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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 12, 2016 6:00am-7:59am EST

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: good morning, everyone. developing at 6:00 a.m., mayhem broke out at a bar in queens and right now a bouncer is dead. several people are in police custody. "eyewitness news" is live at the scene as the hunt for more suspects continues. >> meantime, a huge sigh of relief. new jersey transit and its workers reached a deal avoiding a strike. everybody can get to work on monday. we have details.
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for gop presidential candidate donald trump as chaos erupted. his camp called the whole thing off. what does this mean going forward? good morning, everybody. taking a live look at lower manhattan. look how crisp and clear it looks. the east river looks like glass on this saturday, march 12th. glad you are making time for us. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> it's always nice to start spring-like weather. >> it will be dark tomorrow, though, because we spring forward. >> we'll lose that hour of sleep and we'll be tired tomorrow. extra coffee will be in order for sure. amy freeze, this was a spectacular week. >> it was. squeeze in sunshine and temperatures easy to take.
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it feels mild in the city, but the outlying areas have temperatures even below freezing in white plains and suburbs. lots of sunshine out there. sunrise officially at 6:12 this morning. so just a few minutes away. we've already got the bright skies to begin. morristown 30 degrees for you. newburgh at 30 degrees. it is chilly. you can take off the jackets as comfort awaits us across the board. winds are calm. we have a few clouds across the hudson river valley. enjoy the low to mid-40s by the morning. forecasting high in new york city of 60 degrees. i'll have much more coming up in the accuweather five-day forecast. see you then.
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developing story out of queens. a man is dead after he was beaten by a group of people inside of a bar. marcus solis joins us live from south ozone park with more on the story. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. crime scene investigators are investigating as this beating left a bouncer dead at 1:15 on rockaway boulevard in south ozone park. police responding to a 911 call of an assault taking place. they found the victim severely beaten with severe trauma and may have gone into cardiac arrest. the victim taken to jamaica hospital where he was pronounced dead. police have taken a number of people who were inside. bar into custody. they are questioning them at the 106th precinct. at this hour, no arrests in this case. marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> strange story.
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commuters who rely on new jersey transit are breathing a sigh of relief this morning after workers and new jersey transit did reach a tentative deal to avert a strike that, of course, would have caused a commuter night mare starting monday morning. it ended a dispute that has lasted five years, when the last contract compared. the new contract runs through 2020 -- the last contract expired. the new contract runs through 2020 and will not require a fare hike or service cut through the next year. >> if he says it's not necessary for me to pay a little more, my question then is, do you really have the money for it or is he going to tax me somewhere else to cover it? >> if a settlement had not been reached, workers would have walked off the job at midnight
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strike in more than 3 decades. stay with us for the latest on the transit deal. again, a strike has been averted. folks in jersey are very happy. michelle? >> oh, yes. tensions boiled over in chicago at the university of illinois as confrontations grew more intense between donald trump supporters and protesters. there were violent clashes even before the republican front- runner arrived after the rally was canceled for security reasons, some said trump is to blame. trump points the finger elsewhere. "eyewitness news" reporter a.j. ross has the story. >> reporter: tonight's rally will be postponed until another day. >> reporter: a titanic clash among a sea of trump supporters and protesters prompted law enforcement officials to
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to cancel a highly anticipated event friday night. as several fights erupted prompting police to converge, others joined arms chanting and debating with one man even having to be pulled from the podium. trump says he didn't want to see anyone get hurt so he agreed to canceling the event. while speaking with cnn, he asserts his tone and rhetoric have nothing to do with the actions taken by some. >> i hope that my tone is not that of causing violence. i don't like seeing violence at all. i'm not a person that wants to see violence. i'm not a person that wants to see people hurt. >> reporter: meanwhile, others argued trump is to blame for recent violent outbursts at other large rallies, including this one in north carolina where trump had this to say about disruptive protesters. >> so if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of
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face, i'll tell you. face, i'll tell you. >> reporter: running on a platform of making america great again. trump believes the source of the acre lies with the dissatisfaction with those in washington. today, voters in washington d.c. and wyoming will make their picks for the republican nomination, but the candidates themselves, their eyes are on the bigger prizes as they look ahead to tuesday. more big votes coming up when florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina, and ohio all will hold both the republican and democratic primaries. some of them are winner take all, which will up the delegate count big time for winners. meantime, the sanders campaign is hoping to pick up more midwestern delegates aof a surprise win in michigan. the republicans, again, as we said, winner take all in ohio and florida. big battlegrounds for rubio, kasich. it could be a major point in the race. meanwhile, some 17-year- olds in ohio will be able to vote in the swing state's presidential primary. a judge in ohio is now allowing teens who will be 18 before the fall election in november to vote in the primary tuesday. they can already vote on legislative and mayoral contenders. nine teenage voters sued over the secretary of state's interpretation of the existing law that was forbidding them from voting. >> and the 17-year-olds are now 24 actually. it takes a long time. [ laughter ] >> a little slow. coming up on "eyewitness news" on this saturday morning, family friends in new jersey will say a final good-bye to a teenager mowed down by a driver believed to be high on drugs and speeding. we'll have the details. >> new this morning, police are searching for the heartless
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greenwich village and just took off. we have the photos police now want you to see. amy? >> here in the accuweather center, we're tracking temperatures. upper 30s and low 40s on long island right now. the 24-hour temperature change are as much as 20 degrees colder than the same time yesterday. so we'll look at that and how that plays out over the weekend.
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the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. fo . a speeding driver, according to police was high on pcp and driving with a suspended license. he was also speeding, according to police, at three times the posted limit. a wake was held last night for 16-year-old noel herrera whose
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he and his friend brian rodriguez were killed last weekend standing on the sidewalk when a speeding car jumped a curb and slammed into them. >> we've been okay. it's just that not seeing him anymore is hard. there's an empty spot in my heart now. >> 23-year-old eric patterson were upgraded to aggravated manslaughter after prosecutors say tests found that pcp in his system. new this morning, we are seeing video of the car that police say was involved in a hit and run crash last friday just before 10:00 at night. investigators say the driver lost control on christopher street driving up onto the sidewalk and then hitting a 40- year-old man before then just taking off. the victim was treated for his injuries at bellevue hospital. police say the dark colored suv
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that contain the letters gsp. >> one person is still in critical condition after a wheel flew off of an suv on the grand central parkway and crashed into oncoming traffic ripping through the roof of a car. a mazda tribune was heading westbound on the parkway when it lost its tire yesterday afternoon. the tire then jumped the median and tore through the roof of a toyota rav 4 headed the opposite way. a tow truck driver, who saw the whole thing, says two people who said they were ems personnel rushed to that toyota. >> they pulled them out and put them in their person car and shot off to the hospital. >> we're told a passenger in that toyota is in critical condition. the driver suffered only minor injuries. the driveern and the baby who were inside of the mazda, thankfully, are both okay.
