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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 27, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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that's expected to fall below flood stage by later on today. otherwise, we'll call it a seasonable extra out there. not as cold as it was yesterday. it's still chilly nonetheless with the breeze making the temperature feel colder than it really is. right now, 38 by noontime. that wind is coming up at times 20 to 30 miles per hour, at least in gusts. 45 your temperature by 4:00 this afternoon. never feeling quite that mild. so you have to bundle up. a lot of layers and you can lose the layers tomorrow. the spring tease is coming up on oscar sunday. plus eventually maybe some snow returning to the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll talk about that and all half hour. michelle, back over to you. >> thank you so much, jeff. police are asking for the public ago help identifying a man who's accused of -- [no
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>> we have more on the story marcus? >> reporter: this is shoplifting to the extreme. police are asking for the it. images released of the suspect. you see him in a duane reed where the incidents have occurred. six incidents three here at third avenue and 44th street. suspect walks in, takes items, and puts them in a shopping bag not very sophisticated. one of the incidents, there was an accomplice present who also took some of the medications. these are generally allergy medications and totaled up to $15,000 worth of merchandise. police are asking anyone with any information to contact crimestoppers. we're live in midtown, marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> all right, marcus. thank you very much. new, a rapper will go
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accused of firing a gun outside of a crowded nightclub. rapper stu dees was arrested in suffolk county. police say he pulled out a gun and fired it into the air right in the parking lot outside of the emporium nightclub in patchogue. investigators say he opened up for bone thugs in harmony. endangerment. the family of a woman killed inside her only home in jersey city is wanting hem finding her killer. this is video moments before the murder. the suspect knocked on her door at 10:30 on the night of the 5th. investigators do not knee what made her answer the door. >> apparently he said something that convinced my mom that she knew him. she unlocked the door and he
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>> reporter: she was found dead the next morning beaten and stabbed to death. the familiar lip says the cancer survivor was getting ready to sell her home and move back to the native ecuador because the neighborhood had gotten too dangerous. saying farewell to a pop lear high school teacher and his young daughter killed in a crash on the new jersey turnpike. at yesterday's wake a line of mourners paid their respects to timothy o'donnell and his 5- year-old daughter bridget who had a funeral in bayonne. their car was rear ended and the other driver has been charged with manslaughter. a couple of police nabbed a fugitive wanted for murder after spotting him at the coney avenue subway platform. he was questioned for spitting.
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in east new york last november. yoko ono is recovering after being taken to the hospital with flu symptoms. her son shawn -- [no audio ] >> he thanked her fans for their concern. she was taken from her home to the hospital around 9:00. a represent itch says the artist and sing -- representative says the artist and singer should be released from the hospital soon. the nypd is working to track down a man who exposed himself to several students outside of a school in the bronx. it happened yesterday outside of the bronx studio school for writers and artists in hunts point. police are now trying to figure out if it was the same man seen
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at another school in the same neighborhood wednesday. coming up, do you think you might be ready to take the next big step in your relationship? you do not want to miss this coming up in the next half hour. >> we are watching this segment carefully. to get married or not married, the experts under the house with a series of tests that you and your partner can and should take seriously before saying i do. >> you can't just go i might. >> them eyeing about it. -- i'm thinking about it. >> chris christie throws his support behind donald trump. >> also escalating, like chill today. we have a spring tease for
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coaster ride there after the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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welcome back, everybody. the endorsement reverberating through the republican universe this morning, chris christie officially putting his support behind the donald. >> this alliance raises all kinds of questions. is trump unstoppable heading into super tuesday and what does it mean to a supposedly surging marco rubio this morning? >> reporter: his formal rival showed up and dropped a bombshell on donald trump's camp. >> we need a first class president. we'll have that in donald trump. >> reporter: chris christie is part of trump's run away campaign. >> reporter: the one person hillary and bill clinton do not want to see on that stage come next september is donald trump. >> reporter: they weren't always so september. >> i make deals. i get deals done and i'm doing deals. >> reporter: now united, christie and trump are taking
