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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the work they can do. >> first, an accuweather alert. it's going to be a messy drive and you'll need to take your umbrella. and good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> dozens of schools had delayed starts because of the weather. >> and a travel advisory has been issued for the five borrows, mayor bill de blasio warning all new yorkers to be careful and give yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go. >> the status of trains at grand central. >> and a start with bill evans and your accuweather forecast. >> west 66th street and clonal bus avenue, we have slushy streets and sidewalks. and we have that to start your day. warm temperatures, 48 degrees. the other part of this is the
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now on up to the north. in sussex county. you see it's in north. this is reduced visibilities in spots like morristown and monticello with the .3 visibility. that's coming and going this morning with a southeast wind. we're seeing a flood advisory, suffolk county. the rain coming by midday is around west virginia and northern, north carolina, that comes to us starting around 11:00. heavy rain at that time could create flooding. wind gusts could be from 45 to 60 miles 60 miles per hour. weather has been a problem this morning for some trouble spots around and looks like the roads and the rails are getting better. >> they are a little bit. you want to give yourself extra time if you are driving around. the grand central terminal, the lower level has been reopened.
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running on or close to schedule. route 4 a east at the george washington bridge, we have that accident being cleared. all lanes are subject to closure and a bunch of problems on 78 east. an accident in the express lanes, so the express lanes are closed. 78 west of exit 48, you have another accident. 24 east at exit 8, that accident is also being cleared away. we do have our street cleaning rules back in effect for today. as i said, that lower level of grand central terminal has been reopened. dre clark has been on the scene all morning long and here he is to give us an update. good morning. >> a big sigh of relief for commuters who were worried yesterday's power outage may affect their morning commute today. the mta did a great job in getting the power fully restored at grand central terminal. warned customers there was a possibility of delays of up to 20 to 30 minutes. so far, so good.
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this is the first train arriving at 5:40 this morning. customers had no problem coming in. they were concerned whether or not their commute would be delayed because of the power outage. let's go back in time. it was yesterday morning at around 9:30 when grand central terminal went completely dark. also more than 100 businesses here at the terminal lost power as well. what happened was, a 6-inch pipe burst causing 18 inches of water to flood a vault that houses electrical equipment that pretty much powers much of the so, all night long, crews were working on that particular area and their goal was to get everything up and running before the morning rush kicked into high gear. they met that deadline and certainly customers very happy to hear that is not going to be a concern this morning. >> i had confidence in them, in the railroad.
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problem with the roads this morning, driving to the train station, but train was on time. everything was good. >> so that lower level, we tried to get down there to take a look. that doesn't open until 7:00 this morning. what we were assured everything is okay. so again, overnight, mta, power crews working all night long to get the power back on, fully operational at grand central terminal. they were able to do that. as for delays, so anything can happen. right now, the boards inside are showing everything running on time. we're live this morning, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, dre, thank you. if your commute takes you to the roads today, you'll need to be prepared for tricky travel as well. the quick burst of snow has turned to ice and it will be melting faster later today. eyewitness news reporter is live now in terrytown with more for us, good morning, mal mallory.
