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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  March 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> aj ross is at the medical center, what can you tell us? >> reporter: david, liz, the good news is most of the students brought here with symptoms like burning eyes and itching throats have been released. what caused this mysterious odor remains under investigation. firefighters first were called here to south am boy elementary school with an odor reportedly coming from outside. students were complaining of symptoms like burning eyes and itching throats and were quickly taken to the medical center. the rest of the school was evacuated, as both fire and hazmat crews performed readings inside. those tests came back negative and the rest of the student body was brought back.
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a slight odor of our meters had zero. we called the county hazmat they came out with their meters and also came up with zero read jags they said there was a weird smell and a teacher and a few students that had to be brought to the hospital. immediately, i don't know if that is one of my kids that had to be taken to the hospital. >> i'm told at least one teacher also experienced these symptoms and hazmat crews will be inside the school overnight, doing additional tests, trying to determine the exact source of the mysterious odor. i'm aj ross. also in new jersey a court appearance today for the man, accused of striking and killing an off-duty nypd officer on the new jersey turnpike. and during the hearing, we learned shocking details about what happened right before the crash. new jersey reporter tony yates has the story. >> reporter: 35-year-old william made his first appearance since turning himself in on monday, his
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plea in the hit and run death of 06 duty nypd officer vincent harrison. this morning's appearance was all about getting he is spin knows aout on -- espinoza out on jail. >> >> reporter: investigators say about 3:00 a.m. sunday morning officer harrison had gotten out of his personal car during a traffic altercation with another driver. even had his weapon drawn along the turnpike when he was hit. video cameras show he stopped briefly, but then drove away. >> he didn't stay on the roadway. he left. he didn't pull over somewhere further down and make a phone call. he didn't get off the highway and make a phone call. he didn't drive to a police station and make a phone call. >> reporter: the judge kept
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option which the -- cash option, which the attorneys said would be posted today. >> genuinely a nice guy. you didn't have to ask him for anything, because he was already giving to to you. justice should be swift. it should be swift. because from what i can see, there is no reason that this should have happened. >> reporter: he was expected to be released on bail today. he is due back in court april 6th. channel 7 eyewitness news. there has been another splash not guilty new york city. the owner of a dunkin' donuts in the bronx was slashed in the face by a homeless man. it happened early this morning in the shops on east kingsbridge road. the homeless man was inside the business sleeping and harassing others. the 34-year-old owner asked him to leave. he did, but then came back and slashed the woman in the face
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police arrested 31-year-old ronald thompson. he has prior arrests to selling salt and drugs. a couple are in court. fabian rodriguez is being held on $250,000 bail, accused of driving the suv that hilt shay la about chard and her mother. rodriguez's wife is charged with hindering apprehension, her bail set at $7500. the couple have a 7-year-old son. a windy day outside in west chester county. a lines in pelham. what more can we expect this afternoon and heading into tonight? meteorologist lee goldberg berg weather -- our accu-weather forecast. >> reporter: i had to navigate
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the winds will continue to gust during the daylight hours. 7:00 this morning the real feel temperature at 51. now it feels like we are close to freeze and go these real feels are headed into the teens and 20s tonight. our peak wind gusts have been in the 40 miles per hour range. 40 degrees in the park. feels okay in the sun, you get in the shade, a big difference. 30s off to the north and west. these are the wind chills. feels like teens in the catskills. close to freezing in most spots. the wind chills will be in the teens and 20s. peak wind gusts have been near 40 miles per hour, 44 miles per hour gusts at bell mar. it will only be a gradual decline in the winds, as we see our winds diminish to 15 to 25 by midnight, morning 7 to 14. clear sky right now, but we are watching storm developing over the middle of country. over north texas. the bulk of it is going to be
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it is awful close for comfort and i think we'll have to deal way period of snow tomorrow night into friday morning. for our webcast, your 7-day webcast, which also has lots of spring warmth in it first a taste of winter over the next couple of days. a panera bread on long monoxide scare. emergency crews rushed to the restaurant .10 people started to feel sick around 8:00 this morning. most were taken to the hospital, to be checked out, but they are all expected to be okay. the source of today's leak was actually next door in what was previously a legal seafood location and that restaurant was the scene of a separate incident in 2014 when a carbon monoxide leak killed one person. nearly a dozen people are homeless after a fire in connecticut.
