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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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overnight that car was towed away as police try to figure out who did it. >> an elderly woman choked and robbed inside her brown stone stebs from prospect park. it isn't spring quite quiet. get ready for the first snow fall of march starting tomorrow. >> today is thursday, march 3rd and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. bill evans in the accuweather forecast. >> check out the 6:00 temperatures. yesterday at this time it was five #5 3 and 55 -- 53 and 55 degrees with rain. tack on the wind it is 15 degrees. 25 hanover. montclair. 24. we're in the 20's and monticello is at 16. it is 10 degrees off that for the real feel this morning and it will be a cold day. we have sunshine, blue skies, bright, but it will be brisk, some snow on the way for this
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we'll talk about that next. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. heather tells us there is a jack knifed trailer rig in new jersey. >> i got a tweet. they told me there is an unauthorized tractor trailer on the grand central parkway. new jersey turnpike northbound truck lanes. there is a jack knifed tractor trailer, the truck lanes are closed down. hop in the car lanes instead if you can do that. we also have this on going investigation, staten island, lily pond avenue, the major roads, we have all lanes closed off close to the verrazno bridge. you'll have to hop along an alternate route. subway services are running, all of the subways are running close to schedule. new jersey transit. long island metro north doing just fine and here is a look at the grand central parkway in front of laguardia parkway where traffic is moving great here but i'll investigate that reported unauthorized tractor trailer. we do have our street cleaning rules in effect for today. lori, over to you.
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bronx and police are trying to find out who tried to blow up a car with two people inside. a crude poip bomb was taped underneath the car, blowing out the two rear tires. the bomb squad on the scene all night. eyewitness news reporter darla miles live in pelham bay. >> the pipe bomb was made of two aerosol cans and pipe and it went off as the car, the red nissan pulled up behind me. the bomb squad continues their investigation. the force of the explosion caused the right rear passenger tire to go flat and the air bags to display around 7:00 late last night at intersection of mahan and roberts avenue. the aerosol can was attached to the rear wheels of each of the tires but only one can exploded. there was a 24-year-old man driving the car at the time.
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he told police he saw smoke, felt a small explosion and realized he had a flat tire. neither one of the people in the car at the twriem hurt. now, police say -- at the time were hurt. now, police say this was a rental car. they're trying to figure out when the explosive device was rigged to the car. they have determined that this is not terrorism but they're trying to determine if the driver of the car was the intended target. reporting live in pelham bay. darla miles. channel seven, eyewitness news. 6:03. four people will go before a judge today in connection with the murder of a major league baseball prospect in westchester county. three of the men facing assault and weapons charges while the fourth is accused of murdering 23-year-old mike nolan. nolan was shot in a burger king parking lot in youngers. he was drafted by the oakland oofk's in the 2014 draft. -- oakland a's in the 2014 draft. hunter fired the shot in retaliation of the fight following a drag race.
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held for the owner of a sneaker store in new jersey murdered on the job. 21-year-old jamal gains was shot inside the east coast boutique in raleigh monday night. gains opened the stoor when he was just 18. after starting his sneaker business out of his home in high school. police do not have a motive and they have not identified any suspects. 6:04, new this morning, a federal investigation is under way after someone shined a laser into an air force jet flying over the jersey shore. it happened last night as the u.s. air force dc 10 was over long beach island headed to mcguire air force base. the faa said someone shined a green laser into the plane, no one was hurt. and we have new video this morning of a suspect in a gunpoint attack on a 91-year-old woman in brooklyn. police say he choked and robbed the woman yesterday afternoon around one. it happened inside a building on 9th street and park slope when
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attack, that man was also threatened with a gun and robbed. no one was seriously injured. 6:05 is our time. think itself says victory lap paved with money. hillary clinton celebrated the super tuesday seven state win with a fundraiser and rally in manhattan. . >> the fund raising concert featured elton john. jamie fox, katy perry. her mom beamed about her super tuesday wins and took aim at donald trump. >> it matters when you're running for president what you say and boy, does it matter when you are the president! >> clinton shared the stage with mayor blazo and governor cuomo.
