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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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brooklyn, little under an inch in central park. connecticut totals anywhere from don't have to show you new jersey totals, only a trace in newark. george washington bridge okay, no problem. just flurries around. it is near freezing so at least from the city north and east there can be slippery spots hours. the winter storm warning will expire in an hour. there's a new winter weather advisory for central new jersey and that's more for tomorrow evening in to early wednesday morning for additional accumulation. the other part of the storm as you mentioned, certainly the coastal flooding. we could have moderate flooding with the high tide cycle. same thing for the western end of long island sound and new york city for that matter. you can see anywhere from 7:00 to 11:30 this evening we have to watch out for that moderate flooding, tide 2 to 3 feet above normal.
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rest of the snow still backing in to parts of the area with light snows but the heaviest definitely by the boards at this point. we have to allow for the western edge through the evening hours then things should be quiet. scattered snow showers, nothing more than some coatings. i think by tomorrow evening and tomorrow night we may have additional accumulations. yes, you'll be seeing occasional snow and snow showers tomorrow night but not a lot of accumulation. expect thick snow at times. that's all the way through tomorrow night. moderate coastal flooding a concern during high tide this evening. it's a snowy week that ends with fierce chill. we'll have on that in the 7-day forecast. more on the timing and accumulation as well in just a few minutes. snowy roads in connecticut where a stretch of i-95 is reopen after a serious bus crash. here's what we know right now about the crash. at least 30 people were injured but
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are not life-threatening. the bus owner is based in flushing, queens. >> this is a bus headed to mohegan sun. all buses from new york city have been rerouted back to the city. the crash happened by exit 60 in madison in connecticut. eyewitness news reporter joe torres is live there tonight where passengers who weren't badly hurt were taken to right after the accident. >> we're at the madison town campus, specifically the gymnasium here. we were told about 33 of the rough ly 70 passengers onboard that bus were taken to this location, some of the walking wounded who were able to get off the bus on their own, the red cross was waiting for them. a dozen of those passengers required medical treatment. they were taken to nearby hospitals. let's show you the pictures from the accident today. it happened about 12:25 this afternoon right along i-95 northbound near exit 61 in madison.
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charter bus for new york city heading to the mohegan sun casino. the driver lost control of the bus. the bus flipped on to its side, spun around and ended up facing in the wrong drexz -- direction on top of a guard rail there. first responders closed i-95 62. the injured were rushed to five area hospitals. one of latest information from that facility, 18 patients taken there. some critical. we understand there was one passenger who suffered some broken bones. the bus was the only vehicle involved in this accident and it happened in the midst of a snowstorm. it is unclear at this hour as to whether weather played a role in the accident. but the state troopers are telling us they responded to roughly 80 accidents in this part of connecticut during the time of the bus accident and they were largely related to the winter weather.
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of the doctors and medical workers who responded and treated some of those who were injured. >> what we've seen mostly at this point is a lot of bony injuries, bruising, some arm fractures, the patients who are being transferred here from the other facilities have by report far more significant injuries. >> overall the concern of the weather conditions and the incident itself, we expected maybe to have more significant injuries than what we actually had so a vast majority of the patients were able to walk off the bus which was a good thing. >> you mentioned at the top, worth repeating. we talked to the folks at mohegan sun. they issued a directive to all the buses heading toward the mohegan sun casino to turn around and head back until the weather clears up.
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had cleared up earlier but it is snowing once again in this part of connecticut. lastly the bus company is based out of flushing, queens. the bus is owned by dahlia incorporated. the operator is vmc east coast. they issued a statement saying they're most concerned about the safety of their passengers and issued a big thank you to the first responders. another live report coming up at 6:00. that's the latest from madison. joe torres, eyewitness news. many schools closed yet again today. eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne live in hampton bays with how they're coping in that area. >> the east end of long island seems to be the lucky one here. it's actually blowing off the trees and power lines and things like that.
