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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. good morning. it is 6:00. one man has died. another is critically hurt after a suspect went on a one man crime spree. what we're learning about the suspect accused of carrying out the carnage. >> with heavy hearts, students at two schools in new jersey return to a school without two of the class mates. >> we look at nancy reagan's life and legacy with memorial plans for the former first lady. good morning, everyone, i'm michelle charls in. >> i'm ken rosato. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. bill evans is live with the forecast. >> we have a nice start to the day. we'll be looking at temperatures well above normal for this time of the year. we start at 36 and it will warm up nicely.
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35, bridge port. 27 around poughkeepsie. they warm up nicely. looking at 58 by 4:00. maybe hitting 60 degrees and it only gets warmer into record breaking 70-degree temperatures by wednesday. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. >>. >> the trains are doing just great. no major problems. i've been checking them. metro north running on or close to schedule and then the subway service is running on or close to schedule. we do have this on going problem as you travel onto the southern state parkway. westbound near exit 17. we do have the vehicle fire still being extinguished and cleared. you have a lot of activity on the side of the roadway and this near exit 17. this is an over turned tractor trailer as a result of a fuel spill. neptune avenue to avenue u. on going water main brake.
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parking rules in effect for today. 6:01, the suspect behind a deadly rampage in a queen's neighborhood remains in the hospital. james patrick dylan slashed appeared stabbed two victims and set fire to a homeless man. this is happening in historiora. police on the scene at their hour. kristin thorn is there live. kristin? >> good morning, ken, two officers, dylan throw a chemical substance at, they've been treated and released from the hospital. investigators are analyzing what the chemical was here at liquor store where dylan allegedly killed the owner. the investigation continues. investigators say james dylan entered the liquor store on historia boulevard and began arguing with a homeless man. the 55-year-old owner of the store tried to break it up.
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threw an accelerant on the other man and lit him on fire. dylan is undergoing psychiatric evaluation and is recovering from gunshots by police. for those who knew the owner of the liquor store, they're not surprised he stepped in to try to stop dylan. >> he would defend someone. that is george. he will stand up for you and fight for you. he is the type of guy. >> the homeless man who dylan allegedly set fire is still recovering at hospital. as for the female neighbor, that is how this all began, he allegedly stabbed a female neighbor two blocks from here in the face and the neck. she has been treated and released from the hospital. we're live in historia.
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a teen saved her own life after being shoved onto the subway tracks at roosevelt and 103rd street. a man came up behind her and pushed her. she landed onto the tracks but she was able to some how squeeze between the platform and the wheels of an on coming train. police are on the hunt for her attacker. 6:04. grief counselors will be available for students at two new jersey high schools. noel herrera and brian rodriguez yes were killed saturday night when a driver jumped the curb and plowed into the boys. rodriguez was a sophomore at union city high school. a 3rd teen wra injured. the driver is in custody. we're expected to learn more about the investigation and what 6:04. in the race for pres hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head to head in an aggressive debate that ranged from the economy to the gun
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who lost children in the sandy hook school massacre. >> they're trying to prevent that from happening to any other family and a the best way is to go right at the people, when you talk about corporate greed, the gun manufacturers sell guns to make as much money as they can make. >> sanders won delegates in maine, kansas and nebraska but clinton won in louisiana. for republicans it is looking like just a two-man race. marco rubio won all three of puerto rico's delegates but he still lags far behind donald trump and ted cruz rchlt trump lost to cruz in maine. the defeats and closer than normal expected victories are giving new hope to groups hungry to stop trump's advance. >> there are races for republicans in hawaii, idaho and mississippi. they have 130 delegates for grabs in michigan and 36 in
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the nation is remembering former first lady nancy reagan, the new york city native who's legacy will endure for generations here is a pho reagan embracing the first lady in 1984. we're live at the presidential library where funeral plans are under way. >> condolences and prayers are pouring engine for nancy reagan's family. they're paying their respects outside for a woman they believe was a pivotal person who played a pifbollal role -- bifbottal it pisvotal role. >> i feel it is all my fault. >> from hollywood to the white house. nancy reagan never left ronald reagan's side.
