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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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bullets fly outside, but a 7-year-old boy shot inside while looking out the window. for people on that block tonight, it's bringing back painful memories of another senseless crime. good evening at 11:00. a shootout happening tonight in paterson. >>yewitness news reporter josh einiger tweeting the new developments from the scene as cops search for the gunman. he's there with the developing story. >> sadly this kind of thing is
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neighborhood. that's the house where a 12-year-old girl was killed by a stray bullet just a year and a half ago. and that's the house, a few steps away, where just a few hours ago a 7-year-old boy home with his grandmother was himself caught in the crossfire. >> reporter: tonight's burst of violence came out of the blue on rosa parks boulevard. >> we heard gunshots. boom, boom, boom. and everybody scattered. >> reporter: everyone except a 7-year-old boy. his only crime, sneaking a peek out his window of his very own home. it happened just after dark. a fight on this street in the liquor store sparked a gun battle. julio munoz works there. >> once they run like that, we know people are shooting. i just got down. that's all. that's all you can do. >> i wouldn't think it would happen again but it has. >> reporter: daisy flood sure doesn't think things could get
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and a half ago when a stray bullet killed 12-year-old genesis rincon as she rode her scooter in front of her house, 50 yards away from tonight's crime scene. this weathered teddy bear all that's left of a memorial to her. the 7-year-old even called 911 himself but long-time locals wonder if the violence will ever stop. >> it's just infested. a lot of guys hang around and do what they do. >> it's nothing new for us because we're used to it. this is never going to change. >> back live, the bottom right corner of that window still broken. that's where the bullet went through the window. the good news, this little boy's injury is just a flesh wound. he is going to recover. police have announced no motive and no arrests. we're live in paterson tonight, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. dramatic video tonight of another frightening story. a shooting inside a restaurant in queens. cops releasing that video,
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the video shows the man opening restaurant. the gunman shot a man and woman sedan. survive. a woman in brooklyn the target of a terrifying home invasion robbery by a man pretending to be a utility worker. the 81-year-old woman was robbed at knifepoint after a man pushed his way in to her home in coney island, claiming to be a con ed worker. the man threatened to kill her, taped her mouth shut, ate her food, then stole her watch. the man managed to escape. unfortunately so did the suspect. another home invasion where the crooks used the same as this one in the bronx. police say the two men posing as con ed workers knocked on the door this afternoon and pushed their way in. they tied a 26-year-old woman to a coffee table. she was sexually assaulted. then they stole $50 and took off. the search tonight for a hit-and-run killer.
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crosswalk and clobbered a mom walking her daughter to school in new jersey. it was all caught on video. 7-year-old sheyla pichardo dead tonight. now an outpouring of sorrow for the family, and anger at the driver who did this. eyewitness news reporter carolina leid at the scene in west new york. >> this first grader's mother is out of the hospital. i spoke to her family members and they tell me that she is resting. she doesn't know how to live without her daughter. as you can see there are so many people here. all day we've seen people standing here at this memorial. all thinking about this family and hoping that the driver will turn him or herself in. >> reporter: a steady stream of people came to show their respects tonight at a makeshift little girl. those who knew 7-year-old sheyla piccardo say she was great at their classmates and parents can't imagine life without her.
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he's 7 years old. she was in the same school as my son. my son knows the girl. it's very sad. >> reporter: surveillance video shows sheyla and her mom holding hands as they walk to school monday morning. they were in the crosswalk at 62nd and van buren when a black late model chevy tahoe ran over them. the driver stopped, a passenger got out, then both sped off in the suv. sheyla's father says she is his only child. he needs to be strong now for his wife who is totally destroyed. investigators are combing through several videos to track down that driver. they released images hoping for the public's help. >> he can run but he cannot hide. weave the resources, the personnel, the tech not -- technology. we will find him. >> reporter: family and friends want the driver to know you were wrong for leaving this accident. now do the right thing and turn yourself in.
