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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a big boom and it lights up social media tonight. people hearing and feeling it. the question tonight, what caused it? >> first at 11:00, super tuesday. results pouring in for the biggest night so far on the road to the white house. good evening, the big winner tonight for the republicans, donald trump. victories in five states. ted cruz winning two states including his home state of texas. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton a big winner for the democrats. bernie sanders winning two states including his home state of vermont. >> eyewitness news reporter josh einiger following the democratic race for us. we begin with political reporter dave evans in florida at trump headquarters where the republican frontrunner spoke tonight. >> first of all, the reason why we're in florida is because donald trump is already looking ahead to the march 15th primary here in this state. right now we're in the white and gold ballroom where he held that news conference with reporters earlier this evening. if you look at the 595 delegates on the republican side that were
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donald trump took about 250, 251 of those delegates as the estimate. a very, very good evening for him tonight. he took aim at marco rubio who has been very critical of trump in the last couple days. also he looked ahead to the general election and took a hit hard at hillary clinton. >> once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one person. that's hillary clinton. on the assumption she's allowed to run which is a big assumption. i don't know if she's going to be allowed to run. i think that's frankly going to be an easy race. >> this was not a good night for marco rubio. he needed some stronger second place finishes somewhere in the country. that did not happen. as for ted cruz, he did win in his home state of texas. he won in neighboring oklahoma. but it is marco rubio who is hitting hard at trump because he sees this as his only path to grabbing this nomination.
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to unmask the true nature of the frontrunner so far in this race. five days ago we began to explain to the american people that donald trump is a con artist. and in just five days we have seen the impact that it's having all across the country. >> after tonight, we have seen that our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, that can beat, and that will beat donald trump. >> if there is a stop donald trump movement going on with republicans across the country, we did not see much evidence of that, at least not with voters, despite what marco rubio was saying earlier this evening in florida. he is going to have to win here on march 15th in his home state if he has any hope of stopping trump and his campaign for the nomination. for now reporting live in palm
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now to the democrats and a super tuesday for hillary clinton winning big tonight with huge margins, capturing every state except vermont and oklahoma. bernie sanders taking those two states. eyewitness news reporter josh einiger at the javits center where clinton will be holding a rally tomorrow. >> according to exit poll data, more women turned out than men in the democratic primary tonight and among female voters, hillary clinton enjoyed a 32-point margin so it's not hard to understand why she had such a good night. one she'll be celebrating here at the javits center tomorrow. >> what a super tuesday. >> reporter: once inevitable, then questionable. tonight hillary clinton was once again the dominant force in the democratic primary. her win so decisive in nearly every super tuesday state, she barely mentioned her primary opponent bernie sanders, instead focusing on donald trump, and sounding a much different
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>> that work is not to make america great again, america never stopped being great. instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers and build ladders of opportunity and empowerment so every american can live up to his or her potential. >> reporter: clinton won big in the biggest states, stacking up delegates across the board. >> i have been all over this country. but the truth is, it is great to come home and see all my friends. >> reporter: tonight in his home state of vermont senator bernie sanders was able to declare victory there and pointed out with proportional representation, he did amass enough delegates to stay in the race, promising to continue all the way to the democratic convention in philadelphia. >> i know that secretary clinton and many of the establishment
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and thinking too big. i don't think so. this campaign is not just about electing a president. it is about transforming america. >> sanders also by now has plenty of cash, more than enough resources to campaign well in to the distance. as for hillary clinton's big homecoming rally here at the javits center, it's open to the public. it's open at 3:15. event starts at 5:15 tomorrow afternoon. josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. this just in, abc news now projecting another win for bernie sanders. he'll win the colorado democratic caucus. that is three states for senator sanders. we're still waiting for results from alaska. those aren't expected until at least midnight. where do we go from here? what's next? this saturday caucuses or primaries will be held in kansas, nebraska, louisiana, and
