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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  January 31, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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hudson. it's hazy in some spots. tonight into tomorrow we'll also be get be patchy fog developing across the area. there's some out there now but we could have reduced visibility tonight into tomorrow. it's a mild start better as the afternoon rolls on. newark 36, 38 in white plains. 39 for belmar and toms river is at 41. still the freezing point more monticello, but we've got the southerly flow coming, that brings mild air. south facing shores of long island, you may be cooler at times because of the south wind coming off the ocean. there is a cold front that comes in tomorrow afternoon, that could bring us a few showers. we'll talk about the timing of that and also wetter weather ahead in the middle of the weeks. we've got temperatures climbing, mid-to upper 40s. we'll go with a high of 49
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more details coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. rob. >> thank you very much. we are following a developing story. police are investigating a deadly double shooting in newark. a man and woman both killed inside of a home. eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne live with details. >>reporter: we have learned that inside that home at the time of the shooting were three children ranging in ages from one to six years old. thankfully none of those children was hurt during this. the director of public safety calling this a senseless and tragic shooting. police say a man and woman shot and killed inside that home. no arrests have been made. obviously we're still waiting on many details regarding the story, including what led up to this. the motive behind the shooting.
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says he was friends with the female victim. >> unbelievable young lady that was striving to be somebody. out of all the chaos and the crime that goes on in newark, it's terrible, it's terrible. >>reporter: that man told me that his friend did have two children. again, from the prosecutor's office, we're hearing that three children were inside the apartment at the time. none of them was hurt and no arrests have been made. we're live in newark this morning, i'm kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. police are searching for the person who slashed a man at random at a manhattan subway station just after 5:00 in harlem. police have not explained what circumstances led up to the attack. the nypd says it is increasing
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a man accused of firing at officers is in the hospital after being shot by police. it all started at a traffic stop last night police say the suspect jumped out of the car and opened fire at police officers. those officers fired back, hitting the suspect. he is being treated nor nonlife threat ning injuries. the president of el salvador has died after suffering from a cerebral hemorrhage. he was under arrest, house arrest for the last year waiting trial on corruption charges after being accused of diverting money donated to the country for earthquake relief. he suffered a hemorrhage last month. we are learning more about
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at a motorcycle expo in colorado. there was an exchange of gun fire at the event in denver after a fist fight between two motorcycle clubs. four people were shot. one ended up dying. right now critical condition. >> it all happened on the stairwells and then there was a bunch of motorcycle guys beating up another guy on the top of the stairs. >> police say it appears there was more than one shooter. so far, though, authorities have not arrested anyone. all expo-related events, as you might imagine, have now been canceled. some new details police are searching for the driver of a bmw who took off after hitting a woman who was crossing the street in brooklyn. the surveillance picture shows the car that police say was involved in the hit and run early yesterday morning.
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old woman cross the street. that's when police say the driver of this car passed the cab, hitting that woman and then just taking off. the gray 2000bmw323 has a new york license plate with the number there on your screen, gzy2240. meanwhile, the victim is in critical condition. new this morning, police are searching for the robbery suspect accused of targeting businesses in the bronx. surveillance video shows the suspect kind of looking around for surveillance video cameras, it looks like, in a clothing store last monday. he told the store clerk he had a gun and then took off with some cash. the same man is accused of robbing a nearby phone store the day before. that same day he also tried to rob another bronx clothing store but took off empty handed after a struggle with the clerk. eyewitnesses say a child fell out of a six-story window
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there's no word on the child as condition. detectives closed off the parking lot area yesterday. one eyewitness says he saw medics performing cpr on the small child. at this point investigators are releasing few details. the prosecutorraries prosecutor's office is investigating. 33-year-old cole boykin jr. is charged with sexual assault and prostitution. authorities say he contacted a 15-year-old girl online and arranged to meet her at a hotel friday. somehow they were stopped by police right outside that hotel. coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning, the final polls before the iowa caucuses are now in. we'll tell you who is in the lead and who is still running neck and neck.
