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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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flamable liquid and that's why he got burned. you can see that. >> reporter: he threw it at you? >> he threw it inside. i think he wanted to burn the place down. >> reporter: what would you say to the man who did this to you and george? >> rot in hell. >> reporter: rot in hell? >> yes. >> reporter: he truly believe believes that the accelerant was thrown into the liquor store to burn it down. julio was treated and released and said he was heartbroken because georgeed -- george helped anyone who needed it, and his funeral now is on friday. kemberly richardson, abc 7 news. and the breaking news desk
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we are going to live from news copter 7. the story is a brush fire burning since about 3:20 this afternoon and here it is for 5:01, so for an hour and 40 minutes. this is in hanover, new jersey. firefighters from east rose land, liberty, all lending a helping hand to try and keep control of the situation. there is no power outages to tell you about. there you can see the power lines. as the picture widens out, there are homes also that firefighters are keeping a close eye on to keep the flames away and an industrial park with a pharmaceutical company and traffic impacted. troy and between algonquin and
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bill and sade, we'll keep an eye on it, and there is an update, we'll bring it to you. >> all right. thank you. and now, let's talk about the weather. it was beautiful out there. and the temperatures are more like early may. and we still have two days of record people in central park were soaking up the sun. >> reporter: oh, it's been beautiful, sade. no coat necessary at least for now, but it's chillier because the sea breezes kick in, and risk for fire. on march 8 last year, it was 49 degrees and the snowpack in central park, 16", and this year, we are seeing bulbs coming out. over new york harbor at sunset, 55, and speaking of 5s, you can
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if you're away from the ocean, doing well, mid-60s feeling great but close to the water it's cooler. there's the winds. they're not strong but out of the southeast and just indicated with the fresh fire over morris county it's an area where the winds are converging and rise and is feeding the brush fire. it's just very dry and you have the pre-season warmth and you are prone to this. we have widespread 70s unless are you on south facing shores. tomorrow's record, 69, and that will be smashed as we go the mid-70s. a close call on thursday and i think we'll break the record of 74 from 2006 and a shot at 80 degrees in the interior new jersey and 60 at the south facing shores.
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feel like summer for the next couple days. bill and sade, back to you. >> a shot at the 80s? thank you. and now to the decision in the deadly police shooting of ramarley graham. outrage when local criminal charges were not brought, and now, the federal decision. >> reporter: bill, this was explained to the family, and it's not sitting well. >> it's been four years, four years fighting for justice and 4 years later we get the decision. not good. >> reporter: constant malcolm lost her son four years ago and feels she was dealt another blow as there is insufficient evidence. >> how do you come to the decision? you were in your home and were supposed to be safe. >> reporter: 18-year-old
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killed in his own home by officer richard haste after the officer followed him in the bronx apartment believing he was in possession of a weapon. face to face with graham in the bathroom of the apartment, the u.s. attorney explains that officer haste believes mr. graham had a weapon in the waistband of his pants to which officer haste believes that mr. graham was reaching for and fires. the court said there was insufficient evidence to meet the high burden of proof. >> time and time again they take the cop's word over anybody else.
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>> reporter: indicted officer haste which was later dismissed because of a procedural error, and a second grand jury did not indict. coming up at 6:00 we will have more on this case. >> tim, thank you. meanwhile, another deadly shooting and more fall out at the death. a police vuctor was placed on modified duty after questions if she provided adequate cpr efforts. there was testimony that there was no cpr performed because they did not feel that they were qualified. other officers said that they had minimal training.
