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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 20, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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>> reporter: even the year's hottest droid bb8 will be in attendance. along with musical numbers. "be like you" from "the jungle book." walk like you talk like you >> reporter: the song guaranteed to get stuck in your head for another 60 years, "frozen's" "let it go." let it go let it go >> reporter: be sure not to miss the wonderful world of disney, disneyland 60, this sunday, february 21st, at 8:00 p.m. on abc. we leave you with one final note about the passing of one of america's greatest authors, harper lee. her novel "to kill a mockingbird" left a lasting legacy. president obama and first lady michelle obama paid their respects today saying, "what that one story did more powerfully than 100 speeches possibly could was change the way we saw each other, and then the way we saw ourselves." thank you for watching.
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and as always we're online 24/7 on the "nightline" facebook page and good night, america. have a good weekend.
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call now, and welcome back. now new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. new video tonight of a man
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outside a local church and then leading police on a bizarre chase in a street sweeper. and remembering a young athlete that died at school, and tonight a fraternity is suspended. the question is did hazing lead to this young man's death? >> josh has more. >> reporter: bradley was a star varsity player and played basketball at buffalo state where he was working toward a business degree. he had his whole life ahead of him, until his mysterious death. >> please join us in a moment of silence honoring the memory of number 3. >> reporter: before they played tonight at buffalo state, they prayed. a moment of silence after the loss of their friend. >> i don't believe it was his time to go. he was one of the nicest nighs i knew. >> reporter: the 21-year-old played mens basketball here for
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business major would soon graduate, but now detectives are investigating hazing allegations at an off campus fraternity. they're now suspended. >> i consider losing a player like losing a son. >> reporter: he grew up in brooklyn, and he was known as quiet and friendly, loved reggae music and his family, a family knew reeling from a devastating loss. >> they worked hard to send him to school, and get a college education and to get news like man. >> reporter: police in buffalo have not released any information ability the cause of death -- about the cause of death or the nature of the hazing allegation. in the meantime the fraternity, has been suspended not just by the college, but by the national parent organization as
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live in brooklyn tonight, josh einiger, eyewitness news. a shocking one-man three- day crime spree in manhattan tonight, and now a 23-year-old is arrested charged with an attack that happened yesterday, and also now charged with four other crimes ranging from robbery to criminal possession of a weapon. new at 11:00, new jersey transit service is back, but there are still delays tonight. a signal box started smoking, so officials suspended service in and out of penn station for a time. we're told all service has been restored, but there are delays on new jersey transit and amtrak. new video in the slashing of a busboy in the village. the first person you'll see on the video is the teen that went on the attack at the silver spur diner wednesday.
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identify his companions. the victim a 25-year-old, had to get 137 stitches from his cheek to chin. he spoke to us but didn't want to show his scarred face. >> whatever the cops do, the detectives, i hope they find him and arrest him. people like that shouldn't be out on the streets. they have to catch him, and i hope they do. >> he says the teen attacked after he asked him to leave because he was asking customers for money to support his basketball team. and the nypd releasing another image from a senseless slashing. he slashed a victim outside a shopping center after the victim refused to hand over his bags. new video of a sanitation worker going crazy, first throwing trash as a religious statue, then trying to escape
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the suspect awaits arraignment now. >> reporter: yes, his job was to sweep up trash around the city, not throw it in places it doesn't belong, but new video shows the worker having a complete melt down, first throwing trash at this cross here on the corner, then he doubles back around, targeting this statue of the pope outside saint francis. in this shocking and disturbing new video you can clearly see the 38-year-old wearing his new york city sanitation uniform as he approaches this catholic church before 9:00 a.m. thursday, then looks for trash on the ground before he begins hurling items. >> everybody was actually shocked. >> reporter: then doubles back about a half hour later in a city street sweeping truck and violently opens the gate around the statue paul, and then taking off again.
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anybody would do such a thing. >> reporter: he then led police on a short slow speed chase in the sweeper until he was apprehended. while this custodi' -- in custody he allegedly said he hated roman catholics and could face hate crime >> >. we all respect different people and religion, and i don't understand. >> we have to respect religion together. >> reporter: despite his sins, the church says the entire congregation prayed for him and his well being. >> there was a prayer for him asking for forgiveness, and we don't know who this person was, maybe he was a sick person, we don't know the reason anybody would do such a thing. >> reporter: he was also charged with reckless
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officer in a motor vehicle. he's been suspended from the sanitation department. new at 11:00, amazing development tonight in the nasty apple versus fbi controversy and show down, apple saying government officials were the one that is remotely reset the pass word on the killer's iphone while the fbi had possession of the phone. doing so eliminated the possibility of an auto back up to i cloud that could have held the information the fbi is now fighting to get. now to an eyewitness news exclusive, we're hearing for the first time from passengers an a new jersey transit bus when a piece of metal crashed through the windows. it hit one man, and then kept going. shirleen allicot has more on the frightening ride.