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the president and michelle obama it will be a great day. we're looking at what is going to be a lot of sunshine, we start off chilly but yet, we'll warm up pretty fast. look at south down the beach.
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morning on the board walk. a good morning for. it grab a jacket or a sweater. we have temperatures in the 30s right now. 36 degrees. it will warm up fast into the 50s by the afternoon to near 60 and then there will be a southwest wind, the southerly winds in the south. partly cloudy skies, ridge of high pressure will make for gorgeous weather today all day long and into the coming days as a matter of fact. 44 by 9:00. noon time, 55 to 59 this afternoon. it will feel great. it will warm up, a nice little spring preview coming your way. kiddos at the bus stop. a chilly stop. after school, 59 degrees. sunny and breezy. i'll give it a b for nice. >> nice! >> i'll give the lincoln tunnel an a. where is everybody? come on! look at this and i hope i didn't just jinx it. everybody is coming into the tolls, moving into the tunnel without any major issues.
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look at helix, pretty good drive at lincoln tunnel. let's go over to the web cam. that is the southern state parkway and this is all because of the earlier car fire. over here on the side of of the roadway. they're out here getting this cleared away so it is a little bit of a delay but it has gotten much better. subway service on or close to schedule. new jersey transit. long island neighborhood. a good ride if you're going to commute via train. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. michelle and ken, over to you. >> still ahead, a cruise ship passenger went over board off of the florida keys with the coast guard is saying about the search. >> a massive memorial in manhattan for a one time nypd officer killed in the line of duty. how his mother is remembering
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[car starting] [engine revving] [crashing] [sirens] . 6:13. welcome back. the connecticut teen accused of stabbing a class mate to death the day of their prom will be in court today. christopher plaskin is facing a deadline to accept a plea deal.
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stabbing maren sanchez. he was upset when she turned down his invite to the prom. 6:13 right now the coast guard is suspending the trip for a man who fell off of a cruise ship off of the florida coast. they covered one # seven square nautical miles. he fell over from the cruise ship on friday. he spent the weekend searching before calling off the search. 6:14. happening today, the not prolific passer in nfl history says fair well to football. peyton manning is announcing his retirement at a news conference today. he leaves with the most passing yards and touchdowns in league history and is the first starting quarterback to win a super bowl with two different teams >> wow. he was good.
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time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans outside. >> cooper, eli, archie. great football family, great teachers. here is what is going on this morning. we take a live look from the cram. johnny d. what a great shot this morning as you look across lower manhattan. look across the bay. news conference, a beautiful shot of a red sky in the morning. it necessarily means a warning it could just mean we have good weather. here we go this morning, we look from the roof camera we have the beautiful sunrise today. we start out chilly with temperatures around 36 degrees. the humidities are dry. the winds are southwest. the key to look at here on the
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of the southwest and the pressure is above 30.00. it will harang hang around that number. normal high is 47. we'll be 13 degrees warmer than. that spring preview. record warment likely on wednesday, maybe thursday. temperatures will cool down by the end of the week, but they're going to be well above normal for this time of the year. 27 around kingston and poughkeepsie and upper 20's to the north. 35, 3 in long island. chilly to start the day. not much wind out here. 5, 7, 12 miles an hour wind. jfk has a 14 miles an hour wind. that is not that bad this morning. the windchills are in the upper 20's to low 30s. looking at a good start to the day. dress warmly for the morning and by the afternoon it will feel great. a couple of high clouds across rat and we'll be looking at high pressure ridge that will give us beautiful weather today. by the afternoon, look at the temperatures, we're into the upper 50s quick and 60s to our west today.
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temperatures keep warming up. these are the overnight temperatures, tomorrow morning, we're at 47, we're going to be looking at sunshine and temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees warmer today and warmer on wednesday and thursday. at the bus stop, kids, after skooshlgs 59 degrees, going to be great for after school sports. dress warmly this morning. on wednesday and thursday. we really warm up to around 70. sunny and milder today. 59. 47 is going to be our low tonight and tomorrow we have sunshine it is a warmer day, the high, 56 degrees. 72 degrees on wednesday. we'll prak the old high of 67 set in two # 00. even though we cool down, look at the sin rise. we'll be around 60 degrees as we go into the weekend. have a great day. dress warmly this morning it will be just fine. it is warmer from from here on through the rest of the west coast.
