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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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facade onto a treat in east elmhurst. >> mj burkett is on long island. we begin with lab nelson in rockaway -- rob nelson on rockaway beach. >> reporter: this was the scenech a dramatic situation. as you said, at this hour, all of the men are safe, which means now the salvage operation can begin. >> it looks like an 80 to a 100 foot fishing boat. [unintelligible] >> reporter: just as the sun was rising this morning, a coast guard helicopter hovered above the waters off rockaway beach trapping the seven fishermen in a basket-like device and safely dropping them on the beach for medical attention. they were quickly wrapped in
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are you doing okay? >> i'm fine. >> reporter: the fishing vessel ran aground for unknown reasons perhaps because of the surf that continued to toss the boat even during the rescue. >> i think mechanical issues, they wound up losing power and being pushed up onto >> reporter: the waters were so rough that a 25 foot rescue vessel capsized as it tried to make its way to the fishing boat. board and made it back to shore safely after encountering 10 to 12 foot waves. >> you can see the surf is severe and the boat is being tossed around. >> reporter: it took less than an hour to get the fishermen back to safe ground. now the next phase of the operation is to get their boat out as well after eight days at sea. an operation that might have to wait until high tide. >> at this point, we're confident once the weather dies down we'll be able to pull this thing off the beach.
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to imagine that really what churned up the waters behind me was the big storm system that moved through last night including gusty winds that are continuing at this hour. i specifically asked why they couldn't get out and walk to the shore. they said when the boat got trapped it was 200 feet out to farther toward the shore by the
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again, proving how strong that storm system was and how brutal the storm was. rob nelson, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> it can get dangerous out there. so many residents are cleaning up from the storms with downed trees and knocked out power lines keeping utility crews busy throughout the day. there are problems across the tri-state area. m j burkette is live with the latest. >> reporter: allwood avenue here, a residential side street. lines down, poems down, lights out. this is not widespread across long island, more isolated and confined largely to the north shore of long island. there were a number of homes and businesses that lost power. the noise in the middle of the night was terrifying. the howling winds were like the soundtrack to a horror film like a disaster movie after a storm that caught many people off guard. >> the tree came to the top of my house and my daughter's bedroom. we're grateful that she's okay.
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of power outages are on the north shore of long island where there are the largest number of trees. we found trees resting on power lines and traffic lights at a key intersection knocked out. a total of 90,000 homes and businesses lost power, but utility crews scrambled through the night and into the morning, bringing more than 75% of them back online within a matter of hours. >> we woke up this morning to see a piece of fence blown out by my neighbor, and then my house had the basketball hoop down and that was it. this is the worst i've seen so far. >> reporter: the wind is still whipping at this hour. some 12,500 homes and businesses are still without power. the utility is get most of the homes and businesses back online by the end of the day. we will continue to follow the power restoration effort in
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a full report is coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 tonight. nj burkett, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. the fierce winds tore down trees and power lines in west chester county as well. school in bedford was closed because of the damage. live power lines sparked as they hit the ground in elmsford overnight. firefighters raced to put water on the wires. in nearby yonkers, a large tree came crashing down striking two cars that blocked the road. fortunately, no one was hurt. in new jersey, a downed tree shut down route 27 near omaha road. it didn't get removed until this morning because high winds continued to be a problem through the night. now that that storm is behind us, we're bracing for a big drop in the temperature. >> meteorologist bill evans is in the weather center with an update. >> reporter: the winds last night, some 70 mile-per-hour reports in west chester county.
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eastern long island. we're talking tropical storm and near hurricane force winds. now the temperature has dropped to 49. we started the day at 61. so the temperature drops come around to the southeast, and now eventually southwest and then eventually northwest. so we're looking at still sustained winds at 24 miles per this will continue near the gusts in the last few hours. 40 at new work. 40 at la guardia. 37 around jfk. these winds will hang around today and into tonight and a breezy day. the temperature is dropping. so look at these wind gusts. 52 miles per hour at islip. south and southwest like that, it really holds that fishing vessel right into the sands.
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and have another commercial ship pull it out. we've got flooding issue as long the pa tayeic and the mill scone river around to some spot where's there's been isolated flooding. there's still a few showers up the hudson river valley that is pushing off to the north. the temperatures will continue to drop. it will get bitterly cold. we'll talk about the weekend in a moment. shirleen, david, back to you. 11 vehicles including a charter bus crashed leaving several people hurt. take a look at this video. now we know what may have caused the accident in new jersey. toni yates is in south brunswick with the story. >> reporter: one thing police know is that this accident was not weather-related at all. take a look at the cars behind me, crushed by that bus as drivers were sitting at the red light at route 130 and friendship road waiting for the light to turn green.
