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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 3, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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apparently two inches taller, his spine likely stretched while he was in orbit. nasa will now be studying that, comparing the two. all of which may sound like a sci-fi movie, and it's tempting to think of scott kelly a bit like another fictional astronaut. >> back home. you blew it up! >> reporter: a year ago the super tuesday results would have been as unthinkable as -- well, the planet of the apes. >> damn you all to hell! >> reporter: in a year, the blink of an eye, the unthinkable has come to pass. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> reporter: how ustmust it look to the rocket man? i'm david wright for "nightline" in new york. >> welcome home, captain kelly. it was a french writer andre geed who said, men cannot
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has courage to lose sight of the shore. thank you for watching. tune in to "good morning america" tomorrow morning. and as always, our facebook
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a frightening and chaotic scene in midtown, manhattan. a new york cop injured and cars damaged when a horse goes wild
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>> first breaking news. josh einiger is live in the bronx. >> a very active investigation in the pelham bay section where cops want to find out who planted an explosive device. >> they're surrounding that red nissan here at the corner of muhahn avenue and roberts avenue. you can see a bomb squad truck behind it. this happened around 8:00. someone apparently according to police placed two aerosol cans rigged to detonators under the car. one exploded, the other did not. there were two people inside the car at the time. a 24-year-old driver, a 28-year-old passenger. they were not injured. but you should be able to see that the airbags deployed in that car because of the force of whatever that explosion was. there are also two flat tires. one eyewitness told me he saw
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car just after this apparent detonation. here's what he had to say. >> what did it sound like? >> it was just like a really loud big thump. it wasn't like -- kind of like a gunshot, but sort of deeper. >> back live, investigators there on the scene. they have flashlights. you may not be able to see. they're looking under the cars parked on the sides of that side street here. they're taking pictures of the scene and trying to figure out exactly what caused this. what set this off and really what this is all about. it's an active scene just now getting underway. more information about it, we'll let you know. for now we're live in the pelham bay section of the bronx, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to times square where a police horse goes wild, bucking the officer, then taking off down the street. it was chaos. the horse trying to get away on west 47th street.
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we just got new information. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan is on the scene with more. >> the horse's name is gunny. he was just doing his job, patrolling the area around times square with an nypd officer when something, police now believe it was a loud noise, spooked him, and he took off. a thousand-pound horse suddenly on the loose. >> reporter: gunny didn't look too bad after his crazy, if brief night in times square. >> looked like some mad horse. >> reporter: police rushed in to times square tonight to search for gunny after he bucked his mounted unit officer, maybe after being hit by a car. >> i saw the horse running out of control. you could hear it. >> reporter: it was some sight. thousands saw the horse running free in times square in rush hour. >> in rush hour it's very unusual. >> i just thank god that the horse didn't hurt nobody or kill anybody because that's a strong animal. >> reporter: gunny did do minor damage to three cars but he
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he knew exactly where he was going. he galloped straight over to his parking garage on west 47th street where the mounted unit hangs out when they're on break. he sauntered right up to his best friend. >> he went right up to another horse and just started like kissing him and stuff. it was weird. >> reporter: that's where police found him. and new yorkers were a little surprised but not taken off their own stride. >> it happens. >> it happens. that's khalil, a taxi driver from egypt but he's a new yorker now. if you can see a horse running free in times square, and say hey, it happens, you're a new yorker. that police officer was hurt but not seriously. he'll be okay. police believe it was just a loud noise that set gunny off. reporting live from times square, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> sometimes it does happen. new york police frustrated tonight over the very few clues in search for a hit-and-run
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man in brooklyn and took off. the driver speeding away, leaving the victim critically hurt on the street. witnesses describe the car as a white sedan. police on long island say a man died in custody after a chase. 20-year-old marlon patton and two other men were being chased in elmont for not paying their bill at an applebee's restaurant. patton was caught when he had some kind of medical problem. officers say they let him lie down in the squad car, then they called for an ambulance. patton died at the hospital this morning. the other two suspects were arrested. a grieving mother tonight talking about an unimaginable sorrow that will never stop. her daughter was run over by a driver who then just took off. sheyla's mother talking to our carolina leid in west new york. >> the family right now working
