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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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for central new jersey. this kind of coincides with the areas that still have a decent little snowpack of between, say, 2 and 5 inches. you combine that snow melt with the rainfall and temperatures, and you can get localized flooding or at the very least, ponding of water in some of the low spots on highways and roadways. you can see, the steadiest rain, just beginning to enter the five boroughs of new york city. there's yellow showing up on radar. heavier downpours now, over somerset county, new jersey, where again, you still have a snow pack in that area. that is melting very rapidly right now. and that can definitely cause flooding issues during the afternoon. there's more water where that came from. a front is slowly working its way off to the east. and there's convergence going on. the front will stall out for a time, close to the metro area, during the evening commute and early morning hours. here's our high resolution future cast. by 1:00 p.m., some of the heavier rainfall.
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maybe a bit of a break, early to midafternoon. this is what concerns me the most, though. we get some of our heaviest rain during the heart of the evening commute, between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. and even after that, more areas of rainfall try to move up right along the front from southwest to northeast. so we have rain to deal with, after midnight. i think it tapers off. not only that, the winds can gust 40 to 45 miles an hour, right through tonight. it's all about the warmth and the wind and rain today. but we have a winter storm threat eventually in your accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. we have new information on the crime stats across new york city. we expect to hear from police commissioner this afternoon, everra what is being called the safest january ever. and this, despite a recent series of attacks on the subways. eyewitness news reporter dave evans, giving us a preview of the numbers. dave? >> not only the police commissioner, but also the mayor. they'll be here at police
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these new figures. as you mentioned, january, the safest month in new york city history. but there is a big concern about all of these stabbings and slashings that we've seen in the last couple of weeks. let's go ahead and take a look now at these new figures that they're going to be talking about today. first of all, homicides down 46% in the month of january. also, shootings down 35% in new york city in january. and that shootings figure, that is interesting because you might remember during the summer, we saw a spike in shootings in new york city. but now, down 35%. but going on to stabbings and slashings, those have gone up in the month of january by 20%. and that is a big worry for many new yorkers. early this week, commissioner bratton minimized this fear of this jump in stabbings and slashings. and then just an hour after that, after bratton spoke, another victim was attacked, this time on the number 3 train in brooklyn, becoming the tenth of this year.
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stabbing incidents this year. that is compared to 305 in january 2015. again, that is a 20% jump. police have increased patrols on the subway. also, guardian angels are involved. its founders saying slashings have paralyzed people with fear in new york city. again, 1:00 this afternoon, the mayor and the commissioner will be talking live about these. for now, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at noon, a judge handed down the maximum sentence to the convicted killer who escaped from a new york prison. david sweat was sentenced today to 3 1/2 to 7 years for escaping from the clinton correctional facility. he will also have to pay $80,000 in fines. sweat, who is already serving a life prison term, apologized to the community. bill cosby back in the pennsylvania courthouse today, as a judge will decide whether
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case against him. he said he never would have let the comedian testify in this lawsuit fhe thought the comedian could face sexual assault charges. a judge must decide if he had an accomplice. we expect the judge to make the decision this afternoon. eyewitness news reporter kimberly richardson in the courthouse. we'll have a live report later this afternoon on eyewitness news. right now, an appeals court in new jersey, hearing arguments in the daroon raffy -- daroon raffy case. he was the person who secretly recorded his roommate, tyler clemente's row mantic encounter -- romantic encounter in 2012. his attorney wants to have the conviction thrown out. an nypd officer is under
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with a car. david walker was driving in jackson heights yesterday when he hit a 13-year-old pedestrian. walker checked on the teen and offered him a ride home. but the boy declined. walker drove off without reporting the incident. the boy's parents took him to a hospital and filed a complaint. walker was charged with leaving the scene of the accident. investigators looking into whether a transformer fire sparked the flames that swept throughab auto auction in new jersey. this photo shows a cloud of thick, black smoke, rising from skyline auto auction on root 46 in fairfield this morning. fire fighters are still working to fully extinguish the fire. police say it is unclear how many are destroyed. a couple facing charges in the death of a 3-year-old girl in patterson, made their first court appearance this morning. 33-year-old amar and child's mother, amarius lawson were arrested last month. the girl died nearly a week later. police believe she had been
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she is charged with murder. and the girl's mother is charged with aggravated manslaughter. police are searching for the person who pointed a green laser at a plane over long island. they -- a united pilot pointed it while on the north shore of suffolk county. the flight took off for new jersey and was headed for warwick, rhode island. the jet was about 11,000 feet when the laser hit up the cockpit. the zika virus is spreading rapidly, not just by mosquitoes, but also through sex. health officials say that a person in tex tech is the -- texas is the first in the u.s. to become infected sexual contact. the unidentified person had sex with a person who returned from venezuela and got linked to zika. the primary person was infected.
