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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  ABC  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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first it was super tuesday. now it is super saturday. voters in multiple states headed to the polls and caucus sites to make their party's nominee. plus a small plane uses a parachute to make an emergency landing and we just got our hands on the air traffic audio. good evening everyone, i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. we are going to be in with that developing story on long island. a plane landing in an industrial park. the plane came down feet away from a building. the pilot reported engine trouble just before that emergency landing and we just
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conversation between the pilot and air >> i'm got a problem. >> >> lost the engine. >> the pilot and his daughter were the only two people on board that plane. he managed to deploy the plane's parachute system which allowed the aircraft to drop slowly to the ground. >> we got very lucky. very lucky. >> reporter: have you ever had to do anything like this? >> nothing like this. never expected to ever have a problem like this. >> reporter: we are told the pilot suffered only a scratch to his head. his daughter was uninjured. the two had been looking at colleges in rhode island. politics now another big day in the race for president. tens of thousands of voters in several states at polling and caucus sites today to pick who they want. here's a look at the state's voting kansas, louisiana and nebraska and maine for democrats.
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kansas, kentucky, louisiana and maine. and we in fact have our first projection. ted cruz is projected to win the kansas gop caucus. this weekend 178 delegates are up for grabs in the republican race and for democrats 156 delegates are at stake. >> ray is with us live with the latest. ray? >> reporter: joe and sandra that abc news projection just came in moments ago. it is a big win for ted cruz as the texas senator tries to keep up with the delegate count from donald trump. personal candidates are hoping to be victorious tonight. a near collision of candidates at a kansas caucus site. senator ted cruz beating out gop front runner donald trump. abc news projecting cruz will take the day's first contest. trump already making headlines
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flying during a rally in orlando, florida. >> we have a divided country, folks. the hatred the animosity. i will bring people together. i'm going to bring people together. you watchering trump's trip came last -- you watch. ,. >> reporter: trump's trip came last minute. senator marco rubio made his scheduled appearance today. >> reporter: it is not how long you are willing to scream or how angry you are willing to be. >> reporter: the fourth man in the field, ohio governor john kasich staying positive. >> we are going to win ohio and that is going to create a whole new ballgame. >> reporter: for the democrats, voters crushed into caucus sites early. senator bernie sanders focused on loafing the gap. >> i think sometimes people --
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>> i think sometimes people confused with the republicans attacking each other, which i don't do. >> reporter: the candidates won't have anytime to rest this weekend. crucial votes are happening in florida, michigan, and ohio within the coming days and weeks. again abc news is projecting that ted cruz will win the state of kansas. we will be here throughout the night giving you the latest updates on this super saturday. channel 7 eyewitness news. more results will be coming in throughout this night. we invite you to stay with eyewitness news and abc news for the most up to date information. other news this afternoon, a moving salute to a former nypd officer killed in the line of duty in texas. today's memorial service for 29- year-old david hoffer drew thousands of people to a stadium in the dallas-fort worth area.
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officer for five years before joining the police force in texas. he moved because he wanted to be somewhere safer. >> it was evil, hate and a heart full of anger that took david. the exact opposite of everything he was. >> it is my absolute honor and privilege to be the one you chose to love. >> reporter: hoffer died tuesday after being hit in a shootout with a suspect. the suspect also was shot and killed. now to the new jersey transit strike threat. as we get closer to the march 13th deadline, transit workers are making sure their voices are heard. workers rallied in woodbridge. the unions have worked without a contract since 2011. aj ross is live at newark. >> reporter: walking off the job is the last thing workers want to do but they have they have been without a contract for five years.
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rally and support the workers as the countdown to the massive on potential strike continues. -- massive potential strike continues. >> reporter: new jersey transit workers have been gaining momentum for years as they begged for better wages and healthcare, to no avail. now negotiations seemingly derailed, a crippling strike is set to take place in just eight days. with signs, shirts and chance, hundreds of rail employees and supporters gathered near the woodbridge train station early saturday to voice what they believe are fair terms, now sitting on a negotiating table. >> five years without a contract is much too long. >> reporter: they never said what we were asking for was unfounded. they just said they could not afford it. >> reporter: mike nelson, who worked with new jersey transit for 29 years, considers his riders like family too, and they shouldn't have to suffer. >> i feel bad for the passengers.