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please, show yourself. if you have a heart, something that is pumping in your body, show yourself. it's not fair. you just took a life of an angel. >> and sheriff's investigators say that they can tell this is a new jersey plate on the vehicle that they're looking for, but they cannot tell what the plate number is. but there is plenty of video in this area and of course they're searching through each one piece by piece. reporting live in west new york, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 11:00, counselors will be on hand tomorrow at a preschoo in manhattan amid allegations that a disruptive 4-year-old student, a 4-year-old is being kept in isolation. the video of the child throwing things at ps198 was recorded by a worker at the school on the upper east side. according to the child's mother, her son is being kept in isolation for misbehaving and throwing tantrums.
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investigating the claims. new at 11:00. an arrest at a hit-and-run that killed an off duty nypd officer. 35-year-old william espinal-mejia is charged with leaving the scene of an accident yesterday. 25-year-old officer vincent harrison was struck by a passing car when he got out of his own car after a fender bender. his cousin tells us tonight the family is mourning. >> generally a niceuy. didn't have to ask him for anything because he was already giving ito you. justice should be swift because from what i can see, there's no reasonhat this should have happened. >> investigators say they believe harrison had his weapon drawn right before he was hit. but it's not clear why. now to vote 2016 and there's a reason they call it super tuesday. 12 states tomorrow providing the biggest single day delegate hole of the entire election season.
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could make or break more than one presidential contender. donald trump holding on to a commanding lead over marco rubio and ted cruz. trump fending off criticism tonight for t stumbling way he disavowed then didn't disavow endorsement from former ku klux klan wizard david duke. that controversy leading to a black lives matter demonstration and an ugly confrontation at a trump valley in virginia. a photographer for time magazine slammed to the ground by a secret service agent after he left the designated press area to take pictures of the demonstrators. the two men scuffled as trump ordered the protesters out of the arena. hillary clinton hoping for a super tuesday sweep over her rival bernie sanders. clinton confident after last week's landslide victory in the south carolina primary. political reporter dave evans will be the candidates on super tuesday. you can watch his reports beginning tomorrow on eyewitness news first at 4:00. tomorrow we invite you to watch
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it begins at 10:00 here on channel 7 then followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. the justice department saying it's disappointing by a ruling against it in its legal battle with apple. a judge in new york ruled apple cannot be forced to provide the fbi with access to a locked iphone in a routine drug case in brooklyn. this follows a ruling by a judge in california ordering apple to help the feds hack in to one of the cell phones of the san bernardino terrorists. apple is appealing. a congressional hearing will be held on encryption and balancing americans' rights. it will include testimony from the fbi director and apple's general counsel. tonight in a disturbing eyewitness news investigation in to the lunch habits of some construction workers in new york city. if you had five drinks on your break, could you go back to work? you be the judge after watching jim hoffer's undercover
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working on our skyscrapers. >> reporter: it could be mistaken for a friday happy hour. it's actually lunchtime on three different work days at three different bars in midtown. these guys are construction workers from at least four different building sites. they work hard. and they drink hard. our undercover cameras found lunch is secondary to the liquor, with lots of drinking, little to no eating. >> liquid lunch. you keep your figure, right? >> reporter: the city's building boom has brought a spike in construction fatalities. 18 deaths last year. there's no way of telling if alcohol had any role. but one construction soft attorney says theewitness of mixing booze with construction are undeniable. >> the people that are supposed to be overseeing the safety at the site are over looking or
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that is extremely dangerous. >> reporter: three days in a row we observed this worker drinking heavily during work. one day he had three beers and two shots of rum before heading back to the job site. another day our camera was rolling as the carpenter downed five beers for lunch right after we spotted him back at work, his chain saw in hand. this worker is responsible for making sure heavy material lifted and lowered by the crane is safely secured. we saw him at the bar three days in a row, one day he had four beers in about 40 minutes then back to rigging the crane loads on the 52nd street site. it all suggests the drinking workers most from the gilbane construction site have little fear of getting caught, even though gilbane's policy is to immediately remove any employee who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. >> site safety investigators. where are they?
