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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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but we have good news in store for your weekend. breaks right now, first live pictures from the scene of a shooting that ended with an suv slamming into a pole. new details just in. and we have new video of the man wanted for attacking a 92-year-old woman and cops say this isn't the first time he targeted the elderly. and good morning. i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. it is friday, march 4th. and we're waking up to the first flakes of march today. the snow started coming in about midnight. take a look at the boardwalk. in seaside heights. new jersey already covered. >> and here's a look from road cam 7 driving through hauppauge, suffolk county, long island. and we're already getting of about a dozen school delays. you're going to see those at the bottom of your screen, also at abc7ny. we have team coverage on this morning's snow, beginning with meteorologist bill evans and the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> well, just been looking at some road cameras with heather here. as we look along some of these
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new jersey, this is, of course, looking west here. big issues in central and southern jersey with that snow accumulating. now, temperature is 30 at 6:00 a.m. and that's just cold enough. 31 northport, 31 massapequa, 30 down the jersey shore. that's cold enough to really snow. it's a heavy, wet snow. you see it's really, you know, southern long island, south shore there. you see the grayer snow that comes up here on the radar is very light. you get down there to somerset, hunterdon, new jersey, marlboro that you see there in monmouth county, ocean county, heavy snow has been falling there. the storm's center is down around the outer banks of north carolina. so we'll be having this issue with these roadways through the morning along 78, i-80, the turnpike. afternoon. but look at those winds. we're at 30 miles an hour. so, kiddos, you need all your warm gear at the bus stop, both this morning and then later on. even though it's sunny, it's going to feel like the 20s
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i give it a "d," heather. >>reporter: i agree. >> for dang cold. >>reporter: there you go. i want to talk about this 78 camera that you were showing. we have an accident reported before you get to this spot and it's in berkeley heights, right near exit 45. so keep that one in mind. we're going to head over to our maps now and tell you that it's up to a 60 to 90-minute delay as you come inbound at the george washington bridge, 10 at the lincoln, 10 at the hollon. we were told there was a disabled vehicle. then we were told it was an accident. so we're keeping our eye on the george washington bridge. f and g signal problems fourth delays. verrazano bridge, upper level condition. the manhattan bridge lower closed. that's another accident that is being cleared away. then you have this problem still with us, 84 west. it's a jackknifed tractor- trailer. all lanes are closed down. we have alternate side of the street parking rules suspended today. ken and lori, over to you >> all right, thank you very much, heather. 6:02. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff live in brick township, new jersey with a
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>>reporter: ken, the snow continues to fall this morning. it's a bit of a slushier mix than it was earlier. i do want to show you, though, the cars parked in this lot this morning, certainly do have a pretty good layer on top of them now. and if you'll follow me down here for a second, you can see we're looking at i would say a couple inches at this point. i did speak with a man earlier who told me when it comes to winter, he's over it. >> i'm ready for spring. i had enough of this. i'm tired of shoveling and tired of the cold. it's coming down heavier. this morning it was coming down light, and as i was driving in, it seems like it was coming down heavier now. so i don't know. who knows? >>reporter: and that man is actually the maintenance worker here at this hotel. he says he has a good reason to be over it. he's sick and tired of salting. speaking of which, the roads have been presalted this we're standing out here near route 70 and cars seem to be moving along just fine. but if you are heading out for a friday morning commute, you certainly want to leave early and use a little bit of extra
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live in brick, new jersey. eyewitness news. thank you. and we have breaking news in queens, and police have found the man shot in the head inside an suv in astoria. this is video just in from the scene at 35th street and 37th avenue where the vehicle slammed into a utility pole. now, the victim is in the hospital right now. his condition. so far no arrests have been made. you'll want to stay with eyewitness news for updates on this breaking story. time is 6:04. we're seeing new video this morning as police continue the search for a man who attacked a 92-year-old woman inside her own brooklyn home. investigators say the man in this video followed elizabeth joeno inside her apartment building in park slope. that's where he is accused of putting his hands around her neck while he demanded cash. he then robbed her anna neighbor at gunpoint. a rally will be held this morning and a reward will be offered. police say the suspect also attacked a 71-year-old woman
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and happening today the man charged in the stabbing deaths of his girlfriend and two of her young children on staten island returns to court today. michael sykes was indicted earlier this week for first- degree murder. prosecutors say he killed rebecca cut ler, her 1-year-old and 5-year-old, his own daughter last month. 2-year-old miracle cutler did survive the attack. 6:05. and the latest gop debate rocketed past issues last night for open war on donald trump. and there was a unique moment in the history of presidential campaigns as trump addressed marco rubio's repeated attacks on his hand size. >> he referred to my hands if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem, i guarantee it. >> all righty. well, trump, rubio and ted cruz then clawed at each other, hurling insults and repeatedly cutting off one another's answers. >> this campaign for the last year donald trump has basically
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attacks >> this little guy has lied so much. >> here we go. >> about my record >> here we go, the personal attacks. >> he has lied. >> and has lied so much about my record. >> you see what happens again when you challenge him on a policy issue? you asked him about the economy and the first thing he does is launch an attack about some little guy thing. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> if, in fact, you went to manhattan and said i'm lying to the american people, then the voters have a right to know. >> you're the liar. you're the lying guy up here. excuse me. i've given my answer, liin' ted. >> after the debate and rubio, cruz and john kasich all said they would support trump if he becomes the party's nominee. ben carson wasn't in the debate. he is expected, however, to make a statement today on the future of his campaign. there's no rest for candidates in both parties. tomorrow voters will take to the polls in kansas, kentucky, louisiana, maine and nebraska.
