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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  March 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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voeked attack. this happened in brooklyn, broad daylight on a residential street in a quiet brooklyn street. two knives were found on the sidewalk. detectives believe one of them was the weapon used. around the corner, an american flag bandana apparently discarded as the suspect fled the scene. we know very little about the victim. i'm told she was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive her injuries. residents were stunned by the attack. although many told us they learned to be alert, especially when walking alone. >> if i'm talking alone, you comfortable with, i'll cross. that's all. then you know if you have a problem it they come afte. >> and now the description from the nypd, this just in, the suspect described as a six-foot tall man with a slim build, wearing a gray hooded
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sweatpants and a cloth that american flag bandana tied across his face. again, two knives recovered at the scene. now. survive, her injuries. we'll have much more on this afternoon. n.j. burkett, eyewitness news. a taxi jumped a curb and slammed into a building in manhattan. an eyewitness says that pedestrians jumped out of the way as the cab went out of control but one person on a bike was hit. three people injured were taken to nyu medical center for treatment. fortunately, none of the injuries are life threatening, the driver was apparently trapped inside of the taxi right after it crashed. >> families, fire department, police department, they had to get them out. they had to actually, as you can
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actually was pinned inside of the building, they had to break it up to get them out. >> the exact reason the cab jumped the curb is still under investigation. turning to the weather right now, can i just say that temperatures have been ridiculous and they will shatter afternoon. the only question is how high will the meter go? >> bill evans is live outside. >> i need a drum roll. we tied the record high at 11:00. now it is noon time and we have clouds, breaks of sun, a little bit of wind. let's take a look across the park. we'll look at lower manhattan. what is our noon time temperature? 744 degrees. we're tied for the record high for the state. as we go into the afternoon, peak heating is generally around 3:00. it is 78. you get to newark at 77. down south, tom's river is 81. the coastal sections will be cooler. islip is 70. 60 bridge port.
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and that is a land breeze so inland areas warm up, coastal sections, with the wind coming over the waters the atlantic are 43 degrees now, they've been warming up with all of the warm air so now the water temperature is 43. it will be cooler on the southeast and shores. there are showers to the north and showers to the west. there will be some rain showers moving in this evening which we'll talk about. we'll break another record high today. we'll talk about the weekend, too in the accuweather seven-day forecast in a moment. we're basking in the nice, comfortable temperatures right now. i wish you could be outside with me. >> me too, thanks a lot. police officer from new jersey charged with sheeth and killing his ex-wife is due back in court later this afternoon, detectives say neptune police officer phillip seidel followed tamara seidel as she drove with the 7-year-old daughter. seidel walked up and fired
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the officer has been suspended from his job without pay. talks aimed at avoiding a new jersey transit rail strike resume this morning if the reunion and management can't agree within a contract, trains could stop running. new jersey reporter toni yates is live in newark with more.? >>reporter: yes, what we can say right now is that they are talking and it doesn't get any better than that except they come out and say they have an agreement. today they're spending their time discussing what they talked about on tuesday and studied on wednesday separately to see if any of that is acceptable. in the meantime, a lot of commuters are having a lot of problems trying to figure out how to plan for a strike. >> we're traying back and forth from new york -- travelling back and forth from new york to jersey. that demand. so i'm worried at this present time.