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has stopped. i want to show you montauk highway. still a little bit slushy but they're used to dealing with this amount of snow in hampton bays. >> i think it's a winter wonderland. >> yes, it is pretty, but it can also be such a nuisance. >> are you sick of it yet? >> yeah, i'm tired of that stuff. >> i think it's horrible. i guess december never came. march wants to come now. it's okay. we're all geared for today. >> reporter: the east end of long island took the brunt of the storm. 6 to 8 inches falling in the hamptons. conditions got treacherous as the full force of the snow came through in the morning but eventually the plows were able to catch up. >> i think the roads were pretty good. you've got to drive carefully but the roads are not bad. you go too fast, it's slippery.
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the plows are doing a good job though. everything is getting cleaned up. >> here you can see that's another live look here, montauk highway in hampton bay. the concern is as people head out tonight, some of this could get very slippery as the temperatures drop tonight. be careful as you head out. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. some dealt with the snow, others having to deal with flooding. major trouble spots, the rockaways, in hopes of holding backwater, more sand is being added to dunes on the beach. shirleen allicot is live in far rockaway where residents are cleaning up a big mess. >> it's amazing the difference a few hours can make. earlier this morning you could not walk in this area. now let me show you how much this water has receded. if you take a look all the way down the block on the right hand side is a vehicle. we got here about two and a half
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tires. now the concern though is high tide. >> it's beautiful in the summertime and it's fine in the wintertime if the bay doesn't come up. >> reporter: when the bay comes up, mrs. walker finds herself at home. we stumbled on her husband and daughter working hard to get the flooding from this morning to clear out once and for all. >> we have to deal with this all the time. it's the only one that works. >> reporter: since it's right in front of their home, they do the tedious work of cleaning out the trash, all to make sure anymore than it already has. >> i don't mind coming out here doing this with no gloves on. cold from the water. >> reporter: high tide came in this morning and was backed by strong winds which caused the widespread flooding across coastal sections of queens. waterlogged vehicles now ruined
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chances as they raced through. >> oh, really? >> reporter: a big pet peeve of lisa whooten who will be out here once again with her parents tonight when high tide returns. >> if you see us out here trying to keep the drain clear, the least you can do is slow down or not come down the block. >> high tide is scheduled to return around 8:30 but flooding can start from as soon as two hours beforehand so you can imagine the walker family will be back out here once again. shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> you can keep up with the weather 24/7 by downloading the free accutrack weather alert app. lee will be back with his full forecast in about 15 minutes. things are returning to normal in tribeca after friday's deadly crane collapse. workers are expected to continue making repairs after the massive crane fell. many of the streets in
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it was the first day back to class for students at the law school. the crane fell right in front of their building. >> the water is fixed. we're glad to go back in. >> i seen it and it didn't set well with me. i didn't like the way it was looking in the first place then this happened. >> mayor bill de blasio says fines will be doubled now for safety violations involving cranes and uniformed personnel pedestrians' safety. coming up in the next half hour, jim hoffer with a closer look at street collapses and whether more streets should have been blocked off. a suspect wanted for throwing a knockout punch is expected to turn himself in to police. the 17-year-old's attorney says that will happen tomorrow. another suspect, a 16-year-old boy who investigators say recorded the punch, already surrendered. the victim was treated at a hospital and released. the knicks looking to turn things around by firing head coach derek fisher. the knicks
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today we heard from the man who will replace fisher. rob powers is here with more on that. >> a year and a half ago phil jackson thought derek fisher was the man to lead the knicks through thick and thin but after the knicks lost nine of their last 10 games and five in a row, the team president is moving the knicks in another direction. fisher was fired this morning. came in this year with hope, still had carmelo anthony, drafted chrisops porzingis. fans questioned. jackson pulled the plug. kurt rambis named interim head coach. fisher in a statement, this is a talented team with strong character and i am confident they will succeed. here's what the knicks say, starting with jackson, when asked if he gave any thought to coaching this team. >> not one second. it's time for us to make a change and turn
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>> i'm going to do the best job i can to finish out this year and get in to the playoffs. that's my goal. >> the knicks are 12th in the east right now. four spots away from playoff position, 23-31 overall. hosting the wizards tomorrow. then the all star break. laura behnke will have coverage at 6:00. she was at approximate this afternoon. the mad dash for votes underway just ahead of the first presidential primary. we're on the campaign trail in new hampshire with the candidates. >> plus a cabby severely beaten and robbed behind the wheel. hear from his family about what he was afraid would happen next. >> video of a teenager with cerebral palsy bullied at school. he has a message for his attackers.