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of school delays and some cancellations today, but there will also be a number of people who are making their way back to work after the long weekend. i do want to take you down here for a minute and show you what's going on in this area. what you have here is a layer of rain on top of a layer of ice. watch this break up on top of a layer of slush. it really can create some major potential problems on the roadway. you can see cars are actually making their way along this morning. things are fine for the most part, but there are certainly some trouble spots out there. last night, crews were out prepping the roads, salt work. it was a very similar scene in northern westchester county. our experience driving here this morning was that the roads are very wet. some spots better than others. ings extra caution certainly advised and after speaking with a out here earlier today, he said look, things are for the most part fine, but then you
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and you can start slipping very, very quickly. if you are heading out, certainly use caution and take it slow. live in westchester county, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, mallory, thank you. with icy conditions outside and major rain coming later today. be sure to down load the accutrack weather map and a link to see the complete list of school delays. just search abc7ny on the app store. >> a deadly shooting we first told you about. two men were shot, one killed outside a home on east 56th street in east flatbush. the man who died has been identified as 33-year-old, gary walker. police say he was shot in the head. another person was shot in the back and he is recovering at the hospital. >> it's really sad, you know. i hate to know something like this happened on my block. i hope you never happen again. >> we've had shootings a few
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first time i'm aware something happened right here. >> the victims were in a dispute with three other men prior to the shooting. no arrests have been made. in the bronx, frightening video showing a man waving a gun wildly on the sidewalk before being shot by police. the gunman is shown walking, at one point he appears to point the gun at a delivery van driver. witnesses flagged down an officer who responded with guns drawn. two officers actually. the suspect was shot in the shoulder and is expected to survive. overnight, we received this new image. the suspects name has not been released. sources tell eyewitness news admitted to being on drugs. >> democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton, is in manhattan to meet with reverend al sharpton. the meeting will take place at the headquarters. among the others, brooks, president of the naacp, also
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notoriety for his work on the trayvon martin case. in harlem. >> donald trump and ted cruz host dualing rallies today in south carolina ahead of the state's republican primary on saturday. trump is threatening legal action to challenge cruz's eligibility. four of the white house, that is, unless cruz stops what trump considers false ads. trump has questioned whether cruz meets the requirement of being a natural born citizen since he was born in canada. >> from a man who knows a thing or two about being president. former president george w. bush joined his younger brother at a charleston. although he didn't mention trump by name, from president bush, said that the country needs a leader with humility. >> time is 6:09. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill
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>> you need your rain gear, umbrella, all that stuff today. as we have slushy streets and sidewalks. we have visibilities that are poor due to fog because of the warm air. that is in place. as we look across 66th street, west 66th street, columbus avenue, lincoln center, wet streets, slushy streets and roadways. 48 degrees, way warm for this hour of the day. the rain coming our way is down to the south he's in western virginia, northern north carolina and keep surging into the d.c. area in the next few minutes. we'll get here by the time we get to 11:00. cloudy skies, some fog and drizzle. light rain, but the heaviest rain starts around 11:00. the winds pick up. the wind will be out of the south and the southeast at 5, 40 miles an hour. maybe some gusts to 60 at the coast. that's going to be a big problem, and the rain ends at 6:00. we could have flooded streets
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damage around and it gets much better. the weather will be great, and route 4 is a mess. heather can tell you more about that. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. >> this is the eastbound side. here's the westbound side, can you see that truck right over here blocking some lanes? route 4 between jones road and the george washington bridge, you have two separate accidents being cleared away. the eastbound one had a fuel spill. that was a debris spill. then we have a couple crashes here. as you go to 24 east at exit 8. you have that accident, and then 78 eastbound from exit 48 to 49. that's past route 24. that's an accident in the express lanes. he was telling me the conditions are horrible out there. visibility really low. grand central terminal, the lower level has been reopened. metro north is expecting a normal rush hour. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori, over to you.
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we are following a developing story in brooklyn where one man was killed in a restaurant. the dispute that ended in murder. >> caught on camera, the same storms heading our way,. >> music's biggest night, moving tributes to legend to loss and the biggest
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6:14. welcome back. an officer's dash cam captures strong images of a tornado touching down. leaving widespread damage. several homes, cars, and boats were left mangled. officials shut down roads because of downed power lines. damage include injuries and expect it to be available today. >> now to a developing story overseas. ten people detained terror raids. the suspects have links to the islamic state. a judge will decide whether anyone being detained will face charges. investigators say the raids are not connected to last year's
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>> the u.s. ban egos is back in paris to finish a concert that was interrupted by the paris attacks. the lead singer spoke about his new stance on gun laws. >> i think the only way my mind has been changed. everybody has to have them, because i don't want to see anything like this happen again and i want everyone to have the best chance to live and i saw people die that maybe could have lived. i don't know. but i wish i knew for sure if they could have had a better chance. >> a total of 130 wore killed in the paris attacks last november. that concert is set to take place tonight at the theater. the scene of that massacre last year. >> how horrible that must have been for all the people there. 6:15 is their time. it's time to check the forecast. >> let's check with bill. >> it certainly feels a lot different today.