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looking for the gunman and his friends who shot and attacked two people thursday afternoon in patterson. a group of suspects attacked a man. one pulled a gunfiring several rounds hitting a woman who was walking by in the back. police do not believe she was the intended target in this. the man suffered head injuries. straight ahead on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, after nearly a year in space, in less than two weeks back here on earth, astronaut scott kelly makes a big announcement about his future. we'll have details on that. this is just for you, rob nelson. sunrise and meteorologist,
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governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing.ll-time you shouldn't have to choosetween paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this
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breaking news right now. search crews are on the scene after a tugboat overturned on the tappan zee bridge. the boat was carrying workers on the west nyack side of the bridge. that boat did sink after it overturned. one person has been pulled from missing at this hour. we do have a crew headed to the scene, and of course we'll bring you updates on this breaking news as we learn more. again, a tugboat apparently has sunk. one person has been rescued. two people are missing. marcus solis is rushing to the scene so stay tuned for details on that. it's good to all be back together again. >> i know. i just want to point this out. you two are very big in hawaii. i was staying in kauai on the beach. >> very shocked. >> three houses down the way, a lovely couple comes walking by one morning with their dogs.
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all of a sudden, where are they from? new jersey and pennsylvania. love that michelle charlesworth. oh, that rob nelson, been watching him since overnight. so we'll put a video shoutout to them on facebook. just so you know it's far and wide. >> huge in i nolove it. >> your popularity expands beyond the mainland. >> we'll take it wherever we can get it. we have doses of the best type of weather you can get. it looks like it will be here for the weekend. right around 60 degrees. we're starting chilly in some spots. if you are in the outlying areas, the suburbs extending into the novaeyrt, we have while it's 40 right now in central park, northwest wind at gr on the rise. we're looking
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degrees from where we are right now. early on, here's the chill. monticello, just 25 degrees. sussex, you are at 28, below freezing. we've got 30 for morristown right now. 39 for montauk. temperatures are still 27 in tom's river but warmer in belmar. we'll have temperatures taking us in the upper 50s. around 2:00, 3:00, that's where we'll have the warmest temperatures of the day. a chill in the morning and pleasant afternoon. stay with 60 saturday and sunday. the clocks spring forward tonight, so a reminder of that. so it turns into a raw and rainy start to the weekend. it looks like those showers do begin late on sunday and carry on into monday where we'll get the bulk of the rain. radar and satellite showing the clouds drifting off to the north. we'll see clouds drifting up to
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start tomorrow. we spring forward so the clocks change. weather stays the same and we get the clouds coming in on sunday about 10:00. accuweather 60 degrees, increasing clouds and 49 degrees. tomorrow, we close out the weekend with showers by evening. this will be off to the west. temperatures will have made it into the low 60s. sometimes the evening will be tricky and chilly. monday, just 48 degrees. this will be a shock to the system. we take the cool temperatures on monday and go back to warm on tuesday. it looks really nice. it could be an early morning shower on tuesday, so we kept that in there. on wednesday this is really the best day of the week.
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then thursday, we are back into the upper 50s with friday 62 and rain heading into next weekend. so all in all, the accuweather seven-day forecast. i would choose wednesday as the best day of the week at this point, but really not looking too bad late in the week compared to the unsettled weather that we will have beginning on monday. temperatures in the upper 40s. today, across new york city, it is cycle for survival. this has been going on since 2007. they've raised up to $28 million so far. i think they'll do better than that before all is said and done. the what cycle for survival is, is a program you can fund raise by cycling doing spinning. equinox is a big partner with them. what they do is raise money for rare cancers. all of the money raised, every dime goes straight to research at sloan-kettering, so right here in our backyard. >> i love that. so if somebody is bankrolling the rest of it, the administrative and everything else so they can say that, which is wonderful.
6:22 am
program, we read about them online. just incredible. the wife was, of course, struggling with a rare cancer. it it's less likely to get the cancer that you wanted to have because it's happening to you. >> you will be there. that's awesome. >> on a related note, i met a courageous young woman and there is an event in fort lee to help her out. stay tuned later this morning for that story. good things we can do today/. >> absolutely. >> really good. after spending nearly a year many space, astronaut scott kelly is going to retire next month. retire april 1st. kelly says he will continue to participate in ongoing research related to his one-year mission. his brother, mark, is also participating in that study. scott kelly joined the astronaut corp in 1986 and holds the record for the most wow.
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you've earned it. >> yeah, chill out. >> you've done well. >> they recycled all of the water in the thing, and i read about that. that was a little weird. >> i'm sure gabby is like, enough, stay home. >> what an amazing family. he and his brother. >> yeah, absolutely. when we [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even "turkey jerks."
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time for sports with rob powers. >> good morning, everybody. let's start with basketball nick jackson in los angeles with his team. he says he's in it to win it. carmelo anthony is with the nicks for the long haul as well. now it's time to finish this season and coach kurt rambis. made it look so easy. on the other end, here's anthony, baseline. they could not hold on. the clippers beat the knicks last night. the nets down the road, just down the road at philadelphia. third quarter jeremy grant, donald sloan and robert covington get tangled up. had to be wheeled off the court and was evaluated at a local hospital. we go to the fourth quarter, shawn kilpatrick making it a good game. sixers come back, seven players in double digits and the nets
6:27 am
philly snatches a 13-game losing streak. big matchup seton hall and xavier. the winner would move on to play villanova later on today. the pirates were all over. look at the first half. that's kadeem carrington leading the way. second half angel delgado, 87- 83 seton hall with the upset last night at the tournament. now to the american, uconn against cincinnati. the bearcat's kevin johnson hits the three with an eighth of a second to go. oh! jalen adams, what a shot. game time, you go he to a fourth overtime. daniel hamilton and connecticut
6:28 am
former met relief pitcher henry mejia says he will challenge major league baseball suspended for performance enhancing drugs. mejia says mlb orchestrate the whole thing, which baseball denies. mejia's lawyers say it is a conspiracy. >> they cannot run america's pastime like a bad '70s cop movie. mets nationals. stevensteven strassberg looking good. tanaka making another good start. look goods for opening day. offense comes through as well. yanks beat the o's. the big sports weekend on tap for us.
6:29 am
behnke's got you covered. >> i like that, rob. >> i like it. >> rob behnke has us covered. i love it. >> good energy, rob. >> much more ahead. >> parents in jersey city camped outside for days all for pre--k registration. why this school is in such high demand. >> and why a trip to the dentist ended with a young girl suffering severe brain damage. we'll have those stories plus that sunken tugboat near the tappan zee. we'll follow that for you as well. first, right over to amy. >> we're looking at beautiful skies. right now it's 40s in the city and 30s and freezing temperatures in some areas. rating this day on a scale of 1 to 10, a solid 8. we'll talk
6:30 am
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oh, boy! what a gorgeous shot outside. 12th. we spring forward tonight. charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson. we'll be tired tomorrow after we lose that hour, but that's we'll be here. >> let's check in with amy freeze and a check at the a glorious week. week. it was so nice to get that spring fever. things are comfortable as well starting with 40 in the city. there are some spots that are actually cold in the suburbs. you'll want to bundle up as you take the dog outside. first, a talk of the change we have tonight. we spring forward. sunrise this morning is at 6:12.