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they stayed on opposite sides of the stage. there is a hearing whether cruz is eligible. he was born in canada to an american born mom which many agree makes him a, quote, natural born citizen. but the matter has never actually been settled in court. the birth controversy has been seized on by donald trump to raise questions about cruz's ability to serve as president if elected. trump will be campaigning in maine but tonight, he detroit along side cruz, marco rubio and john kasich. the latest fox news debate starts at 9:00 p.m. and megyn kelly will be there as moderator. ben carson will not be on stage. he sees no political path forward. carson is expected to make an announcement on the future of his campaign tomorrow. one time republican nominee mitt romney made his share of
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called romney a loser. called romney a loser. that could add an extra spark when romney delivers what is expected to be a major address. it is part of the effort to knock trump out of the race as runner. you're never more than seven minutes a fwrachl weather and traffic. and bill -- away from weather and traffic and bill evans. >> check out this beautiful sunrise. isn't that nice? high thin sirius clouds. alto sirus. this is from the roof camera looking across the east river to flushing bay. here is the camera in brooklyn looking back toward the west here this morning looking toward wall street area one world trade. a nice sunrise this morning. 26 degrees. the temperature has been stuck there. the winds aren't stuck, though, they're out of the northwest at 20 miles an hour. this is the next system that will affect us. it is a low pressure system in the ohio valley, sliding east ward today. so we'll be looking at about 26 at 7, 8:00 to low 20's, upper 20's as we get to lunch time it is 34 and we'll have 37 to 38 by the afternoon. going to be cold. feel like the 20's this afternoon. kids, bring all of your warm gear. i'll give it a d for today. 38 degrees. going to be the 20's. i'm giving it a d. >> i would give it an f. this is the lie near the grand central parkway. you can see we have delays building there and as we head over to the maps we have this problem on the new jersey turnpike involving a jack knifed tractor trailer near exit eight. truck lanes are closed down. you have to hop in the car lanes instead. we have this report of the grand central parkway. i did get a tweet from someone saying this was an unauthorized tractor trailer. the police are saying it is a disabled vehicle. we'll keep an eye on. that the delay we showed you getting through the interchange, you can see how heavy that is when from the earlier camera
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an on going accident investigation so you have all lanes closed down. the streeting rules are in effect for today. ken and lori over to you. >> at 6:09, a wreck on a pennsylvania highway. five people killed on a fiery crash that shut down lanes for hours. >> preparing for the worse, new jersey plans laying out the plans in exchange for a strike.
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. it is 6:12. five people are dead after a head on collision in pennsylvania. this happened yesterday afternoon near allentown. the highway reopened only a few hours ago. the driver of a subaru lost control, crossed the median and slammed head on into a tractor trailer. killed. the tractor trailer driver being treated for minor injuries. the mother of a first grader killed by a hit-and-run driver away. correa sat down with eyewitness news days after they were hit in west new york. sheila died at the scene. her mother told eyewitness news
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rodriguez pays for the crime. he and his wife made their first court appearance. >> he is heartbroken by this entire occurrence. he has his own son, fabian junior, he has a wife, a s. >> rodriguez's wife joanna rosas alvarez is accused of trying to cover up the crime. it was her suv that hit them. mexican drug lord "el chapo" wants a quick extradition to the united states. the lawyer for joaquin guzman wants to get away from the current prison because the guards won't let him sleep. the attorney repeated his client is willing to plead guilty in exchange for a shorter sentence in a medium security prison. he faces charges in seven u.s. jurisdictions.
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standing by with your accuweather forecast. >> just admiring the beautiful sunrise. look at this, the george washington bridge. they have a beautiful sunrise as we look to the east. going to be a really nice day. alti sirius clouds here. to the west, nice day. watchtower to bowling green and wall streechlt 26 degrees. the humidity is dry. winds are northwest to nine, gusting to 18. the pressure is rising. this all points to a nice day but a cold day. yesterday at this time, we were at 55 degrees. normal is 45 and now we're in a real feel of 15. it is 40 degrees colder than this time yesterday. passing a shower, here we go. we're looking at what will be a day where we start out with temperatures in the 20's. here we go. this is the correct graphic. 20, 25 degrees. we'll get up to the north here about 16 toward mont sell yoechlt we're looking at the wind out of the northwest, 9, 12, 14 miles an hour.