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where you can be tested at our website. candidates focus in on new hampshire am less than a week from that primary. and donald trump is on the attack again, going after ted cruz. details. >> reporter: our political analyst says this is the most fascinating race he has ever seen. and now, six days before the even more. >> reporter: today, donald trump, once again on the attack, tweeting ted cruz didn't win iowa. he stole it. accusing cruz of fraud, calling for a new election in iowa, after the cruz campaign falsely suggested that dr. ben carson was dropping out of the race. >> monday night, what an incredible victory we had in iowa. >> reporter: cruz holding five events in new hampshire today, hoping to keep the momentum from his first-placed finish in iowa, while trump is bypassing the granite state today.
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arkansas. you're six days away from the new hampshire primary. >> reporter: trump saying, despite his second-place finish in iowa, he's more confident here in new hampshire. >> no. i don't think i feel any pressure. i've done very well in new hampshire. i've been here a lot more. >> reporter: but the pressure is on here on the democratic side, after leaving iowa in a near tie, hillary clinton fighting for a repeat of her 2008 victory. >> i am in a contest with your neighbor. >> where bernie sanders is enjoying a double-digit lead in the polls. >> we believe in you. plause >> more importantly, i believe in you. >> and now, the republican field is narrowing even more, with rand paul announcing today he is suspending his campaign. we're live in manchester, new hampshire, marci gonzalez,
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the town of mount pleasant will hold a candlelight vigil. it was a disaster. six people, losing their lives from the impact and fire. 26 passengers were injured, along with two railroad workers. the crash was caused by a mercedes box inside the commerce street grade crossing by heavy traffic. new at noon, a young child, playing on a scooter, which gunpire -- when gunfire erupts. now, 18 people wound up in a major gang bust. plus, the move that could bring new york real estate heir, robert durst, a step closer to facing murder charges.
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government must fix it. >> the official in charge of flint's water when it was switched, darnell early, claims he couldn't make it to washington in time to testify. well, the notorious subject of an hbo documentary has pleaded guilty to a federal gun charge, paving the way for him to stand trial for murder. under a plea deal, new york state heir robert durst agreed to a plea deal for seven years and one month. he could now be sent to los angeles, where he's accused of killing his friend, susan berman in 2011. prosecutors claim he murdered berman to keep her from talking about his first wife's disappearance. bernie madoff's crimes play out in a new mini series. we talked to the star, richard driferson. and the new way you can feed parking meters. and let's take a live look outside.
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implement pay by city parking. the mayor will announce details tomorrow in his state of the city address. and when a storm roared into scotland monday. it turned waterfalls upside down. take a look at this. two falls on the aisle were blown back on themselves, with winds, hitting 90 miles an hour. it's like an apt cal -- optical illusion. blocked train service, cut off power to tens of thousands of people. but when you see water flowing in the opposite direction it's supposed to, you know the wind is strong. >> at least that camera stayed steady as it was filming all of that. >> it's amazing stuff to look at. jeff smith in now for bill evans. and this is the kind of stuff you look for, jeff. i know it. >> that was quickly followed by the locusts. >> end of the world remember. >> as we know it. we do have a lot of rain, though, on the way this afternoon. about an inch of rain in the city.