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. welcome back. turning now to the presidential race. the iowa caucuses now just a day away. in the latest polls, donald trump is still leading with republican voters and hillary clinton is maintaining just a slim lead over bernie sanders. with the race so close on both sides, all the candidates are all over in every corner of iowa pushing for every last critical vote. a this land is your land. this land is my land . >>reporter: could the
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with a win in iowa. >> the pundits say young people come out to rallies, but they're not going to come out to participate in the caucus. so how would you like to make the pundits look dumb on election night? >>reporter: bernie sanders played to his largest crowd yet at the last major poll before the caucuses has him at 3 points from hillary clinton. but she appeared confident, joined by the whole family on the trail. also joining her, former congresswoman, gabbie giffords. >> speaking is hard for me, but come january, i want to say these two words: madam president. >>reporter: and on the republican side has donald trump at 28, ted cruz at 23. birth hard.
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>> when donald insults you it's interesting. >> he's decided to run a very deceitful campaign. people see through that. >>reporter: with marco rubio on the rise, 45% of republican caucus goers have yet to make up their minds. >> and political reporter dave evans will be in iowa ahead of monday's caucuses. his live reports will begin tonight right here at 11:00 on eyewitness news. president obama makes his first visit to a u.s. mosque during his presidency. he'll visit the islamic society of baltimore on wednesday. he's expected to hold a round table and deliver remarks. >> clearly a reaction to some
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campaign trail. so we'll see how that plays out. the weather is playing out fine here. >> with all that political news, i wanted to say it's going to be a blizzard in iowa. headline, i'm sure, because typically when the weather is so intense like it was for us last week, there's shutdowns and stalls and delays. >> sure. >> good luck at the airport, dave evans. >> don't worry about dave. he's got it. >> that's right. we start off with comfortable temperatures. we're in the upper 30s and low 40s. this is the camera that looks over the upper west side, all the way up to the gwb up to the hudson.
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40 degrees at central park. a southwest wind at 8 miles per hour. now, tonight i think there will really be fog that limits visibility and tomorrow morning. we've got a nice stretch of temperatures in the 40s. the one holdout is comac at 47. another sign that we've got mild conditions out there. thermometer readings in the mid- 30s to near 40. we'll probably have no problem getting into the low to mid-50s by this afternoon. a southwest wind is making all that happen, and we could see a few clouds by the time we get into the afternoon. at the surface we've got that moisture and that's making it hazy. here's the front that's going to affect us tomorrow.
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lakes right now. once the front gets here, that happens tomorrow afternoon, and we get a few scattered showers. it looks like it does stay well enough organized that we get a little bit of rain. storm reports showing up from the cascades, sierras, rockies. all this area getting snow anywhere between 5 to 15 inches. well, this storm actually is going to be marching across the country this week, and that's where we get the opportunity for the blizzard conditions in iowa and then eventually a very wet middle part of the week for us. so mild today, showers do show up on monday, that will be scattered light showers, hit or miss, and then much wetter, and very warm on wednesday as this big storm system makes it way into our area. we do have some snow to get rid of, so current snow depth is the highest for north central new jersey and that's where we saw the most snow during the blizzard. here on the futurecast, watch what happens.
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fairly well organized but not a soaker. comes through on monday afternoon, we're done with that, and this storm is developing out west bringing more snow to the mountain areas and comes across the central plains and intensifiers over parts of iowa, then the warm side develops. as that happens, we watch for wet weather on wednesday, perhaps a wind-swept rain drenching conditions, so upper 40s today. we go down we get that fog development early tomorrow morning, maybe a peek of sun before showers on monday afternoon. so the accuweather seven-day forecast, i want to call your attention to wednesday. that's the day that you need rain gear, maybe even the umbrellas. tomorrow is a hit or miss shower. you can wait that out, it's so quick moving, but by wednesday near 60 degrees, and that could be a powerful storm and could
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we drop off 10 degrees on thursday and we're still above average for friday and saturday. coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning .... >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to diverse tv. >> well played.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v . and the award goes to .... i'm getting there. the cast of spotlight. >> hello demi moore. the top prize went home last
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and while the movie is also up for an oscar next month, some of the other big winners of the evening showed what a diverse award show can look like. >> two awards. one for supporting role and another for the tv series luther. >> and for the second time in as many years, uzo aduba won best actress in a comedy series for her work in "orange is the new black." >> and viola davis took home the award for best actress in a television drama. >> the classiest woman in hollywood. and queen latifah won for the hbo miniseries bessie.
