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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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new jersey. passengers are not holding back over their nightmare at sea. >> exclusive video showing the suspect in a deadly stabbing spree at a hotel on stallion island. -- staten island. >> and leading to federal charges in the eric garner case? thank you for joining us. today is thursday, february 11th. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> good morning, everybody. happy thursday. this is a morning where you want to make sure you have all of your warm gear. 24 around oyster bay and brookhaven at 25. we're looking at 20s today. nothing above the freezing mark. it's going to be that kind of
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we won't get above freezing till next tuesday. it's going to be cold. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. happy thursday to you. >> happy thursday to you. we have happy thoughts for the f&the g trains. everything is running on or close to schedule. we have this accident right near flatbush avenue. that accident is in the process of being cleared away. then we have this issue you on route 37. we have only one lane squeezing by that spot at this point. western spur northbound is closed. up into the george washington bridge. you have to use the eastern spur as your alternate money we have street cleaning rules in effect for today. lori, over to you. 6:01, and today the nightmare will finally be for the remaining passengers
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ship now docked off bayonne, new jersey. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas returned to cape liberty last night marking the end of a vacation that was anything but relaxing. mallory hoff is live in bayonne. mallory? >> reporter: now these folks need a real vacation. you have to imagine how happy they are about getting up and out this morning. just in the last hour or so, buses, cars, taxies, vans have gathered in this area waiting for people who are going to be so ready to go home. the anthem of the seas cruise ship is safe at dock in bayonne. some say the captain deserves to be in jail for sailing them into a wild storm with hurricane force winds. the ship made it back home last night. people coming to shore cheered at their relesion. some even kissed the -- their release. some even kissed the ground. >> it was horrendous.
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at one point, i thought i wasn't going to see my family again. >> reporter: passenger videos show the horrible conditions for those on board as the world's third largest cruise ship was rocked by the storm with close to 6,000 people swirling in their cabins. >> we were on the third deck, so we kept on going underwater. >> that guy should be thrown in jail right now. thrown in jail. >> reporter: the royal caribbean cruise line says it's sorry for exposing passengers to such extreme weather. it's now reviewing its weather policies. at least one passenger was willing to sigh the captain may have gotten them into the storm, but -- >> i don't know. maybe it was a mistake. he was able to get us out. that's the most important part. >> reporter: just in the last few minutes, i spoke with a man who's waiting for his wife and family to get off of this ship. he said it has been an incredibly long week. in addition, passengers really want answers right now. they want to understand how
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begin with. live in bayonne, mallory hoff, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank youp. 6:04. new this morning, a manhattan woman is hit and killed while walking just ten minutes from her home. police say a flatbed truck ran into 63-year-old maria last night in washington heights. she was hit near 165th street and broadway just before 9:00. she died a short time later at the hospital. no charges against the driver of the flatbed. the manhunt continues this morning for the suspect accused in a murder/stabbing spree inside of the hotel. police are trying to facebook find michael sykes seen in this surveillance video. dray? >> reporter: eyewitnesses say it was a blood agree scene inside of the hotel room at the ramada inn where the stabbings took place. a mother and her three children
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madman with a knife. this is exclusive video, 23- year-old michael sykes. the video shows sykes casually walking through a diner yesterday morning around 7:30. an hour later, police say sykes stabbed his 26-year-old girlfriend, rebecca cutler, to death, along with two of her young children. a third child, a 2-year-old little girl survived and is listed in chrisical condition. police did recover a bloody knife at the scene. this ramada serves as a homeless shelter for families. >> we will offer security to them that they can have in their buildings through the department of homeless services. that will be available immediately at no charge. the hotels are private property, so the hotel management has to make the decision to accept security on their property. >> reporter: after the stabbing
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28 families that were staying at this ramada were relocated to a different place. meanwhile, we understand that michael psychs contacted a family member after the stabbings yesterday and told them what he did and threatened to kill himself. he was last seen on the satin island ferry. if you have any information on where michael sykes is, call 911 right away. live on staten island, dray clark, sac. new video this morning of a brooklyn man arrested on charges he beat, robbed, and raped a woman in the stair well of her bronx apartment building. raymond jenkins has several prior arrests. as he was led out of the bronx special victims unit last night, he shouted that he was innocent. it took place last friday night money
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getting the first look at the
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clinton have each had one each. democratic voters in nevada hold their caucuses honda. daniel trump takes his campaign to -- donald trump takes his campaign to louisiana. ben carson isn't giving up, despite a dismal finish in new hampshire. he's plan two campaign sops ahead of next week's republican primary. governor christie is waking up as a governor today, note a pros yell candidate. he announced on facebook that he is dropping out of the race. businesswoman carly fiorina is dropping out adds well. we're going to give you a shot from the roof this morning. our roof camera from our very fine high-tech knowological super studios as we look across central park and over to the east side.
