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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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of carnage near pittsburgh. five are dead and several more hurt. >> two men targeted by a violent robber near prospect park. one suspect is in custody. >> if you enjoyed yesterday's early dose of s heat, you'll love today. good morning i'm shirleen allicot in for lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. thanks for joining us. today is thursday, march 10th. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> let's look down the jersey shore from asberry park. it will be a really nice morning. great morning to be here at the beach. the temperature was 81 degrees in the afternoon. that is because of the southwest wind which is a land breeze. we'll start the day at 64 which is very comfortable. it should be around 33. look at the hudson river valley at 67 and kingston and poughkeepsie. we're looking at 54 nor walk
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shores will be cooler, but we'll today. we'll be looking at temperatures climbing on into the upper 70s. 75 at lunch time. 78 later on today. it will be cooler. we have rain coming. we'll talk about that next. debbie is in for heather, what is going on now. subways now. we'll see what is happening the nq and r. delays with switching problems at prince street so we'll keep an eye on. that lirr new jersey metro on time. watch for slow downs on the bronx. as you cross the upper level george washington bridge, a disabled truck. inbound is moving slowly. no problems here. we'll show you the inbound holland tunnel. a lot of volume here as you head inbound the that is a 10 to 15-minute delay. moving okay at the lincoln. alternate side parking rules are in effect. over t. thank you. it is 6:02.
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pennsylvania where police are searching for at least two gun men in a deadly shooting. the violence broke out during a backyard party at a community outside of pittsburgh. one shooter ambushed the group opening fire and forcing people to run towards the house for cover. that is when another gunman started shooting closer t house. it left five people dead and multiples hurt. >> three are females, one is a male and we confirmed the person who died at the hospital is also a female. >> two men are in critical condition. a woman is also recovering at the hos. >> new this morning, a pair of violent robberies overnight in prospect park. two men were injured by a robber who was armed with a knife. both attacks happening minutes apart. eyewitness news reporter darla
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>> good morning, again. we have seen a number of nypd officers patrolling the park after one man was slashed in the hand. another was stabbed in the stomach. the first incident was a 30-year-old man. police say a suspect tried to rob him. now, the 30-year-old was able to fight off the suspect, but was slashed in the hand in the process. that was around 11:30 near a walking path at lincoln road in east drive. minutes later, police say the same suspect stabbed a 43-year-old man in the stomach, stole his wallet and tried to run away near park side and ocean avenues. but police quickly took a 26-year-old man into custody. >> dangerous any thought of you stopping your routine? >> never. i do this until i die or until i'm too old and can't do it anymore. >> both victims were taken to kings county hospital for treatment treatment. the name of the suspect and the charges have not been released yet.
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>> thank you. new this morning, police in stanford are asking for help in figuring out what happened to a woman found unconscious behind a home. the 30-year-old was diskfred early tuesday morning -- discovered early tuesday morning. she is in critical condition. she was found at the bottom of a flight of stairs behind a home on henry street. she has severe head wounds doctors say is consistent with a fall. a new jersey transit rail union and management will be back at the table this morning with hopes of putting off a weekend strike, now less than 72 hours away. both sides say they're making progress but as of right now there, is agreement. mallory hoff has an update outside of newark station no agreement is absolutely right. will they come to an agreement? riders certainly hope so. negotiations will continue today. customers have been warned about the potential sunday strike but the union saying it could be postponed. both sides took a break from
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each other's counter proposals the union says if there are signs that the agency is leaning in favor of the proposals, then sunday's 10 a.m. strike could be delayed by 24 hours. >> our concern has always been get it done sooner rather than later, and we would like to negotiate it at the table. i don't think, i don't think think an undo stress on the commuters of new jersey transit helps anybody. >> we'll remain talking until we can get this thing se. >>reporter: a very stressful situation for riders waiting for answers. if a strike does take place, a contingency plan would go into effect that would, however, only cover 1/3 of riders. live in newark, mallory hoff, channel seven, eyewitness news. >> thank you. 6:05 we'll keep you updated throughout the talks resume and if there are any breaking developments we'll post those at and on our facebook
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he is talking about a very tall wall, right? a beautiful, tall wall. the most beautiful tall wall, better than the great wall of china. >> last night's democratic debate in miami was filled with criticism for the immigration policies of republican frontrunner donald trump but hillary clinton and bernie sanders also attacked each other's records in front of a large latino audience. sanders surprise win in the michigan primary is proof that his message is resonating with voters. clinton appeared startled when one moderator asked if she would drop out of the race if she is indicted over the handling of her e-mail while secretary of state. clinton replied that is not going to happen.