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combination of the rain melt and snowfall. umbrellas are coming out of here. as we take a live look outside of our eyewitness news studios. right now, 54. the rain certainly not stopping. the temperatures from rising quickly. south wind, coming in, gusting 10 to 24 miles per hour. that pressure falling from 30.04 inches. here's what to expect. it's going to be windy, wet, and warm today. there could be localized area of flooding or ponding water. especially the area commute. clouds hold on tomorrow. we're going to have to watch for a close call, late tomorrow night, into early friday for some rain, maybe changing to wet snow, right along the jersey shore and over parts of long island. there will be an offshore storm. maybe spread precipitation into those areas. and looks like we'll be ahead of a cold and stormier pattern for next week, with maybe another snow opportunity. 61 now at toms river.
12:17 pm
63, islip. mid-40s, up toward monticello. just wanted to show you this quick current snow depth. over parts of central new jersey. that's where we do have that flood watch in effect through today and early tomorrow. you see the steadiest rain now boroughs of new york city. and whenever you see the yellows here on radar, that's when you get heavier downpours. and there are some moving into parts of middlesex county. that's heading into staten island as well. we'll see on and off downpours throughout the afternoon. interspersed with lighter rain. i think when this batch here moves up into the area around the commute, that's when the down. you see, between 5:00 and 6:00. pretty heavy. and we could be talking about flooding issues or at least by early tomorrow morning, still a couple of showers, eastern parts of long island. -- i think dur the day, cloud to linger.
12:18 pm
that runs along it for late tomorrow night and early friday. that may mean some rain, eventually changing to a little wet snow. very late tomorrow night for jersey shore and early friday, for parts of long island. worst-case scenario, there's an inch or so of slushy snowfall for those areas. windy, very mild. periods of rain. localized flooding. high getting up to 59. if not even a couple of degrees warmer. rain this evening, tapers off to showers. forgot to mention, there could even be a rumble of thunder involved. it remains windy. we're down to about 50 degrees. rather cloudy and breezy tomorrow. sun going down at about quarter past 5:00. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast again. as we head into friday, we'll have to watch the coastal areas. particularly jersey shore, eastern long island. wet snow early in the day friday. then we tend to clear things out. sunshine, saturday, mid-40s. mostly sunny mid-40s. nice break over the weekend. and we'll have to watch, late
12:19 pm
developing. and by tuesday, check this out. this is the potential that we're looking at. low pressure off of virginia. moving up in our direction. or moving along the coast. that means there's a threat of a winter storm. this it still, six, seven days away. but there's a threat for a winter storm, as we get cold air, combined with this moisture heading up the coast. that would be into tuesday night. that's what the timing on that looks like. there's a lot to talk about in the accuweather seven-day, as we head deeper into the month of february. >> we are due. >> 28 inches? >> right. i guess we still do. >> still. >> not out of the woods yet. >> i feel like we're still on the wind side of this. >> note to self, right? >> okay. thank you. a nightmare in the air. video shows the moments after an explosion ripped a hole in a flight. we have new details about the horror for passengers. and it may have seemed like
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a horror in the sky, a k-9 and unexpected star, taking passengers for a lift. we'll begin with an explosion that rocked a flight in somalia. there were reports that one
12:23 pm
the gaping hole on the plane side that you see here. two other passengers injured. it is still unclear whether the blast was intentional or some sort of mechanical problem. but officials say they have found no evidence so far of a criminal impact. an australian saw a snake. the men didn't realize the potentially deadly eastern brown snake was hanging out under his chair, until his dog just started going crazy. he said after watching the security camera footage, he thinks his dog stopped the snake from going into the house. and he probably would have kept looking ats had phone the -- at his phone the whole time if not for her. when hall-of-famer jerry rice pretended to be a lyft driver, no one knew it was him. he wore a beanie and sunglasses to hide his identity. the funny thing is, even though two of his passengers claimed to be lifelong 49ers fans, they
12:24 pm
the car right next to them. >> i can't wait to see the finished product on that. >> would you have guessed it? >> no. i'm a huge jerry rice fan. >> he was totally incognito. >> that is for sure. thank you, david. more than a dozen alleged gang members removed from the streets of new york city. this, as video showing some of the shootings the suspects are connected to. plus, the latest on the zika virus. what the cdc plans to do as new reports show that the virus can be transmitted without a mosquito. eyewitness news is coming right back. rainy scene from the city. but first, the live, midday new
12:25 pm
top stories this afternoon. new york city police are releasing new statistics, showing a drop in several major crimes. this, despite a series of highly-publicized subway slashing. police commissioner expected to speak this afternoon, about what he is calling the safest january ever in the city. and right now, rains are pushing through the tri-state area.
