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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 5, 2016 4:30am-6:00am EST

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it's 4:30. we have an accuweather alert day. get ready for a messy commute with a wintry mess calling across the area. this is live on the l.i.e. and we have everything you need to know. >> also developing, two nypd officers shot in the line of duty. we are live with updates on their conditions. >> also, we have new details on the suspected shooter. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> thanks for starting your morning with us friday, february 5th. in just minutes, the snow will start sticking, so let's head over to get your accuweather forecast. >> we are looking at snow that is falling now. it's been changing over and gets heaviest as we head toward 5:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m. this morning. this is our camera from astoria.
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temperature falling and north winds out there but tough, too, gusting near 20. 34 sayerville, wrightstown 33. toms river is around 33, 34, although the meters respect working. here is the visibility we're working at. two mile visibility white plains and jfk. later on this morning around 7:00 when the flights get glowing, it might be an issue. heather of course will have more on that. winter weather advisory for 1 to inches of snow around the five boroughs, six in maybe local spots and 8 with a very heavy, wet snow coming on a friday morning commute, which is quite a nuisance. you see now the changeover is really taking place. this keeps piling on up and slushing up the roads here. a lot of moisture to our south as you come northward. so 33 by 7:00 and heavy, snow falling.
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morning commute and will start winding down around 1:00 today. i see all kinds of lights. >> that's true. keep in mind they are doing a lot of sanding and salting out there. here's an accident on the l.i.e. but it looks have standing trucks happening, and then there's a lot of traffic behind the trucks plus rubber necking delays. this could potentially be a dangerous situation if you think you did fly right into work or wherever it is you are going. we also had an accident on the southern state east. long island railroad at this point running on or close to schedule. it's not a bad idea to use mass transit tote. we have alternate side of the street parking rules suspended for today. the metered rules are in effect. ken, over to you.
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heather said, a wintry mix hitting nassau on long island. kristin thorn is live. kristin? >> reporter: hi there, ken. sorry if i turn away from the camera because whatever's coming down right now really hurts. i think it's mostly ice so we're going to turn away and show you looking back at the l.i.r.r. station. you can see we definitely have the snow and ice coming down right now, and it absolutely is sticking. this is a little earlier than we expected for this amount of, to happen. so it is coming down a little bit earlier. school closings, delays, that could be an issue this morning so you want to stay tuned to those as they come in. town officials have asked people to try to stay home today. of course, today is a workday and a lot of people just have to get to work. >> i like the winter, but i hate having to travel to work,
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nurse, police, firemen, all of the guys that have to be out, even you guys. we have to be safe and get things ready for our family as well. >> reporter: yes, even we have to be out here. she has that right. in terms of l.i.r.r. service, everything is running absolutely smoothly. again, school closings and delays especially here in central suffolk county, eastern suffolk county, that could become an issue later on so stay tuned to channel 7 "eyewitness news." for now, we're live, i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 "eyewitness news." it's 4:35. two police officers are recovering this morning after being shot last night in the bronx. the gunman, a man with a long criminal history, then took his own life rather than return to prison. dray? >> reporter: good morning, lori. police still haven't said what the suspect malik chavez opened
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they may never know why because he ended up taking his own life. the two officers are in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. it was a very close call. >> reporter: the pops marked the start of a chaotic night. three officers on vertical patrol inside 325 east 156th street met up with two men in a sixth floor stair well. moments later, one of the men pulled out a gun. >> all of a sudden, boom, boom, boom, boom, all over the place. >> reporter: two officers, both with two years on the force, were hit. meanwhile, the shooter and another man took off into at buildingp. >> they discovered several individuals as well as the suspect found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: the wounded officers were taken to lincoln
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ainge -- dozens of their anxious colleagues were waiting. one was wounded right belowed bulletproof vest. the other grazed in the face. >> reporter: it's another example of what our officers go through every day. >> reporter: that suspect is no stranger to law enforcement. he has 17 prior arrests. he could be heard saying he was not going to go back to jail. a semi automatic firearm and a shotgun were found where he took his own life. several people were questioned at the precinct, but so far, no one else has been charged. we're live in the melrose section of the bronx, dray clark, "eyewitness news." mayor de blasio tout the
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annual state of the city address moments before we bronx. he said gun arrests rose 10% and outlined a new plan to speed investigations of gun crimes and creation of a new 200-officer gun suppression division. police know who they are subway attack. take a look at this video. investigators say this man stuck a woman in her arm with a needle as she was waiting for the r-train in times square. it happened wednesday night. the woman felt something pinch her arm and when she got home, she noticed she had been stuck with something. this is the tenth stabbing or slashing so far this year on the subway. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> reporter: here is our corner of the world this morning, west 66th street and columbus avenue. as you seal, our streets are wet. we'll have this wet snow and
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of that kind of thing. you know, this quite possibly, as we get to 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, it gets slushy on roadways and sidewalks around the five boroughs. this is ardly. you can see where you get outside of the heat island effect of manhattan and the five boroughs, you get this sidewalks. it is such a lovely town when it's snowing. this is astoria. this is right at the bottom of the building and maybe across roosevelt island. we are looking at temperatures that continue to drop looking at 34 degrees here with light snow and a northerly wind coming right down here. so you have snow coming up from the south and winds coming out of the north. it is a mess here this morning. it is a heavy, wet snow. we'll see the changeover from river head to the twin forks.