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>> flaming punches in the last days of a losing campaign. >> reporter: this after rubio let trump have it at the debate. >> you know where donald trump is right now? selling watches in manhattan. >> reporter: then mocked trump for his spelling mistakes on twitter. >> he meant to say lightweight bet he spelled it honer" i guess he meant great honor. >> reporter: now the attacks are getting bizarrely personal. >> i don't know why because the podium goes up to here but he wanted a full length mirror. make to make sure his pants weren't wet, i don't know. >> backstage he was putting on makeup with a trowel. >> reporter: and trump doing his best impression of rubio drinking water. >> it's rubio! [ laughter ] >> reporter: rubio seems to be
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big endorsement saying trump probably called christie because he needed a lifeline after that bruising debate. abc news, washington. >> christie's saying that, you know, hey, i am done with politics, i'm doing my second term as governor and i want to make money. there's also speculation that everything in politics happens for a reason. is he angling for a vp spot, attorney general spot in the trump administration. interesting. we'll see. >> time will tell. >> now to the democrats, the line that hillary predicted easily against bernie sanders. >> the win gives her heading into super tuesday. we get that story from columbia, south carolina. >> how are you? >> reporter: at her last few campaign stops here, hillary clinton was already looking ahead to the general election. >> i don't know who they are going to end up nominating. it'll be entertaining, that's for sure.
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>> reporter: ignoring the fact that just outside the orange fish fry, her democratic rival was waiting for her to finish. african-americans make up half of the electorate here. >> reporter: wake up south carolina. >> reporter: bernie sanders has a new radio ad featuring director spike lee. >> when bernie gets into the white house, he will do the right thing. >> reporter: clinton south carolina ads feature morgan freeman. >> just like she's always -- >> reporter: recent polls show clinton crushing sanders among black voters giving her a huge over young voters. one campaign stop yesterday, clinton ran into a bachelor party and posed for a photo with all of the groupsmen. >> i love having men at my feet. >> reporter: win or lose, there's one man she won't have at her feet.
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to remain in the race through california. taking him down? >> why would i tell you? he's probably watching the show. until 7:00. clinton ahead by double digits. the sanders campaign is looking ahead to tuesday hoping -- [no audio ] [no audio ] >> now it appears everyone's going to talk about hillary versus donald trump matchup. >> right when they think we know what's going on it switches again. >> i'm supporting morgan freeman for president. >> yes, he's got the voice and played the president in the movie. it's time for him to jump in. still ahead, more trouble with the trains and other negotiations that failed
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police are nicknaming anonymous shopping cart guy who rolled his cart at the suspect and that sent him crashing onto the floor. that's where police arrested him. the chase began after police saw the suspect jay walking across a busy road, almost getting hit by several cars along the way >> so it was a citizens arrest. >> you have a weapon at your disposal. >> sweetie, you don't have to tell me that. [ laughter ] >> you don't want to run into me at stop and shop. [ laughter ] >> so we've got good things coming. >> yeah. it will be nice tomorrow to get you through the day. it's chilly but look what's
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it's the weekend, especially on this show. >> yes. we have a chilly day out there today. highs probably getting into about the mid-40s which is about average this time of year, but with the wind, it's going to feel cooler. tomorrow is the day we're leaving for as we get up to near 06 degrees. live look right now over toward lower manhattan, 30 right now. so we'll be doubling that temperature by tomorrow afternoon. a west wind around 6 miles per hour. it will be increasing during the day and gusting to 30 at times making the temperatures which get up into the mid-40s and it feels quite a bit cooler. 45 is the high for today and the record was 72. the record high was set in 1997. we got all the way down to 5 by the beginning of last century in 1900. >> chill to spring warmth this weekend. that'll be the progression. we're watching a few storms next week. no real significant severe
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wednesday, but this upcoming wednesday, ironically, we could be talking more thunderstorms. at least rumbles of thunder with the periods of rain that we have coming in. then by very late in the week, there's a shot at getting some snowfall or at least snow mixed in with some rain. 25 at monticello. you are freezing right on the notch at belmar and tom's river, 31 and 29 in southwestern connecticut at bridgeport. high pressure right now moving through the lower ohio valley. if you are on the backside of the high, you are warming things up in places like chicago and cincinnati. this is off to the east. we get into the pattern during the day tomorrow. so we will have our turn at some spring warmth around here. highs today getting up to 45 but never because the winds will be up for much of the day. 37 in monticello.
