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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  March 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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out ahead of the storm system working our way now. you see the milky high clouds. those are alto cumulus, alto sirius clouds. three # two degrees is the temperature. we should be at 38 to 40. 40 to 42. normal high temperature this time of the year is 39 degrees. it is much colder. what this does is freezes things he did of the system that is coming. making things ready for an accumulating snow. so you seat clouds streaming out ahead of the system with the jet stream. this is what we're talking about. it was producing thunderstorms around memphis this morning. it is right here in the boot hill of missouri and the low just keeps cutting across kentucky, tennessee, through the mountain's. we'll be on the northern fringes of the system and it starts to midnight. the afternoon temperature, about approximately three l eight, plenty cold. here are the clouds tonight on the futurecast and tomorrow, overnight. you start to see the snow
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this will be throwing snow in off of the atlantic around long island, down the jersey shore and out. i think we're looking at the least a coating to an inch, just enough around the morning commute tomorrow to make it rather slippery. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a moment. we'll have more on that and the weekend, too. and a big warm up next week to talk about. back to you. >> thank you. remember, you can get the latest weather alerts and live radar at any time whether actrack weather app. it is free to download. a 92-year-old woman placed in a choke-hold and robbed talks about her terrifying ordeal. we're getting a look at video showing the man police want to find. eyewitness news reporter angie burkin is live. >>reporter: eyewitness news has just learned that this case is now being linked to a home invasion that took place in the same general neighborhood about
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in that case 71 years old. we are outside now. the latest crime scene where this victim has lived for 45 years and yes, she is 92 years old. she tells us she was followed home from the local library by her attacker. this guy, we're told, is about six feet tall and weighs an estimated 250 pounds. she says the man pushed his way in as she opened the door to her building, shoved her into the demanded money. this happened at around 1:00 in the afternoon yesterday, broad daylight. 9th street, just off of prospect park. police posted descriptions, wanted posters up and down the block and victim tells her the down stairs robber was robbed when he tried to intervene. he also had a handgun.
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but as you would guess, she is traumatized. >> he came inside, he choked me, shut up! shut up! i don't have no . >>reporter: just awful. now the description. he is 40 to 50 years old. again, roughly 250 pounds. 5'10 to 6 feet tall wearing a black wool cap, a dark hooded sweater. a black jacket. black gloves. light colored pants and dark shoes. it is a good picture, it it is a good description. of course, anybody with information that can help police solve this case is urged to call the nypd. we're live in parks grove. eyewitness news. also new at noon, police released a 911 call made by a suspect in a hit-and-run that left a 7-year-old girl dead. the caller reports a stolen vehicle.
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>> they stole the car? did they just take it? >> yeah, she is ca. >> fabian rodriguez is accused of driving the suv that fatally struck sheila in west new hindering apprehension. they were unaware of the deadly hit-and-run when rodriguez made the police found the vehicle in newark. they face possible charges related to filing a false police report. turning to vote 2016, tonight the republican presidential candidates returned to the debate stage but right now it is mitt romney in the spotlight speaking out and trump. political reporter dave evans on this. american politics. voters have chosen donald trump as the frontrunner but the republican party establishment is mounting a desperate move to stop trump.
