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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning it is 6:00 four people are hurt when flames destroyed several homes in brooklyn, dozens of firefighters battle the flames through the night. building inspectors now working to figure out if the homes will have to be torn down. firefighters also battling below freezing temperatures, good news is the mercury is rising but snow is on the way. and a conservative voice lost on the supreme court, the battle of washington over who will replace antonin scalia. and president's day, you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic bill evans and the accuweather forecast. here is a look from our roof camera, we might see sunshine brightening of the skies lights are on, the temperature, 16 degrees, the temperature rising now and that's not as harsh as it was
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zero in central park, 2 below in caramel, zero, and four below monticello. it is cold, a cold start to the day, temperatures will get better, we have a winter weather advisory except for right at the jersey shore that means snow and an inch, two, three inch could give us slippery roads and sidewalk that will start after lunchtime, temperature 18, 26 by noontime, 34 this afternoon with that snow slippering up the roads and sidewalks a cold heavy rain later on tonight we'll talk you through that and your accuweather forecast. it is weather than heather, do every a favorite president? i don't know if i should answer that question. >> it is me. president bill evans. and over turned vehicle two lanes are closed off as a result we have this problem here on the bell park way, i don't know what this is here. you can see this delay on the
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turned vehicle being taken care of. we're also taking a look at subway status, running on a saturday schedule for today, you have new jersey transit trains on a weekend major holiday schedule. long island railroad metro north on a saturday schedule. staten island, and path trains on saturday schedule. we still have this problem in princeton, 206 and mountain avenue, all lanes are closed suspended. over to you. 6:02. a new video of a brutal battle for fdny crews, and freezen conditions over night. and making the clean up from this fire even harder eyewitness news reporter live with this story. it is not just the icy conditions the fire took a tole on these two homes, we can zoom
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the damage to these homes two building now so unsound that fire investigators can't get into they will they are waiting to take a look so they could get in there and figure out how this started as for the cold we spoke to a deputy chief with the fdny, it didn't affect much of the fire fighting at all used to working in these sorts of conditions broke out on diamond street in greenpoint, four people suffered minor injuries again according to the deputy chief the cold really had no affect on the firefighters they did just fine used to working in these types of conditions. the cold is always a challenge but didn't cause any problems fighting the fire, wasn't an impediment just uncomfortable. i was so told, so eventually i came in here i was
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you can see some of the ice left on the roadway here on diamond street because of all the water they had to use to fight this fire so we did see some salt trucks here that's to aide all the apparatus they are going to have to get on the street to continue with their investigation as for the people displaced most people are staying with friends the red cross is helping some people we are live in greenpoint. channel 7 five firefighters were hurt while tackling a fire, flames broke out around about 100 firefighters responded right through the front windows. now on to the nationwide remembrances for antonin scalia. they are flying half staff, over night a plane carrying his
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plans are finalized in washington, a battle over who will replace the conservative figure on the high court. megan hughes is joining us live. good morning justice scalia's, again today, while here in washington, we wait. >> just as antonin scalia's body transported to virginia after his final vacation, a quail hunting trip was cut short the legal giant died in his sleep. he was a man who went to sleep just didn't wake up. the political fall out less than peaceful. confirming his death senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said this vacancy should not be president.