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at belmar and toms river. here we go. here's tomorrow. warmer winds coming in getting us at least into the 50s and perhaps even into the 60s from and west. not quite into the won't be too far from our nation's capitol. accuweather forecast for today, mostly sunny, breezy out there with the high getting up to again about average for this time of year. partly cloudy, down to 35. it's mostly sunny and much, much warmer tomorrow. the high getting up to around 60. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. a little bit moving by early monday might provide a spotty shower in the morning. that's about it. then look what happened in the afternoon. it becomes windy, mild again with the high getting up to 59. we'll have times of sun and clouds after that morning shower or threat that should be a big deal at all. on tuesday, a mix of sun and
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to 54. it's periods of rain developing on wednesday and could even be some thunderstorms with the high getting up to 53. we're much cooler as the day rolls around. highs only in the low 40s getting into the 20s at night. and that will set the stage for our next potential system. it's an active pattern and because it will be so cold leading up to that, there could actually be snow involved in there or at least a mix of rain and snow. the high on friday getting up to the 20s. this is the time of year where things really get changeable from day-to-day late february/early march. watch out, you can keep it tuned right here. >> true. >> thank you, jeff. the threat of a strike is looming now. talks have stalled between the new jersey transit and rail workers union has moved to the nation's capitol. union officials authorizedded a strike to happen march 13th.
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they've not had one for five years and health coverage as well. transit agencies say they want health benefits to knock out the possibility of any wage increase. police and new jersey
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100 meg internet plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online. all with no annual contract. go to or call 1.888.get.fios. switch to better. switch to fios. time for sports. >> reporter: good morning, etch. last season they were in the world series. this season they have aspirations to win it all and yesterday, officially began the mets who held the first full squad workout of spring training. rob powers has more from port st. lucie. >> goal is to make it as long as you can, and that is the mets' plan again. >> i like our chances to go out and compete. we've got -- it's going to be
9:23 am
>> today it starts now for everybody. >> the fans seem excited this year. there's high expectations. we have high expectations, and we've had the players. >> absolutely. i'm really happy to be here and be a part of this team. so i'm real excited. >> these arms are a big reason fans get excited. >> everything feels great. i think everybody's pretty healthy rhino. like i said, we're excited. >> reporter: whatever happens happens in the next 37 days. opening day for the mets. with the mets in port st. lucie florida, rob powers, "eyewitness news." >> thank you, rob. meanwhile, over in tampa, the yankees welcome back chapman who returned after two excused absences over the week as he dealt with a family issue. the rest of the team also held their spring.
9:24 am
run that sailed more than 450 feet. one of the fin streep's top reasons for optimism. >> we talked about what a great athlete he is, and obviously, trying to get him the reps to where he can be a real effective player for here. he's got that type of power because not everyone has it. >> reporter: just about one month ago, they had earned the eighth and final playoff spot but a downward spiral until now 6 1/2 games back and struggled to put anything together as they tried to win over the magic. let's get the dunk show. aaron gordon did not want to be outdone. the nicks had a very healthy lead. new york had all five starters in double figures including chris who finished with 18 points in that flush. 108-95. the knicks get themselves a much-needed win. one day after he and the nets parted ways, joe johnson
9:25 am
according to reports that he will sign the veteran guard once he clears waivers later this season. he reportedly picked mike over the cavalier and hawks. the devils may have lost four of the last five but all playoff hope is not lost. losing one point out of the final playoff spot. last night, the devils hosting the lightning. this trickles to alex who snaps it in as he falls. that was the start of a big night for tampa. the pass from tyler johnson, 4- 0. ben bishop shutting out the devils. that's your morning look at sports. we're back together late tonight at 5:00. six burglaries in mid one are being linked to one guy and he's believed to have got an way with thousands of dollars' worth of medications.