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at time now 6:07. the number of new jersey newspapers calling for governor chris christie's resignation now up to nine, but the governor rejects that idea just the number of new jersey newspapers calling for governor chris christie's resignation now up to nine, but the governor rejects that idea just as he rejects the way people made fun of how he looked behind donald trump when he was standing behind him on super tuesday >> this is part of the his stairia of the people who -- hysteria of the people who oppose my trump endorsement. they want to read anything into it that can be negative. that's fine, i understand that. i could care less. so, no, i wasn't being held hostage. no, i wasn't sitting up there thinking, oh, my god, what have i done? >> the governor says he's switching from the presidential campaign to refocus on new jersey. his job approval rating currently at a record low. 6:07. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans. >> well, here we go. we're looking at the snow. this is our roof camera and the lights on. and it will be a pretty day for having skating practice, a little snow flurries, a little skating. notice at the bottom, though, we've got some school delays, there you see it, orange county an up in the catskills there, sussex county in new jersey. there's going to be some delays across probably a good portion of new jersey, particularly central, southern jersey. here's our little intersection at west 66th street, columbus avenue. wet streets and sidewalkings around the five boroughs -- sidewalks around the five boroughs. 30 degrees, icy conditions, particularly central and southern jersey where it's cold, temperatures in the upper 20s across long island. this storm is right there on the outer banks of north carolina. it'll keep moving eastward, carrying the snow with it. it'll be gone about 9:00 this morning. a little longer on the eastern end of long island. so temperatures around 36 at noontime to 42 this afternoon, but it's very windy with winds of 30 miles an hour. up to an inch of snow here really from central jersey northward. eastern long island down the jersey shore maybe one to two, as mallory was showing. and at the bus stop, kiddos, snowflakes this morning, 32 degrees. dress warmly like the huckleberries here. they'll even be there after
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temperature will be 38, windy, it'll feel like the 20s, dress with your warm gear. weather then heather every seven minutes. how's it going out there? >>reporter: this is the staten island side of the verrazano bridge. we are going to find some major trouble spots getting onto the span. let's go to the maps first. i can tell you if you're going to the george washington bridge it's about a 60 to 90-minute delay, especially to the upper level. earlier disabled vehicle cleared away. lincoln and holland 10 minutes apiece and then the f and the g trains signal problems at fourth avenue, 9th street, so expect uptown delays. verrazano bridge upper level closed both ways. this is because of an icing condition. so everybody is forced to the lower level as a result. manhattan bridge lower level to brooklyn you have all lanes closed down. that is because of an accident. you'll want to go with the williamsburg bridge or the brooklyn bridge instead. 84 going west at exit 4 jackknifed tractor-trailer, been there for quite some time. it's right near the danbury mall. all lanes are closed down as a result. and then heading onto the sprain brook parkway south of route 100b you have an accident.
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right near cyrus field road another accident is being cleared. you're on or close to schedule with new jersey transit, long island railroad and metro north. and alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended. neitherred rules are in effect. ken, lori, over to you. >> heather, thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, exclusive video of a violent crash on staten island. sources say three nypd officers were in that car at the time and now they've all been suspended. we'll have a live update at 6:30. taking sides in the privacy debate. who's joining apple in their fight against the government. nlt and another live picture here from ocean county, new jersey. our accuweather alert coverage listen up new york. there's a new drug out there. and it's trying to destroy our generation. it's called synthetics. . .