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falling and continues to see moisture pumping right up the coast, along this frontal boundary. this will be lasting through the morning commute. it's getting heavy now. it tapers off until around noontime. believe it or not, the sun comes out today. it's not like the broadway song where the sun will come out tomorrow. >> that's right, "annie." >> you have a mess on your hands out there. >> something else i know, the l.i.e. is not the place to be right now. you can see all of the flashing lights. we've heard reports that the road is closed down. it's the l.i.e. as you go onto the westbound side right near 44. that's where that accident is. we had an earlier accident cleared southern state parkway east, that accident cleared from the roadway. long island railroad, a great
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metro-north, new jersey transit on or close to schedule. ferry systems, p.a.t.h. trains are doing okay. subway service is running on or close to schedule. that's always a great option for you. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended for today, but don't forget, the metered rules are in effect. ken, lori, over to you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, the zika virus is presenting a new challenge for medical experts. details on the new hurdle they face as they look for ways to treat patients. >> and we continue to track the weather as it gets colder. we're live in west chester with details on i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see
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4:43. welcome back. the snow began picking up across the tri-state in the last half hour or so. the wintry mix has turned over
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"eyewitness news" reporter mallory hoff is live. mallory, good morning to you. >> reporter: that's right, it has turned over to snow just in the last half hour or so. prior to that, a wintry mix. prayer to that, pretty steady rain. that's what we experienced on our way here this morning. as we did that drive, we were monitoring the road conditions. if you look behind me, if you look under that street lamp, you can see what kind of a mix we're working with right now, and then look at the road. this is route 9a in west chester county. you can see that car making its way through. the roads are already slick this morning, as you can seep, and in the hours ahead, as you can imagine, they are only going to become more slick. a potential problem for drivers. drivers who aren't as accustomed to driving in the conditions as they were in years past. quite frankly, some of them have gotten out of practice. this winter has been easier, with the exception of, of course, that last storm. back in this area, you can
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picked up while we've been on camera here. so the bottom line is this is happening on a friday morning with folks heading to school, heading to work. you know the drill. if you are going out in this, leave early, plan ahead and drive more slowly than usual. live in west chester county, mallory hoff, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> all right, mallory, thank you. let's check in with meteorologist bill evans once again. bill? >> we are looking at snow- covered grounds and it will slippery up things particularly on grassy areas and so as we go along this morning this keeps adding up this morning. well, your ride's here. if you are taking a taxi this morning, make sure you have all of the right gear. boots, nice warm coats that will rappel this heavy, whet snow, hats umbrellas. the wet streets are on the
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the humidity is 89%. the temperature keeps fallingp normal overnight low is 28. i don't think we get below 30 in these hours. even poughkeepsie is reporting 39. once the snow starts falling, the temperature drops a degree or two. that's called evaporative cooling. so 35 in bridgeport and the five boroughs. the heavy, wet snow is damp and chilly. some of the windchills are cold. 24 is the real feel. 20 toward monticello. here are the visibilities, and they are not good. a mile and a half apart in la guardia. this comes into play driving with 2 mile visibility. white plains generally one of the worst airports for
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closings and that kind of thing because of heavy, wet snow. this is a visibility forecast from the computer model. it's showing us zero visibility to a 2 mile visibility here as we go through the morning commute. then you see the visibility starts to pick up this afternoon when the sun comes out. so no airport delays showing up so far on my stuff. heather will have more on this, too. then you have to get further in the morning when the flights get going. now, we have this winter weather advisory in effect through the morning. winter storm warning for suffolk county, and that's because more snow is likely. maybe 6 inches maybe in the higher elevations. northern suffolk county, the elevation goes up to 200, 300 feet in spots. the higher elevations results in snow. everybody's changed over here. right along i-80. you go down the garden state parkway here.
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island out toward the hamptons to wine country all the way to the southern branch. the foughtcast shows 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. that will be the heaviest of the snow. then west at 10:00 a.m. starts to wind down and just carries on in suffolk county where eastern fairfield county to new haven county where we get the sunshine coming out. temperatures continue to drop a little bit more. you see it on futurecast down to 32, 33. this afternoon, the sun comes out and warms that up. that will melt a lot of that around. some of this could refreeze. the temperatures are below freezing tonight, so there might be issues of icy roadways tomorrow morning to start your day. be on the lookout. oh, my, let's look at the bus stop for later on today where we got a snowy start.
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boots. these kiddos are dressed pretty good here. they're not in bad shape. heavy, wet snow, tonight clear and chilly, 20 in the suburbs. we're looking at 44. we are looking at what's going to be another system that could give us some snow on tuesday. that we will be keeping an eye on because that system will be coming up the coast and we'll be watching that. we have a nice weekend coming. we just have to get through the morning commute. there might be flurries around even on wednesday. so we get through this pattern where there is enough cold assistance to create winter conditions for us. >> thank you, bill. we take a look at the commute. >> it looks like we have an overturned tractor-trailer as you head onto route 78 right near exit 33. overturned tractor-trailer being cleared away. we have delays back to route 87 getting into that spot for there. this slow traffic is going westbound.