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developing news in the race former new york city mayor michael bloomberg for the first time is confirming he is eyeing a possible presidential bid. bloomberg told the financial times he's looking at all options. he said american voters deserve better and the level of discourse among most of the current candidates is an outrage. advisors are drafting a plan for a possible bid as an independent candidate. >> wouldn't that make things interesting? voters heading to the polls tomorrow in new hampshire for the first presidential primary. donald trump with a big lead among republicans followed by ted cruz and marco rubio. bernie sanders leads hillary clinton. he's got 56% to clinton's 40%. the campaigning now very frantic, so frantic it
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bended knee today. abc's marci gonzalez is live in manchester with more on that. >> with 44% of voters saying they could still change their mind, the candidates are going all out to get their support. >> reporter: the final fight to win over new hampshire voters. >> i want to vote for you. >> i was going to get up and i think i'll stay on one knee. >> reporter: now just hours before the first ballots are cast the candidates are holding rally after rally. >> i think we need a president that actually believes in the american people. >> we need to get rid of the of the bushes of the world. >> iowa caucus winner ted cruz battling for second with marco rubio.
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repet itative message. >> why do you keep saying the same thing about obama changing america? i'm going to keep because i believe it's true. >> reporter: but a new message tables on bernie sanders. >> sanders took about $200,000 from wall street firms, not directly but through the committee. >> reporter: working for momentum with sanders still pulling ahead here by 16 points. >> you have the right to determine the future of america. >> and record turnout is expected tomorrow with the first three precincts starting to vote at midnight. we're live in manchester, new hampshire, marci gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> our political reporter dave evans is also in new hampshire and he's going to be there stay tuned to eyewitness news and abc news for results. you can also find results at abc7ny. state leaders have led an investigation in to the cause of
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point reactor complex. radioactive water showed up at three of the monitoring wells. the plan's operator said there's no danger because the contamination has not reached the community's drinking water. the leak occurred after a drain overflowed during a maintenance exercise friday while workers were transferring water with high levels of radioactive material. this is the first year new york city public schools were closed for the holiday. to honor the occasion, mayor bill de blasio was with the chinese consolidated benevolent association in chinatown this afternoon where he presented a proclamation. people around the world are celebrating this lunar new year. in china crowds gathered to pray for good health and prosperity. it's a five-day national holiday in china filled with fireworks and parades. we've been seeing all sorts of pictures on twitter
5:17 pm
include handing children money in red envelopes. >> i don't mind that. [ laughter ] so we've got more snow headed our way. you said you were going to give us the timing and accumulation. >> there's more snow in the area, yes, and later in the week let's time everything out for you, go outside this showers. we had a coating or there anymore. roads in and around new york city are fine, couple inches in queens. 32 degrees now, a northeast wind at 7. wind has backed off a little bit. there are your sunrise and sunset times. sunset just a couple minutes away. last year on this date, mostly cloudy skies, 37. we'll be hovering around normal in the midweek and way below normal late week. our numbers on long island after connecticut. roadways will overnight. you see how we're much of new
5:18 pm
first flakes of the day in paterson, new jersey right now. we still have snow showers this evening. i don't think there's much going on around midnight. looks a little ominous tomorrow morning. flurries and scattered snow showers around. what an incredible looking storm on satellite offshore. thing looked like a hurricane out in the atlantic. 30-foot waves with this thing. 500 miles away typically you wouldn't see much impact but it's so big, had such a big wingspan that the snow came back in to the area and it was a long island special. still have snow from connecticut to long island. a few flurries over westchester and even the past hour, a brief flurry in to burgen and essex county. right near paterson there's a flurry. the snow showers will begin to turn away. then we'll turn our focus to the next system which is also a large system with heavier snows. what will happen with this, it will have a reflection along the coast. low will form near the delmarva.