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[car starting] [engine revving] [crashing]
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6:13. and new this morning the fbi is investigating after a driver crashed through a federal building in southern california. now, the driver hit a pedestrian before smashing into the big south of los angeles. the driver is in custody and now the feds want to know if the suspect was disgruntled with the government. a bomb squad was called in, but the car was not carrying any explosives. the pedestrian was taken to the hospital. 6:13. disturbing developments this morning in north korea. kim jong-un ordered his military to be ready to launch nuclear strikes at any time. kim also denounced the u.n.
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they're aimed at punishing and isolating the north after its recent nuclear test and long- range rocket launch. south korean and u.s. officials began formal talks today on deploying a u.s. missile defense system in south korea. well, a man is facing drug charges after a traffic stop in chicago led to the discovery of more than 900 grams of heroin. the man was stopped by police after driving from new york to chicago. investigators arrested 26-year- old william vajardo after finding heroin hid nen a sock in his car's side vent. police then went to a motel room and found more heroin inside a pair of the suspect's boots which his friend was wearing. investigators say the friend had no idea the boots were lined with drugs. coming up on 6:15. another check on the accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with bill who stepped outside. how's it feel? >>reporter: good morning. i got that snow out right now. good morning.
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>> here we go. nice weather for penguins, exactly right. well, we have some snow that is falling right here on the upper west side right here around lincoln center. you'll need your gear to keep you dry, keep you warm. you gotta have the dry footwear, need the boots. here's our live picture of our little corner right here. mostly just wet streets and sidewalks. it is collecting on car tops and in some spots it is icy because the temperature is at 30 degrees. yesterday's high was 36. and so we're going to be looking at this snow falling until about 9:00. 28 around wrightstown, so everybody's temperature just below the freezing mark, more like 18 up toward monticello. got a northeast wind that will build today to about a 20 mile per hour wind gust. there we go, weather for chilly at 22 degrees out across long island. it's going to feel like the 20s much of the day taw. 17 is the real feel to the north. so some of these visibilities are really low now in some spots, mile and a half over towards newark and slows things
6:16 am
of the ground is anything that slow -- anything slows down planes at laguardia, so you got delays. snow from central new jersey, out on long island and to the south. heavy over southern monmouth county now and down toward ocean county. the center of the storm is on the outer banks. so we're on the northern edges of it. let's time it out for you as to when it will end. you see the snow is done about 9:00, 10:00 in the city, eastern long island it will be done by 11:00. and then this afternoon temperatures at 37, 38, clear skies, sunshine, but the winds will be out of the northeast at about 30 miles an hour. so it'll be cold, wind chills only in the 20s. then overnight saturday night, we have a little period of snow. there you see it off to the west there. that will be saturday night, but that will be gone before sunrise on sunday. after school today, kiddos, you got sports after school, it'll be cold. dress warmly. lots of outdoor sports now and it'll feel like the 20s. windy, 42 degrees this afternoon with sunshine returning. the snow is done by 9:00, coating to an inch. tonight it's clear, brisk and cold. 20 in the suburbs, 29 in the five boroughs. tomorrow we've got sunshine and then clouds and then some
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it's 43 on saturday. a nice day with temperatures back to normal, on sunday it's 46. and then look at that, 54 on monday, 64 tuesday, 70 on wednesday. that would break the record high. and you know it's friday, it's snowing, and it must be a whiteout. there's maximus. he's snaking on a bone. [ dog barking ] >> that's my boy >> i didn't think he came out in bad weather. >> he loves this. he will be crazy. >> he was made for t. you gotta tie a sled of him and let him take you around columbus avenue. >> thank you, bill. >> so cute. heather, how is the commute looking? >>reporter: we still have issues with the f and g trains, signal problems at fourth avenue, 9th street, so expect some uptown delays. 60 to 90 minutes getting to the upper level for the george washington bridge. earlier incident clear, a
6:18 am
10 minutes at the lincoln and the holland. as you go to verrazano bridge, i did get a tweet from somebody and they said the verrazano bridge was a mess at about 5:15. well, it still is. the upper level is closed down both ways because of an icing condition on the verrazano bridge. manhattan bridge lower level going over into brooklyn, you do have everything closed down. that's because of an accident. we also have this problem as you head onto 84. it's a jackknifed tractor- trailer. it's going west right near exit 4. all lanes are closed down as a result. we have neath side of the street -- we have alternate side of the street parking rules suspended today. ken, over to you. >> heather, thank you. 6:18. other tech companies are coming to apple's defense in its encryption battle with the fbi, 15 companies in all, including amazon, yahoo! and microsoft, now have filed a joint brief on apple's belief. a separate brief filed by a coalition of 17 other tech companies also backs apple. see, they're saying the government's demand on apple to open a terrorist's iphone has
6:19 am
threaten established legal procedures. warm ocean water means good news for lobster lovers. there is a downside, though. scientists say that maine's lobster season will kick off two or three weeks early this year because of warmer water, and that means more lobster on the market this season and possibly cheaper prices. >> yay. >> but experts say this could also disrupt the supply chain for maine's signature industry. >> yum. i'm sorry. i just had to take a moment. >> i'm with you. 6:19. a strike that could leave thousands of commuters stranded today. new jersey transit and union officials get some help to find a solution. also find out where super bowl mvp von miller may be taking h pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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6:22. the latest unemployment snapshot due out this morning and expected to bolster the perception that u.s. workers sloun. forecasters are saying that
6:23 am
solid 190,000 jobs last month up from 1 dlf 51,000 added in january. unemployment expected to remain at 4.9%. >> we'll see how the markets react later today. for now, though, wall street futures are pointing to a higher open. the dow jones starts the day at 16,943. overseas and japan's nikkei average and hong kong's hang seng index also finished higher as well. if you find your flights are delayed every time you fly into new york, you are not alone. a new survey by the global gateway alliance found our area airports ranked in the bottom in on-time arrivals last year. bill mentioned this earlier, laguardia came in dead last on the list with only 70% of the flights coming in on time. there is some good news, though. the numbers are actually improving when compared to the year before. it is 6:23. and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill. >> yes, i fly out of laguardia all the time, and i love you, laguardia. muah! thank you so much. here we go.