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>> how would it affect you. do you depend on it for work? >> every day. i don't know what i'm going to do. i don't know. it is crazy. >> you hear it. some commuters at a for how they will commute if this strike happens. both sides are back again behind closed doors at the hilton at penn station. the best news is that they're eager to talk. they took yesterday off from face to face negotiations to separately consider the proposals laid out. the union saying as long as there is progress, they would hold off on a work stoppage. >> if we're discussing something at the table and we think the progress is going in the right direction, we postpone it for 24 hours. >> we'll remain talking until we can get this thing se. >> now, on tuesday, they broke for lunch about this time and they were out for about twos, we got a chance to speak to a couple of the union bosses, so if that happens today, we'll try to track them down and see if
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if they are, we'll bring them to you. we're live outside of penn stations. toni yates, eyewitness news. >> thank you for that. stay with eyewitness news for the latest on the new jersey transition -- transit negotiations. we have contingency plans posted at vote 2016 now. republican presidential frontrunner donald trump and his rivals will take to the stage tonight for what could be a very critical gop debate of the primary season. on the democratic side, hilt and bernie sanders were back on the trail after the feisty debate. we're live in washington with the latest for the fight for the nomination. >>reporter: it is getting closer and closer to the gop nomination. his delegate count is growing and so is hillary clinton's as she ramps up the attacks on sander s. the fiery fight for florida. >> i will match my record against yours every day of the week. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> hillary clinton and bernie
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on the issues and each other during this you know version democratic debate in the sunshine state. the former secretary of state hit with another tough question on her private e-mail scandal. >> if you get indicted, will you drop out. >> that's not going to happen, i'm not even answering that question. >> while he argued over the color of sanders coat, the billionaire was interrupted nearly 20 times as he attacked his gop rivals. >> we'll have a fantastic week. >> trump may have a 67% favorability rating in the washington post poll but is ahead in the win or take all contest in florida and ohio. >> i will win ohio. just watch. >> the trump campaign is being asked questions following an incident at his victory party tuesday night. michelle fields claims she was
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campaign manager after she asked a tough question. the trump campaign has not responded he and his gop rivals will hilt the campaign stage in florida where some show trump up 20 points. kenneth mo terrific en, channel seven, eyewitness news. >> thank you. a frightening chain reaction, seven hurt after a car crashes into a new jersey transit bus and other cars. what police say the driver did before the collision. >> and a mom busted behind the i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto . xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce
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arrested a truck driver accuse of trying to skip tolls. the suspect rigged the front license plate with a fishing line that ran onto the dash board. they say the driver pulled the plate out of view when the truck passed through the ez pass lane. he got caught. rapper lil mama is singing the blues following her arrest in harlem. the brooklyn p native was charged with going 38 miles an hour in a 25 zone around four this morning. lil mama who's name is naesha jessica kirkland is accused of driving with a suspended license. she is best known with 2008 hit lip gls. police are searching for a pair of shooters who killed five people at a cook out in pennsylvania. the group was killed last night in what police call an ambush style attack in suburban pitsz burg.
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it was taking place in the back of a home when they came and opened fire. it came from two distinct locations they don't believe anybody fired back. >> they were all fleeing toward the back door of the residence when the second gunman fired from the side of the yard. and they all seemed to get caught on the back porch. >> four of the victims did die on the back porch. another died at a hospital. two remain in critical condition. investigators are trying to determine a motive. the vice president meeting with the king jordan and u.s. troops stationed there, the meeting part of the vice president's swing throughout middle east. vice president biden talked with king abdallah and the vice president visited the u.s. troops who are training jordanian soldiers to fight isis.
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he made stops in israel. some pistachios are being recalled because of the salmonella risk. they're sold under brands that include paramount farms and trader joe's. the cdc is recommending that people do not eat pistachios from the brand. 11 cases have been reported across nine states including krchlts. it. for more -- including connecticut. for more information head to our website. a mid air brawl. passengers caught fighting on a flight. what triggered this wild reaction. >> maria sharapova getting new support in the wake of her drug scandal who is standing by the tennis star. >> let's take another live look outside. a lot of clouds out there, but boy, it is warm.
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. officials in bosier city ay the bayou closed the top of the levy appeared another two inches are predicted to fall overnight. the national guard and sheriff deputies are using high water vehicles to rescue about 1,000 people trapped from all of the water. look how high it is! effort happening. all over twitter.