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can take the hats off. >> thank you, heather. let's talk about subways they're close to schedule. if you're headed out to watch a train, you won't have any big problems. we do have this problem going on, route 84 westbound side near exit 17 over turned tractor trailer. you have lanes shut down. look at that delays you go westbound on 784 getting into that spot. -- into 84 getting into that spot. that earlier vehicle fire pushed off to the shoulder. it is just about cleared away. minor delay, george washington brimg. it is only a 10 to 15-minute delay. southern state parkway into exit 17. you're looking just grachlt as a matter of fact, we did clear away the earlier activity. the street cleaning rules are in effect for today. a safety recall to tell you
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sold in parts of the state area. >> a sure sign that winter must be ending. road crews are out in force patching potholes.
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. 6:22. on the money. wall a street begins higher following the positive monthly jobs report. it starts at day at 1717,006. over seas much the japan average was down half %. check your freezer, perdue foods recalling chicken fuths sold in new york. appledpaet, naturals chicken nuggets with a best before date of september 27th, 201. more than 4500 pounds may have been contaminated with plastic. they were also sold in six on the states gl. >> you may not know his name but you know his legacy. ray tom lynnson sent the first
6:24 am
the invention didn't pick p steam until personal computers were popular. ray tomlinson was 74 years old. 6:23. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. the accuweather forecast. morning. here is a look down the street here. going to be a nice ride as you're coming across from any of the ferries. southerly wind coming up makes it chilly on shores. going to have a nice ride here if you're taking a ride on the ferries back and forth. back and forth, the winds are southwest which is important pause we'll be warming up pretty fast. they will warm up by the 72 degrees mark we hit on tuesday route eight, over tractor trailer cleared away.
6:25 am
subway service is running on or close to schedule. new jersey transit. long island railroad, metro north. running on or close. ocean parkway northbound. neptune avenue to avenue u. a water main break. over yell, turnovero thinking of ways to prevent you. former president jimmy carter is on the a road to recovery from his battle with cancer. the spokeswoman for the 91-year-old says he no longer needs further treatment. he shared the news at sunday school he leads his his church. he will receive scans tone sure it doesn't return and is taking a drug to enhance his immune system. the world's most famous dog sled race is under way as mushers make their way. the start to the iditarod turned serious as they set off on
6:26 am
it includes two mountain ranges and unforgiving behring sea coast. closing in on 6:30. still ahead on this monday morning, a bloody ram page in queens. police want to figure out what led to the violence. >> new details after a pipe bomb explodes under a car in the bronx. >> passengers a board an international flight is talking about the emergency landing alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you?
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. a block of stores in queens remains a crime scene after a man went on a violent crime spree. >> we are also live outsi saint patrick's cathedral. police officers across the country expected to attend the funeral for a former nypd officer. >> less than a week before new
6:30 am
the job. they're both heading back to the bargaining table. >> it is monday, march 7th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. >> gorgeous. we're at dawn and here is the temperature, 6:00 this morning, a 36 degrees, very chilly, even 20's up around poughkeepsie. north and west. you have 84, and above i-80 in new jersey, 29 in appearedover. it will be a chilly start. pell mar and 30, 32 degrees. it will be a dhily start. later today, we're look at the 48 by noon and 58. this afternoon to near 60. and it only gets warmer. we'll talk about that and next. what is going on out there now? >> a problem on the garden state parkway. was the ramp to exit
6:31 am
the ramp is partial lay blocked off as you go northbound on the parkway. we have a new accident at eastbound near exit 27 in roxbury. it is being cleared away. we have this over turned tractor trailer near exit 17. we have all lanes closed down. you can see we have that heavy delay as you go westbound with everybody closed down. subway service is running on or close to schedule. long island railroad, metro north doing just fine. brooklyn. ocean parkway. we have a water main break and delays through kweeps and news copter -- through queens and news copter seven. how are things looking, john? >> this looks like your usual monday traffic. this starts near grand central parkway and the lie. you can see the stop and go
6:32 am
