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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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leads cops on a chase and it all comes to a crashing end. we're live at the scene with new video from the overnight. >> a break in the case of a terrifying attack on a subway. new details on a man who police say pushed a teen onto the tracks. >> after two days of record breaking heat, we're seeing a slight cool down today. we'll tell you what is in store for the weekend. >> i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm shirleen allicot in for lori stokes. thanks for joining us. it is friday, march 11th. sglurz never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> we look from the cam rap in brooklyn. looking over the case building to wall street and one world trade and it is like glass, the water here on the east river here this morning. we're looking at temperatures that have been dropping but it is holding now at 56 and we'll see that temperature drop another degree before sunrise.
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55 long island and 59 toms river. the numbers are mild. rain showers are pushing through. the last or what we call the back end. douchl sussex. this -- to sussex county. this will slide through. 59, noon, 63 this afternoon, we'll have some beautiful weather this weekend. temperatures will be cooler but still, well above the normal averages for this time of the year. weather and traffic every seven minutes. heather is away. debbie is doing a great job sitting in for heather. >> we'll start over on the avenue. delay. here at the brooklyn bridge. tractor trailer. more volume on the bqe with an accident and going outside to the web cam. here is a look at 1 and 9 moving better now.
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alternate side parking rules are in effect. back over to you. >> thank you. 6:02. developing this morning, a suspect stole a police suv on long island and leads police on a chase. >> the suv was stolen in free port, nassau county. it crashed two miles away darla miles is at the crash scene with more. >>reporter: they're going to be big questions for free port police this morning to find out exactly how this suspect managed to drive away in a squad car. i want to show you one of the cars can crashed into. this is a red, four door mitsubishi. the front end is peeled back like an onion. the engine is completely exposed a. this is a 2 to 5-mile chase around 11:00 after free port police made one arrest, some how, the suspect managed to get from the back seat of the police suv to the front seat. he drove away. he led police on a chase here to
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down a dead end street and crashed into a total of four parked cars. also crashing that police suv. now, he was not, he was taken back into custody and taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. at this point it is not clear exactly why he was first arrested and his name has not been released. darla miles, channel seven, eyewitness news. thank you. new this morning, police say they've caught a suspect in a frightening subway shoving case in queens. detectives say the man in this video is 38-year-old george pott, charged with attempted murder forria allegedly shoving a 15 -- for allegedly shoving a 15-year-old combirl in front of a subway train -- girl in front of a subway train. she saved herself by going between the platform and the train wheels. we're hearing from the husband of a woman slashed on a brooklyn street.
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suspect running off after that random attack on beverly road yesterday afternoon. the man walked up behind the 53-year-old woman and slashed her across the neck before taking off. the husband, who does not want to be identified is hoping the police can track down the suspect. >> you never think it will happen to you. try to find the people committing these acts and maybe things will be better. >> at the scene, police found two knives and this all happening hours after a man was arrested for two slashings in prospect park. a few hours, both sides in the new jersey transit rail talk sit down again. we're four twos away from a walk out that could affect 100,000 customers. yesterday, management notified the unions that health insurance and other benefits will be suspended during a strike. new jersey transit said the notice was required by federal law. we'll have a live update on the
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security will be extremely tight today for the funeral of former first lady nancy reagan. she passed way last sunday at the age of 94. today, she will be laid to rest beside her husband at his presidential library. brandy joins us live. >>reporter: it has been an emotional week leading up to the funeral service. world leaders and some of hollywood's biggest stars will gather to honor one of the most memorable first ladies. respects. now nancy reagan's close family and friends will say their final goodbyes before she is laid to rest after her husband at the library. >> what can the public expect to see in friday's service. >> she wanted it short but sweet and something everyone will remember her well by.