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dangerous. the last republican nominee, mitt romney going after trump. he hopes for a brokered convention in cleveland but it may be too late to stop trump. >> it is my honor, real honor, and privilege to endorse mitt r. >> # # years ago, they were fast -- four years ago they were fast friends when donald trump endorsed mitt romney. but now mitt romney is joining a krorus worried sick about trump as the nominee. they claim trump will destroy the republican party. overnight, romney released this expert from his speech today, here is what i know. donald trump is a phoney and a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from he is playing the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white
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>> wait, wait, wait. isn't he a huge business success? doesn't he know what he is talking about? no, he isn't and no, he doesn't. >> his bankruptcies have crushed small businesses and the men and women who work for them. he inherited his business. he didn't create it. >> overnight trump responded tweeting out another desperate move for the man who should have easily beaten barack obama. he released clips last night of romney's least conservative moments. >> i will preserve and protects a women's right to choose. >> i want universal coverage. i want everyone in massachusetts and this country to have insurance. >> also today, more than 50 national security advisors released a letter saying trump will make us less safe. others say his foreign policy will lead us into an economic recession. >> i'm willing to fight for as long as we take to make sure we save the conservative party from
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>> he admired putin and called george w. bush a liar. that is a twisted example of evil trumping good. >> and at least three groups are now spending millions on tv ads blasting trump in states like ohio and florida. they hold elections on march 15th. if trump wins those states, this nomination fight is likely over. that; unless republican leaders mount some kind of a challenge at the convention in cleveland also tonight, the 11th republican debate, this one hosted by fox including megyn kelly, she and trump have crossed before so it should be interesting tonight. thank you, dave. the first phase of the world trade center transportation hub called oculus is open to the public. more than 100,000 train users will pass through the liberty and church streets entrance. oculus was designed to evoke the spirit of a steel winged bird
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links to the subway will open this summer. when a man scabbed -- or rather, a man was stabbed with a a full recover. the suspect is that man's partner. he was stabbed behind lincoln center and ran to the parking garage for help. a taxi driver was robbed and cut on the head early this morning in brooklyn. the driver was attacked near north 5th street and white avenue in williamsburg. the cabbie was injured but refused medical attention. two suspects were arrested. police looking for a third person. police continue to investigate after an explosive device detonated under a moving car in the bronx. investigators towed the car hours after an aerosol can bay. the driver and passenger walked away unhurt. the force of the blast was strong enough to give the car a
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four people pled not guilty this morning to the murder of a major league baseball prospect in westchester county. 23-year-old mike nolan was shot in a burger king parking lot in yonkers. he was drafted by the oakland a's in the 2014 draft. police say 17-year-old na shawn hunter fired the shot that killed nolan from a moving car in retaliation from a fight following a drag race. the nfl will try again this afternoon to reinstate new england patriots tom brady's four game suspension. those judges will decide whether a lower court judge was correct to vacant his suspension over the ball deflation scandal. if the league wins, brady may have to sit out the start of next season. it could take a few weeks for a ruling. a battle over attacks some people call sexist.
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. astronaut scott kelly says he is glad to be back on u.s. soil following nearly a year in outer space. kelly arrived in houston this morning greeted by his girlfriend, children and between brother and fellow astronaut mark kelly. he spoke fondly about his mission to test human endurance. >> this is not my flight. they talked about my year in flight. it is not my achievement. it is nasa's achievement and our
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>> kelly was a board the international space station for 340 days as part of a special mission looking at the effects of zero gravity. they think he is about two inches taller because of the zero gravity and has less bone and muscle mass. a group of women wants to end what they consider an unfair tax on tampons. in new york, five women filed a class action lawsuit to get rid of taxes on tampons. it seeks refunds for millions of women. new york exempts medical items from sales tax. the women point out items like rogaine, dandruff sha patio are not . a police shors resting after a rush hour romp. he was startled by a noise. you think a horse in times square would be use to noise. here is gunny after he was
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he spent part of the evening rush through the streets after throwing his officer, the officer will be okay. he caused minor damage before heading to a parking garage where he hung out with another member of the nypd. >> he went up to another horse and started kissing him and stuff. it was weird. >> people get scared for a few minutes. we moved away on the side. some people were screaming, but thank god nobody gets hurt. >> turns out gunny is familiar with that garage. members of the nypd mounted unit hang out at the garage on their breaks. the officer who had been running gunny should be just fine. >> i don't think the horse got scared of anything. i think he wanted to do a romp down 6th avenue. >> i think gunny needs a lawyer. >> i think so, too. incredible video. a traffic stop takes a shocking turn when the driver takes off with a police officer holding on to his life. >> and former soccer star revelation.
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>> you'll need it tomorrow. clouds a ahead of the snow storm are covering up gotham as we speak. i was just putting up on twitter and facebook a picture of this. you can look at that at bill evans on facebook. all of the water taxis are rolling out there today. you can see the sea street. new york water taxi. it is quiet here. winds are have calmed down a little bit which is nice but the wind this morning was cranking out here. we had the wind speed at six miles an hour with the gusts coming up on 12:15. temperatures 32. humidity is dry. pressure above 30.006789 a mark of fair weather but it is cold here with the high pressure over us. yesterday's rain was about 14 hundredths and we'll have a cloudy sunset. it looks like the sun is coming through 5:45. 20's.
