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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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today, the phrases cut and pasted from various internet sites, even from quotes regarding celebrity break ups not from them. >> every search we ran through can't find it was sent. >> reporter: after the news conference both of them responded, the woman simply tweeted thank you, and ed mangano with this. as i stated the moment this matter was brought to my attention, my family and i are the victims of a hoax. and the woman received two big contracts when ed mangano was under scrutiny for how the contracts were doled out. and ed mangano has been under a lot of scrutiny late lyams
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friends, some convicted of corruption. meanwhile, he adamantly denied this. he's the married father of two. the woman also adamantly denied this, in fact we spoke to her attorney a short time ago, and he wants police and the district attorney to figure out who put this information out there in the first place. stacey sager, channel 7, eyewitness news. thank you. also on long island, new video tonight of a shooting at oheka castle in huntington. will it help solve this two- year-old case? it shows the owner of the castle, gary melius, walking to his car as the suspect approaches. he fires at least one shot through the driver side window that hits him in the face and runs away. the police say they're bringing in the fbi on board to help with this investigation. promising a complete investigation into how the city's child welfare agency handed or mishandled the case
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alone and killed in a fire. there had been complaints to the city before the tragedy that her mother has been leaving the girl home alone. political reporter dave evans is at city hall with much more on the investigation. david? >> reporter: right now the spotlight is on acs, the administration for childrens services and it's interesting, before the mayor was elected he pushed for more money and workers for acs, now that he's accomplished that, despite that, and despite acs off intervening, sometimes children have died. the city opened its investigation on the mother february 15th. there was a complaint her 2- year-old daughter was being left alone. on monday night police say the mother went out with friends, came back early tuesday morning to find her apartment destroyed by fire, and her daughter was inside. sources say the little girl, alone, panicked, tried to hide under a bed and died.
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city have done something to intervene? something to save the girl. >> one of the things that i have learned with acs, nypd, and many other case, the first variation is often not the truth, we need the full investigation, and if we have the facts, if something is not good enough we'll change it. >> reporter: the mayor promised a full investigation, but said ac is much better today than in the past, and earmarked $10 million extra over the last two years, and hired over 100 more employee, caseworkers, lawyer, year. also investigators have a smaller case load of 12 per worker instead of 15 or higher. >> it will acs did not have enough personnel when i came into office, we added a lot more personnel and training, but every case teaches us. >> reporter: and the mayor said each case teaches us either a.
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child died or b despite the best efforts the child died anyway. the mayor promised a full investigation, and we'll let us know the results no matter what they find. dave evans, eyewitness news. thank you. exactly what caused a charter bus to lose control and slam into ten cars in new jersey, a bus failing to stop on route 30, about 6:30 this morning. cops questioned the driver who claimed the brakes failed. brakes are found. 7 people are hurt, two suffered serious fractures. a man in the bronx critically injured after being struck with falling bricks. one brick struck the 49-year- old man as he walked outside his building. his brother found him after
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>> like a big loud sound and my husband checked from the window and a body was lying there, so we called the cops. >> another building in the bronx heavily damaged in the nasty weather was ordered to be torn down. it was already in bad shape from a previous fire. >> trees falling on power lines around the area, like this one on long island that left house without electricity, still at this hour. also right now more than 13,000 customers still out power, 7,000 on long island, 4,000 in new jersey, and more than 2400 in westchester county, and a tree catched into this family's home hissing their teen daughter by inches. parts of west chester county
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>> reporter: bill, behind me the sound of machinery, the clean up continues at this hour here in new rochelle, leading to closed roads, and even closed schools. >> it's like a double thump, two things fell, and the two trees must have fell at the same time. >> reporter: that double thump was a double dose of damage on the block, they brought down power line, a sight seen over and over throughout the town. >> it doesn't look good. looks a lot worse than i anticipated. any time they topple they have to replace the pole, it's going to be fairly long term. >> reporter: though only a few hundred residents lost power, so many of the roads in the city were impassable it was impossible for school buss to travel through town. school was canceled today.