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are attending the private funeral today. there is a long list of celebrity guests from tom selleck to diane sawyer, john stamos and mr. t. >> i have a lot of respect for the reagans and for nancy. >> for two days, thousands lined up outside in the hot sun to see mrs. reagan lie in roe pose. >> this lady -- repose. >> this lady meant a lot. nor the community. >> she was always by her husband's side. seen holding hands in a love story spanning five decades leading to her most important request at all. >> when her casket is lowered into the ground, she will be as close to him as though they could hold . >> they were so in love. now, at today's funeral service there, will be readings by nancy
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governor will be here. >> abc news will cover coverage of nancy reagan's funeral governor will be here. >> abc news will cover coverage of nancy reagan's funeral service. join us here at 2:00 p.m. on-air and abc7ny. quite the haul for a thief in on long island. police hope the public can help identify the woman who stole ups packages on quarry stone lane. the woman wore a blue hooded sweatshirt with the words white plains new york in white letters. she made a get away in a gray saturn suv. let's look at the roof as we head towards the east. there are showers coming and we'll have what we're looking at. it is a morning of rain for the next hour anyway and cloudy skies. if you're headed out the door right now, grab an umbrella. showers in a line that stretches across rat. we'll show you on the radar right now. they reach from coastal connecticut into new jersey but sweeping down fast and should be gone from the city within a half hour by 6:30. long island by seven and back behind that, we'll be looking at a lot of sunshine and high pressure coming in from the west, so here we go, we're looking at 58 around 9:00, 60 by noon time, 63 this afternoon, 15 degrees warmer than normal. beautiful weather going into the weekend. we talk about that next in your accuweather foernth. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. >> good morning bill, goj everybody. we'll head over to the maps and show you what is going inbound toward third avenue with a disabled car. once you're further north up on the inbound bqe. watch for delays bqe. an accident blocking one lane there. over in trum bale. it is an un-- trumble. an unauthorized truck.
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let's show you an inbound hospitaland tunnel. here is the inbound hole -- inbound holland tunnel. here is the inbound holland tunnel. back to you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a brooklyn man who spent half his life in prison is a freeman. prosecutors saying he should never have been there in the first place. >> i can't believe how civil it has >> also a ahead, the first real civil debate involving the
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. welcome back. 6:12. it is hard to believe but ted cruz and marco rubio managed to go on the offensive with donald trump without the put downs or the name calling of their previous battles. >> cnn, quote, islam hates us. did you mean all 1.6 billions. >> i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. >> i know a lot of people find appeal in what donald says because he says what people wish they can say. the problem is presidents can't say whatever they want. there are consequences here and around the world. >> donald trump and his republican rivals turned the debate into a respectful discussion.
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it was. even got in a joke about the convention. >> what we do to take the passionate supporters and keep them from bolting the convention and sabotaging election. >> there are some folks -- >> and be president. >> you're welcome to be president of the smithsonian. >> trump says he picked up the endorsement of ben carson, the retired neurosurgeon is expected to appear with trump later today. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is taking a break from the campaign. she will join other past and present first ladies in attending the funeral in california for first lady nancy reagan. bernie sanders will be courting voters in north carolina, ohio and illinois. those are three of the five states with more delegates on the line. a brooklyn man is beginning a new life this morning after his conviction over turned and he was released from prison.
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released yesterday after prosecutors admitted he should not have been convicted for the beating and murder of a murder of a woman in 1991. he spent 25 years in prison. the case involved a woman found dead, naked, and dragged into a cross like position in a park. >> i knew i didn't do it. i knew i would be whole one day. i want to be with my family, go. lost time. the only witness in case had originally identified another man as the killer and admitted the murder. the fact that hatchet had injuries that raised doubts about his ability to carry out the crime. >> that is amazing. 25 years. that is unfathomable. >> 6:14. it is time to check the accuweather forecast.
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outside our studios. no umbrella. >> the showers are done, taking a break here. there is a sprinkle right now. there have been more. they come and go. they're light, not very heavy. park. the cloudy skies will last for another hour as we look across the watchtower building. it will be a slow morning. we're looking down toward the battery and the brooklyn bridge. we have a record high of 79 and the normal high is 48, so today, we'll be warmer than normal. river detail in the bronx is 52 around bridge port. we're looking at numbers around 33, 34 degrees for this hour of the day. the last of the showers are duchess county. we have a break here. there will be a sprinkle or two in the next half hour and then they're going and the sun will come out. 63 degrees, normal high is 48.
