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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 9, 2016 4:30am-6:00am EST

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>> stay tuned for . developing at 4:30. police are searching for a suspect after an nypd suspect is shot by friendly fire. >> there is good news coming out of negotiations to avoid the crippling new jersey strike. what is next for both sides with four days left to get a deal done. >> it is a big night for donald trump and hillary clinton suffers a defeat in a key state. today is wednesday, march 9th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with
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>> we have a gorgeous morning, folks. hope you get outside and enjoy this day. it is 46 to start. a little cooler than where we were yesterday. we have clear skies and a calm wind. so, like, 41 bridge port. 40 around white plains. we'll see temperatures jumping up to 53 by 7:00. 73 by noon. 77 this afternoon and we like 7's. it is weather and traffic together every seven minutes. she has been negotiating the alleged transit strike all morning long. >> we'll talk about long island railroad and new jersey transit running on or close to traffic and we have track work at 47th street street express and we have this situation on new
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you have an accident in the process of being cleared. george washington bridge. construction at the lincoln and holland and alternate side of the street rules in effect. over to you. >> thank you. 4:32. developing this morning, the search for a suspect continues after an nypd suspect was shot while trying to make an arrest during the drug deal. the detective is recovering at elmhurst hospital. mayor blazo tweeted saying he is in -- mayor de blasio tweeted saying he is recovering. >> one of the reasons why the scene was so wild because the nypd detective was shot by his own sergeant. this is a buy and bust where the nypd officers approachth minivan when they thought a heroin deal was going down so they moved in to make an arrest. police are still here on the
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but last night, this started to unfold around 6:00 in the intersection of troutman and wilson in bush wick. both officers walked up the to the suspects sitting in the minivan. they walked up on each side to each passenger door and when the detective reached inside to make the arrest, the suspect behind the wheel tried to drive away. that is when four shots were fired by both officers. the nypd detective was struck in the shoulder, the 45-year-old suspect was struck in the leg and wrist. there was a 51-year-old man in the passenger seat. he and the 45-year-old man were both arrested. >> the detective was reaching into the vehicle to make the arrest when the vehicle backed up and then it moved forward. at moment, the sergeant who was standing on the driver's side of the vehicle and the detective where he, was they fired their weapons.
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so the detective was hit in the shoulder, apparently, by the shot that came from his colleague. >>reporter: neither the names the officers involved or the suspects had been released at this time. we do know that the 45-year-old officer shot has been with the nypd for 11 years. he is recovering at elmhurst hospital. police are searching for the third suspect in the case. reporting live in bush wick, darla miles. >> this is the third to be shot in the line of duty in the last month. two were shot february 20thed we were the first on the air and online breaking the story. count on us for updates throughout the day. 4:34 right now. talks to avoid a new jersey transit strike ended on a positive note and there is a lot of hope leading into more negotiations tomorrow, eyewitness news reporterory hoff is live on. good morning to you. >> good morning, michelle.
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anxiety as the clock is ticking. yesterday was considered positive, face to face talks will continue tomorrow. >>reporter: new jersey transit and the workers unions met yesterday in newark. there is no agreement but progress is being made, an encouraging sign for rider s. everyone stop worrying, we'll be all right. >>reporter: talks are moving in a positive direction. >> i think there is give and take. i think we have to get very creative on give and take. both sides are trying to progress towards the middle and trying to find nuts ral ground. >>reporter: a system wide -- neutral ground. >>reporter: a system wide strike continues. new jersey transit has a con contingency yensy plan in place because of a strike. important to point out that the con contingency plan would not
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again, both will be back at the negotiating table. mallory hoff, chann eyewitness news. widening his delegate lead over republicans ted cruz, john kasich, cruz was the other gop winner of the night carrying idaho with 44% of the vote. over to the democratic side, senator bernie sanders pulled off a surprise victory in the michigan victory. but clinton earned mississippi and earned more than half of the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. the person who caused the death on the long island expressway in 2012, officer
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another vehicle while responding to the crash. he faces up to 20 years in prison. 4:37, all you pre-k procrastinators, this is your last time to sign up for the program's second year. today is the deadline to enroll your kids for pre-k this coming september. already, it has been extended one time. city kids born in 2012 are eligible. more than 68,000 children are taking part in the program's first year. >> the cutest point in their lives. how cute is that? >> beyond. i can't even look at the script. >> 4:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. here is bill evans. >> i enjoyed pre-k. it is best 4 or 5 years of my life. >> yup it is good! >> nice. i couldn't leave. >> we're looking at clear to partly cloudy skies. cool, crisp, you need jackets
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start out in the 40s and 50s and warm quickly. we're looking at 46 and it will be cooler north and west. we have sunshine coming your way. a warm day, as warm, high pressure spreads west to east. the winds come around to the southwest and warm things up today and tomorrow. how warm will it be, bill? we'll have sunshine, 8:00, noon time. 68 degrees. look how fast the temperature jumps it is jumping in increditments of 4 to 5 degrees an hour to 77 and it will cool down this evening. we'll have another warm day tomorrow. we'll talk about that and we'll take a peek at weekend. when she has roadways behind her, there is something going on. >> actually this is the lie and it is not a bad ride for you. good ride for you on the lie this morning. let's go over to the maps and talk about what is happening on
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near 8a you have the accident in the process of clearing away. got yells bridge you have the traffic -- gothels bridge, you have the traffic. nobody can cross. they're all doing just fine and q trains track work, downtown service is express. 57th street down into 42nd street, times square. george washington bridge looks great. the lincoln and holland, we have the construction set-up. we have the alternate side rules in effect for today. michelle and ken, over to you. still ahead on eyewitness news it was a close call for a reporter when a driver lost control and went right into a live shot. >> a boston area chipotle shuts doors after an employee tests
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. new jersey firefighters are searching for flare ups after a huge brushfire in hanover. firefighters worked to get the fire under control as the flames threaten nearby homes. the brushfire is out. there are no reports of any houses being damaged. this was an incredibly close call caught on live television. a news reporter almost hit by a car. he jumped out of his past. that was after it collided another vehicle in california.