6:33 am
it's going to be a beautiful day in the skies. 40 degrees is where we begin. we'll take our temperatures to near 60. rain holds off much of the weekend. i'll explain. 31 for poughkeepsie right now. 20s for monticello and sussex. even tom's river has 27. there are some cold spots out there. be aware because it might catch you off guard. looking at the futurecast, we are expecting a beautiful day around here. we'll go with 60 for the afternoon high. coming up in just a few minutes, we'll talk temperatures cooling off dramatically in the seven-day forecast. i'll see you then, rob. >> amy, thank you very much. we are following a developing story out of queens where a bouncer is dead this morning after police say he was attacked on the job. this happened at south ozone park after 1:00 a.m. investigators say the bouncer
6:34 am
people and then went into cardiac arrest. he was taken to jamaica plain hospital and that's where he died. >> they are looking for all suspects in this. so far, though no arrests have been made. in less than two hours, a long line of people will find whether or not they made the cut for a highly coveted spot in a jersey city plea school program. parents who spent the last two days waiting outside of the concordia learning hoping to snag more than 82 spotted. the line started forming thursday for today's 8:00 a.m. registration. it's first come first served, but parents who know the school know how important it is to get a child in. >> they treat your kids like their kids. it's definitely feeling like your home. >> parents have no option but to line up and get into a good one.
6:35 am
because the state requires the jersey city school district provide pre--k to all children. >> good parents. it's a shame it takes a camp out. it was supposed to be a routine trip to the dentist to get a tooth yanked but it left their daughter with severe brain damage. she cannot talk, walk, see. she suffered seizures after the dentist put her under sedation. the dentist has been suspended by the texas board of governors which says she nailed to call for help immediately instead first trying to treat the girl with medication. [inaudible speakers ] >> how could she do that to a 4-year-old? how could you do that no anybody?
6:36 am
>> the child's parents are planning taking legal action. the life of bill cosby is asking a federal judge to stop her upcoming deposition. she says in her first deposition question she was asked offensive questions about her own sexual relations, political commentary and the death of her son. the lawyers say the line of questioning was irrelevant to the case. cosby's motion asked the judge to eliminate her planned second session or limit the examination. >> former first lady nancy reagan has hill country northwest of los angeles. [music] >> first lady michelle obama and former first ladies hillary
6:37 am
laura bush were all in attendance yesterday. rhine mulroney read a letter president reagan wrote to nancy on their very first christmas in the white house. it was addressed to "dr. mrs. r." >> i love the whole gang of you, mummy, first lady, the sentimental you, the fun you, and the pee wee powerhouse you. merry christmas, you all, with all my love, lucky me. >> as her final request, mrs. reagan was laid to rest just inches from her husband. >> notably absent from the funeral was president obama who made a stop in texas. the president encouraged texans to use their skills to tackle big problems in new ways such as increasing voter participation.
6:38 am
he announced the encryption debate saying concessions must be made to catch criminals. an entire community is coming together to celebrate a woman who made quite the impression on a recent trip to the white house. >> are you best friends with the president, ma'am? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> reporter: of course you remember this lady. virginia mclauren. video. she turns 107 years old today. last month, she achieved one of her greatest dreams, she says, celebrating black history month by meeting president obama and the first lady dancing right there in the white house as she danced her way on stage yesterday as her community came together to make that 107th books. >> you know i feel better since i saw all of these nice people. i appreciate everything you are doing for me, and i ask the lord to bless you. >> happy birthday!
6:39 am
life that long. she's in great spirits. she's also known as grandmother virginia in the community is actually still an active volunteer. so on her birthday, they gave her a $5,000 home makeover. that story just gets better and better. >> how great is that. i was wondering why she was sitting in a nice accent chair with a plant on the sidewalk and on the table. >> she turns 107, got a home makeover. >> and she blessed up. volunteering. that's a life well lived. god bless that lady. >> coming up, i don't know if that. >> no. >> a new skin treatment to knock it out and fight acne scars and it's for every complexion light to dark. we'll show you how it is. >> and which children are
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oh, boy. this is a close call for a highway worker when a landslide slides right into his truck toppling it. he was responding to a previous landslide when a second one came crashing down. the mud, look at all of this mud coming right down the hill. it pushed his truck. he was responding, again, to the landslide. pushed the truck against the guardrail. the worker somehow was able to climb out of the truck on his own. he was shaken up, but he's okay. >> rough. >> look at that. >> yikes. >> yeah, not good. >> not so much. >> i know california's beautiful. i get the weather and the pacific ocean and the mountains. but between earthquakes and mudslides and every summer, the whole state's on fire. you pay a price for all of that nice weather out there. >> it's only a tiny bit of the state. >> every summer, i'm not
6:43 am
but it is a tough place to live out there. the earthquake, i don't know. >> san andreas falls. >> what's it called? >> i think it's called san andreas. >> i think that's what it's called. [ laughter ] >> luckily for you guys, we have some mild weather to keep you sane. >> that's right. >> and make you cherish the place you -- >> i wouldn't go that far. the sanity part, i wouldn't go with that. cherishing, yes. >> i love new york every time it gets warm weather again. people are outsigh enjoying meals and waking around happy. >> i love seeing the outdoor seating, don't you? >> yeah. >> almost as much as i love sitting itself, i like seeing others sit. [ laughter ] >> it's a nearly perfect weekend. nearly perfect. >> nearly. >> but not perfect. >> there's a wrinkle. >> temperatures are 40 degrees
6:44 am
we begin with beautiful skies. i will see clouds increasing for the afternoon, and they are actually cold spots running as well. i'm talking below freezing temperatures in some of the outlying areas. we'll go with 40 in the park. our official reporting station, humidity 55%. winds are calm, pressure's on the rise. looking at temperatures today well above average making it to near 60 degrees in the boroughs. monticello just 27 degrees. the same for tom's river at 27. on the island, we're looking at temperatures that are in the upper 30s. a little bit more mild, but there are certainly colded toes. sussex has 28 right now. all of it warms up nicely under the clear skies last night as temperatures bottomed out. we look for this afternoon around 3:00, 4:00, our high temperatures to hit the upper 50s and low 60s. so that's going to feel nice and mild. we take 60s both days of the weekend.