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travel onto 78, i can see delays are passing by 24. long island railroad, metro- north, new jersey transit running on or close to schedule. as we take it out to long island, looking at the l.i.e. westbound side, westbound 44 is another accident clearing. all lanes closed down so it's still out there, however. bill was talking about ocean county. northbound side of the garden state parkway and monmouth county near exit 98, you have that cleared away. bx32 is being detowered. p.a.t.h. trains and lines are running on or close to schedule. keep in mind, alternate sides of the street parking rules are suspended for today.
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confronting a troubling new virus. medical experts in brazil confirm two people contracted the zika virus through blood transfusions. so people are being asked to wait to donate blood for 28 days. the virus can also be sexually transmitted but primarily spread through mosquito bites. 4:51, and coming up this morning, it is super bowl weekend. we'll check out the ad from your heart loves omega-3s. but there's a difference between the omega-3s in fish oil and those in megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body... ...which makes your heart, well, mega-happy. happier still, megared is proven to increase omega-3 levels in 30 days. megared.
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e good morning, it's 4:54. you are watching "eyewitness news" this morning on an accuweather alert day. thank you very much for joining us. all of our folks are working hard to bring you the latest details on this winter storm that is creating a lot of nuisance snow that is heavy and wet. i look down the shore and the camera's bouncing around a little bit. not only is there heavy, wet snow, but this issue of very heavy wind, too, gusting winds up to 25 miles per hour. snow, you see, is over the entire tri-state area now. that's on the easter and long island is starting to change just a bit to easily change
4:54 am
this will continue out to the twin forks. suffolk county will be the bull's-eye area because it will last longer here through the morning into midday. as we go over the next seven hours, we'll look at heavy rates of snow off and on through the morning commute, lasting into the early afternoon, maybe even lunchtime. then late today, the sun will break out. have all of your gear, alou extra time on the commute. heather's got accidents, overturned tractor-trailer rig, dogs, cats, frogs, locusts, everything. >> all falling from the sky. here is a closure we're dealing with now as you travel up through brooklyn. it is the gowanus expressway with an accident being cleared away. i'll tell where you it is and what's going on. inbound side, all lanes are closed down as a result. as you head to the l.i.e., that's the expressway with another accident being cleared away. 78 east right near exit 33, that's that overturned tractor- trailer that bill was just mentioning.
4:55 am
north, new jersey transit running on or close to schedule. then we have an exit at exit 98. a car went off the road, it's off on the median, so we have tryst as you go through that spot. we have alternate side of the street parking rules suspended for today. lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. back to road cam where you can see, listen to this, snow definitely starting to stick in woodbury. salt trucks have been dispatched, and the plows are ready for today to take care of whatever. so when you get out there, take your time. in today's health alert, it's time to say that chocolate can improve circulatory health in pregnant women and their babies. 125 women ate just a bite of chocolate each day for 12 weeks. the tests revealed that all of the women and their babies showed notable improvements in blood flow compared to the general population.
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and onions. [ laughter ] sunday's super bowl broadcast could bring life to a new york-based company that sells a death wish. >> the day of reckoning is upon us! >> this viking drama on the high seas is the commercial that will air for death wish coffee. it brews what it bills as the world's strongest coffee and gained a free 30-second spot after beating out 15,000 other small businesses. those commercials, by the way, go for $5 million or about $166,000 per second. >> it looks intense. a.m. and also heading out into the thick of the storm, we have a conditions. heather o'rourke is keeping an eye on the roads, the rails and the airport. >> meteorologist bill evans is saying we will see snowy, slushy conditions all throughout our morning.
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: good morning. a wintry mix is falling right now all across the tri-state, as you can see in this live picture from suffolk county. we have a team of reporters in place to help you through the commute. >> also, road cam 7 is patrolling the streets and highways to keep us up to date on the conditions that drivers
4:59 am
good morning. i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. today is friday, february 5th. we'll get to the forecast in a moment, but first, an update on the two nypd officers shot in the line of duty. >> the 29-year-old woman and 29-year-old man will survive. the suspect is 23-year-old ma league chavez. police say he shot and killed himself shortly after shooting the officers. we have a live report from lincoln hospital coming up. first, you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. bill evans has the forecast. >> everything is right in line with the computer guidance. this is what i'm talking about for, like, the five boroughs. you see on top of the cars where you see the snow starting to collect first. then you see in some isolated spots and sidewalks like right there and there.
5:00 am
get a little slushy now. that's starting to take place as the temperature at 5:00 a.m. is 33 degrees. we're down a degree from last hour. the temperature continues to fall to the heavy wet snow. we've got a big, gusting wind out there. so later you'll have to shovel this stuff, so you'll want to be very careful because of the heavy, wet snow. 33 around the park, 33 on long island. winter weather advisory in effect until noon, which means 3 inches of snow, a winter storm warning means 6 inches of snow possibly local spots of suffolk county get 8. so it is a heavy, wet snow and comes during the busiest commute of morning. you can see everybody changing over to snow toward the eastern end and long island. change is coming. we're looking athe 3, 4 inches around the five boroughs coastal connecticut and up to the north and west.