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they're doing nothing. >> put that camera down. >> we wanted to talk to you about your policy of alcohol. >> please, get out of here. >> reporter: we were hoping to get some answers from the safety managers. >> what about your policys? >> get out of here. >> in response to our investigation, gilbane stopped work at the construction site twice to hold meetings with all workers and to drinking on the site is prohibited. earlier today every worker coming back from lunch was tested for alcohol. gilbane says none of the workers tested positive. jim hoffer, channel 7 eyewitness news. tearful testimony for a host of dancing with the stars. >> you know your body and i saw it for two seconds and i was like oh, my god. and i shut it down. >> her powerful message on the stand and what erin andrews says
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of her had been posted on the internet. >> also, concern and a new warning about a popular birth control. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. what an end to february. record highs in islip and bridgeport. low 60s in spots. things are changing as they usually do in march. we're down to 48 now. we have to talk about thunderstorms, two when 61,000 sets of eyes look at health care differently, a hospital curtain can be more than just a curtain. so we invented a new one, that reduces the spread of infection. in every one of our 21 hospitals and over 450 community and research facilities, we're not just looking to raise our standard,
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north shore-lij is now northwell health. ho the tears flowed. erin andrews breaking down in court, reliving the trauma of being secretly recorded nude in a hotel room, which was later posted online and viewed by millions. eyewitness news reporter lucy yang has more on andrews' emotional day on the stand. >> i feel so ashamed. i'm so embarrassed. >> reporter: lots of tears on the stand today as erin andrews revealed how the humiliation haunts her every day. the popular sportscaster and host of dancing with the stars
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nashville in her $75 million lawsuit. she is suing the marriott hotel at vanderbilt and the man who took the nude photos of her. >> i'm so angry. this could have been stopped. the nashville marriott could have called me and said we're putting this man that requested to be next to you. is this okay? and i would have called the cops. and we would have gotten him. >> reporter: eight years ago erin andrews, a popular sportscaster, was staying at a marriott hotel in tennessee when a man asked to be placed in the room next to her. michael david barrett said he tampered with her peep hole so he could shoot in to her room when she was changing. those nude images flooded the internet. he served two and a half years in jail. but she said she still feels violated and horrified by the initial reaction to blame the victim. >> everybody put up that i was doing it for publicity and attention and that ripped me apart. >> reporter: barrett told the
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that he did this because he needed money but when he couldn't sell the video, he posted it on the internet anyway and it went viral. >> it's just crazy. >> now marriott argues bartt is the only one to blame for the embarrassing photos. a jury will should be held accountable as well. andrews is asking for $75 million. new at 11:00, authorities tonight shutting down the pools and spa in queens. a facility where a young girl nearly drowned. the healthepar dent says its investigation of spa castle in college point, found the facility was not following safety standards. a 6-year-old girl getting her hair caught 10 days ago possibly in the drain of the shallow pool. she went under the water. fortunately she was pulled out and revived. scary moment. lee, it's again. >> we're going to go through our ups and downs. this is the fight that begins in march.
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be. outside tonight after a beautiful 60-degree day, nice look at manhattan. still a busy breeze out of the west. for this time of year last night in february, 48 degrees at 11:00. that's not that bad after the high of 61 degrees. so 16 degrees above average. march comes in like a lamb, at least for tomorrow. it's sunny and a little cooler. stormy start to wednesday. we'll get in to the timing on that. close call thursday night in to friday with snow. then in the upcoming weekend, no more. none of the systems look major but we have some snow in the forecast. mid 40s, lower hudson valley. long island, temperatures generally in the mid and upper 40s. we have cooler air coming in from the north and west tonight. you can sort of see the wind shift right here coming through central new york. it's a weak cold front. limps through the area in a few hours. we get a little piece of this cold air that's over eastern canada.