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hoping for an endorsement from former opponent jeb bush. carly fiorina threw her support to cruz yesterday but ohio governor john kasich has been called to meet with bush today. kasich hopes to win next tuesday's primary in his home state but a new cnn poll shows trump in the lead with 41%. that is about six points ahead of kasich. trump also holds the lead in florida with 40%. that is 16 points ahead of rubio. all four republican candidates are set to debate in miami. time is 6:07. you're never more than seven minutes a fwrachl weather and traffic. -- away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans has your accuweather >> we look at the new jersey bridge. we'll have a beautiful sunset today. we will have more like a may day with these temperatures starting out at 64 degrees. down the jersey shore, looking good here in as barry park. you can see down to point pleasant. 23-mile visibility and the temperature, it is a nice, comfortable 64 degrees to start the day. these temperatures are way warm for this hour of the day. we'll have a mixture of sun and clouds. showers from the north to the northern sub yeshs. they will slie -- suburbs. they will slide east ward. ahead of, that a really warm day. a record setting day for high temperatures once again. yesterday's high was 77. we get to 78 this afternoon before the showers come in around midnight tonight. weather, traffic together every seven minutes. debbie at the traffic center. very busy this morning. >> good morning, bill, still seeing delays on the subways downtown on the nq, and r. delays with switching problems on prince street. new jersey transit on or close. heavy transit to the george
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the upper level. look out for a disabled truck. the bqe eastbound, a disabled truck. look at the volume out toward rat of kennedy park and heavy traffic with the accident cleared. southern state heavy at eagle avenue with an accident cleared. let's go outside. i'll show you this. southern state westbound. bumper to bumper out toward eagle avenue. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back over to you. ken? >> 6:09. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, water contaminated with lead in dozens schools in newark, what administrators are doing to keep students safe and hydrated. >> new information on an explosion that injured firefighters out west.
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[text message alert] [crashing] [sirens] . queens. a fight in the nightclub led to a shooting in the street. >> john del giorno arrived at the shooting in springfield garden. >> you can see police are still here on the scene on meric
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the springfield section of queens. the shooting happened around 4:30 inside the club elite. the fight spilled onto the sidewalk and shots were fired. one man was shot in the leg taken to jamaica hospital currently with nonlife threatening conditions. the suspect fled the scene in a silver mercedes ml 350 from the police department, the suspect is not in custody and the investigation into the shooting continues at this hour. we're live over springfield dpard yeps, queens, john del giorno, channel seven, eyewitness news. in brooklyn, a man has been arraigned on weapons charges after a fire turned up lots of heat. this is what was inside eric brown's crown heights apartment. rifles, shotguns,a again aides, dynamite. he lived in the apartment with his wife and he isn't a danger to the community. >> it is crazy. i had never known him to do anything wrong. he looks like he keeps a lot of
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he is a hoarder. you should have seen all of the stuff he had. >> his bail was at 500 bucks. six people were displaced from the fire and are being helped by the red cross. water fountains at 30 newark school buildings will be shut off after the discovery of elevated levels of lead. notices are posted advising people not to drink from the water fountains. water coolers have been delivered. officials were notify aefd the test results this week. parents that are concerned can have their children tested for department. the explosion and level three seattle has been attributed to a gas leak. nine firefighters were hurt responding to the explosion. gas filled the building and ignited. the blast appeared resulting fire caused an estim
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6:14, more than 3,000 people so far have visited the casket of former first lady nancy reagan and more are expected today. mrs. reagan's body is lying in repose inside the reagan presidential library. a second viewing begins this morning. a private funeral will be tomorrow morning. tomorrow's funeral is not open to the public but we'll have live coverage on from inside the reagan presidential library. 6:15. it is time to check the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is live. >>reporter: it is very comfortable. we have wind out of the southwest this morning and it will feel great today. we'll have a great sunrise. speaking of sunrise, johnny d and news copter seven has this shot for us this morning. mama told me not to look