this is just heavy traffic as you head north. also, because of this, look for extra volume on the westbound long island express. was delays are back around exit # three. we're live over queens, john deljorno. >> 6:32. two new york police officers injured during a violent confrontation have been released from the hospital. they hoped on a suspect holding a knife and flammable liquid after a day long rampage left one man dead. kristin thorne is live with new information for us. >> included in that rampage, this is the liquor store where the suspect, james dylan, alliedly stabbed and killed the owner of the store. he remains in critical condition at the hospital after being shot
6:33 am
it took a barrage of police bullets to end the rampage. 23-year-old james patrick dylan is accused of slashing a female neighbor in the face and neck. then police say he went to a liquor store where he stabbed the owner to death and set another man on fire. two hours later, an inspector and lieutenant cornered dylan in his own backyard. >> the officers demanded the suspect drop a knife and bottle of accelerant he was carrying. he refused. the suspect thn sprayed the two officers were the liquid burning their hands and face. the officer then discharged their weapons, shooting the suspect. >> there are reports that dylan has psychological problems and was off his medication. neighbors say dylan was a frightening presence on the block. he has eight prior arrests, including one for menacing and another for possession of
6:34 am
five arrests date back to when he was a juvenile. the man who dylan allegedly set the hospital. as for the 39-year-old woman, his neighbor who he allegedly stabbed, she has been treated and released from the hospital. we're live notify historia. i'm kristin thorne, news news. new at 6:30. there is an arrest in the fatal pipe bomb arrest. 36-year-old richle noggle planted the crude twice last wednesday night. the man and woman inside the car were not hurt. he faces attempted murder and other charges. the nypd is looking for a married couple in their 70s after the husband and wife went missing in brooklyn. 76-year-old charles joseph and 74-year-old lorna joseph were last seen at their home in east new york 5:00 yesterday morning.
6:35 am
an enormous crowd is expected in midtown manhattan to remember a former nypd officer killed in the line of dutyle. thousands of people lined the streets of texas for an open air memorial to 29-year-old david hofer. eyewitness news reporter dwrarl miles is live outside of -- darla miles is live outside of the cathedral. >> it begins at 10:00 this morning. the nypd has already begun to close off the i did streets in mep ration for all of the people in preparation for all of the people to pay their respects. he graduated from st. ann's high school in 2004 and nyu in 2008. in 2009, he joined the nypd, worked for the 9th precinct from 2009 until 2014 until he moved to the dallas area to work for the police department. he was killed during the line of
6:36 am
and on saturday, hundreds of people there in bedford texas attended a memorial service for him. they filled a high school football stadium so they can pay their respects. >> when he was young and starting out, he said if people don't feel, in their place, where they live, safe, they cannot feel free. and that was his idea. you know, i'm going to make life safe for people to enjoy their life there, to feel free. >> now, hofer's mother says he likes living in tvenz because the people were so nice and friendly. he moved there to be with his fiance handthought working in texas would be safer than working the streets of new york city. reporting live in midtown, darl yarm miles, news news. 6:36 and the nation is remember former first lady nancy reagan. she died at her los angeles from
6:37 am
during her eight years in the white house. mrs. reagan was best known for her just say no campaign. she fought tirelessly for more money for alzheimer's disease. we have a live look at the grounds of the u.s. capitol where flags are at half staff. napsy reagan was 94. >> negotiations resume today in hopes of voiding a new jersey transit strike. union members will meet transit management in newark following meetings with the national mediation board in washington dc and rally leaders over the weekend. the unions worked without a correct since 2011 and are calling for higher wages they will strike one minute past midnight. 6:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evan naetz acwith the forecast. >> let's look at what is
6:38 am
we're looking at sunshine, a chilly. dress warmly. we have a gorgeous day in place where we'll see temperatures rising from 36 to 50. north. we have a lot of sunshine today. keep swimming around a. 47 at 10. noon time, 51. 55 by 2:00 and we hit the upper 50s around 3:00. city today. we have an a nice day. at the bus stop kids, we have one playing hooky today. three out of 49 aukle berries surveyed, say 41 and sunshine. dress warmly. we're doing good as far as mass transit. we have this delay in the bruckner. we have news copter seven up above. we have what looks like a stall on the expressway.