5:01 am
i saw her taking all of the gum equipment off. >> i did. it was gunning everything off. >> reporter: this is the l.i.e. and you can see all that police activity. this is the expressway and traffic heading onto the westbound side where that accident is still being cleared. let's go over to our maps and we'll tell you long island railroad, new jersey transit is doing okay. we have this accident on the gowanus inbound and third avenue. all lanes closed down and they've got that quickly cleared away. 78 east right near 33's overturned tractor-trailer. then you have this problem on the garden state parkway north 98 where a car went off the roadway. the guarden state parkway and new jersey parkway both have their speeds reduced in the entire lane because of the weather that's coming through our area. dray clark is in the bronx in the belrose section.
5:02 am
ferry systems are doing okay. p.a.t.h. trains, no major problems. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended but the metered rules are in effect. ken, lori, over to you. our storm team coverage continues right now with a look at the conditions you will experience during the morning commute. >> kristin thorne is live where things are getting a little sticky on the ground right now. >> reporter: absolutely, guys. hi there, ken and lori. really just in the last 30 minutes, you've seen what was icy if you saw my last shot, that was painful. it's now turned into really snow. so it's bane very interesting morning. 2:00 this morning, nothing. we had rain, ice, and now snow. either way it looks like now it is starting to stick. if you look down, it's a very small accumulation at the l.i.r.r. station here, and it's just slippery here as you are walking around. you can see some of the cars
5:03 am
this morning. so yeah, we obviously are seeing some of it starting to stick this morning. we've not seen a lot of clouds, though. now that i think about it, i haven't seen one yet. so is there one coming? oh, yeah, there's one down there. you know, they are coming around. obviously, they'll be doing that this morning. school delays could definitely become an issue this morning, so if you have kids, make sure to stay tuned here. we'll be running those school delays. as for now, the trains are running fine. i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. stay with us throughout the morning for updates on the moving storm. you can download the weather alert app. the time is 5:05. woo he have new information on the shooting in the bronx that left two nypd officers injured who were attacked by a gunman who later killed himself. dray clark live at lincoln hospital with that story. dray?
5:04 am
we should note right away, the two police officers who were shot are expected to make a full recovery. we have learned more about the suspect, 23-year-old malik chavez, a man who's no stranger to law enforcement with 17 prior arrested and last night took his own life after shooting the two police officers. it was around 8:00 last night when police officers were on routine patrol on the stair well at the melrose houses at 320 east 156th street. they approached two men on the stair well of the sixth floor. one of the men, now believed to be malik chavez opened fire hitting two officers. one in the head with a graze wound. the other in the abdomen just below his bulletproof vest. police say chavez then ran to an apartment on the seventh floor where he took his own life. the two police officers were rushed to lincoln hospital, and outside the hospital, it was a large show of law enforcement as officers waited to hear on
5:05 am
officers that were shot. meanwhile, we talked to one eyewitness who saw one of the officers being rushed to the hospital and said at that time, it didn't look very good at all. >> the officer was badly hurt. that's why they rushed him quick. as soon as it happened, two ambulances went to lincoln hospital straight. >> reporter: both officers have been alert and communicating, so we are praying for the best here, and of course our hearts and our prayers are with their families. the two police officers who were shot, one female and one male, both have two year with the department. police did take several people down to the 40 precinct for questioning and so far, no one has been charged. we should mention that police have recovered a semi automatic gun as well as the apartment where chavez took his own life. dray clark, channel 7 "eyewitness news."
5:06 am
stay with "eyewitness news" for updates on the shooting investigation. we'll also send out alerts with new details as we get them in the free news app. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. back to bill. >> the heavy, wet snow continues to fall. this is our camera right on the corner of west 56th street and columbus avenue. heavy, wet snow will be falling, collecting on trees, power lines, and roadways. you get in the suburbs and it starts to collect. you have to have all of the right gear. you have to have boots, hats, umbrella, and all of that stuff. the snow is from kingston down to philly sliding out around the twin boroughs. now long will it last? until around noontime. so that goes right through the
5:07 am
is this afternoon, the sun will break out. there will be delays and cancellations and kiddos at the bus stop today, i say, you know what you do is you pay one kid to be the lookout. you always say this on a day like today. you have snow, the boots, the hats and all of that gloves and a mess. so you stay indoors and give one kid, i don't know, your kids are young. mine are in college. what do you bribe a kid now to be a lookout? >> nowadays, it's at least 50 bucks. >> what! >> yeah that's the going rate. >> i'll be the look outfor 50 bucks! on the l.i.e., we were told the accident was clear add way, but i can see it's still down. right near the 44 exit, that's an accident being cleared away on the long island already, metro-north, new jersey transit
5:08 am
metered rules are in effect. in just the last hour and the storm has really started to change over from rain to snow and ice. as bill just mentioned, we still have several hours to go yet. we'll check in to see what it looks like in west chester county next. >> you can check the snow with our free weather app. go to the itunes or i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow.
