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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bullet from the livery cab driver's head, but the bronx man is still unable to breathe on his own. this surveillance video taken from a nearby business exclusively obtained by eyewitness news, you can see castillo in the upper left corner losing control just before the crash. cops say it happened around 5 a.m. when the married father of two young girls picked up four passengers from the bronx and dropped them off at club purlieu in astoria. he entered the club, quickly got into an argument with someone inside, then jumped back into castillo's suv as someone followed them out and fired several shots at them. castillo drove 2 blocks before crashing into several cars and eventually into a utility pole near 35th street and 37th avenue. police say castillo was operating without a livery license. >> he's been working about a month for this particular car service. we just need to speak to the car service and understand why if he is was dispatched from there.
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violence breaks out at club purlieu on any given night this, video showing the scuffle friday morning moments after gunfire erupted. hip-hop star trey songs was the main event on this night almost exactly a year ago when three people were slashed at the club during a 3 a.m. brawl. neighbors say it's time to shut down this club. >> last night i counted eight separate fights out there. the streets were blocked you see on the video. there were 14 cars just sitting there horns blowing 3:00 in the morning, people trying to sleep. >> reporter: those four passengers were not injured and are being questioned. there have been no arrests so far in this case. sentenced today, the killer rambling about the case and his innocence. the son of one of the viim confronted him in court. >> go ask around. >> liar, liars. you're liars because you know
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>>s that rant continued, the victims' families left the courtroom in down -- as this rant continued, the victims' families left the courtroom in disgust. sal perrone was sentenced 25 years for each man he shot and killed execution style in 2012. the family members gave emotional impact statements today. the judge even had harsh words for perrone. >> what did he do to you? my father treated you with love and respect. we all did. everybody in the store did. >> nobody is going to care about you. you're going to rot in jail. >> everyone knows what i'm going to give you because that's what you deserve, the maximum sentence the law allows. >> in the years leading up to the trial there have been hearings whether perrone nicknamed son of sal was competent to stand trial. a registered sex offender
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on a new york subway at union investigators say the 35-year- old man followed the woman onto the train and exposed himself and kept following her after she got off the train. mckelvin was eventually arrested at the 23rd street station. police handing out flyers today on subway stations urging riders to say something if they see something, this in the wake of slashings and two disturbing arrests yesterday, a 31-year- old man arrested after brandishing a knife in brooklyn on a train and a 32-year-old man arrested in harlem after allegedly threatening to shoot passengers on another train. he had a knife and baton. 12 schools were put on lockdown in new jersey this morning in bergen, passaic and essex counties. once the all clear was given, the lockdowns were lifted. this is the third time this type of threat was made to new months.
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nba player is out on bail after he was arrested earlier this week. police say bill willoughby who played for the nets and grew up in inglewood assaulted two wednesday. tonight willoughby is saying he is the victim in this case telling a much different story. has more. >> i was on the ground. the guy kicked me in my eye the ground. >> reporter: bill willoughby stands 6' 8 and that's what got him drafted straight out of high school to the nba. now at 58 years old he stands at the apartment complex where he lives speaking about wednesday night's altercation with police that he said left him badly beaten. police responded to a suspicious person call. willoughby says they stopped him. >> i just said what did i do? and he just said don't talk to me. >> reporter: the former gnash star says several more officers arrived -- nba star says several more officers arrived. >> next thing i know they just
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i couldn't turn my head or nothing because i was right there and bam, punched me in my face, two punches in my face and then the guy kneed me. that's why i knew my nose -- doctor said my nose was fractured. >> reporter: the police report acknowledges the is suspicious person who called and said officers asked willoughby why he was in the area. they said he was evasive. he was patted down and no weapons were found but backed up as if to run. when officers tried to grab him, they say willoughby tried to run and slipped out of his jacket and wouldn't comply and when he was told to stop moving, he resisted arrest, struggled with officers and eventually they found marijuana in his pocket. officer. >> i wouldn't want nobody to go through this for nothing and to be beaten like that for not doing anything. >> reporter: willoughby is in the process of retaining an attorney and is due back in court on march 9th. in hackensack toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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mushrooming tonight in the republican party, outright revolt by mainstream republicans against the likely nomination of donald trump as the gop presidential candidate. tonight former new york governor saying she'll vote for clinton if the race come down to donald trump and hillary clinton. >> i could not write for donald trump. i could write in somebody depending what happens during the course of the i could vote for her if it was donald trump, not happily, not willingly, but i would do it. >> nine while trump pulling out -- meanwhile trump pulling out of what's known as a command appearance. ben carson officially stopping his campaign for the republican nomination for president with just eight delegates to his name in the primaries earlier this week saying he'll stop campaigning. he will now lead an organization that in his words encourages cristians to vote.