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known for predicting oscar winners. leonardo dicaprio won last night. >> and bree larson is also carving her path to the oscars after winning the golden globe and critics choice for that role as well. nice diverse selection of winners. hollywood's biggest night just a few weeks away. the 88th academy awards are set for february 28th. it is a leap year. you can watch it live right here on channel 7 or check out the watch abc app. pope francis' trip united states is still generating buzz four months since he came here. one of the two cars he used just sold for $80,000. the black fiat was auctioned
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the owners of a local car dealership placed the bid. half of the proceeds will go to catholic charities. a white version of that fiat was driven by j. lo in first commercials. when we come back, sports. >> but first, it is big dog sunday sunday. amy, what have you got? >> i've got puppies. this is last weekend. allie in the snow. there are a lot of puppy pictures coming in of dogs in the snow. most of them were big dogs, but the little dogs were the king of the hill. that's right. thank you for sending in your picture on the top of a mountain. i thought it was very suspicious.
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just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at . welcome back everybody. the nypd says giants player jay bromley is not facing charges in an alleged assault. a 26-year-old brooklyn prostitute claims she met bromley own instagram and then went to a hotel with him. she claims the two got into some kind of altercation after she refused to have intercourse with him. she then jumped onto the hood of his car to stop him from driving away, but he reportedly kept driving until she fell off. she was taken to the hospital with injuries to her leg. police say they're investigating the woman's story. we're learning that authorities believe that story is slowly
9:25 am
>> time for sports with laura behnke. >> they may have cleaned house a couple weeks ago, but little has changed for the nets on the court. heading into last night they had lost 11 of their last 13 games, so last night have back to back in new orleans. ryan anderson had a nice game off the bench for the pelicans. the dunk here with 32 seconds left to tie it, but the pelicans had one more shot in them. drew hit the jumper. that put new orleans on top with one second to go. they hang on 105-103. the nets drop a heart breaker. bring on the defending champions. tonight the warriors arrive at the garden to give the knicks their biggest test so far this season. after snapping a four-game skid with a win over the suns or
9:26 am
the court with good news, because the warriors are looking like strong repeat contenders. >> they're a dangerous team. i mean all across the board. you just never know where it's coming from. it's kind of hard to prepare for a team like that. on defense they switch everything. all five guys definitely contribute. >> the bay area has been preparing for super bowl 50 for months but today the fun really begins, as the panthers and broncos arrive and the week begins, but first they had to practice. the nfc champions worked out friday for the final time in charlotte. they'll also find time to squeeze if football. the biggest challenge for carolina will be focusing on practice and making this week just like any other. >> we've been trying to focus in on the game plan in preparation for denver, is what we've tried to do and keep it the same. we used the same exact regular practice week.
9:27 am
exactly be following the same practice playbook. the broncos had their final workout in colorado yesterday before leaving for the bay area today. they still have plenty of work to do to prepare for the big game on sunday but they're feeling about about where they are. >> hopefully we're very sharp and continue our meeting stuff, continue that process in how we prepare to play, but i want them relaxed. they've done the work, they've put in the work, so i want them relaxed next week and be ready to go. >> that is your morning look at sports. i'm laura behnke. we're back with you later tonight at 6:00. much more ahead on eyewitness news sunday, including a look at today's top stories. >>reporter: two people have been shot and killed inside a home in newark. i'm kristin thorne with the story coming up. >> also the search for a missing girl in virginia came to a tragic end. we have details on where her body was found and who police have in custody.