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around 25 miles an hour gusts around jfk. so we'll have this wind not as strong as yesterday. we had 43, 44 miles an hour wind gusts yesterday. so the winds calming down as we go into the day but to start the day it is cold. 13 around brooklyn to jfk, 19 up toward the bronx. 13 around poughkeepsie. high thin clouds, back to the west is the storm system. it is likely an alberta clipper. a lot of snow here in kentucky, west virginia, the ocean doah valley -- shenandoah valley. we're looking at upper 30s for highs. it will feel like the 20's. clouds come in and snow starts around 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m.. so this time tomorrow, snow will be falling. mostly streets will be wet. some will be slippery, sidewalks, too, can get a coating and as we go into the afternoon, look how much longer it hangs on and in eastern
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rhode island over toward the cape and to boston. so we'll be watching the clouds increasing tonight and then we'll see the snow showers continuing and as you see, it will be from 84 south here, the further south you get, the more snow you'll get in new jersey and we'll be looking at the amounts that are a coating to an inch from the city north ward. and from the city southeast and west, you go along here down the turnpike here from 80, i-80 . warmly. 26 with a real feel of 15 degrees for today. brisk and cold, sunshine, feels like the teens this morning, 20's later on. snow after midnight tonight, 30, and snow in the afternoon tomorrow, coating to an inch around the city, north ward, city southward up to three, and then we clear out tomorrow night, we have sunshine saturday, saturday night, sunday, might be a little system that goes by with a brief period
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then we warm up next week. let's get it on! it will warm up to 70 by wednesday. that is nice. >> all right. very good. >> 6:17. we check in with heather in the commute. >> we'll talk about this delay here. this is the lie getting into the area of the cue guard yeps interchange. as i want to thank alex, there is an unauthorized tractor trailer on the grand central before exit 10 we. it looks like he hit the overpass. we were getting reports that it was a disabled tractor trailer. the grand central parkway east. unauthorized tractor trailer, trying to get that cleared away. delays are backup. new jersey turnpike. northbound truck lanes. jack knifed tractor trailer. the truck lanes are closed down. use the car lanes instead. i'm sure they'll kick you over there anyway. subway service is running on or close to schedule. new jersey transit. long island river, metro north running near or close.
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island, lily pond avenue. we have an on going accident investigations, all lanes are closed down as a result so you want to avoid that if that is where you normally get to the staten island expressway. verrazno bridge. no major issues. we have the nate side parking rules -- alternate side parking rules. check this out. a vermont police chief is spoonding to a crash on an icy hill top road when his tahoe lost its battle with the ice and started sliding backward. he managed to steer backwards around the first part of the curve below. that is when his luck ran out and he flew off the road into a digit ditch. the chief and tahoe were fine after they were pulled out of the ditch. >> ice is nothing to play with. >> nope. still to come, a major sports retailer shutting dozens of stores nationwide. >> and a perilous day at the
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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. breaking news in manhattan. a man is being treated for a head injury after a stabbing on the upper west side. this happened at the lincoln center parking garage on amsterdam avenue. it happened within the last half hour. the victim was taken to the hospital. no arrests have been made. 6:23. sports authority has filed for bankruptcy and plans to file 140 stores. 32 of the stores will close in our own tri-state area. the shut down over the next three months will eliminate about a third of the chain's locations. the bankruptcy filing revealth company has more than a billion dollars in liabilities and it missed making a $20 million debt payment in january. >> smokers will no longer be able to rely on electronic cigarettes in commercial flights in or out of the u.s.. the ban yesterday staying e-cigarettes fall under the same
6:24 am
-- tobacco cigarettes. many airlines have already banned them. it will go into effect next month. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> we take a look at our camera here down the jersey shore here. you have this wind that comes out of the northwest running right down the beach that way and out here is our navigational buoy that is out here this morning. we're looking at chilly numbers here and it is going to be a cold morning to start out. especially when we're looking at about 22 to 25 degrees and we'll be looking at 22 around susex. it will be e a cold day tomorrow. it will be going on this time tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that in your forecast coming i just got this information here. 206 both ways between hole yald and huntersville is closed. we have the grand central east.