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ten cars in all hit. seven people injured. three are seriously injured all take ton robert wood johnson hospital. police interviewed the driver of the coach bus. he says he was headed to monroe township to pick up a group of people, so no one was on the bus at the time of the crash except the driver. we spoke to captain james ryanp police department. >> there was a line of traffic stopped in the two lanes. the bus failed to stop. it struck ten vehicles sending some of the vehicles into nearby fields. two of the people had to be extricated by the fire department. three people were seriously injured and at another seven people injured. 11 people involved in the accident. the roadway was closed for an extensive period of time as we tried to clear up the accident scene. >> reporter: back live now at the garage where these cars and the bus are being held. police this afternoon were going to shut down the intersection, again, to take
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they also expect to interview the driver again. look at those cars. some were pushed into the woods. one of those cars there's actually a tree branch that went through the roof of that car. police tell us that those serious injuries, one person had his back broken. another woman had her pelvis broken. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you much more. for now, we're live in south brunswick. toni yates, "eyewitness news." two years after the shooting, suffolk county police are releasing surveillance video to help boost information into the attack of this own who're was shot by masked gun -- owner who was shot by masked gunmen. you can see him running after being shot. it took him two months to recover from the surgery to his head and eye. >> we hope that
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could assist law enforcement. >> emileous is offering a reward. a sexting controversy, racy text messages involving the nassau county executive. was it a hoax? >> plus, an abc news exclusive. for the first time, apple's ceo tim cook talking about why he does not want to unlock i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn,
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you'll get 100 meg internet, tv, phone and more for $89.99 a month. and now, get a $300 reward card. call today. apple's chief executive is looking to stand up against the fbi. in an interview with world news tonight david muir, cook
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the government's request to unlock the iphone of the killer. he says they wouldn't to force apple to write software that leaves customers vulnerable to hackers all around the world. about this phone. the only way to get information at least currently the only way we know would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent to cancer. we think it's bad to write and have never written it. that is what is at stake. >> reporter: apple was urged in an open letter to comply in its investigation. apple is expected to file a formal objection to the fbi's request on friday. tonight, the republican candidates for president had their last debate before super tuesday. donald trump is coming off wins. marco rubio suggested the big
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other candidates splitting up the electorate. both cruz and rubio questioned trump forge last night. bernie sanders will spend today in ohio, flint, michigan, and chicago. for the first time, beijing can boast of having more billionaires than new york city. the monthly magazine that ranks the wealthiest people in the world bringing the total number of billionaires to 100 for beijing. our city has just 95. moscow has 66 billionaires. so all of you wanna-be billionaires out there, get busy. >> yeah, step it up! new information for mothers about the zika virus. could breast-feeding in areas why the disease is spreading
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right now, thousands are without power in virginia, merrill, and d.c. central -- maryland, and d.c. central pennsylvania also suffered damage with 50 homes ripped apart. amazingly, nothing in this area. >> back home, nothing compared to that. >> we have 70 mile-per-hour >> yeah, we do. tornadic activity. that is the same storm coming up through the ohio valley. we'll still get wind from that. it will curve around and head toward toronto and into the canadian maritimes. here at noon, we have the cloudy skies with a little wind out here. it's starting to get a little chilly now that the temperatures dropped into the 40s and the wind picks up. we'll take a couple of looks at what's happening with folks on the west side. we're looking at camera 4 looking south. here's the camera in astoria.
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the wind for the afternoon will still be going 20, 25 miles per hour, and there will be gusts up to around 40. the humidity is drying out around 89% this morning. the winds are southwest. the gusts in the park are about 25 miles per hour. you see that barometer? 29.26 to 28. that is really low. the rainfall in the park, an inch and a half. we might see a little bit of sunset at 5:4 the temperatures have been dropping. owe pack congress here pittsburgh hopatcong here at 60. now the wind, which was south this morning has turned around southwest. eventually, the wind will go northwest. that'll usher in even colder air as the temperature is dropping. you can see to the north, these profiles back out to the west, more of that will drop down to the northwest this evening as our low pressure system which is up around buffalo to toronto going north. you see the wind gusts have
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even in the overnight hours across long island. snow showers are back here to the west. our low center is here around buffalo and toronto. into canada. that will pull this cold air with it as it comes around. this will kind of just pull the northwest winds in here this evening. the temperature will drop like a rock tonight. looking at the rainfall totals. 2.25 inches of rain in northern new jersey. that's where there's no flooding issues there. an inch and three-quarters up towards white maxp. get a snow shower or flurry because of this cold air crashing in and squeezing out by tomorrow afternoon, we're in the upper 30s. with a northwest wind, it will feel like the 20s tomorrow. to start the day on saturday, 15 toward monticello.