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after chaos broke out on the transit bus. people ushered off, a gaping hole in the windshield. >> all of the sudden i heard this big bang sounding like an explosion. >> reporter: mary ellen and this man were sitting in the back of the bus along the turnpike headed to port authority when glass started flying. >> along with the glass flying it was a clanging noise, but no one knew, it happened so fast, no one knew what happened. >> reporter: this is what happened. that huge piece of scrap metal, bliss say dislodged from a truck changing lanes and crashed right into the windshield hitting a man sitting in the front. the bus stopped and people immediately went to his aid. >> he didn't speak english, and they were asking for an interpreter if anyone spoke spanish and english, so i volunteered my husband. >> he said i feel like pass out. >> reporter: the man was bleeding with a gash to his head. a woman with him on the bus complained of headache, and the flying glass got into a woman's
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this couple know firsthand it could have been worse. >> count your blessings. >> reporter: fortunately the victims only suffered minor injuries. as for the rest of the passengers they were transferred to another bus and made it to port authority safely. in midtown, shirleen allicot, channel 7, eyewitness news. a 6-year-old girl nearly drown, and tonight the new york city health department investigating the safety of a spa in queens. it happened at the spa kasich until college point. -- castle in college point. the girl got her hair caught possibly in a drain. a customer trained in cpr revived the girl. >> i did chest compressions until she started breathing. >> reporter: what did she look like? >> she was blue, she was knocked out, her eyes closed. >> wow. the spa's owner claims the drains had safety covers on them. the girl now in stable condition.
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struck and killed a 4-year-old girl as he was being chased by police on the upper west side was sentenced to up to nine years in prison. the 18-year-old hung his head in a lower manhattan courtroom as the girl's grandmother talked about the pain of knowing she survived the accident that killed her grand daughter. he took a plea deal in the case, and could be paroled in a year and a half. funeral services tomorrow in the nation's capital for the late supreme court justice scalia. he lies in repose in the great hall. the president and first lady mourned this morning with the family. one day, two pivotal election contests in the race for the white house. >> democrats in nevada holding their caucus tomorrow, and tonight clinton and sanders out stumping for undecided voters. they're neck and neck in the polls.
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for their primary election tomorrow in south carolina, the gop candidates chris crossing as they canvassed the state. donald trump holding a commanding lead over challengers including jeb bush. and we'll have special coverage are projected. stay with us throughout the day for updates as we get them. eyewitness news news investigators exclusive. >> get away from me. >> reporter: i don't you give us your side of the story? >> we traumatic down one of the people charged -- track down one of the people charged in the deadly gas explosion, and what until you see what we discovered. after the weekend warm up, find out how quick the weather changes coming up.
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an exclusive investigation, we tracked down a man involved in the dangerous gas eggs motion. the plumber has a history of safety violations. jim hoffer has more. >> reporter: get i don't you give us your side of the story? he fled as soon as we tried to ask him about his role in the east village explosion. he had nowhere to hide last week when he and four other defendants faced a judge in criminal court. he pleaded not guilty on awe felony charge of allegedly farming out his license and documents. digging deeper into records reveals he left potentially dangerous gas line installations all over the city, discovered on the after the explosive. in the bronx he was fined
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lock caps on a sprinkler system, rendering it useless in a fire. in queens he was fined for using the same piping found in initially. it was in a gas connection center. >> those codes are what stand between all of us and future explosions. >> reporter: after the east department of investigations audited hundreds of his jobs, and found at least 14 cases involving potentially dangerous gas hook ups never inspected. >> he's not only lost his listen license, but is now arrested and charged criminally. we depend on listened master plumbers to self-certify their jobs. >> reporter: the truth is there's little oversight done on it.
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leaving potential ticking time bombs, largely hidden until it was too late. >> reporter: investigators found all kinds of violations at your old sites, saying your cut corners at the risk of safety. jim hoffer. >> and jim also says the check of new york city records shows the plumber owes more than $200,000 in fines for dozens of violation, and the buildings department with only inspectors has no choice but to rely on the 1200 master plumbers that certify the safety of their own work. dramatic new video of that horrific tourist helicopter crash, crews pulling the wreckage out of water. investigators trying to figure out what caused the chopper to go down yesterday near the pearl harbor visitors center in hawaii. video of the chopper's dramatic drop. >> a family of four visiting from canada and a pilot made it out on their own.
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to track down a jeep cherokee inside it. so desperate to have the dog back, she says the criminal can keep the jeep, just bring back the dog. she left it running while running into a store this morning. video shows the thief jump into the jeep and then speed away. new tonight virgin galactic unveiling the new aircraft it plans to use to send tourists to the space. it's named unity by steven hawking. the original craft exploded in it's initial trip. >> i'm just guessing that you would love to do this sade. >> lucky guess, right? >> sure!