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i said, but, mama, that is where the fun is. that is words from the boss, bruce springsteen, blinded by the light. here is another view from the cameras around. they're in high definition as we look across the park here. look at that beautiful morning and temperatures are mild. 64, we should be at 33 degrees this hour of the day. i mean, 31 degrees warmer than normal. we're way warmer and the sun is up officially right now. the sun is officially up and we're looking at a beautiful sunset probably. just at 6:00. two minutes before. 62 in white plains, 60 in northern new jersey, 53 bridge port and it is warm down in the jersey shore. going to be another warm day. a big southwest wind. i think more was the wind at 10 to 20. this will keep the south facing shores, coastal connecticut, that will be cooler. a few showers to the north and showers to the west with the front. the showers to the north creep
6:17 am
the front to the west get here tonight. we see the low temperatures tonight. there are the showers in duchess, from monticello into poughkeepsie and here comes the front tonight. we have showers starting around midnight. a shower about 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, but that gets out of the way and the sun gets out tomorrow it will be cooler but with temperatures in the low 60s tomorrow, even the temperature is still 15 degrees warmer than normal. so you need a jacket, kiddos. look at after school, get outside. get exercise. have some fun. 78 degrees, i give it an a plus. temperatures around the jersey shore, you see, will be at 80, tom's river. we're looking at 60s, coastal connecticut and the south shore long island. tomorrow it is cloudy and mild. occasional rain, 54. cooler tomorrow, high of 63. we're looking at sunshine and 63 on saturday. 62 on sunday, some beautiful weather this weekend. it is cooler, the temperatures are actually going to be
6:18 am
have some rain coming for monday. all right? there you go, guys it is so warm and crazy, i have crazy people out here this morning hanging out. well, not so much. are there crazy people here this morning. >> where is ever? >> there are crazy people here. >> you're not alone anymore! >> dance with me! >> all right, crazy people. >> very nice. >> nothing wrong with that kind of crazy. >> not al all. the cutest kind. >> hi, debbie. >> good morning, everybody, we'll start out on the subways and show you what is going on downtown n, q, and r, delays with on going switching problems. everything smoothly lirr and new jersey transit. there will be enhanced bus service if the strike goes into efblth sunday morning. enhanced bus -- en-- into effect sunday morning. enhanced bus service to help you out. let's go back over to our maps
6:19 am
happening. as you head to the cross bronx westbound, heavy into the george washington bridge. that is a disabled bridge. here is the westbound belt, bumper to bumper, heading out with a stalled truck. going to the web cam. a look with the southern state westbound. heavy through eagle avenue. one accident was cleared and now another accident at eagle avenue. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back over to you. >> it is 6:19. more fall out from volkswagon emission scandal claiming a top
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. six:# 22. on the money -- 6:22. on the money, wall street futures are pointing to a higher open. the dow jones starts at day at the 17,000 mark. the nasdaq and s and p also begin higher.
6:23 am
hong kong finishes operator of volkswagon operations is out of a job horn played a role trying to repair the image following the mission's tests. volkswagen sales have been plummeting. they've been in open revolt. 6:23. you're never more than six minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. >> here we go, take a look outside this morning, a beautiful sunrise, going to be a beautiful day. there come the ferries back and forth. the sea streak will be working in here. new york water taxi, they have it going on this morning, temperatures 60 around newark and elizabeth. numbers are way warm. southwest winds here today will build to a 10 to 20 miles an hour southwest wind. humidities are dry. you have a great ride on the ferries from staten island, new jersey, back and forth here from brooklyn and the water temperature is 43 degrees. it has warmed up but, well, three degrees since the other day. water temperature is 42 in the sound.
6:24 am
south basin shores will be in the 60s. debbie is in the traffic center. >> we'll show you what is going on on the subways, bill, still seeing delays on the n, q, and r due to switching problems. lirr metro north new jersey transit on time with the contingency plan in place for 12:01 if the strike happens, you'll be cross honored that will help you out. it will take place on the light rail. private carrier buses. the ferry and new york water way ferry and now we'll go up to john del giorno, high above nassau county. good morning, john. >> good morning, debbie, this is the first live picture of the parkway. the first look at them. you've had a problem all morning. you can see the skid marks there in the right lane. this is from a vehicle which went out of control and eventually over turned over the guard rail and into the woods. that vehicle was just cleared out and all lanes reopened as you began your report.