6:25 am
it looks like it may have been cleared very quickly. thankfully no overpasses were hit when this tractor trailer wandered onto the parkway. as you go onto the new jersey turnpike northbound truck lanes near exit eight, jack knifed tractor trailer, the laeps are closed down. use the car lanes instead. we have alternate side parking rules in effect. the mass transit is doing very well. over to you, lori. at least seven suspects are on the run after a bold gun store burglary. surveillance video from early tuesday showed a gang of hooded thieves rushing into a store in houston after using a pick-up truck to tear off the doors. inside, they smashed glass cases taking dozens handguns and rifles. the whole thing took less than three minutes. so far #3shgs suspects are under arrest -- three suspects are under arrest. anyone who owns a pool knows you sometimes find a critter or two in it. nothing like this. a nine-foot alligator taking an
6:26 am
family's pool. this is more common an occurrence than you think. the home owner noticed bubbles coming from the poochlt they called in a professional -- from the pool. they called in a professional to pull him from the pool. >> bubbles? >> that could be his nickname. bubbles the alligator. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, nypd bomb squad crews trying to figure out who planted a pipe bomb beneath a car. the device exploding with two people inside. new video from the skeeven, coming up. >> times square can -- from the scene. coming up. >> times square can become a scomboochlt last night it was a rodeo when a police horse got away.
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. new details this morning on an explosion in the bronx. a homemade bomb placed
6:30 am
ago, the car was towed away for evidence. >> over a week from now, new jersey transit workers may walk off the job leaving 10's of thousands of commuters stranded. officials are reviewing their plans just in case. >> in like a lion, we'll see snow just in time for tomorrow morning's commute. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for joining us this morning. it is thursday, march 3rdrd. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorolobell evans. >> -- bill evans. >> happy thursday to you. it will abe beautiful day today. -- be a beautiful day today. 26 degrees is our temperature. there is wind out there. east hammond, 25, brookhaven, 24, north shore, 25, south shore, coastal connecticut, 25, 23 poughkeepsie. feels like the teens this morning. we'll get to 38, 39 this afternoon. feels like the 20's with the
6:31 am
tonight we have ourselves snow for tomorrow. we'll take about that, next. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. heather o'rourke is really busy this morning. >> so is choer seven as you head into the kew gardens interchange. we have delays as you go into that spot and let's go over to the maps and talk about what was going on the grand central eastbound near the lie. unauthorized tractor trailer wandered onto the freeway. subway service close to schedule and we have this problem on the new jersey truck lanes, near exit eight. jack knifed tractor trailer. the truck lanes are closed down. use the car lanes instead to get yourself around that spot. as you travel through glad stone, you have 206, both ways closed down between holland and pottersfield road. there is icing going on there as well. street cleaning rules are in effect. over to you. >> thank you. 6:31.
6:32 am
ground as police respond to a stabbing on the upper west side. this happening within the last half hour inside the lincoln center parking garage on amsterdam avenue. the victim being treated for a head injury. no arrests have been made yet. we're working to get more details on this still breaking story. we'll bring you any updates as we get them. we're learning more about an explosive scene on a bronx street. overnight, the nypd and bomb squad work to remove a rental car targeted by an explosive device. the homemade bomb exploded under the vehicle with two people inside. the blast could have been even worse. eyewitness news reporter darla miles live in pelham bay with more. >> this car had just pulled up to the intersection right next to the white car when that explosion happened. police say this was actually a bomb made out of two aerosol cans on each rear wheel of the car but only one of the cans exploded. let me show you video of the red nissan after the explosion
6:33 am
police say there were two people riding in the car at the time, a 24-year-old man who was driving and a 28-year-old woman who was the passenger. as you mentioned, this is a rental car. police are trying to determine exactly when this car was rigged with the explosive device. they say when it reached intersection of mahan and roberts avenue in the pelham bay section of the bronx, the device went off causing one flat tire and both air bags to deploy. >> it was a really loud, like, a big, like a thump. it wasn't like, like maybe kind of like a gunshot or something but not, sort of deeper. >>reporter: federal agencies were obviously called but terrorism was quickly ruled out. at this point the nypd is searching for the person or persons who rigged the car with the explosive device and trying to determine if the 24-year-old driver was the intended tar gechlt reporting live in pelham bay. darla miles. abc seven news.