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an accuweather snow alert is in effect. we have a live look now from ardsley. we have a team of reporters from all across the area. we have a new list of school
5:11 am
across the bottom of your screen. >> please send us using hashtag bc 7ny. bernie sanders faced off with hillary clinton in a heated debate. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks, and let's talk about the issues. >> you know, there is a reason why these people are putting huge amounts of money into our political system. >> big money and super pacs are just one of the heated topics hillary clinton and bernie sanders debated in new hampshire last night. sanders is leading clinton in new hampshire by about 30 points ahead of the primary. meanwhile, republican
5:12 am
the attention of undecided voters. winnerwinner of the iowa caucus, ted cruz will be in new hampshire today. donald trump will be in florence, south carolina, for a rally tonight. marco rubio has become a frequent target of fellow republican candidates who see him as a rising threat since his strong third place fin initial iowa. the republicans debate again tomorrow night. you can watch that at 8:00 on channel 7 and the watch abc app. 5:14. meteorologist bill evans joins us with the accuweather forecast. >> normally, we would see bowling green, wall street here, the other side of the brooklyn bridge, can't see it. temperature 33 degrees. high humidity. that's the other part that's blowing this very heavy, wet snow now. temperature is 59 playing into the surface where we don't have
5:13 am
deal with because of the warm temperatures yesterday. so, so far, we've been seeing heavy wet snow making for dave rouse travel. 6 to 8 long island. we're going to be looking at that snowfall as you see here on the model sliding through. then sunshine will be coming out as we get to the afternoon. a lot of sunshine is going to be coming this weekend. that's what we'll find ourselves looking at for the nice weekend. you see that snow coming through this morning is going to be the problem. we've got a beautiful weekend ahead and the fact that the temperatures are falling, the snow has been very heavy. this weekend, a lot of the snow is going to melt. the reason being is because temperatures will be around 48 saturday, 44 on sunday and even parts of the area get to 50. so we're looking at 33 up through man hat ton the bronx. 32 around white plains now.
5:14 am
poughkeepsie and sussex at 37. still with a northerly wind it is quite cold and damp. this is the sustained wind. 12, 15, 20 miles per hour out in poughkeepsie. the windchills are a bit bitter in spots. 26 around la guardia. down the jersey shore, 22 toward belmar. visibilities are low as well. so you are going to commute by car, drive, and you are gonna be out on the roads. you are looking at mild visibility in a lot of spots and can go less in a few plateses. we have a winter weather advisory until noon. the storm warning means as least 6 inches of snow. you go north of the l.i.e. and elevation are higher on the north shore on long island. we'll be looking at the snow all across the area continuing to come up from the south. eastern long island still in some rain.
5:15 am
equivalent of what's been falling. here's our computer guidance, and we call it our futurecast. temperatures right at that freezing mark. when it's right at freezing, the snow is very heavy and wet. it has that very heavy, wet consistency. is t.'s very heavy and wet to shovel and plow. by the time we get to 1:00, the sun is breaking out and temperatures in the upper 30s getting to the low 40s. temperatures tomorrow morning around that freezing mark. so there might be black ice on roadways. sun breaks later tonight. clear and chilly 20 in the suburbs. sunshine and nice tomorrow. we'll be at 44 degrees. we're going to be seeing, you know, some really nice weather for tomorrow and sunday. some nice weather but tuesday, monday into tuesday, the day we'll find ourselves looking at the storm coming up.
5:16 am
situation where we have the snow on tuesday that could be another plowable situation and coming up the coast. there might even be leftover flurries on wednesday. as we get through this morning, weekend of weather. we have the situation that's noontime today. >> do you see that? that's a jogger. [ laughter ] >> you can't stop a jogger in the snow. >> getting it in before the heavy stuff starts to come. >> you can't stop a jogger. they are the same people running by this window every day. >> that's right. >> unfortunately, some people will drive on the roads even though they shouldn't and unfortunately we get an accident. this is the deegan. we have very heavy traffic as you come into the southbound side. i'll tell you what is happening here. it's the deegan, southbound right near 233rd we have that accident. long island railroad, they are running on or close to schedule.
5:17 am
then as you travel onto the l.i.e. west at 44, you have an accident. then you have exit 62ening cleared. street cleaning rules are suspended. ken, lori, over to you. it is 5:18, and we have activated road cam 7 this morning for you. checking out the slick conditions you will face when you get out there on the streets and highway. looking at it, at this moment,
5:18 am
and smithtown. look at health care through our eyes and you'll see healthcare differently too.
5:19 am
we're 61,000 people looking to not just raise our standard but raise the standard of health care. north shore-lij is now northwell health.
5:20 am
you are never more than seven minutes away on traffic here. here's what's happening. you see we've got wet streets, and heavy wet snow is falling. this is the tame shout the five boroughs. you need the umbrella and the rain coat for heavy, wet snow. this morning, it's sticking, piling up, collecting on the sidewalks and roadways from connecticut across to long island. the temperatures have been dropping now to 33 as you see. we're also looking at that changeover starting to get to brook haven out toward the eastern end of long island. we're seeing heavy snow down the garden state parkway through monmouth and ocean county here. the temperatures have been dropping, too, and they are cold. the other part of this is a wind, 12, 15 at times gusting up to 20 miles per hour.