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back home, it is a different story here. let's check the accuweather forecast! >> we already have a record high set around the tri-state area already. we're looking at record warm temperatures. it is nice and breezy. people on the west side got on t-shirts, pull overs, all kinds of light, summer gear. here is a look across the meadow and temperature at noon time is 74 degrees. we'll look at low humidities. 34% on southwest wind. a pressure at 30.01 which is a mark of fair weather. so far a high of 74, that tied the record high for this date which is 74 set back in 2006. we'll have a beautiful sunset later on in the clouds. this graphic is showing you newark today. that is the record high. 77, beat the old mark of 76 back in 2006 but the temperature is still rising so that may not be the final number and in the park, we have tied the number
12:18 pm
laguardia was yesterday's record high and we're looking to see islip and bridge port tied the record high. it is 72 in kingston and poughkeepsie and 78 degrees down around toward rockland county and down around white plains and 74 and 77 now to 81 in the jersey shore. we have a mixture of sun and clouds. southwest wind and that is why that southwest wind is really warming things up. there are showers up above i-84 and maybe a few sprinkles in sussex county. that line will stay there. you're from monticello and now. is 72 degrees. the front to the west combined with the boundary to the north, that will slide down, the front slides east ward. the front will get here closer towards midnight. we're in the mid-70's to 77 this afternoon. front to the north with showers and then the showers move in towards midnight. we have showers overnight and then tomorrow morning, we start
12:19 pm
the upper 50s and then the toon, we're into the low 60s which is still going to be 50 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. so we go into the afternoon, kind of updateth highs, newark will be around 81 by the time we're done. it will be the record high. tom's river, 78, white plains and the park will get close to 80 i think. we'll be in between this. between 78 and 80 this afternoon. 60s on the south shore of long island, coastal connecticut, cloudy and mild this afternoon are overnight. the front pushes through and we're looking at sunshine and cooler weather. 63 as we go into tomorrow. 63 on saturday, and then late in shower. cloudy with 62 on sunday and then we have rain next week but temperatures next week as we close out winter, is still going to be above normal for this time of the year. welcome to the upper west side.
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temperature 74 degrees. lovely. thank you so much. have a great day. name is bill. bill. bill of the upper west side. >> they love me today. they may not like me next week. >> he is the man today. you can. >> thank you. it is not unusual for young kids to want to try something new, but two of them did something very dangerous. police say the 2 and 4-year-olds took a joy ride in a car. eyewitness newses say the two-year-old boy is the one in the front seat and the 4-year-old girl was in the back seat. police say the toddler drove down one street and turned on to another before the car collided with a ymca bus. luckily no one was hurt. >> i'm not sure how that is possible but it happens. there you go. >> a cab driver held at gunpoint taukdz about his terror -- talked about his terror. >> give him what he wants and get him out. >> we showed you the video
12:21 pm
about the heart pounding moments and the man he calls his guardian angel. a police officer notices
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12:23 pm
. a brawl on a plane, a a touching fast food order and
12:24 pm
some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention. there was plenty of turbulence a board a flight to lavengs last night but it wasn't -- los caught by weather. this captures a brawl that broke out mid flight on a spirit airlines flight. the woman was asked to turn down the music on her radio. instead she turned it up and taunted other passengers. soon after, a fight broke out. five women were involved. they were pulled off the plane when it landed at lax. no charges were filed, at least not yet. a video going viral highlights a need for people with hearing disabilities. a deaf teen was thrilled when an employee at a north carolina fast food restaurant was able to use sign language with her. the worker says she has deaf cousins who used to babysit her and taught her sign language. the teen's mom says that knowing the worker signed relieved some of the stress her daughter and other deaf people feel about
12:25 pm
surveillance video shows a trio of thieves stealing a giant baseball cap that sits outside a hair salon. the hat reads make your hair great again. a play on republican donald trump's campaign. the hat isn't a political statement and he is disappointed the thieves took off with it. it is worth $2,000. >> wow. >> i don't know why. >> it is big. it is huge. >> turn of the wind party. finally, someone who understands what is going on in this world. >> i knew you would know. >> or roberto cologne. >> big hat. >> thank you, bill. police officer found a surprise under his car. he spotted dogs running around in phoenix and pulled over. then they all appeared to run away but he noticed something was not right. one of the dogs lodged itself in the under carriage of his car.
12:26 pm
the pup will be held for 72 hours in case an owner comes forward. if this -- little pup is up for adoption, folks, how cute is that. >> he is like, i didn't do. that. >> i don't know what i was thinking! >> a driver arrested after crashing into a new jersey transit bus this morning. what sources say they found in his dhar has him in more -- car that has anymore more trouble. what caused a large hole in laguardia that ended up backing up flights for hours. >> what a judge told madonna in a london courtroom. today, how it impacts her custody battle over her teen son.