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to nominate a successor. >> they have reasons to fight to who gets the nomination how it should shift the balance. which without scalia is split four and four. this will be critical for some decisions coming down the pipe. >> that includes decisions regarding abortion, affirmative action and immigration and that adds a new dimension to this year's presidential race. >> it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. republicans backing up mcconnell on saturday night's debate. ted cruz vowing to filibuster is necessary. >> we should not allow a lame duck president to capture the supreme court in the months of
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two name mentioned, both
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we have new video, heading to prison, began serving a 19 month sentence today for bribery and obstruction of justice hour -- he released a video message denying the charges and appealed to remember his efforts to bring peace to the region. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. let's take a look outside, this is our camera in astoria. we're looking at a cold morning temperatures are in the teens the single digits to below zero north and west, our temperature is 16 degrees in the park, colder to the north, snow showers to our south. they really get in here later on after lunchtime, the snow you see around west virginia,
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in d.c. awhile this morning. that will continue to move after lunchtime but it is a cold start to your day you have to get going this morning and dress warmly. 1, 2:00 the snow starts really gets south, north by 3:00, in the hudson river valley lasts through the evening hours in the first part of tonight later tonight it is going to change over to rain. we have heavy rain flooding rain for tomorrow we'll talk about that next. weather than heather the birthday girl how is it going out there? the belt park way is an absolute mess you can see that huge delay from jfk airport and this accident is causing this delay on the belt park way going westbound, over turned vehicle, subways on a saturday schedule we also have changes with new jersey transit, a holiday schedule for long island railroad, staten island
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have the ferries with schedule changes saturday schedule for path trains this accident in princeton, 206 at mountain avenue an accident lanes closed down in both directions then we have this problem in neptune, 35 both ways, street cleaning rules are suspended ken and lori over to you. it is 6:10 a scare at the airport the bomb sad called in inside. and authorities in new york with a laser strike. could be the biggest sign yet that this year really is leo's year at the oscars. coming up. and just arriving over a big parking lot fire in the union port section of the bronx take a look at this we'll get
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and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. [text message alert] [crashing] [sirens] . we have breaking news the news copter 7 just arrived over the scene of a massive fire engolfing an apartment building.
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reported after 5:30 this morning we're at 12:16, they initially reported having problems getting water to the fire, since then it has spread through all three floors we could see near the rear door obviously all the focus on these huge flames, there were firefighters up there a few minutes ago, working to cut holes to vent fires out. you have these huge flames through the roof of the building just a little bit of water onto this, wondering if water is still not a problem the good news no reports of injuries quite yet, this is a second alarm fire and obviously not under control. we are live over the bronx, channel 7 eyewitness news. federal investigators are
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device, when workers at avis were checking a car that was returnedded, had to get called in to check that device, flights did not get affected. they happenedded it over to federal investigators. bill evans outside the cold studios on the upper west side. you want to dress warmly with everything you got it is very -- it is not much wind here, sheltered in with the east wind. the real feels are in the teens and single digits a cold start on this president's day. here is a live look from our cameras, we're looking at 16 degrees, dry humidity east wind at 5 and pressure falling, and the strong arctic high over the weekend we have changes coming, and 15, 16 degrees around the 5
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north and west, 6 to minus 4, and east wind today, to the southeast wind. really kind of knocks the temperature down a couple degrees, 7, 6 towards brooklyn and queens looking at 4 below in monticello, winter weather advisory in affect, snow later today, not a lot of snow, enough to nuisance up the travel conditions with folks coming back or traveling around president's day this evening and tonight. of course the commute for some but will be this snow coming up from the south. you see the temperatures to the north. the snow gets here this afternoon winds around 25, 26 degrees we'll be looking at that changing to rain tonight around 6:00, 7:00 tonight. by 9:00, 10:00.