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it's 20 degrees warmer. much of the snow is gone here. a little bit of slush. we've been looking at 48 degrees. high humidity. our camera bouncing around. gusting to 18. yesterday's high was 33. that was a mean one, but now we're looking at 50 at tom's river and 53 at wrights town. that's the warm air surging up. to 47 at white plains. you see it's 32. and some of our visibilities are reduced in spots. it's been coming and going. and morristown for the visibility. there's some flooding issues eastern suffolk county, that could be the time of high tide. our rain that is coming is down to our south. and that's around virginia and down around maryland, d.c., that's where that will get to around 10:00 this morning. we see the rain starting around 11:00 noon, and the temperature gets into the mid 50s.
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degrees warmer, 25 degrees warmer than normal. and looking at 53, 55 with the rain heaviest around 4:00, and then that gets out of the way. no school this week because of winter break. we see that's a good thing. with the buses, which they could be flooding on streets and highways today with this runoff. so, you know, we were talking about a shower for saturday morning. that looks to miss us. we're looking at clouds saturday morning. 53 on saturday. that's how your weekend is shaping up. heavy rain today, grab your rain gear, you'll need the raincoat and you'll need it starting around 11:00 today. tonight, we're around 35, cloudy and breezy and tomorrow a nice day. clouds and sunshine. a beautiful sunset coming up. your accuweather seven-day forecast, a little cooler to end the week and we warm into the 50s as we get to saturday and sunday. looking at 53 on saturday and 50 on sunday. and a shot at some rain on monday.
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westminster kennel club show, i have for you today, he is here with us, the big one, the big winner yesterday. >> that's your cue. we tried this in rehearsal. good morning. show me some love. that's my boy. max's birthday is tomorrow. it's his birthday. everybody's birthday is this weekend. you max is going to be 8 years old. >> oh wow. >> he still has lots of love. he is awesome. he's going to westminster. he's mcing one of the shows. >> show them how it's really done. >> he's all ready to go. >> that's my boy. >> all right, thank you very much. all right, heather. so max and i have that aquarium connection, i love it. the lower level has been
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long island railroad doing just fine. this accident on 78 eastbound side, so it's just east of 24. in the express lanes. possibly involved the bus. we have six injuries, so you need to keep it slow. 24 east at exit 8. that's an accident in summit. john, who is usually a news copter7. he said the conditions are terrible. you need to take it slowly. route 4 both ways between jones road and the george washington bridge. we have an accident in both directions. two separate accidents being taken care of. exit 40. another accident right here jericoh cleared. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 6:19 and severe weather forcing a flight to change course. still ahead, where the passengers will be headed today. >> also, an ambitious plan to
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on the money this morning, wall street opens a short in trading week in green. the dow jones starts at 15, 973. hire. >> futures are higher as well thanks -- hong kong jumped 1%. >> and this morning we're learning more about the cost of laguardia airport. port authority is replacing the facility central terminal building. better known as terminal b. the agency estimates the project at about 3.5 billion. according to wall street journal. the cost is expected to be more than $4 billion. the project is set to be finished by the end of 2021. >> a half a billion between friends. it is 6:23. it should be nice. really nice. and well needed. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic.