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it is a cold thursday, folks. there have been flurries overnight. there's a coating of snow around. looking at our camera here at asbury park, 24 degrees. as we see the snow flurries going east out across long island, it's sweeping down and cross. 26 by 11:00. it's not going to get above freezing today or tomorrow or the weekend or monday. it will be tuesday before we see a temperature above the freezing mark. at the bus stop, kiddos, one in the green cap is the one with the free hot chocolate this morning. >> yes! >> that's very, very kind of you. >> well, you know itance the least i could do. >> you are the best. that's heather o'rourke.
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this shot is in wharton. traffic is barely observe. 80 eastbound side exit 37 jackknifed tractor-trailer. only one late is opened. we have subway service on or close to schedule. we have an accident on the belt east at flatbush avenue. we also have a problem as you travel onto the sawmill parkway and the deegan north. then there's an accident on the sawmill right here at executive boulevard. our street-cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori, over to you. it's a dark day for law enforcement in the line of fire. two deputies are deadp what led to the confrontation? >> and will el chapo's next
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time is 6:13. flags will be flown in maryland at half staff to honor two
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a man opened fire inside of a crowded restaurant yesterday killing a deputy. officers trailed the gunman to a nearby mall and killed him in a shoot-out. he had outstanding warrants in maryland up and down florida. the gunman who shot and killed robert f. kennedy nearly half a century ago has been denied parole for the 13th time. sirhan sirhan says he does not remember the assassination. kennedy was shot after a victory speech in los angeles. sirhan is now 71 years old and gets another parole hearing in five years. there's a chance that el chapo may be coming to brooklyn. according to the "new york times," joaquin gauzeman could be try -- guzman could be tried if mexico agrees to indict him. it's believed that his cartel was the largest supplier of
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number of years. mayor de blasio meets this morning with the leading clinical experts on the zika virus. they are dealing with athletes who are worried about competing in brazil. there is a link between the virus and birth defects in brazilian. u.s. soccer star hope solo says she may skip the rio games because of the virus outback. time to check that accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with meteorologist bill evans. bill? >> dress with everything you've got over the next few days, particularly this weekend when you are out and about. it is going to be dangerously cold. make sure the furnish sis
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make sure you have all of that checked out. they really will get a stress test this weekend. my friends out here this morning. let's take a look at what's happening with live pictures for you. humidity is 35%. west wind gusting up to 35 and the next five days, the 100- year-old record could be broken. 25 at the connecticut coast. the sound shore, you see, but the wind is the reel deal there will be waves of it today, and cold air coming in. as you see on our futurecast, temperature by afternoon is only 26, 29 degrees. the flow is out of the northwest with snow showers. you can see the temperatures dropping out of the teens with a lot of wind.
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the teens and single digits. there could be bursts of snow. after school today, kiddos it's cold so dress warmly in a lot of layers. it will still be windy this afternoon. your weekend shapes up like this. saturday snow showers with the arctic area and the then will break the 100-year-old weather and the first time we've had a zero record since 1994 with the temperature harn into night pouring in here with the windchills this weekend, 10 and 20 below saturday and saturday night. today, hey, it's hot. it feels like 5 to 15 degrees outside. tonight 7 in the suburbs. 16 around the five borrowings.
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we'll have, you know, a sunny day with the arctic front that comes in late in the day. that just pours on saturday, the high 20. valentine's day, 19 degrees. the low is 12. i don't know, i think for valentine's day, go to the grocery store and lie in the dairy case. [ laughter ] >> then you'll warm up. >> that's going to be tough. >> valentine's day, you go to the poken nows or a saw. >> over tore talk about our f, and you can expect at the time tray at, and we have a jackknifed tractor-trailer on 80 eastbound.
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they are closing down all lanes interknittantly. on the belt parkway east, and the deegan, you have an accident being leered first. that's where we call the mixing goal where the eastern and western spurs start splitting off. so you go to the eastern speak as the alternate. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. coming up, the big change at burger king will make a true new yorker feel right at home. also new video of intense flames drying a log cabin. one family just barely making it out alive. in today's tech bytes, tough times for twitter. >> it's having trouble tracking new users and having trouble
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shows you the most popular tweets first. if you don't like it. and taking another step toward the truly driverless car. seats? the driver. most of us never read software additions. you should. >> the folks at amazon snuck? a clause that would allow their lumberyard to be alwaysed in the event of a zombie apocalypse.