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over night get into the 50s heavy rain mid-50s flooding rains tomorrow afternoon as far as snow goes, we'll be looking at about a coating to an inch around the city a little less eastern long island area north and west, above i-287, around 84. look at the rainfall by tomorrow afternoon some spots an inch and a half, 2 inches of rain so cloudy skies and cold, 34 this afternoon, snow tonight 7, 8:00 changing over to rain temperatures rise over night 40s to start the day tomorrow a few showers heavier rain. high of 55. your seven day forecast, looking at 45 and cloudy skies we'll be up to 53 and 50 sunday into monday. dress warm allow yourself extra
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driving around a little for slippery sidewalks and the rain is going to wash it away later on tonight. we have issues on the belt park way heather. westbound side, this is an over turned vehicle, two lanes are closed down, starting before the van wyck expressway, this is right in front of jfk, this is going to be an issue to pick somebody up. look at this delay actually starting to ease out. this may mean that it just got cleared away because i see traffic moving a lot better than it was earlier, we'll hopefully have that cleared away i will keep you posted. subways on a saturday schedule. new jersey transit trains saturday schedule for metro north sunday schedule for staten island the ferries have some changes and street cleaning rules suspended
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no arrests in a laser strike aboard a new york bound jet the flight was a few minutes into its flight to jfk when somebody shined a laser into the cockpit, they say the pilot was calm when he made the announcement when the flight will turn back. >> copilot had a laser in the eye we need to return for medical assistance because we can't make the flight. they called the flight diverse just a precautionary measure. the co-pilot's condition is not released. state of emergency find out which u.s. state is taking drastic steps to stop the spread of zika. with snow and rain on the way, be sure to stay ahead of the winter weather by downloading the accuweather alert app. search abc 7ny on the google play or app store. retailers cut prices for the apple watch.
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. this morning, world markets
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economic stimlouse package, up 7%. hong kong gained 3%. and a three day weekend, rose 2% friday. the dow will open tomorrow at 15,923. and another award show, captured the best film that last night in london. leonardo dicaprio, and the director won for their respective roles and best actress went for room, she could not attend the ceremony. find out if the 88th academy awards on abc. our oscar coverage, is right here on channel 7. never more than 7 minutes
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we have a cold morning, good morning everyone. we have skies that will cloudy, good visibility from our camera here in brooklyn. snow off to our south this area of snow keeps creeping northward here today. that's going to get here by the time we get to noon, 1:00, 2 below in monticello, 9, 16 around the park you see the wind chills the real feels single digits, zero. later on today, temperatures that are going to be warming into the upper 20s, that's when the snow is going to start then this afternoon we'll get that snow into the afternoon hours into the evening commute and if you are traveling back from president's day, slippery roadways and sidewalks. and flooding and heavy rains tomorrow. how is it going out there. the belt park way, we have an over turned vehicle, check out the belt it looks normal if you are going to jfk picking
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a problem anymore. subways on a saturday schedule princeton. 206 is closed both ways at mountain avenue because of an ongoing accident we have our trains new jersey transit trains, holiday schedule for lirr metro north saturday, over to you. closing in on 6:30 we're staying on top of breaking news in the bronx. we learned this fire grown to 3 alarms you can see the black smoke in union port. we have a crew headed to the scene, news copper 7 live over head. stay with us. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price...
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. . this is breaking news, from channel 7 eyewitness news. breaking news is in the bronx a massive fire destroying an apartment building and businesses below grown to three alarms. john? it looks like this fire is in the three story building as you said commercial buildings business on the first floor and
6:30 am
first reported shortly after 5:30 this morning here 12:16 olmste with ellis avenue. the initial reports we got was that they had some water problems when they got here water supplyproblems at the scene the fire grew to a second alarm we saw heavy fire big flames through the roof within the last few minutes it has been elevated to a third alarm. still we seeactivity on the first second and third floors of the building. there is a lot of activity. let me show you off on the right side of your screen, that is the cross bronx expressway, all that fire department activity on the surface road, you can certainly look for local delays near west chester avenue. channel 7 eyewitness news.