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what about us in new york? new york's primary, april 19th. connecticut's, april 26th. connecticut on june 7th. if you want to read more about results tonight, get any updates any time, we have them on our website, on our homepage. turning now to an accuweather alert. storms are quickly approaching. expect heavy rain overnight leading in to tomorrow, making way for a messy commute. lee goldberg at the weather wall. >> you know march has more up its sleeve than this tame day we had today. few degrees above average. lots of sunshine. look at the low clouds hovering over gotham now. it's been very mild now. we're up to 50 degrees. we are talking a rainstorm at least this time. winds are picking up and they'll be gusty overnight and in to the day tomorrow. there might be a touch of sleet mixed in but this is a rain event. we have showers that have moved across long island and more showers that are blossoming over western new jersey. we're still a good three, four hours away from seeing the brunt of this. it's moving through central
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i'd say it's due after 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. if you look at the futurecast, that confirms it. there's the time period where you might be woken up by heavy rain, gusty winds, a rumble of thunder. with these downpours, maybe gusts over 40 miles per hour. the good news is this is moving out quickly. here's what you need to know. we have periods of rain until 8 a.m. that 8 a.m. is the twin forks. a few downpours can come with 40-mile-per-hour gusts. that does exit around daybreak. wet roads for your morning commute. maybe ponding in spots. even improving conditions and sunshine coming out during the second part of the morning commute. that's just the beginning. big colddown -- big cool-down and your accuweather forecast is a few minutes away. >> we'll be tracking the storm overnight. we'll have updates on our social media pages and on eyewitness news this morning starting tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. new at 11:00, oh, the things that go boom at night. island.
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frightened and calling 911. so what exactly was it? here's eyewitness news reporter jim dolan. >> reporter: for a lot of folks out here, the noise wasn't really that loud. it was just curious. they all heard it. nobody thought it was really dangerous. but everybody wondered what it was. in babylon at least a few minutes before 6:30, you could hear it if you were walking down the street or even inside your home. >> i went upstairs and i went in the basement, check on my heating system to make sure it wasn't that. then i went on facebook. they're like did you hear that bang? oh, it wasn't something in the house. >> we heard like a loud bang, like it didn't sound like anything really that we knew. >> the smart money is on these f35 jets the navy is testing off the coast of delaware. the f35 program costs taxpayers over a trillion dollars but the cost apparently didn't include a muffler because folks have been noticing and complaining about the sonic booms the planes
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barrier. the internet lit up with punctuation marks. robert diamond tweeted it shook my house with three exclamation points. does anyone know what that loud boom was, with four question marks. and, i swear. living by the water we have to worry about floods and now weapons testing? maybe supersonic fighter jets that are still being tested a bit closer to home. >> i've been out here working for five to six years. >> that seemed to be the opinion of most people we spoke with tonight. they heard it. it didn't really bother them. they were just curious about what it was but nobody thought of it as dangerous in any way. in babylon, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. an uber driver and a taxi driver both under investigation tonight accused of groping passengers in separate
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a woman said grabbed her breasts after pulling over so she could throw up. uber has sus pended the driver. a taxi driver also suspended and may face charges. a big repair job underway in brooklyn after a large sinkhole opened up in the middle of the street. workers in sunset park filling the hole and trying to secure the area. that sinkhole hoped up near 56th and 6th avenue. as a precaution, gas has been shut off to several nearby buildings but so far no evacuations have been ordered. a meeting tonight in paterson still going on in to the late hours of the night to try to resolve a budget showdown. the mayor and city council at odds over the mayor's prepared budget. several people were escorted out by police. if no progress is made tonight, a city shutdown could continue tomorrow. today the city asked hundreds of nonessential city employees to stay home from work. new at 11:00, a mother's
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makes a deadly purchase online. >> $5. that can literally devastate a family and kill someone. i don't understand it. >> straight ahead, you'll hear her warning about what he bought find and deadly. >> plus a life saving decision, a tornado moves in, the split