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danbury was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived this morning. an elderly man escaped by crawling through a window. a woman was also burned. four adults and four children escaped, and are said to be not hurt. now to vote 2016. a day after a dismal showing in super tuesday, republican ben carson is apparently out of the race. he released a statement saying quote he does not see a political path forward. after he failed to crack the top three in any state last night. donald trump won seven states, compared to three for ted cruz and one for marco rubio. hillary clinton won seven states and bernie sanders was victorious in four. sandra bookman is here with all the details. >> reporter: liz fresh off her big victory last night, hillary clinton is here in new york. she will hold a rally later this afternoon and then attend
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seems to have a strangle hold on the democratic race the republican side continues to be very interesting. with super tuesday in the rear- view mirror the next two weeks will be crucial in president. voting will take place in 12 states, including florida and ohio. today senator marco rubio cast his ballot. >> it is my home and we are going to win florida. >> reporter: florida is virtually a must win for the sitting senator, just like governor john kasich must win his home state of ohio. >> we will beat donald trump in the state of ohio. >> reporter: trump's big super tuesday increased his delegate lead. but as you can see here, ted cruz is not that far behind. there is still a possibility everyone stays in the race and
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getting the 1237 -- block trump from getting the 1237 delegates needed. >> their only hope is making sure he doesn't get a majority into convention. trying to defeat him, something we haven't seen in a long time. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders is promising to bring liz campaign all the way to the -- his campaign all the way to the convention floor. looking at the delegate count it will be an uphill fight. today the clinton campaign released a memo that said over the upcoming weeks we intend to steadily add to hillary clinton's already sizable lead in delegates and as we do, it will become harder and harder mathematically, for senator sanders to ever catch up. >> reporter: again secretary clinton will be speaking here in the city in the next 90 minutes or so. but back to the republicans, talk about a contest that seems to get makeover and more interesting. -- more and more interesting.
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deliver a major speech about the race tomorrow. no he is not throwing his hat into the ring, but will, instead, lay out the case against donald trump. like i said david more and more interesting. >> we have one more note from the campaign trail. a growing backlash against new jersey governor chris christie following his endorsement of donald trump. six newspapers called on him to resign because he is spending so much timeout of the state. christie's approval rating has dropped to 27%, a 73% negative rating and that is down 6% from before the donald trump endorsement. social media blowing up with imagined quotes to go with christie's facial expressions. many felt he frequently looked uncomfortable and upset. some joked he looked like he was being held hostage or
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>> social media was not kind to him last night. checking stocks on wall street right now, they are staying relatively flat today as investors look ahead to friday's jobs report for february. stocks suffered small losses during afternoon trading but rebounded just before the close. energy companies climbed after on the rise in oil prices. a live look the dow up 34 points to end the day at 16899. back in port, the passengers whose cruise ship had to make an early return to new jersey this morning. a child goes tumbling out of the back of that van. your heart just all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. that's because we've been working hard to give you better service, and it shows. we came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand
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time to check on the roads on this wednesday evening. a slow ride at the manhattan- bound midtown tunnel. got a camera right there. the back-up stretches onto the long island expressway. but much better news at the hudson river crossings, where there are no delays right now at the lincoln, holland or george washington bridge. the u.s. supreme court is hearing arguments in the biggest challenge to abortion laws in recent years. today pro choice protesters gathered outside as the justices heard the case involving access to abortions from texas. it is the first test of the court, which is now evenly split, following the death of justice antonin scalia. if there is a tie the law in texas would stand, it forces
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be licensed as urgent care or hospital admitting at that facilities. -- facilities. bad weather forcing a royal caribbean cruise ship to make an early return yet again. anthem of the seas docked two days ahead of its scheduled return in bayonne. the captain did not want to take any chances this time around, and decided to head rough seas. however passengers who disembarked this morning didn't seem to mind. >> we did all the activities, the staff is wonderful. >> i didn't get a chance to see in of the islands i wanted to time. >> what a great attitude. more than 100 passengers became voyage. two ambulances met the ship passengers. royal caribbean gave each
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50% off a future cruise. astronaut scott kelley is on his way to houston to be reunited with his family later tonight for the first time in nearly a year. kelley and his russian counterparts arrived in kazhistan this morning and it wasn't long before we heard from him on twitter again. as he did in space, kelley tweeted a picture of a sunset, calling it his first on earth. president obama took to twit tore welcome the -- twitter, to welcome the astronaut home and said he hoped gravity isn't a drag. now that kelley is back on earth, let all the research begin. >> reporter: mission accomplished. >> kelley back on mother earth. >> reporter: commander scott coley back on solid ground, pumping his fist, giving two thumbs up and a peace sign later telling reporters the air felt so good.