5:21 am
33, getting to 35. snow lasts till noontime today and at times that is going to be heavy. maybe the sun breaks out later today, but we've got a ways to go. listen up, here we go. >> you can see the l.i. e. we have an accident being cleared away. we go over to our maps and i'll explain to you where it is. westbound right near exit 44 cleared away. 233rd street. another collision, long island railroad, new jersey transit schedule. as you go on 78 eastbound, overturned tractor-trailer, parking rules are suspended. metered rules are in effect. ken, lori, over to you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, another update for you on the snowstorm
5:22 am
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accuweather snow alert is in effect. just a live look now from suffolk county, and we have a team of reporters across the area all morning for you to help you figure out your morning commute and we'll have live reports coming up in the next half hour. meantime, on the money this morning, asia markets are mixed. >> hong kong's hang seng index grew a fraction of the day. the dow starts the day up. the s&p 500 also begins higher. consumers will likely pay the price for a new oil tax which the obama administration is set to announce. >> kendis gibson and reena ninan have this morning's headlines. >> reporter: good morning. while you can. >> president obama is proposing a $10 a barrel tax on oil to fund transportation projects. >> that could raise gas prices about $.25 a gallon, but it is
5:26 am
green light from congress. new salads from mcdonalds are packing more calories, salt than a big mac. >> you factor in the buttermilk chicken, ranch dressing and cheese, it's adding up to 700 calories. compare that to 500 on the big mac. the average of 6 million americans call out sick after the super bowl. >> a lot of digestion taking place on sunday. >> that's america's money. have a great day. coming up in our next half hour, school delays and closings are starting to roll in right now. this is a live west chester county. snow is falling pretty much across the tri-state area right now. also, it will be a messy morning commute for you. >> bill evans returns on what's
5:27 am
stay with vo: you get used to pet odors in your car. you think it smells fine, but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip. female passenger: wow. smells good in here. vo: so you and your passengers can breathe happy. my opioid pain medication is slowing my insides to a crawl. that's opioid-induced constipation, oic, a different type of constipation. i'm really struggling to find relief... paint a different picture. talk to your doctor about oic
5:28 am
. >> heavy, wet snow is falling across the tri-state area right now. this is parts of long island and especially suffolk county is getting hit the hardest. >> this is a live look from the l.i.e. and patchogue. get ready for a slushy, slippery, and snowy morning commute. thanks for starting your morning with us. it's friday, february 5th. before we get to the weather conditions right now, we want to update you on the two nypd officers shot on duty last night. the officers, a 24-year-old woman and 29-year-old man were expected to survive. the suspect is 23-year-old malik chavez. he shot and killed himself shortly after the encounter
5:29 am
we'll have a live report from lincoln hospital coming up. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic with bill evans and the exclusive weather forecast. >> the temperature continues to drop depending on where you are. let's take a looking, we? it's going to be a mess at the bus stop. we start out with conditions really bad now. this is our real camera. you can't even see across the park. 33, light snow. light snow should be changing out to heavy know with a north wind at 17 miles per hour. temperatures dropped to caramel at 32 and new city and rockland county as well. 33 degrees long island. you see the visibility is around teeterboro now and this will slow things down at area airports. so that's got to be an issue. we do have this winter weather advisory till noon. a winter storm warning for
5:30 am
because snowfall amounts will be higher there. the warning criteria is 6 inches. so you see snow is all across the area around the five boroughs everywhere. very heavy, wet snow here. this will start to accumulate and start to pile up. that will be the issue now as we keep going up. heavy snow ending around noontime today with sunny preaks this afternoon. she is busy. that is a capital "bize." if you don't want to deal with the traffic, take mass transit. they are all on or close to schedule. subway service is also running on or close. then we have an accident on the l.i.e. going west at exit 44. that's being cleared away at exit 62. new york state throughway going south at exit 1. then on the
5:31 am
street, you have that accident being cleared away. 78 heading eastbound, overturned tractor-trailer. that is still being cleared from the roadway. as you go on the garden state parkway, speeds are reduced entirely. street-cleaning rules are suspended. lori and ken, over to you. we continue with the accuweather snow alert in effect with an update on what you will encounter as the rain changes to snow. >> we have a team of reporters to keep you updated on the commute. kristin? >> reporter: well, lori, we are starting now to hear about those school closings. i thought maybe there would just be delays, but no, most of the school districts on long island will
5:32 am
here is a reason. some heavy snow is coming down now. we saw everything from rain to then ice and now it's snow. it's accumulating pretty quickly. i don't know if you can show us a little bit of the road so people can get a sense of what we're looking at. i haven't seen any plows this morning, so i'm not quite sure if it's just the spot wooer in for but not one had come by. clearly, that may be part of the reason why many school districts are closed today. you can debt all of the information on which districts are on our web site, or rate here with us. kristin thorn, channel 7 "eyewitness news." from suffolk county to west chester county, we continue with our live coverage. mallory? >> reporter: good morning. as you can see, it's just really picked up in the last few minutes here.