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bad for them. >> reporter: my husband does not wanted to go on strike. i mean he will, obviously. but he would rather settle a contract. this way nobody is affected, him nor the commuters. >> reporter: nearly 105,000 customers rely on transit trains to travel into the city daily. despite a contingency plan from place, nearly 695,000 -- in place, nearly 65,000 will be affected. rail union leaders are willing to come to the table every day for as long as it takes to get something worked out before march 13th. i'm aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. now for a check of the weather, expect freezing temperatures again tonight. but there is also a chance of
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here now with the first look at the exclusive accu-weather forecast. >> reporter: the good news is, this is not expected to be a big deal later on. we might see a few snowflakes but we are not expecting any accumulation whatsoever. clouds are increasing, located over the ohio valley. has a little bit of moisture to work with. as it moves into a dryer air mass, the system will tend to fall apart and it is moving more off to the southeast. kind of diving in that direction. the best chance of a flurry or snow shower would be south and west of the city. falling down to around freezing overnight, futurecast not impressed with this snow chance overnight. toward morning there could be a few flakes around and we clear out during the day tomorrow. the bigger weather story, record warmth next week. we'll talk about that in your full accu-weather forecast, coming up. a patterson, new jersey police officer now suspended without pay. donte gordon is facing weapons
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prosecutors say the 25-year-old pointed a gun at another person at the intersection of main and market street last week. he fired the gun one time, missed the intended target. another person was injured by debris. a candlelight vigil to remember a student from brooklyn who died in a possible fraternity hazing at a college in western new york. friends and family of bradley doyle will mark this evening by releasing balloons. state. police ruled his death last month as suspicious. authorities have not yet released the results. coming up on eyewitness news, write and actress lena
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lena dunham will undergo surgery after an ovarian cyst ruptured. the writer and actress was taken to the hospital this morning. dunham has been open with her struggles with endometriosis. she recently canceled her press appearances because of the disease. hundreds of people took part in a march near the un today to call for an end to violence against women.
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native and legendary singer dionne warwick. warwick led members of brooklyn's christian cultural center choir in a rendition of her hit what the world needs now is love. she has been a un goodwill ambassador for 14 years. the event also celebrates international women's day, which is on tuesday. a plan, accused of purposely leaving his toddler son to die in a hot suv now faces charges of sending lewd photos and messages to underage girls. justin ross harris is set to go on trial next month on murder charges following the 2014 death of his son, cooper, in parking lot in georgia. prosecutors have charged harris now with sexual exploitation of children and dissemination of harmful material to minors. another twist in the o. j. simpson saga. the knife purportedly found on
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amount to nothing. a construction worker handed the knife over to an off-duty officer back in the 90s. the lawyer for that now retired officer says he tried to give it to lapd, but was told the case was closed. he held on to it for nearly two decades. now authorities are investigating its authenticity. the lapd says over the years they have looked into about 150 other knives, none of them connected to the case. we are less than two weeks away from new york's st. patrick's day parade. for the first time gay organizations will be welcome to march in this year's parade. coming up, why lgbt groups will still organize their own parade.
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the lgbt friendly st. patrick's day in queens will continue. the saint pat's for all parade originally was organized as an alternative to the big manhattan parade when if didn't allow gay groups. founder brendon fay expects 2,000 marchers in the event tomorrow. the parade on fifth avenue the big one march 17th now allows gay groups. >> i can hear the bagpipes jeff. >> they are coming. how about 70 degrees before st. patrick's day?
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>> just a couple of snowflakes tomorrow morning. not a big deal at all. no accumulation expected. a pretty shot toward midtown. creates nice colors up in the the temperature 38 degrees, the east. the high on the day up to 41, a little below average for this time of year. 5 degrees below the high of 46. in 1872 it got all the way down to 3 degrees. a couple of flurries toward dawn again, no accumulation expected with that. the during the day tomorrow temperaturewise. big warm up next week.
