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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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e-mail: good morning. it's 6:00. a woman in manhattan may be the latest victim in a burst of violence on the subways as nypd tries a new tactic to keep riders safe. >> after the near tie in iowa, hillary clinton and bernie sanders take to the national airways to convince voters who is more progressive. >> we're waking up to fog today and temperatures far from wintry. good morning. i'm lori stokesp. >> i'm ken rosato. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> reporter: you can see the temperature is dropping as a result of the warm air, 57 degrees. we're looking at temperatures
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52 bridgeport, 58 down the shore. dense fog advisory until 7:00. morris county, warren, somerset down to trenton. off and on fog with that is out in suffolk county, and a big batch of rain to come our way tonight that could change over to some snow. tonight, the fog goes away, 8:00, 9:00, and we'll warm into the mid-50s. look at that temperature drop from 4 to 6. we'll talk about that and the wet snow overnight coming your way for the commute tomorrow. got some problems on the subway. >> yeah, got some signal problems on the m train. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro-north, they are doing just fine. you tractor-trailer. we still have this accident on the southern state parkway right near exit 39. that accident being cleared away.
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parkway heading northbound near exit 69, that's an accident. there are injuries and that's why it's taking a while to get that clear add way. bqe, we still have that stall being cleared from the roadway. we have the george washington bridge, lincoln and holland with minor delays. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. lori, over to you. it's 6:02. we'll start now with a developing story. the nypd is trying to find a man behind a pair of subway robberies. overnight, we learned of another possible attack on a strap hanger on long island. dray? >> reporter: police say they are looking for a man in his 40s that may be connected to the most recent possible attack at the subway station at 7th avenue and 49th street. the victim is a 37-year-old woman who says she was walking
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night when she felt a slight poke. she went home, looked at her right shoulder and realized she had a puncture wound. she went to the hospital where doctors told her she been punctured or poked with a needle. police released a sketch of this man wanted for two recent subway slashings. tuesday, a man, a passenger woke up on the 4 train to find the suspect standing over top of him holding a razor. when he tried to push the man away, the victim says the suspect punched him in the face and ran off the train. the same suspect is also wanted for another attack on the c train that happened on sunday night. now, after ten stabbings and slashings so far this year, the nypd is increasing patrols on the train and now motor vehicles have been ordered to wake anyone up who's sleeping on the train because nearly
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people sleeping on the trains. >> subways are not for sleeping. i know people are tired and work hard but our officers have been instructed to wake people up. >> i think it's riskniy to wake people up when they are sleeping, but i think definitely it's a lot safer. i'm not too worried about it. i don't sleep on the train. >> reporter: in response to the commissioner's order to have motor vehicles wake up sleeping passengers, pba president pat lynch says this is an attempt to conceal the fact that the city simply does not have enough police officers on duty. he also went on to say it is a band aid approach and not a real solution. >> if you want to take another look at the sketch of the subway robbery suspect, we posted it on our web site. also, you can head to our facebook page to join in the conversation. we're asking if you feel safe on the subway. check it out at
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are hunting for the person who stabbed a teenage girl. the victim was found yesterday afternoon at a home in spring valley. police say she's 15 and had been stabbed multiple times. she's now recovering after undergoing surgery at the hospital. police have not provided a description of the suspect, but the teen knows the person, according to detectives. and a second person is charged in a grewsome murder. -- grewsome murder. yesterday, cop as rest 28-year- old jerry bassinet as well. police say he helped garcia shoot the victim and grabbed the gun. garcia claimed in court papers that she was being aused. the parents of etan patz want the charges against the
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authorities investigated jose ramos as the suspect but he was never charged. a wrongful death judgment was handed down in 2004. patz' parents told a judge they want it tossed out because they believe suspect pedro hernandez kidnapped and killed their son. the two democrats left in the presidential race hit each other hard in derry. bernie sanders and hillary clinton continued their spat over who t. is the true progressive. >> i do not know any progressive whos what a super pac and takes $15 from wall street. so you can't go say you are a moderate on one day and be a progressive on another day. >> i am a progressive who gets results, and i will be a progressive president who debts results. >> reporter: rick santorum and
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campaigns in the last 24 hours.