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credited his cameraman. . this reporter suffered scrapes but is otherwise all right. so is the camera person. no one else was hurt. >> happened to us in 2004. 4:43, this weekend the clocks spring forward but the giraffes got to stretch outside. patoka, a two-year-old male, was so happy he ran around the habitat repeatedly. look how happy he is. other members of the herd, a 10-year-old and 26-year-old, tried to keep up but they couldn't keep up. they settled for enjoying the weather. they let patoka doing his running around. how hand some is patoka. >> very sweet. >> i like it out here, i'll stay out here all the time! >> that is how i felt. >> after noon time you can stay out as long as you want.
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morning, we'll have 46 degrees to start your day. the temperature this morning, a little cooler than was this time yesterday. we should be at 33 right now as our normal overnight low, the humidity is dry, the winds are calm. look at our pressure. it is a really nice day with this kind of pacific high. yesterday's high is 67, normal is 47, so 20 degrees warmer than normal today. yesterday, 30 degrees warmer coming at you today. sun officially up at 6:17, going to be a beautiful sunrise. cool overnight. patchy clouds on long island. record warmth today and tomorrow. temperatures will step back for the weekend but will be warmer than normal. we'll set our clocks ahead this saturday night. 32 right now around hanover and 40 at montclair and 40 white plains. these numbers are a little cool but warmer, way warmer than normal for the overnight hours, just cooler than yesterday's numbers. we have a calm wind. three miles an hour wind in
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five miles an hour at jfk. today the wind goes southwest and see the profiles coming into the south shore here, coming into coastal connecticut, that will make it cooler here where, you know, waurt temperature is about 40 degrees, so coming over the chilly water, the wind out of the southwest makes it cooler, you'll be in the 60s. there we have 60s to the great lakes. the next shot at rain will come in thursday night out of this front to the west. we have a couple of days of really nice weather. by the time we get to 7:00 it is 46. we warm this afternoon in the low 70s. i don't think the model handles the city so well because of the southwest wind. we're going 77 this afternoon and we hit yesterday's temperature, the model had 62, 65, we hit 67 so it hit long island. you look at montague, barely going to get in the mid-50's in
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tomorrow, we start the day in the mid and upper 50 and by the afternoon, there are a couple of showers and we're looking at mid-70's tomorrow. tomorrow night, here are showers, this will pass through overnight and then that goes by and we have cooler air behind it. the air be thiend is pacific and not ka -- behind it is pacific and not canadian. long island, coastal connecticut, we'll crush that today with 77, partly cloudy and mild tonight. low 58, sun and clouds, still the 60s on the south shore. connecticut, long island, we're at 75 your accuweather seven-day forecast. saturday will be the best day of your weekend. we're looking at 65 friday, # three saturday, going to be a sprinkle on sunday afternoon. >> i am so excited. >> yes! >> because i got a beach bike for christmas! >> a beach bike? >> it has the big wheels, the
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i'm taking it out on the beach. look out sag harbor, you better not lay down on the sand. >> also it has an electric motor. >> come on! so you can deliver food also? >> it has a sun, you know, one of those -- >> it is solar snr. >> i would go -- we have tire trucks right over our faces. >> i don't know how i feel about that. >> i know how i feel about it. i do hope the bike is the color of my dress with a basket in front with a flower. >> let's go right over here. mass transit time. long island railroad metro north running close to schedule. new jersey transit is doing adjust fine. we want to keep you updated on what will be your contingency
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go to the ramsey route station to pick up a bus. pnc, the hamilton rail station, from there, you can get on a bus so if you do have a monthly rail ticket they will cross honor that on the buses and this is from 6:00 a.m. until 10 a.m. and then again until 8:00 p.m., however, there is not going to be any service, weekend services, reverse commute service, midday service, evening service. it is only from 6:00 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.. you can plan accordingly. let's go back over to our maps. track work. downtown express service. 57th street to times square. jack knifed tractor trailer, right near exit eight a. we have our street cleaning rules in effect for today. michelle, over to you. >> thank you so much, heather. chipotle is dealing with yet another norovirus scare and once again in the boston area they will be in massachusetts after a
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the restaurant has been closed temporarily. there have not been any reports sick customers in december. there were author than 150 people became sick after a norovirus outbreak in a chipotle near boston college. 4:49. raptor 50 cent is back in a bankruptcy court. they want to explain the instagram photos showing him with pile of cash. bankruptcy trustees are reviewing the holders. he says they're not real cash and he isn't hiding any assets. mother of a bronx teen shot by a new york city police officer says she is disappointed prosecutors decided not to file civil rights geps the officer. >> how did they come to the decision. in your home you're supposed to be safe. >> it has been four years since her unarmed son was killed after officers followed him into his home. he fired because he thought he