6:24 am
day of delays because look at this visibility now this. is our camera at asbury park. look at the snow. snow on the beach, snow on the boardwalk, snow right through town. this will continue until about 9:00. you see the snow right across southern long island, right here, down the jersey shore, asbury park is right there, right around belmar and monmouth and ocean county, getting heavy snow from east brunswick to the south. next several hours, temperature around 30, 32 degrees, snow ends around 9:00. sun breaks out this afternoon. we'll have this sunshine, but we'll also have a big old wind that is going to be blowing. and with that wind comes the real feel in the 20s. so be ready for that. school kiddos, it's going to be a mess. delays are already posted at the bottom of the screen. be on the lookout for that. we'll be looking at temperatures only around 42 this afternoon. it'll feel like the 20s. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. heather has got her hands full this morning too. >>reporter: yes. we still have this issue at the george washington bridge. it's about a 60 to 90-minute delay, especially to the upper level. this is all because of an accident, disabled vehicle, so
6:25 am
into the upper level. we're pretty slow getting across the span. but whatever that was, we're hearing it was a disabled vehicle. it has been cleared away. but the delays remain. back over to the maps. 10 minutes at the lincoln and the hundreds, no major -- holland tunnels, no major problems to report there. that's good news. i got a tweet the verrazano bridge was a mess when i passed it at 5:15. yes, the upper level is closed down both ways. it's an ongoing icing condition. f and g trains signal problems at fourth avenue, 9th street, so expect some uptown delays. manhattan bridge lower level to brooklyn still closed down. it is actually a car fire that is being cleared away. and our street cleaning rules are suspended. lori, ken, over to you. >> heather, thank you. it's 6:25. one of the men who was dancing on the field at the end of last month's super bowl may be ready to show off his moves on the dance floor. >> really? well, various reports say super bowl mvp von miller of the denver broncos will be among the contest abilities on the new season of "dancing with the stars." new cast members being revealed
6:26 am
and reports say that miller will be announced next week. >> so cool. stay tuned to "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 to see who will be joining the stars." we're closing in on 6:30. also following breaking news in astoria. one man has been shot inside his suv. we're told that he is recovering from a gunshot wound to the head. coming up. and road cam 7 is keeping an eye on snowy conditions on long island. we could see an inch or more snow in some parts of the area.
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and that breaking news is in astoria. police have several blocks shut down after a man is shot in his suv. we're working to get new information about what happened. exclusive video of a car slamming into a salon and now three nypd officers are in hot water. new jersey transit officials heading to the nation's capital today, hoping days. and we are also watching the weather.