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where else would you find your princess but in queens. we've got visibility issues with this fog. it's our camera in brooklyn. we can barely make out wall street here. the fog will be around until 9:00, 10:00. i'm watching this batch of rain for you for tonight. this will come up, put rain in the city eastward toward long island, jersey shore and coastal connecticut. this front backs up. we always say the lows go 50 miles out of the way to make a big difference. today will be a mild day. clouds, maybe even a peek of sunshine. mid-50s where the temperature will drop like a rock tonight. then we're off to the races, which i'll explain coming up in a moment. kids at the bus stop and before and after school very mild with temperatures in the 50s. i will give it a c for cloudy.
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>> looks like you've got your hands full. >> yeah, this is the accident that's getting much better. it looks like they are starting to clear that up. you can see how foggy it is on the roadways. so use caution. give yourself a lot of extra time. then we have a debris spill and the m train at seneca avenue. you can expect some delays. new jersey transit long island railroad, metro-north, they are doing okay. back to the belt parkway west, unauthorized tractor-trailer. of course they need to try to tow that tractor-trailer or move that tractor-trailer off of the parkway. bqe going south. this stall is still with us. heading onto the garden state
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rules are in effect for today. lori, coach, over to you. reports out this morning that officials are looking at a specific terror group that may be behind this explosion. >> a gruesome discovery leading to a scene of sinister magic. >> and a new what i to travel
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officials are surveying the damage after a suspected tornado touched down in southwest georgia. it was one of six tornadoes that left a trail of daniel through port stewart -- damage through port stewart. no one was hurt. we're learning new details into a deadly explosion in somalia. u.s. officials are looking into whether a somali affiliate is behind the blast. the explosion blasted a large hole in the side of the commercial airliner. one passenger was sucked out of the cabin before the pilot made an emergency landing. happening today, the
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death just days after she disappeared. mourners streamed into a black bird funeral home to say good- bye to 15-year-old nicole. virginia tech students are charged in connection with the murder. new charges for being an accessory have been filed against keepers. a connecticut man facing charges after raiding his home found human remains. >> investigators went to his bridgeport home after neighbors complained of people coming and going at all ages. his son says he hasn't done anything wrong. >> it's not a bad way. it has the good and has the bad as well.
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>> delgado is wanted in great britain robbing. investigators will determine what, if anything, in the way of laws he may have broken. bill evans on the upper side. >> reporter: streets and sidewalks are wet here, so this will continue for a couple more hours. we'll have clouds and temperatures certainly mild this morning. you what's going on. we have this fog that's dropped down low to the building tops and even almost down to the surface here on wall street, lower manhattan. 57 degrees, high humidity. yesterday's high was 59. you can see that's 19 degrees warmer than normal. this morning, we're running 30 degrees warmer than these temperatures that are in the low to mid-50s. over toward rockland county, you get to 57 and down to jersey shore.
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really pumping up the moisture. 70s visibility is reduced to a mile. this will continue until 9:00, 10:00 this morning. you might have delays. check with your carrier. dense fog advisory in western new jersey. there is this flood warning there at the greekstown cause way. you have that snow melt in that area. creeks and streams are very shallow. that batch of rain to our south comes through tonight. that's what i'm keeping an eye on for you. temperatures are still hanging around the low and mid-50s. tonight, rain comes in, but the temperatures crash down after midnight. that changes to snow right at the coast and changes to heavy, withest snow for coastal connecticut, long island the
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if you are west of that and you are north of that and you don't have an issue for your commute tomorrow morning, it is a real coastal issue. so even though it's warm today, i don't think a lot of this sticks to sidewalks and streets but it could reduce visibilities, particularly suffolk county tomorrow as that low slides east and out to sea then sets us up for a nice weekend. after school today, sunshine and weekend looks great. we're looking aate cloudy day and 58 degrees. tonight, changing over to snow. to our north and west, you have overnight lows in the low 30s and upper 20s. then there's wet snow tomorrow morning from the city eastward. 2, 3 inches of heavy snow.