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hour of the day. a beautiful day is coming your way after the sprinkles this morning. we have breezy, cooler weather. it is not upper 70s but is way warmer than normal. the wind dies down. temperatures 35 to the north and west suburbs. sunshine, 63 degrees. your accuweather seven-day forecast, we have the sunshine saturday. we set our clocks forward saturday night. and then we see ourselves looking at a cloudy day with a high of 60 and we'll look at moochlt. today for you -- on monday. today for you ladies and gentleman. to kickoff the last weekend. it is super freak out friday! everybody is here this morning. here.
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she will be on an episode of blue bloods coming up where she eats tom selleck. she got a dog walking part. this is maximus and we have siri and lulu. good morning, girls. nice to be with you this morning. they all get a snack. >> right out of the bag. >> maximus and the gang. >> they love this . >> i think i want to t. >> we didn't get a blizzard but now we have one. >> it is all right there on columbus avenue. >> i want to see bill's dry-cleaning bill after that. >> have a great weekend. >> you, too, over to debbie with the commute. >> they're just beautiful. good morning, ken, shirleen, everybody, let's go out to eagle avenue moving slow an accident reported. over to the maps' eastbound
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on the eastbound bqe, an accident there as well. watch for slow downs, merrick southbound. subway running on time. lirr metro north nechlt jchlt transit on time. with the new jersey transit, if the strike happens at 12:01 on sunday morning, you will be able to take the buses from all of the various stations getting into the city to help you out. enhanced bus service to help you out for the morning commute on monday. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back over to you. >> let's hope the strike does not happen. still ahead, important information for you. pack your lunch. what led to the recall of
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6:21. on the money, the dow starts the day down six points ,995. mixed.
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good news oseas, japan and hong kong finished the week on a positive note. nestle voluntarily recalling products because small bits of glass may be inside the food. it includes digiorno and stouffer's louisianiana. there are no reports -- lasagna. there are no reports of injuries. if you are mailing your tax return, you could save money by waiting until april 10th. that is when, for the first time in almost a century, the price of stamps will drop. the post office doesn't want the price to go down. but the recent price hike approved by progress was meant to be a temporary way to r $5 billion. now that the money has been collected, the price hike is supposed to go away.
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and let the government hang on to your tax refund. >> it is 6:23. you're never more than seven minutes away from your weather and traffic. >> you'll look real good in that orange jump suit. here we go. . the showers are winding down here from monticello into northern new jersey. they're coming across long island. this next half hour, you see the showers working south and east and they'll be sliding east and moving down and across and getting out of the way. the temperature, 55 at 7:00. sun starts breaking out here but then the showers end and we get into the low 60s later on this afternoon, you have the showers until about eight, showing up here on the south shore, long island. we're off to a the races to a beautiful weekend. debbie in for heather this morning, weather then debbie. >> we'll go up to john del
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good morning, john, what are you checking out for us? >> good morning to you, debbie, first of all, bill mentioned the rain showers moving through. you can see them in the live picture from news copter seven as you look south toward staten island. that is where some of the rain is falling down. it is not too heavy. it is light but a s rain fall. -- it is a steady rain fall. we had a disabled vehicle that blked the left lane. both of those problems have cleared up but you can see bumper to bumper traffic on the bqe. traffic begins behind the williamsport bridge. i'll go over to your maps and tell you about other problems. an accident at fletcher alley. everything moving fine with the subways actually. george, five, lincoln 15, holland 15, if you're headed to new jersey transit and it is
6:25 am
but if the strike goes into effect sunday at 12:01. you will be cross honored. enhanced bus schedule will be available as well. six:#25shgs new this morning, police want your help finding a funeral ral plow thief. someone drove this pick-up truck believed to be a semi silverado inside the parking lot of a funeral home. someone drove off with this eight-foot plow which is w $5,000. anyone with information is asked to call police. time is 6:25. a multimillion dollar plan complete in an effort to make one of the city's most dangerous public housing complexes safer. a new light system has been installed. entrances, walk ways and parking areas are lit with more than 34 one state of the art energy efficient light fixtures. it is part of the action plan
6:26 am
reduce crime at the 15 complexes with the highest crime rates. we're closing in on 6:30. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a suspect on long island some how manages to steal a police suv and take it for a ride. it all came to a crashing end and we're live with new reaction from neighbors.