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a hold up by a man wearing a white hoodie was caught on camera and caught in the act by a pennsylvania police officer. the thief put a gun to his cab driver's head while the two waited at a traffic light. when the light changed, the cabbie handing over his cash. an officer saw the robbery. the 18-year-old waving the gun is charged with robbery and terroristic threats. it is 4:50, still ahead, the world is mourning the loss of
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>> four states went
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>>c virus. there are a lot of different kinds of yucky germs. but not all disinfecting wipes... are approved to kill the same number of them. lysol wipes are approved to kill more types of germs than clorox. don't pick just any wipe. try that one! this cold and flu season
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. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic together here on eyewitness news this morning. looking at the beach where i'll be riding my bike. >> look out! the water temperature is 40 degrees out here. so it is a little bit on the chilly side. the wind will come here out of the southwest right into the beach. so, hey, i'll just kind of lean toward the board walk as i head
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you be ready for. that you haven't seen nothing yet. here we go this morning. we'll be looking at temperatures. 47 around susex. temperatures are cool. we have a calm wind this morning and the wind is wind is light out of the southeast. winds will be cooler with the wind coming in. taking a ferry ride, going to have a great ride from staten island and from t river. >> we'll talk about subway status and the q trains, the track work has been completed and long island railroad, new jersey transit, they're running on or close to schedule. we want to talk about the contingency plan in case there is a strike. there will be enhanced bus service on 29 existing new york bus routes in close proximity to rail stations. they will cross honor with rail
4:55 am
buses, light rail lines, private carrier buses, path trains will honor, new york water ways and they will be cross honoring. we have going on as far as the regular week day schedules, extended peak area services, river line service, access link and normal service will be there, but anticipate longer travel times. this is not going to be easy if it happens. new jersey turnpike southbound truck lanes right near eight a, jack knifed tractor trailer and it went into a ditch. the street cleaning rules are in effect. 4:55. a survivor of a violent crime spree in queens is speaking out. julio barnalis was burn at a liquor store. what caused him to
4:56 am
nothing to save the owner. george patohas. he was stabbed by george dillon. >> he picked up a container, a flammable liquid and then that is why i got burned. >> he threw it a? >> i think he wanted to burn the place down. >> dillon also slashed his neighbor. officers did eventually corner and shoot dillon in his backyard. dillon does have a history of mental health issues and eight prior arrests. new this morning, the man known as the 5th beatle has died. george martin was the producer who guided the beat yells to -- beatles to astonishing heights. he pushed them to make the first fabled trip to the united states and concert. he was hailed as a giept in music and ringo star tweeted thank you for all of your live and music. peace and love.
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you may not have known that about 90% of all u.s. flower imports come from miami's international airport. >> it seemed like all of the flowers were given to female passengers passing through the largest city. 25,000 about you quiets we bouquets were handed out in honor of international women's day. ahead on eyewitness news this morning, we're live in brooklyn. an nypd detective and suspect were shot. a third suspect is on the run right now. a teen who survived a horrific car crash in new jersey that killed his two friends tells his story. we're in for record breaking warmth today and tomorrow. meteorologist bill evans and brand new bike will come back
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. developing at 5:00 a.m., the search is on for a drug suspect after an nypd suspect was shot by his own partner. we're live at the scene. >> a new jersey community is coming together in tragedy after two teens were killed in a horrific crash. this morning, the surviving teen tells his story. >> welcome to may. oh, it is only march. the record breaking warmth we'll experience today and tomorrow. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> thanks for being with us on this wednesday morning. i'm michelle charles in for lori stokes. today is wednesday, march 9th. >> it won't feel like it.
5:01 am
minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans in the exclusive acwith the forecast. >> we're looking at -- accuweather forecast. >> we're looking at the morning it is cool, it is crisp. we're down a degree from last hour. in the north, you need coats. 35, 37, 38, cool and crisp morning here, chilly to the northern sub yeshs. we'll be hit -- suburbs. we'll be hitting 53 by noon time. 77 this afternoon. we love 7's. long island, south shore, a little cooler. but still it will be in the 60s. we'll talk about how long this lasts, another record setting day could be tomorrow. what do you have going on? >> a jack knifed tractor trailer on the new jersey turnpike as you head southbound near exit eight a in the truck lanes so the truck lanes are closed down. the jack knifed tractor trailer went into a ditch so now they
5:02 am
jersey turnpike. track work at 42ed street has been completed. long island railroad, metro north. new jersey transit doing just fine. as we look at what is happening at the gothel's bridge. we had the traffic hold. they have lifted it so you're free to move. lincoln, green light. there minor delay at holland tunnel. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. city wide but it is a great day. if you have to move your car. it is a wednesday so you might not have to but still a nice day. >> i like your positivity. an nypd detective recovering at a queens hospital. >> it was a case of friendly fire. this morning, one of the three suspect seas on the run. eyewitness news reporter darla miles is live at the scene in bushwick. good morning.
