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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 12, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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a circle. closed tight around a world in which their love for each other was the only sustenance they needed. >> reporter: our own diane sawyer remembered a needlepoint at nancy reagan's home. >> i know the words were clearly from president reagan and it said something like this. if you must leave, could you just take me with you? >> reporter: after the ceremony, her casket was taken out to the gravesite of president reagan and this evening it is being laid to rest in the ground there beside him. as she requested. so close as though they could hold hands. for "nightline," i'm matt gutman in simi valley, california. >> in a christmas day letter to his wife in 1981, president reagan wrote in part, i don't sleep well if you're not there. always be there. how sweet the notion that tonight they are together again. thank you for watching abc news.
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jersey transit and its workers reach a deal to keep the trains running. the questions on the minds of riders, will this mean higher fares. violence so bad, a donald trump rally had to be canceled. >> good evening. >> the trouble started when anti-trump protesters confronted trump supporters at a rally in chicago and then the chaos and confrontations spilled outside. several arrests, but no injuries. >> trump under fire recently for egging on his crowds with violent statements about how to deal with protesters. what now? >> reporter: tensions boiled over with supporters and protesters violently clashing before the republican frontrunner could show his face.
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postponed. >> reporter: it prompted law enforcement officials to encourage the gop frontrunner to cancel a highly anticipated event at the university of illinois at chicago friday night. >> reporter: they chanted and debated, with a man having to pulled from the podium. see anyone get hurt, so he greed to canceling the event. and while speaking with cnn, he asserted his tone and rhetoric have nothing to do with the actions taken by some. >> well, i hope that my tone is not that of causing violence. i don't like seeing violence at all. i am not a person that wants to see violence. i am not a person that wants to see people hurt. >> reporter: meanwhile, others argue trump is to blame for recent violent outbursts at
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in one in north carolina. >> so if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of would you? seriously. i would like to punch him in the face. i tell you. >> reporter: running on a platform of making america great again, he believes the source of many protesters' anger lies with their dissatisfaction of those in washington. he believes there will be a high turnout at the polls for several key primaries next week. bill. >> asia, thank you. now to the strike. it has been averted. new jersey transit cheers at the transit agency tonight after negotiators reached a tentative contract agreement one day before the strike deadline. the details are unknown. will it mean a fare hike for more than 100 daily passengers? josh is at newark, penn station for us. josh. >> reporter: the governor insists no fare hike. at least not through the middle
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agreement that will keep the nation's third busiest commuter railroad on track for the next four years. tonight trains rolled through newark's penn station like they usually do with no labor shutdown in sight after a last-minute deal that averted a strike and certain commuter paralysis come monday. >> they reached a settlement. it's over. >> wonderful! that's great. >> thankfully for the commuters, the crisis is averted. we are going them our families. >> [cheers and applause]. >> reporter: after weeks of tense negotiations and five years without a contract or single raise, they breathe add sigh of relief tonight. did you get what you want? >> always are i neither side would reveal the specifics. the unions had demanded retroactive cost of adjustment h. i never felt like we were in
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because i felt like everyone was showing good faith. >> reporter: governor christie returned home from vacation to ratify the agreement which will be in effect through the end of this decade and will require no service cuts and no fare hikes at least for the next year. >> i don't have anything in the fy17 budget that anticipates any transit fare hike and there is nothing that happened here that would make me change the budget proposal i put before the legislature in february. >> then they should get a raise. if that means i have to pay a little more, i can accept that. if he is saying that's not necessary for me to pay a little more, then my question he is has the money for it or is he going to tax me somewhere else to cover it? >> reporter: well, the cover did not rule out what he reasonable rational fare hikes moving into the future to keep pace with inflation and with wages that will increase over that time.