5:19 pm
southern pennsylvania down toward baltimore and dc. there could be 5 or 6 inches of snow. from now all the way through wednesday morning so in terms of accumulations, after the snow gets out of here this evening, there's not going to be a lot going on through the day tomorrow. light snow or snow showers. we're okay with the morning commute. couple slippery spots. then there's a resurgence in the snows tomorrow night in to early wednesday morning. that's when i think we can pick up additional accumulations especially south and west of new york city then things will pull away during the midday on wednesday. blustery and cold. a few snow showers around. at most there's a coating in a few spots to an inch, 27. tomorrow i don't think there's much accumulation during the day. mostly cloudy, off and on snow shower and a chilly northeast wind. there can be more snow tomorrow night. the total accumulation through tomorrow night, that's really through daybreak on wednesday, 1 to 3 additional inches. here's what we'll look at for 5:30.
5:20 pm
early afternoon, not much going on. could there be several inches in southern new jersey come late tomorrow, tomorrow night, even 5-inch amounts. 7-day accuweather forecast after 5:30. coming up, another case of rabies has the local community on alert. >> plus what the white house is asking for in the fight against the zika virus. >> and a leopard wanders in to a school and it's all caught on camera.
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if you went to chipotle today for lunch only to find the restaurant closed, you get a free burrito. the chain opened late today so 50,000 employees could attend food safety meetings. chipotle has been dogged by plunging sales since the e. coli outbreak. all locations opened around 3:00 this afternoon. you can find a link with directions for claiming your free burrito on abc7ny. a lot of fans still celebrating the denver broncos super bowl victory. they beat the carolina panthers 24-10 last night. in downtown denver fans were celebrating in the streets. some of them setting off fireworks. police made 12
5:24 pm
just hours after super bowl 50, preparations are already underway for super bowl 51. nfl commissioners said the league looks forward to playing the game next year in texas. more than 150 oscar nominees were honored at a luncheon. the nominees posed at the red carpet as they arrived at the famed beverly hills hilton. sylvester stallone said he got the go-ahead from the film's director to go despite the controversy over all the acting nominees being white. you can watch the oscars here on channel 7 on sunday, february 28th. michelle obama is marking black history month by hosting girls and young women for a dance workshop. young dancers for the washington area performed for the first lady in the white house east room. earlier the girls and young
5:25 pm
of the best including alvin alae's jamison and dance theater of harlem virginia johnson. >> great moment for them. a cab driver in the bronx beaten and robbed. tonight his worried family speaks out about the attack and what went through the driver's mind as he laid hurt on the ground. >> there's questions tonight about safety regulations for large scale cranes. eyewitness news investigative reporter jim hoffer looking in to whether pedestrians should have been better protected when that crane came down in tribeca. >> actress gwyneth paltrow i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means
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a look at tonight's top stories, investigators are looking in to whether today's
5:28 pm
bus crash. 30 people were injured. fortunately police say none of the injuries were life-threatening. the company that owns the bus is based in flushing, queens. a vicious attack on a cab driver in the bronx. >> he was beaten and robbed by the very passengers he had just dropped off. the driver tonight is recovering in the hospital. this is what he looks like. his family says he is so traumatized he may not be able to return to work. >> eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman spoke to his family. she's in the parkchester section with the story. >> ataur rahman's family said he's only been a livery driver for two years. he said after this vicious attack, he's vowing never to get behind the wheel of a cab again.
5:29 pm
hospital photos and it is easy to understand ataur rahman's pain. the bangladeshi livery cab driver remains hospital after being severely beaten and robbed over the weekend. >> he's bad. he got 12 stitches on his lips and a fractured jaw. >> reporter: the ordeal began with a routine pickup near the castle hill section. he the two passengers near the intersection of east 100th and 72nd street and st. lawrence avenue and drove off, only to have to stop a few yards down the block to close an open backdoor. that's when he was jumped and hit in the face with a bottle. he says by the passengers who just had gotten out of his cab. >> he thought he would have died that time. somehow he got off and there were several people standing and looking at him. and nobody helped him. >> reporter: he said his father did eventually get someone to call 911.