4:17 pm
you know -- amazing. you know, fresh air. >> reporter: the russian spacecraft land in kazhistan overnight. kelley and his russian counterparts returning to earth to a hero's welcome. >> it felt like i had been up there my whole life after about the first six months. >> reporter: he spent 340 days in space, completed near 5500 or bits, that is almost 144 million miles. >> by going to mars one day, it will make things better here on earth. so i'm happy to be a part of that. >> reporter: one of the purposes of this mission is to measure the affects of space on the human body by comparing him to his twin, retired astronaut mark kelley. so still a lot of work ahead for this american record holder. >> i have been there a long time, so i looked forward to leaving. but at the same time it is a magnificent place and i'm going
4:18 pm
>> reporter: kelley will be home in houston later tonight, where he will be reunited by liz family and greeted by his nasa bosses -- his family and greeted by his nasa bosses. >> one thing we do know, he is already 2 inches taller because of his space visit. the gravity doesn't press down on your spine. >> then sign me up. fantastic. >> reporter: but they say it is not great for your bones. >> right cancer risk, a whole lot of other. >> and your vision, too. but they are going to be comparing. because his twin brother, mark kelley, who stayed here on ground, they are comparing the impact of one who stays on earth and one who stays in space very much such a long time. >> play him from basketball right now. use the height advantage. >> is that how he looked when he was orbiting in the package did you see that? >> very.
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it is cold and breezy out there today lee. >> reporter: yeah and it is and we repeated some of his pictures of the northern lights but one near the pacific northwest that is just awesome. meanwhile, here is the march sun, competing with the cold wind out there feels good. you can see 40 degrees right now, northwest wind. 12 to 23 miles per hour, the pressure is on the rise. the high managed to spike to 55 degrees before we dropped, right after sunrise. look at these numbers, 35 montgomery, 35 hopewell junction. 37 in monticello. numbers on long island in the low 40s, 43. basically our temperatures sort of flat lined during the middle of the day. now with the sun going down, we'll see the temperatures dropoff. wind chills are in the 20s and around freezing so mainly clear skies.
4:20 pm
around 30, 35. so dress for that. then the winds grad wally drop off. so by tomorrow morning, -- gradually dropoff. more sunshine in the morning, clouds will gather during the afternoon hours. we are dry during the daylight hours. we are mostly sunny right now and we look off to the west and our storm system is out in the middle of the country. for now, we are pinned in between low pressure in canada and high pressure that builds in tomorrow. the winds are funneling in, in between those two weather systems. the two pieces of energy we are watching, one over the northern plains and one over northern texas will join forces for our friday snowfall. the first flakes come in around midnight. through late tomorrow night. wind chills by tomorrow morning will be in the teens. wintry out the door, even single digits well north and west. not as harsh in the afternoon, with less wind. fair amount of sun, clouds
4:21 pm
evening hours. looking at the futurecast, now we'll show you with clouds and snow, as we go through tomorrow afternoon, temperatures in the mid and upper 30s. clouds quickly increase. the first snowflakes toward midnight, and during the day friday, we are dealing with snow showers and periods of snow. the steadiest is south of new york city but enough to make things slippery and may take until mid-afternoon to leave the east end of long island and the jersey shore. a gusty evening, less wind isolated and wind chills in the teens, 26 for tomorrow, a high of 38. sun will give way to clouds later in the day. a fair amount of sun through at least early afternoon. and snow developing around midnight. your low is right around 30. coming up at 4:30, i'm putting together a snowfall map. i just have a little more information to look at before we post that. i should be able to give that to you in the 4:30 half hour.