6:30 am
where the snow is falling right now across the tri-state area. >> a very good morning to you. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. we have about two dozen school delays this morning. you can see those at the bottom of the screen and also at abc7ny. >> southern new jersey and eastern long island should see the most snow today. this is new video from overnight from deer park in suffolk county. new york city officials issued a snow alert for today, getting salt spreaders and plows ready. some good news, alternate side parking is suspended today. >> and this is a live picture now from road cam 7 on the southern state parkway in islip. the roads have been treated. we have team coverage on what could be winter's last gas p, hopefully. mallory hoff is in ocean county, new jersey. >> we begin, though, with meteorologist bill evans tracking where the snow is now. bill, good morning. >> hey, march is a lion, no doubt about t. here's how it looks this morning from our camera in asbury park, new jersey, looking down the beach here, low visibility, camera bouncing up and down in the wind that's right out of the
6:31 am
and so is the snow. temperature 30 degrees. roadways are slippery. you go from long branch to toms river, it's 30. 28 wrightstown, you go a little in, a little colder. 24 around poughkeepsie, 28 bridgeport. so cold numbers, below freezing. snow is really from i-80 and jersey southward, 287, rockland, westchester county, along the merritt parkway in connecticut southward across long island, heaviest in central and southern jersey where there's been all kinds of issues along route 78. so we're going to be looking at the snow continuing until about 9:00. we're going to be looking at cold weather for the afternoon. temperature near 42. but we're going to be looking at wind chills in the 20s. it'll be cold after school, kiddoes. all right, mallory hoff in brick, new jersey, where i assume it's feeling pretty brick right now. >>reporter: bill, it certainly is. good morning. snow continuing to fall here. a bit of a slushier mix than it was a few hours ago when it was really quite pretty. now it's a little wet here. but i do want to show you these cars definitely have a layer of
6:32 am
and the snow that i'm standing on in the dwras right now, take a look at this -- in the grass, take a look, it has accumulated. i would say that's an inch and a half or two inches of snow. and if you look out here to route 70, you can see it's not sticking on the roadway this morning. this road, though, was certainly well prepped with salt. you can actually see the plows moving along there this morning. but a lot of people are actually telling us it's not too bad out there, but you certainly, of course, you do want to take it slow this morning if you're heading in on friday. again, the roads are definitely wet, but other than that, just give yourself a few extra minutes. live in brick this morning, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, mallory, thank you. and it's going to be a slippery morning commute. let's check in with heather o'rourke. >>reporter: yeah. it's pretty slippery as you travel onto 78. i witnessed that myself this morning when i was driving in. now we have an accident eastbound at exit 26. it involves a tractor-trailer, closure. you can see that long line of volume as you travel eastbound on 78, and that gets you right into route 287.
6:33 am
is still being taken care of sprain brook parkway south of 100b, saw mill north, cyrus road an accident clearing. this problem on the manhattan bridge, the upper level going into brooklyn, vehicle fire. so we have all lanes closed down on that upper level going over into brooklyn. 60 to 90 minutes at the george washington bridge. earlier stall cleared, 10 minutes lincoln, the holland, that's certainly going to start big. and the verrazano bridge, i got a tweet about this one, the upper level is closed both ways with icing conditions. someone told me at 5:15 this morning that it was a mess and it continues to be one. street cleaning rules are suspended. lori, over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you. we've just learned new details now on a breaking story out of queens. in the last few minutes we've confirmed that a livery driver was found dead, shot in the head inside an suv. the victim then slammed into a utility pole at 35th street and 37th avenue. we know he was taken to the hospital, but his condition is not known.
6:34 am
and at 6:34, new this morning we have learned the city has shut down that queens strip club where a knicks player was partying before being shot. city scapes gentlemen's club was shut down by city investigators for violating alcohol control laws. knicks player klee anthony early was shot in december. the next day someone threw a molotov cocktail into the club. video you will only see on eyewitness news showing a car smashing through the front window of a staten island salon. the nypd who were off duty at the time and no where to be found when the calfalry arrived. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis live in ardent heights. good morning, marcus. >>reporter: good morning, ken. what a fall from grace for one of the occupants of that car, an nypd lieutenant who goes from promotion to suspension all within the span of a week. you see, the group was here at this sports bar celebrating the lieutenant's promotion, and then when they went to leave,
6:35 am
occurred at the hair salon next occurred at the hair salon next door. take a look at the video. it shows the car backing into the hair do or dye salon. the storefront, the glass just comes raining down. the glass completely shatter. the driver tries to get out of the car, but is unable to because the support column is pinning the door. and then the vehicle moves forward, but the car cannot get completely out of the front of the store, and that is when the officers are said to have taken off in another car. it was the lieutenant and two detectives. the accident itself was not reported until the next day, and so yesterday the nypd suspended the three. the owner of the hair salon says the accident has hurt their business about $80,000 worth of damage. >> we only been open not even a year yet, so this is all fairly brand new, so that's what was really more upsetting. but, yeah, my floors are damaged, my walls are damaged.