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some good news tonight about 7-year-old jaiden deleon in the hospital since he was shot last night. but now home again. home, where he sat in his family's living room and a stray bullet came this close to taking his life. tonight police in new jersey trying desperately to find the gunman. here's eyewitness news reporter carolina leid. >> reporter: leaving her paterson home tonight, diana told me her son jaiden deleon is a trooper. the 7-year-old is getting much needed rest after being hit just inches from his heart by a stray bullet that pierced through the
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>> he still has a bullet inside. they couldn't take it out because if not he would bleed out but he's fine. >> in an interview tonight, dianne expressed relief that the wound was not more serious. she says they hear gunshots all the time outside of their home. and that they would have moved if they could afford it. jaiden was playing with his siblings and cousins inside his family's home on rosa parks boulevard. they heard six shots. one struck deleon. the second grade honor roll student was so brave, he called 911, explained that he was shot, then calmly gave his address. >> very brave. he's doing okay. >> reporter: residents say they're tired of living in fear. a year and a half ago, 12-year-old genesis rincon was killed, caught in the crossfire of a shootout. council member alex mendez says city leaders and police are putting together a plan to make this neighborhood safer. >> have a conversation with the
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department and one of the things they're doing, they have more police officers patrolling the area, walking the neighborhood, making sure you have police presence around the community. >> it's been bullets in daytime, nighttime, every hour. it's nonstop here and it's hitting the kids. >> reporter: jaiden's mother told me they're spending the night with relatives because they feel it's not safe in their home. reporting in paterson, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 11:00, a heart broken mother speaking out about her son's suicide. she wants to warn others about the $5 online purchase that took his life. she found her son, bernard, on the floor of their bathroom near chicago last month dying. in his final moments, the 22-year-old, who struggled with being transgender, admitted to intentionally ingesting seeds he bought from thailand. they're called pong pong seeds and they shut down a person's heart.
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was easy but it wasn't. he died in pain. he died in pain. it was slow. and it was painful. >> pong pong seeds weren't seen until recently in the united states with websites now advertising them for planting or decorating. despite their toxicity, they're not regulated. th right now heading home to earth, this after his history making year-long mission in space. kelly and a russian cosmonaut checking out in the international space station a few hours ago. they're now in a capsule heading back to earth, expected to touchdown sometime after midnight in kazakhstan. he spent 340 days in space orbiting the earth more than 5400 times, breaking the u.s. astronaut record. caught on camera, grabbing on for dear life in the middle of a tornado. this new video is from outside a hardware store in louisiana as a twister bears down. take a look at the lower left. you can see a woman run up to
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but it was locked. so she braced herself for the worst. amazingly she survived without a scratch. she says she can't explain how and can only attribute it to god. >> and some strong arms and good quads. almost impossible. >> that type of structural damage had to be an ef-3. that's remarkable. we had rough weather overnight. not that rough. >> we're going to start to go up and down like we do in march. mild winds outside. shaking the camera a little bit. you can see a little haze or low cloudiness near the spire of the empire state building. some of the low clouds move in. we're at 50 right now. southeast wind is gusting to 20. we'll have gusts near 40 overnight then again during the day tomorrow. the high so far at 52. gusty downpours overnight. they're a few hours away. they'll exit around daybreak. it will be blustery during the midday and afternoon hours despite sunshine then we talk
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thursday night in to friday. another shot, minor though, saturday night in to the day on sunday. so again, lots of ups and downs. we're in the low to mid 50s from rumson to wrightstown. water temperature about 46. that's why numbers in montauk were a little cooler. numbers in the hudson valley in the 40s. single digits, southern canada. 60s in the midatlantic. even across new york state, 50s to upper teens and around 20. by 7 a.m. i think the rain is east of new york city. probably connecticut and long island. gusty winds, clouds. even breaks over western new jersey. then the sun comes out. we actually drop through the low 40s in to the 30s by late in the day. winds as we head in to the evening commute, gusting over 30 miles per hour. already the wind chills are dropping below freezing at that point. even though out the door tomorrow morning it may be mild, dress for winter and lots of layers in the afternoon hours. showers over the island in connecticut are moving to the north. more showers over parts of