12:19 pm
near normal temperatures this weekend. big warm up next week. all right. there you go. you'll go from big heavy coats today to no coat. 30 around new burg and 32 poughkeepsie. the winds have calmed down a little bit. we have 20 miles an hour winds, sustained this morning, and now they've kind of dropped down. these are the latest wind gusts in the last couple of hours. 2, 2 l miles an hour winds winds -- 22, 28 miles an hour winds. it came way down. it will feel like the 20's. 33 this hour in the bronx and up to the north, 17, monticello, 25, around bridge port. we have these high clouds that are shooting out of the jet stream across. the jet treme running across, like, this is just straight across and the high pressure is up to the north making cold air come over us. this system will run into that high, just keeps sliding from
12:20 pm
see the snow showers starting after midnight. we have cloudy skies tonight. after midnight here comes snow shower aechz the computer guy, this is showing what is going to be the snow showers that are kind of off and on during the morning. carrying on in the afternoon and the storm slides out. late in the day, the sun will come out on friday. here is your accuweather forecast. first getting cold with sunshine. feels like the 20's. 38 will be our temperature this afternoon. cloudy and cold. snow late tonight and into tomorrow, we have snow, off and on into the afternoon, a coating to a couple of inches, there is possible local spot might get around three, like eastern long island where it can hang on longer and we have the sun returning on the weekend. especially near sunday. next week, looking at 70! >> wow! >> thank you! >> you are welcome. >> we'll need it by then.
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come back today and we'll give you free installation with our exclusive one-hour arrival window. feels good to be back. come back today. you'll get free installation, tv equipment and epix included. and now get a $300 reward card. call today, and welcome back. . a traffic stop takes a terrifying turn. a rescue at sea and surprise in the swimming pool. some of the story that's were
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we begin with a sheriff deputy who who's quick thinking helped him escape unharmed from a suspect's vehicle. it began as a routine traffic stop. deputy abel rodriguez pulled over roberto garcia in new mexico. things escalated when garcia was asked to step out of his vehicle. he refused so the deputy tried to pull him out. that is when garcia threw his car into gear and sped off with rodriguez still inside. the deputy yelled for garcia to stop. when that failed, he hit him over the head with his flashlight. garcia stopped about 500 feet away and was finally arrested. a helicopter swoops in to help stranded fisher men. the boat caught fire off of the coast of the united kingdom despite high winds. the coast guard managed to get a line to the boat. the fisher men were pulled to safety. they're being treated for smoke inhalation. a florida man goes to let
12:25 pm
bubble in the pool. turns out it was made fr nine-foot alligator. check it out! whoa, a trapper was called to the family's home. eventually the trapper got the upper hand and took the alligator away. >> he said i should have burped. i know better than. >> they never would have caught me in here. >> the poor debater is like, all right. i know the -- the poor gator is like, all right. i know the standard procedure here. don't be so heavy with the rope. >> all right, thank you. an incredible story out of washington state. a couple comes away unscathed after a tire comes flying through the windshield. the two were on the highway behind a semi truck when they noticed the truck was wobbly. moments later a tire from the truck goes flying. the pair says they're lucky to be alive. >> boom. right in the windshield. >> it was like a bomb went off. >> a gigantic tire. >> i ducked down.
12:26 pm
ripped sgloefr i looked over and thought she was dead. >> the tire did $4,000 worth of damage to the car the couple registered literally 15 minutes before the accident. coming up on eyewitness news new jersey transit revealing the plan if railroad workers go on strike. question is, will it work. also, an update into the investigation about a woman who died in a westchester county jail cell and two new york women who didn't know they were sisters for over 50 years. channel seven eyewitness news at noon is coming right back. first, the live midday new york
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. our top stories this afternoon, a 92-year-old woman placed in a choke-hold and robbed in brooklyn. police revealed video. he is linked to an attack to a 71-year-old woman in february. mitt remainny on the attack. this morning, he called trump a con man and said he is unfit for the presidency. before romney's speech, he separate out a series of tweets including this one. failed candidate, mitt romney
12:30 pm
in presidential history is working with the establishment to bury a big r win. hello again, i'm in for david navarro. >> new jersey is revealing the contingency plans if there is a strike. >> they will rely on buses but they won't be able to help everyone. >> they can only accommodate a third of them. eyewitness news reporter mallory huff has more from hoboken. >> riders tell me this could be rough. they hope an agreement could be reached and a potentially messy commute cab voided. >> no one wants a work stoppage. >> more than 110 thousand new jersey customers rely on trains every week day. a possible rail strike would make the commute -- >> it would be crazy. absolutely craze. >> it would make things. >> i hope i don't have to plan another way to get here. >>reporter: the plan for riders will be put in motion.