6:25 am
here less than a minute ago but i'll tell you what. if you're in nassau county and are getting ready to get on the southern parkway this morning, big, huge delays, the accident scene before exit 17. these delays are a standstill beginning at least at exit 21. we're live over the parkway, john del giorno, channel seven, eyewitness news. >> wow, john, that is amazing. thank you, sir. 6:25, 2 weeks after the nation's first uterus transplant, surgeons had to remove the organ due to complications. the recipient developed a serious issue one day after the 26-year-old woman appeared at a news conference to thank the surgical team. they're analyzing the uterus to determine what went wrong. a sailer killed in an attack on pearl harbor has been laid to rest.
6:26 am
machinist mate vernon luke served on the battle ship uss oklahoma after japanese sunk the ship, he was buried in an unknown. >> if he got killed, i would like to know if his body is somewhere, at least get him buried in a decent respect. >> the military started using new forensic techniques to identify the dead from the oklahoma. he is one of the first 5 from the ship to be identified. >> wow. 6:26, still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, gunfire breaking out at a backyard bbq. eight people ambushed by gun men, the search for two suspects
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. breaking news, a fight at a
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we have new details on the get a away car. >> a man survives being shoved onto the subway tracks in manhattan and cops want to find the guy who did it. >> worging for the weekend. can new jersey transit officials and union workers find common ground to avoid a strike on sunday? good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm shirleen allicot in for lori stokes. it is thursday, march 10th. happy to be here today! >> good to have you along. >> on such a nice day. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and here is bill! >> we have a beautiful sunrise. temperature is a nice comfortable 64 degrees. we'll be looking at beautiful weather today in which we'll see sun breaking through the clouds this morning, a southwest wind. kingston. 67 degrees. 53 in bridge port. we'll be at 75 by noon time. 78 this afternoon. temperature today is going to average 30 degrees warmer than normal.
6:31 am
rain on the way. we'll talk about that next in the accuweather forecast. heather has the day off. what is going on there now. >> good morning, everybody, holland tunnel waiting 20 minutes in. lincoln 20, george, 15 and outbound george moving slowly. the gwb getting to the upper level. a disabled level, watch out for delays on the eastbound bqe by the l.i.e.. it is a stalled truck in the way. an accident at the gardens. watch for delays. seeing delays downtown on the n, q, and r with on going switching problems and going outside to the web cam, here is a look at the southern state, heavy through eagle avenue but the earlier accident cleared. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back over to you. ken, shirlene? >> we're following breaking news in queens where a man was shot in the leg following a fight inside a nightclub.
6:32 am
scene in the last half hour. violence broke out at lounge in springfield gardens. the victim was shot outside the club. police are searching for the shooter who took off in a silver mercedes benz. >> 6:32. we're following breaking news out of pennsylvania. five people are dead, three hurt after gunfire erupted at a backyard party. this happening late last night in wilkinsburg outside of pittsburgh. two gun men ambushed shooting people as they ran for cover. they heard 20 shots ring out in the quiet neighborhood. four women and one man were killed. police are searching for the shooters. new overnight, two men stabbed in prospect park. one cut in the hand as he fought off a robbery attempt at lincoln road near east drive. that is at 11:30. the second attack minutes later ended with the victim stabbed in the stomach. the attacker ran away but a 26-year-old suspect was arrested
6:33 am
both were teen kings county hospital. -- were taken to kings county hospital. still no deal between rail york wares and union workers to avoid a strike. those plans won't nearly be enough to handle the regular rush hour, eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is live in newark where talks are resuming today. >> good morning, both parties will be back here this morning to continue the conversation. in the meantime, riders tell me they're anxiety ridden but hopeful. >> lock it it up, get it signed and let's keep moving. >>reporter: that is the union's hope for talks today as they sit down, hammer out a deal and avoid a sunday morning strike. >> we want to make sure the numbers we're proposing are accurate in every degree. >>reporter: the unions and new jersey transit will review the counter proposals. it is possible the looming strike to be delayed. >> if we're sitting there and
