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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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has issued a code blue alert, getting the homeless off the street. >> and a little cold weather irony, the ice fest eventually for this weekend in central park was canceled because it's too cold. >> we have team coverage beginning with lee goldberg outside the studio on the upper west side. >> they canceled the winter jam because of the blizzard. unbelievable. it's really cold, but we're about 12 hours away in temperatures that will lit al rally take -- literally talk your breath away. everything has to be covered tomorrow. right now the temperature is down to 25, not too bad. the wind chill 16, but still above 0 which it will not be by morning. wind chill warnings for the northern suburbs, 20 to 30 below wind chills, wind chill advisories for much of the area. now we have some flurries now, not the arctic front just yet, it's actually a storm just off
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be into the evening hour, but the multiple lines of squall into the western part of new york state from buffalo to rochester. there's the front taking the 20s and putting it into the single digits. this evening temperatures hold where they are, the winds about 10 miles per hour, chilly, not brutal. snow showers at times. then toward dawn, snow squalls dangerous cold. 10 to 30 below felix temperature by tomorrow afternoon -- feels like temperature by tomorrow afternoon, and a 0 degree reading is possible. so we have to deal with snow, we'll time the worst wind chills, look at valentine's day, and then a storm early next week, so we'll have to iron that out. meanwhile, cold's coming just like that siren. back to you for now. >> okay, thank you.
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staying out in the cold for an extended period of time can be dangerous. one of the major concerns, frostbite. the colder the temperatures and stronger the wind the faster it can half. amy freeze has more on that. >> reporter: lee graver you the number, it's -- graver you the number, it's the two extremes, extremely low temperatures and high winds. that will get your attention, and not only will you be uncomfortable if caught off guard, but it can be actually harmful to you, so most people are taking all the advice and warnings, so there isn't any risk. are you ready for the cold? >> not really, i'm going to be staying home! >> this is very, very rare. >> reporter: the mayor giving the official cold weather warning. >> i need all new yorkers to understand to take all the appropriate precautions, you should take this weather very, very seriously.
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bitter blast comes on a weekend, but new yorkers knee what to do. what's the message to give people? >> watching the tv channel 7. see what's happening, the news of the day, then know you're nothing supposed to go out. >> reporter: if you have to go out, beware. the hospital is already seeing people overexposed. >> fingers, extremities, your feet, nose, ears. >> reporter: wind chill is a combo of the wind speed and air temperature, and that's why sensitive. cold air blows away the warmth itself. >> you might get pins and needles, and then numbness, you might see the skin become pale and whitish with no blood flow, and then numbness.
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hyperthermia are less seen in suburbs. >> i'm going to stay inside the entire day under my covers. >> reporter: with the weather that we have coming our way, frostbite can occur as little as 10 to 15 minute, and the most extreme conditions we're facing tomorrow is late saturday night into early sunday morning, and with frostbite at its worst your flesh can literally freeze, so pay attention to that, and don't take any chances. >> thank you, and jersey city has warming fevers, and if you -- centers, and we have a few tips for you if you have to leave the house. darla miles has more. >> reporter: well, a lot of people say they are not planning to go outside tomorrow at all, if they do they'll wear the heavy coats like today.
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snacks and plan to shut it down over the weekend until the weather is warmer. >> i put a snow suit on him today. it's very cold out here. >> reporter: so he's used to playing on the snow? >> yes. >> reporter: play clothes are no longer solely for recreational use for this 5- year-old. >> he has on the snow plants, a jacket underneath the coat, and his shirt and a thermal. >> reporter: how many layers on her today? >> like four. >> reporter: describe them. >> she has on an undershirt, a thermal shirt, a sweatshirt and coat. >> reporter: these moms seem to be on track with that pediatricians recommend. lots of layers and a warm hat. >> the rule of thumb usually for the kid, you need one more layer than you would use for yourself. >> reporter: is your hat keeping you warm? >> yes. >> reporter: are you cold or hot today?