6:39 am
>> that's right, heather, first live pictures here, we have an issue here on the expressway. this looks to be a disabled vehicle. westbound side at the exit from rosedale avenue. we can see the driver, let's call this an accident in the left lane. we rolled up on it. left lane is blocked the delays go back through the interchange begin on the new england freeway and we're awaiting the arrival trucks. 6:39. a flight to europe grounded by a bird. coming up up, passengers are talking a bg what they saw and
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. . bloomingdales massive store will reopen today after a fire started there. we lerpd that the fire began in a storage room, nobody was hurt. >> 6:42. passengers a board a flight to germany made it through a scary emergency landing after a bird
6:43 am
it happened less than five minutes after the united flight took off from george bush intercontinental airport. the plane wasn't 1,000 feet into the air. people watched on the ground. as they had to dump the fuel and head back to the airport. >> they told that you say was going to happen. we would smell it and that they were going to dump the fuel in order to make a landing. they said it would be a completely routine landing. >> pro pilots. they know what they're doing. it was smooth it wasn't routine. they had to meet them on the run. was passengers were allowed to get off the plane and rerouted to munich. the jury is expected to deliberations in erin andrews court case. she alleges they gave her stalker a room allowing him to
6:44 am
peep hole. good morning to you, coming up next here on good morning, america as you are this morning, we are, too remembering the former first lady, nancy reagan. the tributes are pouring in throughout the nation. she was one of the most influential first ladies. she passed away over the weekend and barbara walters will discuss her legacy. debate. republican rivals. we'll have the details on that. >> an urgent search unde for a man who tried to kidnap a 13-year-old girl. you can see the teen's incredible escape. she ran to safety. a message for so many parents and children watching this morning coming up next here on gma. >> pretty terrifying. we'll tune in.
6:45 am
time to check the accuweather forecast. >> we have a nice morning. it is a little chilly. dress warmly. it is a pretty morning. here is a live shot. from wall street to around bowling green to the battery and the brooklyn bridge and a the ferries going back and forth. it is a chilly morning. a southwest wind. pressure falling a little bit but it is above 30.00. our mark of fair weather. yesterday's high of had 44. it only gets warmer from this point on. 33 right around placet county. 36 around bridge port and we have this wind out of the southwest today. the key to a southwest wind is a little warmer wind. it is dry. we have the wind coming in warming things up. the windchills are in the 30s. the wind is light and we have clear skies, a lot of sunshine today. high pressure is going to be over us.
6:46 am
the high slides east ward, the temperatures warm up. temperatures this afternoon we're looking at the upper 5050's to 60. tomorrow morning, we start off at normal, average, high temperature at 47. we're warming up into the mid-60's and we'll start wednesday in the low 50s. it will be about 10 to 15 degrees warmer today. after school we have sunshine, we have a temperature around 57 degrees. we'll be looking at beautiful weather, warm weather as we go into wednesday. and into thursday, we'll be seeing temperatures 15 to 30 degrees warmer than normal. here is your accuweather forecast for today, 59 degrees, nice and mild. we'll have clear to partly cloudy skies. low of 47. tomorrow morning, we have sunshine even warmer, temperatures and six #r5 degrees. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast.
6:47 am
that will break the old record high of 69 set back in 2000 and we'll look at 73 thursday. the record high on thursday is 74. as the front moves through, look at rest of the week. temperatures are at 60 which is 13 degrees above this time of the year. it is warm for the end of the week. just a little chilly this morning, otherwise, dress warmly. you'll be just fine. >> mother nature reminding us it is still winter. >> but only for a week half. we have a spring preview this week. >> thank goodness. spring is almost here and the accident is almost cleared westbound at the bronx, we have news captainer up by john. >> it looks like the car is
6:48 am
as a result, you have a major delay. if anything comes we'll have a major delay. the subway service is running on or close to zero. metro north running on or close to schedule. and then we have this problem and it is the garden state parkway northbound. the ramp to exit 127, a debris spill. as you head northbound on the garden start parkway, you may encounter delays you have an accident on 80. eastbound near 27 and roxbury. we have that delay coming into that spot and then this problem is still with us. this is 84, westbound side near exit 17. this is an over turped tractor trailer. there was a fuel spill. it has been cleaned up but we have all lanes closed down and heavy delays as you go getting onto the accident scene. that is an unfortunate thing. neptune avenue into avenue u. it is a water main break.