9:26 am
police are now looking for. >> also ahead, crafty and how a crook broke into a house. . >> we're back with the accuweather forecast with "eyewitness news" saturday as the morning news continues
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welcome back to "eyewitness news." it's 6 on this saturday morning on this february 27th. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson. i always like that shot when we see people out there. >> it will be a better day tomorrow and we'll call them out. >> jeff smith is filling in for amy who is somewith in hawaii.
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>> with a coconut and the luau. we're here, though, just as happy. >> it's about 40 degrees warmer there. it was 28 last hour so we've moved ape couple of degrees. today will be a winter-like chill. we'll be tunneling up to near 60. mine time, it's winter. we have temperatures in the mid- 0s at monticello, 25 there, one of the colder spots in the region. 29 in southwestern connecticut at bridgeport. we still do have minor flooding along the passaic river at pine brook not too far from wayne and i hitch 08 here. this flood warning officially rae mines in effect when the level of the river will actually fall below flood stage. breezy today, not as cold as it was yesterday.
9:30 am
to 30 miles per hour at times with ill make temperatures, which get into the mid-40s feel more like the 30s. there will be a lot of sunshine out there, but the wind coming in 20 to 30 at times that 45 will feel more like 35 to 40. so dress for that. tomorrow you will be losing some of those layers gut you may be gaining them back by the end of next week. we'll talk about the potential for snow eventually. topping our news this morning, a thief has been targeting a line of pharmacies since the start of this year, and in the midst, hauling away thousands of dollars in medication. "eyewitness news" reporter marcus solis joining us live perfect midtown with details on the person police are looking for. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: good morning. them three times it's happened at third avenue and 44th street. police are asking for the public's help. here's the image that was released.
9:31 am
person they are looking for and shows them holding a shopping bag. that's how he does it. he allegedly goes in, takes thousands of dollars' worth of medications including allergy medicine, puts it into the shopping bag and just walks out. in one instance there was an accomplice. somebody who also removed thousands of dollars' worth of merchandise. police putting out the image of the one suspect, and that is who police are asking if anyone crimestoppers. we're live in midtown, marcus news." new this morning, a lawsuit claims new york state prisons are failing to take steps to reduce inmates' risk of sexual assault. the suit asks a judge to force the state to prevent female inmates from being sexually abused by male guards. an attorney working for the legal aid society prisoner
9:32 am
update the grossly inadequate report's rely hogen a system that is zero tolerance in name only. a man is facing cruelty charges after being accused of torturing and badly injuring his roommate's cat. 24-year-old deckland garrity moved into the upper east side parm three months ago with pay woman and her 3-year-old cat named lucy. after a few weeks, lucy's honer said the cat had unexplainable injuries including a broken pelvis that garrity explained by saying an iron had fallen on her. last week she found the cat again badly injured, missing teeth with broken bones and even bones all over her body. >> she looked bad like she was breathing with her mouth open. once you see if someone can do this to a cat, you wonder what they can do to me. am i safe here? >> garrity was arrested and accused of torturing that cat for several weeks. meanwhile, vets are hopeful the
9:33 am
recovery after undergoing several surgeries. family and friends are gathering this weekend to say a final good-bye to a new jersey beauty queen. the former miss new jersey died earlier this week after a car crash in pits grove township. a wake will be held today and the hometown in arkansas. she was just 24, had gone to princeton and won the 2013 miss new jersey pageant and competed for miss america. investigators say sarah hopkins gave cedric ford the two guns he used in the attack even though she knew he was a convicted felon and could not have a firearm. meanwhile, police say it appears ford's violent rampage was set off after he was served with a protective order from a former girlfriend. in that order, she called him a depressed alcoholic who needed immediate help.