6:45 am
around that 60 degree mark. time will change, but weather that we've got here forecasted is not going to move much. workweek. those showers could begin as early as sunday night. on the accutrack, the radar and satellite, we don't have any showers to talk about since there's a few high, thin clouds over parts of the hudson valley that stretches all the way up to albany. we see those fading out as the sun strength increases. by this afternoon and evening, clouds are back. they are actually down south for the sunset and parts of long island will be clouded in as well. then by tomorrow morning, another beautiful start. absolutely gorgeous. sun's coming up closer to 7:00 tomorrow. we'll see the showers late in hours. we're expecting them to start to the west maybe after 9:00 come in and become widespread by early on monday morning or rain moving in. monday morning's commute does look like a wet one and well.
6:46 am
tonight, we go down to 49 with those increasing clouds tomorrow 62 degrees then showers by the evening. the accuweather seven-day forecast looks like monday in the rainiest day of the week and also the coldest. we've got 48 the forecast high for monday afternoon. cool to start the day on tuesday with the remaining warm 60. mild mix of sun and clouds and the best day of the week, i degrees. on thursday 58 and then a shower could return on friday with a high of 62. so looking at the weekend, all in all, is this is a good one. it is a good one, but it does end with a few showers around. sunday night, if you are going doen to the boardwalk or down the shore, you will be enjoying some of the beautiful skies around here. know that those clouds do race in and we should see showers before all is said and done sunday night. >> good week ahead. wednesday's the day, though. >> 65. >> the day i leave for vacation to new orleans, beautiful!
6:47 am
>> spring ahead. we all know virginia mclauren the grandmother we saw dancing in the house. today is her birthday, so this has the most creative remix, but this is the funky happy birthday version. you know who sings it best. >> the beatles. >> no, the soulful happy birthday song. stevie wonder! roll it! [music] >> reporter: here's what's happening. head to the javits center and see over 200 robotics themes in the tri-state area and around the world to compete for the 16th anniversary. new york city's first competition and expo. in the bronx, learn about the roles of women and those who challenge them at smithsonian day. live celebrating women's history month. in queens, you and your kids can get your hands dirty with
6:48 am
on long island, beware of the ides of march. see how central plus you have his plays unfold. arts, culture and fun presents a night of jazz and dancing harlem. join us anniversary of the savoy ballroom. for more information about these events and to submit an
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search cruise are on the scene after a tugboat overturned. that boat was carrying workers on the west nyack side of the bridge, but the boat sank after it overturned. one person has been pulled from the water. two others are missing right now. we do have a crew headed to the scene and we'll bring you updates on this breaking news as we learn more.
6:51 am
sunk near the tappan zee bridge. >> a few treatment for acne but you say this is different. >> people say this is very different. it promises to be permanent, less expensive, and the big colors. very light complected to dark. it's called frectora. patients are calling the results life changing. >> reporter: the before and after pictures tell the story. acne and scars are diminished after four treatments, which uses radio frequent to stop acne and start healing scars at the same time. >> nothing works better than this. >> reporter: phillip was in college. had he treatments two years ago. >> i look in the mirror and i'd see pinkles and it would be in the back of my mind. now i don't think about them. >> reporter: what's difference is this uses radio frequency to go after acne and acne scars at the same time for the people who have light skin and dark skin.
6:52 am
and it seems to be working. >> this is a fantastic way to treat scars, and the actual acne. >> reporter: dr. elna has published her results using fractora. she says it shuts down oil glands while stimulating collagen. >> these are able to get those blood vessels and get those glands. they don't let them function anymore, over a number of treatments. so there's nothing to facilitate the acne. there's no glands to make oil, no blood vessels and oxygen, so the acne's gone. >> reporter: before treatment, the skin is numbs and a co2 laser is touched onto the skin. silicone covered p.i.n.s inside of the wand keeps dark skin from becoming discolored which can happen with other treatments. after four treatments, this promises to be permanent at a cost of hundreds of dollars, not thousands.
6:53 am
what's the reaction from his family and friends? >> they can't recognize me. >> reporter: his only regret is that he didn't do it earlier. >> you don't hear that often in new york that it's reasonably priced. >> right. >> the after-pictures are great. >> big difference. when we come back a boy scout troop bilked for thousands of bucks. it happens uncover a scam. >> first, it's workout saturday, so let's get to amy. >> get your paws up. first we start with gustav who has his eyes covered or hidden. then there is bud, who's got the wink going on. thanks, tim, for sending in the picture this morning. what a sweetie pie. then we've got, of course, spunky. the name is spunky. the eyes may not tell the whole story. finally, we've got angel sent
6:54 am
we'd love to see your pics. (church bell) (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
6:55 am
[text message alert] [crashing]
6:56 am
well, boy scouts on long island became the victims of a scammer who stole nearly 10 grand from their checking account. >> the banks could not help them. 7 on your side's nina pineda did. >> reporter: troop 517 in rockville center worked hard to raise money for their trips. >> we sell popcorn every weekend for pretty much the entire month of october and november. then we have a big garage sale. >> reporter: it took almost a year to save up $9900, and only a few seconds for someone to steal it out of the scouts' account. >> it's ridiculous. besides the fact that it is a boy scout account, you stole thousands for somebody. >> reporter: they used to to pay off a credit card in europe. how was this monday allowed to come out of your account over
6:57 am
>> reporter: the second shocker, a little known rule. business and charity account holders have just one business bank. since the scouts didn't report denied. >> it's such a short amount of time, you couldn't possibly catch it. >> it was money that belongs not just to the troop, but belongs to the boys. >> reporter: even the boy scout's sponsor was losing faith. >> so many people had put up road blocks to them and thought it was a lost cause. >> reporter: 7 on your side was prepared for the challenge. we asked astoria to reconsider. >> today as of this afternoon, all of our money has been restored. >> reporter: astoria said the generous gesture was a courtesy to the local boy scouts even though the bank couldn't recover the stolen funds. >> you were able to do what no one else could do democrat. >> reporter: i am now an
6:58 am
do you trust we could get it? >> thank you, nina. >> i'm so happy. thank you. >> reporter: the scouts could get ready for their trip to williamsburg after all. >> thank you, 7 on your side. >> nina pineda, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> well done, nina, as always. >> very good. nice to see her honored. coming up, we are following that breaking news near the tappan where a tugboat sank this morning. right now, we know one person has died in this. we have a crew headed to the scene. a rescue mission is still under way. >> also developing right now in queens, a bouncer is dead after being attacked right there on the job. what police are doing this morning to find the people
6:59 am
7:00 am
smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. good morning, everyone.