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i like to stay on the ground. >> so did they have problems in the sky this weekend? >> well, we have a decent weekend in front of us as far as comfort goes, this is will be the first time we hit the 61- degree mark since december 11th, and we went six days for temperatures in the 60s back then. we won't stay mild that long but we have a nice break from the cold. temperatures just going up from where they are now. we'll be going past the upper 50s to the 60, just change the numbers a few minutes ago, so 24-hour temperature change for us, up as much as 15 degrees, so definitely the warm up is underway.
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forecasting 60s for the afternoon. low 60, but feeling really nice. this warm wave over the weekend keeping us in the 50s almost through the day monday actually has a little wrinkle at the end of sunday with wet snow and rain falling. the winter storm from tuesday to wednesday is down the stretch, and still looking like a rain snow mix. so right now we've had a few streamers scooting through, a little bit of snow showers or little sleet, hasn't amounted to much, in fact all of surfaces are well above the freezing point, but it's making some surfaces and streets wet. certainly this next line, a little snow squaw producing light snow and precipitation, but it's this did you bans to the north -- disturbance saturday night that could produce the same story, so tomorrow night weak, maybe a few flurries fly to the north.
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not completely out of the question. then by tuesday night, as our temperatures have been in the 50s all day long, we get this quick surge of moisture the west, looking like it's all rain down south, but look at this printing out light snow, maybe into the mid-hudson valley, so we'll watch that sunday night, but imagine hitting 60 saturday, then potentially snow to end the weekend. we'll call it temperatures rising through tomorrow. almost at 50 degrees by noon tomorrow, and then we go for a high of 61. the seven-day forecast shows this next storm coming in down the stretch. right here tuesday into wednesday, this could be tricky because the temperatures will still above the average and freezing point, so it's certainly a threat, but promise of snow accumulating, just a coastal storm coming through that we'll have to keep a close eye on. timing will be everything with the storm. if it's late at night or early in the morning it could effect the morning commute wednesday,
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of the super cold temperatures, and allow for accumulating snow. so we're watching that. >> okay, coming up next who's now offering to bail out kanye west and his $53 million in debt, but there's a condition to it.
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a link between binge drinking and high blood pressure. researchers warn eventually binge drinkers may wind up with high blood pressure. that's defined as five or more alcoholic beverages consumed on a single occasion. a generous offer from kanye west, but there's a check. a business man from boston is willing to invest $53 million into his musical projects, but only if he promises to be frugal saying giving up his 40,000-dollar fur coats and sending his personal assistant to milan to shop for him. >> that could help. >> he could do it. speaking of wow, it's warm and spring training is underway in florida. >> reporter: yes, pitchers and
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position players showing up early, and the fans are here as well. it's spring training, the gang's all here. team coverage, mets and yankees at spring training, because the
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>> you want to see grown men sunshine? [ laughter ] >> yes! >> reporter: all right, here you go. here's what i want you to do, take all the good feelings and get memories from -- great memories from last year and throw them away. put in a lot of hard work, exactly the kind of hard work the mets started here at spring training, and with any luck at all the good feelings come right back to you. >> it was great to see the guys out there and the energy level in the morning. not much to say today except let's go get them. >> reporter: and they did. a record crowd was here to see it too, and it pumped the fellows up. >> yeah, i think so for day one, this many people to be here, it's really cool. >> reporter: the mets star pitching staff huddled closely in the clubhouse.
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>> i wake up every day with a smile. >> reporter: pitchers and catchers the main draw, but early. they have a message for this season. >> we have to do similar things, buts at the same time that can't be enough because we didn't win everything last year. >> don't last year be be pinnacle of what we can accomplish. take it a step further this year. >> reporter: and now to the yankees, laura behnke is in tampa. >> reporter: the yankees goals are clear. >> anything can happen in baseball. we have the piece, we have hall of famers in the locker room, if we show up to play we can beat anybody. >> reporter: much has been made about the bull pen, but the yankees feel be about the owe roation. >> i love the rotation, we have a quality arm every night. >> reporter: sabbathia is feeling better than ever.
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ready for the season, i was excited to get back with my teammates and get to work. >> reporter: he knows he'll have to compete for the fifth and final rotation spot, but says physically he feels better than he has in years, and is optimistic this season he'll be able to help the team win. with the yankees in tampa, laura behnke, eyewitness news. >> reporter: all right rivalry night back home. the knicks and nets start their season back up again after the all star break. the knicks had a dismal end to the first half of the season. didn't look must have better tonight. lopez with 33 points. the nets move into third on the all-time scoring list, and put on a show for the new gm. knicks have now lost seven in a row. and hockey, the devils and islanders. the islanders lucky early in the game. ricochets off that leg and in. 1-0, the devils tonight.


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