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6:23 on the money this morning. wall street began the day mostly even. the dow jones starts the day at 15,914. the nasdaq begin as the 4283.
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lower right now. >> overseas markets took another slide. japan's nikkei average losing yet another 2%. hong kong's hang seng losing. a hearing on salt warning labels. a spokesman for another chain restaurant coming on the heels of the lieutenant against the city accusing the board of health of overstepping its authority by requiring those labels. now you can have it your way on a hot dog, too. burger king is adding grilled dogs to its menu following a successful test run in five cities. the hot dogs are supposed to look and taste similar to ones you would cook on the outdoor barbecue. there will also be two varieties to choose from with all of the fixings and a chili cheese dog. >> i'd check that out.
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it is 6:25. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. it's sort of a public service. >> that's what we're all about, public service. we'll try those out for you and get back to you on that. we have a beautiful sunrise coming your way but a cold morning. we've had flurries all the way out to the eastern end of long island. temperatures 25 to 19 around sussex. we're looking at 24 in jamaica queens. i hear that's why it's going to feel so cold today, windshield in the single digits. weather, what have you got going on some. >> the traffic on route 80 is completely proceeden am. 80 east near 38 jack.
6:25 am
lexington avenue so expect uptown delays. long island railroad, new jersey transit doing just fine. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. ken, over to you. 6:26. a log cabin in virginia catches fire and goes up like a match book. the family was inside but they were able to get out before flames destroyed that home. the fire is so big, the flames could be seen for miles. firefighters could do little else but sit back as the structure collapsed. the cause of the fire is not clear this morning. closing in on 6:30. coming up, all new in our next half hour. bone crunching collision between two police cruisers in knowledge emergency, crashing just feet away from a gas pump. >> new developments never night. >> also, lamar odom is well
6:26 am
stop, right here in new york. >> bundle up.
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an urgent manhunt after a suspected murderer after a mother and children are stabbed to death. >> a verdict may be coming as soon as today in the manslaughter trial of a rookie new york city cop. good morning. i'm ken rosato. >> thanks for joining us. it is thursday, february 11th. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> we've got such cold winds coming out of the northwest and cold temperatures to start the cape, too. looking at the temperatures right now, 23 degrees, beautiful sunrise as we look across central park all the way to long island.
6:30 am
wind, though, at 29 miles per hour gusting up to. temperatures. there. 10 for the real feel. penguin. today, we'll have sunshine, but we'll have temperatures not today. it will be below freezing right through monday. we'll talk about that in a moment. heather's got an overturned tractor-trailer on route 80. >> traffic is barely moving on the eastbound side. it's route 30 and the jackknifed tractor-trailer. it's been with us all morning long. f trains track work at lexington and 63rd street. so you can expect uptown delays
6:31 am
you have an accident on the west side highway. it's actually a disabled vehicle, but we do have this crash on the deegan north 233rd street and the sawmill north executive boulevard, another accident is being clear add way. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. ken, over to you. authorities say a trim murder suspect is on the run and should be considered a danger to himself and others. police say he carried out a savage attack on a mom and three of her children. only one survivor, a 2-year- old. dray? >> reporter: police say the mother and her children suffered at the hands of a madman. eyewitnesses say it was a bloody scene. meanwhile, police are looking
6:32 am
who threatened to kill himself after the stabbing. >> she struggled and struggled. this is what happened. >> reporter: a family member talks about the life of rebecca cutler, the mother of three stabbed to death yesterday morning along with two of her young children. a third child, a 2-year-old little girl survived the stabbing and is expected to survive. police say her boyfriend, 23- year-old michael sykes, is the one who did it. now they are trying to fine him and get off the streets. castleton it her 2-year-old
6:33 am
baby the couple share. relatives say they found about the tragedy on the news. >> they're taking it real bad. especially my wife and her sisters, rebecca's sisters. they're taking it real hard. >> reporter: ples did recover a very bloody -- police did recover a very bloody knife. sykes called a family member, told them when he did, andp and now he's on the run. a possible end to the 40- day fbi siege of a wildlife refuge in oregon. the last four armed protesters in the compound say they will lay down their weapons and surrender to the fbi later this morning. one of the group's allies was arrested during the night. liven bundy was picked up at the airport on his way to the
6:34 am
new video this morning and a crash that sent two new jersey police officers to the hospital. it happened at a gas station fleer south livingston avenue and hobart road in, police thive ever officers suffered head and neck injuries but are expected to be okay. cruise ship passengers are back on dry land after being rocked by storms. the anthem of the sea turned violent. "eyewitness news" reporter mally hoff is now live in bayonne. >> reporter: the ship was originally supposed to get in today. it got in early at the request of so many last night but leaving a lot of passengers with no place to go.