7:01 am
breaking news right now. one person is dead, two people are missing after a tugboat overturned and sank near the tappan zee bridge. >> the boat hit a barge apparently while carrying workers on the rockland side of the bridge. we're hearing several workers were on board. we had a crew heading to the scene where a search and rescue operation is currently under way. >> we'll stay on top of that throughout the morning, of course. >> let's get to amy for a quick look at weather and a nice weekend head. >> yeah, it's going to be real pleasant this afternoon. right now, temperatures are 20 degrees colder than they were 24 hours ago in spots outside of the city. we had 41 outside of the city. you look at these numbers that are north and west of the city and temperatures are significantly colder than they were yesterday at the same time. looking right now at below freezing temperatures for milford and stillwater. randolph has 30 degrees right
7:02 am
have to be in the outlying areas in the suburbs to get the cold temperatures sussex and monticello still in the 20s. radar and sat late, no sures to worry about today. the winds are fairly light out of the east and southeast. once we go through the evening hours we see clouds decreasing. forecast high today is 60 degrees. we'll talk about rain to end the weekend coming up in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. i'll see you then, michelle. >> thanks so much, amy. we're following a developing story in queens. a bouncer has died after police say he was attacked on the job. it happened at johnnie's restaurant and bar after 1:00 this morning. the bouncer was attacked by a
7:03 am
up going into cardiac arrest. police are questioning several people who were in the bar at the time. commuters are breathing a big sigh of relief this morning after workers and new jersey transit reached a tentative deal to avoid a strike. a settlement was reached ending a dispute that lasted nearly five years. this new contract runs through 2020. governor christie says it will not require a fare hike or any kind of service cut at least through the next year. >> if he's saying it's not necessary for me to pay a little more, my question is, does he really have the money
7:04 am
>> walkers walked off the job at midnight tonight. it would have. the fist strike in more than three decades. the good news, ain't gonna happen. jill? >> i hear you. we're seeing video of the car police say was involved in a hit and run crash in greenwich village. it happened last friday just before 10:00 at night. the driver lost control on christopher street driving up onto the sidewalk. the victim was treated for his injuries in bell view. the dark colored suv has new york license plates that contain the numbers gsp. a wheel flew off of an suv and crashed into oncoming traffic ripping through the roof of one car. authorities say a mazda tribune was heading westbound on the parkway when it lost its tire yesterday afternoon. the entire thing came off. >> jumped the median and the tire tore through the roof of a
7:05 am
is it direction. two people who said they were ems rushed to the toyota. >> they pulled them out, and they threw that person in their personal car and shot off to the hospital. >> reporter: we're told the passenger in that toyota is in critical condition. the driver suffered only minor injuries. the driver and a baby, who were inside of the mazda, are both fine. new jersey lawmakers are working to rename a law in honor of a state trooper killed while responding to a crash. trooper shawn cullen was killed earlier this week at the scene of a car fire on i-395. there were several fire trucks and police vehicles at that scene with their lights on when cullen was hit and killed. now state senators are working to rename a law requiring drivers to move over when approaching the scene of a crash in honor of cullen. his funeral will be held on monday.
7:06 am
have a unique clue in search of a drone operator. they were using a drown found stuck in a radio tower. the video actually shows the drone flying toward the tower before then becoming stuck. >> there we go. coming up on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, donald trump's presidential campaign pulled out of chicago after protesters made a scene inside and outside a venue in chicago. things growing increasingly violent at trump rallies. >> also ahead, a little boy was left alone at a hospital, and his mom is revealing now why she dropped him off and didn't go back for him. >> i'm meteorologist amy freeze in the accuweather center. we're getting off to a great start. the finish is not the same. we are tracking showers that will move in for the late part of the weekend and be here for the starof the workweek.
7:07 am
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you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my stop & shop. . we continue to follow breaking news. one person has died and two are still missing after a tugboat carrying workers overturned and sank. officials say the tugboat hit a barge on the rockland county side of the bridge. two people were pulled from the water. they were rescued. the nypd aviation harbor and
7:10 am
part in a very active search for the two missing workers. we have a crew almost at the scene. we'll bring you a live report on the search efforts when they get there. hundreds of protesters filled the streets of chicago after republican presidential candidate donald trump announced he was canceling a rally. the announcement came after protesters clashed with supporters inside of the university in chicago. meantime, trump supporters blame employee testers for what they call intolerance of their views. >> today, voters make their picks about the candidates themselves while they are keeping their eyes focused on bigger prizes coming on tuesday, when florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina and the battleground
7:11 am
the republican and democratic primaries. next week is huge for the race. the sanders campaign is hoping to pick up more midwestern delegates after sanders' surprise win. for the republicans it is winner take all in ohio and florida. governor kasich and senator rubio hoping to win their home states, of course critical races for those two men if their campaigns are to continue. meantime interesting. some 17-year-olds in ohio will be able to vote in that state's presidential primary this year. a judge in ohio is allowing teens who will be 18 years old before the election in november to vote in the primary this coming tuesday. the state already allows 17- year-olds to vote on congressional and mayoral contenders. this came about because 9 teenage voters sued in
7:12 am
which did not allow them to vote. >> voting in 17 and not being able to smoke until you are 21 in california. donald sterling and his wife decided not to go through the divorce after being separated for more than four years. the 81-year-old testified against his estranged wife, shelly sterling during the sale of the clippers after a recording of the clippers' owner making racist statements was leaked. the recording was with him and his friend who his wife alleged was his mistress. investigators say she abandoned her son at a hospital after saying she no longer wanted him at her house because he's rude. the 8-year-old boy was left at the hospital with a note reading "this kid is rude and
7:13 am
prosecutors charged the woman with abuse and abandonment, but she says she thought what she did was actually legal because the hospital is a designated safe haven where mothers are legally allowed to drop off newborn babies. >> i told them that he was out of control and that he needed more help than i could provide for him. i thought that was okay that we could drop them off at a safe lavin place. >> official -- a safe haven place. >> officials say that law is only for babies up to 3 days old and the state offers hot lines and longer term support as well. the boy, meantime,now in protective custody. >> oh, my heavens. >> that's very sad on a couple of levels. >> yes. straight ahead, comedian jerry seinfeld likes to ride in style, but he's ready to make a little room in his very famous,
7:14 am
details on the exotic cars that he is now parting with. >> you must like your new cars
7:15 am
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the maine state aquarium is getting a new exhibit, a rare lobster with extra claws. experts say it could have been caused by a genetic mutation or the lobster lost one claw and regenerated a few extra in its place. either way, no one will be enjoying those claws dipped in melted butter, which is exactly what i was imagining while reading. >> awe, claudette. >> they want claudette to have babies and figure out what's going on with that. >> guys, how could you eat those? >> there you go, sweetie. >> oh, man, a little butter, a little cheddar biscuit. [ laughter ] >> whatever. >> they're good. no butter involved in those at all. >> no, very heart healthy. listen, what do you want to know?
