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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 18, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> reporter: last week he released "famous" which includes derogatory lines about swift. i feel like me and taylor might still have sex >> reporter: swift, who sang "out of the woods" and stayed out of the drama at this year's grammys said this after winning album of the year. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to credit for your accomplishments or your fame. you'll look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there. the american dream. >> reporter: sometimes it all falls down. rut in the immortal words of somebody named kanye west that that don't kill me can only make me stronger. the always interesting kanye west. thank you for watching tonight. tune into gma first thing in the
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online 24/7 on our "nightline"
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developing right now, another random slashing in new restaurant. a man walks in and then attacks. >> first a bus driver takes a beating getting punched in the
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>> for the first time tonight we hear from that driver. >> he spoke with eyewitness news reporter josh einiger. >> he wants to remain anonymous, but the veteran mta bus driver at the receiving end of this onslaught of punches vented his anger to eyewitness news tonight, angered the alleged assailant was allowed to walk out of court today without posting a dime of bail. >> this individual did not hear you attacking the driver on a moving vehicle that you're jeopardizing the safety of everybody on that bus and outside that bus. >> reporter: a judge released 18-year-old thutmose clark on his own recognizance today, -year-old driver. the driver says clark first pommeled him while the bus was in motion, approaching a stop at flatbush. >> i now have to maintain control of this bus with one hand while fending him off with
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>> reporter: then after the doors were opened, he got off and back on and pounded away again. the driver picked clark out of a lineup tonight. a judge siding with the team's mother who told joe torres her son is autistic and schizophrenic. >> i can't explain mental illness. it's just something that happens. and fortunately what happened happened. >> operators can't be victims because it's a public bus and if the operator is going to get attacked, what's going to happen to everyone else on the bus? >> we're live tonight at the jackie gleeson bus depot where this drurfb is -- where this driver is based. they're wondering why clark wasn't banned from riding the bus. clark is on 12 different types of medication. he was released to the custody of his mother. live in the sunset park section
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channel 7 eyewitness news. new video at 11:00. another attack on an mta bus driver. watch this man board the bus in the belmont section. he has an exchange with the driver then punches him. he gets off then takes off. cops are hoping someone can identify this suspect. another random slashing in new york city this time in a neighborhood diner. a man walking in the restaurant 10 attacks. it happened at a diner in greenwich village. carolina leid at the subsequently with -- carolina leid at the scene with the developing story. >> the victim was slashed in the face. his injuries are not life-threatening but he is in serious condition at the hospital. witnesses here say they didn't see this one coming. >> reporter: the slashing happened here at silver spurs restaurant in greenwich village. workers say a man walked in to the business at the corner of laguardia place and east housten street asking for donations.
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allegedly became very upset and slashed an employee. >> we were sitting inside eating and all of the sudden we saw cops come from everywhere and someone was screaming. people were screaming. >> reporter: the victim, a man, was taken to bellevue hospital to get treatment for his injuries. splatters of blood on the sidewalk, a sickening reminder of what happened tonight. >> this is very shocking. i live in the neighborhood. this is really, really shocking. >> we just saw police leave the scene about 15 minutes ago after doing an extensive investigation. the suspect is still on the loose. reporting live in greenwich village, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. first look tonight at the young man and woman accused of assaulting a tourist and then leaving him with a fractured skull. 25-year-old robert anderson and 19-year-old teresa thorson charged with felony assault. he sucker-punched the tourist at the staten island ferry terminal.