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shark attack, but that did not keep him from the water. we'll meet the athlete to overcame adversity and will
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. welcome back everybody to eyewitness news. looking at a live shot of the city. nice start to this sunday morning and a mild start which is not bad for late january, in fact the latest possible january. it is the last day. good morning. thanks for tuning in. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. i'm all situated now, trying to get everything settled. >> we start at 6:00. usually by 9:30 we're we feel
9:31 am
it's 40 degrees right now. >> yes, and actually 40 degrees is higher than our normal average high temperature for the day. so we are very mild, and we've had operation meltdown happening for much of the week. the snow shrinking away, and that does continue today. right now temperatures are not only in the 40s, but we have a west/southwesterly wind. all of that eats away at the snow. temperatures in the 40s on long island. temperatures closing in on that 40-degree mark and we're anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at the same time. lots to work with here with a mild feel to the atmosphere. 41 for belmar and 43 for toms river. the southerly flow is bringing all this mild air in. we get sunshine and clouds,
9:32 am
there's a change for us coming in on monday afternoon. we go from 26.8 inches to less than 6 inches in the city here as we get into the last part of the weekend, so definitely we have some mild conditions in fronts of us to melt down more snow. so watch for the mild conditions, the showers tomorrow afternoon and we'll talk about a very wet wednesday next. we are following a developing story out of newark. a man and women were killed inside of a home. police are investigating that deadly double shooting this morning. kristin thorne is live in newark with the latest on this. kristin, good morning. >>reporter: good morning. we have learned that inside that home at the time of the shooting were three children ranging in ages from one to six years old. the director of newark public safety calling this a senseless and tragic shooting. it happened around 9:30 last night in the 300 block of clinton place in newark. police say two people, a man
9:33 am
no arrests have been made. obviously we're still waiting for many details about the shoot, including a motive. i did speak with a man who says he was friends with the female victim. >> when i saw it on the news and i knew that i dropped her off here a couple of times, i jumped in my car this morning and came over here, and that's when i looked on her facebook page and saw that people was saying miss you. >>reporter: police are not releasing the identities of the victims, but that man tells me that his friend did have two children. again, police continue to hunt for the shooter or shooters. we're live in newark this morning, i'm kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new this morning, a virginia tech student is now facing murder charges after police found the remains of a missing 13-year-old girl.
9:34 am
was arrested yesterday morning madison lovell. she went missing last week. her family says she climbed out of her bedroom window either late tuesday night or early wednesday morning. eisenhower was identified as a suspect in her disappearance media tips. police on long island arrested an alleged father-son drug dealing duo. 40-year-old joseph fearon and his 23-year-old son face numerous drug-related charges. police say they found about $60,000 worth of cocaine, heroin and other drugs in their home friday night. the date has been set for a special election to fill the new york state assembly and senate seats that were vacated after a pair of corruption convictions. it will take place april 19th. the date coincides with the presidential primary here in
9:35 am
as you i'm sure recall, sheldon silver was forced from his manhattan assembly seat after he was convicted back in december on corruption charges. and just a week later. as well. coming up next on eyewitness news sunday morning, a fire erupted inside a stock yard and scorches seven acres. we'll tell you why it did some bad damage to a key industry in kentucky. >> also the tables get turned during a traffic stop.
9:36 am
a police officer to in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at . a historic kentucky cattle auction business has been destroyed after this massive fire.
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afternoon in the stock yards in lexington. firefighters called it a standing lumber yard because the entire thing was made out of very old and dry wood. it went right up. the 20 cattle inside were not able to make it out but no humans were hurt in that fire. it is a a fairly routine thing to see, a police officer at the window of a car on the side of a highway having a conversation with someone behind the wheel about speeding. it happens to most of us. not so routine is the officer is the one that was pulled over. >> you were pushing 90 miles per hour, and because i was going right behind you and you passed me at -- i was going 35 miles an hour down miller. you passed me like i was standing still. >> okay. >> now, the driver says she followed the cop for several miles trying to get his attention after she noticed him zooming down the highway.
9:39 am
keep up with him so she could pull him over and let him know how fast he really was traveling down that road. >> i apologize and i'll be sure to slow down then. >> all right. you know, it's just -- i just think that we should all set an example. >> i agree. >> leaders of the community set by example. you know, lead by example. >> i couldn't agree more. >> there you go. now, miami dade's police director says the department will investigate the incident and decide on an appropriate course of action. >> is that justified, though, really, chasing someone on the highway? >> don't try this at home. that could have ended in a bad way. >> he shouldn't have been speeding. then she shouldn't have been speeding. >> i like the fact he's being held accountable. i don't like danger. >> i think he was very polite in that video. >> because he was on camera also.