6:23 am
your accuweather forecast. >> how about we take a look from the beach. see our camera bouncing around. it's coming right up the beach, right to us, right here in the five burros, right up through northern jersey, bringing in warm air. the rain we're talking about is down to our south. that will keep coming northward. temperatures are warm now. 42, warming up monticello is showing 41 degrees. warm air surging up from the south and the southeast. look at these humidities. 80 and 90 percent. push you right on up really quick. so, be very careful. here's that southerly wind. 28-mile per hour winds on long island. this will go higher later on today. be careful. we're talking about weather and traffic every seven minutes. she has something going on. >> been out there for awhile. and we have dre clark heading
6:24 am
from exit 48, route 24 getting into exit 49. all the express lanes are involved. six injuries involved in this. 24 east at exit 8. you have that accident being cleared away. this entire area here, you want to avoid that route 4 both ways. two separate accidents. street cleaning rules are in effect. ken, over to you. what a night for music in l. a. taylor swift opened the grammys with out of the woods only to capture the top prize for album of the year. best pop vocal album, and a video award for mad blood. >> and it was a breakout night for kendrick lamar. he scored five grammys and a
6:25 am
more intense and provocative performances of night. highlighting the black lives matters movement. dancers dressed in prison uniforms while a fire burned behind him on stage and then a backdrop with a map of africa and the california city, compton, written on it. >> lady gaga took the stage, always looking to push the boundaries. a powerful cover of bowie's famous space oddity. >> and the night was full of technical difficulties. adele's microphone cut out, the microphone on the piano fell on to the strings causing the music to drowned out her vocals. 27-year-old singer took it in stride, posting to twitter that the show that she treated herself to a west coast favorite, the in and out burger. so maybe it was worth it, she wrote. >> good morning america will have a full recap of music's
6:26 am
report from los angeles coming up after eyewitness news. >> we have breaking news and more on that accident on interstate 78. a multivehicle crash. that may also involve a school bus and we have a crew headed to the scene now. we'll bring you the latest as we learn more. >> plus, new information on the zika outbreak. is one solution to the problem making it worse? >> watch out for fog and ice this morning and then rain.
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now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news this morning. >> accuweather alert. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. old man winter is throwing us another curve ball. turning to ice overnight. today, we are dealing with fog and rain. >> take a look at what it looked like driving in on route 3. patches of black ice, chunks of snow flying off of car tops
6:29 am
you can check out the delays on >> powerful storms bringing drain sping rain to the tristate. >> but first up, breaking news that could have a major impact on your commute. we have a big accident right now. several vehicles, possibly including a bus crashed in the eastbound lanes at mile mere, 48. icy roads may have triggered the wreck and we have an eyewitness news crew on the way to the scene. >> and now to the accuweather forecast. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> we have a southerly wind coming up. slush from overnight, all of this is a big mess this morning. here's our view from the camera. the winds coming right to you. right at you out of the south. continues to come toward us. as that wind comes up the board walk, right up the beach this morning. well, we're seeing what will be temperatures warming up. we're at 48 degrees right now. a cloudy sky, a southerly wind
6:30 am
the last spot where we see those temperatures are in the 30s are just off to the north. that you see up the hudson river valley. and that spot right there, it's in the valley in the hudson river valley. and 48 around nor walk to 48 around islip. some visibilities are poor here this morning. it's a .3 visibility in central jersey and up toward monticello. coastal flood advisory until 8:00 around the high tide and that's going to be because of the southeast wind coming up. the rain, we'll show you that on the radar is down to the south. virginia, north carolina, that comes to us later on today. by noontime and temperatures in the mid 50s. weather and traffic every seven minutes. now she has her hands full. >> we have our subway status here. mechanical problems at canal street downtown. express only. 14th street to chambers street. to 78. this accident eastbound side,
6:31 am
it's an accident in the express lanes. we hear there is a school bus that may be involved in that. three of the injured people have been taken to the hospital. everybody else is being treated at the scene. 24 east at exit 8. an accident, drake clark is on his way to get more details for us. route 4 between the george washington bridge. accidents in both directions. we can show you that mess if you normally go to the george washington bridge, it certainly is a big accident. we have our street cleaning rules in effect for today. ken, over to you. >> 6:33. we have new video showing just how treacherous the conditions are. this is the scene in harrison. a car crashed climbing up part of a wall. the best advice, you have to take it easy. eyewitness reporter is live in westchester county, mallory. >> you absolutely need to take it easy.