12:31 pm
the number of buses at the port authority bus terminal would be increases. there would be additional ferries and increased number of path trains. >> our plan as laid out will only be able to accommodate 38% of existing new york city rail market. >> new jersey transit representatives and the unions are scheduled to meet with the national mediation board in washington dc tomorrow. if an agreement is not reached, unions have authorized a strike that would begin on sunday, march 13th at 12:01:00 a.m.. >> it is going to be huge. i mean, this is how we survive. this is how we get into the city. >> a rail stoppage won't just impact rail commuters. will have-vi have a severe affect on travel. >> the new jersey transit should adopt recommendations made by a federal panel earlier this year. recommendations that call for a wage increase of 2.6% a year for
12:32 pm
>> i think they should be compensated for the work they're doing. >> as the unions and new jersey transit representatives prepare to talk things through, riders are preparing as well. >> i can work from home. look at the bright side. >> not everyone has that luxury. if the rail strike takes place it will start on march 13th. in hoboken. mallory huff. channel seven, eyewitness news. later this afternoon, the new york state attorney general will announce the results of his investigation into the death of a woman in a westchester county jail. rainette turner was arrested for shoplifting. the mother of eight reportedly told guards she was not feeling well. she was taken to the hospital, then brought back to her cell. turner was later found dead. the medical examiner ruled the 42-year-old died of natural causes from an enlarged heart. some connecticut lawmakers are pushing for tougher penalties for people who threaten schools. one senator says the massive
12:33 pm
threats cost time and money. senator tony wong says tying up those kinds of resources are difficult. new at noon, an egyptian flight school student living in california faces deportation for alleged threats against donald trump. according to federal authorities, the man said on facebook that he is willing to kill donald trump and serve a life sentence and that the world would thank him. he is not charged with a crime but ins authorities arrested him at school last month and immigration court will decide whether he will be deported. the marines may want a few good men as the slogan goes but the pentagon is more interested in hiring a few really good hackers. the high-tech specialists will be screened and let loose to breach a defense department's public internet pages. it is a pilot program aimed at finding and fixing cyber security vulnerabilities. officials say defense department
12:34 pm
millions of times a day. so, of course, we'll keep you can. new details this afternoon about the plane debris discovered in mozambique that could be linked to mh 370. part. you. officials say it is too soon to confirm anything but the debris they're examining appears to be a part from the same type of air craft as the missing plane. >> these are just released pictures of the debris discovered on a beach in mystery behind flight 370. >> it is being found, of interest to us but i can't confirm at all that is a piece of the plane. >> abc learned an american tourist blaine gibson made the
12:35 pm
>> from the pictures shown, it is a high probability of the plane debris from the boeing. >> it vanished bac march 8th, 2014, after le with 230 people on board. in an interview, the pilot's sister defended her brother. >> contrary to what some people say, he is a very gentle and very caring. >> investigators from multiple countries are working together to get to the bottom of this. to get some closure with next anniversary. >> we accept what has happened but not withstanding that, i have closure. we want closure, we need for closure. >> as for the investigation,
12:36 pm
being analyzed and we could get an interim report next week. i'm elizabeth herr for channel seven, eye jeechl let's check the forecast and bill evans has the after school accuweather forecast. >> it will be chilly. 38 degrees with the wind. it will feel like the mid to upper 20's for the afternoon after school, so parents picking up the kids, you know, school administrators, coaches, kids will need to another layer. it will be on the chilly side. we'll talk about that snow coming in after midnight tonight and we'll talk about your weekend, too, in the accuweather forecast coming up in just a moment. back to you guys. >> thank you. coming up on eyewitness news, a teen accused of posing as a doctor, what a judge is now ordering him to do. >> former soccer star brandi chastain says she wants to donate her brain to researchers. focus.