7:18 am
>> i want to know how long my kids will be completely confused that school ends in, like, a week. they've been outside for two hours last night. >> you know the pressure that a patient is under in new york city right now because of the wardrobe? >> the wardrobe. >> take cover. >> can i wear my flip-flops? can i wear my shorts? can you put away my boots? >> we got near 80 a few days ago and an incredible preview of summer. then monday it was in the 40s but we're not there yet. >> and thus the battle ensues. >> yes. >> you may not win every battle, but i encourage you to stick it out for the war. fight the good fight. >> take cover. >> you know what? fight the good fight. light jacket, and you can wear it around your waist when you go home. >> the boroughs are look going compared to the outlying areas meaning suburbs in the more than temperatures below
7:19 am
we've had 47 so far just after midnight. we drop to 40 this morning. so this is where we begin. now, if the day ended like this it would be close to the normal. our temperatures are going to go to near 60 today. certainly comfortable afternoon after this kind of stuff start where we've got 27 in monticello, sussex at 28 degrees. 30s for morristown and belmar is already up to 43 while toms river is just above the freezing point right now making the transition. depending on where you are is what makes the difference with the temperature this morning. you need to layer up in some spots. other places are warming up rapidly. uv index rating is at 5:00. this kind of spring weather is sort of an explosion of temperatures and also creates increased pollen counts. so we talked to dr. cliff bassett on the east side, and he gave us some new information on what's going to be happening for the allergy season. looks like we're getting an early start sort of on tap with the last decade.
7:20 am
so be aware of that. a reminder to you if you get on top of your articles and you know which one is coming to affect you, you can pre-treat and it won't make things miserable for you. so you can enjoy these highs at 60 degrees. clocks spring forward overnight tonight. if you are watching for rain, it's coming in at the beginning of the workweek. late sunday night, real little, into early monday morning is when we'll look for the showers. until then, things are really pleasant. radar and satellite, no showers to worry about. even tomorrow is looking pleasant as well. so we take the planning forecast and go right through the afternoon. a few clouds come around with a high of 60 degrees in the city. as the sun sets, the temperatures fall back. east coast is just fine here over the weekend. we're watching the showers that are moving across sort of the central plains in parts of the south. all of this energy comes in our direction.
7:21 am
we'll see clouds increasing. it's late on sunday and early monday where we'll see the showers and even the potential for them to create heavy rain at times. i think even monday night into tuesday is where we see the last of it moving out, and those will be showers enough to rinse everything off. so tonight, 49. tomorrow 62. showers come in by evening. they continue during the day on monday. then there's the brief shot of showers early on tuesday as well. things increase but wow, monday, raw and rainy just 48 for the high. we'll start cool on tuesday morning with that brief shower and then we do see temperatures rebounding to 60 degrees. week. 65, i think this is looking like the best day of the week degrees. thursday high of 58. friday we have 62 with showers heading into next weekend. the accuweather seven-day forecast forecast all in all can't beat that kind of weekend. especially not in march where things can get wild. so we'll take the numbers and monday we sort of receive a regression, if you will, back
7:22 am
typically see this time of year with temperatures in the upper 40s and showers around wednesday seeming like the best day of the week. today, signle for survival. congratulations to the fund- raisers. $28 million for rare cancers. all of that money goes to research over in sloan- kettering. my sister lindsey had a rare form of melanoma. she has been clear of this for >> beautiful. >> oh, wow. >> it's so important to get those research dollars to rare cancers because things that are more common get the money >> that's right. >> so good. >> good cause. >> very good. >> thank you, amy. jeremy seinfeld will have fewer cars from which to ooh choose when he goes for coffee with his comedian friends. he put up many for auction. the response was not as generous or enthusiastic as several of his classic cars with are pulled from the
7:23 am
expected to bring in more than $5 million. it did not get a bid higher than a paltry $2.8 for a car! the second most valuable hit the mark selling for $5.3 million. again, an automobile. man, he's got a collection there. i don't know what? >> three words. first world problems. i can't believe my classic car sold for only 3.8 million. if you haven't seen show
7:24 am
7:25 am
it's 6:25. sports headlinesp. >> knicks president phil jackson in los angeles last night with his team. he says he's in it to win it and believes carmelo anthony is withing knicks for the long
7:26 am
now it's about finishing this season strong. that could help determine the fate of kurt rambis. made it look too easy. the nets just down the road at philadelphia. covington gets the worst of it. we go to the fourth quarter. shawn kilpatrick making a three-point game. sixers come back. seven players in double digits and the nets lose. philly snaps a 13-game losing streak. at the garden last night, the semifinals for the big east tournament, seton hall and dave
7:27 am
today. look at that hustle. way. second half, delgado, 87-83 seton hall with the upset last night. now to the americans. youk conn and cincinnati. tied at 85. the three. the huskies oh, jalen adams, what a shot! going to a fourth overtime. connecticut wins 104-97 in crud drewle overtime. the buzzer beater keeps the huskies alive. former met relief pitcher henry mejia said he will challenge the lifetime ban from major league baseball. he was permanently suspended after a third positive test for performance enhancing drugs.
7:28 am
whole thing, which baseball denies. his lawyers say it's all a conspiracy. >> it leads me to understand they cannot run america's pastime like a bad '70s cop movie. >> stephen strasburg gave one run off three hits off the bat of juan. steven would give up three runs just over two innings. the mets lose with the hard working score. >> tanaka look goods for opening day. offense comes through as well. the yanks beat the o's. the final there is 7-1. whatever happens this weekend, laura's got you covered. i'm rob powers. i'll see you back here on monday. >> let me add just one sports note, please. you were off last weekend so you could not comment on
7:29 am
i wanted to point that out. carolina will play for the acc championship. duke will be watching from the couch. >> i know. it's sad. >> i wanted to say that as we enter march madness. >> later on, i'll talk about the u.s. news and world report rankings on academia. much more ahead on this "eyewitness news." we're following breaking news. we'll bring you the very latest from a tugboat that has gone down near the tapen sky bridge this morning. >> right now, we know that one person is dead, two others are
7:30 am
still developing this morn [car starting] [engine revving] [crashing] [sirens] i try hard to get a great shape. this... i can do easily. benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement....
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benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. find us in the fiber aisle. breaking news this morning. we are learning that one person has died after a tugboat sank this morning near the tappan zee bridge. search teams are on the scene
7:32 am
people who were also on that boat and we think are still missing at this hour. marcus solis is joining us with more. i know you are just getting to the scene. what can you tell us so far? >> reporter: rob, we can hear the search helicopters above. we know numerous agencies are responding to the scene here and we're in the tarrytown side of the tappan zee bridge. this was an accident that took place around 5:20 this morning. a tugboat apparently struck a construction barge. this is the site of where the new tappan zee bridge is being built. regulation cuers were able to pull two people out of the water. one survived, the other died en route to west chester medical center. meantime, there are still two people unaccounted for. there are numerous boats,
7:33 am
as the search is going on. nuke rouse agencies responding. rockland county sheriff's department, west chester county police and the nypd harbor and scuba units were notified. it is a very active scene here near the again, the search for the two missing people who were in a tug. this was a tug that was called or is called the specialist. the tug specialist. it is unclear whether or not this was actually a tug working as part of a construction unit on the bridge or a tug that was coming up the hudson that hit some of the construction equipment that is in place here. again, around 5:20, the tugboat strikes a barge. four people in the water. two removed from river. one dies en route to the west chester medical center. the search continues for those two missing individuals.