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and you are not left out, either. then the sun's out tomorrow afternoon with a high of 45. great weekend and then tuesday, we'll be watching a coastal storm as cold air comes crashing in out of the arctic and canada next week. so we have a nice weekend coming up. we've just got to get through this mishmash and then we're off to a nice weekend. >> thank you, bill. heather's got issues on long island. >> look at the coast behind me. you can see we have a couple of lanes closed down. we have the earlier problem on us. so the sag coast going northbound near s2. we have an accident at exit 39. m train, signal issues so
6:19 am
there was a debris spill at south boulevard. new jersey transit, long railroad running on or close to schedule. north of 69 and waretown a car went off the roadway. injuries are involved. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. ken, over to you. more passengers travel through airports in our area last year than ever before. more than 124 million people traveled through. another 37.5 million now newark and la guardia. saw 48.4 million. that's a 6% increase from the year before. a woman flying home from the chinese new year became the world's luckiest passenger. hundreds of millions of chinese were on the move and 100,000 were stranded when trains were knocked out by a blizzard. she had the plane to herself
6:20 am
and friend to know it. she posted all of these photos. her lucky break came because the blizzard scared all of her fellow passengers into switching to an earlier flight. >> i wonder if she sat in first class? >> probably went from row to row to row. the coast guard swooping in to save a fisherman. >> a piece of history is about to take to the seas again. in today's tech bytes, if you have travel filing taxes overnight, the irs e-file system was down because of a computer hardware failure. >> the where's my refund fete chore also wasn't working. a google engineer put his
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good morning. the dow jones starts day at 16,346. the nasdaq begins a few points down. >> overseas, hong kong gained 1%. keep an eye on your facebook time line for a special collage put together as part of the celebration of what facebook is calling friends day, which also marks the company's 12th anniversary. it will feature photos of friends and family that had previously been posted on facebook.
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amtrak is expanding its pet rider program across the country. service began as a trial run for short trips on amtrak's northeast corridor. 2700 pets and owners took advantage. later this month the service will be expanded to long distance routes, and a weekend- only pilot program on acela express trains. only one cat or dog under knits carrier. >> -- and it must stay in its carrier. a developer could breathe new life into the ss united states. >> the ship holds the record for speeding across the atlantic but it's been out of service since 1969 and moored in philadelphia at a cost of $60,000 a month. the conservation group that owns it has spent decades trying to save it from the
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closing in on 6:30, still ahead, another possible attack inside of a subway station. the weapon this time may be a needle. we'll have a live report on the search for a suspect and why the nypd is telling all riders to wake up. millions in lotto loot now just hours from expiring. if you traveled to the west coast in the past year, listen up. >> it's not your average garden snake. the unusual place where this 17 foot python was found. >> we have mild temperatures and rain on eastern long island. we'll be looking at snow this time tomorrow morning in parts of the area. we'll talk about that coming up. >> i'm keeping my eye right here on the parkway where we
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a new strategy as we learn of a possible needle attack. >> and a new transportation connection between brooklyn and queens like never before. >> we're already hearing of action because of thick fog settling in across the area. thanks for joining us this morning. it is thursday, february 4th. you are never more than seven minutes away. weather and traffic and meteorologist 11. >> our cameras are fogged in. the fog has really lowered down to the surface now. so we're looking at wet streets, drizzle, fog. the camera here at west 66th avenue. proper footwear you need at 56 degrees. that's going to be the it 'em chore going into 7:00. these numbers are way warm and should be at 28 degrees. so we're running way warm. now that fog is creating in issues in a lot of places. white plains, there you see teeterboro.