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>> reporter: others in jersey city bundled up today too, bundling up to enjoy the last bit of sun. you came to get coffee, but came outside to face time your family? weather. it's such a beautiful place here, a beautiful spot. >> reporter: but what's better than layering up for some, is hibernating until the deep freeze is behind us. >> you won't sigh me until -- see me until monday morning when the temperature comes back up. it's too low! it's crazy to come out if you don't have to! >> reporter: but if you do have to come outside and take the kids out, pediatricians say make your you put a warm hat on them because that's where the heat escapes first, and how they catch a coat most easily, and have on groufs, they can get -- glove, they can get
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very easily. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and track the temperatures from wherever you are this weekend with the weather alert app, and we want to see how you're coping with the arctic blast. post photos on social media. now to a developing story in brooklyn, a 17-year-old paying a high price for a pair of air jordans. the teen allegedly met his victim to buy the sneakers, only to hold him up at gun point, but then ended up getting run over and losing an arm. >> reporter: let me first show you the smashed steel gate with the vehicle hit it. we've obtained exclusionive video, and video i can tell you it appears the driver of the suv appears to have
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the driver said he panicked, told it will police, and struck the seen severing his right arm, but in the video the suv drives a block down to the end of the block, makes a u-turn, and directly aims at the teen crashing into him as he was trying to get on a bus to free from here. he never made it on the bus, in fact ran two blocks home where he collapsed and was taken to a hospital. he's not in good condition. a gun was recovers at the scene -- recovered at the scene, and the driver hasn't yet been charged, but after seeing this video that may change. we'll show you that later in the newscast. thank you, a woman was killed while trying to cross the street on manhattan's west side. a truck turning from 37th street hit the 48-year-old scene. the truck driver of brooklyn to a pedestrian.
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anthem of the seas is preparing to embark for an eight-day cruise. we're told the ship has been repaired, but first the coast guard is inspecting it paying special attention to a new propeller. the left propeller failed in the storm, and needed to be replaced. they say everything is on track for an on time departure tomorrow [ laughter ] >> and we're not sure. i'll go ahead. take a look at this new time lapse video railing the ship in the middle of the storm. some passengers wonder why the ship sailed despite the storm. royal caribbean say it's strengthening the storm poll. two people survived a crash in suffolk county today.
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before the plane burst into flames. new york city unveiling new construction safety measures tonight to prevent deadly accidents like the one in tribeca. they'll also hire 100 new inspectors this will year. fines are now up to $10,000. deaths. this new policy ais a message of deterrence, and it's not acceptable to get violations and continue to overlook safety matters. >> the mayor added no building is worth a person's life. and still ahead, captured on camera, a man attacking a bus driver in brooklyn. there's very clear video being used to search for the suspect. and the bitter cold making things tougher for firefighters
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more than 24 hours later and fire continues to burn at an industrial park in new jersey. we showed you these flames about the same time last night. firefighters are still braving the bitter cold to get this stubborn fire under control. more. >> reporter: yes, looking over my shoulder you can barely see any of the smoke.
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inside them to keep the fire raging and firefighters busy trying to keep it under control. one full day, 24 hours after a raging fire, destroying a half million square feet of warehouses, two buildings burning nonstop, and in deep freeze conditions. how difficult was it to monitor and battle the blaze overnight with the cold and wind? >> it's terrible. the wind, the cold, the freezing, we have to rotate our people a lot more awful. >> reporter: is site the an often -- often. >> reporter: the site is an old military base leased to people that use it for storage. the firefighters kept the blaze buildings, a monumental task. >> one of the problem social security we don't have good water pressure due to the age of the buildings, so you see the tanker operations going on, bringing the water in, so on
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commodity, the stuff burning inside and infrastructure issues, put all that together, it makes it a very difficult battle. >> reporter: with mutual age they have 150 firefighters working the rotation around the clock, and smoke billowing for hours. >> >. we had the epa on site doing air quality monitoring, there's no imminent public health threat at this point, but continue to monitor and will do so throughout the weekend. >> reporter: they're asking every to avoid the smoke, but there are no major air quality concerns, but it could be days before the fire is completely out, and no idea yet how it started. >> not at this point, right now the team is assembling with the local prosecutors office and atf, once that's under control we can move in on that. >> reporter: now two firefighters out on the scene suffered some minor injury, but they will be okay, and late
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area is okay without the fierce winds kicking up the flames and smoke. toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you, laid back, and all the devices out, where's the front now? >> i was just looking at environment can carcinoma defense attorney because the front is in -- canada because the front is in canada right now, and it's pretty wild there. i mean, you know -- >> you do it with a smile? >> no other way to do it. i just have to tell you to be prepared. if you're sleeping in tomorrow morning you'll hear the wind whipping around, and it's a biting cutting wind coming in tomorrow, something we haven't really seen all winter long. 25 degrees. the southwest wasn't at 8 miles per hour right now, but it will be at 40 to 45 tomorrow, and the high today in the middle 20s, lower than the average lows.