7:34 am
"eyewitness news." >> good morning, amy. >> good morning. we've got a chill yell start for some of the suburbs with temperatures actually below freezing in some spots. check out monticello just 27 degrees right now below well. 28 for sussex and temperatures in morristown are at 30 degrees. tom's river currently at 33. closer to the city and temperatures are warmer. right now, we have an easterly flow of wind. we have a southerly flow. look how quickly the clouds are disappearing. we'll see through the afternoon good sunshine and then the clouds return. coming up, it's not all sun and games this weekend. we've got clouds moving in by
7:35 am
showers. that's how we begin the workweek. those details coming up next. michelle? the search is on for a man who attacked and robbed a 77- year-old man where he stole his cane and beat him with it. that's when the suspect is accused of stealing $1100 from the man's home. the victim is being treated for head injuries. police in new jersey are looking for the gunman and his friends who shot and attacked two people. all of this happened thursday in patterson. a group of suspects attacking a man. one of the men pulled a gun and fired several rounds hitting a woman who was just a bystander in the back. police do not believe she was the intended target. the man suffered head injuries. parents who have spent days waiting in line will find out within the next half hour
7:36 am
have a coveted spot inside of a pre-school. they are hoping to snag one of 82 spots. the line started forming thursday for today's 8:00 a.m. registration. it's first come first served. parents who know the school know how important it is to get their kids in. >> they treat your kids like their kids. it's very family oriented. you walk in and you feel like you are home. >> we have very limited school that parents have no to line up into a good one. >> the state requires the jersey city school district provide pre--k to all children. it's come to this. playing cards, putting up a folding table and tents to get into pre-k in jersey city. very dedicated parents. you have to give them that. >> there's got to be a better system. >> right? coming up next on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, a bone marrow drive is happening today for an 11-year- old girl.
7:37 am
aggressive, rare form of leukemia. why it's been so difficult to find her the match she needs to save her life. covered. >> stick around for the 9:00 hour of "eyewitness news." we'll make you a little bit more healthy. dr. ian smith will show us how to detox that's not fair, he should give you your rollerblades back. anddddd, she's back. storm coming? a very dangerous cheese storm. so you have 20 more bags. mhm. my yoga instructor calls it the death spiral. i call it living the dream. american express presents the blue cash everyday card with no annual fee. cash back on purchases. see you tomorrow.
7:38 am
smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
7:39 am
the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
7:40 am
7:40. it is not quite the iditarod but a dogsled racing group is making use of the snowless michigan. without snow, there aren't any real sleds being used. most mushers rely on specialized scooters that can roll along on the dry land. any dog can participate and get a good workout in the race. >> you can get the little booties, too. >> what, on their feet? >> yeah. >> running shoes. >> that makes sense. the snow is softer. >> look at her. she's like woo hoo. >> nothing wrong with a little bootie. [ laughter ] what's going on with the little forecast? segue. >> just listening to you.
7:41 am
as we transition to spring. >> blankets and frisbees. you are allowed to go on cheap meadow. central park was packed this week. packed. >> we are breaking records during the week. it felt so nice. today's a decent day. it's comfortable to get two days like this on a weekend in march when the weather can get mild. the record breaking numbers in the upper 70s and seeing snow in march. this time of year, you can have these nice days over a weekend. 41 is the nun we see in central park. there have been cold spots this morning. we ended with these numbers and looked like a seasonal day. we certainly will, in fact get this high temperature past
7:42 am
won't be breaking any records this weekend, but it's going to feel nice. here are the cold spots. below freezing. poughkeepsie, sussex, morristown with all of these spots getting a cold start. it won't take long. it's a beautiful sunshine to warm you up nicely and by the afternoon, temperatures in the 60s. that does repeat itself tomorrow before showers come in. clocks spring forward so remember that overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. most of your smartphones will take care of it. as you are setting alarms, be aware of that. this raw, rainy start to the workweek begins late on sunday night and then it's in place for us for the workweek on monday morning. skies here. all of the thing clouds are quickly disappearing. now. we take this through the afternoon and chose morristown as the spot to profile. our temperatures get into the mid-50s by early afternoon going for a forecast high of 60. on the futurecast, here's how
7:43 am
the end of the weekend for the early workweek. the eastern seaboard, everything is looking good today and the early start tomorrow. these showers that are coming up from the south and pushing in from the midwest, all of that collects itself. that energy is with us late on sunday night through showers west and south first and then becoming more widespread during the morning hours on monday. it looks like it rains on and off during the day on monday across the area. so you need your umbrella. also, temperatures are below 50 all day on monday. we finally shake the showers by late on monday evening. even early tuesday it seems like we could get one more little quick shower before all is said and done. that's tuesday morning. so today's 60 and mild. tonight we go down to 49 with those increasing clouds. then tomorrow, it's showers by the evening, that's west first, sort of southwest. then we see them becoming more widespread for the early morning hours on monday. that's going to be the wet time right here monday morning and during the day with
7:44 am
we are cool on tuesday morning, but then we quickly warm up to 60 degrees by the afternoon showers early on tuesday. wednesday looks like the best day of the week. thursday and friday, temperatures are in the upper 50s and low 60s. all in all, one thing with the lower temperatures that we have allergens. be aware of that for today. we've got pollen counts that are moderate. cedar being the main concern with that. as you spring forward tonight, a reminder to you that sunset, of course, will be later throughout the week. in fact, by next weekend when we actually do run into spring and the seasons change, our sunset time will be 7:00 or a little later. >> i love it. >> always like to give a word sunrise changes. if you are starting your day and your patterns are driving, the sunlight will be different when you get into your car. so whether you need to bring
7:45 am
being aware of your sur roundings, because traditionally when we change accidents. >> isn't that weird? >> it's true, though. >> good advice, ma'am. here's a thought money coming up on "eyewitness news" on a does morning, you can save the life of a little girl today. the good deed you can take up today to help a little girl who is battling cancer. yesterday. you will love her and there's something you can do. we'll have details coming up on that. before we go to break, amy has me all hot and bothered over the coming spring. >> i do? >> yeah. all of this talk about spring and the nice week. >> hey, hey, hey. [ laughter ] >> this is my ode to spring. this is an underrated jackson five classic. this is great and one of my favorites. all right, randy, this is a remix of jackson five, the song you haven't heard it in a while, youtube it. it's called can you feel it. >> it's not going to play.