5:03 am
it was easy for the nypd to determine this was friendly fire because neither up of the suspects had a gun. all of this started when two narcotics detectives in plainclothes approached that minivan because they saw an $80 heroin deal going down. >> police are looking for one suspect on the run from a drug bust where a plainclothes detective was shot by his own sergeant. >> i heard a crash, i saw a cop with a gun and i got scared and ran back inside my room. all you heard was the scott scream i shot him, i shot him. >> detectives were trying to arrest three suspects in the bushwick section of brooklyn but two men in the minivan didn't want to surrender so they made a break for it. >> car stops are dangerous. they knew they had two criminals in the car. the detective on the passenger side of the vehicle was reaching in to the vehicle to make the arrest when the vehicle backed up. and then it moved forward.
5:04 am
sergeant standing on the driver's side of the vehicle and the detective where he, was they fired their weapons so the detective was hit in the shoulder, apparently by the shot that came from his colleague. >> the wounded detective rushed by motorcade to elmhurst hospital where the nypd's sergeant helped care for him. one suspect was also shot in the leg and wrist, an associate arrested. the third man was tracked by blood hound where he van. there are still nypd detectives here on the scene. part of troutman and wilson blocked off because the minivan is still here because the nypd is still searching for evidence and for the third suspect. in the meantime, the 45-year-old suspect who was shot in the leg and the wrist and the 37-year-old nypd officer who was
5:05 am
both recovering at elmhurst hospital. reporting live in bushwick, darla miles. the only surviving victim of the crash that killed two teens say he and his friends never had a shot. manny sanchez under goes another surgery to broken leg and is battling the pain of watching his friends die saturday night. all three were hit by a speeding car after stopping to take a picture as they walked to rodriguez's house. moments later, two of the friends were just gone. >> once we turn our heads, we see a car coming by real fast and we didn't know what to do, it went too fast. came out of no. >> the 23-year-old suspect, eric paterson facing a number of charges including death by auto. he is being held on a million dollars bail. time is 5:05. an american killed in a stabbing
5:06 am
a west point graduate. he was an mba student at vanderbilt university. he was on a school sponsored trip to learn about start up companies over seas and was killed by a stabbed and wounded six people next to tel aviv. the attacker was shot and killed. in the race for president, a split vote for the democrats and two primaries while the gop frontrunner maintained his league. donald trump won the primaries in michigan, and hawaii. ted cruz won the idaho gop primary. for the democrats, hillary clinton won mississippi's primary but rival bernie sanders pulled a big upset in michigan. stephanie ramos joins us with the latest details in washington. >>reporter: another big primary contest and win for donald trump but a split decision in the two democratic primaries last night is making a tighter race for the white house.
5:07 am
>> in the last week, we have won three caucuses and two of them were record breaking turn outs. >> bernie sanders with the stunner, now adding a major victory in michigan, a state both democrats and republicans courted. >> this has been a fantastic night in michigan. >> sanders already looking ahead to super tuesday part three with contests in florida, illinois, ohio, and missouri, hillary clinton as excited, easily winning the contest in mississippi by a wide margin. making it a clean scene. >> i want to be the president for the struggling and the striving. >> clinton walking away a winner earning more delegates than sanders. on the gop side, donald trump defeating his rivals in washington and mississippi. >> this was an amazing evening. >> celebrating his big wins at one of his properties in
5:08 am
trump wine, and trump steaks, pointing to opponents looking to stop them. >> it shows you how brilliant the public is because they knew they were lies and it was just really amazing to watch. >> trump's main rival senator ted cruz battle taking out in michigan with marco rubio falling short. on the democratic side. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will tackle the issues on stage tonight in florida at their 8th debate. in washington, i'm stephanie ramos. . 5:08. two days of public viewing begin for former first lady nancy reagan. her private funeral is friday at the ronald reagan presidential library. first lady michelle obama and recognize lynn carter, hillary clinton, laura bush and george w. bush will be among the mourners at the funeral.
5:09 am
close as she could to her husband with the view of the pacific ocean. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans in the accuweather forecast. >> we're looking at the camera. looking south, the empire building to the west appeared the building next to it you can see down to one world trade. you can see the verrazno narrows bridge. we have a nice morning. grab the jacket and the sweater. it will be cooler mid-30's north and west. 38 around poughkeepsie. 33 around the eastern long island, sunshine today, a really nice day. 58 by 9:00. lunch time temperatures, 68, 75, and 2:00, and 77 this afternoon, we love 7's. kids at the bus stop it is a chilly start. after school it is 77.