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still not public and won't be possibly for several weeks. monday's commute, we are told, should be normal. we are live at newark's penn station. >> what is in the plan? what's the compromise? will it we invite you to stay with eyewitness news for the latest on air and online this weekend. a vehicle crashes into oncoming traffic ripping through the roof of a car. a mazda tribune was heading westbound on the parkway when it lost its tire at around two afternoon. the tire jumped the median and tore through the roof of a toyota rav 4 headed the opposite way a tow truck driver said two people who said they were ems rushed to the toyota. >> they pulled them out, pulled that person into their personal hospital. >> the passenger in the toyota
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the driver and baby inside the mazda are told to be okay. police in new jersey tonight looking for a gunman and compatriot who shot and attacked of tacked two people. it happened last night in paterson, a group of suspects attacking a man. one pulled a gun and fired several rounds hitting a bystander in the back. police do not believe she was the intended target. the man suffered head injuries. family and friends are saying good-bye to a teenager killed by a speeding driver who, according to cops, was high on pcp and driving with a suspended license. a wake was held tonight for 16-year-old noel herrera. he and his friend were killed car jumped a curb and slammed into them. okay. it's just that, you know, not seeing him any more is hard. spot in my hard now. >> charges against the driver,
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were upgraded to aggravated manslaughter after prosecutors say tests found pcp in his system. she wanted to return a kind of nobility to the white house. a kind of republican jackie former first lady nancy reagan eulogized for her steely discipline and laser attention husband. >> that she was laid to rest at the rafael ramos presidential library in southern california. first lady michelle obama and former first ladies hillary clinton, rosalynn carter and laura bush, all of them were there. former canadian prime minister brian mull rooney read a letter president reagan wrote to her on house. you,
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sentimental you, the fun you, and the pee wee powerhouse you. merry christmas, you all, with all my love, lucky me. >> they did have quite the love affair. she was laid to rest just inches from her husband. now to vote 2016. voters in washington, d.c. and wyoming tomorrow will make their picks for the republican nomination. but the candidates themselves their eyes are on bigger prizes to be garnered on tuesday. that's when florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina and ohio, all of them will hold republican and democratic primaries. sanders campaign hoping to pick up more mid-western delegates after his surprise win in michigan. for the republicans winner take all in florida and ohio. two critical races for john kasich and marco rubio. and some 17-year-olds will be able to vote. a judge in that state allowing teens who will be 18 before the fall election to vote in ohio's
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the state allows them to vote on congressional legislative and mayoral contenders. new at 11, a lot of people camping out in jersey city. this isn't for a concert or the latest tech gadget. it's a line for pre-k sign-up at concordia learning center. registration begins tomorrow al8 a.m. but there is only 82 spots available. why the demand? eyewitness news reporter carolina al e. >> reporter: private programs in jersey city can run parents upwards of $16,000 a year. so these parents are well aware of that and that's why they are camped out here, because they know that a great pre-k program that's free fills up very fast. at first glance this likes a line to buy the latest and greatest gadget. take a closer look.
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in the rain and in the cold to get their children into a sought after pre-k program for 3-year-olds. >> i have a cot and one of those chairs that tilt back nicely. just that's about it. a lot of blankets. >> reporter: these parents have been sitting in line since early thursday morning. two full days of waiting. hoping to get one of just 82 spots for the concordia learning center's pre-k program. it's the second time nicole juarez signed up. she is back for her second son and will be back in a few years for her daughter. >> they treat your kids like their kids. it's very family oriented. >> we have very limited school that is good in jersey city. parents have no option but to line up to get into like a good one. >> reporter: some parents even hired people to hold their place in line. a job usually done to snag concert tickets.
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the most important job we have done because, preschool, this concerns a child's future. >> reporter: as parents showed us pictures of their precious children, they explained it's well worth the wait. >> enjoying it. now we have made new friends here. >> i feel bad for people who don't do the line because now we're all -- we're in it now and we take our kids in. we know each other. we have been through it together. you know? and that creates a real good vibe. >> reporter: and those two men that you just heard there pretty school. there are people at the end of applicants. remember there is only 82 applicants that will be allowed into the school. but they say they will wait in this line and hope to get to the top of the wait list. reporting live in jersey city, eyewitness news. kids. thank you. a parents' nightmare. their young daughter left with
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coming up we will explain what happened. plus, a $10 million pot ring busted. how police tracked down this stash of drugs. and make it five straight march days in the 60s or 70s. temperatures not breaking records today, but still well above average. more on april levels. now we are about to drop in the 40s for the first time since wednesday morning. we start a little weekend chill.
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the victim of the latest random slashing in new york city with a message for new yorkers who are worried about the knife attacks this year. the 53-year-old victim slashed across the neck yesterday morning as she was walking in dit miss park in brooklyn. surveillance shows the attacker running away. he dropped an american flag bandanna wrapped around his face. the victim now warning people to pay attention. >> horrible. horrible. better be aware. don't stay on the cell phone like you're walking. that's why it was done. >> reporter: you were on your cell phone? >> yeah, i was looking at my
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>> got to stay alert. i attacker dropped two knives. it took 13 inches to close the victim's wound. a 10-month-old drug ring busted. 300 pounds of marijuana discovered inside a u-haul headed from the west coast to brooklyn. the pot hidden among the furniture in the truck. investigators discovered the driver's garage was full of drugs. and he certainly had his fill in space after spending nearly a year in space, astronaut scott kelly will retire april 1st. scott kelley joined the astronaut corps in 1996. he holds the record for the most time spent in space for an american. it is a cold hard fact. most fatal fires there is a
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with that in mind, when you set your blocks ahead an hour, change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. fire safety teams with the fdny handing out free smoke alarms and batteries across new york city. more than 80% fire deaths in the city were in homes with no working detectors. >> this is cause you hold dear since how long? >> since 1979. >> change your batteries in your >> got do it. set us up for the weekend. not as warm as the last couple of days, but still nice? >> absolutely. >> that 7:00 sunset helps. a week from this sunday is the official beginning of spring. the empire state building in orange tonight for the cycle
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temperature at 50 degrees. northwest wind has backed off. the pressure is sky high. high pressure is moving very close and high was 67. that was in the wee hours of the morning. way above the average. there are the sunrise and sun sets at saturday. headlines. well, a chill is definitely returning tonight. many suburbs dipping into the 30s. we will be around 60 over the weekend. again another remindtory push those clocks ahead. in addition to the smoke detectors, maybe think about changing the filters. now, as we look to the end of the weekend, some rain's gonna come in on sunday night and monday. it could be pretty steady for the beginning of the work week. below freezing in monticello 43 cold spring. long island at 48. 46 in belmar. newark still sitting at 50. so some places in the 40s, hit the 80s yesterday. running 20 degrees below last night's pace.