6:32 am
quickly, leaving streets wet and slippery. cars are making their way along here and for the most part, things are fine. there are rough spots and they come up quickly. last night's weather made for icy conditions on in harrison, a driver lost control, a pickup truck traveled up to a wall. it happened around midnight. the driver did make it out and is expected to be okay. the accident happened on grove street. while it's unclear what caused the time. a large tree branch came down. you can see it there. it happened at the corner of crotan road. about 300 customers lost power for a few hours. power has since been restored in westchester county. and one man told me that the roads, well, they are a bit of an obstacle.
6:33 am
slide downhills. >> and a lot of schools this morning have opted to do a delayed start. other schools are canceled. a lot of folks will be making their way out back to work. if you are hitting the roads, take it easy. mallory, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you very much, mallory. staying in westchester county, a 16-inch water main break caused delays. it happened last night on cedar street. the roads flooded and a foot of water shutting down service. that said, most of the city does have the water back on, but crews are working around the clock to repair the break, which could be weather related. now to a double story, the power problems have forth gnatly now been solved. take a look at the video, the first metro ride -- the
6:34 am
hours working hard to restore the power after that power was knocked out following a water main break that flooded a transformer. >> a man is dead after getting into an argument with a woman who works at his sister's restaurant. police say that the woman stabbed 41-year-old yang several times in front of the restaurant on 8th avenue and sunset park. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the woman is in custody. >> the trial begins this week for the former new jersey woman accused of killing her young son more than two decades ago. jury selection is set for tomorrow. timothy. he disappeared in 1991. his body was found a year later. the judge meets with to resolve outstanding issues. stabbing and killing his girlfriend and two of her
6:35 am
court on staten island today. michael pleading not guilty to murder and attempted murder. police say he stabbed and killed rebecca cutler, and their four month old daughter. a third child, a two-year-old survived at least five stab woundings. >> 6:37. new jersey governor is preparing to give his first major speech. since suspending his campaign for the republican nomination. governor cristie will deliver his second to last budget address. and the issue of funding state worker worker pension plans. controlled by democrats, cristie's term in office runs through 2017. >> also happening today, and mayor bill de blasio heads to brooklyn to discuss plans for a new light rail system. the mayor will be in red hook this morning. that's one of the neighborhoods set to be served by the light rail system. it would last 16 miles along
6:36 am
completed in 2024. >> 6:38. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> let's take a look from our camera from the roof. actually see a break of sunshine. snow is gone, except for that shady side. we're going to be looking at slushy conditions. heavy rain coming today. wash that away. you can see the clouds way down south, southerly wind coming in at the beach. our temperature 48 degrees. winds are southerly at 9. gusting to 30 in some spots. the rain coming is down south. it's down here. off to our west, the heavy rain will be coming up the coast. to noontime for the afternoon with gusty winds of 40. maybe at the coast, some 60- mile per hour gusts are possible. it's going to bel quite rainy.
6:37 am
weather with heather every seven minutes. this is her. >> this is the eastbound side going into the george washington bridge. you can see we have activity there as well. let's go over to our maps. between the george washington bridge, accidents in both directions. mechanical problems, 14th into chambers streets and this problem here on 78. we have dre clark heading to the scene. 78 east of exit 48, which is exit 24. you have this accident in the express lanes. three people have been brought to the hospital and then as you head over to 24 eastbound at exit 8. another accident is clearing away. we are hering of a lot of icing conditions. i took it this morning and you need to take it slowly. we have our street cleaning rules in effect. lori and ken, back to you. >> 6:39. new videos of the passengers
6:38 am
new york because of bad weather. >> and a twist in the fight against the zika virus.