6:34 am
table and we think that the progress is going in the right direction, we postpone it for 24 hours. >> we'll remain talking until we can get this thing settled. >>reporter: if it is not settled there, is the potential for chaos. the contingency plan can only handle about a third of the 100,000 commuters who would be affected. >> we cannot replicate the railroad with buses. >> commuters are getting nervous. >> it will be hectic. >> things could get very, very hectic indeed, very quickly depending on how things go today, the talks will room resume in the hours ahead. mallory hoff, channel seven, eyewitness news. >> thank you for keeping us updated on. that we have much more information on the strike at you can see where the park and ride lots are and get full details on the contingency plans. new this morning, police
6:35 am
manhattan platform. they pushed the plan onto the tracks inside the west 4th street station last month. the victim suffered a bruised arm and leg but managed to get self. also in brooklyn, police searching for a group of men who staba woman on the platform on the j train subway platform on cypress hills. he was seriously wounded but is expected to su. the pothole problem has been dealt with. but the work continues to determine what caused it in the first place. let's look at airport which is home it a great deal of chaos yesterday thanks to the eight-foot hole it opened up on run way 13 just be4:00 in the afternoon. it has been repaired and didn't cause any damage to any planes, however, it did wreck the plans of hundreds of air travellers,
6:36 am
>> 45 minutes, we're hanging around in the air. circling around. >> circling for 45 minutes. delayed on the ground for a little while in miami and 45 minutes circling around in the air. >> i'll try to make it to yonkers, stay in a hotel, stay with a buddy there and make it to newark in the morning if all goes well. >> all because of a hot hole. it took six hours for crews to patch it up. 6:36, the white house welcoming canada's new prime minister for a state dinner tonight. prime minister justin trudeau is the first in 20 years to be the guest of honor. his father visited the white house on several occasions. he will join president obama for a joint press conference. a project to reenergize downtown newark around a new park is moving forward. officials plan to break ground on triangle park as soon as next month. the park, which was proposed more than a decade ago is envisioned as the centerpiece of
6:37 am
it will include commercial and residential units and access to newark's pen station. it is expected to cost a $30 million and open in 2018. >> triangle park will be circumstance lar in shape -- circular in shape. >> it is a joke! >> i got. here is meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> another beauty today. 30 warmer than normal. this is the camera at times square looking south all the way down there. you see the east river on the left and one world trade verrazno-narrows bridge. temperature, 64 degrees. it is really nice outside. we have a few clouds coming across the the west. a few showers will come down to the northern hudson river valley today. these showers will come to us tonight. closer to midnight. before that takes place it is six # with sunshine before nine -- 68 with sunshine before 9:00.
6:38 am
way warm, 30 degrees warmer than normal. kiddos, after school, get outside and enjoy! put that phone down, get out there, exercise, at least an hour. sunny and warmer at 78 degrees. we're talking about the weekend. it looks pretty good, debbie. >> we love that! good morning, bill, good morning, everybody, we'll go right up to john del giorno, he is high above the bqe. what are you checking out for us? >> good morning, debbie, we're over the brooklyn queens expressway. a chance to show folks at home the progress on the new bridge, that is a big construction project on going as the bqe crosses from brooklyn into queens. we have big traffic problems and the construction zone is playing a role. there you can see it, a disabled tractor trailer that is northbound. the right lane is blocked at the exit ramp to the lie. that is a pretty good interchange, the bqe and the long island expressway.