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line of duty was the father of a 9-month-old son, and sean cullen was also engaged boy's mother.. he was struck by a car in deptford township. the driver had hit him has not been charged. a tanker truck overturned this morning and some area businesses were evacuated until authorities said it was safe. combustible liquids were leased, and everything was cleaned up this afternoon. the driver suffered minor injuries. another super tuesday set of primaries today and tonight. the clinton and sanders race is tightening and a big shift with the republicans and donald trump losing head to head with
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megan hughes is live with a michigan primary. megan? >> reporter: good evening, bill. the polls closed here at 8:00 tonight and with a huge number of delegates to be won, the stakes couldn't be higher. the battle at the ballot box playing out as voters in four states make their picks for president. idaho and hawaii, republican contests and mississippi and michigan, both parties compete. the polls show donald trump leading in all of them despite negative publicity. the better business bureau reported that when trump university was open, they had received multiple complaints. >> these complaints affected the trump university bbb rating which was as low as a d minus in 2010. >> reporter: democratic front runner hillary clinton is expected to win tonight. ted cruz in north carolina is asking for republicans to
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>> maybe now you are supporting marco rubio or john kasich. none of them have a path to beat donald trump. >> reporter: the wolverine state was made the focus of his campaign. >> have the state of michigan send the message and launch me into the state of ohio where we will have a new day in politics. >> reporter: robo calls for mitt romney may have had a boost. >> i'm calling on behalf for kasich in america. >> reporter: and another one for marco rubio in florida making good on his pledge to help any candidate take on trump. >> buckle up your seat belt. >> reporter: florida as well as ohio will be among five key states up for grabs next tuesday, a week from today. megan hughes, channel 7 news. >> all right. thank you. hillary clinton will lead
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the funeral of former first lady nancy reagan, and former first ladies laura bush and rosalyn carter along with michelle obama. >> her wish was to be as close to ronald reagan so when her casket is laid in the ground that i will be close enough to hold hands. >> she will lie in repose at the reagan library until tomorrow and if he -- people are in line they will not be turned away. a killing spree today where several people were killed, caught on camera. several other people were injured while authorities in
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attacked with a knife. this happened near the perez center for peace. vice president joe biden is in israel on a two-day visit. coming up, a lawyer accused of winning money for his clients and keeping some of it, now under arrest. 7 on your side first told you about him and now, now details on the investigation. and a fight outside a high school leading to the reinstatement of a school's ban on cell phones. we have more on whether it's
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attention parents: before school this september all kids entering 7th and 12th grades must get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today.
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new tonight we're hearing from the man in the brorntion who witnessed a horrible hit and run and came to the help of a victim in the street, the mother of two in critical condition, and police are trying to figure out who did this. aj ross is on the scene. aj? >> reporter: eyewitness newses say that the driver of the old white cadillac never hit the brake and left the mother of two lying motionless in the middle of the road. we have video and spoke with the man who witnessed this unfold and sat with the victim until the medics arrived. >> she was like sideswiped, you know, hit from the front. >> reporter: it was a horrific
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forget, scene in the video where 47-year-old madeline bengoches walked across the street. >> she was in the middle of the lane and he came in the lane and hit her. >> reporter: he witnessed the 1980s model white cadillac strike madeline in the middle of the road. she was conscious but in a lot of pain. >> i was the first one in the street holding her hand saying it's not your time to go, just holding on to her. >> reporter: her daughter said she had a history of medical problem has made it hashed for her to get around without a walker and now is recovering in critical condition at a hospital and wonders how someone could leave her mother behind. >> at least gotten out of the car and found out which was going on. just don't run like that. >> reporter: with new signs in the area generating tips, police are on the hunt for the
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thoughts for the family. >> i hope they get this guy, and ifly knew what he did and he didn't stop, he deserves to go to jail. >> reporter: the 1980s model white cadillac has front-end damage. if you have any information that could help police, please call. i'm aj ross, eyewitness news. a twist to the shooting in the standoff in oregon. the da's office said they were justified when they shot and killed robert finicum but the fbi agents did not report that they fired as well even though the shots missed them. the armed militia took over a federal wildlife refuge. the deadly north metro train crash in the bronx a few years ago is prompting for
