomorrow morning at 6:00. [ captions by: caption
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