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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> he's a nasty guy. >> reporter: trump retaliated poking fun at how marco rubio once drank water in a live republican response to the state of the union address. >> it's rubio! [ cheering ] >> reporter: and trump was brutal saying marco rubio has a problem with nerves and sweating a lot. >> can you imagine putin sitting there waiting for a meeting, and marco rubio is walking in totally drenched. >> reporter: a few weeks ago christie wasn't so nice about trump. >> show time is over, everybody. we're not electing an entertainer in chief. >> reporter: but today prize for trump, and hitting hard at marco rubio. >> i find it fascinating that someone that barely shows up for work in the circumstances years he's a senator is going to talk about somebody else being unprepared. >> and you might remember in the race it's governor christie that caught marco rubio
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times, and his attack hurt matsuzaka a lot, so -- marco rubio a lot, so christie is promising to help trump on the campaign trail between now and move. >> dave evans, thank you. now to the democrats, the south carolina primary is tomorrow, but both hillary clinton and sanders clearly looking ahead to super tuesday as well. clinton focusing on georgia in listen, and that city -- atlanta, and that city's mayor introducing her at a rally. and sanders trailing carolina, but continuing his days long zig zag in the midwest, starting today in a town hall rally in flint, michigan and talked about the water crisis, and then headed to minnesota to discuss tribal issues with native american turning now to the other news of the night, and yet another slashing attack here in manhattan. a 60-year-old man slashed in the face at a subway station in midtown. the slasher in the wind, the victim taken to the hospital on the upper east side. stacey sager is there tonight
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>> reporter: well, liz, this latest victim was treated here, fortunately his injuries are not too severe, but you know the latest up tick in these types of crimes is cause for concern, subway crime and slashings throughout the city are on the rise. it was the heart of the morning rush here in midtown, and yet another slashing here on the subway. this time, police say, it was here at 57th and 7th avenue, the n, q, and r train where this 60-year-old man was slashed in the face and hand, then continued to ride the train to work covering his gash, but eventually called police and went to the hospital. meanwhile the slasher, police say, left the train station, and remains on the loose. authorities say the suspect was blocking a doorway to the train, when the victim was getting on. the two exchanged words, and the suspect pulled out a pocket knife. riders in midtown rattled again.
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i don't like to see that, we need more prefers out here. >> reporter: the statistics troubling, so many victims throughout the city this year, compared to 503 in the same time last year, a 21 percent increase. >> i don't want anyone else to experience this. >> reporter: in recent days, eyewitness news spoke to several slashing victims, this 71-year-old woman was also randomly slashed in a near bleeker, and this man needed 150 stitches and a nerve graft to repair his injuries, and this college students in the bronx needing three layers of stitches on her face. the mayor repeatedly said these types of crimes are still rare, but statistic show serious crime on the sun r subway is up -- subway is up 18 percent. >> you never think it's going
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>> reporter: now police are still looking for the suspect in this case, a 40-year-old man who ran out of that subway station at 57th and 7th avenue. as for the victim, he was on his way to work as a watch maker, and as you saw he suffered the gash on his face and hand. we are live on the upper east side, i'm stacey sager, eyewitness news. the victim of another unprovoked attack on a new york subway speak out about the frightening ordeal. she was coming home she says after midnight wednesday when she crossed paths with 41-year- old bryant. the 27-year-old was just at platform when the man walked up and sucker punched her in the face. >> just came out at me, i was walking briskly, and this man walked towards me with his hand like this. i literally had three seconds to react.
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eye and red bruise on her nose. her glasses likely prevented damage to her eye socket. the man has been arrested more than a dozen times and has mental health issues. former suffolk county police chief facing more than four years in prison, pleading guilty for violating aspects' civil -- a suspect asystole rights today. he was accused of beating a suspect, and then trying to cover it up. the victim's attorney says the case is a warning to corrupt cops. >> if the police can beat me and kyle, they can beat anyone. >> after he beat chris he went back and bogged about it and -- bragged about it and said it was like the good old day. we have in the past showed some big sink holes before, but tonight in a neighborhood in
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swallowed a truck. the hole opened up last night on a dead end street, and the hole is stopping some from leafing the neighborhood. fortunate -- levering the neighborhood. fortunately no one was hurt. and here's another look at the dramatic release cue in the water -- rescue in the water yesterday in queens. watch as a coast guard crew hoists the 7 fisherman to safety. another boat tried to help, but capsized in the rough waters. formally the five crew members -- fortunately the five crew members swam to shore, nobody was hurt. today marks 23 years since the first attack on the world trade center. loves ones gathered today, 6 were killed and more than a thousand injured when a truck bomb was detonated in a parking garage underneath the world trade center. when it happened back in 1993 it was one of the worst domestic terrorist attacks in us history.