4:22 pm
liz, is a slippery start to your friday morning travel. in about a week's time, wait until you hear how warm it is going to be. meanwhile getting blasted with the bright sun but at the same time a cold march wind. guys? >> lots to look forward to. thanks lee. new york city leaders
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debris in mozambique has been tentatively identified as part of the missing flight malaysian airlines 370. the part appears to be the leading edge of a right hand horizontal stabilizer on a boeing 777. this is the only 777 known to be missing. the part is being taken to malaysia. the plane was carrying 239 people from beijing to kuala lumpur when it vanished in march of 2014. san francisco's board of supervisors approved a measure to raise the legal age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21. san francisco joins new york city, boston, and more than 100 other u.s. cities in raising the ta bako-buying age. folks can still buy medical
4:26 pm
a cashier did not hesitate when she came face-to-face with a robber. the guy pulled a gun on the worker. she didn't back down. she smacks the crook's hand. he points the gun back at her. she whacks the guy over the head with the drawer from the register. and she followed him with a hammer. police say this robber still on the run and they hope the surveillance video will help catch him. a frightening scene incline as a child falls out of a van. fortunately the child is okay. it is a little tough to watch. the toddler fell out of the back of the van while it was at a red light. his grandfather, behind the wheel, didn't notice and drove off when the light turned green. the toddler began running down the road. another driver pulled over, grabbed the child. this is amazing. another good samaritan chased down the grandfather, who was soon reunited.
4:27 pm
see the little child running. >> i know. the helplessness. but the good news is he is okay. >> car seats? >> clearly not secured properly. we are going to move on. going to the commercial. here we go. we are going to talk about staying safe in the subway. we are going to show you the changes you might see on your ride as police and the city try to cut down on crime underground. the first students getting ready to take the brand new sat. what makes it different, and will it be any easier. a young girl from long
4:28 pm
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with our exclusive one-hour arrival window. feels good to be back. come back today. you'll get free installation, tv equipment and epix included. and now get a $300 reward card. call today, and welcome back. all new this half hour, safety on the subway. this afternoon we are riding the rails with mayor de blasio as the city makes major changes. talking about more police
4:31 pm
help fight a recent spike in subway crime. >> tim fleischer has details. tim? >> reporter: city and nypd officials like to stress the subway system is one of the safest in the world. now they are making interesting and notable changes in the patrol efforts in the subway system to make it safer. mayor bill de blasio himself took to the subways, riding the r-train to city hall to attend a press conference at brooklyn's transit headquarters. >> this is an important moment when it is going to be the kind of radio system that will provide safety for our officers and for the public alike. >> reporter: the nypd is announcing several new initiatives in the subways it enhance -- to enhance safety, including reprogramming all police radios so officers above
4:32 pm
>> the cops can now properly communicate with each other. we'll keep people safer. >> reporter: another effort riders will be seeing are train inspections, every day and every tour with a police sergeant and four to eight officers who will spread out. >> goes in the car, looks at everybody, makes sure everything is okay. sees what is in there and comes back out. >> reporter: they will also add response teams of officers at various stations and additional officers will be deployed at the times square station. >> we are in the process of recruit and go identifying officers to make that a permanent command. >> reporter: commissioner william bratton pointed out when he was transit chief in 1990, there were 46% fewer riders but seven times the amount of crime we see today. reporting live tim fleischer channel 7 eyewitness news.