12:21 pm
so windy and mild this afternoon. spotty shower and temperature keeps dropping tonight to 24 in the suburbs. blustery and colder with highs around 38. you'll see in the seven-day forecast, we'll be looking at what's going to be, you know, warmer weather as we get into the weekend. we'll start warping on up toward -- warming on up toward monday and tuesday with temperatures near 60 degrees. >> 60 degrees? >> yeah, check that out. >> you are trying to cram too much. >> a little bit of this, a little bit of that. >> enjoy. >> we'll try. thank you, bill. new details about the uber driver accused of going on a deadly shooting spree. the driver's family talks exclusively with abc news. hear what he told relatives days before the rampage.
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caught on camera, coming face-to-face with an of the animals he wants to protect while in africa. the senator was in africa to address wildlife poaching and trafficking. the senator from arizona is pushing to end wildlife
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the bill would require u.s. task forces to work with african countries to address poaching threats. amazing new pictures from the european southern observatory. you are looking at images of the entire milky way galaxy. it was mapped by the apex telescope in chile, the sharpest map of the galaxy to date. apaysing. firefighters from new york and florida are in las vegas to learn how to be firefighters. they are practicing on the world's tallest fareis wheel. a lot of firefighters will be immediated to save passengers if this should ever get stuck. >> it's hands-on opportunities for us. we don't have this in new york. >> reporter: there are plans to
12:26 pm
other in surrounding areas. a shocking discovery involving allegations of sexting and its ties. coming up, the latest into the probe involving one of long politicians. what police say they now know about the case. and fighting the flu, a nation. we have surprising information about this year's flu vaccine. >> and what erin andrews' father said in court that made the tv star break down. "eyewitness news" is coming right back. first, the live midday new york
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top stories this afternoon. a coast guard vessel overturned while assisting a fishing boat that ran aground. this happened early this morning at the rockaway peninsula in queens. coast guard crew members were able to swim safely to shore. the helicopter lifted the seven strappedded fishermen to safety. the big cleanup after the storm is under way with gusting winds knocking down trees, poles, and wires. there are more than 13,000 customers on long aisle without power.
12:30 pm
bus slammed into nearly a dozen cars in new jersey. several people hurt after this morning's wreck in south brunswick opinion the driver said the brakes just did not work. >> we begin with a developing story in new jersey. the prosecutor's office investigating a shooting in patterson at a 7-eleven store. >> it happened in the mid am of the morning in front of witnesses. you can imagine how scary that must have been. >> reporter: you were pointing out this is an investigation that is in the very early stages at this point by the prosecutor's office and also the patterson police. what we are hearing from witnesses who saw what had happened was there was a shooting that occurred outside of the 7-eleven earlier in the morning here. there were three people that were standing out here and that one man was eventually shot. what we are still trying to pin
12:31 pm
an undercover or off-duty police officer that could have been involved in the shooting as well. it took place here and listen to what one of the witnesses had to say what she saw. >> the guy came out with the gun and said there was a robbery. the cop told him, put down your gun, i am an undercover cop. he didn't want to do it. he just got shot. the other one ran. >> reporter: again, we don't know if, you know, just what prompted this whole thing, whether it was a robbery that took place inside of the store. certainly, the shooting took place and could also be one suspect on the run at this point as well. again, very early stages in this investigation. we'll stay on top of it and bring you the latest. reporting live in patterson, news." also new this half hour it was all a hoax. this is the shocking finding into the sexting scandal investigation of nassau county executive ed mangano.
12:32 pm
were accused of sending inappropriate texts to each other. today, nassau county police say it was all a hoax. >> stacey sager is live with more on this. stacey? >> reporter: well, dave, when it comes to nassau county executive ed mangano and pr executive kareem karo there was no sexting. there was no hacking. police say this was a fabrication, a hoax, a document created by someone with an agenda. >> as far as i'm concerned, the sexting case is closed. >> reporter: mincing no words, police say despite all of this, they did an exhaustive investigation of deleted phone records and even license plate records into whether or not there was any sexting between nassau county executive ed mangano and pr executive carin karo.