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. new at noon, a well known athlete will donate her brain to research. brandi chastain hopes the work will provide insight about cte and deagainive illness caused by a blow or blows to the head. the soccer star best known for her penalty kick that won the u.s. the world cup title suspects that she has suffered concussions during her professional career. the florida teen accused of
12:40 pm
new charges and is being ordered to under go a mental evaluation. malachai love robinson stole more than $30,000 from a woman whom he hired to help treat her severe stomach pain. love robinson never claimed to be a medical doctor when he was arrested last month for running a medical clinic without a license. he is now on supervised release after his last arrest. a murder charge has been filed against a white police officer. officer ac smith reported a suspicious person while on patrol in montgomery of last week. smith got into an altercation with gregory gone outside of a home and the struggle ensued. he screamed for help and called out for his mother. his mother wants officer smith to pray with her for her son.
12:41 pm
to go to church with me. at the funeral. if it can't be done, well, good, but god knows. >> the police chief claims gone had some sort of stick but gone's brother denies this. he is being held on $150,000 bond. a family reunion 50 years in the making two long lost sisters outside of rochester have been reyou knowed. were they ever -- reunited. were they ever really separated. she began the search for her bieg call family. 30 years later, they teeld her about a sister. it was her former teacher, they're seven years apart. >> when i started talking to her, i realized that we have the same the parties, the up bringing, celebrations, t shopping.
12:42 pm
>> i love the rochester accent. >> the parties, the sisters both repeatedly suffered losses in the family. so now finding each other, that gives them a whole double family. isn't that cool? they hope the story inspires other adopties to find the roots. they have a similarity in the face. that is so cool. imagine the one taught the other in school. that is crazy. >> they're seven years apart. >> my, gosh. a pop super star in the middle of a legal batle. madonna and her ex--- battle. madonna and her ex-fighting over
12:43 pm
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your body is a finely tuned instrument. diarrhea can throw it out of rhythm. imodium multi symptom relief combines two powerful ingredients to relieve diarrhea faster and ease gas, cramps and bloating. restore rhythm with imodium. . we're back now with a court battle between madonna and her ex-guy richie. the former couple is fighting over custody of the 15-year-old son rocco and people magazine is reporting a new york judge
12:46 pm
madonna fighting for love, going toe to toe at a new york courtroom yesterday with her former husband guy richie over their 15-year-old son rocco. another pull in the custody tug of war, a new york judge citing it is in the best interest to reverse a previous order allowing rocco to remain in london for the time being. >> this judge gets it. she is listening to rocco intensely and rocco has said he wants off the family bus. >> reports saying the ex-s had neared a custody agreement but talks stalled forcing the judge that rocco who has been living with his father in uk should, quote, try to allow him to go forward in the most normal way. rocco. rocco got to stay in england with his father where he wavented to be in the first place. >> neither parent appeared in court, they called in from abroad and were able to hear
12:47 pm
going public custody battle is taking the toll on their son saying in almost every conversation he stressed to me how stressful the very public custody battle is. the queen of pop had been hoping for the return of her son after rocco allegedly got bored of touring with mom and in an act of rebellion decided to live with dad. >> the judge said guy and madonna, you need to figure out what is best for this child. now they have a few months to really get it tog. >> madonna is currently on tour in new zealand. the next hearing pertaining to rocco's custody is now scheduled for june and hopefully they will get it together. >> for his sake. >> yeah. >> absolutely. ma dona. go home, lock up your doors, raise your son. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> lourdes, too! >> what advice do you have for this weather? >> we have sunshine breaking
12:48 pm
do little to heat up this atmosphere. it is chilly! see the milky skies! that is the jet stream carrying clouds out ahead snow system that is coming our way. i guess you can call it a storm. if you're down in dc and baltimore, it is going to be stormy there. certainly going to be stormy in the atlantic, there are gail warnings posted off of the jersey store. we have high clouds here at noon time. temperature 32, dry humidity, west wind at six, pressure is at 30/27 and has a bit. it is 27, you know, is the extra credit. 30.00 is our mark. 32 our high so far today and normal is 45 and we're not going to get to that today and not going to get to it tomorrow but we'll finally have temperatures that will be close to seasonal averages this weekend. seven miles an hour winds and we do like 7's from flushing to white plains to jfk. we'll look at what will be a light wind as compared to this morning.
