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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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good-bye, america. details about a child's fall from -- a boy tumbled out of the fifth floor window yesterday afternoon: first responders found the boy in a parking lot. they rushed him to the hospital where he died. detectives are investigating but say the death appears to be accidental. >> police are searching for the bmw involved in a hit and run in williamsburg. agree bmw hit a woman on rodney street early yesterday morning. they say a taxi had stopped to let the 27-year-old cross the street. that's when the driver of the bmw passed the cab and took off. doctors list her condition azurite cal. in harlem, police are
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attack inside the city's subway system. they say the victim, a 27-year- old man got into an argument with a woman earlier this morning inside the 110th 110th street station. the woman reportedly asked another man for help. police say that man slashed the victim in the face and took off. this is the sixth such attack in the new york subway system so far this year. a woman was hurt after driving a car into a building. a man was sitting outside when he heard the vehicle crash through the gate. >> after that, i came out of the car. i just seen a van inside the shop. many, it's a good thing i'm still alive.
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the eyewitnesses say a driver was able to get out of the fan, but she was bleeding. city officials ordered the building to be vacated because of the heavy structural damage. >> friends and family finally remembered actor abe vigoda today. they attended the service at the riverside memorial championshippal on manhattan's upper west side. family members remembered how he grew up in the great depression. the godfather theme was played after the service. more than 30 cases discovered in the u.s. a massive show for support of american troops, the grass roots effort to send care packages to soldiers overseas. tonight seems like a
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humble opinion. temperatures got up to -- at least as mild to begin the work
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world.
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at we are hours away from the iowa caucuses. they're crisscrossing the state, making their final campaign pitches. dave evans is in iowa as well, keeping tabs on the last minute campaigning.
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iowa with all the candidates here this weekend, crisscrossing the state looking for those last voters before the monday night caucus meetings. this is the media center where all the networks are located. also, just on that side of the buildings that's where the parties will be tabulating things monday night. this is everything that's going to be going on for the next few days. >> with only 24 hours to go, the push is on. donald trump is regaining the lead here, now five points ahead of ted cruz. >> donald trump can do practically anything, and they're still voting for him. they're going to still caucus for him. >> trump is as confident as ever, telling george stephanopoulos he feels good about monday night. >> did you ever imagine that on the eve of iowa caucuses you would be leading pretty big in every state? >> the truth is, no, i didn't.
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making the sunday talk shows. immigration reform has badly split the republican party. >> a vote for marco rubio is a vote for amnesty. >> hillary clinton was asked about her continued e-mail scandal. >> there is no classified marked information on those e- mails sent or received by me. >> bernie sanders is behind in iowa's poll. some voters may question, but the supporters sounded like obama in 2013. >> we're going to pull off one of the greatest political upsets. >> also, of all places, brooklyn, bern city sanders is -- bernie sanders is challenging hillary clinton to have a debate in brooklyn. brooklyn, of course, important to both candidates. it is hillary clinton's national headquarters.
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we'll see you later tonight. reporting in des moines, dave evans. >> dave will have more coverage on the night before the caucuses. new at 6:00, new york city strikes a deal with helicopter flights. it cuts the flights by 50%, eliminating 30,000 trips a year by the start of 2017. stefan kim is in lower manhattan. >> reporter: this will drastically reduce the amount of helicopters leaving here. it's about the resident who is live in the path of the helicopters who are tired of dealing with the noise. about have a dozen helicopters can take off every hour.
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under an agreement, they will no longer be tourist helicopter flights on sunday, and 50% fewer flights the rest of the time. the deal is a result of noise complaints from residents. >> 50% less is good. that's good progress for now. >> we're used to hearing it overhead. >> the noise is distracting. it's not nice. >> operators have agreed to end all flights over governor's island. sunday flights will be grounded starting this april. tour operators can reduce flights by 50%. it will reduce 30,000 flights a year, so some residents feel mixed on the tourism industry, while others say these changes go so far. >> i takes away from the character of the city when you take away tourism options. >> i think it's great, but the
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the business is up and down. >> now, operators will have to provide supports. if they violate the determines of the agreement, they will face further reduction in operations. >> we're going to turn now to the battle against the zika virus. four people are pregnant women. tonight there's a new plan to stop the epidemic. eyewitness news reporter lucy dang is here. >> there is no cure there. 's novak, and it's spreading. there are confirmed cases of zika virus right here in new york. it's not even summertime yet. mosquitoes are out in full force. >> a summertime pest or worldwide health emergency, the mosquito born zika virus, and its potential to spread have
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>> we have to build a fire wall. a fire wall against zika that prevents it from coming to new york and to america. >> the zika virus is spread from infected mosquitoes. in pregnant women, it can cause birth defects, most notably, smaller heads in the baby. it may be winter here in new york, but it has already spread to our area. prompting clinics to look for the virus in patients who have traveled. >> yesterday we were informed of a laboratory case in a woman who had traveled to an area with ongoing zika transmission. that brings to three the number of new york city residents who have been diagnosed with zika. ground zero is said to be brazil, which is in crisis mode. even soldiers are being
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looking for any place that mosquitoes can can breed, including the back of refrigerators. there have been 1.5 million cases in brazil alone. 4,000 babies in brazil have been born with something called microephaly, a rare condition where the baby's head is smaller than average. the center is also calling on federal agencies to partner with the private sector to help develop a cure, a treatment or a vaccine for this menacing virus. joe? >> thank you. hundreds of people took big steps to make sure troops overseas know they're not forgotten. in fact, people are thinking about them quite a bit. from boots on the ground new york held an event to pack care boxes for scoldiers. they connected snacks, clothes, video games, toiletries, and
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>> our biggest point today, what we drove home in the service today was that, you know there's our neighbors, brothers, sisters are over fighting a war, and we really tried to get that point in organizers hope to send four to five thousand boxes of troops by the end of the week. >> staying powered up during a super snow storm, coming up on eyewitness, how lessons learns learn superstorm sandy helped. here's abc's david muir with a look at what's coming up on world news tonight. >> live in iowa, 24 hours to go. donald trump leading. can he get his supporters to caucus.