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to bring the girl's grandmothers from mexico here to west new york. here as the memorial continues to grow. sheyla pichardo's mother tells me she can't and won't forgive the driver. >> reporter: she said she hopes the suspect pays for what he did. her daughter deserves justice. 33-year-old fabian rodriguez is accused of hitting the 1st grader and her mother as they walked to school monday morning in west new york. she tells me as she approached her baby girl and watched her struggle to breathe, the driver got out of the suv, looked at them, then got back in and drove off. in court the suspect's attorney portrayed him as a family man who cooperated with police. case. >> anything he said to the
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in his face was merely nothing more than an attempt to perpetuate the lie. >> reporter: police say joanna rosas-alvarez helped her husband hide the crime by telling police her suv was stolen. >> we know somebody got out of the vehicle and left the scene of the accident. as far as whether it was mr. rodriguez, at this point, at this stage in the game, i can't tell you unequivocally that that was him. >> reporter: sheyla's father said the driver should have helped his daughter. an accident is one thing. leaving his daughter dying, suffering in the street, is cruel and heartless. >> and rodriguez remains in jail on $250,000 bail. his wife's bail was set at $7500. the couple has a 7-year-old son, the same age as sheyla. reporting live in west new york, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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workers go on strike over wages and benefits in new jersey? besides paralyzing the region, now coming out with a contingency plan just in case. the plan expected to include adding buses and ferries. more than 100,000 people use new jersey transit trains to get in to manhattan each weekday. under federal law, march 13th is the first day railroad workers can strike. funeral services will be held tomorrow for the beloved owner of a sneaker store in new jersey who was murdered on the job. 21-year-old jamaal gaines was shot in the east coast boutique in rahway friday night. at this point police do not have a motive nor have they identified a suspect. the campaign to stop rising crime in the subways of new york city tonight includes a new radio system for the nypd to try to help cops communicate while patrolling underground. we're told tonight the department tested the updated radios in the bronx and now
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before they used to lose them or go dark. there was no way to communicate with officers on the street. >> the days of saying we're going in to the hole and realizing it was a black hole in the area of communication, those days were over. >> the radios in honor of that officer killed in 1984 by a subway thief. the officer losing communication with her partner when she chased the crook had her partner had no idea where she was. an arrest tonight in the latest slashing in new york city. 31-year-old ronald thompson accused of attacking the owner of a dunkin' donuts in the bronx. happened earlier today. nypd brass today releasing numbers on the rising slashing cases. 672 slashings or stabbings reported so far this year. that compares to 550 at this time last year. that's up 22%. new at 11:00, we're learning tonight the convicted mexican drug lord, el chapo, wants a quicioexn to the united states.
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wants out of the prison because the guards will not let him sleep. the attorney repeated his client is willing to plead guilty in exchange for a short sentence. he faces charges in seven u.s. jurisdictions. meteorologist lee goldberg says get ready for more snow. >> we've certainly gone from warm to wintery. before sunrise it was in the mid 50s. now 30s. gusty winds. feels like 22. you'll wake up to wind chills in the teens. a storm over the middle of the country is now strengthening and forming and snow is headed our way around this time tomorrow night. we have the latest totals and your 7-day accuweather forecast coming up. >> also check this out. a wild gun theft caught on camera. there are new developments late
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come back today and we'll give you free installation with our exclusive one-hour arrival window. feels good to be back. come back today. you'll get free installation, tv equipment and epix included. and now get a $300 reward card. call today, and welcome back. fresh off a huge win on super tuesday, hillary clinton back in manhattan at radio city music hall for a star studded concert. headliners for tonight's i'm