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and taken to bellevue high school. no city in the country with a bigger bullseye on its back than new york. officials battling president obama over his plan to reduce federal funding by 50% for antiterrorism programs in new york. u.s. senator chuck schumer saying the drastic cut makes no sense. the white house dismissing his remarks as wrong. president obama is about to do something only one sitting president has done before. visit cuba. mr. obama will fly to the island nation next month, capping more than a year of breaking down barriers between the u.s. and cuba. aj ross in union city known as havana on the hudson because of its large cuban population. >> this is stunning and exciting news for some cuban americans i spoke with tonight. we're hoping this monumental trip will have lasting ripple effects in the days, months, and years ahead. >> reporter: following decades
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cuba, sources with abc news confirmed president obama will make a historic trip to the communist island nation next month, marking the first visit by a sitting u.s. president in more than 80 years. sources say a national security council member will make the official announcement during thursday's white house briefing where further details about the trip taking place march 21st and 22nd will be outlined. >> i'm cuban. i'm here for 20 years. my mom and brother are still there. that's good. >> i think that's a good thing because i think it's been a long time waiting for the people, the cuban community. >> reporter: the unexpected announcement thrilled local cuban-americans who say they're hoping this is the first of many historic changes to come. >> all the cubans around here, we need change. for 40 years we need change.
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ideas. >> reporter: for the past 15 months diplomatic relationships between the two nations have been markedly improving with opening of embassies last summer and the recent deal restoring commercial flights. while there's still much more progress to be made between bridging the longstanding gap, many agree the president's visit is a monumental leap forward. the last sitting president to visit cuba was calvin coolidge in 1928. aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to vote 2016 and a potentially game changing poll out tonight showing a new frontrunner for the republican nomination but just by a hair. ted cruz climbing to the number one spot, edging out donald trump according to the wall street journal nbc news poll. he and trump just two points apart basically in a statistical dead heat with marco rubio in third place. marco rubio just picked up a major endorsement which could
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his favor. south carolina governor nikki haley officially endorsing rubio. she has an 81% approval rating among south carolina republicans. and things are just as tight on the democrats' side. hillary clinton still in the lead but now just by two points as the two campaigns head in to pivotal contests in nevada, south carolina, in a string of super tuesday states on march 1st. new tonight the nypd now searching for a man in an armed robbery spree around manhattan taking money from women. police releasing this video of the man they say they're looking for. they say he's hit five times since january telling women he has a gun and demanding catch. fortunately none of the women was injured. grainy surveillance images new and critical clues tonight in the search for a predator to tried to abduct a teenager in brooklyn. the suspect tried to lure a 14-year-old girl yesterday as she was walking home from her yeshiva in sheepshead bay. the man put her arm around her
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she pulled her arm free and the man took off. an investigation finally solved tonight. a suspected serial killer now linked to the cold case. prosecutors tonight tell us recently re-examined dna evidence shows robert zarinsky sexually assaulted and murder mary klinsky. zarinsky died in prison in 2008. he was serving a life sentence in another teenager's murder and was awaiting trial for allegedly killing a 13-year-old girl. pope francis on his way back mexico. before he left the pontiff the u.s. border. before leading an open air mass, border. this is in juarez where thousands of migrants have died trying to reach the u.s. he called for an end of the human tragedy that has forced migration.
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against the woman whose sexual assault accusation a decade ago. he's filing against andrea constand. constand accused cosby of drugging and molesting her in 2004. cosby's lawyers aren't commenting about the allegations in it. new tonight, a hospital hacked. we'll tell you why the hospital actually paid the hackers. >> a dog falls through ice in to a pond. the rescue, well, it will melt your heart. >> coming up, how to save money on your next home heating oil bill. what one long island mother of four did that will keep a thousand dollars in her wallet this year. >> a taste of spring, but is
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a soccer player on the run tonight from police accused of murdering a referee during a match. the 48-year-old referee working a neighborhood game in argentina when he ejected the player.