5:10 am
i know you're used to getting those grades in school. >> of course. >> teacher's pet! >> before i get to this, long island railroad do have delays between port jeff and oyster bay, a broken rail. here is the new jersey turnpike. looks great. but a much different story as we head over here and i'll show you what is going on as you head onto the new jersey turnpike and you go to the southbound side. the truck lanes right by 8a. the tractor trailer is in a ditch. it will take time for that to get cleared away. we have track work at 42nd street. that track work has been completed. long island railroad, new jersey transit trains are running on or close to schedule. as you go over here to the gothel's bridge. the traffic hold has been lifted. george washington bridge, the holland tunnel. no major problems. the biggest problem this morning is the new jersey turnpike by 8a.
5:11 am
effect. michelle and ken, over to you. >> 5:11 is our time. the new search for the man who
5:12 am
[text message alert] [crashing]
5:13 am
. a new clue has been released for the search for the man who shoved a teen into the path of an on coming train. he pushed a 15-year-old girl last sunday at the 1 on 03rd street corona station.
5:14 am
placer herself between the wheels of the train. we're looking at cammill's cosby's deposition last month about the defamation charge against her husband. she testified she never saw a deposition in which her husband acknowledged he gave sedatives to women with whom he planned to have sex. as for most other questions, she refused to answer citing marital privilege. parents are trying to save their children's charter school on staten island but the department of education says too late. the school's once failing test scores have improved dramatically with a new principal. all of the recent tests show the kind of improvement that parents love but rallies and such simply will not save the school. >> 4th grade was at 35%, proficiency and last week, at
5:15 am
56% for 3rd grade, now they're reading at 80%. >> the department of education says the school's performance continues to lag behind other schools on staten island. we're working with students and their families to ensure they have a high quality school option for next year. 5:15. bell evans joins us now with -- bill evans joins us now with the accuweather forecast. breaking records! >> we'll break record highs. we'll look at our camera here in askera. queens, where -- astoria, queens, where else would you find your princess? >> in queens. >> we're looking at roosevelt island and fdr, chrysler building, we can almost see one world trade. 45 is our temperature. humidity is 80%. that will dry out. we've had a southeast wind overnight. we go southwest. the humidity drops, pressure falling, but it will hang around 30.
5:16 am
were at 67, and we're going to be looking at 77 today. 30 degrees warmer thafrnl normal. still cool overnight -- warmer than normal. still cool overnight. we'll looking at record warmth today and tomorrow. temperatures will step back a little bit for the weekend but this weekend will feature temperatures that will be around 60 on saturday and we might cool down to 50s on sunday but still those numbers are way warmer than normal see the clock spinning clockwise. we go forward daylight savings time saturday into sunday. set your clocks forward one hour. 41 on wrightstown right now. 40 around tom's river. 43 here at the jersey shore and 38 up toward poughkeepsie and kings ton. the wind later on will go southwest. with a southwest wind coming up it will make it cooler for the south facing shores.
5:17 am
weather to the great lakes and ohio valley. beautiful day. 7:00, we're into the mid-40's. afternoon, low 70s. notice, this will struggle out here in the hamptons and twin forks because of the southwest wind over the atlantic. tomorrow afternoon, we're into the mid-70's, might abe sprinkle to the north and the front will go by thursday night into friday. behind this will be cooler air. not all that much cooler it is like a pacific blend of weather. not canadian arctic. temperatures will be warmer than normal. 75 after school today. great weather for after school sports. warm sunshine. 60 to 65 long island, connecticut, the record high is 69 set back in 2000. we're at 77. mild tonight, tomorrow, record warmth again. the record is 74. we'll break that at 75 and still, 60, south shore, long island and coastal connecticut. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. we have sunshine friday it is little cooler and saturday as
5:18 am
looking at 60 and the possibility of a shower. next week, we're still in the mid and upper 50s which is much warmer than normal for this time of the year. >> who likes normal? get out there and enjoy. heather o'rourke knows there is nothing normal on this set. >> nothing a. >> let's talk about long island railroad. not normal. there is a broken rail. is this in mineola, the broken rail. new jersey transit is doing just fine. speaking of new jersey transit, what is your contingency plan if there is a strike? you can go to the ramsey root 17 rail station. metro park rail station. pnc or hamilton rail station if you have a rail pass. you can go on to a bus, they will cross honor the bus passes. let's go over to our maps again
5:19 am
subway service running on or close to service. the new jersey turnpike at exit 8a. we have the street cleaning rules in effect for today. michelle and ken over to you. >> it is 5:19, a strange twist to a shooting in idaho that left
5:20 am
secret service agents caugh attention parents: before school this september all kids entering 7th and 12th grades must get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases
5:21 am
call your health care provider today.
5:22 am
. it is five:# two. the man -- 5:22. the man accused of shooting and wounding an idaho police officer was arrested by the secret service. pastor ted remington, six times, is recov. >>. 5:22. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill evans and the accuweather forecast. happy wednesday! >> i was at the white house last weekend and i would like to apologize to the white house staff. i took my dog, sandy. >> uh-huh. >> you know what? i don't believe anything you say. >> she was looking for beau and wanted to play and just got caught up. there are all kinds, you know, they're playing hockey on the street there in front of the white house. it is crazy out there.