6:39 am
[text message alert] [crashing] [sirens]
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and delays and cancellations were the two dreaded words due to the icy roads. the opening of federal offices are delayed by three hours. federal employees have been given the option to work from home or opt for unscheduled leave. >> and if you're someone who likes to snooze in your bed with your phone nearby, listen up. these photos are kind of frightening, tweeted out by the nypd, showing the danger. the cell phone over heated, igniting the pillow. yeah, the phone was apparently beneath. i do this. the phone was beneath the pillow and charging at the time. >> wow. >> oh my gosh. >> man oh man. passengers will finally be on their way home. the delta plane diverted because of the weather yesterday. one problem, there are no customs officers up in manchester. so that means they couldn't get off the plane. i guess that's how they got off
6:41 am
passengers were put up in hotels for the night. >> antibeyonce protesters are gearing up for a rally outside the nfl headquarters. the protest is inspired by the super bowl performance where she appeared to show support for the black lives matter movement. the group proud of the blues claims beyonce pulled a race baiting stunt. a dualing rally is planned to support beyonce and her formation. e i expect to start at 8:00 amount. >> 3,000 dogs enter the westminster dog show and the best of show will be introduced tonight. law si took home the spot group. annabell walked into the nonsport group. and pan tay pranced her way into toy dogs. this is the 140th annual
6:42 am
check them out, abc7ny on the web or on your mobile device. >> tough life for those. good morning network america is coming up next. >> you know you aren't supposed to keep your phone near the pillow. >> yes. i shouldn't have admitted it, right? >> i guess not. honesty is the best policy. we have a lot coming up, including that gop primary four days away from the south carolina primary. you see george w. bush. facing tough criticism. taking on the republican establishment in that race. and donald trump is going to join us live. also the announcement. one of the biggest stars is retearing after a strung of concussions. a fellow wrestler are speaking
6:43 am
decision, plus, we have lady gaga's message. a female empowerful, and what happened to adele? >> i noticed that, they had a couple issues. have a good show, george. >> it is 6:46. let's check in with the accuweather forecast. >> i like to pay for papal. it's for my friend, lori stokes. >> i'll never do it again, ever. >> i don't blame you. oh my gosh. i do the same thing, but i never said that. take a look outside. i put it by the bed so you hear the accuweather alert go on. here we go. take a look outside. we look at what will be fog around, warm air. we're 20 and 30 degrees warmer this hour than we were this time yesterday. we were starting out in the teens.
6:44 am
we are at 48 to start the day. what a cruel joke. making it really soup you this morn ling. and well, we're not going to see fog this morning. and quiet weather pattern to end the week. 46 long island. temperatures now surging into the 40s, on this southerly wind, 7:14, 20 miles an hour. some of the gusts have been around 20. they will go higher as the low comes up the coast. we'll be seeing wind gusts around 35, 40, 60 right at the coast. with the southwest wind, there will be flooding. rain we're talking about is still poised to our south.
6:45 am
have to see the heaviest rain is around noontime. flooding rains possible and that's when we could see issues with flooding, and the rain is gone, we're off to much better weather to end flout week. i did this again so you could seat temperatures. in the mid 50s later on today and start the day tomorrow, we're in the low 40s and the 30s. look at your weekend, saturday, clouds to sunshine, 53. and then 50 on sunday. so we're looking at 55 degrees with the rain that is heaviest from 11:00 until 5:00. and then tonight, cloudy and breezy. tomorrow, we have sun and clouds, a nice day, 45. we'll see a beautiful sunrise and sunset tomorrow. your accuweather seven-day forecast. a little cooler on thursday. very nice. 50 on sunday. so there you go. you'll need the umbrella. if you're traveling around
6:46 am
want to be very careful. >> okay, thank you, bill. >> heather will have the check on the commute. >> signal problems at kings highway, so you can expect big delays. pretty serious accident being cleared away. as you travel on to route 24 near exit 8 in summit, you have that accident being cleared away. route 4 both ways between jones road and george washington bridge, you have an accident. route 3 eastbound, the ref forth east at bloke field accident. route 80, which is hook mountain road, that's another collision. alternate side parking rules are in effect. give yourself extra time. ken and lori, over to you.