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. we're following breaking news in brooklyn where a man slashed a woman in park south this morning. he was walking on beverly road when he walked up behind and cut her on the neck. two knives, including the one believed to have been used in the attack and the american flag bandana the suspect was wearing. the woman is in stable condition. >> talks continue today to avoid a new jersey transit strike if an agreement is not reached by sunday. more than 4,000 rail workers
12:30 pm
negotiator says the last two days of meetings have been positive. hello again, i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm david novarro. our top story this half hour, a driver charged with driving drunk after police say he transit bus this morning. >> police arrested 36-year-old juan hernandez but sources say they are still searching for a second person who took off. were hurt. >> eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff tweeted a photo of the scene and is bringing us the story now. >> came out of here. seven people were injured after investigators say a driver ran through the intersection at bloomfield avenue and summer avenue, slamming into an nj transit bus before hitting two other cars. traffic was backed up, bringing the morning commute to a standstill. police took one person into custody at the scene. sources say the crash just before 7:30 in the morning involves a dui and open containers in a car. >> hit me, too. .
12:31 pm
>> yeah, my car is over there. >> this man was able to pull over after his car was hit. an anxiety provoking experience followed. >> my daughter was on the bus. i just made sure she is all right. i'm good. >> is she okay? >> people was injured. she's all right. bus driver knocked out. >> the number 11 because travelling from newark to the willow brook mall. five people were taken to the hospital. 15 other people on the bus were uninjured. this woman's husband was driving the other car hit. his car is significantly damaged but he is fine. >> thank you, god, he is god. >> the intersection has since reopened. all of the injuries are nonlife threatening. everyone involved is expected to be okay but certainly a frightening situation here this morning. in newark, mallory hoff. .
12:32 pm
racing crash on long island that killed five teens pled guilty this morning. 18-year-old cory glow accepted a plea deal that will allow him to serve six months in prison. the accident happened in may in 2015 in farmingdale. he will treat him as a youthful offender. the families of the victims were upset over the deal. two men were stabbed last night in prospect park. one was cut in the han as he fought off a robbery attack near lincoln drive. the second attack just minutes later ended with the victim stabbed in the stomach. the attacker ran away but a 26-year-old man was arrested not long after that second attack. both of the injured men were taken to kings county hospital. >> police in queens are investigating after a man was shot in the leg after a fight in a nightclub. the fight spilled on to merrick boulevard in the springfield garden section. we're told the shooting happened around 4:30 this morning. the victim was taken jamaica
12:33 pm
officials are trying to figure out what caused a large hole in one of the two run ways laguardia airport in queens. a pilot spolted the eight-foot hole in the pavement on run way 13 just before 4:00 in the afternoon. a repair crew was dispatched but the work. that led to dozens of flight delays and some cancellations. we've learned new details about the funeral for nancy reagan tomorrow in california. mrs. reagan's two children will speak at that funeral and the funeral will be private but for the second day today, the public will be able to pay their respects as her body lies in repose at the reagan national library. lauren lister is there with more, lauren? >> david, turned out yesterday to visit mrs. reagan's casket. more are expected today as you mentioned.
12:34 pm
about the funeral held out here tomorrow rain or . >> nancy reagan's casket making a solemn and ceremonious arrival wednesday. >> into your hands, oh, lord, we commend our sister, nancy. >> bus loads of people following shortly after to pair their respects and remember the former first lady now that the public has a chance to visit. >> it was very peaceful, serine. >> there were a great couple and they inspired the country and want to pay tribute to it. >> she is totally behind her husband and i think that is a beautiful thing to see. >> behind her husband, ronald reagan, for more than 50 years of marriage and soon, she will be laid to rest beside him at the library in this hillside tom. after wednesday's funeral procession, to bring mrs. reagan to the labor rarery, final preparations are under way for the funeral guests including michelle obama and hillary clinton.
12:35 pm
but something everyone would remember her well by. >> but first, the public has another day to pay respects as she lies in repose. >> giving remarks and reading as at the private funeral tomorrow, son and daughter and journalists diane sayer and tom brokaw and a letter from ronald reagan to nancy reagan will be read. lauren lister, eyewitness news, abc news will carry nancy reagan's funeral live tomorrow afternoon. you can watch it right here on channel seven at two and tonight for the first time in 20 years, wlous hold a state dinner for can day the new prime minister justin trudeau appeared with the president at the white house. the north american leaders are discussing ways the two nations can better work together. >> it has long been said that you can choose your friends but
12:36 pm
by virtue of geography, the united states and canada are blessed to be neighbors. and by choice, we are steadfast allies and the closest of friends. >> the economy will be the emphasize of talks during trudeau's visit. that includes trade and alternative energy. lots of smiles on that meeting, but it is not just there. if you walk down the upper west side you'll see the mater deof the upper west side. >> i did have to entertain complaints from some of the constituents. it started sprinkling here a couple minutes ago. the atmosphere is very unstable. you get a sprinkle after being 74 degrees, you're going to get instant polling data right here on the street. you don't have to wait around for it. they will tell you what they think when it is sprinkling out here. we have a mixture of sun and clouds, very warm.