4:33 pm
island where at least 15 dogs were killed. the fire in a building that used to house the pancake cottage restaurant. it is not clear if the building was being used as the site of a future pet shop. some dogs did survive and are being treated. the cause of the fire still under investigation. a new reward is being offered to help catch the attacker wanted for a possible hate crime in brooklyn. $12,500 is being offered for the person who attacked a jewish man. he was attacked last month, suffered a collapsed lung but is expected to be okay. in patterson city employees are back on the job today following a budget showdown. council members rejected the mayor's amended budget last night.
4:34 pm
to stay home while the city worked out the budget issues. rapper 50-cent's mansion in connecticut finally has a buy and dozens of people will call it home. according to tmz, the buyer plans to turn the 52-room home in farmington into an assisted living facility. the home sold for $8 million, $10.5 million less than the ago. according to parents, new york city's pre kindergarten program is a success. 9 out of 10 parents rated the program as good or excellent and most say their children are learning a lot. mayor bill de blasio made universal pre-k, universal when he ran for office. registration for next fall has
4:35 pm
new sats are being rolled out this week. the princeton review says the new exam will have fewer sections, but each will be longer. there will also be more challenging questions that are tailored to what students are actually learning in school. that means those obscure vocabulary words we all struggled to memorize? remember? >> yeah. >> those are a thing of the past. >> it will involve no guessing penalty for wrong answers, a completely different structure in terms of the layout of the sections as well as the content itself. >> that guessing penalty they used to stick in there. other changes, calculators can only be used in one of the two math sections. the total overall score will be 6800 again and not 2400, and the essay is optional even though some colleges require
4:36 pm
>> i lam want to take that test again. >> you -- i almost want to take that test again. >> you almost do? >> i feel inadequate enough. i don't need the test to remind me. was it an invasion of privacy? a teacher forced to resign over nude photos on her phone. but the question is, how did the school find out about it? and dr. richard besser joins us to answer your medical questions from tingling in your hands to zika. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan,
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chief health editor dr. richard besser joins us now. >> you went back out and talked to people. zika virus, people have questions. this one is from nancy. >> my question is about the zika virus. as an american citizen is there anything i need to be concerned about for myself and my family? >> yeah. this is something that people are very concerned about. and the first thing is, i would say pay attention, because it is a rapidly changing
4:40 pm
spread throughout america. we are hearing this year there may be hundreds of thousands of cases in puerto rico. with that we are going to see more here. but we have a window of opportunity, as spring is coming. it is not mosquito season until june. think about prevention equals mosquito prevention. around your house do things to cut down on mosquitoes getting inside. install and repair screens. remove debris and possible breeding sites, that includes things like bird baths, discarded tires, and damaged gutters. and this is going to cut down also on west nile virus. and there may become a point where we say mosquito repellants are want. >> cuba is reporting its first zika case. >> it was important from venezuela. they haven't had any
4:41 pm
another question is from ann in brooklyn. go ahead. >> i have tingling in my hands. what can i do about it? >> this is a pretty common complaint tingling in the hands. the first question i have when i hear about it is it in one hand or two hands? here are some of the causes. tingling in both hands can be a problem with circulation, diabetes, thyroid problems, low vitamin levels, lead poisoning, even anxiety. other things can cause tingling in one hand. the big one is carpal tunnel. there you get nerve compression, usually from a competitive movement like typing, or from sleeping funny. nerve. and then the one i don't want anyone to miss is tingling related to a stroke. don't think you have a stroke if you just have tingling. but if you have tingling problem with speech, weakness on that side, that is a medical emergency, call 911. the others, if your tingling
4:42 pm
couple of weeks, see your doctor. merrill from stony point has a question with vertigo. >> i have recurring vert go and i don't know what can be done any more. -- vertigo. i just try my best. >> vertigo can be so debilitating. it is very different from light- headedness or dizziness. this is the feeling you are sitting still and the room is moving around you. luckily for most people it is short-lived but it can go for a long time. the main cause, benign proximal. you can get they near's disease, a build-up of fluid in the inner ear, and migraines can do this as well. and you know, this is something you should see the doctor for, for that common one, there is a movement they can do with your head. right there in the office.