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court that you would every
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[ siren wailing ] get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. welcome back. there is a pesticide ban in place in brazil. the chemical, not the zika virus is behind a rare birth defect. the ban is in effect in brazil's southernmost state in
6:50 am
it comes after doctors group in argentina nearby from brazil warn that the larva could be causing a spike. the doctor's group has not conducted official lab studies yet. court. a player gets partially impaled by a splintered floor board. this freak turn of events happened during a girls game in middleton, wisconsin. a player went flying into the floor, couldn't get up. that board had splint in the player. her mother, the coach, was quickly by her side. >> the officials said, what do you mean, are you hurt? she's like, there's a piece of wood stuck to me. some of it a quarter to a half inch deep. >> none of her internal organs were hit by the wood and she could actually be ready to play again soon.
6:51 am
>> that poor girl. wow. 6:54. and we are following breaking news impacting your commute. a multivehicle crash in new jersey. weather may have played a role. >> and last hour, received good news about the morning commute through grand central terminal after i always heard fios was a lot faster. but, i thought it would be a hassle to switch. turns out it wasn't. they showed up when i asked and they set up wi-fi on my laptop, my tablet and stuff. it's true. it is better.
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on i-78 in summit, new jersey. several vehicles, including a coach bus crashed in the eastbound lanes at mile marker 48 about 5:45 this morning. at least six people got hurt. all of the express lanes are closed down. icy roads may have triggered that wreck. >> and developing right now. a woman is in custody connection with the killing of her boss' brother. police say that the woman stabbed 41-year-old yang several times last night in front of a restaurant on 8th avenue and sunset park. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police say it happened after some sort of dispute. >> democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton, is in manhattan. the meeting will take place at the national urban league headquarters. cornell brooks, president of the naacp. and benjamin crump for his work on the trayvon martin case.
6:55 am
alert, and the power problems have been solved. this is video of the first metro north train arriving at the terminal's lower level within the past hour. railroads spent more than 12 hours restoring power, following a water main break that flooded a transformer. >> 6:58. heather. >> that accident on 78 that is a huge problem when we have also been following this accident. you can see crews are out there trying to take care of that debris. there was a fuel spill. water all over the roadway. let's go over to our maps. it's route 4 both ways. 78 going eastbound, from exits 48 to 49. the express lanes shut down. an accident, q train signal problems. you can expect uptown delays. on the ramp to the garden state parkway. so, word of caution, give
6:56 am
and take it easy on the roadways. >> wow, a mess. >> and the weather doesn't help ether. we have sprinkles. 49 degrees will be your temperature at 7:00. we have flooding issues for long island with the southeast winds coming in. the rain is down in the south. just about to edge into the d.c., inland, right there at chesapeake bay and that will slide on up to us. noontime, windy, rainy, temperatures in the mid 50s. wind gusts can go as high as 45, maybe 60 miles an hour. then we have beautiful weather to end the weekend. just got to get through today. stay with us. >> all right, thank you, bill. >> and that is the news for now. i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. we're back in 25 minutes with another update.
6:57 am
have a good day. good morning, america. weather whiplash. a wild swing in temperatures and slick roads spark major accidents. a massive pileup overnight. 17 reported tornadoes in the south destroying homes, businesses, and cars. and a new batch of bad weather moving in right now. just four days until the next showdown, jeb bush calling on his brother to charm voters. >> i've been -- misunderestimated most of my life. >> as donald trump unleashes a tirade against the bushes and ted cruz. >> aye never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz. and he goes around saying he's a christian. >> now threatening to take cruz to court. donald trump is joining us live this morning. stunning revelation. the wrestling superstars now speaking out about the secret they kept for so long. why wwe star daniel bryan's wife agreed to keep quiet about her husband's concussions, the ones
6:58 am
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