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just northerly winds of pouring that cold air down the hudson valley. that's why we're chilling out tomorrow night. 42 tomorrow morning. more cloudiness in the afternoon, especially after 3 or 4:00. we should touch the 60-degree mark. just a couple of patchy clouds. this is the northern edge fanning out from a storm that has been soaking the gulf for days. what happens over the weekend pieces that have storm break eastward and we get more clouds in the afternoon hours. eventually some showers late in the day on sunday, but certainly on monday. here is a closer look. chilly tomorrow morning. early risers have the heavy coat early. sprinkle jacket. clouds are rolling in. clouds retreat sunday morning, high clouds, and then they will thicken up late in the afternoon. morning. 42. up to 62 with sunshine mixing with clouds and then 49 night. your seven-day shows a 62 on we spring ahead. and on monday that's when we're talking about a raw, rainy day. half an inch of rainfall and
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that's going to feel chilly. we rebound to 60 late tuesday after morning week and wednesday is 65. enjoy the weekend. >> thanks. coming up next, new research about which children are more likely to be diagnosed with adhd. >> we will tell you why their birth date could play a role.
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the dentist has been suspended. they say she failed to call for help immediately, instead of trying to treat neveah with medications. >> heartbreaking. i have never thought something like this would happen. >> how could you do that to a four-year-old? what if that was your kid? >> well, neveah's parents are planning on taking legal action. in tonight's health alert, diagnosing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder might be a question of age. the youngest students in the classroom are more likely to be given a diagnosis of adhd. considering the age of the child diagnose ig them with adhd, the question to be of maturity, not of a disorder. the knicks out west. we will update their late game
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also checking in with the nets. a trip to philadelphia ends up with a scary scene on the court. one that sends a player to the hospital. we will let you know what happened here.
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is to me or general manager of the knicks at every game now? >> well -- > [ laughter ] >> you can commute this one, too. phil jackson in los angeles with his team today. said today he is in it to win it. believes carmelo anthony is with the knicks for the long haul as well. now it's about finishing the season strong.
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of the coach. here. here is anthony baseline. still early in l.a. it's 42-38 clips right now in the second quarter. third quarter jerami grant, thaddeus young, donald sloan and covington gets tangled up. covington had to be wheeled off the court. >> was evaluated for a neck injury at a local hospital. fourth quarter sean kilpatrick out of the game. a three-point game. the 6ers roll. seven players in double digits. philly snaps a 13 game losing streak. big match-up tonight. seton hall and xavier. the winner moves on to play villanova tomorrow. the musketeers have the high rankings. >> the pirates are all over them tonight. carrington leading the way.
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seton hall is keeping it up right now 77-64 late second half. in the american uconn against cincinnati. third overtime. tied at 85. the bearcats kevin johnson hits a three with an eighth of a second to go. the huskies down three. desperation heave. he got it. what a shot. this game is tied. they go to overtime number four. daniel hamilton scored 32 in the game. connecticut wins 104-97 in quadruple overtime, that's four. the buzzer-beater keeps the huskies alive. the jets met with robert grinch iii today. still want to sign ryan fitzpatrick. former mets relief picture jenrry mejia says he will cooling eng that lifetime ban. he was permanently suspended after a third positive test for performance-enhancing drugs. he said today -- his lawyer says it's a conspiracy.
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they cannot run america's pastime like a bad '70s cop movie. >> all righty. mets-nationals today. steven strasburg steven matz three runs over two innings. mets lose 9-5. yankees-orioles. tanaka makes a start. three strikeouts. looking good for opening day. here comes a run and the yankees win it 7-1. have a great weekend. >> bad '70s cop movies? were there any bad '70s cop movies? i always heard fios was a lot faster. but i thought it'd be a hassle to switch. turns out it wasn't. they showed up when i asked and they set up wi-fi on my laptop and my tablet and stuff. it's true. it is better. i'm here to mow the lawn. it's february, curtis.


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