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maybe a few flurry, could be a couple of slick spots, but later tonight maybe a dusting to an inch in spots. sunset at 5:26. jamaica at 25 right now, most of us hovering in the low to mid-20s, and staying there throughout the evening hours until the cold front arrives tonight. staying above 0 until the pre- dawn hour, then it changes. if you dress tonight for a cold winter night you're fine, but tomorrow morning, 16, winds gusting over 30, snow squalls and gusting to 40 by midday t harsh and dangerous after that. wind chills dip to around 0 to maybe 10 south and east, to 10 to 15 below north and west, and then tank during the day. sub-zero all day long, 25 below wind chills to the north and
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night into saturday morning is when the -- sunday morning is when we have the lowest wind chills, close to 30 below, and easing of the winds sunday afternoon, the wind chills actually go above 0. the flurries over the hudson valley right now, ideal a couple. there's -- just a couple. there's a storm off the carolinas, that sweeps offshore, the western edge of the showers could brush up, and some interaction between that and the arctic front approaching toronto right there. snow squalls in buffalo and rochester, so we'll be tracking this all night long around daybreak or just before it's coming in. futurecast here, we're sort of in between the two systems overnight with just flurry, and looks like there's some competition between the front and offshore storm, i don't think the lines are as organized. broken snow showers, and maybe some he havier. even -- heavier.
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get the powerful cold wind with us all day long. a lot of layers through the weekend, a lot of hats, scarfs, blankets. know the signs of frostbite. stay indoor, and pets limited outdoor exposure. frigid with flurries, later squall tonight, increasing wind. brutally cold tomorrow. 19 and dropping from the morning, down to 2, tying a record low from 1916, but it feels like 20 below tomorrow night. and then here's what we're working on for 5:30. snow for the monday evening compute, but 50 and flooding rains by tuesday afternoon? what a rapid recovery that would be. that's in the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. back to you for now. okay, thank you. well, a historic meeting in cuba 1,000 years in the making.
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meeting with a russian matriarch. -- matriarch. it's a major treatment in a long division in christianity. the two signed a joint declaration on religious unity, but some say the pope is being used by russia, eager to assert it on the world stage. and the republicans candidates for president for pounding the pavement -- are pounding the pavement, all but one in south carolina before the next debate. they're holding events all around the state, but donald trump is visiting louisiana and florida and taking a jab at ted cruz, saying he may file a lawsuit over his eligibility to run because he was born in canada. and the democrats working hard, bill clinton in ohio today stumping for his wife, trying to attract the minority voter.