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field, got a gun from his bag and shot the ref several times. president of turkey tonight vowing to track down the terrorist responsible for a deadly bombing in that country's capital. the car bomb killed 28 people and hurt dozens of others. they attacked targeted buses carrying military personnel. the buses were waiting at a traffic light when the blast went off. no group so far has claimed responsibility. a hospital paying up tonight after its computer system got hacked. the executive at the hospital in los angeles said it paid ransom in bit coins equivalent to about $7,000. officials at the hospital say this was the quickest and most efficient way to get control of its system back. the fbi says it's investigating. a picture may be worth a thousand words but tonight a powerful image of a sonogram is proving to be priceless. the sonogram going viral on social media tonight. it shows an unborn baby in kansas can severe medical issues
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twin sister. the much smaller twin has a hole in his heart. it's unsure if he'll survive but the twins' parents say it is comforting knowing mason's sister a month after they bought the winning numbers of that record setting powerball drawing a couple in florida who once lived in long island now claiming 1/3rd of that billion-and-a-half-dollar jackpot. david and maureen choosing the lump sum payout of $327 million. smith says the winning numbers are ones she's played for years. couple kept it a secret for a month. both said they lost sleep and dave lost 10 pounds. an extreme makeover starting tomorrow for new york's once bor especially -- borish pay phones. the stations include a tablet computer, free wi-fi, free nationwide calling, two usb charging points and quick
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with the price of oil dropping lower and lower, plenty of people around here with fixed heating oil contracts are trying to take advantage of lower prices. one long island customer got creative and tells nina pineda how she's set to knock nearly a thousand dollars off her annual oil bill. >> reporter: pattie stillwagon saved a bundle by asking her oil provider to match a competitor's price. >> they had $1.99 a gallon. i'm paying close to $3 a gallon now and my contract was almost up. >> reporter: she called pitro which allowed the long-time customer to break the contract giving her the rock bottom price. savings on her last fill-up, $244 and her in at a lower price. she was at $3.16 for a gallon. now she'll pay $2.09. >> reporter: in westchester consumers can log on to the county website and compare.
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what area providers are charging every week. >> to understand what price you're paying and what price you can or should be paying. >> i think the consumer should know what's really out there with full service companies and be able to really feel it out. >> reporter: eddie says his company will match any long-term service provider price. but you have to ask. in pattie's case, the question really paid off. >> if you don't call and you don't ask, you're never going to get it. >> reporter: nina pineda, channel 7 eyewitness news. a wayward dog lost in a storm tonight back home. rescue. >> all the way up. all right. >> firefighters pulling sky to safety today after he spent two days down a 14-foot sinkhole in pennsylvania. monday. sky was a bit shaken up during the ordeal but fortunately was not hurt. meanwhile another dog
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this time in virginia after a dog broke through the ice of a frozen lake. firefighters using a ladder to get out to the dog. they grabbed the scared pooch, trying to get it on to the ladder and successfully lifted it on to shore. two dog rescues for you. both dramatic, both with good endings. >> always nice. we've got amy freeze in for lee goldberg. did i hear a mention of possibly snow coming up around the corner? >> yes. there's a few showers scattered and isolated west of the city but there's a major storm next week and that's one we'll be talking about down the stretch. we've got a few bumps in the roller coaster ride. what a beautiful night. temperatures falling near freezing. we're currently at 35 in central park. winds are picking up. northwest winds about 8 to 12 miles per hour. the wind chills are a factor. right now as temperatures start to get near the freezing point we've got a little bit of wind out there making it feel even colder. these numbers, these wind chill
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in the single digits to low to mid teens by tomorrow morning. maybe you're letting the jacket open here last 24 hours or so and not worrying about the scarf and gloves, you'll need them back tomorrow. weekend outlook does take us to 60 degrees. bit of a spring preview, then a storm next week. cold is making a comeback tonight. on the radar and satellite picture accutrack showing streamers coming off the lake. they've been producing light snow showers in some areas but it hasn't been a big deal. another shower north of 287. it will be about it for the rest of the night. not a big deal with the snow but worthy of a mention especially if you have to travel. watch the wind chills right through tomorrow afternoon. they're in the teens and 20s despite temperatures getting in to the mid 30s. we'll start to see the winds ease back up on friday. although temperatures are still below 40 degrees on friday, it will start to feel a little better. then the surge is on. warm air coming in for saturday
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10 to 15 degrees above average. practically doubling what we're going to by saturday. looking at the futurecast here, not a lot of warmup precipitation. in fact no big storms here between now and early next week even over the weekend likely very little precipitation sunday night as a small disturbance comes in. it will really be tuesday in to wednesday that we see our next chance for a wintery mix and possibly accumulating snow. below freezing, teens in the suburbs, 27 in the city. very cold start. real feel will be in the teens. 37 on thermometers but you'll want to bundle up throughout the day. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. saturday and sunday temperatures going above the 50-degree mark. there's a difference in the days though. for saturday it will be a little breezy even though temperatures get near 60. then the winds cutback as another weather system comes in and the low 50s actually feel very mild. it will be sunny to start the week, 50 degrees.