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. developing right now, a suspect steals a police suv and leads police on a chase. we're live at the scene where the chase came to a crashing end. >> talks resume this morning in the hopes of avoiding a new jersey transit strike this morning, we're live with the update on negotiations. we won't be breaking any records here today. we'll show you where the showers roll out and what is in for store your weekend. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm shirleen allicot in for lori stokes. thanks for joining us. it is friday, march 11th.
6:30 am
traffic. here is meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> here are live pictures from wall street and one world trade. if you look to the l corner of your screen. you see a break of the clouds with sunshine on the way and right here along the east river as the tide comes in. it is kind of flat. we have calm winds and we mild temperatures. temperatures are warming. temperatures have been dropping overnight from the 60s. 56 poughkeepsie. the temperature close. except for monticello, 48 where the clouds are clearing out. in the next half hour, the rain will be gone from the city and eastern p long island by eight. we're in the low 60s which is still 15 degrees warmer than normal. heather has the day off.
6:31 am
doing a good job. you've been busy up there. >> it has been a busy morning. good morning, bill, good morning, everybody, problems as you head to the subways on the downtown n and r. delays with on going central problems. watch for slow downs on the eastbound going up to third avenue. a stalled car. as john mentioned. the eastbound bqe. earlier problems there cleared. southern state eastbound by fletcher avenue and valley stream, an accident to watch for. george, 15, lincoln 20, holland 20. here is a look at the inbound tunnel of the lincoln tunnel building here as you head to the helix. let's go over to the other camera solid traffic here getting up toward the holland from 139. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back over to you. >> thank you. 6:31. we have new details from a man who witnessed a stolen police suv slam into several cars in his neighborhood.
6:32 am
nassau county with reaction. >>reporter: good morning again, they heard a series of crashes around 11:00 last night. when they walked outside, they saw a number of police officers with their guns drawn pointed at that suspect who had just crashed into four parked cars here on babylon in merrick. here is one of the cars that crashed this is a guest of one of the residents on the streets. this is a rental car. you can see that the car is peeled back like an onion. the sng completely exposed. this is not the worst of the damage. i'll show you other cars that were bang apd last night. a total of four parked cars here on babylon road in merrick including the police suv. this started in free port which is roughly five miles away when police made an arrest. some how, the suspect, in the back of the police suv managed to get into the front seat. the car was apparently already
6:33 am
on a high speed chase here to babylon road, but babylon road is a dead end street. he crashed into four parked cars and police surrounded that back into custody. >> he was going, the cops said babylon road. at the end of the block we have a divet. >> now, police say, well, actually neighbors say this took about three hours to clean up. the whole time they were inside of the homes because they took the suspect back into custody and it it was pretty intense at one moment because, of course, you have the suspect in custody that took off in a police vehicle. this will be a big investigation in terms for free port police because they have to determine compactly how this suspect was able to take off in a squad car. the name of the suspect at this
6:34 am
do we know exactly why he was first arrested. darla miles, channel seven, eyewitness news. >> thank you. 6:34. also developing in nassau county, the search continues for the gunman who shot two people inside a bar. the shots rang out before two this morning inside cocoa's pub on nassau road. the victims were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. if you have any information, you're asked to call police. 6:34. it is back to the bargaining table again today in an effort to avoid a strike by new jersey transit workers they're planning to strike at 12:01:00 a.m. sunday. if no deal with be reached over the next two days. mallory hoff is live at newark pen penn station with the latest from the talks. >> good morning. the latest is riders are growing more concerned with each passing hour. talks will resume this morning at 10:00. this after failed attempts yesterday.