7:46 am
>> reporter: here's what's happening. head to the javits center and see over 200 robotics teams from the tri-state area advance to the 16th anniversary. new york city's first competition and compo. in the bronx, learn about the 19th seven trietry and those who trench them live celebrating women's history month. a children's garden open house in queens. you and your kids can get your hands dirty with planting activities and garden crafts with this annual drop-in event. on long island, beware of march. see how central plots of the plays unfold. arts, culture and fun present a night of jazz and dancing harlem. learn swing dance steps and get the chance to practice those moves to live music. for more information about these events and to submit an event that might be featured this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?"
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stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. . in new jersey, a community is on a mission to help a young girl who is fighting cancer. >> back in january, 11-year-old brianna lopez learned she has a really rare and aggressive form of leukemia, but that has not dampened this vibrant and brave girl's spirits, not at all. her family today is leading the charge for a critical bone marrow drive. >> reporter: brianna lopez has the adorable, innocent smile of an 11-year-old girl, but the strength of someone far older. >> there are hard days, and those days i am not feeling good, but most of the days, i'm happy to feel good.
7:50 am
months, brianna, a sixth grader from fort lee has been at hackensack university medical center battling an aggressive, rare form of leukemia. her parents have shaved their head in solidarity and decorated the hospital room walls with cars and pictures to bring bee jana comfort. -- brianna comfort. they have not left her side. >> when going through the chemo, she tells me mom, i can't do this. i tell her yes, you can, and you will get through this. >> reporter: chemotherapy by itself will not cure brianna. she desperately needs a bone marrow transplant in six weeks. the search for a donor is a daily process. doctors say brianna's case also highlights another big problem. there simply are not enough minorities, blacks, and latinos who register to become bone mare crow donors. >> she's much more likely to match someone from her own community, from her own ethnic background. >> reporter: there is a bone marrow drive in fort lee.
7:51 am
swab ofier cheek to see if you are a potentially life-saving match. in the meantime, brie yawn that remains surrounded -- brianna remains surrounded by friends and family. >> we get to play games and go out to the garden, but we also are there when there is a difficult day. >> reporter: brianna wants to be just like her when she grows up, a future that just one donor can make happen. >> be a hero. go out there and save a life. help me. come on, it's really easy. >> reporter: absolutely wonderful young woman and incredible family. brianna lopez' bone marrow drive takes place today, today, today from 2:00 until 6:00 p.m. at the fort lee recreation center that is at 1500 eighth street. again, that is in fort lee. spent the day with her yesterday and her family. you can obviously imagine what they have been through.
7:52 am
fund me page. an interesting stat here. leukemia is the most common childhood cancer. it's about a third of all pediatric cancers in the u.s. 3500 kids a year get this diagnosis. the other 70% depend on donors. if you live in that area and are touched by that story, go there. >> i've done it. i'm in the mix. >> yeah. >> this is the be the match campaign robin aren'ts was talking about when she had her battle. if you can help that family out, it's easy money. >> an 11-year-old girl battling cancer. >> how could you say no to that face. be a hero. >> she's awesome. >> great story, thank you. super cat saturday. >> i've been swamped in the data bank and you can be the match. get your paws up. we've got a good looking cat named jack this morning who's got his paw on the ride dial.
7:53 am
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this is also the face of hope. addiction is a disease. help is available. visit the new york state office of alcoholism and substance abuse services website today. paula farris is standing by for us.
7:56 am
you were looking at yourself in the mirror, and i said mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all. >> we don't have hair and makeup. >> no one in tv is vain, paula. no one. >> you guys are naturals. you look lovely, can i say? >> thank you. back at cha. >> there is a lot of concern over violent clashes at donald trump's rallies. the latest was post toned due to security and additional rallies have been canceled as a wave of violence is getting out of control at his rallies. we'll have full team coverage. >> also developing, deadly storms have pummeled the south. states of emergency in louisiana and mississippi are in effect. the historic flooding has displaced thousands of families already and extreme winds are slashing the west coast. the weather system is moving to the northeast. what can we expect to come. finally, embattled football player johnny manziel is in
7:57 am
the cleveland browns have cut ties with the heisman trophy winner. what's next and will this decision hurt his chances for playing in the nfl again. it's cute a fall from grace for a kid with so much -- it's quite a fall from grace for a kid with so much talent. >> quickly, too. have a great show, paula. >> thank you. you, too. back to the breaking news we're covered this morning. right now, crews are searching for two people who were still missing after a deadly tugboat crash near the tappan zee bridge. >> live at the scene of west chester county with the latest. marcus? >> reporter: the call came in around 5:20 this morning, an overturned tugboat. four people in the water, two removed from the hudson. two survived, one died en route to the hospital and the other is still missing. we understand this was a tug that may have left out of highland falls early this
7:58 am
the tug called the specialist hit a construction barge, overturned and multiple agencies responded here to the scenes to assist. west chester county police and local departments, the nypd's aviation and scuba units as well as the coast guard are searching for those two members of the tugboat crew. it is unclear whether or not divers have been able to get into the water because the tide's a little too strong at this point. again, the search from above, police helicopters and the boats in the water as well searching for those two missing crew members from the tugboat that overturned at around 5:20 this morning. we're live in tarrytown, marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, marcus. >> all right, amy. final look at the weather. >> it's beautiful outside right now. it's hard to beat the way it looks. we've got to get those numbers up in the suburbs. right now, we have 41 degrees over the east river, it looks like glass.
7:59 am
sunny skies. looking for a high today of 60 in new york city. the weekend does look good overall. we'll goal for 62 tomorrow. late in the afternoon and evening hours, we'll see the clouds race in, and we really end the weekend with showers and start monday. raw and rainy with a high of just 48. we've got 60s returning tuesday afternoon. wednesday looks like the best day of the stretch. mild mix and 65. friday 62. a reminder, we've got to spring forward. tonight's the night where you take control of your clock and you lose an hour of sleep. >> 2:00 a.m. becomes 3:00 a.m. which is great on this shift. >> we do have the beautiful sunset staying closer to 7:00. a little more daylight. >> it's worth it. >> it's all good. it's all good. thank you. thanks, amy. that's going to do it for this edition of "eyewitness news." i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson and the entire time.
8:00 am
"good morning america" is good morning, america. breaking overnight, chaos at a trump rally. the angry clashes, physical violence. supporters and protesters facing off in chicago. officers hurt. the entire event canceled. >> tonight's rally will be postponed until another day. >> his opponents now taking their own shots. >> this is a sad day. >> donald trump himself weighing in this morning. what will this mean just days before more crucial primaries? underwater. the thousand-year flood. nearly two feet of rain in the south. houses underwater and floating away. >> my little boy wants to go right now.


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