6:31 am
a mile at newark, half mile at morristown. .3 poughkeepsie. check with your air care year. now we're got these showers down the eastern jersey shore and that will end big changes coming tomorrow with the snow. heather's got all kinds of issues, too. look at that fog. the accident has been cleared away but again, you can see that fog and you want to give some extra time. that's where the accident why. m train signal problems at
6:32 am
this is past the exit 14 tolls, a huge pothole so use caution. looking at the garden state parkway north exit 39. a car went off the roadway. there are injuries involved. minor delay at george washington bridge up to 30 at the lincoln tunnel. unauthorized tractor-trailer cleared off the belt parkway. you'll still find heavy delays. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. this morning, we are in the new york city subway. a woman was apparently poked with a needle while walking through the 49th street station in midtown. dray clark is live with this latest crime. dray? >> reporter: good morning, ken. police have a vague description of a man they are looking for, only saying he is in his 40s and may be connected to another attack.
6:33 am
turn style around 7:00 and felt a slight poke. she went home, looked at her right shoulder and realized she had what looked like a puncture wound. doctors told her she most likely had been poked with a needle. this is another schedule after tuesday a passenger woke up and found a suspect standing over top of him holding a razor. when he tried to push the suspect away, he says he was punched in the face. the suspect then ran away. the sauce suspect is connected to a subway attack on the c train that happened on sunday night. after ten stabbings or slashings, the nypd is beefing up patrols. they want to wake everyone up sleeping on the train
6:34 am
crimes happen to individuals sleeping on the train. >> it's always in the back of your mind. you don't want to be that person that it happens to. >> i am a little more aware. i can be absent minded walking back and forth from the train station. i've definitely been more aware and leaving with staff. we've been making changes. >> reporter: the president of the pba, pat lynch, says this is a clear attempt to conceal the fact that the city does not have enough on motor vehicles on the trains and says this is no real solution to the problem. >> dray, thank you. 6:34 today. mayor de blasio will unveil a new way to get around new york city's two largest boroughs.
6:35 am
to break ground in the next few years. mallory hoff has details from downtown brooklyn. >> reporter: good morning. as we've experienced, this one in brooklyn which be a projected cost of $2.5 billion. i want to you look at this rendering that shows exactly where we're standing at this very moment. this is what it would look like. you can see it would operate on city streets so it does not need state approval, meaning it does not require the blessing of governor cuomo. this project would provide a north/south means of transportation. you can see on the map that the brooklyn queens connector would run from sunset park to astoria queens, running along the east
6:36 am
city bike stations. the streetcars would travel -- [no audio ] >> reporter: you can see the close proximity of where this line would run. this could be a worthwhile solution. [no audio ] >> that was mallory hoff reporting. 6:36 is our time. bill cosby's legal team plans to appeal the decision to allow a sexual case to go to trial. the judge rejected the former prosecutor who says he had a verbal agreement and denied the request to disqualify steele from the case. cosby returns to court next month. two nations on the
6:37 am
part of the travel ban. they have been added to the list travel. staffers who are or might become pregnant can opt out of travel to areas where zika is a concern on the airlines. colombia's president will visit the white house and ask for more money to help colombia rebuild afterwards. president obama signaled he will ask congress for increased aid for colombia in his budget proposal next week. 6:37. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. bill evans and the accuweather forecast.
6:38 am
camera in brooklyn. just to the right, it's the offramp, and that's all we can see other than the clock there. got issues with fog. that's going to be a problem. here we are with a common view of what's happening around. that is wet streets, drizzle, and fog. this will last until about 9:00. 56 degrees right now and really warm. 20 degrees warmer than normal. rain out toward eastern long island. then there's this batch of rain that we'll be watching all day long. it gets here tonight that will create a myriad of problems. we're 55 with cloudy skies and the fog goes away.
