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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> and >> now, new york's number one news.
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a frightening confrontation, a man pulls a gun, and police have to make a split second decision, shoot or don't shoot. and a wet and windy night, the first of what lee goldberg says is a one two punch. we've seen know and rain, but the system headed our way has already caused death and destruction. >. and we're getting video of the destruction left behind after a number of tornadoes in louisiana and mississippi. it killed at least two in louisiana,. >> meteorologist lee goldberg is at the weather wall tracking it all. >> we'll have a run in with the strong winds tomorrow night and storms, and right now light rain, blowing, raw, 35, and feels like 26 outside. the advisories continue south and west, and still ice pellets around. temperatures close to freezing
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above south of east of new york city, and climbing slowly overnight. rain is light and patchy, still ice pellets and wet show flakes, but light -- snow flakes and light. light rain for the morning commute, but then we deal with the spinning storm over the south. at least 20 tornado reports the latest near pensacola and some of the that dynamic energy is coming our way in the night time tomorrow. in the mean type light rain and -- meantime light rain and drizzle for the morning commute. icy north and west, and downpours developing, but i think the brunt of it is tomorrow night around this time with street flooding and strong winds. coming up in the main weather we'll time the squaw line, male -- squall line. back to you for now. breaking news and murder charges tonight filed against a babysitter who new york city
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child she was supposed to be caring for. the baby found lifeless in his home. his parents leaving him for the weekend with a sitter who has a criminal record. a.j. ross is at the 120th precinct of staten island with the story. >> reporter: yes, she was supposed to care for him, but instead the unthinkable hamburger stand, and now she's facing second-degree murder and first degree ago rain forest sated -- aggravated sex abuse. she's in police custody. investigators spent the better part of day interrogating her and her 53-year-old boyfriend about the 48 hours they pent caring for the young -- spent caring for the young children. when he was returned to his family late sunday he suddenly went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. doctors reported suspicious injuries on the toddler's body
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and bruises, and then the ned cal examplar -- medical examplar listed his death as a homicide. police have charged the sitter with second-degree murder and sex abuse. her neighbors say she's no strange tore trouble, and the neighbor has seen suspicious looking people in her apartment all times of night. >> all times of the day people going inside, people, you know [ inaudible ] >> reporter: and according to police fields has nine prior arrests, her 53-year-old boyfriend has 25 prior arrests. live on staten island, a.j. ross, eyewitness news. thank you. meanwhile new details in the death of another toddler in brooklyn, this time left home alone when the house caught fire. the body of the two-year-old discovered under a bed after the fire was put out this morning.
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nearly three hours later saying she left the daughter with a babysitter while he was out all night -- she was out all night drinking, but the buy by sitter denied that. now a developing story, a teacher accused of throwing a 7- year-old student across the hallway is charged with assault. a sigh of refrom the boy areas -- relief from the boy's mother that called for the arrest of the teacher. carolina leid has more. >> reporter: that teach were was suspended westbound spented from his -- teacher was suspended from her last week, and tonight just an hour ago he was officially charged in the case. the 53-year-old teacher is charged with assault and acting in a injurious to a child. >> >. you can see him, he grabbed him and threw him across the hallway. >> reporter: she says she had to do on emergency transfer after the school's principal
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year-old was the victim of abuse allege there at the hands of his -- allegedly at the hands of his teacher. the teacher allegedly grabbed him by the arms and slammed a door. >> you waited a month to tell me, i don't trust the school, you didn't care what was going on with my son, kept it from me, so i don't trust them. >> reporter: the incident happened in late december. the teacher could not be reached for comment tonight. the department of education said in a statement this behavior is deeply troubling, and we're seeking to terminate the teacher's employment. he's been removed from the class room and reassigned away from students. and they were other allegations here at the none of which were sub stanch crated. carolina leid -- substantiated. carolina leid. >. and now to vote 2016. the republican presidential caucuses underway in nevada with first results expected
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there have been reports of delays, chaos, and confusion at the polling stations. front runner donald trump went into the caucuses with a substantial lead in the polls. the other candidates, especially rubio and cruz counting on a last minute surge of votes to stop what could soon be a trump juggernaut. meanwhile clinton and sanders taking part in a town hall meeting in south carolina ahead of their presidential primary. both courting the critical african american vote, and race was indeed a topic they addressed. >> my dad, as i mentioned came from poland. i'm running for president. guess what, nobody asked for my birth certificate. maybe it's the color of my skin, i don't know. >> maybe our experiences don't equip us to understand what a lot of our african american fellow citizens go through every single day. >> democratic presidential primary in south carolina is set for this saturday. here's what's next, on saturday it's the south carolina primary
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sanders behind in the polls there to hillary clinton. then a week from tonight, super tuesday when 12 states will hold primaries, and caucuses. more delegates will be up for grabs that day on super tuesday than any other day in the primary season. bill, we're getting our first look tonight at a teen that scarred a restaurant worker for life in a brutal slashing. the 16-year-old lead out of a police precinct tonight in the village, charged with assaulting a restaurant worker. police say he slashed a box boy with a box cutter at a diner last week. the victim needed more than 130 stitches to close the gash on his face. and new at 11:00, a settlement in the eric garner case, a staten island hospital agrees to pay the family a million dollars. the settlement with the medical center was disclosed in court records. garner died after being placed into a police choke hold.