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90 days of public input has been opened about the impact of such a screening. an attorney for the conductor said he fell asleep estate switch because of his undiagnosed sleep apnea. and speaking of trains, a commuter train that derailed east of san francisco could be cleared of the tracks in a few hours. four people were seriously hurt. a tree fell in the train's path last night and it jumped the tracks. one car slid into the creek. stocks fell today following a drop in the price of u.s. crowd oil and triggered a sell off in energy stocks. the nasdaq dropped 59 points and the s&p 500 fell 22 points. >> stocks are cooling off a bit. >> but the merkley -- mercury is on fire. >> and you didn't have a coat
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>> this is the coolest it will be for the next 48 to 50 hours. here's a look at upper west side and we are seeing convertibles going by and people blaring music and riding their bikes. it's crowded and folks are probably opting for the above- ground walk rather than the subways. 55degrees and the humidity at 51% and we had a high of 67 around noon time and then the sea breeze kicked in out of the south. the water temperatures are around 45. the average high is 47. and that's close to the low tonight, the area sunrise and sunset times. last year in the state, 49 and as you heard earlier, over a foot of snow on the ground last year at this point. you know, this time of year, vulnerable to the southeasterly and ocean winds will be the coastline especially in long island and connecticut. the jersey shore, as long as we
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we could warm up. but tomorrow, mid-70s. and 7 in andover, new jersey, and 66 in poughkeepsie away from the ocean area. and the brush fire in hanover, what's anying is not only the winds out of the southeast, not terribly strong and the wind to the west with the convergence going on, and i'm sure that's helped the brush fire. we'll have to watch that for the next couple days. southwest winds tomorrow, a huge difference. we'll start out around 50ish and some low cloudiness and partly to mostly sunny and mid- 70s with a beautiful breeze, almost like a summer breeze tomorrow. the satellite are showing the patchy clouds right now with a warm front to the north so the winds will be shifting from southeast to southwest and that will be the key. but the wind direction, 80 degrees east of virginia and
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so here is the way the futurecast goes through the overnight. upper 40s and lower 50s towards mourning and temperatures off to the races after patchy cloudiness, mostly sunny and low and middle 70s. these numbers are representing by a computer model, probably on the low side and not surprised if they are even higher. partly cloudy and patchy fog long the coargt. tomorrow, mixture of sunshine and clouds and the record set in 2000 and the south facing shores of long i land and connecticut in the 60s. very cloudy tomorrow night and i won't be surprised if we drop below 60. coming up at 5:30, concerned about the low clouds that form tonight, and long island will have a tough time any other out of the 60s tomorrow. but 80 in spots tomorrow afternoon and thursday as well, and how about the timing of rain or will we see any? thursday night intoed in and
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futurecast coming up. ak cue -- acc u-weather after 5:30. we have just learned that all mercy college campuses are evacuated due to a threat. police in dobbs ferry said that the school received a threatening phone call. they wouldn't go into the nature of the threat but police are on the scene and evacuated the campuses in the bronx and new york town heights, west chester, and manhatten campuses as well. we'll keep you updated when we >>thank you, joe.
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deadly plane crash off long
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winds rip a canopy off gas station? station near texas. it knocked out power and downed trees in the area, and officials are trying to determine if a tornado swept through. more rain in the forecast for the region tonight into tomorrow morning. bill? new at 5:00, a local high school student making a huge impact on people with traumatic brain injuries and his project is so simple, it's brilliant, artwork. he called it sketch therapy and it's working, working wonders. >> reporter: what makes people happy, the beach, picnics and music. 17-year-old quentin pollone is the creator of the happiness project and a volunteer at glencoe hospital helping with traumatic brain injuries. >> we talk to a patient and
5:26 pm
and go home and try and recreate the vision of happiness as best as i can with a drawing and then controversy it on to these panels. >> reporter: at least patients have made a happiness panel. >> it makes them happy which is the goal of the project and usually results in a smile and got their minds off whatever was going on in their life. >> reporter: most patients can complete their own happiness panel and others need assistance from therapists. either way, the head of the hospital's department of rehabilitation medicine said that the project is good for patients. >> this is a creative outlook for them. it engages them. they could use their -- it ties them back to the community and what was important to them and ties them back to a time when they were happy and gives them a boost to get through the rigors of the therapy program. >> reporter: it should come as no surprise when quentin grows up he wants to be a doctor.
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channel 7, eyewitness news. an attorney accused of keeping some of the money he won for some of his clients for himself, 7 on your side helped one woman get her cash and now the lawyer is in hot water. we'll tell you about the new developments. and the return of a band, a bronx high school said no to
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. firefighters are battling a brush fire burning in hanover township, new jersey. news copter 7 was over the scene a short time ago along route 10. it can be seen for miles. and we begin this half hour with a story only on eyewitness news.