6:39 am
temperature drops like a rock. at the bus stop, say high to the huckleberries. 54 after school. say hue to the sassy ones. so this fog is no joke at all. this accident is off on the shoulder. it's so foggy there have been so many accidents. let's go to the maps to talk about the southern state parkway westbound near exit 28 in massapequa. we also have troubles on the m train, signal problems so expect delays. contact your carrier if you are going to jfk, la guardia, any of the local airports. there aren't any delays reported but it is a good idea to get in touch with your carrier. as you leave the airport, get onto the turnpike east near the exit 14 tolls, there is a large pothole in the right lane. we have street cleaning rules
6:40 am
ken, over to you. caught on camera, a fisherman in distress rescued by the coast guard. >> we sit down with a little boy attacked by a raccoon. >> and he's usually the one fighting crime, but this time, the cops are looking you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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take a look at this new video of a water rescue off the coast of new jersey. it happened less than 24 hours ago. a coast guard helicopter crew based in atlantic city received a call about an injured fisherman. the man was loaded into the helicopter and then taken to a nearby hospital. no word yet on his condition. time is 6:43. new from london, wikileaks founder julian assange is willing to end three years of hiding and will turn himself in to british police if a u.n. panel investigating his case rules against him. it has been looking into his claim that the past few years surrounded by police amounted to illegal attention. former pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli gained notoriety
6:44 am
life-saving drugs by more than 5,000% and plans to invoke his fifth amendment rights before the hearing on congress. the 32-year-old is also facing federal security fraud charges. now to an "eyewitness news" exclusive. we hear from the family of a new jersey boy who is recovering by an attack of a rabid raccoon. 6-year-old aryan gavali already has received one round of rabies shots from the attack in his home. the family remains forever grateful that walls was walking by. >> he is an angel really. our whole family is thankful. >> aryan's family says he is recovering very well. his parents have created a go
6:45 am
to help with his medical bills. "good morning america" is up next. george stephanopoulos is live in times square. good morning, george. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump trying to recover from the loss saying ted cruz stole that election, and he's out front. also democrats debating tonight. we'll have chris christie weigh in as well. he's got to do well in new hampshire. he is targeting marco rubio. it's containing the outbreak. florida now containing the four counties as well. some experts now suggest that the real olympics should be canceled this summer. and a manhunt this summer for a real life bonnie and clyde wanted for kidnappings across the south. they are considered armed and dangerous and will have the latest open them right now.
6:46 am
we'll be watching. it's 6:45. let's get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> live on the upper west side. >> reporter: good morning. everybody coming off of the subway. a little drizzle and fog out there. we've got this fog creating it right at the surface creating the soggy moments. here is a look outside from our camera with a look down the jersey shore here. it is a rainy morning. the showers down, clouds are gone with temperatures around 56 degrees. humidity continues to be really high. winds are out of the south, and we're looking at what's going to be a morning where we have the barometer that's hovering around 30, which is normal for this time of the year. so we'll look at temperatures hear 20 degrees warmer than
6:47 am
normal high temperature is 40. we are looking at warm stuff today. we'll be looking at showers this morning. we're going to be looking at the fog ending, and it is a mild day today. tomorrow, however, we've got snow in the morning from the coast and the five boroughs eastward. then we have a stormy pattern next evening. so this morning, temperatures are way warmer. you see on long island, we're in the low 50s to mid-50s up to the north and west. we'll also be looking at visibility that's extremely low. we have a southerly wind coming up creating the fog that's around. we've got showers on the eastern end of suffolk county and southward, eastward all the way through the hampton bay area. then across to the northward here to orion point. overnight tonight, cold air crashes into that. that's when we will see this changing over to snow. so you see rain tonight.