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failed to provide necessary life saving procedures. tonight an eyewitness news exclusive, video of two port authority cops confronted by a man with a gun, and having to make a split decision, shoot or don't shoot. the reaction either way could be deadly, and it's all on camera. josh einiger is at the train station in jamaica with the story. >> reporter: bill, this was a close call if you've ever seen one. the suspect was right where the camera is. the two officers around here, and they were approaching each other just a few feet away when this suspect made the sudden mover that very -- move that very nearly killed him. when you hear talk about the split second decisions police must make between life and death, this is what they're talking agent. you're about that -- about. you're about to watch an encounter with a homeless man walking out of the bathroom at
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two authority cops at their posts. watch as he pulls out a gun, and both officers step back and draw their guns, ordering the man to drop his. he leaves it on top of the wall. a successful outcome that could have gone any number of ways. this professor, an expert in the use of force, say it's a perfect exam of how -- example of how police always have to be on guard. it happened yesterday with dozens of traffic lighters, innocent by -- travelers, innocent bystanders ping through. the can be passing through. the -- passing through. the man apparently told officers i have something for you and pulled out the air pistol. he's bipolar and off his heads. cops are -- medication. cops are trained in this situation, and probably didn't fire because he didn't point it
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higher he might not have survived. >> any minute a police officer can lose their life, but at the same time experience a lot of information informs whether or not they pull the trigger or not. >> reporter: not least of which of course is presence of innocent bystanders in this terminal. after 11:00 you can see how many people are here, and that was of course another factor those officers had to take into account. as for the suspect, he was taken to jamaica hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, was later charged with several charges. live in jamaica, queens, josh einiger. thank you. >> a driver in new jersey charged with vehicle homicide tonight after a deadly crash on the in new jersey turnpike that took the life of a father and daughter. the man was arrested this afternoon, also charged with
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ended another car near the tolls in jersey city. the man was a science teacher and his 5-year-old daughter was killed when they were pushed into oncoming traffic. two workers safe tonight after a daring rescue high above the streets of manhattan. they were standed on their scaffolding -- stranded on their scaffolding, it malfunctioned as they were preparing to replace panes of glass on the 62 floor. during a delicate hour-long rescue, the firefighters cut a hole in the window and pulled the man inshipped. and new details about the death of supreme court justice scalia, he suffered from coronary artery disease, obesity, diabetes and other things that contributed to his death, and there's nothing suspicious about the death, and the autopsy was unnecessary.
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at 11:00, older brother of raul crass toe has died -- castro has died. he worked in agriculture, and known for his remarkable resemblance to fidel. patients searching for answers -- patients searching for -- parents searching for answers, their teen daughter killed while on a mission trip in africa, they're trying to
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d new at 11:00, a tragic story i a teen from the bronx dead in africa, but her family getting some solace that she died trying to change the world. she was part of a group building a school in tanzania. she drowned in a hotel pool.
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me was so beautiful. before she passed away she sent me something to let me know that the trip changed her. she said mommy it's like there's so much other than new york. people in new york stress over materialistic things, and there's so much more to life. >> so sad. a class in the school she was helping rebuild now dedicated in her memory. her body by the way still in africa. a former mta driver under evaluation after she stole a city bus. she wouldn't stop smoking on the bus when the driver took the bus out of service, she jumped in the drivers seat and took off, driving several blocks before being stopped by a quick-thinking dispatcher. she was a former driver who was fired last year. a legal challenge happening tomorrow against salt warnings
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restaurant association arguing in court against a salt warning requirement. they're required to warn customers about menu items continuing more sodium than the daily recommended limit. and if you have the travel bug, but a lot of cash we have ways to help you. you can join a miles reward program, and earn free checked bags and upgrades or sign up for travel credit cards that give you an extra mile. >> here's how some people gained that, no big purchases? they go out and buy prepaid debit cards, pay a 5-dollar per card fee, get three thousand dollars cards to use on their purchases on their card that qualifies them and gives them $400 in cash equivalence.