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elton john and katy perry and some tickets topping nearly $3,000. eyewitness news reporter josh einiger has more. >> wow. it is so good to be home. >> reporter: back in the states, she represented for eight years, back among a coalition of allies from organized labor, hillary clinton stood in the javits center tonight and ignored her primary opponent, focusing instead on the rhetoric of donald trump, though she never once said his name. >> it really matters when you're running for president what you say and boy, does it matter when you are the president. >> reporter: the republican frontrunner was uncharacteristically quiet today after sweeping through seven super tuesday states. the list of republican candidates who are not named donald trump is one name shorter. dr. ben carson signaling he may be out of the race by the end of the week. >> please, everyone get together so we can keep the frontrunner from winning and destroying the republican party. >> reporter: florida senator
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ballot for his state's primary today, seen as a must to win on march 15th, the same day ohio governor john kasich will have the same imperative for his home state primary. last night texas senator ted cruz held his own state meaning with the three of them still in the race, they're effectively splitting the anti-trump vote. meanwhile, vermont senator bernie sanders is defiantly staying in the democratic race despite losing massachusetts which its campaign had promised to win. >> we were up against someone who had been anointed as the inevitable nominee. well, guess what? she's not so inevitable tonight. >> reporter: tell that to her supporters back at the javits center. >> i love bernie. but this woman can get things done. >> she's the best. she's the best. number one. >> reporter: josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. there is growing backlash against new jersey governor christie following his
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six newspapers across new jersey calling on him to resign because he's spending so much time out of the state. a new poll shows christie's approval rating has dropped to 27%. that is down 6 points from before the trump endorsement. new york mayor de blasio's boycott on the st. patrick's day parade coming to an end. the mayor will march in the parade for the first time now that a longstanding has been dropped totally. one small gay group was allowed to march. this year hundreds will march under the banner of an irish lgbt group that worked for 25 years to end this ban. disturbing new details in the shooting death of a former new york city cop in texas. 29-year-old euless police officer david hofer was ambushed by a heavily armed gunman yesterday who had stolen a cash of weapons. the gunman hit in a drainage dutch. as hofer and his partner arrived, the gunman opened fire on them.
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there to do as much damage to responding officers as he could possibly do. >> the 22-year-old gunman was shot and killed. officer hofer, who used to work in the east village, left new york city would be safer as a cop in texas. a former natural gas company executive dead tonight just a day after a federal indictment on bid rigging charges. police in oklahoma city say aubrey mcclendon driving his suv, quoting now, straight in to a wall. the 56-year-old was the only one in the suv that slammed in to a bridge embankment. court today. the nfl will try tomorrow to suspension. representatives from both sides will speak before a panel of federal judges. the judges will decide whether a lower court judge was correct to negate brady's suspension over year. we all remember that. all. it means nothing to him.
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>> you've got a whole pack of wolves. [ laughter ] so we've got some snow headed our way and it's cold outside. >> two chances of snow then record highs to end the 7-day forecast. it's classic march. outside tonight, that wind won't give up. it's still shaking that camera. gusts over 20. we're at 30 degrees. it's cold and dry. you'll bundle up tomorrow morning. high today goes in the books as 55. you know what it felt like with the gusty winds. wake-up wind chills are going to be in the teens. look for snow to develop around this time tomorrow night, maybe a little bit later. it's going to be near normal by the time we get in to the weekend. could be a rain or snow shower on sunday then a monster warmup as we go in to next week. 31 in oldbridge. one of the favorite areas to see, over an inch of snowfall tomorrow night in to the morning hours on friday. it's in the teens and 20s off to the north. it will be a cold thursday morning. wind chills similar to what we see now, generally in the teens
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off to 7 to 14 miles per hour. lighter wind tomorrow. more sun. not as harsh in the afternoon. we'll notice clouds gathering later in the day and tomorrow night we'll be dropping in to the 20s and 30s. we're mainly clear right now. winds are still gusty but as this high gets closer, lighter wind by morning. then we start to track this storm over north texas and parts of oklahoma, snow off to the north. what's going to happen with this is jet stream energy gives us a little shot in the arm as it goes to the coast. watch how all the rain and snow blossoms tomorrow night. as the snow hits the carolina coast around this time tomorrow night, the snow shield should expand to the north and we start getting light snows and the biggest impact from this will be slippery road conditions for the friday morning commute. temperatures are below freezing. the favorite spots for higher accumulations will be south and east. even that will be light. let's take a closer look at it. cold tomorrow morning and clear. not as bad in the afternoon. upper 30s with increasing clouds.