5:30 pm
meanwhile, got away with about $1300 in cash. and he said left his father and his family traumatized. >> we're just really worried and really scared right now to go out. don't know if he's able to go back to work again. and he told me he's never going to go back to work and work those kind of jobs. >> tonight police have made an arrest in this case. the 16-year-old identified as rondell mines. he was arrested on robbery and assault. a second suspect is on the loose. sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. the investigation in to the cause of the deadly crane collapse is continuing but there are questions tonight about whether pedestrians were properly protected. part of the street where the crane fell remains closed but should more of that area have been locked down before the accident happened? investigative
5:31 pm
answers. >> after two back-to-back crane accidents killed nine people in 2008, stricter regulations for protecting the public were adopted. so how has it happened again? and this time was the operator following the due below safe? >> reporter: when the massive boom crashed down along two city blocks friday, it appears only the block where the crane cab was located had been closed off. the second block where nearly half of the boom fell killing the financial trader was not killed. 48 hours later the mayor was promising better protection. >> we'll be requiring sidewalk protection for pedestrians. >> reporter: it's unclear how the mayor will now enforce this since building code already requires strict protection. the code says warning signs, personnel or barriers shall be provides to protect the public from hazards generated by construction. it also states protection of traffic shall be
5:32 pm
>> to now say they're going to ramp up safety by having the streets closed and pedestrians off the street is laughable. this is something that should have been in effect from day one. >> reporter: attorney susan carden recently won a $32 million settlement for a family whose son was killed when a crane with a faulty part collapsed in 2008. that accident ushered in new safety requirements for raising and dismantling of cranes. but some say the city still has a long way to go to protect city streets and sidewalks. last year this huge boom tipped over, nearly crushing people when a sidewalk was not closed as the boom was being moved. this video we obtained last fall shows a busy 57th street left wide open as the crane lifted heavy steel bars above traffic. >> we seem to go from crane incident to crane incident without anybody sitting down and
5:33 pm
cranes from falling from the sky. >> on whether the crane operator met their requirement for street and sidewalk protection in the crash, the buildings department spokesman says that is part of an ongoing investigation. a cornell university student accused of attempted rape will face a judge tomorrow. 21-year-old wolfgang balinger is accused of sexually assaulting a female student inside a fraternity house on campus. the fraternity president maintains his innocence. the university president has suspended the fraternity. a teenager with cerebral palsy is speaking out after he became the target of a brutal and senseless assault at a school in pennsylvania. take a look at this video. a student was actually recording this on friday, waiting as isaiah wooden was rounding a corner there. isaiah was kicked in the chest by another student and knocked
5:34 pm
posted this video online. it has now gone viral. only adding to the trauma that isaiah suffered. >> people really should consideration and thoughtfulness of how hurtful things are. >> it's like, wow. how could kids be that cruel? >> isaiah suffers from seizures. his mother says she's grateful that the kick to her son's chest didn't trigger a medical emergency. the school is now investigating that attack. a warning tonight for residents in bridgeport, connecticut after a woman was bitten by a raccoon that tested positive for rabies. this happened near a home in bridgeport. animal control says the raccoon tested positive for rabies. that raccoon was later euthanized. the victim is being treat would the rabies vaccine. a tv commercial for saving energy pulled off the air. why some called it sexist. and
5:35 pm
a leopard breaks in to a school and attacks. the dramatic scene as people tried to get it under control. >> a cruise ship battling storm. we'll talk to a local woman onboard about the wild ride as the ship returns to new jersey. >> speaking of new jersey, snow-free until now, first snowflakes near paterson, hackensack and union city as well. right now we have snow steadier over parts of connecticut and long island. this is where roads can get icy because we've had the most accumulation there. now we look to our next storm, swirling snow in to the midatlantic. will the heaviest snow stay south of us tomorrow? we'll check it out in the accuweather
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this is not look. this is from india. leopards caught on camera going on a rampage at a school. everybody survived this attack, but it's difficult to
5:38 pm
man who tried to invade to climb a fence just to get away from this animal. forest workers chased the big cat for 10 hours before they were able to shoot it with a tranquilizer dart. they released the leopard back in to the wild. today we're hearing from the boy who fell through the ice of a pennsylvania pond. 12-year-old colin orr is back home with his family. colin said he pulled himself out but jumped back in to help his friend who couldn't swim. >> wow, i'm going to die. it kind of felt like i was going to die at that point. do not ever ever go in to a pond that is frozen. otherwise you're going to probably regret it. >> rescuers used a wrap to bring the boys to safety. they were in the water for about 30 minutes and needed treatment for mild hypothermia. a university in canada has pulled an ad that was asking
5:39 pm
people called the ad sexist. >> ms. pinkham, nice sweater. >> hmm. the video was posted day. in it the female professor turns down the thermostat and puts on a sweater. that attracts the attention of the male student. it was produced by an independent third party last year. it's no longer being aired. actress gwyneth paltrow came face to face with the man accused of stalking her for 17 years. she testified the stalker sent her 66 messages between 2009 to 2015 that became increasingly more disturbing. many of them contained pornography, sex toys, and religious messages discussing paltrow's death. she said her sense of security has been shattered.