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the 40s tomorrow rather than the 50s. a good 12 degrees cooler tomorrow with patchy clouds along with sunshine and not a bad wind, about 6 to 12 miles per hour. already some of those patchy clouds getting in to the hudson valley and catskills. it's a weak front. the snow showers are falling apart. it's going to come through dry. just a few clouds tomorrow morning. this is connected to our next system in the middle of the country. low pressure approaching iowa here. it cuts to our west, meaning we're on the warm side of the storm. so it's rainfall at least for tuesday night in to wednesday. after that, colder air will work in wednesday afternoon. futurecast tomorrow morning, it's cold. winter coat again. upper 20s, lower 30s north and west. a few patchy clouds at times and mid and upper 40s. seasonable. it's a nice first day of march and the wind isn't too bad. then things change. have the umbrella if you're out later tomorrow night. a few showers will work in. a heavier period of rain in the wee hours of the morning. early commuters affected the most. maybe a squall line with gusty winds and a rumble of thunder especially off to the north
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good news is by the tail end of the commute, this is moving eastward. we should get the sunshine back. but the numbers are warm in the morning and they tank in the afternoon hours. an upside down day. at sunrise, partly cloudy and 38 degrees. we'll go up to 48. partly sunny and a fairly comfortable day, just not as warm as the past couple of days. tomorrow clouds up, becoming windy. i think first raindrops will be at 9:00 or 10:00 at night. we could start the day on wednesday around 50 or so. look at the wind chills by the the 20s. so you have to dress for winter that day even though it's mild umbrella early. thursday is brisk. snows on friday. if you look closely, the main storm is offshore but we may get friday. we'll keep on that. over the weekend saturday night in to sunday, a little chance of wet snow, both days in the rather than the mild 60s. we'll warm up next week but it
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>> we will warm up. a commandment from lee goldberg. coming up next, new worries about a popular birth control. plus, a deadly mystery solved.
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solved about who killed a dog belonging to actress salma hayek. she posted on instagram she was mourning the death of her dog, mozart, and urged police to find out who killed him. authorities say a neighbor of her ranch in washington state fired an air rifle as mozart fought with his dogs. he said he wasn't aware he hit the dog. cops say the shooting was not criminal. in tonight's health alert, a new warning for women who use the contraceptive implant called essure. thousands of complaints from women who say the implant causes chronic pain, bleeding, and other health problems. its manufacturer, bayer, will be required to study the risks of the metallic device. it's build as the only nonsurgical option for permanent birth control. rob powers up next with sports >> getting closer to baseball. new baseball season brings new hope. local fans hope the best for their teams. we'll have more with the mets and yankees from spring traing
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3:00 today, so everybody made a move. montre, for devonte smith-lley the rangers dids their big nhl trad deadline moving yesterday. eric stahl is onboard, big brother of mark stahl, both on e ice today. >> this is where i wanted to goc and be, and i'm excit tet started and get the opportunity to be here and having mark here is obviously anxtra benefit. >> everywhere he's he'son d he's a competitor and i don't need to give him any advice. >> the brothers didn't have to wa to play inhe same game together. the rangers atrome against columbus. matt zuccarello banks itom he. columbus would tie. derek stepan in a me, 2-1 rangers. here's how close columbus came to tying the game. the puck will actuallyk go in, a
11:29 pm
no goal. rangerwin it 2-1. 13 of their last 18. baseball spring training games open this week. yankees op against the tigers wednesday. yanks should be an improved ball club from a year ago. alex rodriguez has now settled in as a leader for the yankees. a far cry from where he was at this time just a year ago. he knows exactly what his role is now. >> we're in a business that is relt oriented and in a world whe we get judged by home runs and rbis as wins, now that i'm 40 reazeli what you bring in the clubhouse, how you behave on and off the field is even more important. >> wow. mets open their spring schedule thursday against the nationals. it's all about the mets team and the promise it shows after a world series experience. >> there's a lot of expectations and the only way to come through with those is to perform and go about our business and get ready.
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the nets' long road trip continues. they try tonight for a three-game winning streak. have to dip back in to last season. up against the clippers in this one. at the staples center. we start with thad young underneath for the basket plus the foul. on the other end, pick and roll. paul to jordan. j.j. redick had 10 points. nets trail in the 2nd quarter, 43-40. syracuse on the road against north carolina. not till everyone goes dancing. big now from carolina, page to hicks. prettiest bucket of the night. syracuse hanging in there until bryce johnson and the heels put them away. 75-70. carolina beats the cuse. but it was a good one. that close. >> alex rodriguez as mentor.
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that's the news for now. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. thanks for watching. jimmy kimmel is next. for all of us here, have a great night.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight andy samberg. from "zootopia," ginnifer goodwin. and music from the strumbellas. with cleto and the cletones. and reserve and now, glory be here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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