9:34 am
people and injured 14 ours before he eventually was shot and killed by police. three men are facing drug charges after police say they got a little creative with their marijuana packaging. police found these crates as they were being delivered to an address in the west village. the boxes that were labeled art do not contain any art work. instead, they were filled with as much as $1 million worth of pot. police say another box inside of the delivery truck labeled auto parts was also filled with drugs. three men were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. a party was the celebration of choice to mark one year since the courageous young woman received the absolute best gift of her life. >> surprise! >> friends and family gathering at a restaurant celebrate one year since katie's double lung transplant. you may remember the story.
9:35 am
social media campaign cooled oomph for katie. we covered it at the time to raise awareness for katie's search for a critical donor. a year since, katie has grown to have a new appreciation for life. >> honestly, every day i wake up, i am so grateful. i urge everyone to be organ donors because it changed my life. >> katie has been traveling and spending quality time with family and friends. she's working again, too, as a nurse at flushing hospital. >> that's so good to get an update on her. she global looks great. >> looks great, sounds great. >> look at all of those friends. >> again, the power of social media and the power of the spirit of that young woman as well. >> and organ donation. wow. amazing. >> yeah. coming up next on "eyewitness news" on a saturday morning if you are ready to take your relationship up a notch, there are dozens of ways to find out if it's going right for you. we'll talk about the logic of
9:36 am
they call the marriage test. >> should be good. and a reminder, sandy kenyon is in hollywood right now, of course. it is his busy season. he begins his live reports later today right here on channel 7 and tonight at 7:00
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an torn story here. a grows list of species from the ocean. the u.n. says bees, butterflies and beetles are all at risk of dying oat entirely. they are responsible for pollinating 75% of our world's food crops. researchers say the threat comes from loss of habitat, pesticide use and climate change as well. the u.n. is recommending changes to have sustainable
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production to help these species recover. >> there we go. >> right? all right, mr. smith, look, i need to you kind of get some of the cold out, move some of the warm in for the better half of the weekend. >> you are a real tough customer. >> i think february is the month people get cranky about winter. it's like, we're over it. >> we're starting to get to that point. >> and by people, he means him. >> yes, yes. tomorrow, i think even you will approve of. >> bring it on. >> we'll get the academy award for niceness. temperatures get aback up to 60 degrees. a nice spring preview and live look over toward the empire state building. temperatures still 30 degrees so you have to have a bit of patience. we're going up in baby steps right now. the wind is west at 20 to 30 miles per hour during the course of the afternoon. that will make temperatures, which get into the mid-40s. we're predicting a high of 45 today and will make that
9:40 am
the 30s. the records today got up to 72 back in 1997. the 45 that we're predicting would not be too far at all from normal this time of the year. winter chill today transitioning to spring warmth as we head into the day tomorrow. then we look ahead to a few possibilities at storminess next week. no real significant severe disruptions around here, but there is the threat at getting a thunderstorm or two on wednesday along with the rainfall. i don't think it would be to the extent of weather that we got this past wednesday. by late in the week as colder air gets into the region, we snowflakes. yes, it still is winter. march. carefully. 29 sussex right now. 29 in mont at the sell low. you are freezing at toms river. 29 on the east end of the island at montauk. high pressure right now, pretty firmly entrenched into the northeastern part of the country. as this moves offshore, the
9:41 am
promote a southwesterly wind around here during the day tomorrow. that's why we're going to be warming things up in a big way. meantime, highs today still feeling like winter. 45 in the park despite a lot of sunshine only getting up to 41 in white plains. on the island, it might actually stay in the 30s all day. 39 at islip and 36 on the east end at montauk. lows tonight getting down to 35 in the city. below freezing areas north and west. tomorrow this is what we're living for this weekend. warmer wind out there. 50s at least. probably 60-plus from new york city and points south and west, closer to 70 down toward the nation's capitol. accuweather forecast, mostly sunny, breezy, we're up to 45. 35 overnight tonight. heading into tomorrow, mostly sunny, warmer. the high getting up to around 60 degrees. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. as we head into monday morning,
9:42 am
that's with a little front moving by. guess what, temperatures get back up near 60 again. so it will be windy and mild heading into the day on tuesday with a mild mix of sun and clouds. downhill. periods of rain developing on wednesday. there, 53. much cooler thursday. mainly cloudy, maybe a shower 42 and becomes so cold that the next storm that comes in on friday could be in the form of snow and/or rain and maybe a mix of both. 40 by then, 20s at night. we're getting to that time of year where it's just a roller coaster ride heading into march. >> that snow shower, that's miner? >> that's way down the road. >> we've got to wait and see. let's talk about the oscars. i'm changing the subject. >> do that. >> let's about the oscars. the red carpet is waiting for the stars to step foot on it to get to the dole by theater.