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the midwest, hillary clinton in michigan saying bernie sanders is not offering any specific plans. >> the vast majority of congress did not vote against doma. i did. secretary clinton supported doma. >> republicans in congress along with senator sanders have tried to kill it repeatedly. never let ideology get in the way of helping americans find the >> the defense of marriage act, do mr. a. spouses are getting into the act. what's next? tomorrow caucuses in kansas, kentucky, maine, nebraska, and a primary election in louisiana. new jersey senator robert menendez is urging new jersey transit officials and the workers union tonight to consider the consequences of a possible strike. both sides are meeting with federal mediators in washington today for what they call the final talks before the march 13th strike deadline. at issue? wage increases and health benefits.
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without a contract for five years. if there is a strike, more than 100,000 commuters will be affected. stocks on wall street today up for the fourth trading day in a row after the release of a robust jobs report. u.s. employers added 242,000 jobs in february. the unemployment rate held steady at 4.9% and that sent the dow climbing 62 points climbing above the 17,000 mark. nasdaq added nine points. the s&p 500 rose six. still to come on eyewitness news at 6:00 for this friday night a knife found in the property once owned by o.j. simpson and held by a retired l.a. cop for years, is it the murder weapon of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman? >> a former police officer with a tearful apology before a judge sentenced him for stealing from drivers who he pulled over. >> a lot of this morning's snow has melted, see some other snow
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new at 6:00 one to three years in prison is the sentence tonight for a former cop on long island who stole money from drivers he pulled over. >> former suffolk county sergeant scott greene targeted
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long island reporter kristin thorne was inside the courthouse and posted updates on social media on today's sentencing. she's in central islip tonight. >> reporter: liz and bill, the judge told scott greene he planned on sentencing him one to four years in prison on grand larceny and official misconduct charges, but he says that once he heard greene's heartfelt apology he changed his mind. former suffolk county sergeant scott greene pled with the judge to give him a six month sentence. he said he wants to become a productive member of society again. the father of three told the judge through tears of his actions stealing cash from hispanic drivers. "at first i was in denial. i pointed fingers at others until i finally accepted i was my own worst enemy. so many people trusted my judgment and character. i let them down." >> he never thought about the families of the people he stole
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>> reporter: this woman says she has no sympathy for the veteran officer. she says her father was one of the people greene stole from. >> after an incident like this he don't want to drive, you know. he has to go to work and come back from work, but he -- no. it was different. yeah. >> reporter: he was scared. >> yeah, of course. >> reporter: this is video prosecutors say when shows greene stealing a $100 bill from an undercover officer he pulled over in prosecutors say greene stole from at least seven different hispanic drivers. a jury found him not guilty of grand larceny as a hate crime. >> when you have to hear children say why is my father being stopped constantly? why is my mom being stopped? they can't take me to the park as often. they can't do certain things as often because they're afraid of the police, you know. that's just not -- i don't think that's a society.
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community anyone wants to live in. >> reporter: in fact, the judge told greene you have done immeasurable damage to your community. you have harmed your fellow police officers more than you know. prosecutors say april 1st they plan to file a whole new set of charges against greene. they say since this all happened more than 20 drivers have come forward saying that greene stole from them. live in central islip i'm kristin thorne, channel eyewitness news. >> thank you. is there new evidence in the o.j. simpson murder case? maybe. maybe not. a knife buried in the ground found when simpson's old brentwood house was demolished in the '90s was given to a retired l.a. cop who kept it all this time. the knife is now being tested for forensics. simpson acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and her friend after several mistakes with evidence handling by the lapd. that gave the police skeptical jury room for reasonable doubt.
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>> the police incompetence in this case was just boundless. if this is a relevant piece of ed, obviously it -- evidence, obviously it should have been found by the police, they tore the whole house apart. >> simpson was acquitted and cannot be retried for the murders. >> so many people still talking about this today. still to come on eyewitness news on this friday night the jobs that are considered hazardous for your health, we've got the list. >> look at that weather, no longer hazardous for your health.
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well, according to an american heart association study 68% of salespeople had poor eating has beens and high cholesterol levels. 90% of police officers and firefighters in the study were overweight or obese and the 79% of people who work with food
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unless you work in a health food or something. store. >> what happens at neighborhood eats on fridays? >> the rice balls with short ribs inside? also this weather next week will be hard to resist. >> a transition weekend, not bad. we've had some 60-degree weekends. we'll have that again going into next week. earlier this afternoon at 1:30 took a shot of central park in the meadow after a 1/2 inch of snowfall. sorry about the strobe in the pictures. i just took a picture of the monitor in the weather center. i wanted to run out on the roof. the snow melted by 3:30, full disclosure. 38 degrees, northeast wind about 10 to 17, gorgeous looking sunset, the high 39. there's no evidence of that snow left across much of the area, still some coatings across new jersey where we got 2 to 4 inches. officially in the park less than 1/2 inch, closer to an inch in new york city. there are sunrise and sunset times.