9:40 am
recorded, you know. >> aren't there vehicles, like gps, his boss is going to know if he's going fast down the highway? isn't someone tracking that? >> i assume. they track our news vans, going the speed limit always. >> rob stopping at patsy's again for lunch. >> no comment. we start off this sunday with mixed skies, sun and clouds, 40 degrees. operation meltdown does continue. not only do we have nice temperatures and sunshine but also southerly winds that continues the mild pattern for us that allows for the shrinking of the snow mounds. winds are currently at 8 miles per hour. our normal high temperature for this time of year is 40 degrees. point this one out because the normal is 39. we've already hit 40 for the day, so we've already beat the normal and this whole week our
9:41 am
you start february with the main theme that we've had all winter long is above average temperatures and mild conditions. we've got jfk at 39. everybody closing in on the 40- degree mark. there's a few spots in the 20s. but monticello is already up to 36. morristown at 30 degrees. they're the coldest on the map. southerly winds make a difference, and depending on where you are, you could be a little bit cooler if you're on long island because you've got the ocean air influence. the weather will be fine today. tomorrow we'll see changes. the cold front will be racing across the upper midwest. that comes in tomorrow and brings us today, no rain. temperatures in the upper 40s. so the next seven hours we look to hit a high of 49 degrees. on the futurecast, watch the timing of this.
9:42 am
but here's this front which stays pretty well organized with scattered showers. it's out of here by late afternoon. then we're watching this storm. the whole country is really because it's creating a lot of mountain snow. fresh powder in all the mountain locations. then the storm becomes a blizzard as it makes its way through the midwest and of course you've got the big political events this week. sometimes this kind of weather can shut things down, so we're waiting to see how that pans out. then the front will become more organized with warm air influence. wet and windy is how the middle of the week will turn out for us, and it's because of that big storm that's going to be affecting so many places. tonight we barely cool off to 42. tomorrow we're up to 50 degrees. today and tomorrow the temperatures are similar, but tomorrow afternoon will look a lot difference of course. you might need the umbrella at times.
9:43 am
wednesday. it could be too much rain in too short of time and that could spell trouble for us. thursday and friday temperatures have a drop off. it's been a roller coaster with temperatures. wednesday it's going to be wet but it's the empire state run up. you go up 86 flights of stairs. it's the oldest and most famous tower climb in the country. i'll be there but guess who is doing it. rob powers. in just a few minutes you're also going to he's been bitten by a shark before and has a prosthetic leg to climb up 86 flights. so are you in? >> i have no excuse. you know what i mean? >> he's an amazing athlete, but yes.
9:44 am
eyewitness news sunday morning, the athlete surfer who survived that shark attack is sharing his amazing story. hear why he returned to the ocean after losing a limb. >> i'm going to stick with the whole survival theme that we have on. this version of the community calendar features a remix of what i think might be perfect for our next guest but the greatest song ever recorded. this is "staying alive" from the bee gees. roll it. >> here's what's happening. the stepping stones museum in connecticut host show me a tale where children hear a story and then create an illustration of the story on rice paper.
9:45 am
close to animals. in brooklyn at the coney island museum. on long island have laughs at the brentwood public library with jokes and impressions. in manhattan, the gallery show cases artists with touches of tribal art. for more information about
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full line sale and get 50% off all entenmann's cakes and other treats. plus buy 1 genuine pork baby back ribs and get 2 free! low prices, great quality, and friendlier service. acme. . welcome back. 9:47. a terrifying encounter with a tiger shark left surfer mike coots without a right leg. in the months after the attack he chose not to be afraid of surfing again but to confront his fears head on. now he inspires other amputees
9:48 am
dealing with the loss of a limb. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> basically you're in new york city to participate in our oldest most famous stair climb, the empire state run up. are you ready for 86 flights up? >> i think physically. mentally i'm not sure. >> it's the combination for sure. wednesday night. this attack happened when you were 18 years old. you were a surfer living in hawaii. do you remember it to this day? >> yeah. it was one of those things that was fast, it happened and was over. i went with friends in the morning, and as surf session started, the shark grabbed me. i rushed to the hospital and basically was an amputee that day. >> how long did it take you before you got back in the water, thought about surfing,
9:49 am
>> i was in the water about a month afterwards. that was the hardest part, being out of the water. >> how did you get back in? did you have a prosthetic leg. >> no, i used crutches. i was on my stomach without a leg and it wasn't until i went to college that i started taking my prosthetic in the water surfing with me. >> where did you get your first prosthetic? it has to be a special leg. >> that's a difficult things because insurance companies don't want to give you anything more than you're supposed to have, and the ocean taxes equipment bad, so i talk my walking leg in the water and found out soon that things started rusting and breaking, so i would sort of make shift things and go to things. build your own leg and figure out what works and doesn't in the ocean. >> and then the athlete
9:50 am
they help you? >> they put on an incredible event last year and it was cool to see people around the world all together basically in the same situation as myself sort of rigging prosthetics and things like that all coming together for the love of surfing. they're a big supporter of that. i think it's a good thing to, you know, enable somebody to give them a leg to go play basketball or snow boarding or do some sport they want to do, because insurance, like i said, like that. >> if people are interested in getting help, they can fill out grants. >> yes. >> the thing i find out most impressive, at least 80 cents on the dollar goes to help out. >> it builds your self esteem, it's healthy.