5:23 am
>> we look down the jersey shore it is looking good. 38 around new city. 45 around the park. so we're looking at some chilly numbers this morning, so just warming, but boy, later on, it is going to feel great. next seven hours, we're going to see the temperature by noon time just jumping to 67 degrees. it will jump up quick. it will jump 20 degrees from 6:00 this morning and then we'll have a lot of sunshine today, too. it will be really pretty. up to 77. weather then heather. >> oyster bay bridge. a broken rail in minutola. new jersey transit is fine but if there is a strike on sunday, keep in mind. there will be enhanced bus service on the existing bus routes. these will be close to the rail stations, north light rail. hudson light rail. regular service with normal service. but, again, anticipate a lot of
5:24 am
that is the way you have to look at. it give yourself extra time. we have our street cleaning rules in effect for today and a jack knifed tractor trailer on the turnpike south. >> that always helped. tractor trailer. that will make your morning just bright. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning. the emotional thank you for a man who came to the rescue after a new jersey surfer nearly died. >> news of the everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars.
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5:27 am
. asian markets are in the red. >> they dropped nearly 1%. hong kong fell slightly. on with the street it starts down 109 points. nasdaq and s and p five #47bd finished lower -- s&p 500 finished lower. home depot settledlawsuit over the data -- settled a lawsuit over the data breach. >> topping america's money. the five-day winning streak is over. s&p 500 an nasdaq were hit hardest.
5:28 am
investors were spooked by the weak economic report out of china and falling crude oil price s. home depot will pay $19 million to customers because of a data breach in 2014. 2/3 of the amount will reimburse consumers. >> the rest will pay for identity protection services. the data breach affected more than 50 million customers who used payment cards on kiosks. the american auto maker debuted the first camairo five years ago. here is what the 67 camero looked like then. >> here is the newest. it goes on sale this summer. >> that is america's . >> 5:28, coming up in the next half hour, a suspect is on the run after a drug bust in brooklyn but left an nypd detective and another suspect shot with advil, you'll ask what backache? what sore wrist?
5:29 am
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5:30 am
. right now the search is on for a third suspect after an nypd detective was shot by his own partner. we're live with an update on the detective's condition. >> the mother of an unarmed killed by police speaks out. the calendar may say it is march but it will feel like may. we're in for two days of record breaking temperatures. >> good stuff. thanks for being with us. i'm michelle charles in for lori stokes. today is hump day! march 9th. here is bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> let's say you have to take the subway across the street. it is right there. and you grab a cab, grab a coat.
5:31 am
hearing about 70-degree temperatures. temperatures right now is 45. it is 35 northwest. but it will warm up fast. 38 around poughkeepsie. 43 middle town. 43 nor walk and the temperature drops fast between 9 and 11. the temperature jumps 10 degrees. we'll look at 72 later on this afternoon to 77 degrees around 4:00. we'll have another record high temperature tomorrow. we'll talk about that next. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. >> we have this problem. still with us on the new jersey turnpike. it is the southbound side. the truck lanes near exit 8a. an accident involving a tractor trailer. it may take time for us to get the tractor trailer out there. seven trades, mechanical problems, downtown suspend a r this is because of a broken rail in mineola.
5:32 am
new jersey transit, no major issues. minor delays across the bay at the hudson river crossings, you're doing just fine. fdc driveway had construction both ways be100's and 70s. it was clears. traffic is doing just fine as you move through the 70s with the earlier construction cleared away. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. ken, over to you. >> thank you. 5:32. an nypd detective shot during a drug bust is recovering in a hospital this morning. one suspect was shot and injured. another suspect is in custody. a third suspect is now on the run. mayor de blasio sent out this statement saying our injured detective is in good spirits and staff is taking good care of them. darla miles live at the good morning, darla. >>reporter: good morning, ken, the nypd detective was shot by evening. the two suspects they were
5:33 am
behind me, this was called a buy and bust operation where those two detectives thought they saw a heroin sale going down and they moved in to make the bust. this happened in bushwick. both officers walked up to the two suspects in the minivan. they walked up to each passenger side door, they say when the detective reached inside to make the arrest, the suspect tried to drive away. that is when four-shots were fired. the nypd detective was hit in the shoulder, the 45-year-old suspect driving the car was struck in the leg and the rest, he and a 51-year-old suspect were both taken into custody. >> the detective on the passenger side of the vehicle was reaching into the vehicle to make the arrest when the vehicle backed up and then it moved forward. at that moment, both the sergeant standing on the driver's side of the vehicle and the detective where he was, they
5:34 am
and so that is what i mean by crossfire. so the detective was hit in the shoulder, apparently, by the shot that came from his colleague. >> none of the names have been released at this time. none of the names of the officers or the suspects involved. we do know that the 37-year-old nypd detective who was shot in the shoulder, he has been with the department for 11 years. he is recovering at elmhurst hospital as well as the suspect shot and they're looking for a third person in the incident. channel seven, eyewitness news. >> thank you very much. we have breaking news this morning from upper manhattan. a man is in critical condition in the hospital after a stabbing that happened in inwood. police say it started out as a dispute at the opus lounge on west 202nd street. the man a was attacked after four this morning. we'll have an update on the inwood club stabbing coming up at six this morning. the mother of a bronx teen shot and killed by a new york
5:35 am
disappointed prosecutors decided not to file civil rights charges against the officer. >> i couldn't understand how they came up with that decision when you're in your home, he didn't commit a crime. >> it has been four years since gram was killed after officers followed him into his home. he was unarmed. officer richard haste says he fired because he thought he was going to be shot. happening today, a man who caused the chain reaction death of a nassau police officer will be sentenced. james ryan was driving drunk when he caused a crash on the long island expressway. the officer was hit by another vehicle while responding to the crash. ryan was found guilty of manslaughter and faces up to 20 years in prison. 5:35. negotiators are reporting progress in the on going talks meant to avoid a new jersey transit strike. mallory rof has dual -- hof has details from new york transstation.