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it is 6:30 good morning. thanks for starting your morning with us, you are never more than 7 minutes away. sun is coming up we've got cloudy skies. sunshine before we get to all cloudy skies with snow coming your way 16 degrees a cold morning temperatures of 16, 14, 9 degrees around and a winter weather advisory in affect until midnight tonight for the entire area expect right at the jersey shore before this, the snow that is coming up from the south gets here after lunchtime, from the lower left hand part of the radar screen, looking at heavy rain coming in later this evening. 27 by noon, snow starts around 1:00, goes through 6:00, changes over to rain around 7:00, 8:00. that could make for slippery travel this evening. weather and traffic every 7
6:32 am
thankfully it is a pretty quiet commute we have subways on a saturday schedule and transit trains on a weekend major holiday schedule. long island railroad for metro north sunday schedule, ferries have schedule changes. we had this problem on the belt park way, over turned vehicle, got that cleared away residual delays as you go through. all lanes are closed down in both directions here is a look at the helix as you come off the new jersey turnpike. a very quiet ride street cleaning rules are suspended, over to you. new video from twitter showing a fast moving fire in brooklyn more than 140 firefighters battling the flames if greenpoint crews are still on the scene. our eyewitness news reporter
6:33 am
forced from their homes. not a good night for a lot of these people around 10:30, thankfully most of them now staying with friends we can zoom in down diamond street. and that's because they want to continue with their investigation, the issue is two of the buildings are structurally unsound they cannot get inside, four people suffered minor injuries. around 10:30 in one of these homes on diamond street in green point on the top floor of the home the cause of the fire is still unclear but quickly spread to two neighboring apartment buildings people were evacuated because there was some fear that the fire would spread. >> the top floor was on fire. and turned into a bunch of smoke i thought for sure it was almost done but i was worried
6:34 am
went back for the cat. by the time it came out, they backup. >> four people suffered minor injuries they are expected to be just fine, as for the people displaced most people staying with friends but some getting help through the red cross. live in green point. channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. senior residents in flushing queens didn't have any heat at all for most of the weekend after the boiler went out saturday. boiled water to heat up their apartment and bundle up because of calls to the housing authority that went unanswered. saying the boiler problems are nothing new. >> fix it during the week, and not here for us to get in tough with them, it is ice cold. shortly news arrived workers showed up saying a thousand of the boilers are in need of
6:35 am
6:34, off duty detective frank fernandez was killed after crashing his suv into a fire truck. this happened near palmer and sunny brooke roads. 45-year-old had been with the police department for 15 years. the crash is under investigation. a triple murder suspect michael sykes due back in court, being held without bail after pleading not guilty during his arraignment yesterday. charged in the stabs death of his girlfriend rebecca cutler and two daughters including the four month old they shared a third child survived and remains in critical but stable condition in the hospital. 6:35 police investigating elliot spitzer after an alleged assault inside the plaza hotel. they were at that hotel last night after a 25-year-old woman
6:36 am
choking her. the alleged assault happened saturday night, the woman decided not to press chargesful spitzer resigned after a scandal in 2008. the body of supreme court justice antone scalia arrived as preparations start for his funeral. it was determined he died of natural causes, officials say there were no signs of foul play and also no autopsy was ordered. good morning america will have much more on the political battle brewing to fill the vacancy on the supreme court ahead at 7 a.m. 6:36 pope francis will celebrate mass at a soccer stadium. he celebrated mass with hundreds of thousands of people in mexico city. he urged those gathered to make mexico a land of opportunity later in the day the pope
6:37 am
where he met with sick kids and thanked the staff for their work. . >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. let's take a look outside, we have a pretty sun rise, we'll have a nice start to the day it is a cold start to the day we'll see sunshine and clouds, and then the wheels come off the weather wagon, partly cloudy skies, to cloudy skies temperatures 16 degrees looking at snow showers to our south coming south, north get here after lunchtime today and we'll be here through the evening hours into the first part of tonight. by 8:00, 18, 20 by 10. noontime, 26. the snow starts noon, 1:00 goes until 7:00, 8:00. changes to ice and rain into the city. we'll have a cold rainy evening. the temperatures will be rising up to 55 with heavy flooding
6:38 am