6:48 am
west of the urban areas of new jersey, north, you don't have the snow/rain issue. it's really for the city, coastal connecticut, long island, heavy wet flakes. so this is not likely to stick onto roadways and sidewalks. it could stick to grassy surfaces and be a real nuisance from the city eastward across the commute tomorrow. you see it could be as much as a coating to an inch. and this low works its way up the coast and out. when's important to note is this low is a series of lows coming next week that could give us some snow. our weekend looks great. quiet and sunshine. temperatures above normal. so today, we'll have the fog that burns off. we're at 55 and cloudy skies tonight. late tonight, we have the rain changing over to snow from the city eastward, coastal connecticut, jersey shore, long island.
6:49 am
snowflakes with a coating to an inch. as i mentioned that's grassy surfaces and car tops. then the weekend is great. we'll be watching coastal storms and much colder air next week. so that fog may slow you down. down at area airports. have a great day. >> thank you, bill. stay awake on the subways says heather o'rourke but also issues with the m train. >> yeah, just a little glitch. contact your carrier if you are going to the airport as bill was staying saying. we're also looking at the southern state west near exit 28. this is an accident investigation garden state parkway near exit 69. we have the right lane and exit
6:50 am
we have a large pothole in the right lane so use caution. ten minutes inbound george washington bridge. then we have this ongoing flooding on the blackwells mills cause way so that flooding is closing the cause way. the street cleaning rules are in effect. ken, over to you. time is ticking down for someone to claim their multi- million dollar prize in california. the winning ticket was bought on august 8 at a los angeles 7- eleven. if it's not presented by 5:00 tonight, the money goes back into the state's school system. there is a man who says he's the winner but his ticket was rejected by lottery officials who say the ticket was too damaged. >> what? >> how do you damage your ticket? a man dressed as a superhero acting more like a villain. >> you wouldn't expect to find this in the suburbs. a python longer than a station wagon.
6:51 am
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the dark knight is a wanted man in central florida. we have the video to prove it. police in orlando are looking
6:54 am
two dollar stores while wearing a batman mask. no one was hurt. new video shows a shocking discovery made at a dump in southern california. a 17 foot long python was discovered along the trash. it was already dead when it was found but animal services say it was likely it died of natural causes and dumped by its owner illegally. animal services offices have experience with burmese pythons who escaped from their owners, but most of those were found alive. keeping an eye out for any problems this morning because of the fog.
6:55 am
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police may have another subway attack on their hands. a woman says a needle was plunged into her shoulder in midtown. meanwhile, police have released a new sketch showing a man wanted for a pair of attacks with a blade on the c and 4 line. the recent attacks prompted commissioner bratton to order extra patrols in the subways. mayor de blasio will unveil big plans during tonight's state of the city speech. >> mallory hoff is live in downtown brooklyn. mallory? >> reporter: that plan will
6:58 am
take a look right now at how that would look. that's actually where we're standing at this very moment. this project would provide a north/south means of transportation. the brooklyn queens connector would run from sunset park to astoria, queens connecting the subways, ferries, bus routes and back out here live, the mayor will make his pitch at the state of the city tonight. mallory hoff, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> mallory, thank you. in addition to the rail system, the mayor wants to turn this that a year round magnet for culture and innovation. the city spent $300 million. the idea builds on cornell's planned campus on roosevelt island. the plan is to bring together entrepreneurs and budding technology firms. >> we were just talking about that southern state problem. we still have lots of delays you can tell from this camera shot there. the accident itself is past this scene.
6:59 am
lots of police activity what looks like the shoulder and left lane closed down. we'll go to our maps to explain where it is. this accident investigation from the garden state parkway is still going on northbound right near exit 69. right lane and exit ramp are closed down as a result. contact your carrier that's not reporting any delays. it's not a bad idea to get in touch. a look outside tells you everything you need to know. clouds, fog, drizzle. look at that right down the shore there. we'll have a temperature 56 degrees. we have the showers that are across long island. right there down the jersey shore at asbury park. the fog gets out of the way, too. we'll have brightening of skies, breaks of sun, temperatures in the mid-50s this afternoon. snow showers tomorrow morning with the coastal sections eastward.


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