5:21 pm
half of the democratic vote could come from african americans. the last four armed hold outs from occupy the national wild life refuge in oregon will go before a judge today. the three men and one woman were taken into custody without any shots fired after a 41-day stand off. fbi officials say they haven't found any rigged explosives or traps at the site. the armed occupiers wanted the government to turn over public land to local control. and still ahead eyewitness news, could a zika czar spearhead efforts to fight the virus. >> and new information on a woman's body found near a
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new york senator chuck schumer is county jailing for the federal -- calling for the federal government to appoint a zika czar to help prevent the spread of the aof the virus, and says it will help prevent the panic that occurred with
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says any treatment for the vaccine is at least a year and a half away. police in arizona trying to figure out the motive behind a deadly shooting at a high school. two girls were shot. a gun was found. police don't know if it was a murder suicide or double suicide. the relationship between the teens is still unclear. a run away fuel van slided with a -- collided with a plane at logan airport. no passengers were hurt. one of them says he felt the plane shake and looked out the window and saw people chasing the van. welcome relief on wall street after stocks reversed a costly course day, regaining ground it lost earlier in the trading week. the price of us oil is a major source of concern the record invoice -- for investors.
5:26 pm
a barrel toll lift stocks. the dow rose 313 points. the nasdaq 17 points. still ahead, pummeled while on the job. coming up fists the furry, the search for the passenger that unloaded on a bus driver. and factory blasts, two workers severely injured in an explosion. and her disappearance touched off the search for a
5:27 pm
we continue to follow a developing story in brooklyn where a suspected robbery ended up with a teenager getting run over. >> and we have exclusive video
5:28 pm
may find it hard to watch, so we want to warn you. >> reporter: i'm going to show you the video we promised to show earlier in the newscast showing the teen the moment he was crashed into by the suv. the teen is in surgery recovering right now with a severed right arm, but the video does show the suv speeding up directing right at him before crashing into the steel fence there. now, we'll take it back now to where it all started. if you go to the beginning of this, they met on the street. you can see the teen getting into the vehicle. minutes later that teen exits the vehicle, this is after he allegedly robbed that man at gun point of the sneakers he was supposed to buy off craigslist. a plastic bag in his hand, he tries to walk across the street. the suv then tries to cut him off. then you can see that car going
5:29 pm
the block, making a u-turn, directly speeding up, and crashing right into him into the steel gate. now that suv tried to cut off that teenager as he was trying to get on the mta bus to get out of here. he never made it on the bus, but if you take a directly at the teen. the teen in bad condition with a receiverred right arm. the police -- severed right arm. the police found a gun at the scene, and the driver said he pan ached, but -- panicked but looking at the video we're not so sure. >> wow, disturbing video. now at 5:00, a vicious attack on a bus driver is caught an camera. >> the driver not pummeled -- got pummeled by an angry passenger last month, and police are releasing the video in hopes of catching the attacker. >> josh has new details. >> reporter: it happened right
5:30 pm
we'll show thank you video right now that's really hard to watch. you can see the suspect in this video released by the nypd just pummeling the driver right over the driver's cage that's supposed to protect him or her from attack on the part of a suspect. that man then ran off the bus, taunted the driver seemingly at least through the door and ran offer. it happened just after dark a couple of weeks ago on january 29th here in the east flat bush section of brooklyn. police releasing this video late this afternoon in hopes you might recognize the suspect. they call him a person of interest in the assault on a bus driver. the injuries to the driver were not serious, but it's a serious case, and police are hoping to get to the bottom of that. if you recognize the man in the video the nypd hopes to hear from you. thanks josh.