6:39 am
the delays go over the bridge beginning south of the williams port brimg and the bro navy yard. we'll tell you about a problem in the bronx as we highlight the ramps bumper to bumper still into the george washington bridge. inbound george, 15, lincoln, 20, holland, 20, southbound fr building, accident mid span. delays on the downtown nqr and delays downtown on the six train with problems at 138th. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back over t. thank you, debbie, 6:39. we're getting new video in of a dangerous scene in philadelphia. a home comes crumbling down with a family inside. >> attacked at home. a woman raped by a complete stranger. police in new jersey asking help
6:40 am
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6:42. several people are displaced philadelphia. the home crumbled to the ground before 1:00 a.m.. they were able to make it safely out of the house. seven people living in the home next door are also displaced this morning. crews are on the scene looking for the cause of the collapse. 6:43. a third person is being questioned by police for his role in a drug bust that ended with a detective shot by a fellow officer. we're seeing new video of the cop frontation. you can see officers trying to stop a minivan. 45-year-old oscar vera allegedly hit a car. a rapist is on the run this morning after a violent attack in jersey city. they were caught on surveillance cameras entering the victim's home in the middle of the night. he wore gloves so he didn't leave fingerprints on
6:44 am
he got into a building, looked for an open door and that is when he was able to make his way into a woman's home and attacked her. 6:44. houston remains under a flash flood watch this morning, the texas city has been soaked by up to four inches of rain in the past day alone. another 2 to 4 inches on the way today. the mayor of houston saying the city is about to recei $6 million in aid to lessen the impact of -- $66 million in aid to lessen the impact of the storms. it is 6:44. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans outside the studios in what he calls suit weather. >> you're correct. it is suit weather today. wear your suit. you don't need the over coat. you might need that next week as temperatures drop back into the 50s. normal high temperature is 48. we will be at 78 today setting another record high, if that suits you, this is our weather.
6:45 am
looking good here. we start out with sun, high clouds, we have alto cumulus and alto sirius clouds 77 is yesterday's high. today, 78. the normal is 48 and 33. we should be at 33 for this hour of the day. it is mild. we're likely to break the record high is 74 in 2006 when it was 74 i should say. we'll see cooler weather coming this weekend. maybe rain tonight. but we'll be seeing temperatures this weekend averaging 15 degrees warmer than normal. the record highs from yesterday, look at the bottom. bridge port got in the act in fair field county. it tied the record from 2002. you'll be looking at temperatures in the 60s today. newark at 82 degrees yesterday and likely to be right there again today. so, 61 down around belmar.
6:46 am
i really think even more today from the west, southwest at 10 to 20 ahead of the front. that really blow torches the temperatures. there will be a few showers to the north and to the west, you'll see the front. the front gets to us tonight. temperatures today get into the low and mid-70's quickly. 77 around the park. 81 in the south. here comes the rain for tonight. it will be a dwlachl we start out -- a day where we start out with warm temperatures and we're into the low 60s, 15 degrees warmer than normal. kids, get outside today! you have after school sports, this will be great today. for spectators and the fans and you have fans, if you don't have after school sports, get outside anyway. beautiful weather. 80 at tom's river. even at morris town, into the 60s it is breezy and warm. occasional rain tonight, this
6:47 am
mass is not that harsh as far as cold so we're seeing temperatures cool tomorrow. 63, still 15 degrees warmer than the normal high of 48. saturday at 63, a lovely day. clouds on sunday, 62, the weekend shapes up nice. the rain comes in sunday night. temperatures next week are above normal. so, enjoy. it is going to be a beautiful day! my coca-cola man is here this morning! >> he has never been so happy for the coca-cola man! >> coke zero is on the way. >> spring fever going on is what he has. >> all right. thank you, bill, thank you mr. coca-cola man. good morning, everybody, we'll tell you what is happening on the subways over on the n, q, and r. downtown delays with switching problems over the prince street. lirr metro north and new jersey transit on time. with the possibility of a strike going into effect sunday morning
6:48 am
there, is a contingency plan, enhanced bus service with ramsey route 17. metlife stadium. metro park, pnc center to help you out. let's go over to the shot right now from news copter seven. here is a look at the northbound bqe on the ramp to the lie. a disabled truck, it has been out there for awhile. delays go toward the williams port bridge. back over to you. ken? >> thank you debbie. good morning america is coming up next, george is live good morning there, george. >> good morning, just heard bill talking about the great weather here in new york. not so much down south. spaces. residents forced to evacuate. there is a state of emergency in parts of louisiana. we'll be live with the this morning, also live in florida. the big democratic debate last night. hillary clinton, bernie sanders
6:49 am