5:40 pm
the real housewife opens up about her financial situation. >> the white house takes action against the zika virus as new questions are raised. >> as you know, a blizzard heading east. the bus flipping, multiple injuries. critical. the storm hitting with the crucial new hampshire primary hours away. we're one-on-one with trump tonight and with rubio.
5:41 pm
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real housewife new jersey star theresa jido you see-- theresa giudice is speaking out.
5:44 pm
. it's not in foreclosure any longer, thank you, god. and restitution is paid off. >> you can watch the entire interview right here on channel 7 tomorrow morning at 7:00. the cdc putting out a stern warning today about the risk of the zika virus to americans. so serious that the obama administration has asked for $1.8 billion to fight this bug. meanwhile the u.s. olympic committee says reports that it is reconsidering whether to send athletes to brazil are inaccurate. >> reporter: the threat to americans is real. that's the guidance of the cdc when it comes to the zika virus. >> the virus has spread to a number of countries in the americans. it's also spread to u.s. territories including puerto rico, the u.s. virgin islands, and american samoa. >> reporter: the cdc and nih joining the white house today to ask congress for $1.8 billion to
5:45 pm
through mosquitos including a type common in the u.s. >> there's a lot that has to happen before spring and summer comes and mosquitos start spreading viruses. >> reporter: $1.4 million would be used to protect americans here. $400 million would by used throughout the world. many seem undeterred by the threat. >> the atmosphere is people want to have fun. and the stuff in the news is a separate thing really. >> reporter: a possible preview for august when rio will host the olympic games. some athletes are already saying zika won't change their plans. >> i don't care what kind of viruses come out. we're going to finish this. >> health officials reinforce the idea that for most people zika presents as a mild infection. but for pregnant women it can result in serious birth defects including microcephaly which is why they
5:46 pm
it comes to the united states. >> we're going to have to really get out those warm coats and everything for this week because it's going to be the coldest week of the winter. >> wait till we get to the end of the week. that's when it really hits hard. next 24 to 36 hours we try to track some snowfall. the more i look at things, around this time tomorrow in to early wednesday morning, i think the focus will be toward central and southern new jersey. meanwhile, empire state building has been changing colors all morning long for the chinese new year. 32. a few flurries around. i don't think we have anyculating snow as we go through the evening. might be a couple snow showers that form that could bring thick coating. some icy spots. i think it's fairly uneventful throughout the day tomorrow even though we could have a couple snow showers that make for a quick dusting in spots that make roads slippery. it's really tomorrow evening in to wednesday morning where the snow may have
5:47 pm
we have light snows from the island back to fairfield county, duchess, putnam, westchester. nothing particularly heavy. but a huge area and it's fairly unorganized right now but looks like it's going to consolidate and channel in to this area through the midatlantic and we'll be on the northern fringe of that, meaning parts of central and southern new jersey could get several inches of snow tomorrow night in to early wednesday morning. watching the futurecast, that should pull away. an encouraging looking futurecast. hopefully this trend continues where very little going on for the morning commute even though numbers are below freezing. chilly north, in the low 20s. evening what we'll see is the snow expanding again from the south and west. this might be a little over done to the north. i think the focus is going to be south and west of new york city. that would go through wednesday morning then a couple snow showers or flurries. i'd say between now and wednesday morning, 1 to 3 inches across the area with the higher amounts being over southern and central new jersey.