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on wednesday as we approach the 70-degree march. locally heavy rainfall. only 28 though at monticello, 36 at toms river. in the 30s today across long island. 33 at monday talk on the east -- on the east end. doesn't look that impressive, much of the energy is shifting off to our south overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. so maybe a flurry or dawn. down to freezing in the park, temperatures in the lower 20s, areas north and west. heading into the day tomorrow, a couple of flakes early and clouds gradually giving way to sunshine later on in the afternoon. 45 morristown, close to normal for this time of the year. 43 in white plains. but the big story, weatherwise, is the spring fever setting in for tuesday and wednesday as temperatures get up in the 60s and eventually approach the 70- degree mark by the middle part of the week. accu-weather forecast, increasing clouds, a couple of
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flakes early tomorrow, especially south and west of new york city. clouds giving way to sunshine later in the day. mainly clear tomorrow night down to 34. we begin the warm up on monday. mild but breezy, the high up to 57. a warmer blend of sun and clouds tuesday. then on wednesday warm, downright pleasant out there, 70 would actually beat the record of 69 set back in 2000. as we head into thursday, there are model differences if it is a slower front it is warmer and drier than we are depicting and periods of rain especially late in the day. right now going for 61, we clear out next friday 54, 60 by saturday but by then maybe rain coming back into the picture by the early part of next weekend. spring may be arriving a little early this year. >> we'll take it. spring is already happening
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the spring training point is to give the young guys a chance to show what they've got. today a top prospect putting on a show against the rival red sox down in tampa.
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sprung. >> i know it is nice. we'll take it. >> reporter: it not all the regulars playing. a game which we have mentioned before just don't count. but anytime you can beat boston it is a good day. meeting the red sox. a good day for the future prospect jorge mateo. tripled in his first game, one better today. carlos beltran, able to score and the yankees take the lead. back to the future now, another key prospect, aaron judge, flashing the power. 6-4 the yanks top their rivals. also this afternoon the
6:25 pm
allows george springer to score. yesterday's hero inside the park homerun, a triple today ties the game. 3-1 the mets with their first win of the spring. tonight the knicks will once again have an opportunity to get something to go their way as they host the pistons. new york has now lost 15 of 18 games and last night's defeat in boston one of the more painful ones. despite leading by 8 points with 4 minutes to play the knicks allow boston to come back. carmelo anthony's last three pointer off the mark. >> we put ourselves in position to win the game. i thought we did a great job from that standpoint. we just didn't finish it out. >> reporter: the nets also in action tonight as they continue their nine game road trip in minnesota.
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after last night's thrilling game. brooklyn made its move. lopez tipping it in with .4 seconds left to secure the win. it allowed the mets to snap a two game skid. the one week from tomorrow it is selection sunday. with conference tournaments going on this week, time starting to run out to make an impression on that committee. visiting depaul, rodriguez carrington for the dunk and the lead. second half isaiah whitehead. he was a beast. 33 points, three of them here. 80-66 seaton hall wins. syracuse also hoping to be dancing, they have a bigger florida state, malachi richardson needing one hand to a tie game. seminoles had beasley, he had 20 points and this dunk to begin to put it away. 78-73 the seminoles down the
6:27 pm
st. john's hosting providence on senior day. lindsey a big day, three of his 30 points right here. in the second half, chris dunn driving through the lane moving in for the dunk. that put the lead at 23. 90-76. st. john's finishing big east play at 1-17. rutgers looking for its first win. minnesota happy to help. scarlet knights led by 25 at the half. michael williams, working the perimeter, had a game high 29 off the bench. 75-52 rutgers. they end their 32-game big 10 losing streak. women's side, otherwise known as the first post season step leading to most likely an eventual uconn national title. the huskies met east carolina in the first run. this went about as you would
6:28 pm
women on their way to a 67th straight win marking their 11th 30 wins. the bigger news these days >> exactly. thank you laura. thanks for joining us. stay tuned for abc world news, coming up next. i'm joe >> and i'm sandra bookman.
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welcome to "world news tonight." super saturday. five states voting and the early results are coming in. tensions rising on the campaign trail. >> the republicans are eating their own. >> republicans teaming up to take down one man. >> where i grew up, if someone keeps punching people in the face, eventually someone has to stand up and punch them back. >> at this trump rally -- >> but are donald trump and hillary clinton now on track to win it all? the fbi closing in on the band of thieves who made off with millions. new details on their high-tech heist, how they tracked the truck. and got away with the gold. jogging 36 years ago and never came home. tonight, a suspect who may have


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