12:37 pm
that tied the record high in central park set back in twiven. we have broken the flord newark. you see the temperatures in newark, that is 77. the temperature is still rising. 81 in tom's river and sprinkles we're talking about in central jersey going by. the heavy rain is up around i-84. this is a front to the north and a front to our west and that will be sliding through this evening so it is possibility northern new jersey and you get up to 84, you can run into a sprinkle but the sun will pop right back out and the temperature will keep going on up into the upper 70s for the afternoon. it might hit 80 in a lot of spots especially for the city on west. after school kids, get outside! it is going to be great. temperature is 75 degrees. perfect for after school sports. we'll talk about the weekend coming up. it will be cooler. that and your accuweather seven-day forecast in just a minute. >> are you ever coming back in is the question? >> i know. making friends out there. still ahead, the search for
12:38 pm
what he is accused of doing near a high school on long island that has cops looking for him. >> the company governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this fight for $15 is all about. look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know - and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80%
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12:41 pm
called her over to his car, but she ran and told a security guard at her high school. the man was last seen in a tan # door sedan. he has black hair that is shaved on the sides. the hair in the center was pulled into a bun. new at noon, madonna's custody battle headed to a court in london. london's family division of the high court is hearing the custody case over madonna and guy richie's 15-year-old son rocco. the judge hopes the couple can reach a friendly solution because it is in rocco's best interest. a judge here in manhattan made similar comments. the boy lives in england with his father but madonna wants him to return to her custody in the u.s.. juan of maria sharapova's sponsors is throwing support behind her. she will not be dropped and is extending the deal with her. other sponsors have been backing out of endorsement deals with
12:42 pm
admitted she failed a drug test. she announced she tested positive for meloniur at the australian open in january days ja. >> a brutal corrosion kicked off the 4th day in the hulk hogan trial against gawker. mike foley was grilled by a gawker attorney about the several news articles with content about strippers, nudity and other things. he conceded the publications were protected by the first amendment but foley says gawker's publication of the sex tape is an example of undo intrusiveness. hogan is suing gawke $100 million. bird enthusiasts are flying to a town to catch a glimpse of a pair of bald eagles. a park ranger invited people to take a watching tour. they nicknamed them warre rachel. the 5-year-old eagles set-up
12:43 pm
permanent fixture in the >> so beautiful. >> all right, so, we all know there are carry on restrictions a baby? smuggled on board of an airplane and carry on?
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
. today we're hearing from the cab driver who was robbed at gunpoint. the entire thing caught on camera, including the moment police pulled up behind the car. abc's gio benitez spoke to the man about the frightening encounter. >> give me all of the money! >> that is cab driver ralph valetta on his first job of the day. being robbed at gunpoint. >> i just started! i just started! i just started! >> empty your wallet. >> i don't have anything in my wallet.
12:47 pm
or the easy way. i need your wallet or your phone. >> what is going on your mind for all of this? >> get him what he wants and get him out. >> what this robber didn't realize who had just pulled up behind the scene of the crime. a police officer, seeing him behind us there is a cop behind us. >> let me see your hands. ge. >> number one priority -- >> i can't believe it. he had the gun, he had it at my head. he had a gun at my head. >> the officer arresting the suspect on the scene. >> what are the odds that while you're going through this, there is an officer right behin? >> this is my guardian angel. he appeared. >> if that is how he feels, that
12:48 pm
honestly, just trying to help out. it worked out perfect, actually. abc news. french authorities are looking into why a woman smuggled a baby in her carry on plane. the child was found on a flight from instambul to paris. the child hidden inside of a bag did not have a valid ticket. the baby was reported as being okay after spending half of the route on the flight in a cloth bag. just when you thought you had heard everything, there is that story. >> i can't even imagine. cannot picture it. it is time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. meteorologist bill evans outside the studios on the upper west side. >> it is warm, we had a sprinkle and the sun coming in and out. this weather is crazy as we wind down winter 2015/16. we have warm weather. we'll cool down unwilling week but temperatures will go out
12:49 pm
above normal, above average this time. year. all right, we'll get you to lower manhattan. 74 degrees. lower humidity. high is 74. that is tied the record of 74 set back in 2006. we've broken the record in newark, the south facing shores will be cooler as you see it is 60 at nor walk. 68 around the east end. 79 as you see around belmar and 76 at wrightstown. with a passing shower going by to the north, temperatures are a little cooler but poughkeepsie with a passing shower is 72. these temperatures are way warm, 30 degrees for this time of the day. we're looking at these sprinkles. those will go by but you see behind the sprinkles in eastern pennsylvania right around central eastern part of the state. more breaks of sunshine and that will warm us up and the front that will bring us the rain are there in the western sections of the northern valley. the temperatures get into the mid-70's. some spots like tom's river.