4:43 pm
>> takes about five minutes and for a lot of people, it's gone. >> what about loose crystals? >> that is the cause here. you get these little crystals in the inner part aof your ear -- part of your ear that are out of position. by moving your head in a certain way it rebalances the crystals and you are back in business. i was talking to robin who did my makeup and she did this. that maneuver works really well. don't ignore it for the other kind of causes of vertigo there are also treatment. >> crystals in your ears. >> crystals. >> who would have thought? >> thanks rich. >> we are hitting the streets tomorrow for more videos. >> if you have a health or medical question, post it via video, twitter instagram facebook using the hash tag tell me the truth.
4:44 pm
a teacher forced to resign over nude photos. but the pictures were in her phone. so how did the school find out about it.
4:45 pm
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4:47 pm
the classroom and a student took pictures of what he found and offered to distribute those pictures to other students. school authorities asked her to resign the following week. saying she could be contributing to the delinquency of a minor. >> this is not my fault. i did not knowingly relinquish my cell phone sitting on my desk, knowing that i had those pictures on there. >> arthur said the student should have been expelled for invading her privacy. she said parents and students are signing a petition to have her teach again. is everybody feeling okay? is the cramp in your foot okay? dr. besselmaner did some overtime -- >> besser did some overtime today.
4:48 pm
just amputate it. >> a little extreme in here but good work. >> a new segment coming. >> my foot cramps when i'm driving. outside we go. we have what is you know, it is a cold afternoon. we have a gusty wind, temperatures in the upper 30s and lower 40s right now. and the winds are going to keep up through much of the evening hours and then the winds slowly subside overnight. it is going to take awhile, our winds will be anywhere from 15 to 25 through the first part of the night and by morning a 5 to 10 miles per hour. the george washington bridge driving over it, two hands on the wheel. that was really gusty. again the winds will slowly diminish through the evening hours. but temperatures dropping to around freezing. wind chills will be in the teens and 20s overnight. there are the winds tomorrow morning, 7 to 14. more clouds later in the day. look for a lie in the upper 30s. we have clearing skies right
4:49 pm
a storm over country that is going to go to our southeast, far enough we don't get the brunt of the storm. how many times have we said it this winter? we are on the northern edge of this one. some snow will come in late tomorrow night and friday. cold start tomorrow morning, not as harsh in the afternoon. increasing clouds and upper 30s. snow showers come in around midnight, earlier south and west, earlier north and east. then light snows. best chance will be south and east of new york city. the bottom line is it is going to be slippery for the friday morning commute in many places and light accumulations, especially on colder surfaces. this may linger on long island and the jersey shore and then it will exit. i think we are looking at a coating to an inch over the hudson valley and into connecticut. once we get close to i-80 and into new york city and long island, we are around an inch of snowfall and the potential
4:50 pm
east of new york city. an isolated 3 in here across central new jersey along the south slower of long island. so definitely -- south shore of long island. so definitely bad timing. a snowy friday, ending rate. i think the afternoon commute will be okay. there might be snow showers that get in here saturday night, maybe a couple of slick spots. after that morning snow or rainshower sunday. sun should come out in the afternoon, upper 40s. check this out david and liz. 54 monday, 60s tuesday. if the wind direction is just right not off the water a couple of thermometers will reach 70 degrees on wednesday and i hear the warmer it gets the better your feet tend to feel. thank you doctor. dr. lee. >> maybe you can massage that cramp out of his foot for him. >> i'm not going there.
4:51 pm
wreck here, here's what's trending. too late right? google searches for how to move to canada, spiking up on tuesday, as some americans, it sounds like, are weighing their future options. unclear which candidate triggered the serches. the daily news wants to -- searches. the daily news wants to make it all about trump. many preferred to google things dr. seuss today. he would have been 112 today but his legacy lives on. today is read across america day, a nationwide day of celebrating books. and this one is for you liz. john bon jovi's birthday is 54 years old today. wish him a happy birthday. >> happy birthday.