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writing, it doesn't pay much, but you can leverage the publicity power for free flights and hotel stays. my honor to moderate a fascinating panel on immigrants and how they influence the city. panelist diving deep into the long history of immigration here. the uber smart panelists hoping to build bridges not walls when it comes to immigration. exciting night. >> wonderful thing. >> really. did a lot of studying. >> >. yes, you did. we saw you. >> that's great. >> so, lee, steer us through, we have a lot of wild weather headed our way. >> yes, and hopefully we'll get through the morning commute with light rain, but maybe think about mass transit in the afternoon hours, real storm gear later in the day. the camera is bouncing, the guys outside earlier this the show, it's just nasty.
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the pressure still falling. we could be 15 degrees above average tomorrow evening. about a quarter inch of rain fall, about a half inch on the shore. some could see two inches by the time it's said and done thursday morning. still too close for comfort in terms of freezing temperatures, morning. -- spots tomorrow morning. temperatures creep up overnight, but not month. 36 in the morning. 40 at 7:00 in the morning, lighter rain, heavier rain if the afternoon, and the winds start gusting, and in the early evening, the threat of thunder and the wind just continues to pick up. the areas of purple here, that's 50-mile per hour wind gust, so maybe damaging winds into the evening hours. light rain and ice pellets over fairfield, duchess county, and there's the nice gap to shoe
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incredible looking storm over the south, cutting to the west, so this time we're on the warm and windy stormy side. tomorrow morning not that it's not raining, there's rain for the morning commute, just not as heavy, and it's chilly and raw, and icy spots. here's the rain in the middle of the day. temperatures start to climb. mid-50s on the jersey shore. heavy rain into the evening commute, climbing through the 50s, but the heaviest rain reserved for late night, maybe this time tomorrow night. temperatures near 60, couple of squall lines with wasn't gusts over -- windigos over miles per hour, and -- winds gusts over 50 miles per hour, and then the weather is nicer thursday morning, but we could have two inches of rain in spot, and that would mean standing water, so it's damp and raw tomorrow morning. light rain for the most part. watch out for icy spots to the north. we climb to 50 by late day, the heaviest tomorrow night, rising temperatures to near 60.
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it's a stormy wednesday and wednesday night. on thursday 56. even some breaks of sun, the winds will make it feel cooler dropping into the 40s in the afternoon. on friday, yeah, we're around 40, but with wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour it will feel like 30. things finally start to calm down over the weekend. mid-40s saturday, and the forecast high up into the mid- 50s sunday, and bill evans will have an important update on the storm in the morning. up next the most effective ways to fix acne for good, and out of control, a driver
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pa check this out, dramatic video of a car crash in connecticut that caused the partial collapse of a house. it happened in morning in west hartford. the 47-year-old driver lost control and slammed into the house causing the building's three story porch to collapse. as you can see right onto the car. the driver fortunately was not seriously hurt and no one in the home was injured. tonight's health alert, a new way to combat acne.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. >> it's a tristate hockey game.
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desperate, they both said that, came in saying they were desperate for the points. the rangers and devils. previous games were all one- goal games. the rangers on a role, the devils not so much. group of leaders tenting always -- goal tending always be big. the -- big. the rangers rally. lundquist31 saves. the game ties 2-2 late in the accepted, then the devils -- second, then the delzers on top. the -- devils on top. they get the win over the rainers. the islanders trying to get to the finish line first in minnesota. 2-0 islander lead. tavares with an assist and goal. his 23rd. islanders win on the road. for a one day excused
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yankees spring training camp. still hasn't heard about possible discipline after being investigated for domestic violence. he says he'll appeal any suspension. and reyes was placed on leave until his domestic violence investigations wrap up. he was arrested following an argument with his wife in october. mets get to florida this week, the first full squad work out friday. most of fellows are already in town. some just have bigger motors. this is cespedes in a $68,000 polaris slingshot. he's putting that big contract to good use. nets open the longest road trip in franchise history tonight. nine games.
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clear on the other side of the country. brook lopez, lillard throws up a three. fouled. four-point play. we finish with harless. tough to defend. up 70-57, the blazers right now. third quarter. finally from us, rutgers at minnesota. scarlet knights 0-14 in the big 10, but somebody was winning this one. rutgers looked good early. the steal and lay in. second half, minnesota freshman murphy takes control, and ended up with 19 points, 14 rebounds. scarlet knights still winless
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and that's the news for now, i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm bill ritter. thanks for watching. we return in the morning at 4:30 with an important update on the big weather and rains coming tomorrow. for all of us here, have ambrette night. we'll see you tomorrow. >> -- a great night.
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>> good night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ellen pompeo, from "the walking dead", norman reedus, and music from yo gotti featuring travis barker, with cleto and the cletones.


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