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had to turn around leaving people trying to figure out how to get around. >> we had to turn around and go back into town the other direction, and took care of some business, and now heading back out. >> any recommendations on how to get there? >> reporter: last night the weather impacted several communities, emergency crews dealing with live wires and crushed cars, like this one. the fallen tree on 5th avenue caused more than just property damage. because it's a dead end street, residents were effectively trapped on their block all night and day. >> you're stuck. you have no timetable, nobody is telling you anything. there's a woman in tears because she's about to lose her job. they're not happy with her not showing up for work, but nobody knows anything. >> reporter: frustrating day for residents for sure, finally getting some relief. the residents unable to drive off the block, but the clean up
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all be resolved within the next few hours. marcus solis, channel 7 news. thank you. well the winds from the storm were just ferocious, and now comes the colder temperatures. >> tracking the winds from last night and colder temperatures ahead, lee goldberg is outside the studios. >> reporter: that warm wind has turned wintry. the wind gusts in the 60-mile per hour range in the most of the area, but how about these wind gusts? near hurricane force over parts of valley, just a remarkable one. now we have wind gusts of 30, even 37 miles per hour, but it's a cold biting wind now, so the numbers are dropping, started the day at 61. lost 20 degrees in new york city, and will lose nine or ten more. the wind chills dropping toward freezing, and we actually have
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the cold winds will continue overnight. wind chills in the teens and lower 20s tomorrow, and this is a quick cold spell though. a shot of winter, the temperatures spring back over the weekend. more on that in the seven-day forecast when i come inside thankfully. >> bring on march. we'll see you in a few. also ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00, a dramatic rescue, a helicopter used to rescue if i cannerman stranded -- fisherman stranded. >> but the helicopter was only called in of a coast guard vessel capsized in the rough waters off queens.
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a dramatic helicopter rescue of fibbers panelist on a -- fisherman on a boat in distress, and it almost came to disaster. >> yes, the coast guard boat on the way to rescue them capsized in rough waters and huge waves off the coast of queens. >> everyone is all right tonight, but it was nearly a tragedy for everyone. here's more. >> looks like 80 to about a hundred foot fishing boat [ inaudible ]
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trapped off -- fisherman trapped offshore, the carolina queen 3 an aground. the question now is how did it happen. >> there could have been a number of things that went wrong to lead to a series of events. >> reporter: the coast guard investigators meeting with the rescued fisherman at jamaica medical center to piece together what went wrong. they're not ruling out the rough surf. >> reporter: >> >. between the conditions and mechanical issues they lost power. >> reporter: by dawn the coast guard rescue teams are in the sky, plucking the fisherman one by one using a basket because the current was too dangerous to swim in. >> >. one of the coast guard rescue people went into the water and couldn't handle it, so the conditions were deceiving. >> reporter: the fisherman were quickly wrapped in blankets
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frigid even for dive teams. the water so rough a 25-foot coast guard rescue vessel capsized after striking a sand bar, despite having to battle 12-foot wave, five guard mens on board -- members on board swam safely to shore. the boat has been out at sea for eight day, should it have been out there during the storm? they say there are minimal regulations for these ships. coast guard investigators concluded official interview, and don't believer negligence was a factor. >> wow,. just ahead on eyewitness news, a large chain restaurant tries some new breakfast items for the calorie conscious consumer, but is it really what you want from that restaurant?
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all right, mcdonalds is testing out new healthier breakfastologists. starting this week -- breakfast. starting this week people in la you can pick up low carb breakfast bowls with eggs and sausage. the chain is also starting to use lower calorie yogurt in its parfaits. but the kale salad has like 1200-calories right? because of the chicken. >> i'll take a mcgridde. or the bacon egg and cheese biscuit. >> warm me up. >> it is cold and windy out there still! >> it really is. after a 60-degree night, you
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let's hope it's a safer night on the bridge. still thinking we'll have wind gurleys over 30 -- gusts over 30 miles per hour, and it makes it feel like freezing. the high today 61. we could get back there by the weekend. the flood warnings going to stay in effect until later innocent for small creeks and streams -- tonight for the small creeks and streams, you know, no major street flooding or anything like that, parts of central new jersey, and some small streams, minor flooding there until late tonight. hudson valley into connecticut lower 40s. after sunset we'll dive to the upper 30,
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to 25 or 35 miles per hour, and we'll wake up to wind chills until the teens. the air from the west, this is about a 36 hour shot of chill. taking us into saturday morning, and then things start to recover. couple of showers and wet snow flakes around in the early evening hours. clouds start to break later on tonight. sunshine not the problem tomorrow, only in the 30s with the gusty wind out of the northwest, in the 20s much of the day. showers really weakening, light rain over the hudson valley mixes with snow flakes in spring valley, light showers over the island and over pennsylvania that seem to be weakening. there's the storm from yesterday shifting away, but now we're on the colder side of it pouring in from hudson bay. that's with us until saturday morning. then it slips to the south, get on the warmer side of it, and temperatures start to skyrocket
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sunday. so during the evening hours, showers diminishing by tomorrow morning in the 20s across the area, then bounce to the upper 30s with sunshine, but feel like 20s during the day. brisk and colder tonight. tomorrow bright and gusty, and down to 26 tomorrow night with a diminishing wind. going into saturday, again we have hah, but remember -- 45, but remember the morning hours still in the teens and 20s. 60 sunday, 59 monday. the next threat of significant rain fall is really wednesday of next week, seems we're in there pattern to get most of the rain in the mid-week, but still looking like rain fall. across the board cold tomorrow, wednesday warm up, and rain in about a week's time, but no snow in the forecast other than a couple of flakes tonight. all right? >> somewhere like that, yes, totally. no snow in tampa, florida
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lucky rob is there with the yankees. >> reporter: well, the yankees pitchers finally have company here in tampa. the every day position players have shown up. it's day number one for the yankees full squad, and a-rod takes credibility of the
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is there a more magical sound than a bat hitting a ball? maybe there is, but right now since it's sports there's not. rob is in tampa. >> reporter: let's play ball, a different kind of mood on day one, more of a business as usual and the business starts today kind of mood, but there was a point where all of the attention focused on lucky number 13.