6:36 am
>>reporter: and those three officers assigned to what is a newly-formed unit, an elite unit in the nypd called the force investigation division. they investigate whenever an officer discharges their weapon or a suspect dies in custody. now, again, those three officers suspended without pay. we're live in staten island, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and, marcus, thank you. and we have posted video of that jarring crash on our facebook page. you can check it out at abc7ny. a former police sergeant on long island found guilty of stealing money from men he pulled over faces four years now behind bars. former suffolk county sergeant scott green will be sentenced today. he was convicted of larceny and official misconduct after prosecutors say he targeted his hispanic -- he targeted hispanic drivers and stole money after searching their cars. green was found not guilty of more serious hate crime charges. 6:36. a serial killer convicted in the execution-style murders of three shopkeepers will learn
6:37 am
a jury found the 67-year-old staten island man guilty of killing three men of middleeastern descent in 2012. the victims' family members are expected to make statements before the sentencing. mr. perone faces up to life behind bars. we have new video to show you in connection with a hit and run we told but on monday. police say this silver minivan hit a 22-year-old woman early sunday as she crossed brewer boulevard and 118th road in south jamaica, queens. the woman is in critical condition in the hospital. it was one of five hit and runs in the city over a four-hour period on sunday. both sides head to washington today for a mediation session to avert a strike against new jersey transit. management is rejecting a federal recommendation that the unions get an average 2.6% annual wage increase over the next six years. if there is a strike, there will be additional ferries, buses and path trains, but only
6:38 am
the usual commuters. and also a regular 45-minute trip could take up to two hours. management and the unions say that these are their final talks. if no deal is reached, workers say they will walk off the job on march 13th. time is 6:38. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> orange county, new york, sussex county, new jersey, you can see you've got school delays posted at the bottom of the screen. delays. we look from our roof camera across the park. this looks like a picture out of december. it's march, it's a lion, roaring in like a lion. here's our camera on the fort lee side of the george washington bridge, barely can make out that sign. heather is going to talk about the delays there. it is a mess. mother nature getting medieval out there this morning. temperature right at 30, so we got this heavy, wet snow. it's really from, you know, the city, kind of a little bit more snow creeping up just for a little while here along i-287, along i-80, the heaviest is the whiter shades you see on the
6:39 am
southern jersey. this one keeps sliding eastward. this whole system. and the cold air will pour in today and the winds will pick up out of the northeast. the low will pull down that cold air out of canada for the afternoon and make it windy. snow showers until about 9:00 in the city, about 10:00 to 11:00 on the eastern end of long island. everybody breaks into the sunshine this afternoon, but it's going to feel like the 20s with the wind. dress warmly, kiddos. at the bus stop, the berries of huckle, the lugnuts will be there, snow showers, make sure you got all your right gear. after school it's windy and coal. so dress warmly, particularly if you're going to be outside with some sports outside for some time. heather has got all kinds of issues this morning. this is why we do the weather and traffic together every seven minutes on a day like today. >>reporter: exactly. this is clinton, new jersey. this is by exit 13. we have a problem all the way east by exit 26. and then take a look at this delay as you travel onto the staten island expressway. this is right near victory boulevard. this delay takes you into the verrazano bridge. so a big delay on the staten island expressway. let's go over to our maps.
6:40 am
try to go over into staten island and brooklyn, you have the upper level closed both ways with that ongoing icing condition. then you have the manhattan bridge upper level to brooklyn a vehicle fire. so all lanes are closed down there. f and g trains signal problems at fourth avenue, 9th street. so expect uptown delays. as then as you travel onto 78, this is the delay i was showing you, it's eastbound at 26 we have a tractor-trailer accident. all lanes are subject to closure. alternate side of the street parking rules suspended. metered rules are in effect. ken, over to you 6:40. a brawl behind bars that's caught on camera. see how officers got this melee security prison. closing arguments today in erin andrews' emotional trial. and, remember, you can track the snow when you're on the go.
6:41 am
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a fight between inmates at a county jail is caught on camera. now, this happened in san jose, california. yesterday's fight involved 30 inmates in maximum security. it happened a day after the sheriff brought new video -- bought new video cameras for that section of the jail with their own money. none of the inmates was seriously injured. 20 deputies used pepper spray to stop the fighting.