12:49 pm
we have windchills in the 20's. 34 in the bronx. around 34 towards tom's reigner. 17 monticello. it will feel like the 20's in the afternoon. high clouds are over us and you can see the snow we're talking about is back here with the system down south. this is creating thunder lightning around memphis and the mississippi river here, mud island. that place right. there across tennessee. this has been tracking here from memphis to nashville and chattanooga and knoxville across the state. that will keep pushing east ward and start bringing the snow in here tonight when the temperatures will be right around the freezing mark. we throw in a little snow on us tonight and the system goes to the south and you can see run of the computer model is showing most of that really south. we're looking at a coating to an inch at best and legal bird working hard in the weather center for now for first at four updating the snow fall map to show that up to an inch, just enough to slush up the roads and be a nuisance tomorrow up the
12:50 pm
i-95 to eagle south. the storm is going to be out here, you'll suffocate in sag harbor. you can be seeing 1 to 3 inches snow. brisk and cold. sunshine through the high clouds. snow develops late. it will abe coating by dawn. slippery roads. friday will s a busy enough travel day as it is snow ends by midday. go to an afternoon few breaks by sunshine. we're at 39 tomorrow. we'll see that winding down and the temperatures warm up and we'll be looking at some much better warm up for next week. just know tomorrow's commute will be slow. >> pack some patience. that's for sure. thanks, bill. >> all . an arrest warrant is causing a stir. the owner of a restaurant said he had this sign for three years but people are just starting to notice it. take your hoodie down, pull your pants up, finish your phone conversations, and marijuana
12:51 pm
he says it is all about respect for his customers. >> regular customers are family and we count a lot on small children to come to the restaurant. >> the owner says he gives customers who break the rules a second chance. if they refuse, he asks them to leave. an 11-year-old golfer is an overnight sensation after hitting an amazing hole in one right in front of guess who? tiger woods! oh yeah, taylor cruiser had the teeing up honor at a kids course in texas designed by woods and on the first shot of the first hole on the course's first day, oh, yeah, he hit a hole in one. this kid is unstoppable, indeed and even for one of the world's best. this is a tough act to follow. the 11-year-old ended up beating woods by two strokes on that hole. >> that is awesome! good for him. we're coming right back. but first a look at what is coming up next on the chew. >> today we're revealing the perfect sandwich secrets. i'm making a delicious porky creation.
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honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get
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remacy. . hi, everybody, i'm in the newsroom and here is what is coming up later. a little girl had a safety pin stuck up her nose for six months. how did it get there? why didn't she know it was there and what finally dislodged that ? we look at hot new wedding trends from technology that gives you the perfect view from above to making your big day a that is some wedding. those stories and more beginning four. though. >> bill had a baseball bat up his nose. i mean it was! >> good lord! >> how do you not know it is there?
12:56 pm
got their stories on social media. we begin with an athlete who went on a twitter rant after the police were called. kam chancellor of the seattle seahawks was a member of a gym that went belly up. when he headed there. he tabbed on the glass to get the attention of employees, they apparently called the police and said he was trying to break into the business. they recognized chancellor. he said huh? and the situation was not escalated. he said on twitter that he just wanted a number to call. >> oh, boy, over reaction. >> we were talking about teens and it turns out they're not the only ones who go through the awkward braces phase. i've paid for four sets myself. >> oh, my god! >> this is wesley, wesley is a six-month old golden retriever puppy rocking his own set of braces. >> man! >> the animal hospital posted pictures on facebook. his adult teeth came in wrong and the puppy wasn't able to
12:57 pm
luckily the braces should come off this week. nice. >> oh, no. poor wesley with the it kind of makes it look cool. >> you have the colored ones. >> speaking of the coolest dog ever, i think this dog might be cooler than wesley. this is piper. rocking his goggles as a coast guard helicopter prepares for take off. the video has been a hit on instagram. people thoroughly impressed with
12:58 pm
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