6:34 am
is on for two men after a stabbing inside a bronx subway station. look at these pictures of the suspects. police say these men got into an argument with another man on a northbound 2 and 5 platform at the east 149th street and 3rd avenue subway station. it happened two weeks ago. police say one of the men stabbed the victim in the stomach with a sharp object. the victim was treated at the hospital. 30-year-old man is facing weapons charges after he was threatening people with a box cutter inside a brooklyn subway station. transit officers were able to convince the man to drop the box cutter. no one was hurt. this comes as nypd reports stabbing and slashings are on the rise. 672 incidents so far this year. this is more than a 22% increase compared to this time last year gentleman 6:34. happening today, charges will be formally dismissed against five teens accused of a gang rape in
6:35 am
they nashlly said the -- they initially said the teens approached the 18-year-old daughter and the father. any sex may have been consensual and the father was having sex with his own daughter when the incident began. one of three teens arrested for the sexual assault on a teenager girl last may will be sentenced today. the girl was repeatedly raped near the brent wood country club close to the brent wood east middle school. jose cornado will recei 15-year sentence. his co-defendant has been promised 12 years in prison. prosecutors saturday third man acted as a look out we'll get a clearer picture of what the new jersey transit officials plan to do in case of a crippling rail strike. they'll lay of the plans later this evening. mallory huff learned early details. she is live from hoboken. mallory?
6:36 am
to be quite the mess for commuters. more than 100,000 riders use new jersey transit trains every day. as you can see, a lot of them headed to work right now going through this hoboken terminal. a contingencisy plan being crafted. we'll learning more on that later this morning. new jersey represents are scheduled to meet with the mediation board tomorrow, if an agreement is not reached, unions authorized a strike. it would start on march 13th at 12:05:00 a.m.. they should adopt recommendations made by a federal panel this year. . those recommendations called for a wage increase of about 2.6% a year for the next six and a half years. a strike contingency plan for riders should be put in motion should a strike take . additional park and ride bus lots will be set-up, the number of buses will be increased and there will be additional ferries and increased number of path trains to commuters who use the
6:37 am
that you say a strike would make for a complicated, but for some, manageable commute. >> it is tough that they can't come to thinking of ways to prevent an agreement but when sandy hit, we had to do something like that too. we had to get by and adapt and figure it out. people will do that. >> they have to pay the workers, they work. >> if it does happen, the strike would take place on march 13th. again, we're waiting for later information that is expected to come out on a news conference live in hoboken. mallory huff. channel seven, eyewitness news. >> thank you. there won't be a band or even a big ribbon cutting ceremony this is the day the great oculus transit hub opens at the world trade center. this is a partial opening today and in the spring there will be a more formal opening ceremony. links to city subway lines are set to open in the coming months. the train station and the
6:38 am
that is double the original budget. construction took 10 years longer than planned. 6:38. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans, and the accuweather forecast. >> we know it will be a great day today. sunshine, temperatures in the 20's to start out. look how pretty from the cram in times square and looking south. it is a chilly morning but it is sunny, blue, got trails, high, circus clouds and alto sirius clouds. it will be a cold morning and a cold day but a lot of sunshine today from the canadian air. this low will cut right under that and we'll be on the northern fringes of this system bringing a lot of snow and rain to the mid atlantic. it will bring us snow tomorrow morning at this time which we'll talk about in just a second. 28 by 10:00. 34 at noon. three # this afternoon it will be a cold day -- 38 this
6:39 am
lori wondered what happened to the sassy lori. it is the winter clothes. next week it is 70. you can go back to sassy next week. it will feel like the 20's. and now the sassy traffic reporter will highlight what is going on this morning. where is that? >> the new jersey turnpike, this is the accident i've been telling you about on the new jersey turnpike as you go into the northbound side. this is right near exit eight in the truck lanes. you can see only the right lane is getting by at this point. big accident here they have to take care of a fuel spill here. the car lanes are doing just fine so that is the place you want to go if you can do that. now, let's go over to our maps. we'll pinpoint where that is for you. new jersey pinpoint truck lanes. jack knifed tractor trailer. the truck lanes only one lane open. hop in the car lanes to save yourself added headaches we also have a flem glad stone. 206 both ways. fire department activity. we hear there is an icy conditions as well. new jersey transit, long island
6:40 am
metro north doing just fine. subway services running on or close to schedule and lily pond avenue in staten island, on going accident investigation. all lanes are closed down through spot. alternate parking rules are in effect. >> thank you. it is 6:40. tom brady's deflategate scandal heading back to court today. what attorneys for both sides will argue. >> also ahead, a truly wild scene at the cross roads of the world. what sent this police horse running free? >> a happy homecoming for astronaut scott kelly talking overnight about his year in space. >> and with snow on the way, we have you covered tomorrow morning on the air and also online.