12:33 pm
showed that these two did not sex each other. with the evidence i have, the phones were not hacked or spoofed. this document could have been created by anyone. >> reporter: they then put up a slide of the purported it that con attains from some google, some from celebrity breakups pasted. after the news conference, both disputed the allegations responded. "as i stated, the moment this matter was brought to my attention, my family and i are the victims of a hoax per pep individual. now i respectfully ask that you this matter." karo seen in this video from a couple of years ago with mangano having received two no- bid contracts from the county at a time mangano was under
12:34 pm
were doled out. county executive man dan mangano has been repeatedly dogged by federal probes of his political cronies. the 52-year-old father of two adamantly denied this. so did miss karo, who police say is going through a bitter divorce. live in mass meek with a park, "eyewitness news." virus and new mothers. the world health organization says it is safe for mothers who are infected to breast-feed. experts say that there is no evidence that the mosquito breast-feeding mothers. there's been a huge spike in the number of flu cases. 3.4% of all doctor visits last week were related to the flu. flu season isn't expected to peak until march.
12:35 pm
died from flu complications this year alone. this season is still considered a mild version of it >> the vaccine is 59% effective. it takes one to two weeks to kick in. so now is the time if you haven't gotten the vaccine to go ahead. >> dr. besser reminds us there are plentych ways to avoid getting the flu. cover your mouth with coughs and sneezes, wash your hands often and avoid sick people and stay home if you are ill. mexico's drug kingpin known as el chapo will likely face chile here in brooklyn. the "new york times" reports if mexico agrees to extradite guzman, he will be tried in new york city's federal court for fueling the drug trade in mexico and the u.s. crews had to clean up a fuel spill after strong winds
12:36 pm
level of the george washington bridge. the 18 wheel her been in the eastbound lanes when winds blew it over into the westbound lanes. that was at 9:30 last night money the upper level was closed in both directions until just after midnight causing a matsch every backup. the truck is registered to a pennsylvania company. the buildings department will try to figure out what caused a partial collapse of a multifamily home in the bronx. it happened around 10:00 last night. no one was hurt. surrounding buildings were evacuated as a precaution. ten people were forced out of their homes. we lot of rough weather. let's look at the after-school forecast. >> the gloomy look with the clouds across the area. the hudson river behind me as we look northward, too. the winds will still be cranking out of the southwest. we'll get 49 degrees now. temperatures will continue to
12:37 pm
we see a few showers off to the north. after stool, you will just have clouds and maybe a peek of sun later on. there could be a passing sprinkle or shower. it will be windy into the evening after school. day. shalane, david, back to you. coming up, a possible replacement on justice scalia
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new details now in the deadly shooting rampage over the weekend in michigan. we are learning more about the suspect's behavior before the shooting from his family's attorney. elizabeth hur has the abc news exclusive. >> i first want to express the family's utter shock and sympathy for the victims. >> reporter: through their attorney, uber driver jason dalton's wife and parents are speaking out for the first time exclusively to abc news. >> a fairly gregarious character, good father, well known in the community, well liked, and there was nothing to indicate that something like this would occur. >> reporter: he only started driving for uber two weeks before the shooting. now he's in jail facing six counsels of murder. >> they are thinking like everybody else, why.
12:41 pm
mystery even to his family, but according to the attorney and the days leading up to the rampage, daulton's wife sensed a change in his behavior. >> his wife asked him and he said he was tired. just his demeanor that he seemed to be depressed and down. it was not his normal character. >> reporter: on the day of the shooting, daulton's family was out running errands. the attorney also rae vealing dalton went to his parents' house telling his family his equinox had been sideswiped and he needed to switch cars then headed back out with his parents' chevy hhr. the attorney denied reports that the family was having financial troubles at the time of the arrest, again, stressing the family is also desperate to learn why this happened. elizabeth hur, channel 7
12:42 pm
>> thank you, elizabeth. brian sandoval has not been contacted by the president but there are rumors he will be contacted by the president. he met with harry reid monday and is said to be on the president's short list. nominating a republican could be an attempt to reach out to senate republicans. bad conditions and low pay. those are the main issues in a route filed by parking production assistants against some major companies. the assistants set up street movie shoots. they say they sit in their cars for hours at a time keeping an eye on film vehicles and using buckets as bathrooms. the common fee for work like this is a flat $15. assistants say the -- flat $150. assistants say they work sometimes for 100 hours.