6:44 am
lockdown. we could learn the names today of two women killed when their car veer off interstate 80 in -- veered off interstate 80 in new jersey. newscopter 7 was over the scene in blairstown last night. police say a car with three people inside veered off the road and then slammed into a tree. two women who were passengers in the car died. the woman who was driving is in serious condition. the cause of the crash is still unclear. 6:44. a nashville jury will hear closing arguments today in erin andrews' the sportscaster and "dancing" cohost is suing the hotel where a stalker recorded video of her. lawyers for marriott say the company did nothing wrong and that andrews has rebounded from the trauma of having the video posted worldwide. andrews is suing for $75 million. it was a different type of bird strike that shut down the indian point nuclear plant last year, clearly a bird that needed some kind of fiber pill. a state commission report says, yeah, droppings from a large
6:45 am
electrical equipment back on december 24th. that in turn triggered the reactor's automatic shutdown. imagine a bird number two turned a nuclear power plant off. it was the 13th unplanned shutdown at the plant since 2012. it's not clear how many of those were due to the unfortunate mishaps of a bird. "good morning america" is coming up next. amy robach is live in times square. >> follow that, amy. >>reporter: i know. >> good morning, amy. >>reporter: i was just thinking that. all right. i'll try. it's friday, guys. good morning to you. and coming up next here on "gma," how about let's start with a big night at the republican debate in detroit last night? trump fielding some personal attacks from marco rubio and ted cruz. rubio is going to join us this morning with his take on the night. and then we have that big health scare in wisconsin. the cdc investigating an outbreak of a rare blood infection that's killed at least 18 people and sickened dozens of others. dr. beser is here with the
6:46 am
and then finally bolly woo is taking over times square with a dance party that's now one of the hottest workout crazes. that. do you have the moves, do you have what it take? >> i'll watch the video instead >> that looks cool. >> that sounds fun. weekend. >>reporter: thanks, you too. 6:46. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> and let's check in with bill now who's outside. >> i do that about four times a week at the gym. >> oh, that's great. >> oh, yeah. let's take a look outside this morning. we show you what's going on. you can see it is snowing. we got the snow falling here. it's kind of a heavy, wet snow. it will continue this morning across the area, a morning where we continue to see 30 degrees, 82% humidity and we're going to be looking at what's going to be temperatures today starting out around 30, an east wind at 9 and the pressure has been falling. so we're going to be seeing this snow continue until about 9:00. yesterday's high was 36. normal is about 46. and we're going to be below normal today. so snow this morning, then very windy, chilly this afternoon.
6:47 am
temperatures this weekend with sunshine. a big warmup coming wednesday when we could have temperatures that will be right around 70, might set a record high. 28 around white plains, 31 around jfk, 29 on lyle, 30 down the shore -- on long island, 30 down the shore. it's this wind that's out of the northeast. we're going to be looking at this wind coming in. and as it comes in, we'll be seeing it getting really gusty this afternoon. the winds will continue to be right around, you know, 25, 30 miles an hour this afternoon with a wind out of the northeast. so we're going to be looking at the wind chills in the 20s, the snow is from the city southward. we are going to be looking at what will be high pressure coming in, making it cold for just this afternoon because this northeast wind will pull down this cold air out of the northeast. and we're going to be looking at what's temperatures in the 30s and wind chills in the 20s for today. it's going to warm up this weekend. saturday you'll see the temperature gets to near 40, 42, a little snow goes by overnight saturday, then sunday the sun comes back out. after school today, we're going
6:48 am
we're going to be looking at what's going to be 42. you know we're going to be inch. it's going to be windy, it's going to be cold this afternoon, real feel in the 29 tonight. we're looking at what's going to be sunshine and maybe some flurries tomorrow night, but a nice day on saturday, temperatures back toward normal. and sunday temperatures are back toward normal at 46. but look at monday, 54, 64 tuesday, 70 on wednesday. that will be great next week. you guys, have a great weekend. >> all right. >> you as well, sir. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. straight to heather with another look at that commute. >>reporter: yeah. look at the george washington bridge delay, up to 90 minutes all because of a disabled vehicle. the lincoln is 45, the holland is a 30-minute delay. so avoid that george washington bridge. a look at a live shot of it. it is just a mess this morning. now we're going to go back to our maps, talk to you about our subways. the f and g trains, we have some signal problems fourth avenue, 9th street, so expect uptown delays. we also have the verrazano bridge upper level closed both directions.
6:49 am
then the problem we have here manhattan bridge upper level over into brooklyn, a vehicle fire. we do have all lanes closed down as a result. now, we have this incident on 78. it's east exit 26 overturned tractor-trailer, all lanes are subject to closure. you can see that you are jam packed on 78. i was looking at a webcam. you can barely see as you travel on 78. sprain brook parkway southbound right by route 100b, that was an accident. that has been cleared away. but you're still going to find delays. new jersey transit is doing great, long island railroad no problems. metro north looking just fine at this point. if you are going to the airport, newark, laguardia, jfk, you want to check with your carrier, looking at those delays, looks like laguardia is being hit the hardest at this point. our street cleaning rules are suspended. ken, lori, over to you. >> all right, thank you, heather. coming up, the changes high school students can expect this weekend on the brand new s.a.t. and a heartless crime. who would rob a girl scout of her cookies?