focus on hispanic issues mostly for univision and cnn and the gop debate is live in florida. donald trump has huge leads in those polls down there in the key state right now and we'll get into tennis star maria sharapova. she is speaking out for the first time. she has new claims that -- there are new claims that she ignored several warnings. >> we'll be watching. thank you jeech a spirited fight a board an airplane is caught on camera. this happened mid flight on a spirit airlines flight from baltimore to los angeles. oh, yeah, a woman was asked to turn down the music on her radio and then this fight started. five women were involved in what police say was a mutual combat situation. they were pulled off the plane when it landed at lax and no charges were filed. >> mutual combat situation. >> yeah! >> 6:49. some of the biggest stars are
6:50 am
the first family and a group of school children don't have to enter the ticket lotte win tickets. answer questions about their careers in theater and there may the audience. the president and his daughters saw the show last year. troop. >> in the heights is one of my favorite shows from a couple years back. >> so brilliant. ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the tests here in new york for pregnant women
6:51 am
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. welcome back. 6:53. new york is expanding the free testing for the zika virus in pregnant women. the testing is for women who had unprotected sex with a partner who travelled to the zika area. the world health organization advised women into the to travel to areas with the active zika virus. it is relatively common. a dog is looking for a forever home after getting into, oh, man, you have to see this. a tight spot while hiding from police. do you see what i'm seeing here? the dog, which is believed to be a stray, was found underneath an officer's patrol car in phoenix. the officer had seen a pack of dogs running in the road and stopped but he didn't realize one of them tried to hitch a ride.
6:54 am
he tried to coax the scared pup out using a hot dog, but animal control did a better job once they got to the scene. i wish you could see that image again. >> what a face. >> you know he will get adopted. >> there you go. >> can you believe. that. >> somebody adopt him fast. >> wow. 6:54, coming up, a flasher spotted outside of a high school on long island. we have the sketch of the suspect on the run. >> and we'll get another check
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
breaking news. outbound traffic. gwb at a total standstill. >> look at that video right now. let's get the latest from john john? >> this is big because this delay is not where you would normally find it in the morning commute. bridge. this is outbound headed into new jersey. this was a disabled truck on the span and it was a big truck. a huge piece of construction equipment on it. and it has taken over 90 minutes to get it cleared up. it broke down on the new york side. crews in the process of literally dragging it off of the bridge. they're holding traffic entirely. at least one lane has been blocked for more than 90 minutes. these delays on southbound 95.
6:58 am
the cross bronx, begin all the way back by the bridge. john del giorno, channel seven, eyewitness news. >> what a mess! >> very, very frustrating commute. thank you, john. police want to find the man accused of exposing himself to a teen on long island. police say the man in this sketch was in his car when he exposed himself to a high school student in cold spring harbor. he tried to call her over to his car but she ran and told a security guard at her school. the suspect was driving a tan colored sedan and has black hair that is shaved on the sies as we see -- sides as we see with long hair pulled into a bun. officials hope this will be a big day as they try to stop the nj transit strike. mallory hoff is in newark. >> that's right. as you said. there certainly is hope but riders are anxiously awaiting more information. both sides will make their way back to the negotiating table
6:59 am
customers have been warned about the potential for a strike but the union saying that strike could be postponed. both sides took a break negotiating yesterday to go over each other's counter proposals. the union says if talks go in a positive direction. a strike could be delayed by 24 hours. negotiations will resume this morning. we'll keep you posted. mallory hoff, channel seven, eyewitness news. >> thank you. let's send it over to you for a last look at forecast beautiful morning out. 64 degrees, looking at 55 to 56 degrees around long island. it will be way warmer as we go into the day. we'll be looking at a high of 78 degrees. that will smash the old record high for the date. it will cool down a bit but will be warmer than normal. way warmer than normal into the weekend. >> that is something.
7:00 am
good morning, america. state of emergency. more than a foot of rain drowning the south. devouring homes. sweeping away trucks and buses. nine states now under flood watches as the northeast faces record high >> breaking overnight a deadly rampage. at least five killed after a gunfight breaks out at a backyard barbecue. the massive manhunt for the killers right now. clinton and bernie sanders trading blows overnight. >> madam secretary, i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> my dad used to say if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. >> when donald trump dances his way to the gop nomination making headlines with his tough talk about muslims. >> i think islam hates us. >> the front-runner's campaign facing new questions and now an abc news investigation into his modeling company as the


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