5:36 am
there, is no agreement but both sides say progress is being made, an encouraging sign for riders. >> everyone stop worrying. >> rail work worker unions say talks are moving in the positive direction. >> there is give and take. we have to get creative sometimes on give and take. i think both sides are trying to progress towards the middle and trying to find neutral ground where we can come up to an agreement. >>reporter: a system wide strike has been authorized for sunday at 12:01:00 a.m.. wamgs and -- wages and health coverage remain the key sticking point. they have a contingency plan in place in case of a strike. mallory huff, eyewitness news. students will be back in class at mercy college after a campus threat was unsubstantiated. they were evacuated after someone made a threatening phone call. evening classes and activitys
5:37 am
details the threat or the threat that was not have not been revealed. time is 5:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. here bill evans in the accuweather forecast. >> this is our camera times square looking south. you'll have a nice start to the day. we're off to a cool, crisp start. grab your jackets and sweaters, we have a clear sky and beautiful weather. here is where we look across to bowling green and right around wall street and over toward one world trade looking good. and we have clear skies around this tri-state area to our west. there are showers, those will come to us with this front as we go into thursday night and friday. we have a couple of days of really warm weather. watch the temperature jump from 65 to 75 in the span of a few hours, a couple of hours at 77 this afternoon, we'll cool back into the 60s this evening. at the bus stop, we have one
5:38 am
officers are hot on -- the truant officers are on the on her trail. 51 and after school it will be great. you have baseball and field hockey and spring soccer and all kinds of sports going on. it will be nice at 77 degrees. weather then heather every seven minutes. there is fog near the island. >> this is near the southern state parkway and i was noticing. that you can see the fog as you travel along long island. so you want to keep your speeds down, be safe this morning. let's go to the maps, we'll talk here. any this is the new jersey turnpike tractor trailer went into the ditch. they're doing emergency work here until further notice. car lanes are okay. the roadway is open but the ditch. the seven train is having issues as well. the street cleaning rules are in effect for today.
5:39 am
>> it is 5:38. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, remembering sir george martin.
5:40 am
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5:41 am
. all new this morning, the
5:42 am
george martin was the producer who got the beat yells to astonishing heights. he helped their sound. british prime minister david cameron hailed him as a giant in music. ringo starr tweeted all love and kindness. peace and love. martin died at the age of 90. downed power lines and battered homes mark the landscape of east texas. today the national weather service will determine whether or not it was a tornado that caused this mess in henderson county. people who live there say they saw some signs of a funnel cloud. no injuries have been reported, thank goodness. speaking of a strong texas storm. this is calm one moment and chaos as the winds pick up. you can see the force of the winds set off at alarm on the
5:43 am
home. it was shaking as leaves and other debris whipped by. >> this is something else to see right now. >> 5:approximately 33. meteorologist bill evans joins forecast. >> we building brought to you by dodge chrysler, where every day is a good day for dodge chrysler to buy a new car! >> why thank you, heather. a couple of radio people still having fun. we look across roosevelt island over towards flushing bay, a nice morning here and now we're looking across the east river to the battery and wall street and down to the brooklyn bridge. one world trade. a little glass right here. just a little light north east wind is coming in with a north east wind coming in this way and it is very light. later on it will be a southwest
5:44 am
it will make the south facing shores feel a little cooler. temperatures warming up nicely. they'll warm up quick after the sun gets up. 45 now, a light north east wind. pressure rising. normal is 47. yesterday's high, 67. today we're at 77 and we have a beautiful sunrise at 6:17. spring fever this week. 60 on long island, 70s inland, records reached today and tomorrow, it will be cooler on the south shore of long island and coastal connecticut. had 42 at north port at massapequa. we develop a sea breeze and so when that develops in the afternoon, that is when the southwest wind over this 40-degree water here, 41-degree water here makes the south facing shores feel a little bit on the cooler side. we're looking at a light wind. it is out of the north east. kind of light, kind of calm. not much of a factor right now. we have beautiful weather to the
5:45 am
there is a front here that will come to us thursday night. you'll see this morning by 8:00. 49, 47 up the hudson river valley this afternoon the temperature jumps into the 70s. look at the coastal sections. bridge port, and we'll start, again, do it all over by the afternoon. temperatures in the 60s by the afternoon and 55 montague and overnight thursday night friday. there is rain, but we'll be looking at that ending early on friday and the sunshine returns. after school, kiddos, 75 degrees, record warmth. 77 will be our high. we're looking at breaking that in two # # 0. mild tonight, tomorrow we start the day around 58. normally it will be 33. the record warmth tomorrow. 60s on the south facing shores. the records are going to be broken. another record will be broken on thursday, as we go into saturday
5:46 am
saturday, 63 on sunday, but set your clock forward saturday night into sunday and then of course, there might be an afternoon shower on sunday. we're looking at 55 monday, 58 on tuesday. temperatures will be running 10, 13, 14 degrees above normal for this time of the year, so this is a mild stretch of weather. march is like that. up and down like. that people were asking me on twitter and facebook. you know, about planting stuff, easter. >> you've been saying that for years. >> you just can't count on that march! very waffly, wishy washy. >> easter is pretty early this year. >> pretty early. >> i didn't listen to him four years ago and i had dead tomatoes. we'll talk about the seven trains. we had dead service because they were doing mechanical problems
5:47 am
they have been repaired. that is good news for us. long island railroad. delays continue for johnson, metro north new jersey transit fine but new jersey transit, keep in mind there, if there is a strike, we have a lot of park and rides available to you, but give yourself a lot of extra time if that is the way you'll go for it. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. michelle and ken, over to you. >> thank you. 5:47, still ahead, the high-tech health and the fight against the zika virus at the epicenter of the outbreak. >> i'm the happiest man in the world, you know? i helped save a life.