5:48 pm
monmouth and ocean, i wouldn't be shocked to see 4, 5-inch snow showers tomorrow. the period of snow wednesday morning and things quiet down. thursday. here comes the cold on saturday that will probably be our coldest because the wind is howling. you've got a little morning snow to usher in that air. then frigid winds make it feel like 10 during the day going down to 7 at night. we had a cold spell like that back in early january. sunday, 22. still staying in to the 20s in to early next week. we go through mid-february, the sun starts to get a little bit stronger. it's tougher to get this type of chill. hopefully this would be the coldest for the rest of the winter. >> our eyes immediately went to that 7. >> good number most of the time. not when it's the low. you know how toddlers like to climb over everything? it's
5:49 pm
too. check out bae-bae at the national zoo. after several attempt this morning he finally climbed the tree in his pen. how cute. and mom was keeping a watchful eye, then finally helped him climb back down. >> kind of like she's giving him a pat on the back. you can do it. there you are. i can just hear the pep talk there. >> that is way cute. still ahead, a nightmare at sea for cruise passengers. >> their massive ship hits some rough seas and we're talking rough. even damaging the ship. we'll hear from a local woman onboard now on the way back to new jersey. >> i'm liz cho. new at 6:00, an emotional day in court for officer peter liang on trial for the shooting death of akai gurley. liang took the stand and revealed why he had his gun out. >> we'll take you to the jersey
5:50 pm
more coastal flooding tonight during t in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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thousands of passengers onboard a cruise ship are heading back to new jersey after their dream vacation went sour. >> the royal caribbean ship caught in very rough weather. take a look at some of the damage it caused that left four people injured. >> reporter: these pictures show the damage to the giant cruise ship, overturned furniture, broken glass, and a collapsed ceiling. this video shows anything not batten down was tossed around. >> the amount that things were shifting around our room was a little frightening. >> reporter: passengers onboard the anthem of the seas described hurricane force winds and giant waves. one person said waves as high as deck 5. >> when we looked out the window, it looked like the height of our balcony, and we're on the 7th deck. i don't know how much of that was the height of the waves and how much of that was us tipped over. >> reporter: the captain says
5:53 pm
carolina coast was unexpected and confined all 4500-plus passengers to their cabins. their seven-night voyage had just begun on saturday in new jersey. their destination, the bahamas. the ship was just christened last april and is tied for the third largest cruise ship ever built but now the anthem is in need of serious repairs. late this afternoon i spoke to regular cruise goer lynn murray from new jersey. >> what was strange about this particular trip was they knew there was a storm coming. and said pretty much at the top of the first day that we were going to be trying to outrun it so i'm not sure that was the right call. >> reporter: on twitter royal caribbean acknowledged sunday was a tough day for passengers and offered an apology. the ship is now returning to new jersey and passengers will receive full refunds and a credit for a future cruise equal to 50% of the fare. >> lynn kind of brought up the question that a lot of people are asking tonight. why did that ship's captain head in to the bad weather?
5:54 pm
can remember what happened to the el faro, that giant containership that sank during hurricane joaquin last october. everybody is okay. there was some seasick folks on that ship. but they're all going to be back in wednesday morning. hillary clinton denies she's shaking up her presidential campaign staff. >> eyes news at 6:00 starts right now. >> a week of wintery weather begins with snow, heaviest on east of long island. lee goldberg says we're going to see more of both starting tonight. but first, a charter bus in
5:55 pm
casino in connecticut flips over on a snow covered i-95. good evening at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. 30 people hurt in the bus crash this afternoon and they were taken to the hospital. >> the bus which was chartered from a company in queens was headed to the mohegan sun casino. the accident happened on i-95 in madison, connecticut. >> eyewitness news reporter joe torres in madison with our lead story tonight. >> this could have been so much worse. 30, more than 30 of the passengers who were on that charter bus were taken here to the gymnasium at the madison town campus to get checked out. these were among the walking wounded. the red cross was waiting for them but a dozen of those passengers after they arrived here needed further medical treatment. they were rushed to a nearby hospital. this accident happened at 12:25 in the afternoon in the midst of a snowstorm that really hammered this part of connecticut. the bus driver lost control of the bus. it flipped over on the
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