12:26 pm
watches in place for some counties. meteorologist jeff smith will have an update on the accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. and hello again. i'm shirleen allicot. >> and i'm we'll tawrn turn to the -- turn to the zika virus. cdc is expected to issue new guidelines. so far, there are 43 cases in 12 states. and health officials say in one case, the virus was spread by person to person pie sexual -- by sexual transmission, not by mosquito. >> a disturbing thing in dallas. >> it wasn't spread by mosquito butexual transmission. -- but sexual transmission. they traveled abroad, contracted the virus, and gave it to their partner. >> turns out, a traveler infected with the virus in sen
12:27 pm
tested positive for the virus. still, officials say this is the first case of sexual transmission in this current outbreak. they also call this a game changer, because the virus, with possible birth defecteds in unborn babies and paralysis in adults can be potentially deadly as dr. richard bircher saw first hand in brazil. >> she said she contracted the disease several months ago and at one point, could only move her eyes. >> the fact that she's several months out and having difficulty walking, does make it a severe outcome. >> officials say the old guidelines still stand. if you're pregnant, avoid traveling to zika-affected countries. and wear repellents and avoid mosquito bites. >> the red cross is asking
12:28 pm
after visiting zika-infected countries before donating blood. new to an eyewitness news exclusive. a 9-year-old girl tells us how she feel, falling from a tremendous distance. it's a frightening memory of the leadership she took from the third floor. sofir dorashenko said she had no choice. she tried to escape but the bell was fill with smoke and flames. three officers shouted for her to jump. she had to do it, risking everything. >> i didn't know what to do. and they just list -- and just listened to them. i just jumped. because it was no chance. >> she was the most confident, brave little kid that i've ever met. she put complete faith in us. and when he jumped back, we caught her. >> so much courage. sophia's family lost everything in that fire that destroyed the
12:29 pm
but the family grateful for sophia's amazing survival. police in newark have found the truck involved in a frightening hit-and-run that injured three children. but investigators are still trying to find the driver. cell phone video shows chaotic moments after the incident in the iron-bound section yesterday. surveillance video shows the white truck that hit the kids, stopping momentarily, and driving off. police found the truck in elizabeth. officers say they know who they're looking for. a bail hearing today for one of the virginia tech students, arrested in the death of a teenager. natalie keefers was accused of helping to dispose of 13-year- old nicole lovel's body. now, authorities believe she played a bigger role. they have added a more serious charge of being an accessory before the fact. her classmate, david eisenhower is charged with kidnapping and top marine corps officers say it is time for women to
12:30 pm
drafts, now that they are eligible for all combat jobs. the general said it will take up to three years to integrate women in combat roles. they say physical differences and varying injury rates between men and women will affect how fast the process moves along. happening today. an annual tradition returns to one of new new york city's most famous building little. it's time for the empire state building runup. this is the 39th year of the event. the 86th, which begins tonight, takes about 10 minutes. in what is also becoming a tradition. amy freeze and sports anchor rob powers will be among the participants. and they're very act lettic -- athletic. they've got this. >> they sure are. i tip my hat to anybody who does that kind of thing.
12:31 pm
would be after doing something like that for a month. >> at least the. we have rain moving into the area. we have to keep in mind, we had a lot of snow on the ground during the past couple of weeks. that has mostly melted. so the ground is pretty moist with all of that snow melt. we could have localized flooding. we still have existing snowpack, over parts of central new jersey now. where we have flood watches in effect. places like somerset county. and points south and west. that flood watch lasting. we zoom in here. steadier rainfall. weakened a little bit as it moved into new york city. but there's more heavy rain now. heavy rain moving in along i-78 and i-80. and this will continue moving off to the east. here's your after-school forecast for the afternoon. getting windy out there as well. winds could gust up to 45 miles per hour at times. rainy, watch for localized flooding. the high getting up to 59 degrees.