5:48 am
time -- has a six smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. ones that can kill you fast. ones that can kill you slower. ones that can take away life's most basic pleasures. there are 16 different types of cancer caused by smoking. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor.
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5:50 am
. in brazil they're trying to get a new app to get the public void in the fight against the zika virus they're trying to clear out the breeding grounds. the app let's anyone take a picture and report a possible problem area to health authorities who then use the data to identify which areas are most vulnerable to an outbreak. >> we'll start looking at things like temperature, like household income and poverty and things like people's movement and mobility at an aggregate level. it will give us insight into where we most need to spend our evidents and our time in the --
5:51 am
>> there are similar projects in ebola outbreak. hopefully this will help. millions of people across pacific have speerpsed a complete solar eclipse after 6:00 in the evening as the moon started to pass directly in front of the sun. some watchers called it a magical experience. it was total in indonesia and parts of australia experienced a partial eclipse. two men had an emotional re reunion less than one week after they first met. dillin mcginn and tomega shared a hug in hawaii. the first encounter was last week when tomega saved mcginn's life. he was knocked unconscious and he nearly drowned. life guards helped get him out of the water but tomega is the main reason he ma alive.
5:52 am
could, grab his leash, his leash was stretching under, really hard, i pulled him up and he was already purple and foamy. >> you'll always be in my heart and special wishes and stuff like that. >> wow. to jump in and help the guy. he spent a few days in the hospital but is doing, as you can see, just fine. >> imagine the force of the water and the rocks? that is terrifying. still ahead on eyewitness news, important deadline for parents looking to enroll their kids in pre-k classes across new york city.
5:53 am
5:54 am
i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms . no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. . you're never more than seven minutes a fwrachl weather and traffic together on eyewitness news this morning. i'm meteorologist bill evans. it will be a day where
5:55 am
i know you're hearing about the 70 degrees temperatures. they're coming. they'll jump up fast. we go from 45 to 67 from now until noon time. it will jump 22 degrees, the temperature will, by the time we get to lunch time and this afternoon we'll get to 77 with a lot of sunshine here today. so it rb a really pretty day. 68 by noon. 77 later on today. smashing, baby, the old record highs. >> unfortunately wefb a smash here. -- we have a smash here. an accident and let's talk about a contingency plan if there is a strike with new jersey transit. so there will be enhanced bus service and those buses will be cross honoring your rail passes. you can also cross honor with light rail lines, private carrier buses, path trains, new york water ways, manhattan bound. week day schedules with extended peak hour service. hudson light rail. access link will have normal
5:56 am
travel times if there is a strike. let's go back over to our maps. we have delays on long island railroad, port jefferson, oyster bay branch and that is because of a broken rail in mineola. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. ken? over to you. >> thank you, heather, 5:56, rapper five cent is back in a connecticut bankruptcy court. the judge wants to explain instagram photos that shows the singer was piles of cash formed in the word broke. he says it isn't real cash. the enrollment deadline for the city's pre-k program has arrive it is your last chance to get your child in for september. since the deadline has been extended once. city children fwhorn 2012 are eligible.
5:57 am
program which is in the first year. following that breaking news in upper manhattan. a stabbing in a club. we're working to bring you a live report at six. >> a dangerous scene in brooklyn. a drug bust led to gunfire and an nypd detective was shot. >> why the crowded streets in new york are getting busy sgler
5:58 am
exclusive weather i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me to lead the life that
5:59 am
. a man is in critical
6:00 am
upper manhattan. >> a live picture from bushwick. nypd investigators on the scene after a friendly fire shooting that left a veteran detective hurt. a narrow win but win none the less for bernie sanders. i'm michelle charles in for lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. the today is march 9th and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. we begin with meteorologist bill evans and the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> this morning we start with very nice, sunny skies. . our temperatures looking really nice. we're looking at five degrees. that is normal, overnight low is right around, you know, 33. so we're starting 12 degrees warmer than normal this hour of the day we're starting out with temperatures to the north.


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