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credit tonight for the improvements after superstorm sandy. 200,000 outages in new york and new jersey, despite heavy snow and gusty winds. during sandy, about 4 million customers in both states lost power. electric utility spent billions of dollars hardening infrastructure after superstorm sandy. >> they apparently did a good job. >> they did. >> the lights stayed on.
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>> hopefully we won't be testing that grid anytime soon. >> we agree with you there. a much warmer day today. >> temperature well into the 50s at least as warm as we head into tomorrow. some places got up to 60 degrees today. tom's river up to 61 this afternoon, if you can believe it. here is a look outside right now. mild as we head into the evening. 47 degrees. the wind is coming in from the south at 5:00. there's your high today in central park. the records, 63, set back in 1947. patchy fog will form overnight. when you have an air mass riding over existing snow pack, that can cause fog and it can last into tomorrow morning. it will be mild tomorrow, clouds come in, a couple of afternoon showers develop. doesn't look like a big deal, but grab the umbrella if you head out.
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windy, wet, warm on tuesday. temperatures getting up near 60 again. 41 at bells town. 46 in mont montecello. 54 at this hour. some clouds streaming in on the radar satellite ahead of the this front slicing through, as the front moves through, that can spark off a shower or two in the afternoon. here's the if you can tonight, temperatures barely falling. down to 74. even in the suburbs, getting up into the upper 30s. again, a little bit of patchy fog tomorrow morning to start. break out into sunshine and the clouds quickly increase. we get a couple of showers moving in during the afternoon with that front pressing through the area. before that happens, i'm sure temperatures get well into into the up and middle 50s. well above average for this time of year. as the front approaches on wednesday, we're going to be on
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air riding up the coast. it will be windy and wet. kind of your taste of spring. we're down to 44. patchy morning fog tomorrow. rapidly increasing clouds, a couple of afternoon showers. mild, the high getting up to 57. could be a passing evening shower. we're down to about 39. as we head into the day on tuesday, mainly sunny. it's windy and wet. maybe wet enough to cause some localized flooding. the downpours coming down hard at types. mainly cloudy friday. we're going to have to watch on friday there. 's a system offshore that's going to be a coastal storm. i think it will stay far enough offshore to prevent us from getting any precipitation. it could spread a touch of snow to some coastal areas. then we clear things out for a time on saturday before potentially more active weather returns late in the weekend in
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every week is interesting as we head into the month of february. let me just tell you that. >> potentially active sports. >> it is a busy day at the world's most famous arena. st. john's bringing the college game to the hardwood this afternoon. and the knicks, they're bringing the defending nba champions tonight. they're looking for a major
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hey, if the sixers almost beat the warriors yesterday, maybe there's hope. >> very, very possible. does that just mean the warriors are going to be angry tonight? the knicks have quality wins over good opponents, but adding to that list is going to be the challenge. the reigning champion warriors will be at madison square garden. they're coming off a win after snapping a four-game losing streak. they're feeling confident while the warriors are playing a back- to-back after baring beating the sixers. it came on the end of a back-to- back. this afternoon it was the bulls and clippers. the nice cross overon chris paul.
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that's when they started moving away. crawford, right before the buzzer ended the third, and the exclamation point for the alley- oop. 120-93. the clippers win big. yesterday we saw the number one women's tennis player in the world stumble down under as serena williams fell in the finals. today on the men's side, it was just the opposite as ranked djokovic dominated most of this meeting as murray came strong, but he did complete the sweep. it's his sixth aussie crown. it's the second time he's won three straight majors in his career. >> we worked hard to be in this position. we should enjoy it. we should cherish every moment that we get to experience now because these are the tournaments that we all value, that we all want to play well on. >> it's almost here, one week from today, all eyes will be on
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the broncos and panthers square off for super bowl 50. tonight, it's the best of the best. from the pro bowl, it all kicks off in hawaii. the team practicing. the giants will be well represented with four players, including eli mannings. while the jets have two. we'll, of course, have your highlights. it's also a big day for the players in the nhl. now, a new format, three minigames. in the first, the two eastern teams battling. jaromir jagr, of course he scores a goal. the atlantic win. the metropolitan is out, but they will face the west winner later tonight. it's a college basketball sunday. rutgers taking on number 12 ranked michigan state right now. wile have those highlights at 11:00. st. john's with its own
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all that action at the garden. they trailed by one at the half. josh hart driving past four guys for the finish. he had 16 points, 68-53. villanova rolling. also this afternoon, u conn visiting central florida. all huskies. finishing with the jam. ufc had no answers. sterling gibbs, 2-1, gets it done. 61-41. the huskies have won four of five. >> st. john is struggling. >> it's been a rough season. >> all right. that's the news for now. thanks for joining us. i'm joe torres.
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