5:33 am
with a slushy mix and before that, a very steady rain what we experienced as we drove in this morning while monitoring the roadways. i want you to take a look here if you look under that street light here. you can actually see what we're working with, that snowy mix moving around here. let's make our way to the roads here. this is route 9 started out inside of a slippery, watery situation. now what you are looking athe is a little bit of an accumulation here with potential for problems this morning. back out here, if you look where we are standing this is a does example of what's happening on the roadways. you can see the snow is accumulating and becoming quite slippery here. we have seen a few cars make their way through this morning. keep in mind, the folks who do not have delays and cancellations, well, they will be making their way to school and making their way to work and a lot of folks are out of
5:34 am
the most recent issues with driving. if you are driving, go slow, leave earl lip and be careful out there because it is slippery, it is coming down, and it's not going to stop any time soon. >> mallory, thank youp. there is a travel advisory in effect in the five boroughs. more than 500 salt spreaders were overnight. the department of of sanitation says they were ready to go once the snow starts to accumulate. the worst during this morning's commute. stay with us throughout the morning for updates on the moving storm. you can find the weather alert app. two nypd officers are in the hospital after a suspect shot them and then shot and killed himself in the bronx. >> shortly after the shooting and police commissioner,
5:35 am
tweet "proud of my officers. hopeful follow their speedy recovery." dray? >> reporter: police still haven't said why that suspect opened fire on the police officers, and they may never know why because chavez ended up taking his own life. those two police officers who were shot last night, a man and woman, both with two years on the job are in stable condition at the moment and should make a full recovery. it was a very close call. >> pop, pop, bomb, pop, pop. >> reporter: those pops mark the start of a chaotic night at the melrose house. three officers on vertical patrol inside 320 east 156th street met up with two men in a sixth floor stair well. moments later, one of the men pulled out a gun. >> everything was fine and all of a sudden, it was boom, boom, boom, all over the place. >> reporter: two officers both with two years on the force were hit.
5:36 am
other men took off on building's seveth floor. >> responding officers gained access to the apartment where they discovered several individuals as well as the suspect who was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: the wounded officers were taken to lincoln hospital where dozens of their anxious colleagues awaited word on their condition. one officer was wounded in the torso right below their bulletproof vest. the other grazed in the face. >> another example of what our officers confront every, single day, keeping us safe not only on the streets but the stair wells and hallways of our public housing developments. >> reporter: and that suspect, police chavez, is no stranger to law enforcement. he has 17 prior arrests. before he took his own life, police heard him say he's not going back to jail. following the shooting, the
5:37 am
the 4-0 precinct to be interviewed. so far, no one has been charged and they did recover a semi automatic firearm as well as a shotgun from inside of the apartment where chavez took his own life. dray clark, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, dray. stay with "eyewitness news" and for shooting investigations. we'll send out an letter as we get them on the free news app. you are never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. >> it's continuing to come down at a good rate here. you can see the amount of school closings posted and delays as withle. we've been talking and texting with a lot of school superintendents this morning. so it's just dangerous. this is kind of most likely the dangerous of any snow you can get. this is heavy and wet and slippery, and it's on top of the rain.
5:38 am
and a north wind, which is really bitter out of the north at 16 miles per hour, 17 miles per hour, gusting in at 20. heavy snow all the way do unto southern jersey. this will keep going on from now till midday. temperatures at the 33, 35 number which is a heavy, wet snow number and the sun should break out in the afternoon. it's going to be quite an interesting day with the bus stop kiddos this morning. if you have school, you have this snowy start and then after school, the huckleberries are still there. so we have sunshine after school. so the leader of the pack is right there looking at the traffic for you right now. heather o'rourke, what is going on? >> reporter: this is another accident. let's go right to our maps. we have three accidents to talk about right on long island. the first is northern state parkway westbound right near exit 35.
5:39 am
exit 44 with another collision. that one's been there for a while. then westbound 62, another accident being cleared away. new jersey transit on or close, subway service is on or close to schedule. then a couple of crashes new york thruway and the deegan south at 233rd street, another accident. our street cleaning rules are suspended, but the metered rules are in effect. lori, ken, over to you. school closings and delays keep coming in. this storm is far from over. heavy, wet snow is falling and
5:40 am
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it's 5:44. an accuweather storm alert is in effect. we have a team of reporters all across the area all morning to commute. you can get updates any time by downloading the free accuweather weather alert app. send us your pictures. we appreciate that. this morning, police are zeroing in on who they are looking for in the most recent subway attack. investigators say this man stuck a woman in her arm with a needle as she was waiting for the r-train wednesday night during rush hour. the woman felt something pinch her arm.