weather and heather every 7 minutes. susan b anthony day, singles awareness day. there you go. it is a busy day today. >> here is the bridge you can see traffic heading to staten island into brooklyn. no major problems, we'll head right over to our maps and we have an issue with the e and the r trains, mechanic problems, four trains we had an issue at nevin. and on a saturday schedule. >> major holiday schedule. on the holiday schedule you have a saturday schedule for metro north for staten island rail way. the ferries there are schedule changes but running you have this path train on a saturday schedule. and that earlier over turned vehicle has been cleared away street cleaning rules, metered
6:39 am
thank you very much. 6:38 another raging fire over seas turning a festival into a nightmare. a deadly chain reaction crash in pennsylvania, we learned several of the victims are from our area. one u.s. governor declaring a state of new jersey in response to the zika virus. a massive fire fighting response to this area in the bronx, we alerted this breaking news, eyewitness news reporter
6:40 am
6:41 am
. we have an update, dozens of firefighters on the scene of a three alarm fire that destroyed an apartment building. we have over the seen, john. this came in around 5:30, got here and the initial reports that they were having problems getting water on to the fire itself, within an hour this exploded into a second alarm. we can show you. heavy flames through the first second and third floors, the
6:42 am
grew to a third alarm, the firefighters battling the blaze from the inside out. the good news is we have no injuries to report. at this point the heavy flames have been knocked down the intersection where the fire is at. now with fire department activities, third alarm, a lot of quilt here at the scene, less than a block away from the cross bronx expressway, you can see local delays along the cross bronx on the expressway, the side roads east of west chester avenue will be clogged with fire department activity. we have learned the identities of the people killed in a pile up in central pennsylvania two of the victims from our area, 50-year-old and they were killed in a crash while involving more than 60 vehicles, 57-year-old man from tennessee was also killed
6:43 am
snow hit the area causing whiteout conditions 70 people were treated at near by hospitals. developing right now fire engulfs the stage, focusing on bringing foreign investment into the country. no one was killed, they ripped through the stage and video shows the fire dancers performed in front of officials. india's prime minister would you say hoping the event could bring in billions of dollars in the economic initiatives. hawaii declare add state of emergency as a preventative measure for illnesses such as the zika vieious, they are with a fever outbreak, hawaii does not have any recorded cases of
6:44 am
that the mosquitoes also carry this. it is 6:45. good morning america is coming up and george george. and there is a fierce battle in washington the longest serving justice, justice scalia leaves the court in a four to four balance. a member of the judiciary committee will join us live. a woman arrested down south, how she did it, two brothers trainedded her to be part of the team we'll have the latest on that and that abc news exclusive the mother of one of the shooters in the columbine high school massacre 17 years later showing the signs she may
6:45 am
it is 6:45 time to get a check of your forecast. bill evans on the upper west side. grab your coat, scarves, gloves, hat. take a look outside, across long island sound in high definition. that is an old sailor adage. red sky in the morning sailor take warning, the storm is on the way. when the sun rays are passing over. that's what we have right now. thank you, high definition. this morning we have a pretty sun rise in east rutheford, winds out of the east, yesterday's low temperature 1 below, that broke a 100 year
6:46 am
normal high is 42. 9, 10 degrees, wind out here out of the east, 6, 7 miles per hour. 50 degrees temperature, feels like 5 or 6 or 7 degrees you see around the 5 buroughs. we don't have a harsh wind but wind out there. we have a winter weather advisory snow showers this evening, that snow off to our south kind of moving southwest northeast, creeping up the rain that is there starts creeping in tonight. the temperatures will begin warming up. and getting in, rain is from the city, southward around 7:00, 7:00 pushing northward covering up the entire area, maybe roadways like i-80, 84, merit park way could be slippery. look at tomorrow afternoon very heavy soaking flooding rains in the afternoon starting at 3:00 tomorrow.
6:47 am
temperatures are warm, the warm air comes from the upper atmosphere drops down to the surface we'll get the warming tonight in the middle layer of the atmosphere, you see tomorrow afternoon temperatures are in the mid-50s. that will wash away all the snow kind of clean things out and the temperatures will remain in the mid-40s. looking at a coating to an inch in the city, west north 1 to 3. look at the rainfall amounts as we get through tomorrow afternoon. sun spots 2 inches of rain. 34 today when the snow is starting getting in this tonight. snow tonight changes over to ice and rain temperatures rise over night tomorrow we have showers in the morning a little break on heavy rain, could create some flooding. then you see on wednesday, 45, 41 on thursday and 42 friday.