6:35 am
riders here, again, telling us they each day 4,000 workers authorized potential strike. new jersey transit made it clear in a notice that if they strike there, will be consequences. existing positions and sick leave compensation would be suspended. insurance benefits would be discontinued. a new jersey transit spokeswoman says it is required by federal law to advise employee whaez will happen if strike. riders and businesses that rely on commuter employees are growing conc. >> i have staff who rely on new jersey transit to go into the city every day and it will be a major hassle. >> what are you telling them? >> we'll look at work at home options. it is disruptive to business. >> it is not going to happen! >> what happens if it does. >> you'll be in trouble. >> a lot of people will be in very big trouble is right. again, riders out here saying that they are are actively
6:36 am
hopeful as they go into the days ahead. the talks will resume this morning at 10:00. we'll certainly keep you posted. live in newark, mallory hoff, channel 7, eyewitness news. there are a lots of contingency plans in place if negotiations don't work out. we set-up a page with what you need to know to get around in the event of a strike. head to time is 6:36. there are grief counselors on hand at poughkeepsie hospital. a star athlete was shot and killed. basketball player. he died at the hospital yesterday after what he shot wednesday night on his way home from a game. police say the 18-year-old was simply with a group of friends when somebody started shooting at them. what he not the intended target but was caught in the crossfire. >> friends of the people shooting each other, they have to stop it and we're going to do what we can to arrest the people responsible. >> just before the shooting, he posted this picture on twitter
6:37 am
after scoring 21 points in a game for exceptional seniors in the county. police are searching for the person who shot him. 6:37, happening today, the man charged with peting a mets fan during last year's playoffs heads to court in los angeles. the 50-year-old victim was knocked unconscious and left in critical condition by the attack. michael ray papayans is being arraigned in the assault for the beating after game one of the national league division series. the 27-year-old's mother rm may also be charged in the case. a russian man accused of spying in new york while posing as a banker is expected to plead guilty in lower manhattan. he alliedly works for russia's
6:38 am
they were supposed to replace spy anna chapman after her spy ring was caught and deported. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. here is meteorologist bill evans. >>. >> how do you know that? >> i'm not allowed to tell you. >> here is as we look across the beautiful reservoir and right there in central park west all the way past the flushing bay. we even see long island out there in the distance. visibilities are starting to get better heefrment 56 degrees. clouds highs, we'll be looking at a few left over showers sliding right on through. you can see the rest of the rain as long island, east of the five bureau you hads here over staten island and down toward the jersey shore. we'll get sunshine. breeze weather. refreshing breezes out of the northwest. brand new air amass coming in 63 this afternoon.
6:39 am
yesterday march 10th ended up being the warmest march 10th ever. we're not going to have that today but what we'll have is the temperature still 15 degrees warmer than normal. a jacket and sweater this morning and 663 after it is beautiful, bright -- 63 after school. it is beautiful, bright blustery. i give it a b. we have an accident. >> good morning bill, get an f on the palisades parkway southbound heading down toward exit six in orangeburg, it is an accident. traffic is very busy through that stretch. now, are the southbound freeway picking up volume. if you're going to be taking a ride to the n and r, downtown delays with on going signal problems, also l delays with police department activity. watch for delays by third avenue with a stalled car and over on the southern state parkway. an accident still working over there.
6:40 am
building up and around the helix and going alternate side parking rules are city wide. back over t. thank you. 6:40. two teens missing for nearly a year are found safe. wait until you hear where they were found and who is facing charges. >> the investigation into a possible bias attack on a new
6:41 am
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. new this morning. we're hearing from the victims in a bias attack on new york light rail. this facebook post which has been shared more than three-dozen times was written by one of the women and tells the details of the attack. the victim and two friends were riding the light rail last thursday night from new jersey institute of technology to newark's penn station. all three are muslim women. the man started cursing and then he spat at them. >> he spat on us. he spat on us. i was shocked that my body, my brain stopped working. i didn't have any rea. >> is that when the man started yelling at the women.