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about the gunman that went on a deadly shooting rampage at the place he was working in kansas. ford was served a restraining order just 90 minutes before the shootings after he was accused of abusing his girlfriend. it was served at work where the factory where wounded 14 others. a witness said ford appeared unphased while shooting the victims. >> he looked happy. >> reporter: happy? >> yeah, he looked like, he hopped out, almost like a smile on his face, just boom, boom, boom, and into the building. >> reporter: that's disturbing,. >> yeah, very. it's a picture i'll never get out of my head. >> a local police chief shot and killed ford, and is credited now with saving others from harm. as we continue at 6:00, a local school declaring war on uninvited guest, tonight they're battle against rats. also ahead, a desperate
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dumped on the side of the road. and i'm rob powers, the mets hit the field, their first full squad work out in spring training, we'll take you there coming up in sports. about 30 degrees warmer in florida than here, but some of the warmth is coming our way. only in the mid to upper 30s today, but the last day below normal for awhile. beautiful sunset, just about to post this on facebook. at 32, but feeling like 34. here's the 7 on 7:00, dropping to the 20s tonight, but the
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well the buildings department will decide tonight if a house on staten island is save. an suv -- safe. an suv slammed into it this morning opening up a gaping hole on the ground hole of the two-family home. the empty suv was parked on the road when a container truck hit were ask pushed it into the house. two people suffered minor injuries. war, declared and now breaking out in a middle school, a war on rats. >> yeah, rats found at the west lake middle school, in a hallway behind the vending machine, in the cafeteria. >> and now it's game on to get rid of them with traps set around the campus, and marcus solis tweeted about it while reporting. >> everybody jumped on top of the table. >> it was really scary. >> yeah. >> reporter: you can't blame
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out in the cafeteria where students were busy with reading, writing, arithmetic and rats. >> >. i think it's pretty gross, i mean, i would have screamed, got on the table too. >> reporter: it happened tuesday in the morning, i rat spotted in a hallway, caught and killed by a custodian, but a short time later a second rat was spotted during lunch. >> the rat was just like running under our table. >> yeah. >> and then went behind the it was gross. >> it was depress since it was -- gross since it was in the cafeteria. >> one rat is one too many. >> reporter: and they set up trap, the back of the school next to a wooded area. two years ago they had a serious rodent problem triggered by nearby construction. this week the health department found no signs of an infestation. >> >. looking around, making sure there's no food left out, anything that we do have in the building we're making sure it's
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-- metal container, looking at ways of entry. >> reporter: they're hoping it prevents anymore problems. police trying to figure out who abandoned a dog on the side of the road. this is sweet sally, she was found laying on the ground wednesday near deer park, she arrived at the humane society weighing just 25 pounds, she's being given fluids and nutrients through iv but isn't eating yet. >> she doesn't appear to have a lot of external wounds on her, emaciation and dehydration. >> the director of the humane society says she's more aall right and responding to care -- alert, and responding to care givers, so they're hopeful she'll recover.
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no cue mondays for clearance -- coupons for clearance items at maca's, they'll keep -- macy's. you can still use coupons, but only on full-priced items. the change is on effort to make the shopping experience easier lost. >> we were going shopping this weekend? >> we're still on. >> buying you a birthday gift.
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>> someone is the birthday boy today. >> you look good! >> beautiful! >> don't take away from the weather. this tie was given to me by my pal lori, and belonged to her late great father congressman stokes. it's a moving tie. >> beautiful gesture. we love you and happy birthday! >> yes, thank you for all your comments on twitter and facebook too. social media makes birthdays come alive. >> i knew it wasn't his tie! i have something beautiful for you. >> yeah? >> i have a great looking sunset. it's beautiful, cheap, but a great graffiti for you. look at that. >> it's -- great gift for you. look at that. >> it's beautiful. chilly side, looking just fantastic.
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and twitter and we're at 32, the air dry, northwest wind at 10 to 22 miles per hour, the pressure on the rise, and the high today 38, now that's 6 below the average of 44, but that's the last below normal day until next thursday. we still have a flash flood warning with the earlier -- from the earlier rain, minor flooding into tomorrow. winter chill to spring warmth over the weekend, check out this pair of days. recovering to low and middle 40s in the afternoon, and then 60 on sunday, again above average the next five days, wet snow a chance, that's about a week away, so still time to work on that forecast, but not a lot of cold in the seven-day forecast, we have it tonight, 34 in newark right now. temperatures on long island around freezing, same in the hudson valley. 19 in monticello. gusty wind the next few hours, still gusty winds near 30, and then subsiding overnight. wind chills in the teens and 20s now. planner overnight, clear to partly cloudy skies, winds light by tomorrow morn, but
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not as harsh midday and afternoon with a mix and sun and clouds, and temperatures in the mid-40s, should feel really nice. skies mainly clear right now, we're in between that departing storm from earlier in the week, and this high coming out of east texas, and that's why we have the gusty breezes, but that high is getting closer to us, going to the east coast over the weekend, so winds get lighter. patchy clouds over ohio valley is why i'm though the forecasting total -- i'm forecasting total sunshine tomorrow, but the core of the arctic air is lifting out, and 60 near the high, and on the other side mid-60s, so we have a good chance of hitting 60 both sunday and monday. all right so the numbers at 8:00 in the morning still chilly, low and middle 20s. afternoon sunny and partly cloudy, low and mid-40s. tomorrow night's numbers similar to today's daytime highs. the afternoon numbers sunday,
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this time the models continue keep up with the warm up, so i think we'll actually be in the upper 50s to low 60s as you understand afternoon. -- sunday afternoon. still gusty early 26 in the morning, afternoon partial sunshine system partly cloudy and -- sunshine and partly cloudy 30, and 29 tomorrow night. head inside to watch the oscars sunday, 76 in hollywood, and sunshine. 59 monday, just a morning shower, 56 on tuesday, a beautiful day, our one stormy day next week appears to be wednesday, that could be a brief period of heavy rain and thunder, but still in the mid- 50s. thursday better, but colder, and a chance for rain or wet snow, a little storm just sliding to the south. not a big storm, but maybe some wet snow, but after that, i don't see a lot of cold air, we're stuck in the 20s and 30s. >> i heard you retired your bomber jacket. >> done for the season. >> love that jacket.