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getting rundown by a car that killed two of his friends in new jersey iny is talking about the horror and his recovery. >> reporter: sade and bill, this teen watched his friends die when he saw the car speeding towards him and thought his life would end, too. in an exclusive interview, manny sanchez and his buddies told me they were walking home from a party near union city high school on saturday night when the car hopped the curb and hit the teens on the sidewalk. 17-year-old ryan rodriguez and 16-year-old noel herrera were killed in the accident. 17-year-old sanchez tells me that he is still at the jersey center medical center with a broken leg and he is having a hard time as you can only imagine, coping with the fact
5:31 pm
>> coming out, we were sleeping over, and then after that, my friend noel was taking a picture of brian, and i waited for them, too. and once he turned their head, we see a car coming by real fast. we didn't know what to do. came out -- went so fast. came out of nowhere. >> reporter: police have a suspect in the case and they are working through the court system and they are facing multiple charges. sanchez is expecting surgery tomorrow to repair the injuries he suffered with his leg and a lot of therapy and doctors say he will walk again. sade and bill? >> that is the good news but a disturbing story. care --carolina, thank you.
5:32 pm
lawsuit. >> reporter: 7 on your side broke the story. bill, last week when we contacted the lawyer at his office, he said, he, quote, scriewdz up -- screwed up and didn't know how to happened. this week, fast forward and he is in handcuffs with his own lawyer and that lawyer said his friend was great at fighting for his clients but bad at organization. do you have anything to say to your clients? some say they waited a year for their checks. the attorney use to busting the bad guys was brought in for mugshot and fingerprinting, charged with grand larceny, accused of retaining $198,000 for himself. >> all of them made phone calls on a conscious basis asking where the money was. in oninstance, one of the victims was told that the check was probably a
5:33 pm
>> reporter: more than $50,000 belonged to this woman. >> i put my trust in him and i couldn't believe it happened. >> reporter: a lawsuit won two years ago, admitting no guilt accident but we can't show the client's pace because of a confidentiality clause. she came to 7 on your side when she learned that the check was signed and cashed by her attorney last year. you told me one was an oversight and now all the other clients allege that you kept their money for so long. do you want to say anything? the lawyer answered no questions and let his lawyer dot talking. i know you said he fights for his clients but the client we spoke to say they were fighting with him to get their money. >> and my expectation is everybody has been made whole and if they haven't, i expect everybody will be made hole. >> reporter: the county said they got 3 of four clients they
5:34 pm
are owed and one victim is owed about 40,000. mr.morely had to surrender his passport and the judge at the arraignment said he gets no special treatment. as for what he does with the money, they couldn't say but that the funds were drawn immediately and the lawyer would spend on personal things. >> nina, thank you. new details about a plane crash, a small plane that was operating for more than five hours without refueling. the gas tank was empty and a flight instructor, student, and one passenger survived last month but one passenger was never found. suffolk countsy police are still searching for the remains. will there be a strike for the new jersey transit? both sides will return to the table on thursday. pollices will be entering the fray thanks to governor chris
5:35 pm
time, he is celebrating his wedding anniversary. >> reporter: bill, one union boss is telling me for now as long as they are making headway, he will not threat. as long as the governor is around in time to sign the papers, it cannot come too soon for the commuters. five days, commutessers are hoping it's more than enough time to make a deal to prevents a sure the down. talks continued at this time and the union sounds hopeful. >> i think we have to get creative sometimes on give and take. >> reporter: a strike could have far-reaching effects on are the local transit lines with the mta working out contingency plans, mainly services for those who depend on new jersey transit. >> we will have additional staff on hand to handle it, and that's how we are preparing for the strike.