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m . welcome back. 6:43. a police horse is resting this morning after rush hour romp through times square. >> he was startled by a noise and startled a few new yorkers as he galloped along 6th avenue. his name is gunny. after he was corralled on west 47th street he spent part of the night rushing through the
6:44 am
he caused damage to three cars before heading to a parking garage where he hung out with another four legged member of the nypd. >> he went right up to him and started kissing him and stuff. it was weird! >> people get scared for a few minutes. yeah. some people were screaming, but thank god, nobody got hurt. >> it turns out that gunny is familiar with the garage. members of the nypd mounted unit hang out there break. the officer who had been riding gunny is expected to be okay. for the first time since becoming mayor. bill de blasio will march in the parade. now that the boycott of gay and lesbian groups has been dropped. last year one small gay group was allowed to march. this year, hundreds will march under an irish lgbt group that worked for 25 years to end the ban.
6:45 am
back in texas after spending nearly a year a board the international space station. kelly was welcomed back to houston by his family, including his twin brother and fellow astronaut mark kelly. the twins were part of a special mission, as researchers look at how zero gravity affected scott kelly compared to his brother. >> it is an unbelievable feeling to be back here on planet earth, back in our great country and with my family and friends. >> but it wasn't just family welcoming kelly home for his had h space mission, president obama also called the astronaut as he flew home from kazakhstan saying that the year spent in space is vital to the future of american space travel. time now is 6:45. good morning mc. robin roberts live in times square. >> always good to see you. we'll talk about donald trump this morning because members of his own party are speaking out
6:46 am
mitt romney expected to launch a new attack on the frontrunner and donald trump will talk with george live this morning here on gma. a massive manhunt for a band of robbers. incredible footage of a gang swarming a gun shop. three suspects already captured. we'll have the latest. >> and tina fey making headlines with harsh words kalg out the academy awards saying why it is still difficult for women in college. and a whole lot more on this friday eve edition of good morning america. time to check on your accuweather forecast. >> bill evans is live on the upper west side. >> here we go, we have a cold morning, wind out of the northwest. it is chilly we have a lot of sunshine, a beautiful morning. how about we look at the sunrise, huh? sunshine all across the area.
6:47 am
looking over to the lower eastside. poling green. down the battery looking good. taking the ferry back and forth. dress warmly. we have the wind gusting up to 18 to 22 miles an hour. high yesterday morning was 55 yesterday morning and this time yesterday, it was 55. today it is 15 for the real feel. 40 degrees colder. your wake upwind chills are in the teens. we're looking at snow coming in later tonight for the day tomorrow and we're looking into the near normal temperatures this weekend. big warm up coming next week. temperatures are in the 20's around central northern new jersey, up the hudson river valley, the low 20's. we have the winds out of the northwest, eight miles an hour and the gusts have been in the 20's overnight around 28 to 49 miles an hour across the valley, coastal connecticut. 29 miles an hour winds so the real feel this morning are in the teens. it is cold! brooklyn, 12 degrees for real feel. looking at 11 toward white
6:48 am
it is sunny it is blue. hardly a cloud in the we're watching that storm system in the mid mississippi valley. it will be spreading east ward. going to give the mid atlantic a lot of problems. we'll be on the northern edge of. that by the time it gets going, temperatures are in the low 30s by midday. by the afternoon we're in the upper mid 30's. here comes the snow tonight. the snow will be from the system that is to our south and you'll see that edge of that throwing back more snow in the eastern long island. even into the afternoon there could be snow and so the further north you go, the less snow there will be around i-84 as the system really kind, the cold air out of canada, glides to the south in the jet stream. that is where it will stay. we'll n be going with 1 to 3 inches of snow in the city east to west below i-80 and new jersey and the further south you go, the more snow there will be.
6:49 am
at a coating to an inch. slippery up the roads and the sidewalks. make sure you have the extra sweater or jersey or extra under armor, you have after school athletics it will be cold. afternoon. tonight we're at 30, snow starts after midnight. snow after the morning commute. a coating to three inches in the city southward and you're looking at about 38 as a high. we warm up back to normal temperatures. 43, although rain, snow possible on sunday morning but that is very early. sunshine sunday afternoon. look at next week! we warm up to 70 by wednesday. >> sweet! >> we'll go to the cart where they have a special on flame throwers. two for one. >> it is cold out here. >> thank you. >> why do they sell flame flower snaez. >> it is cold. >> let's check the traffic.