6:44 am
made his way to penn station. that is when they met the women and they pointed out the man. the 68-year-old man was arrested and charged with bias and assault. police want your help catching a suspect in an armed robbery in an upper manhattan starbucks. detectives say the man walked into the starbucks on west 205th street. threatened a barista with a gun and grabbed cash from a register. the new york city council is considering a bill designed to control crowds in times square and keep characters at bay. the bill comes after mayor de blasio put together a task force to look into the costumed characters and topless women who are looking for tips. the bill proposes letting the transportation department take control of the pedestrian plazas and giving panhandlers access to
6:45 am
for commercial use. six:#45shgs good morning america is coming up next. -- 6:45, good morning america is coming up next. >> great to be with you. coming up here on gma, the four remaining gop candidates going head to head in florida. donald trump on the defensive, grilled about violence at his rallies. we have marco rubio joining us with more on. that the deadly flooding in the south and more rain coming. a state of emergency in louisiana and several states under a flood watch. we're live at the storm zone and then the actress who met with el chatto, kate castillo speaking out about her connection with the drug lord and sean penn. why she got involved. >> we'll be watching. 7:00 a.m.. thank you. it is time to check the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is outside of our studios on the upper west side. >> it feels refreshing, this is
6:46 am
out of the north down columbus and broadway. feels great. it will feel nice for you. if you're going right out the door right now, you're on long island, jersey of showers to greet you. here is our live pictures. current temperatures this morning have been kind of dropping overnight but it is stuck right there at 56. as we look down to staten island, normal high is 38. yesterday at 79. march 10ed warmest march 10th ever. record high yesterday. we won't hit a record today. 600 aets of an inch -- six hundredths of an inch of rain. still normal. 55, 56 degrees. 46 monticello. the temperature dropping with the cooler air coming in out of the north. we'll have a lot of sunshine today. this front sliding south and east. the winds will be out of the north and northwest and it will make it feel cooler. nassau, still a shower but up to the north and west, starting to clear out. the high pressure ridge over the great lakes sweeps in from the
6:47 am
you see the rain fall amounts around a 10th of an inch is down. in another hour or so, the rain is to the south. the skies are breaking up. we warm up into the low 60s today which is going to be, still, 15 degrees warmer than normal this time year. not 30 degrees warmer than normal like yesterday. weekend. it will be great! get outside after school. you got after school sports it will be great. saturday night, we set the clocks forward one hour, also, remember to change the batteries in the smoke detectors, change the filter in your h-vac filter thing. i changed mine. and i knew i would forget. i changed it it today and i have to tell you, i'm breathing a lot better. i feel better. breezy and cooler today. sunshine, six #3shgs tonight we're around 41 -- 63. tonight we're around 41. sunny and mild.
6:48 am
sunday will be a cloudy day but a dry day, high 60. cooler weather and rain on monday. the last week of winter will be warmer than normal as we head toward spring, so there you go. have a great weekend, you guys it is going to be very nice. refreshing breezes, new air mass, very nice. >> it sounds like a group out of the 60s. change the h-vac filter. >> i don't know what th. >> i just do what the media tells me. >> don't worry about it then. those people who have it know. >> yeah, yeah. we'll figure it out later. good morning, everybody, we'll head over to the maps and tell you about a problem on palisades parkway southbound in orangeburg. watch out for an accident. delays are building quickly in rockland. watch for slow downs over on 2287 getting into exit 53 -- 287 getting into exit 53.