9:43 am
sandy kenyon is there in hollywood. he begins later today on "eyewitness news." >> then tomorrow, red carpet coverage begins at 5:00. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 and then more of the red carpet at 7:00. the big show kicks off itself at 8:30. then stay tuned for "eyewitness news" and then a special edition of jimmy kimmel live at the oscars and the coverage will continue overnight into "good morning america" the next morning and we'll wrap up our oscar coverage before the july 4th celebration. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> tune in and watch. of course don't miss that chris rock monologue. >> that will be eventful. >> waiting for what mr. rock will say. >> that's always true. we're talking love and marriage. unique tests those who are unmarried can do to see if your relationship can go to the next
9:44 am
>> trust me, jenny's watching. >> not going to play. >> this is one of michelle's favorite songs. she's been bobbing to this for the last two weeks. this is just a fierce remix, flo rida's new hit. you my house [music] >> roll it! >> reporter: here's what's happening in your community. in new jersey, get your experiment on at super science saturday. the greatest extravaganza for everyone in the family. "collective conscious," an exhibit encompasses the themes of freedom, love, and equality. winter blast 2016 is a free family friendly event with baseball instruction, giveaways and tons of fun. celebrate the year of the monkey at lunar new year at prospect park zoo. join in as it's dedicated to animals and good fortune. on staten island, learn about the two lighthouses that border
9:45 am
borough's history. let there be love brings people together to celebrate black
9:46 am
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. >> reporter: they sore cute, i can't even stand it. >> that's so good. congratulations, you guys. are you ready to take the next step with your partner? how do you know when the time is right for marriage, rob nelson? [ laughter ] >> joining us this morning are the co-authors of the marriage test, jill and brooke. good morning. thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> this is so good. of all of the tests you did, which one do you think at the end of the day was the most telling? which one were you like, whoa, this? >> reporter: for me, we did a couple of kids dates back-to- back. so for example, you saw we borrowed and we saw what it was like to be parents. so we basically got up every few hours to pretend like we had a newborn. after those two dates it was a game changer. i knew brooke wanted kids and big.
9:49 am
>> we did all of these kind of weird ones and then sometimes a small one would surprise me. we did a date where we took week. i became brooke andrews. enkind of thought i knew what that would mean like when a woman changes her name for a husband. after a week of having to explain it to friends, i had a whole new appreciation logistically, emotionally what it means to change your name. >> that is fascinating. what i thought was brave of you both, lunch with each other's exes. what was that like? kind of surreal, right? >> i'll let you say because you had a rougher go. >> first we go out with jill's ex-boy friend who goes on about how he's never met a better woman and how lucky -- i was afraid he might leave her a note or something at the end. then we go out with my ex- girlfriend who expends all of the ways my -- who explains all
9:50 am
>> women can be cruel. >> touche, right? >> what about credit scores and house? what did you learn there? >> you know, brooke and i have always been on the same page about money. we did three dates back-to-back to say hey, let's just make the same way. coming out of that, we realized that, you know, when you trade your finances and start sharing money, you give up a lot of privacy. it feels very strange to spend someone else's money when you work hard, too. at the end, though, we, like you said, showed each other our credit scars and traded credit cards for a whole month. >> yep, a whole month. >> at the end of the that, we knew what we were walking into and what was on the financial page with the other person. >> and so if someone -- if you had to recommend one of the tests that you all have done to a couple that really was uncertain, which one do you big one?