6:35 am
actually on and what appears to be a dining area of this ship. a lot of passengers my eat breakfast before making their way off the ship. people coming ashore cheered their relief. the horrible conditions were on seas. it was rocked by 125 mile-per- hour winds, close to 6,000 people were left swirling in their cabins. the company says it has now made changes to storm avoidance policies. it is standing beside the ship's captain. the vast majority of passengers, though, is not. >> it's horrible. they are not paying to get us out, nothing! they are not giving us any reimbursements. all of these people who had to change their flights, you are on your own.
6:36 am
i got hit by something, it was probably the worst experience. i'm never going on a cruise again. >> reporter: the passengers will be reimbursed for this trip and another 50% off future cruises. a lot of them say that's not what they are looking for right now. they want answers and want to understand how this happened to begin with. mallory hoff, channel 7 "eyewitness news." it's 6:37. >> jurors asked to handle the gun used by officer peterson the night he shot in the darkened stair well in 2015. if convicted, she could face up to 15 years in prison. the justice department will go to court to prove eliminates allegations that police officers in ferguson, missouri engage in racial profiling and use excessive force. the city council rejected a do el that would have brought sweeping reforms to its police department.
6:37 am
after the police shooting death of michael brown in 2014. president obama's heading to the bay area to real in money for fellow democrats. the president has a busy schedule while on the west coast. then he's democratic senators. tonight, he'll make his what i to los angeles for several dnc events. 6:38, and you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. here's meteorologist bill evans forecast. >> yes, and we're looking at the bridge from the emergency emergency side into the beautiful sunrise. here's the camera that shows a cold day. pretty sunrise, cold temperatures.
6:38 am
parts of the area until. winds are out of here. 27 at 1:00, and only a high of 29 this afternoon. with the wind, it will feel like the teens in the city, single digits in the withest. cold at the bus stop kiddos. dress with everything you've got with the winter gear. even cover up your eyeballs. three out of four is not bad. the kid in the blue hat is marginal. >> oh, stop it. heather's looking at the commute. how's it going? >> this is a mess. this is route 80 and it's barely moving. if you commute through dover trying to get into the city this is what you are going to have to deal with. now, let's go over to our maps. i'll explain what's happening. it's route 800 where we have the jackknifed tractor-trailer.
6:39 am
a lot of alternate val. add. it's really going to be a rough ride for you. as you head out on the many. f trains, track work at lexington avenue, 63rd street. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. ken, over to you. 6:40. averse attack on a jewish man. surveillance video of a stabbing suspect as the against hate. >> you can take the tiger out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the tiger. an unusual and sad attack inside of a zoo exhibit. >> with the temperatures dipping to nearly zero degrees
6:40 am
the coast guard rescued more than three dozen people from a burning boat in the middle of the ocean. it happened 2,000 miles south of hawaii. this is the crew as it prepared to head out.
6:41 am
after the fire broke out. all are okay. police want your help finding a man who attacked a woman on a rush hour train. here is a sketch of the person detectives are looking for. the man kicked than spat on the woman monday morning on a northbound number 1. as he got off the train at 23rd street. that was after he yelled at other passengers. no other injuries were reported. a rally is planned after a string of recent stabbings in brooklyn. this is a surveillance image. one of the suspects police are looking for, a 25-year-old man was stabbed in the back and stood in full hasidic garb. the victim suffered a collapsed lung. he is expected to survive. "good morning america" is working a breaking story out west. robin roberts live in times square with details for us. listen up. >> reporter: thank you for that. yes, that breaking news in the
6:42 am
looks like it's finally coming to an end. the fbi is moving in. will the militants turn themselves in? we're live with the latest. >> also ahead, the race for the white house. bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off tonight. will hillary clinton try to change her strategy after tuesday's big loss? >> those cruise ship passengers are finally back on land. i know you've been talking about that nightmare they had at sea. they are safely back in jersey. we'll speak with some of those passengers live about that terrifying ordeal. >> they have a lot to say. >> yes. i wonder if they are still rocking a little bit. thankfully, nobody was seriously injured. >> mm-hmm. it is 6:45 and time for a check on the accuweather forecast.
6:43 am
>> i think you have to break out the face gator. you have to cover up everything. this is the not coldest. here is a look from our camera with a pretty sunrise today. it will be a beautiful looking day. humidity is dry, winds around 20 in the park. the pressure's rising. yesterday's high was 29. we would dream to have that, but the coldest is coming up this weekend where the real feels will be 10 and 20 below zero setting a 100-year-old record for cold being a possibility. hello, ladies. taking a look at temperatures.