5:36 pm
have not had raises in five years. that, health and welfare contributions and lent of contract are on the table. >> i think things are going well with both sides trying to progress to the middle and find neutral ground. >> reporter: governor chris christie taking heat for going on vacation to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary. statements, if chris cristy is not going to do his job, he should take a longer vacation and quit. his spokesperson said that the governor remains actsively engaged and receives updates through the chief council. there are contingency plans for commuters but others are finding solutions through employ ears. >> it's been derailed. how far do you live from your job? about 30 minutes, and he said
5:37 pm
>> reporter: the transit has a detailed and far-reaching contingency plan should there be a strike. and you can get all the information on abc7north carolina. all that information very critical if the strike happens and everyone is hoping it will not. for now, live at penn station, toni yates, channel 7, eyewitness news. the biggest complaint buys new yorkers when it comes to place where is you spends your money? we'll tell you what tops the list and a 15-year-old girl shoved on to the subway tracks. the new clue that could lead to her attacker and new fallout over this tennis star, maria share poaf after's failed drug test confession and what serena williams those say about the scandzal. i'm lee goldberg, and not as many people on the beau
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the nypd releasing a new sketch for the search for a man who pushed a teenager on subway tracks and into the path of an oncoming train in queens. the 15-year-old was shoved from a platform on sunday at the 103rd street corona plaza station. she survived. the better business bureau releasing the top 10 consumer complaints categories from new yorkers in 2015. complaints concerning telecommunications and in third place, health, beauty, and fitness followed by automative and electronic and appliance complaints.
5:42 pm
two days and send it out to the business, and the business has a chance to respond and we will share that with the consumer, and the con summer con -- consumer can send it back and it will go back and forth until we get a resolution. >> and if you have a consumer complaint you can find a link to the better business bureau at abc she is the highest-paid female athlete in the world and has been for years but maybe not for much longer asthmaria sharapova's biggest sponsors have dropped her including nike, tag heuer, and porsche after she announce that does she testified positive for a
5:43 pm
after the drug was officially banned. >> most people were surprised and shocked by maria but at the same time, i think most people were happy that he was up front and very honest and showed a lot of courage to admit to what she had done and what she had neglected to look at. >> no official penalty yet but sharapova may face a lengthy ban from the federation and could end her season and ban her from competing at the olympics. >> i wonder how long that will last. a ban reinstated, a school saying no to cell phones in a response to student fight bus
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news, following a threat at mercy college, all four campuses, and this is one of them in the bronx. shannon? >> reporter: we are over the bronx campus of mercy college off bassett avenue and we want to bring you down to the main entrance and you can see police are here. what we know is there was an alert put out on the college website as of 4:20 this afternoon. all students were to evacuate due to an undisclosed threat. they have police responding to all campuses. but at of this moment, all evening classes and activities are canceled for the rest of the day as they ascertain what the threat is and how real it is. dobbs ferry, and new york and here in the bronx all classes canceled for the rest of the evening. reporting live over the bronx, shannon stone, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> and we'll keep an eye on that. schuck.
5:48 pm
have in store. yeah, crfnlt it will be 20- 30 degrees above average, and it's one thing to be a few degrees above average but this is a whole different scene. tonight, it's 40s and 50s and the other thing i noticed, more haze and low cloudiness that will poarm -- form because of the marine air, and we have a light southeasterly wind at 3 and away from the coast, we're 71 in toms river and 69 in sussex. how often do you see the warmest temperatures in sussex. tomorrow's record, 69 in 200, easily done and close or thursday, the record high on 74, and cloudiness and maybe rain late day but i'm forecasting
5:49 pm
for this month, and we haven't had a 70-degree day in march since 2012. we may drop in the upper 40s with patchy cloudiness around. west to southwest winds, a big deal, a different wind direction than today and that's why we get in the middle cents. the average high, 47, and a few patchy clouds moving through with no rainthrough at least thursday evening when this front will collapse down and take down our temperatures. tomorrow morning, 49 in sussex, and 47 in montauk and 53 in new york city and with partial sunshine, low to mid-70s in the afternoon hours and a little concern about the low clouds being stubborn on the south shore of long island and only low 60s at the immediate shoreline, and thursday morning, the launching pad of near 60 on thursday, and even if we have clouds and get to the mid-70s but the question is
5:50 pm
more on that in the 7-day forecast. another record on thursday and it looks like the front is far enough north that much of the area enjoys 70s. as the afternoon wears on, more and more clouds later in day and late day, most showers coming in at night and early on friday morning when things cool off and dry out. 65 on friday and partly sunny skies. the weekend, saturday is the better half, drier and cooler, almost close to 60, and sunday, cooler and damp and 56. >> what happened to the cord of firewood i just saw? [laughter] >> save it for next year. cover it up. >> thank you, lee. a new treat for acne. yeah, yeah. we heard this. >> but this is said to be permanent and work on all skin colors. >> reporter: the before and
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acne and scars diminished after four fractora treatments using radioy from convincey to start healing the scars and killing the acne at the same time. >> i look in the mirror and see pimples and it was in the back of my mind and now i didn't think about it. >> reporter: it uses radio frequency to go after acne and acne scars at the same time in light and dark skin. nobody is really doing this. and it seems to be working. >> it treats the scar and yes, the acne. >> reporter: dr. hellman has researched the treatment and published her results saying that it shuts down the oil glandses and simulates collagen to help the scars. >> it get and doesn't let them function
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facilitate the acne, no oils or blood vessels, oxygen and it's done. >> reporter: the skin numbed and the laser is placed on the skin. of it keeps dark skip from becoming discolored with other treatments. after four treatments, this promises to be permanent at a cost of hundreds, not thousands. phillip calls the difference life changing. >> they can't recognize me. >> reporter: his only regret is he didn't do it earlier. michelle charlesworth, channel 7, eyewitness news. still to come, a high school in the bronx once again
5:53 pm
>> will attention parents: before school this september all kids entering 7th and 12th grades must get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases
5:54 pm
call your health care provider today.