6:49 am
we can take a look at a web cam. show you how things look as you take the 59th street bridge as you leave queens into manhattan yuchltz leave manhattan going into queens, not a bad ride there at all. that is good news. and then here is a look at brukner expressway getting into the cross bronx because of the accident being cleared away. street cleaning rules are into effect. 6:39. 22 years of searching have not eased the pain for the flights but a new correction offers hope. hundreds of people gathered yesterday to mark the two-year anniversary of the disappearance. the man in charge for the search fort wreckage says it is very likely the plane will be found in the four months.
6:50 am
phone rings and you answer it to find a robot. one lawmaker is trying to fix that. >> listen up new york. there's a new drug out there. and it's trying to destroy our generation. it's called synthetics. . .
6:51 am
and then sell it to you. no, it's not marijuana. it goes by names like k2, spice, rocks. causes hallucinations, rapid heart-beat. vomiting, seizures. and it can kill you the first time you smoke it. we gotta have each other's backs. this is our future. and the future of new york is saying no to synthetics!
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[text message alert] [crashing] [sirens] . welcome back. 6:52. senator charles schumer is calling on phone carriers to give the land line and cell
6:53 am
to protect robot customers. three and a half million complaints were filed over unwanted calls. if the phone companies don't take steps to protect the customers, he would introduce legislation that would force them to act. today, the de-pinellaso be failing the is millionth pothole since the mayor took office. some pay are saying, only one pill? it will mark the start of poll hole repair season. some clipping to that. one million. somebody counted those. >> a lot of potholes. >> 6:53. up next, police shooting brings a one man crime spree to a violent end.
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6:57 am
began arguing with a homeless man, the 55-year-old owner of the store tried to break it up. he stabbed him and threw an accelerant on the other man. he is undergoing psychiatric evaluation at elmhurst hospital and recovering from gunshots fired by police trying to arrest him. dylan is also accused of stabbing his female neighbor just two blocks from here. 36th street in the face and the neck. she has been treated and released from the hospital. he is accused of throwing some kind of chemical substance to two republican officers. arrive at the the story. channel, 77. clouns lowers will be available -- counselors will be available for students after their class mates were killed saturday night when a car jumped
6:58 am
boys across the street from union city high school where rodriguez was a sophomore. a third teen was injured in the crash. former nypd officer david hofer was injured in the line of duty in it'll. a memorial was held for the brooklyn native who served the nypd for five years he moved to texas to be with his fiance. streets are closed where friends, family will gather for officer hofers funeral. >> a stalled car is leading to delays on the south bronx expressway. >> we're checking in with john. >> sometimes they start small and it turns into a big incident here. this is what looks to be an accident. we're right at rosedale avenue. left lane blocked and ambulance arriveed this will be out here for a few more minutes.
6:59 am
we're live over the bronx, eyewitness news. >> we have issues with the subways. the c and e trains running with delayed signals. manhattan bridge, lower level, only the left lane is getting by and this problem continues on the lie northwest. another belt is being cleared away. we have heavy delays through there but that is pretty typical. >> unfortunately. >> sun looks good outside. >> it looks really good. you have a nice morning of weather. no doubt about it. temperatures at 7:00 will be w7 degrees 37th as are area. we're going to warm into the upper 5's. 65 tomorrow, 730 thursday. a little -- 73 on thursday.
7:00 am
temperatures will be warm into the weekend. ica." have a great day. good morning, america. celebrating nancy reagan. the former first lady who redefined the role and never waiver in her love for the president our love is here to stay >> behind the scenes force for one of the most popular presidents ever. fiercely loyal, always by his side. >> everything is about him. >> a crusader for causes close to her house. the tributes pouring in this morning, as her daughter speaks out. and after paying their respects, hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a fiery face-off overnight. >> excuse me, i'm talking! >> if you're going talk, tell


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