4:52 pm
won't be back for the next season of "dancing with the stars." he is taking his talent to broadway, to "singing in the rain ." ladies and gentlemen, i want to introduce you to the donut cone. yummy. this piece of heaven is an ice cream-stuffed treat from prague, the cone a donut. so far only fancy pastry shops in prague are selling them but it is taking off online. finally, if you love playing marbles growing up and you love music, here's a guy that combined the two into one incredible machine. [ music ]
4:53 pm
>> that sound is coming from the marbles hitting different parts that have machine. >> really? >> if you look closely it is not just happening, it is amazing stuff. >> this is coordination on his part too. >> it is a cool song. the guy you are looking at here built and composed it. his name is martin molden. the marbles, the music, all come together. with that donut cone, come on. i'm kind of feeling done. that would cure my cramps right away. as always check it out and send us trend ideas. >> i don't want to ever hear you say that again. >> get rid of my cramps? >> just said it again. >> oh gracious, we move on. coming up next.
4:54 pm
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t a young girl wanted to make a difference and volunteer at a local hospital, but she was told she's too young. >> but she didn't take no for an answer. instead she found a way to work around that rule and help pediatric patients. long island reporter kristin thorne has the story. >> reporter: you can't stop kindness. 13-year-old anna belle fritz is proof of that. >> i went to the hospital and i said i wanted to volunteer there but i had to be a certain age, which is 14. >> reporter: she decided she'd collect stuffed animals for pediatric patients at john t. mather memorial in jefferson. >> they can have it with them
4:57 pm
when they get out they can keep it for as long as they want. >> reporter: she's been collecting stuffed animals at local schools and sporting events. but that's not all. she even wrote to some major toy companies seeking donations and they responded in kind. >> i've collected 242 stuffed animals so far. i sent out a whole bunch of letters recently. i'm waiting to see like some in california if they're going to send anything. >> she sits at her companies. she writes all the letters. she researches companies. she mails them out, real mail, not e-mail. and she writes thank yous when she gets donations from a company. >> reporter: in june annabelle will turn 14. then she'll be old enough to volunteer here at the hospital. she says even after that she'll continue to collect and donate the stuffed animals. in port jefferson, i'm kristin
4:58 pm
eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. it's happened again. another slashing. a dunkin' donuts owner left with seven stitches on her face. the suspect, a homeless man now in custody. >> tonight four people are now under arrest. good evening. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm diana williams. we now know the motive for that shooting that rising pro baseball player, it stemmed from a fight over drag race. >> michael noland was gunned down outside a burger king in yonkers in october. noland had been drafted by a major league baseball team. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis is live in yonkers with reaction from noland's family. >> it's unclear whether or not mike noland is the intended target. he was involved in a dispute with the suspects the night
4:59 pm
it was made more difficult by uncooperative witnesses. >> they took my son for no reason whatsoever. they took my son. >> reporter: through a mother's tears, some closure. in an investigation that started with little evidence. a drive-by shooting with a popular local athlete, the victim. last september, mike noland was shot three times while in the parking lot of a burger king in yonkers. the 23-year-old died weeks later. police say the shooting was retaliation over a drag race. >> we believe there was a physical dispute that occurred earlier that night and then in to the morning hours. we believe that individual was involved in the dispute were the shooters and shooting at people they believed were involved in the dispute. >> reporter: for months, detectives interviewed over 20 people, reviewed surveillance footage, and combed through social media. this morning four arrested. 17-year-old nashaun hunter is accused of being the trigger man, gather cole, the driver. and the other two occupants in the car that allegedly slowed
5:00 pm
>> it resulted in the death of a 23-year-old man. >> reporter: police don't know for sure if nolan was the intended target but acknowledge he was part of the group involved in the fight the night before. a violent end to a promising life. nolan was a star pitcher in high school, drafted by the oakland as. he played minor league ball until he was sidelined by an injury. buddy. my son. >> i guess in time we'll learn to live with it. but i will never accept it. if they go to jail, okay. i still don't get my son back. >> the suspects all being held at the westchester county jail and will be arraigned tomorrow morning. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. no rest for the candidates in the race for the white house. one day after super tuesday and the field of five republicans may be one less soon. hillary clinton is in manhattan right now. she'll be speaking to supporters


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