6:48 am
and not looking bad at all. looking pretty good. watch out for slippery roads and sidewalks. thank you, bill. over to heather with another look at the commute. and the 56th street you can see downtown changes all of our subways on a saturday schedule. new jersey transit trains long i rand railroad, metro north on a saturday schedule. staten island rail way the ferries have schedule changes and path way. and over turned vehicle turned away and 206 at mountain avenue. all lanes are closed, let's show you how pretty the sun rise in on the l.i.e. the road looks just as pretty. street cleaning rules are suspended.
6:49 am
new york is going to the dogs for the westminster dog shows, hounds and toy dogs will be judged this morning this year marks the 140th westminster dog show, event starts with an australians shepherd winning the agility challenge. >> a drug bust for nearly a billion dollars, where they found the drugs.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
. new this morning investigators in australia make one of the largest drug busts in history. the massive bust, $1 billion worth of liquid meth known as ice was found inside gel bra inserts ships from hong kong. amazing fantasy number 15 goes up for auction thursday, it is the marvel comic that introduced the world to "spider- man" in 1962. water spent $1,200 when he bought it as part of a collection in 1979. experts think it could bring in $400,000. look at that.
6:53 am
nice payoff. when we come back bill will have another update on the snow headed our way.
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. we're seeing significant progress, the three alarm fire that destroyed an apartment building in the bronx. over the scene in union park. most of the flames have
6:56 am
it is a three story building, working at some fire that still exists up in the ceiling. this was first reported at the intersection of olmsted avenue and ellis avenue. grew to a second alarm assignment. heavy fire up through the roof of this building, huge flames took about 30 minutes to get that knocked down, grew to a third alarm fire as firefighters arrived, life pictures, most of the flames have been extinguishedded at this point there are no injuries to report there is a lot of equipment. across the cross bronx expressway, so far, not affected we are live over the bronx, channel 7 eyewitness news. to a developing story in brooklyn, two buildings are unstable another destroyed
6:57 am
for that reason that fire investigators are still waiting to get inside those buildings down there because they can't get into they will yet they are waiting for the department of buildings to come in and see if they can get inside those buildings to continue. four people suffered minor injuried. with 10:30 when the fire broke out on diamond street. the fire quickly spread to two neighboring homes people were quickly evacuated, the fire chief told me it had no affect on them. the men and women are used to working in these conditions as for those displaced many people staying with friends. the red cross is assisting some people. we are live in green point. kristin thorne. let's talk about mass transit and we have some changes subway status at 56th street. downtown changes on a saturday
6:58 am
it is a weekend major holiday schedule. saturday for metro north, also have a sunday schedule for staten island, and two and the three subways. all right. thank you heather. dress warmly it is cold and we have snow on the way as our camera roof camera cross the park, 17 degrees. we have this winter weather advisory that is in affect for this the snow that is to our south and then you could see it goes to ice and rain the further south and west. that's what we'll have today. and east coast to connecticuit, down the jersey shore a little to nothing on the eastern and long island, pretty quick but we could have 1 to 3 inches of snow north and west. that gets going after lunchtime. we have a cold rain tonight, heavy rain tomorrow could be flooding possible. thank you. we have more local news
6:59 am
in 25 minutes in the meantime good morning america is up good morning, america. a battle brewing over the supreme court. the race to replace justice scalia is on. republicans fighting to keep president obama at bay. >> it's called delay, delay. >> promising to block any nominee. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say we're not going to give up the supreme court. the president stands firm. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities. >> as we learn new details about justice scalia's final hours as millions honor his legacy. storm warning. winter weather moving in. deadly crashes. massive pile yups a dramatic rescue of dozens stuck in a tram


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