5:31 pm
of sexually abusing two girls at a school in long island. he was arrested thursday. police say he assaulted two students in port washington last month. he faces forcible touching and sexual abuse charges. the new york city medical examiner has confirmed remains found in a park in hollis queens are human. a parks department employee found the bones and the skull inside a garbage bag at the park yesterday afternoon. the bag was next to a tree. neighbors say they workers screaming after making the tabrizly discovery. -- the grizzly discovery. -- grisly discovery. and tonight we're hearing from the woman that's a victim of another apparent random slashing attack. the 20-year-old slashed across the pace in the bronx -- face in the bronx early this morning. she said a man tried to grab her cell phone. she fell to the ground where he
5:32 pm
she had to get three layers of stitches to close the gash in her cheek. the mother of the one of the killers in the columbine school shooting is opening up for her first tv interview. her son and his friend opened fire inside the school in april of 1999, killing 12 students and a teacher. >> it's very hard to live with the fact that someone you loved and raised has brutally killed people in such a horrific way. i think we like to believe our love and our understanding is protective, and that if anything were wrong with my kids i would know, but i didn't know. >> you can hear more from sue kleebold on a special edition of 20/20 at 10:00 o'clock
5:33 pm
as we prepare for a weekend of bitter cold and wicked wind chills, lee has a quick look at the forecast. >> it's just a, you know, cold friday night in february right now, and right now temperatures in the 20s, but what we're watching is right up here in canada right now, that's the arctic cold front, and with it snow showers, and progressing to the south and east, the challenge to time the snow showers, and let you know how low temperatures go. dangerous chill in the morning coming in, and then the recovery and a storm early next week, that's all coming up in the seven-day forecast. also critical mistake, the misdiagnosis that may have cost
5:34 pm
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[ male announcer ] one year after you quit smoking your risk of heart disease is cut in half. but right now...'re a heart attack waiting to happen. every cigarette makes you sick. [ siren wailing ] two workers were severely hurt after an explosion as a fire extinguisher factory. they were filling up a tank this morning when it suddenly
5:36 pm
marcus solis is there with more. >> reporter: both victims losing legs in that explosion, it all happened so quickly that despite the injury, when first responders arrived, the victims were conscious and alert. >> i just heard the house shake and windows rattle and boom. >> reporter: it was sudden and loud and nearly needily, an -- deadly, an explosion that rocked a small business and surrounding neighborhood. about 9:30 something went wrong at the fire and safety equipment shop. two men filling a tank when it responded, and the force resulted in instant amputation, one lost a leg, the other both legs. >> they were conscious and alert, talking to them, going through the medical paces to stop the bleeding, and transimportanted them. >> reporter: the victims, a 23- year-old and 35-year-old were air lifted to the hospital. the town supervisor credits the fast emergency response,
5:37 pm
who had recently received paramedic training. >> they were able to use some of the equipment, tourniquets and things like that for them. we had just done this training to basic live save lives. >> reporter: they sell fire investigation systems. the -- suppression systems. state investigators are trying to determine the exact cause of the explosion. >> no fire, just a tank exploded upon filling it up. >> it's tragedy on so many different levels, and my thoughts are with those guys and their two families at this time. >> reporter: both men listed in stable condition at west chester medical center, and the cause of the explosion still remains under investigation. live, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. new information in a hit and
5:38 pm
police say the suspect has now turned himself over to police. video showed the chaotic moments after the accident on february 2nd. police say a white truck that hit the kids in a crosswalk stopped momentarily, then drove off. 26-year-old christopher cortico is in jail. the children were not badly hurt. new 59:00 o'clock, a family suing a local hospital over a grandmother's deck. she went to the -- death. she went to the hospital after experiencing a pain so severe she couldn't speak. her husband said she had symptoms of meningitis, but claims hospital staff was convinced she was on synthetic marijuana, and even tied her up. >> i've known her for 23 years, and something was not right. >> reporter: she went into cardiac arrest and died. a spokesperson for the office of the chief medical examiner says the cause and manner of
5:39 pm