12:43 pm
the young woman with a massive tumor and the doctors had to try to save her life. >> and shooting for support. how a community in new jersey [car starting] [engine revving]
12:44 pm
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12:46 pm
a close call for a rite aid pharmacy work who're tried to stop two -- worker who tried to stop two thieves. they were stealing shaving razors when a store clerk confronted them. they threatened to shoot him, so he backed off. police hope someone can identify them. erin andrews is suing her stalker and the owners and managers of a tennessee marriott hotel. she was videotaped there through a peephole. she says the hotel intentionally placed michael david barrett next to her. andrews' father says eight years later, his daughter is "a
12:47 pm
>> she's a very, very changed person. she's not the girl that we used to know. >> lawyers say barrett is tricked them and asked for andrews' room nun before booking the room next door. hundreds gathered in union city for a fund-raiser to help a 5-year-old girl struggling to beat cancer. the event was called battle for bella. she's undergoing chemotherapy. she was diagnosed last summer. even though the family has health insurance, the extra costs are adding up. neighbors touched by her story organized this coaches versus cops basketball fund-raiser at the city's middle school. >> she has a great soul. she loves to dance, likes to sing. sheep's always happy, and that's inspiring. >> are you going to dance for
12:48 pm
>> how charming is bella? you know, she suffered a stroke during her first chemotherapy session. that forced her to miss pre-k. bella, we've got a lot of people out there who love you and want to send you all of the best. >> we want bella to just be a little girl. >> absolutely. how's that weather looking out there? >> you will need coats and jackets as we go into the evening. it will get cold. you have the rain gear and wind gear. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> if you way less than 100 pounds yesterday, it was a very long day. now you look northward and we have the cloudy skies. here are the good folks on the upper west side. our cameras are still wide out there.
12:49 pm
are bundled up here at noontime. we're going to be seeing the cloud with breaks of sun. folks have started to bundle up and stay warm because the winds are now out of the west at 13, gusting at 0. so that wind comes blasting right through the buildings. it's going to go northwest. so 49 feels like 40 degrees. 48 the temperature. it will get colder. the temperatures will keep dropping. overnight, our temperature was 60. 61 in poughkeepsie. now poughkeepsie is 50. so it's dropped 11 degrees since this morning. temperatures will keep following. 48 bridgeport. here are those winds out of the southwest and west. you know, normally that would be a nice, warm wind because the area.
12:50 pm
from the west. a few showers popped up and it's still continuing to go that way. the low is centered around toronto and puff low. it will ride up through lawsuits bignd, as it leaves, you start to see flurries making it to binghamton to snow up to the catskills. we look to start your day tomorrow 3 2, 33 with the wind that will feel like the teens and 20s. tomorrow afternoon, we're only around 36 for the high. it will be much colder than normal. saturday morning, we start off in the 20s. it starts to warm up. windy and mild, spotty showers. partly cloudy, colder tonight. 24 around the five boroughs. plenty of sunshine tomorrow, but it is a blustery cold day. the accuweather seven-day forecast, you will be looking at 38 on friday. 42 saturday. that will feel better pause the
12:51 pm
then sunday will be nice and sunny with a high of 56. look at monday. 59 degrees and possible shower. we have temperatures above normal next week. >> you must be exhausted from all of this. disple's out of breath. -- he's out of breath. >> up and down and up and down. >> that would be boring. >> who needs that. >> thank you. it turned out to be a mess. doctors in peru say that the tumor had been growing for eight years and was 35 pounds. the tumor was successfully removed from this woman wednesday. surgery took more than three hours. the tumor freed patience so she can now fulfill her dream of studying accounting. >> first what's up next on "the chew." >> clinton will show you how to have an incredible party
12:52 pm
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hey there i'm liz cho. we're going along with the nypd for the most dangerous type of patrolling where officers never know what's behind the next corner. inside the brooklyn connection, this year's oscar statues and what's so special about the final coating of gold, oscar gold. those stories and much more. i used to be an another state. >> nothing better than brooklyn gold. >> thank you. >> thanks, liz. it is time now for a dad's
12:56 pm
>> i feel like i need to reset what happened. >> rob, what happened at a video. >> his son was checking out the movie "where hope grows" and one of the kids asked what that was. the father illness. scott, the father of a 5-year- old with down syndrome wanted to chime in, so he didn't. so everything he wanted to say he says in this video. it has been seen more than a million times. >> you know what i love about it? he talks about how down syndrome is a beautiful thing and all of the wonderful things. >> he says it's the best thing he's ever had in his life. a cat is all of the that happened in sheboygan, wisconsin which i love to say and ended in naples, florida. when a brutal storm let her cat nadya escape, she began the desperate effort to find her cat. she turned to social media and
12:57 pm
naples, florida said i think i found your cat. when she had the vet check the microchip, something for everyone to do, they discovered it was nadya. now how that cat made it from wisconsin to florida is a mystery but she's finally reunited. >> she discovered that napeles
12:58 pm
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attention parents: before school this september all kids entering 7th and 12th grades must get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today.
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