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inches. we're waiting for the official totals from the weather service. laguardia a little over an inch and parts of connecticut got about 1/2 inch of snow like in bridgeport about 1/3 inch. weather headlines, cold night, less wind later. watch out for patches of black ice especially where we had the higher totals south of i-78 in new jersey, parts of long island. clouds will collect tomorrow. there might be a coating of snow late saturday night sunday morning in parts of the area. spring preview next week, record warmth is likely. 35 huntingdon, this area we might see a little bit of black ice on sunrise highway, hudson valley mid-30s, same for belmar, newark 38, andover, new jersey 34. wind chills are generally in the 20s and the winds back off overnight, clear skies. lots of sunshine early tomorrow and clouds increase during the afternoon. still the back edge of the cloudiness from our ocean storm there is pulling offshore. look at the lightning, very
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meanwhile high pressure moves in tonight into tomorrow at least part of the day. then this clipper system brings some clouds and maybe a coating across part of the area. watch what happens. see the lines around that low? as that moves away, our winds get lighter. high moves in, we get clear skies and light winds. there's that clipper system. a lot of it's dieing to our south and west. -- diving to our south and west. it's close enough we could have an early snow shower sunday morning and then sun in the afternoon. diminishing wind tonight and a few icy spots, tomorrow up to 43, sun mixing with clouds, more clouds than sun later in the day. cloudy and chilly, maybe some late night or early sunday morning snow showers especially south and west of new york city could cause some slippery spots. after this the sun comes back out sunday afternoon. if 6 monday, 66 -- afternoon, 56 monday, 66 on tuesday and record warmth.
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nothing says spring is on the way but baseball. >> the weather at the end of next week, i look the two combined. it's all about weather, lee. sure, the games do not come, but when there is snow on the ground up here like today just turning on the tv to see bright
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in florida, makes you think anything is possible and spring might actually return. this afternoon the mets had a home opener hosting the marlins. first they got their new double play duo neil walker and cabrera getting the job done and now the bat. the field ing errorrology -- fielding error allowed a run to score. in the 9th the ball stays in the park but look, takes a nice little bounce off the wall. so now the hard work really begins because he's got to run fast. he scores the inside the park home run to tie the game. it stayed that way. 4-4 is your final. in lakeland this afternoon the yankees taking on the tigers, offense was just hard to come by here. the pinstripes pitching did its part, brian mitchell to start. the tigers had just two hits, but one of them was pretty big, miguel cabrera going long for
6:27 pm
that proved to bring in the only runs of the game. so 3-0. yankees fall. good news, it's a game that doesn't count. both the knicks and nets are in acquisition tonight. brooklyn continues its nine--- action tonight. brooklyn continues its nine game road trip stopping in denver. the knicks are in boston. when these two met back in mid- january, they were a half game apart fighting for the postseason. since then the celtics are in third place in the eastern conference while the knicks are the third worst after losing 14 of 17. >> we just have to be able to extend our ability to play well because we've had in every single ballgame moments where we've played well, where we've just done everything exceptional, but we can't sustain it. well, the exact opposite of both the knicks and nets would be the warriors who last night beat the thunder in oakland for their 44th straight home victory. that ties the 96 bolts for the
6:28 pm
streak in nba history, but there's still a bigger record to be had. golden state now 55-5. they're looking to top that same bulls team for the best record in nba history. chicago was 72-10. both the tennis and journalism worlds lost an icon. bud collins passed away today, originally a writer for the boston globe, collins then became a television analyst for tennis earning himself a spot in the international tennis hall of fame known for his colorful and outlandish pants and his passion for tennis. he was 86 years old. the rangers finish off a back to back tonight without henrik lundqvist. he left last night's loss in pittsburgh with neck spasms after colliding with ryan mcdonagh in the 2nd period now listed day to day. the rangers called up hellberg on an emergency basis. we often show you amazing buzzer beating shots from
6:29 pm
level, but this might be the first buzzer beater hat trick, a wild game in minnesota between waseca and marshall high schools, three buzzer beaters including that nearly full court shot sending the game to its fourth o.t. finally the game winning three that ended the madness, nuts. lee, do you have anything to add? >> no. but i really appreciate it. >> melding the two things together, that's amazing. >> thank you. let's look at some of the stories we're working on for eyewitness news at 11:00. >> tonight at 11:00 caught on camera, a dog struggling to stay above water after falling into an icy river, dramatic video as firefighters come to his rescue. >> ever get the craving for late night munchies, new research about why poor sleep makes you want that junk food, that and more tonight at 11:00. >> wow. i got to get a good night's sleep tonight. that's it for us tonight. >> it's all about you, bill.
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i'm bill ritter. >> got the munchies. world news several breaking stories this friday night. the lapd confirming they are now testing a knife, allegedly found buried at simpson's former estate. the fallout after the republican debate. trump defending his own words on that stage. >> and he referred to my hands. if they are small, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there is no problem. i guarantee you. >> the urgent effort to block trump. with many asking, is this helping hillary clinton? the friday commuter nightmare. the storms. several chain reaction crashes. snow and ice sweeping through. the next system we're watching already. the cdc now on the scene tonight. the mystery illness in the


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