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the potential for a winter storm tuesday in to wednesday. right now the big question mark is of course the track. we know it will be coming up the east coast but do we get in to any of this arctic air that could potentially give us accumulating snow? that will be a wait and see. cold in the week. then temperatures going up. in fact looking at 57, that sounds pretty comfortable but i think sunday afternoon you may feel even more warmth because the winds will certainly pull back and we'll have the around. buckle up. it's going to be a nice little ride. >> spring fling sounds nice on the weekend. new health information. pregnant over 40, the health risks that could cost you later in life. also, teddy bears pulled out of a car by cops. why two women got in trouble by a valentine's day crime. first let's check in with our pal jimmy kimmel. >> hello, new york. tonight megan fox, ben mckenzie, chris stapleton, and a review of
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new tonight, two bears bandits. dashcam video shows detectives pulling two giant teddy bears from the back of a car in wisconsin. two women stole the bears along with chocolates from a local drugstore. in tonight's health alert, another consideration for women who plan to have children later in life. new research shows women who have babies at the age of 40 or older are at higher risk of having a stroke or developing heart disease. research showed a woman's risk of a brain bleed doubled if they had children later in life. but they say the overall risk of brain bleeds remained small. >> that's the good news. rob powers up next with sports. >> been a fun fun week. it continues. it all starts tomorrow in florida. we have plenty to get us through
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the rangers get their captain back on the ice just in time to face the defending stanley cup champ. would it be enough? st. john's hadn't won a game of
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hockey? oh, we have hockey tonight. >> be a good time to get a good win tonight at home for the rangers. they've been on a roll especially at the garden. so this battle with the defending stanley cup champions set up nicely. the blackhawks, rangers, third place in their respective conferences. ryan mcdonagh was on the ice. rangers scored three. dan boil put the rangers ahead in the 3rd period. that made it 3-2, all seasons go. three big goals. for the rangers, one big loss. 5-3 the final at the garden. they're at toronto tomorrow. yank pitchers and catchers at spring training tomorrow. laura behnke will report live for us from tampa. met pitchers and catchers reported to port st. lucie today.
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ready to make this another big season. >> from my standpoint it's just the quality of the team. i think i really haven't been this upbeat about a team in a long time and i think that's exciting. the nba schedule picked up after the all star break tomorrow. knicks and nets play against each other friday. trade deadline 3:00 tomorrow. knicks back in practice today. lost 10 of their last 11 before the break. there's plenty to work out. rookie chrisops porzingis could not wait. he was at the facility yesterday by himself. >> i need to go visit my church. so i came here and moved a little bit around by myself. no noise, no nothing. just by myself. >> hard to remember he's a rookie. let's get to the big men on campus. st. john's winless in the big east. high hopes here for a red storm conference win losing streak. eli king, 25 points. good game, second half.
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federico off the bench to score 17. all of them came in the 2nd half. deron johnson, 18 points. st. john's wins it 80-65. first win since mid december. first conference win ever for coach mullen. seton hall pirates, isaiah whitehead, big night for him. here's an assist to desi rodriguez. then check out the assist to angel delgado. a winner at georgetown, 72-74. we wrap things in the america east, stony brook at albany. 18 straight wins. longest winning streak in the nation. could secure the outright conference title with a win tonight but albany said huh-uh. the great danes haven't lost at home. 82-70. albany wins. streak ends at 18. that was the longest current
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>> beaten by a state rival.


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