5:43 am
she had been stuck with something. this is the tenth stabbing or slashing on the subway this year. wikileaks founder william assange is receiving u.n. support. the united nations panel determined british and swedish authorities have detained assange arbitrarily since he was accused of rape. he has been living in ecuador since mid-2012. bill evans joins us with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> let's look at our camera in times square, one of the few we can use because visibility is so poor. we're looking at times square, the crossroads of america and down towards "good morning america" studios there. wet streets, wet sidewalks. you need all of your gear and
5:44 am
tops, grassy surfaces. you know it it's likely at 5:45, we get to 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, snot he will be falling and this could get slushy even in the urban areas. we have the heat under the streets here. yesterday the street lights were at 59 degrees so the streets are not frozen. we have a wind at 20 miles per hour out of the north. yesterday's number 59 at the freezing mark or below from yesterday or today, all of the snow will be clinging and piling up onto roadways. 6 to 8 at 25 miles per hour. sunny this weekend. you'll see the snow coming through until noontime today then sunny weather for the weekend which will be nice and warm and will melt with snow there's heavy wet snow that will pile up this morning.
5:45 am
the weekend looks nice because the temperatures will be warming up and we'll look at 34 around massa peek with a with the temperatures still falling. it's raining out toward the east and still that's changing over to ice and snow with the temperature at 38. here's the northerly wind we're talking about pouring in here. 21 mile-per-hour winds at jfk. 29 in the park, 26 newark, 21 wrightstown and monticello. that's chilly. visibilities are low here. so you may have problems at airports like teeterboro and newark, .8 of a mile visibility. la guardia. now down to a half mile with the snow. visibility does not get better until noontime. we are looking at winter weather advisory until noon for
5:46 am
this winter storm warning for suffolk county with snowfall amounts that are higher. that's the difference between an advisory and warning. so we're seeing the snow with ice pellets up the hudson river valley and up the throughway. so far this is the liquid equivalent of what's been falling. so looking at the snow continuing, 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m., very heavy at noontime today. very heavy, wet snow and actually, the sun is going to break out later on today, which will be nice money we'll melt the sun. sunny breaks later on. temperatures 43. tonight, clear and chilly. tomorrow, sunshine and ice, 44 degrees. we are going to be looking at a pretty sunset both saturday and sunday, and we're looking at very mild temperatures tuesday is when we're looking at the next system coming in monday night to tuesday. we'll be watching this system as it comes up the coast,
5:47 am
plenty cold with snow. it might be a leftover flurry even after the winds. we've got to get through first things first. this system's craving out there and will -- cranking out there and will keep continuing. >> this is a powerful system. >> yeah, it is. >> the worst kind of snow for commuting with the heavy, wet snow and piling up. tractor-trailers get flipped over and all of that. >> thanks, heather. tell us all about that tractor- trailer. >> reporter: exactly. this is the l.i.e. at 52 and commack road. traffic is moving slowly, which is a good thing. some of the snow is selecting on the side of the roadway. we have three accidents right near l.i.e. west exit 62, long island railroad, metro-north, new jersey transit okay, subway services running on or close to schedule.
5:48 am
and down two accidents on staten island. metered rules are in effect. ken, lori, over to you. >> heather, thank you. just about everyone in the tri-state is getting a little bit of snow right now. it is a live look from the bronx and we'll keep you
5:49 am
on the changing conditions to again! again! again!
5:50 am
again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! time is 5:52. we have an accuweather alert coming in fast. all of the latest school cancellations are at the bottom of the screen. we have on the l.i.e. in central eastern suffolk county with a team of reporters all across the area all morning to help you with the morning
5:51 am
more troubles for the millions of people looking to avoid contracting the zika virus. health officials in brazil confirm two people contracted the virus through blood transfusions. the red cross is asking people in the virus zones to wait to donate for 28 days. it is primarily spread through mosquito bite. earth wind and fire's maurice white has died after battling parkingson's disease. [music] >> "september" was among the string of white's songs during the '70s and '80s. others include "shining star" and "after the love is gone." white and earth wind and fire
5:52 am
roll hall of fame. >> great music. that really helped define the '70s, that music. that was awesome. may he rest in peace. we have an accuweather storm alert in effect. take a live look at suffolk county. a live team coverage of the dangerous conditions continues meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. now we can connect more devices, at the same time. hi grandma and grandpa! ha, look at that! [laughs] time warner cable even has an internet plan for us. get 50 meg internet for $39.99 per month
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5:54 am
ask your doctor about stelara . it's an accuweather alert day. ooh, happy friday to you, folks. it's snowing and snowing hard. heavy snow right now. they are taking the ferry from staten island over to manhattan with a north wind that's mean. get in as the gusty winds have been going to 20, 25 miles per hour. even if you are taking the port jeff ferry, that's a tough go. the snow continues until noon today. it will be heavy and create a lot of problems like an overturned tractor-trailer on
5:55 am
>> 78 going eastbound near exit 33. we've had this overturned tractor-trailer for quite sometime. take it easy as you are out driving around. give yourself extra time. long island railroad, metro- north, new jersey transit is fine. we still have accidents being cleared on the l.i.e., westbound side at exit 62 and the northern state parkway by exit 35. the metered rules are in effect. ken, lori, over to you. we are closing in on 6:00 and our coverage this morning continues on the accuweather alert.
5:56 am
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