the hospital has not provided eyewitness news with a comment. a bittersweet story on this valentine's day weekend. an 8-year-old cancer patient that found true love in the last months of his life died. the 8-year-old passed away in virginia this week after battling and beating cancer three times. he made headlines after he found the love of his life in november. this is a class mate he met in his second grade art class. the first date, bowling, they went so well -- it went so well, that david forgot he was in pain. cold kisses and romantic wishes, coming up, how the heart of manhattan is ready for valentine's day. >> reporter: i'm lauren
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times square showing a little valentine's day love. a dozen hearts are put up, the ten foot high mirrored structures are meant to reflect the lights and energy of times square, and also create a very cozy enclosure, and you can, i imagine, get some cool selfies there. the installation is designed by a group of new york and boston architect that is won a competition hosted by the times square alliance. okay, i just know that i don't want to be in times square, but 2 degrees wind chill, i want to be inside. >> yes, the winds 45 to 50 miles per hour tomorrow, so about 12 hours away is when it really hits. >> >. the count down is on. >> and outside, the camera starting to bounce a little as the winds pick up out of the southwest, but it's so tame right now compared to what we'll experience tomorrow morning. the numbers through the evening hours flat line in the middle 20s. some clouds around, the wind
5:43 pm
hearing about the severe chill, but friday night, if you're dressed properly, a lot of layers, you're fine. tomorrow you don't want to get exposed or go out too often. there's a snow squall in there that could drop a dusting of snow, and then a whipping wind and temperatures drop through the teens and single digits. we have a couple of flurries, but the air is very dry right now so it's not likely reaching the ground. there's a system we're missing to the south, and there's the front we're looking at. the front just is good through buffalo right now. they have heavy snow, 30-mile an hour winds, 20 feels like 3, and that's the front arrived just prior to daybreak. i don't think that the line is as solid as it is there, but there's the observation right there. so watch our weather. 20s this evening. we fall into the teens by morning. it takes until between 5:00 and
5:44 pm
snow squalls start to pop up. reduce some visibilities, temperatures start to tank after that. drop through the teen through the day despite the sunshine, by tomorrow night into the single digits if not below 0, and make a run at the record low of 2 on valentine's day morning, and mid-teens in the afternoon hours. these will be the lowest wind chills saturday night into sunday morning, 10 to 20 below widespread, and then 20 to 25 below in the northern suburbs, so your seven-day forecast looks like this. so for tomorrow, just keeps rules apply -- common sense rules apply here. make sure the heating thanks are full, drip the faucets, and disconnect all of garden hoses left on because of the warm start to winter. we go into valentine's day, and this would be the coldest
5:45 pm
that 2 on sunday morning. 17 degrees. hours. my concern on monday is that a storm is approaching, and it's still cold enough for light snow for the evening community, maybe a light accumulation monday, and then warmer air is coming and suddenly we have a soaking rain tuesday. we're back from 2 on sunday morning, and because the ground will be rock hard we'll have potential flooding, and then things take a little break. >> we'll need it. thank you. neighborhood eats time, you know that music. a trip to ecuador, that would be nice right now. >> sounds good. warm there. >> and that's the kind of food we're going for this week in neighborhood eats. >> without taking up flight, we're serving up a taste of ecuador with a did a. lauren glassberg has more. >> the place we're headed to
5:46 pm
it opened a little more than two years ago on 10th avenue in hells kitchen. >> i thought am i really going to get the real taste of ecuador? and 100 percent. >> reporter: it means big brother in ecuador, and that's how the owner comes across. >> he makes you feel like this is your home, and also the food is great. >> we cook a lot with peanuts, believe it or not, with fruit, a lot of seafood, fish, shrimp. >> reporter: so shrimp stew with peanuts is something you'll find. also goat and trip tripe in peanut sauce, fritters, a corn and cheesecake steamed in a corn husk, and this. >> it's the most authentic dish, especially because it's cooked with a fruit that grows in ecuador. >> reporter: it tastes like a
5:47 pm
it's added to chicken saw tied and served with rice and sweet plantains. >> it's like a piece of home. >> when it's crowded we turn this into a community table and people get to know each other. >> it's absolutely delicious, and makes you feel like home. >> reporter: he worked in finance before opening the restaurant two years ago, and he's thrilled he did. >> >. that's why we're in business to serve people, and when you build relationships outside of the restaurant, it's the most rewarding part. >> and of course the recipe for the dish is at our website. the restaurant is open every day, and really they will warm it up, like you're on the equator. >> i wish i was there right now. it's really good. >> lentil soup for you.