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a ban on cell phones making a return to a high school in the bronx because of scenes like this, students fighting in the streets. lucy yang shows us how the reinstated ban is working. lucy? >> reporter: first, cell phones
5:56 pm
public high schools and then the mayor let them in and now they are banned here again because parents and educators felt that the phones were wreaking too much havoc on a school day. many students feel they are being punished for the violence of a few. >> it's mostly the gang violence. >> yeah. >> reporter: why are you against it? >> because there is a fight every morning. >> reporter: here in the bronx, six high schools here in 1 building, and they decided to ban the cell phones in january. the students put their phones inside labeled bags and check them in in the morning and pick them up at dismissal time. this mom is glad that they are banned again. >> they have a lot of fights and are getting jumped, and
5:57 pm
during school time. >> reporter: mayor deblasio opened the doors to the cell phones in new york city last year but the school saw a spike in fire alarmed as pranks, and fights broke out when all 3000- plus students were forced to evacuate at the same time. it was thought that cell phones contributed to the disruptions when the students texted each other where to meet and the outbreak was recorded. since the ban? >> we have six weeks of peace and a school that offers academic opportunities to the kids, and we want to get back on track. >> reporter: now, the department of education is getting involved to get all the six schools here to be safer for all the students. lucy yang, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you, lucy. new york governor cuomo
5:58 pm
eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. . five people rushed to the hospitalar carbon monoxide poisoning and how one man's daily routine saved all their lives. >> i didn't have any faith in the system. the bronx pd failed me. and the mother of ramarley graham is speaking out after prosecutors said they will not seek federal charges. good evening. it's 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> and i'm bill ritter. and more on those stories in just a moment but first, a victim that was literally set
5:59 pm
left a man dead and a woman slashed. >> kemberly richardson has more. >> reporter: julio here said he had no question that they were trying to burn down the store. he was just looking out for the man who always looked out for him. >> he was -- he was my friend. >> reporter: julio came back to the spot with he was nearly killed. >> reporter: he watched as his good friend george patouhas was fatally stabbed in the neck. >> i know him for many years. he was a good man. he helped everybody. >> reporter: the attack and subsequent manhunt unfolded here in astoria on sunday. police say james dillon, who lives in the same neighborhood, had a history of mental health issues and prior arrests.
6:00 pm
year-old wont a violent crime spree. his first victim? dillon's neighbor, allegedly stabbing her in the head leaving a 1.5" deep gash, cut her face and came here to george's liquor store. julio tells me that the suspect got in an argument outside and george came into the shop and dillon followed. when the 55-year-old turned his back? >> it wasn't a big knife. >> reporter: that's where it hit george? >> yeah. >> reporter: stabbed george in the neck, collapsed, didn't have a chance to fight back. >> he picked up a container, i guess flammable liquid and that's why you can see that. >> reporter: he threw it at you? >> he threw it inside. i think he wanted to burn the place down. >> reporter: julio's pants were on fire and he showed me burns on his leg and neck and


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