6:50 am
but there is a happy ending to alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is.
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6:52 now, welcome back. two siblings are facing charges after police say they stole cash out of a girl scout's hands. the 20-year-old and 26-year-old turned themselves over to police in florida yesterday. now, police say the brother and sister stole a cash box from a girl scout who was selling cookies outside a wal-mart. but even with the suspects in
6:53 am
to track down the money. a local radio station, though, stepped in and raised double the amount that was stolen. some 277,000 high school students will sit down tomorrow to take a new version of the s.a.t. college admission test. the retooled exam debuts this week with a new approach to what students learn in high school. it aims more than ever to measure core skills, such as reading charts, analyzing evidence and applying algebra in mathematical problems. 6:53. we're working to get updates on a breaking story right now. >> in the last half hour we've
6:54 am
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is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. you're ready. get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee?
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more details now about a breaking story in queens. within the past 30 minutes we've confirmed that a livery driver was found shot in the head inside an suv. and police say the victim is in his 40s. he was picking up passengers at 35th street and 37th avenue about 5:00 this morning when the shots were fired. he was hit once in the head when his suv hit a utility pole. the driver is in critical condition at the hospital. suspects are still on the loose. a brooklyn community rallies today to find the man in this new surveillance video. he's accused of attacking and robbing a 92-year-old woman in her park slope big. he's also robbed her neighbor. now, police say the suspect also attacked a 71-year-old
6:57 am
a reward will be offered for information leading to an arrest. federal mediators in washington will sit down with two sides today to avert a strike against new jersey transit. management and a coalition of 11 rail unions calling these the final talks. n.j. transit is still rejecting a federal recommendation that the unions get an average 2.6% annual wage increase over the next six years. a strike has been authorized for march 13th. both sides, though, say they're still trying to avoid that. 6:57. an accuweather alert, road cam 7 showing us some live pictures now of the meadowbrook parkway in uniondale. >> central and southern new jersey also seeing a good coating of snow. and eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is live in brick. mallory. >>reporter: lori, den, good morning. i know i heard bill say wednesday warmup and that sounds pretty good right about now. i would love for this stuff to start to melt. the snow continues to fall here in brick, new jersey. if you take a look here, this
6:58 am
the road is pretty well salted this morning. we're seeing cars and trucks moving along, however, if you are headed out this morning, you certainly are going to want to take it slow on the roads and give yourself a little bit of extra time. live in brick, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. heather, busy, busy. >>reporter: i want to show awe webcam, and you have to look very closely and you will see bumper-to-bumper volume on route 78. you see that? >> hey! >>reporter: let's just call that a parking lot. >> why not? >>reporter: let's go over to the maps and i'll tell you what's happening. that camera i was showing you is by exit 13. we have an accident eastbound by 26, so that's what that delay is all about. overturned tractor-trailer, all lanes are subject to closure as a result. 90 minutes inbound george washington bridge, lincoln 45, the holland is a 30-minute delay. f and g trains, we've had signal problems at fourth avenue, 9th street for a while now, so uptown delays as a result of that. good news, verrazano bridge upper level reopened. it was an earlier icing conditions that's been sanded. that's open. manhattan level bridge that's a
6:59 am
all lanes are open on the manhattan bridge. then as you make your way onto the sprain brook parkway south of 100b, a pretty serious accident earlier. that accident has been cleared away. but you can still expect delays. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north, they are all running on or close to schedule and that's the way to go. >> enough already. >> yeah. >> she's busy. here's what's going on. it's not pretty right now. it will get prettier. you can kind of see to the west skies of brightening a little bit. we've had about a quarter inch of snow, a half, coating in spots. it's just enough to slippery up things. temperature at 7:00 is still going to be at freezing and below. so this will hang around a bit with slush. and you see the snow still continuing, particularly heavy in mercer county, somerset, hunterdon, monmouth, ocean county. snow shuts down about 8:00, 9:00. sun comes out. and then it's going to feel like the 20s this afternoon. >> brrr. >> yeah. >> enough already. >> yeah, seriously. that's the news for now, i'm ken rosato.
7:00 am
>> sounds good to good morning, america. marco rubio and ted cruz team up against donald trump. >> come on. >> the republican presidential candidates did not hold back last night. donald trump firin personal attacks. >> referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there's no problem. i guarantee you. >> and dishing his own. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> gentlemen. >> as mitt romney tries to rally the gop with a blistering attack against trump. >> a phony. >> trump responds. >> they've run things for a long time and they've run the country into hell. >> marco rubio will join us this morning. also this morning, the dangerous morning commute. millions now facing slick roads as a snowstorm hits the east coast. eight states on alert right now.


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