12:32 pm
we have not one but two winter weather threats. forget about these upper 50s. we have two winter weather threats. we'll have that a little later in the half hour. david, shirleen? >> thank you. children in the crossfire led to police arresting more than a dozen alleged gang members in brooklyn. >> police released surveillance video of one of those. and the bullet cames close to children. an -- n.j. burke has more outside. >> the conference wrapped up here a short time ago. bold and brazen and deeply disturbing. those are the words being used to describe these clime and the dangerous young men who allegedly committed them. a wave of violent crimes that left one man dead and others injured. >> these guys weren't just walking down the street. they were driving in cars,
12:33 pm
>> reporter: prosecutors say they terrorized residents across south brooklyn. be they were said to be responsible for at least 30 shootings and untold number of robberies in the past 18 months. one gang member shoots up a crowded area in broad daylight. as children and their parents are sent running for cover. two adult bystanders are struck. and the bullets narrowly miss two others. what police describe as a shockingly brazen act of intimidation. >> that is probably one of the most vivid i have ever seen to indicate what we, law enforcement, criminal justice, and the public, are up against. >> a total of 18 alleged gang members are now indicted. 16 are in custody this afternoon. >> we're here today to say no more. we're going to hold these gangs accountable.
12:34 pm
our streets don't belong to violent street gangs. or armed thugs. they belong to the people of brooklyn. >> both the d.a. credited the nypd's new gun violence for their efforts to make these arrests. as i said a moment ago, 16 are under indictment and in custody. two others remain at large, but i am told those arrests are expected shortly. n.j. brook, channel 7 eyewitness news. an employee caught on video, assaulting a young boy. and a prisoner charged with murder, released from jail. but now, police are trying to capture him again. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. you can too. call now.
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the convicted killer who is the focus of the popular podcast serial is back in court, asking for a new trial. the attorney says his former defense team failed to call an alibi witness. saed's counsel said it is evidence. he was found guilty of strangling his baltimore girlfriend. someone walked out of jail because of a clerical error. >> steven wright was awaiting trial for a gang-related murder. the initial paperwork mistake
12:38 pm
then spread through the system without being noticed. a director of a florida day care center, arrested and charged with child abuse, after police got a hold of some very disturbing video. we'll show you some of it. the video shows the worker, hitting a 4-year-old boy several times, and then dropping him on a mat. but one of the suspect's coworkers recorded the alleged abuse on her cell phone because she felt uncomfortable with what was going on. police contacted the boy's father, who said he did not give that worker permission to strike his child. the nfl has revealed who will sing the star-spangled banner at the super bowl. lady gaga will sing the national anthem. this will start a busy month. she is also performing in a tribute with david bowie and she will sing at the oscars. >> got the voice to do it right. >> she does. many of you know bernie madoff defrauded thousands of investigators. now, it airs tonight on abc.
12:39 pm
there's a lot of buzz surrounding a special bernie madoff mini series that airs on abc tonight. >> madoff is based on the book, written by abc news ross. and richard dreyfuss takes on the lead role. sandy has more on this two- night event. >> dave, shirleen, we'll hear from brian ross in a second. the makers of the new mini series seek to give you the background of a case many of think we already know well. madoff was able to get so many people to give him cash. money he pretended to invest, before he lost it all in the crash of 2008. >> how much did you lose? >> $50 billion. >> reporter: given the size of his con, is it any wonder, the actor who plays madoff calls
12:40 pm
>> he rose up out of queens. out of normal life. and became a hideous monster. >> reporter: and yet, richard dreyfuss makes him so likable, which is the best way to play bernie madoff, says the author of the book that inspired this. >> it was his charm that allowed him to get so many people to trust him and believe their money. >> i'm a rain maker. i make it rain money. >> reporter: his wife ruth, played by blithe danner, comes off as a more sympathetic character. >> i want to know why, bernie. why? >> i don't feel that ruth knew. and when i first went into it, i didn't know. when i went to meet her, i found a fragile woman. i was amazed she could stand. i think meeting her made me empathize, understand better how she could have been
12:41 pm
>> i'm the vice president, and all i do is hire the decorators. >> reporter: ignorant or not, the couple's lavish lifestyle made what madoff did to his less wealthy investors even worse. >> he did full destruction and did it in full view of everybody. >> that's richard dreyfuss from a interview i did on the set. and we'll take you to a perfect replica ever bern -- of bernie madoff's office. see how the actor who grew up 10 feet from madoff's home, is the perfect choice. we'll get started here on channel 7. what did brian ross think about his book being turned into this movie book presentation here? >> well, the book is so good. and brian told me at the premiere, they nailed it.