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this is steady light snowfall. already getting slick dawn. then the storm is strengthening and consolidating offshore. it's going to pull the snow shield toward the coast. i think there's a better chance of seeing snow over central new jersey, eastern long island. there could be mixing issues in parts of coastal new jersey. that will pull away friday evening. i'm thinking a coating to an inch north of new york city and 1 to 3 inches. maybe we start to see the higher amounts over long island as well. may be mixing in coastal new jersey holding cooulshz amounts down as well. mostly clear in the morning. wind chills in the teens. so bundle up. 38 tomorrow afternoon. a lot of sun. not as windy. clouds will be thickening late in the day. snow develops late tomorrow night. there's your snow friday ending early in the afternoon. sun gives way to clouds saturday. then we're 47 and temperatures are off to the races. 50s on monday. 60s on tuesday. look what we did to the wednesday forecast. bump that up to 70 degrees wednesday.
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set back in 2000 of 69. you go from winter and snow to a nice spring tease. a lot of golf courses will be planning to open next week. >> you'll be the first one there. [ laughter ] big changes tonight in one of the country's most popular national parks. a management change at yosemite and some of the names and locations in the sierra nevada mountains are changing. like the owani hotel. other name changes as well because it turns out the management company had trade marked the names. yosemite can no longer use them. a nasty battle coming up.
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why a cup of tea might tt2watu# s4 bt@qop< tt2watu# s4 "a@q_\x tt2watu# s4 bm@qtwt tt4watu# s4 " dztq 0 t tt4watu# s4 " entq @$4 tt4watu# s4 " gzt& y#l tt4watu# s4 " hnt& i- tt4watu# s4 " iztq #dx tt4watu# s4 " jntq 148 tt4watu# s4 " lzt& )yd
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smash and grab heist. disturbing because the target was a gun store. dozens of guns missing from the store in houston, texas. surveillance video shows ten hooded robbers rushing in after using a pickup truck to tear off the doors. they smashed cases, took hand guns and rifles. whole thing took 3 minutes. three suspects are under arrest. in tonight's health alert, a cup of tea a day may keep the cardiologist away. a new study found people who drank a cup of tea daily were 35% less likely to have a heart attack or other major cardiovascular events. researchers in baltimore also found that moderate tea drinkers were less likely to have calcium buildup in their heart's coronary arteries. >> one of us here on the set drinks green tea all the time. sweet. tea for your heart and coffee for your liver, right? >> everything else. your colon.
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the real stuff can't be that far away. straight ahead, the yankees get everything started in florida. exhibition game goes right down to the final pitch. plus the knicks try another
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we now know who's going to play whom and when. >> we've got a month to go. baseball's exhibition schedule finally arrived. they start playing for keeps just over a month now. plenty of time to get ready. exhibition game number one for the yankees in tampa against the tigers. severino started. wasn't a good start. severino hit a batter, walked a couple guys. grand slam. yanks fell behind 7-0. and rallied. starlin castro a couple hits. bottom of the 9th, two outs, man on base. dustin fowler lifts a flyball. you know it's real early. winning run scores. 10-9 yanks win. that's the way they start spring. yankee closer aroldis chapman suspended the first 30
1:33 am
violations of baseball's domestic violence policy. chapman reiterating today he did not harm his girlfriend but he did show poor judgment and the yanks move on. >> considering he has to miss a month, i think he's ready to move on and he took responsibility for what happened and he wants to be better as a player and a person. mets can't wait to get started. they open their spring exhibition schedule tomorrow on the road against the nationals. curtis granderson will not make the trip. he has a case of pinkeye. knicks lost 15 of their last 18. been tough to watch. today the fellas gather for the knicks' 17th annual bowling night to benefit the garden of dreams foundation, raised almost $3 million over the years. a lot of the focus is still on carmelo anthony and his comments to a heckler last night. directing him to knick owner james dolan. anthony put out a statement today saying yeah, it's a bad move. he was a no-show at bowling.
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the controversy today. >> he did what he did. i'm nobody to judge him. he's the leader of our team. i think he apologized after that. it's all fine. he wants the better of the team. college hoops. seton hall at butler. 8-1 in their last nine games. the one loss, to butler last month. seton hall just outside the top 25 rankings. isaiah whitehead, another big game. career high 27 points. dunham pumped in 22 for the bulldogs and home crowd helped him out. seton hall loses on the road 85-78. rutgers at home against number two michigan state. the scarlet knights with a 31-game big 10 losing streak. 0-16 this year but the first half was great. cory sanders with suspension. rutgers down only two at halftime. could the upset be on?
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the second half big time. brin forbes with 11-16. finished with 33 points and michigan state rolls 97-66.


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