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and in to the hudson valley. they've been fairly light. here's the heavy rain over pennsylvania. this snow stays to the north this time. after 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning, that's when we get our heaviest rainfall. coupled with wind gusts over 40 miles per hour. rumble of thunder not out of the question either but that's quick to move out. last raindrops in new york city, hudson valley, and much of new jersey after 6:00. then at 7:00, 8:00 as we move past the twin forks of long island, temperatures start to drop during the afternoon hours and so do the wind chills. 48 at sunrise. mostly cloudy and windy. different in parts of the area. rain to the east. breaks to the west. then the numbers may bounce up a degree or two then drop. clouds break for sunshine but it is windy and blustery. that's a biting wind in to tomorrow night down to 26 with winds chills that are in the teens. tomorrow temperatures fall. cold air stays with it. a quiet day on thursday. then it's late thursday night in to friday morning when a strong system goes far enough offshore that we don't get the brunt but i think we get several hours of
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accumulating snowfall. early call about a coating to an inch or two. on saturday that's a day in between storms. saturday night in to sunday could be a light accumulation as well. we'll be back in the 60s by next tuesday. wouldn't be shocked if later next week 70s come in to the forecast. that's what's going on with this march. bill evans will have an update in the morning. up next, getting a good night's sleep.
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we have another super tuesday projection. abc news is now reporting hillary clinton will win the massachusetts primary. we'll have much more on the results as we get them. >> in tonight's health alert, is lighting disrupting your sleep? a new study shows people who live in neighborhoods lit up with neon signs and streetlights are more likely to have sleep problems. nighttime light exposure can have powerful consequences. their conclusion, the darker the room, the better the sleep. all those mds and ph.d.s. amazing. rob powers up next with sports. >> the tv in the corner not a good thing? lately at the garden, the going gets tough, the going tends to
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the field and over $1.8 million at the bank. yankee closer aroldis chapman suspended by major league baseball today for the first 30 games of the regular season. suspended under baseball's new domestic violence policy for an offseason incident with his girlfriend that happened before the yanks traded for him. chapman can continue at spring training, even pitch in exhibition games, but once they start playing for keeps, chapman is out 30 games. he will not appeal. >> he's a big part of our team. i think the key in new york is you have to focus on the game, focus on your teammates, and i think he has a lot of support in that clubhouse. let's get to the nba. knicks and blazers met back in december. knicks won that one. they had more victories than portland back then. since then the knicks have lost 22 games. blazers have won 22 games. headed in opposite directions, another rough night at the office for the knicks. very little going as planned. damian lillard lit it up for portland. he finished with 30 points. knicks cut the lead to 6.
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the knicks go down 104-85. lost 15-18. nets and lakers, late los angeles. no kobe bryant. got a sore shoulder. showed up midway in the 1st quarter. for the nets, thaddeus young, all by his lonesome. lakers can run some too. julius randall finishes. second night of back-to-back games for the nets. they trail in the 2nd quarter. mohammed wilkerson wants a long-term deal. they can still work toward that but for now the jets tag him. wilkerson earns $15.7 million for the upcoming season. after yesterday's nhl trading deadline two of the more active teams facing off tonight at the rock. the devils and hurricanes both made big moves before that deadline. tight game 1-1. things haven't been going the devils' way. the devils end up losing 3-1. they've lost 6-7.
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road. they stopped in vancouver tonight. shane prince, isle debut. late start. travis hamonic gets everything start would the wrister. canucks would get the equalizer. 2nd period, 1-1. rangers have the night off from hockey, but they tried their luck in other games of skill. the annual casino night at gotham hall to benefit the garden of dreams foundation. big night every year for the team, the fans. next game thursday at pittsburgh. finally from us, met manager terry collins says today fun time is over. he said it after this. yoenis cespedes and noah syndergaard rode to the workout on a couple horses. it's all fun, even the yankees had had fun today. they didn't have practice but a team building day instead. some improv and laughs before the grind begins. spring game number 1 tomorrow. >> and a-rod being a team leader again.
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