6:49 am
tum. we're on time with a strike threat looming at 12:01. you'll have enhanced bus service to help you out if the strike goes into effect. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back to you. >> thank you. 6:49. two teen sisters missing in upstate new york home safe this morning. ky-lea fortner and her sister shaeleen disappeared last april. they found the girls at a family acquaintance, amanda hellman. she kidnapped them from the bus stop. they were living with a foster family at the time. 84 people connected to four gangs were arrested in new york and new energy lapped. they're linked to 22 shootings over drug profits. the drug deals spilled into massachusetts and new hampshire with suppliers trafficking cocaine and heroin. this is the second massive drug bust this week where heroin was
6:50 am
nation's heroin epidemic and tonight, abc is devoting an hour long 20/20 special on the growing heroin epidemic. breaking point, heroin in america airs tonight at 10 p.m. right here on channel seven. >> david will do an amazing job with that.
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[burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even "turkey jerks." [turkey] gobble. [butcher] i'm sorry! (burke) covered march fourth,2014. talk to farmers. we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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. it is spring break in the 21st century. sun, sand and drone aechz the unmanned air craft will be watching over the 25,000 young men and women descending on south padre island in south texas. the goal is to get areas law enforcement isn't normally able to see. they requested the drones awhile ago and it is a confidence they arrived in time for spring break. >> just a confidence. 6:53. a river in connecticut is home to a unique and unappealing sounding species of algae. scientists discovered a the algae a few years ago. the only place it can be found in s in the farming ton river. the scientific name is tough to say. they won't let me try it this early in the morning. get this, this is the name, i'm not making this up. the name of this algae is rock snot. named for the way it looks and
6:54 am
>> they kind of see how it gets the name. it makes this nice little strand. >> why don't you have him serve you a sandwich now? not only does it sound gross it could be harmful to the eco system. it can prevent anything else from growing there. let's hang out at the farming ton river. researchers are asking visitors to make sure none of the rock snot leaves with them. >> i'm trying cover the monitor so i can't see but i can't avoid it. up next, a high speed chase through two nassau county neighborhoods. >> police were hot on the trail of one of this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. . 6:57. developing on long island. police officers chased after one of their own vehicles after it was stolen by a suspect. >> eyewitness news reporter with more. good morning, darla. there will be big questions within the free port police department to figure out how the suspect managed to drive away in a squad car. it started at 11:00 when they took a suspect into custody. some how the suspect managed to get into the front seat of the
6:58 am
estimated 70 miles an hour. turned here on babylon road which is a dead end street in merrick, crashed into four cars. he was rearrested and taken to the hospital for his injuries. it is not clear why he was first arrested. his name has not been released. darla miles, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. 6:58. 41 miles is how long we -- 41 hours is how long until we reach the strike deadline. both sides sit down in newark. management notified the upones that health insurance and other benefits will be suspended during a strike. they call that move counter productive. new jersey transit says the notice was prevented by federal law. let's get another check on the commute with debbie. >> hi, thank you so much. let's see what is happening with the subways. a couple of problems on the n and r. downtown delays with on going central problems. the l delays with police department activity also getting
6:59 am
let's go to the palisades parkway in orangeburg. a collision over on 287 southbound exit 52 in river detail a crash. getting down toward the franklin township, a collision going outside. moving slowly to into the cross bronx. alternate side in effect. back over to you. >> thank you, debbie. rain is winding down. the wind is pushing out the clouds east. you can see there in the lower part of the screen. the sun is coming out. 57 degrees now. 54 white plains, up to the north we're looking at 46 around monticello. these numbers will hang around right where they are. we're starting to get breaks of sun here and we'll continue to see sunshine building in as we go into the afternoon, we'll be in the low 60s. still way warmer than normal. >> hey. not bad. we'll take it. thanks, bill. that is the news now. shirleen allicot in for lori stokes.
7:00 am
more local news, weather a great weekend. good morning, america. donald trump lines up another big endorsement from a former rival as republicans ditch the personal insults at last debate. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> marco rubio and ted cruz still focused on the front-runner. >> the president can't just say anything he wants. >> we are pledging our support to you. >> trump faces new questions about growing violence at his rallies. >> when they see what's going on in this country they have anger that's unbelievable. >> states of emergency. deadly floods drown the south. the national guard rescuing more than 3,000 families. a in to save drivers as the mayor says this storm is worse than a hurricane. the woman behind sean penn


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