12:50 pm
then here comes the rain for tonight. this comes in around 11:00 midnight and lasts overnight. it is gone by tomorrow morning's commute. actually gone by sunrise. we bring sun tomorrow. cooler air behind the front but that will leave temperatures 15 degrees warmer than normal this time of the year and we'll have more of the same coming up for saturday. record warmth this afternoon, 78 maybe, 80. 60s on the south shore, temperatures really dicey out there in long island and coastal connecticut with the southwest wind coming up over the waters which are 43 degrees now. rain tond, 54 -- tonight, 54. 63 degrees on friday. saturday is a great day, sunny, 63, that is 50 degrees warmer than normal and sunday, we get southern clouds, 62, rain on monday. we're in the 50s. still, the normal high temperature, the temperature is 48. we'll be above that next
12:51 pm
so, march is a lion. it suppose down and all around . >> more. we want more! >> it is comfortable out here. it is really nice. >> keep giving us more. >> we appreciate it. >> all right. we'll be right back but first, here is a look at what is coming up next on the chew. >> hey, guys, we're saluting america's best dishes. michael is making a mind blowing casserole.
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i'm liz cho in the newsroom. here is what is coming up later on eyewitness news. it earned the praise of the design world but could a proposed building in chelsea pose a hazard? why one expert says these plans are a step back for safety. lirr riders are shocked when the doors of the train open up on to nothing. we'll have those stories and much more at first at #.
12:55 pm
>> not a good . >> if you open up on the third rail, never a good idea. >> never. >> thanks for joining us, we had to pay you extra to come back. >> you had to pay me security. >> you're not done until 12:30. time for the feed. the stories started on social media are getting retweeted. move over kim kardashian. one side saying it object fiez women others saying it celebrates the bodies. sharon osborne jumped forward. she wrote kim kardashian, you inspire me, #liberated. she is 63 years old. no doubt she looks great but she now is getting the same criticism many levelled against her. >> that is sharon osborne. >> she looks very different. >> this has to be my favorite
12:56 pm
nothing tops it. the moment a mom is reunited with her pups. here is a video. take a! >> no! >> so sweet. look at that. watch the dog on the upper left. you see that? when one of the pups comes out. there are four babies there. it is so sweet. she immediately looks so happy. do you see how the tail is wagging? the humane society says when the frightened dog came to them and they examined her. they saw she recently gave birth and they went out to find her little ones. they found them! >> see the eyes? >> so sweet. >> they're hoping to -- >> do you want to adopt all of them? they're looking for a forever home. all of them. package deal. >> nothing better than doggies and puppies and ice cream. >> ben and jerry's new flavor of ice cream has everyone excited. coconuts for carmel core.
12:57 pm
i like it when i hear my exercise trainer says engage your core. >> is that what they mean? >> you can buy is in the next few weeks. >> i have my pick, brownie batter, brownie batter all the way. >> i'll have to stay away from that ice cream. no good will happen . >> let's go jog out in the park.
12:58 pm
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ew >> announcer: pack your bags, because our hosts are going coast to coast and saluting america's best dishes. clinton's shaking things up with a buzzy drink straight from the island -- long island, that is. then, carla's taking us down south with a decadent sweet treat that'll have everyone begging for seconds. plus, michael symon is putting his spin on an american classic, the casserole. the adventure begins right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, hello. welcome to "the chew." thank you guys very much, we appreciate that, thank you. you know -- [ patriotic music ] america, it's the land of the free and the home of some delicious food. from the atlantic to the pacific, from north to south, today, we're celebrating


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