5:48 pm
>> i know! >> so good. >> i understand what it's like without neighborhood eats. >> >. without you and neighborhood eats! >> okay, thanks. well, some other news tonight. new clues in a mysterious death on long island. >> coming up, an independent autopsy cleated on the woman -- completed on the woman who's body was found near a serial killer's dumping ground. and i'm liz cho, coming up at 6:00, a frightening attack. >> he slashinged my face -- slashed my face, which you can see here, and then pushed me to the ground and then kicked me. >> a college student the victim of a random slashing, and tonight the search for her attacker. >> and we talk to a juror about
5:49 pm
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we continue to follow breaking news. the bus service between jamaica
5:52 pm
spended -- suspended because of a problem between tunnels because of a broken down train. now to an independent autopsy shedding light on a mysterious deathen long island. >> shannon gilbert disappeared in 2010 near a beach that was later found to be a dumping ground for ten other bodies. stacey sager is on the beach where her body was found. >> reporter: the commissioner issued yet another statement on this latest autopsy report, he says it's just not all that different from the first one, that is not definitive, but here's what the autopsy does say, it says gilbert didn't die of drug, drowning, or natural causes, it was suggests she was strangled. >> and i don't even know what to say because i'm so angry. >> reporter: the frustration of
5:53 pm
unanswered questions about how shannon gilbert died and whether or not her death is connected to the so called gilgo beach murders, but talk to her family and attorney, and one thing is clear. >> we have been very unhappy with the behavior of the suffolk county police department. >> reporter: they want the police to take notice of a new autopsy voluntarily performed by the former chief medical examiner of new york city. his report interprets facility which you ares in her -- fractures in her neck as being consistent with homicide strangulation. >> it's time for the police department to do the job they failed to do. >> reporter: it was back in may of 2010 that gilbert, a 20-year- old prostitute disappeared after running from the home of a client. her remains were found in a nearby marshy area almost 20 months later, with no evidence
5:54 pm
questionable condition of the bones in her neck, and it was the search for her remains that eventually led to the discovery of at least ten others along a 15-mile stretch of ocean parkway. ten victims police believe are connected to one or more serial killers, but not gilbert. do you think it's part of killings? connected. >> reporter: the new police commissioner today insisted they're doing everything they can to solve the homicides, and they'll look at this latest autopsy report, but he also restates the reason foul play was ruled out in gilbert's case. an autopsy was completed their medical examiner, he say, and the cause of her death was undetermined. now that has never been enough for the family of shannon gilbert, and they say this new
5:55 pm
strangulation means that the police need to investigate this will further. it's believed at least four of the victims in the so-called beach murders died from strangulation. stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. still ahead. the nwpd taking fast action of one of -- after one of its officers is convict offed manslaughter. >> two cops are fired. the news starts now. channel 7 eyewitness news with bill ritter and liz cho. rob powers with sports and lee goldberg with the exclusive forecast. now eyewitness news at 6:00. >> he slashed my face which you can see here, and then push med to the ground and -- pushed me to the ground and kicked me. >> another slashing in new york city, this time the victim a college student.
5:56 pm
for her attacker. also tonight: >> put your finger on the trigger, you're ready to shoot. >> he's the only african american on the jury that convicted a police officer of manslaughter. tonight he's speaking publicly. plus exclusive video showing how a suspected robbery came to end to brooklyn. awe teen suspect run over -- a teen suspect run over and had his arm amputated, and now the driver is being questioned by detectives. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. more on those stories and the brutal wealth coming up in a moment, but first breaking news. big delays on the evening commute. both the lirr and the new jersey transit. >> it's quite a mess. the helicopter is over the jamaica station. >> reporter: the big problem here right now the emergency track repairs likely due to the brutally cold weathered.
5:57 pm
take a look at video from inside penn station showing frustrated commuters that really just want to go home this friday evening and tart their weekend. the emergency track repairs are going on in one of the hudson river tunnel, and causing the delays going on for new jersey transit and amtrak trains leaving and arriving from penn station. long island railroad is also effected by the delays and cancellations because trains are down to using three tracks instead of the normal four. bus service will cross monday bus tickets and rail passes during this time, and really to put it bluntly said he wished he'd left work a little earlier to avoid the nightmare you just saw in the video. live in penn station, carolina leid, eyewitness news. >> what a mess out there. now to the dangerously cold weekend ahead. >> yeah, outside right now, temperatures are in the mid- 20s.
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