12:42 pm
>> especially getting dreyfuss? >> yeah. >> huge. >> you know, it's suspicious, talking about abc on abc. but i have to say, i love this. mini series. more at 4:00. >> that's an interesting story. a lot of victims. all right. thank you so much. >> very good. and jeff has got the forecast. well, wet and windy this afternoon. winter has been taking a little bit of a sabbatical. but i think it's going to be back. couple of opportunities. we head outside right now. and it's all about the rain today. very wet outside of our eyewitness news studios here in the upper west side. 54 now. rain coming in from the south at 10, gusting up to 24 miles per hour. rain throughout the afternoon. the only thing that will differ from hour to hour will be the intensity of that rain. i expect some of the heaviest stuff to be in here during the evening commute. not very good timing with that. temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60. where it already is at. it's at 61 in tom's river, new jersey.
12:43 pm
effect, right through tomorrow. but this is mainly are if today -- for today and tonight. for central parts of new jersey. still have a little snow pack on the ground. with the combination of that snow melting with the rainfall causing that increased threat of at least ponding of water in some of the low-lying areas over central new jersey. you see the steadiest rainfall, moving to the east now. still, the heaviest stuff is out by the delaware water gap. but it's making pretty good eastward progress. and is even heavier rainfall with convection. maybe lightning and thunder east of washington, d.c. and this is heading toward our area, right in time for that evening commute. here's your high resolution future cast for the next several hours. by 3:15, some of the heavier rain pushing from the south and west. this is showing a signature here of maybe thunderstorm activity, around the evening commute. moving off to the east of the city, during the evening hours. still can't rule out rain through midnight.
12:44 pm
then we have to up wat wind -- watch the winds. then we have to watch the possibility of a winter storm. this may spread rain changing over to wet snow. along the jersey shore. and over eastern parts of long island. for late tomorrow night and friday. worst-case scenario, there's a coating of an inch to slushy snow. windy. very mild periods of localized flooding, 59. rain this evening, tapers. remains windy. 50 for a low. rather cloudy and breezy 54. then we have to watch again. friday. right along coastal areas, maybe rain changing to wet snow. 43, clearing on friday. mid-40s over the weekend. and possibly a more significant winter storm threat. right? as we start getting a whole lot colder. until then. okay? >> and things can change, right?
12:45 pm
important updeapt. we'll -- update. we'll be right back. but first, here's a look at what is, in on the chew. today, we're satisfying your late-night cravings with a midnight snack attack. mike is whipping up a delicious questionso fadito.
12:46 pm
well, coming up later on eyewitness news, a day care that parents say has a serious rodent infestation. how disgusting. how they discovered the droppings, and what is being done about it tonight. from graffiti to trash, we see efforts to clean up new york citiful those stories and much more, beginning on eyewitness news first at 4:00. it is time now for the feed. and there is a new fashion trend out there for new moms that is popping up on social media. i think i'm going to need a new
12:47 pm
jewelry made out of breast milk. sorry, guys. >> i didn't see that coming. >> it's a little strange. well, listen, moms all over the country, they want it. >> really? >> a woman in texas has learned how to transform this liquid gold, if you will, into a pearl. a photo on facebook got orders. and now, orders are flying off the roof. it is helping mothers freeze time and celebrate the gift of life. takes three months to fill an order. the customized charms cost between $50 and $200. they want it. >> okay. the face i made was just, okay, all right. we have one more story about a shoulder from chicago, who said -- soldier from chicago, who is humbled by the viral response to his video. lieutenant robert wisdon. they were hoping to make money
12:48 pm
money. -- desserts for money. he saw they were in need. so he bought them to give out. as a result, you can see a lot of people happy about this jestural. the video ended up being shared nearly 30,000 times. >> and the smile from that little boy. >> the boy says as he's leaving, i want to be like you when i grow up. >> that's a great person to be like. >> exactly. that's going to do it for us at this hour. i'm david novarro. >> make sure you're back for
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