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>> reporter: the crowd knew he was coming and alex rodriguez did not disappoint, on field to start another season, there's no doubt who the big draw is. >> i'm in a good place, i've worked hard and my body feels good, so i'll do what i did last year. >> reporter: there was so much unknown last year, but the only question today is why he's on the field with a glove? >> >. i thought that was funny, but alex has always been a guy worthy of attention, and i don't think it's ever going to change. >> reporter: he provided so much more than expected last year, and now the yankees know what they have were, and they look it. >> you look at production and the on base percentage, he was big for the club. >> i know 2015 for me was in many ways a cinderella season, and i don't take it for granted. to wear the uniform at the age
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>> reporter: the other big news is gardener still suffering from a wrist injury, and chapman with another personal day this week. everybody elsewhere there for the first full squad work out too. >> getting back in form for the rest of the season, and i'm looking forward to getting out there and playing games. >> >. i think we have a really good group and can do some damage. >> reporter: and while it's not exactly play ball yet, it's getting closer, and so are the yankees. >> >. we have one goal, and that's to win a world championship. >> reporter: meanwhile here in florida t mets finishing up physicals with their first full squad work out tomorrow. for conforto, that means his first spring training as a starter, he know it is hard work is just beginning.
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take it any differently, i think it's a blessing that i'm here with this team and with the big league spring training squad, but i think i need to have that same mentally, keep a hungry attitude, continue to improve myself as much as i can. >> reporter: major league baseball continues trying to speed up the rate of its play announcing today any mound visit by a manager or coach will be timed to 30 second, and they have banned rolling block slides to break up double plays. the runner now must make contact with the ground prior to the base while still be able to reach and stay on the base without initiating contact. we have basketball news t knicks have the knight -- the knicks have the night off and
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the nets and joe johnson agreeing on a contract buy out, finishing the final year of a six-year deal. the production down, the team going nowhere, and he'll be a free agent once he clears waivers. and we're with the yankees on our way now to see the mets. live with the mets tomorrow. >> all right, thanks rob. >> enjoy! >> lucky rob! let's take a look at stories for 11:00. sade baderinwa is here. >> well, bill, new information on mexican drug trafficker el chapo, what will happen if he's extradited to the united states, and up late at night and don't know what to eat? the snack that won't hurt your weight. >> imagelessing that's a -- i'm guessing that's a slice of pizza. world news is up n, for all
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for all of us here, have a great night. breaking news. we're on the scene, the deadly tornado outbreak. at least eight dead, including a 2-year-old. more than 30 twisters from texas to pennsylvania. homes destroyed. this truck blown over on the gw bridge in new york. the coast guard trying to save this boat. the showdown tonight. is this the last chance for the other candidates to try and take down donald trump before super tuesday? and, the eye-opening new poll tonight from marco rubio's own state of florida. is trump unstoppable, even there? just 24 hours after our exclusive with apple's ceo, tim cook, the fierilyreery moments on capitol hill today. and just tonight, apple answers the judge. new reporting tonight after a passenger jet slams into a runway. the emergency evacuation. and sylvester stallone, coming back into focus. will he deliver a knockout punch


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