6:44 am
because the winds have been around 15, gusts. 33 mile-per-hour wind. 30 down the 20s. so the real feel is 14 to 17. so a half hour to 40 minutes will catch you a frostbite. so sunday you'll get the affects of frostbite on exposed skin. there could be bursts of flurries today and then again on saturday with snow squalls with the cold air coming in. you can see in our futurecast, temperatures in the 20s and overnight back into the teens. tomorrow we get to have a snow shower around. the arctic front comes in tomorrow evening. that will give us some bursts of snow squalls on saturday. the quick bursts, sun comes out. 29 after schoolkid does.
6:45 am
22 the temperature drops like a rock down to 2 degrees. record. saturday. this weekend it's going to be feel. today, oh, nice. feel. dress warmly with lots of layers. 28 tonight as the arctic front comes in overnight tomorrow into saturday. that's when you really see the temperatures drop off. you'll want to snuggle with somebody on sunday on valentine's day because it will be cold. on sale at the coffee cart today, ken, lori, flame throwers. >> we need those. >> at reduced prices. >> get back in here, billy. >> i am. how's that commute look something. >> we still have it working at
6:46 am
so expect uptown delays. jet 37, jackknifed tractor- trailer. we have route 36. adds you head to the b request, e. the brooklyn train inboundth. going westbound right near 44, that is another collision being clear add way. then we have this problem on the deegan north with an accident. street cleaning rules are in effect for tuesday. ken, lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. the sacramento zoo is reviewing its breeding facilities after the tiger was killed by her new mating partner. within minutes, the male tiger became aggressive and attacked. baha had lived at the
6:47 am
still ahead, smoking or nonsmoking? an important legal decision coming for a new york city park. >> encouraging news i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture.
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collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at
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a new york state court is considering whether to overturn smoking restrictions at state parks. an advocate for smokers say officials exceeded the authority by implementing a smoking ban at state parks.
6:50 am
say the restrictions are in the interest of visitors who consider smoking a nuisance. a court of appeals is expected to make a decision on the outdoor smoking ban next month. 6:53. new this morning, former nba way back home. he was last seen last night boarding a private plane from california to new york. according to us weekly, odom plans to attend us weekly this this would be odom's first public appearance since being placed on life support in october. he was released from a los angeles hospital last month. it's 6:53. still ahead, stranded at sea. no more. in a few minutes, an alaska passenger aboard the royal caribbean cruise ship will disembark for the last time after their wild week on the water. >> and we're excited to announce the return of tgit
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6:54 am
happy that this vacation that wasn't has now come to an end. as you can see, the lights are on and folks are moving about that cruiseship right now. the ship made its way back last night. people coming ashore cheering the release. horrible conditions for those on board the anthem of the seas. it was rocked by 125 mile-per- hour winds, close to 6,000 people left swirling in their cabins. back out here live, we now know the passengers will, in fact, be reimbursed for this week at sea. they'll get 50% off their next cruise on this line. for so many of them, they said that's just not going to cut it. mallory hoff, channel 7 "eyewitness news." 23-year-old murder suspect michael sykes is still on the run. he's seen here in exclusive surveillance video just moments before police say he stabbed his girlfriend rebecca cutler
6:55 am
inside of a staten island hotel. cutler and two of her children, including sykes' own 4-month- old daughter died. cutler's oldest, a 2-year-old survived. sykes was last seen on the staten island ferry. there's been a major development in the development of eric garner's death. gardner died after being. the grand jury is in place as a result of the civil rights claim. look at that delay. if you are traveling 80 eastbound from western new jersey, that's what you are going to have to deal with. we'll head to our maps. it's route 80 east at exit 37. jackknifed tractor-trailer,
6:56 am
7 trains also signal problems at queensboro plaza. f trains track work at lexington avenue 63rd street. >> wow. >> the subways suddenly got very busy. >> so the cold had nothing to do with it? >> the cold will have a lot to do with it. everybody goes down below when it's this cold. we had a beautiful sunrise out there. 23 degrees right now, the 7:00 temperature. temperatures down another degree. let's just file it on, shall we? feels like 10 degrees around queens. 3 below up around monticello. it's going to be this cold, even colder as we get to the weekend. 29 the high today. it'll feel like the teens. 20 on saturday and then valentine's day 19 degrees. >> time to snuggle. >> yes. >> all right, thank you. that's the news for now. i'm ken rosato.
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