9:51 am
and do things that you normally were doing prior to your injury. >> how do you feel about sharks right now? >> i love sharks, the irony of it all, but i think it's growing up in the ocean. i have no animosity towards sharks. i think they're an essential part of the ocean. >> you've taken it almost to the the shark activist level. >> yeah. >> interesting, and lots to know about sharks, not only that they can be out there when you're surfing, but amazing animals. >> good luck on the run up. >> thank you. >> and i will see you at the top. you know, the fastest people did around 20 minutes. do you feel like you're there.
9:52 am
we'll be right back with a look at this morning's top stories. michelle and rob have the latest on that. inspiring, right? >> absolutely. hats off. absolutely. first is bill ritter with a look at what's coming up on "up close." >> we're going to katherine garcia about the cleanup from the big blizzard. hundreds of workers out in the snow and also ask her about the complaints from residents in queens. will she make any changes for future storms because of it. and in this wild political season, there's now speculation that another new york billionaire, this time former mayor michael bloomberg might run for president as an independent. he has a lot of his own money to spend if he wants, unless you don't think $36 billion is a lot of money.
9:53 am
us . right now police are searching for answers after two people were killed inside of a newark apartment. >> eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne is live at the scene with the latest details. >>reporter: we've learned that there were three children inside the home at the time of the shooting ranging in ages from one to six years old. the director of public safety calling this a senseless and tragic shooting. it happened around 9:30 last night in newark. police say two people, a mon and woman, -- man and woman were shot and killed. no arrests have been made. we're waiting for many details to get from officials about what happened here, including what led up to this shooting. none of the children that was inside the home at time, none of them was hurt. we're live in newark this morning, i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. police are searching for
9:54 am
early this morning in a manhattan subway station just after 5:00 this morning in police have not said what circumstances led up to this apparently random attack. nypd is increasing patrols on subways. >> i don't know why we're seeing so much of that. police are searching for the robbery suspect. surveillance video shows him inside a clothing store last monday. investigators say he told the store clerk he had a gun and then took off with some cash. the same man is accused of robbing a nearby phone store just the day before. and on that very same day he also tried to rob another clothing store in the bronx but took off empty handed after struggling with the clerk. everybody making plans today. >> more and more of the snow disappearing over the weekend and we're going to get temperatures near 50 this afternoon. a little bit of sunshine and it's going to feel good.
9:55 am
rain in the afternoon. that's because of a front that's coming through. well. live picture, you can see one beautiful. tonight keep in mind that fog could develop, and stick around for early tomorrow morning. day forecast. 50 tomorrow with possible. tuesday we cool it off to 45. wednesday we're back up near 60 degrees. it's a wind-swept rain coming down heavy at times. this will be one to watch. depending on how quickly the rain falls, we could have localized flooding. friday and saturday we're still above average, only by a few degrees, but definitely this first week of february living up to the reputation of mild.
9:56 am
one snow storm, but all of winter in one day not a bad deal. i don't know if we're going to get away with that all winter long. >> great interview. >> i'm looking forward the run up this week. we'll see you wednesday at the top of the empire. >> he's awesome. thank you amy. that's going to do it for us on this sunday morning. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> and i'm rob nelson. team. thank you for spending your sunday with us. and 6:00 as well. >> have a great sunday.
9:57 am
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