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>> 66 in port st. lucy. >> you're a giant. >> reporter: it's 64, and i didn't know we were chipping in and getting bill a sunset for his birthday? >> >. we went big. >> reporter: the defending national league champions are whole once again, hail, hail, the gang is all here in port st. lucy, the mets hold their first full squad work out, plus he's back in shoo..ugh, come on! well will you look at this? fortunately your 2016 cr-v comes standard with multi-angle rearview camera and bluetooth handsfree link. honey get out here right now, please. so you can call your knight in shining armor... oh shoo, get out of here! why are you wearing my robe?
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so i'm taking a wild guess that you'll begin with mets since you're in port st. lucy. >> reporter: we are going to start with the mets, and we're going to start at 62 degrees now, it's dropped a couple of
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it's the first full squad work out for the whole team, it's a big deal as they start to deal with big expectations. springing into a brand new season the mets hit the field as one big happy family. really. the national league champs step onto the field knowing there's one more step to take as the hunted, no sneaking up on anybody this year. >> you're naive if you think for one second it's not going to be in your face every day, so we have to embrace it. >> reporter: and the pitching is what really grabs it. live batting practice with colon, familia, harvey. >> everybody feels pretty good right now, healthy. >> reporter: and cabrera is impressed. >> the young guys have a good arm, so we're happy because i don't have to face this guy. >> reporter: and whatever high expectations and the fans and
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just now they're not higher than what the mets placed on themselves. >> >. our goals are set high, very high after last year, and with the team comcasting back this year -- coming back this year, we have to take it one game at a time and take it slow, and show up and put the best product out there every day. >> high expectation, and we have high expectations and we have the players to do it. >> reporter: can you meet those expectations? >> yeah, definitely. >> reporter: and today is all about that, today and every day until the goals are reached. >> i don't think there's any question that we're a better team right now than we were a year ago, going into the season. >> i like our chances to go out and compete, and it's going to be fun to watch and get ready this spring. >> reporter: all right, meanwhile in tampa now, the yankees position players joined the pitchers on day number two with chapman was back in camp after missing his second day of practice yesterday for personal
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chapman and the yankees still awaiting word from the league on possible discipline for alleged do mostic violence -- domestic violence charges, but day two for the whole team, so far so good. >> everything's good, um, watching all the guys going through the drill, and what you're hoping is their bodies physically respond well enough to go through the next day, so i think the work we're getting in is quality. >> reporter: in soccer news today an upset nothing to do with play on the field, fifa has a new president, a real long shot when the process began, the swiss lawyer receiving 115 of 2007 votes. he looks now to restore fifa's image after it was rock bid bribery and corruption scandal, and for us, the game of tennis, it's really going to the dogs.
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brazil open. four trained shelter dogs on center court in the role of ball boy, or in this case ball dog. the organizers wanting to show a well-treated dog can be a happy dog. and dare i say the fans loved it! and we loved our time here in spring training. the mets and yankees get set now to start this season. everything really starts when the whole team gets on the fold. we'll -- field. we'll see you back home tomorrow. >> don't the balls get slobber on them? >> it's a cool trick. don't question it. >> and here's the stories we're working on for 11:00. tonight at 11:00, new details tonight on a murder that left a family and community shocked. an 81-year-old woman killed in her home, police released this video earlier this week. tonight her family breaking their silence, and pleading for help finding the killer, plus a woman suffers a streek after going to the beauty dc stroke after going -- stroke after
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doctors say it's not completely unheard of. more on that tonight. world news is tonight, right here, the bombshell endorsement. the presidential race turning personal. the new attacks leveled tonight. rubio going after trump. and chris christie tonight, now saying it's time for president trump. breaking news, the the deadly rampage. the video now discovered, and the notice the gunman got 90 minutes before the shootings. the new head line about the zika outbreak, and pregnant women in the u.s. the miscarriages as well. and the sudden explosion. the little girl grabbing her bag when a hoverboard ignites.


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