9:51 am
>> i think it depends on the couple. we did one where we recorded a fight and played it back and learned so much about the way we communicate. >> oh, no. >> i think obviously most couples aren't going to do all 40 of the crazy dates. we do hope people think more seriously about how they make the big decision even after 11 years because it's really important. >> it is important. any advice you would give folks to have a good strong marriage? i always tell people to go on ape date every week. >> ours is be brave. if you are scared to talk about things, focus on them before you get married because they are gonna come up. >> yep. >> and where can people, and by people i mean me, get a copy of the book. >> this one's yours. >> it's everywhere. >> amazon. >> i love this. i think it is a unique, fun approach and makes a lot of sense from a lot of angles. really, i think is a great idea. thanks for being here. >> very cool. >> very cool.
9:52 am
i will re-examine my life and we'll be back with a this is the face of addiction. addiction doesn't discriminate. alcohol smoking weed pills crack k2, spice acid cocaine crystal meth
9:53 am
this is also the face of hope. addiction is a disease. help is available. visit the new york state office of alcoholism
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. 9:54 right now. the search is on for a man robbing drugstores and making off with thousands worth of medication. >> marcus solis is live in midtown with the latest. >> the value of the medication rises to the level of grand larceny, and police are looking to put a stop to it. this is the image released by the nypd of the suspect targeting duane read locations here in midtown. this one has been hit three times. the suspect walks in, fills the shopping bags that you see in the picture with over-the- counter medication, allergy medication and simply walks out. an accomplice was present at one of the incidents. police put out the image of the one suspect and they are urging anyone with any information to
9:55 am
we're live in midtown, marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness news." a man is facing cruelty charges after being accused of torturing and badly injuring his roommate's cat. deckland garrity moved into the upper east side apartment three months ago with a woman and her 3-year-old cat lucy. after a few weeks, lucy's owner said the cat had injuries including a broken pelvis that garrity explained by saying an iron had fallen on her. last week she found the cat again injured, missing teeth, broken bones and burns. the cat is expected to recover. yoko ono is recovering after being taken to the hospital with advanced flu symptoms. her son shawn dismissed rumors that his mother had a stroke. he said she's dehydrated but doing fine and should be released from the hospital this weekend.
9:56 am
long island judge today accused of firing a gun outside of a cruded nightclub. entertainer stew deez was arrested last night in suffolk county. police say he pulled out a gun and fired it into the air outside of the emporium nightclub in patchogue. he performed there thursday night opening for bone thugs in harmony. he's charged now with reckless endangerment. all righty. >> 30 degrees outside, but that's going to be a-changing. >> we'll go from february to april this week. >> bring it on! >> we'll have to get through the february part first. only going up to 45 during the day today. it will never quite feel like 45 because we have quite a bit of wind out there. we're going up baby steps here. 30 in morristown. bull mar and toms river with -- belmar and toms river with 37.
9:57 am
here's the seven-day forecast. again, bright, breezy out there to 45. that's right about normal for this time of the year. what a change. what a difference a day makes. oscar sunday, 60 degrees. probably stay in the 50s north of new york city. low 60s south and west of the city. mild, 59. day. clouds on tuesday, 54. then rain develops on wednesday. that rain could even involve thunderstorms, 53. much cooler by thursday. mostly cloudy, maybe a lingering shower out there 42. it becomes so cold by late in the week that the next potential storm coming in by friday could be in the form of rain or snow or something in between. i'm sure rob loves to hear that with the high getting up to around 40. lows getting down into the 20s. it is a wild ride we're about
9:58 am
march will come in like a lion. >> sit at home with my new life manual. that's going to do it for this edition of "eyewitness news" saturday morning. >> for the entire team at "eyewitness news," thanks so much for being with us. >> see you back here tomorrow for "eyewitness news" sunday morning. "eyewitness news" returns tonight at 5:00. >> and a reminder, sandy kenyon is in hollywood covering the oscars. tonight at 7:00, catch his
9:59 am
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