6:50 am
but we were talking about a problem close to the verrazno bridge earlier. it was lily pond avenue. both areas, the major road. we have an accident investigation reported. but we had john fly over there and he tells us it is cleared away. that is good news for us. we have this problem here on the new jersey turnpike, northbound truck lanes. jack knifed tractor trailer. truck lanes have one lane open. hop in the car lanes instead. new jersey transit. metro north doing just fine. subway service is on or close to schedule. ken and lori, over to you. >> thank you.
6:51 am
6:52 am
[car starting] [engine revving] [crashing]
6:53 am
. stop what you're doing right now and look at your screen. this is amazing. a convenience store clerk gets high marks for bravery or nuttiness. the problem is, the gun was aimed right at her for most of the fight. one shot could have ended everything. she hits him with a register drawer, pulls out a hammer. look at this. police say the thief dropped the money all across the floor as he escaped. wow. that is amazing. >> the nfl will try again today to reinstate new england patriots tom braid eechls four game -- brady's four game suspension.
6:54 am
federal judges this afternoon. the judges will decide whether a lower court judge was corrects to vakate brady's vacate brady's suspension over the ball deflation scandal from last year. if the league wins and brady may have to sit out the start of next season it could take several weeks for the court to issue a ruling. 6:54. following breaking news in the upper west side. >> a man is stabbed near a
6:55 am
6:56 am
i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (man) we're out of 2%. i wonder what else could be better around here? (man) i heard that. now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annualcontract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't.
6:57 am
. new details in a breaking story. we learned a man was stabbed twice in the head with a screwdriver on the upper west side. this happened within the last 45 minutes inside an apartment building on amsterdam. the victorian across the street and was found -- victim ran across the street and was found. police are investigating an an explosive device detonated under a moving car in the bronx. >> two people were in the car at the time. they were not hurt. investigator towed the car early this morning hours after an aerosol can exploded underneath it at mahan and roberts avenue in pelham bay. the driver and passenger walked away unhurt. the force of the blast was strong enough, though, to give the car a flat tire and cause
6:58 am
>> we'll learn more about new jersey's tins plans to get -- tings plans to get the drivers where they need to go in case of a strike. it will create a mess for 100,000 people who use the trains between new york and new jersey. the plan is increased bus service and more park and ride loca. let's check in again with heather. >> news copter seven is up above. john is showing us here. it is all volume near 86th street. you can expect delays here as you head out this morning. we'll go over to the maps and talk about the new jersey turnpike. near exit eight, jack knifed tractor trailer. there is only one lane open. use the car lanes instead. new jersey transit on or close to schedule. metro north doing okay. subway service on or close to schedule. we have this problem. 206 both ways between holland and pottersfield road. fire department activity.
6:59 am
the holland tunnel has a 20-minute delay. >> busy! >> yes. >> that is a lot. >> documentary. >> it will be tomorrow. i have simple stuff for you. it is cold! dress warmly. your temperature will be 26 at 7:00 and look how it feels. brooklyn at 11. jfk in queens, 15. 25 toward the bronx. white plains 11 for the real feel. sunshine today, about 38 degrees, the high it will feel like the 20's. but we have snow for tomorrow morning coating to a few inches makes the commute slow and messy tomorrow morning. remember that. sunshine returns this weekend with normal temperatures and up to 70 by wednesday next week. man, love it. >> thank you. >> that will do it for us. i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. more local news and weather coming up in 25 minutes.
7:00 am
good morning good morning, america. waging war against the front-runner. mitt romney blasts donald trump calling him a phony and a fraud as the billionaire gets closer to capturing the gop nomination. trump joins us live. new overnight, major arrests in that brazen at least ten suspects caught on camera swarming a store smashing display cases and getting away with an arsenal of weapons. the massive manhunt. smackdown, hulk hogan's $100 million lawsuit suing a website about his private tape. we have what the former pro wrestler is saying as he prepares for the biggest fight of his life. the 11-year-old hitting the shot of a lifetime in front of one of the greatest golfers of


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