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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and the other was on the other side. one was a beige car, one was an suv. i just saw somebody pulling out of the car, put in the stretcher. >> we are expecting a press release from olbridge police. we haven't gotten that at this point. they're saying at least two people critical taken to robert wood johnson hospital and multiple fatalities. we'll continue to bring you the story and the very latest. toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. it is the biggest night yet in the race for president. primaries are underway right now with high voter turnout reported. those primaries taking place in florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina, and ohio. and tonight could be the turning point for both democrats and republicans. eyewitness news political reporter dave evans here now with what's at stake. >> i think all eyes are going to be on ohio tonight.
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kasich of ohio could pull off a win there. the latest polling shows he's neck and neck with donald trump right now. a lot of democrats in ohio, they may go ahead and cross party lines and vote for kasich to try to stop trump. that could hurt hillary clinton. in a state where bernie sanders is already awfully close. >> reporter: it's another election day, but this one is crucial. votes in five states, including florida and ohio. for republicans, it's winner take all in those states. if it's trump, his path to the nomination is clear. >> always a complicated process but i think we're going to very well. we seem to be having great poll numbers. >> reporter: for marco rubio, a loss in his home state tonight ends his campaign. the latest polling in florida gives trump a double-digit lead there. in ohio, it's tighter. john kasich says he's confident he can stop trump. >> we're going to win. i feel terrific. it's great. do i seem like i'm nervous or uptight? i'm having a great tight. >> reporter: if kasich loses,
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leaves only ted cruz of texas and trump. on the democratic side, hillary clinton visited a polling site in raleigh, north carolina today. for her, that state is just about a sure win. >> i feel good. i think though that you've got to just keep working all day on election day and remind people how important it is to vote. >> reporter: for bernie sanders, he's surprise in ohio tonight, much like he won in michigan, a win in ohio for sanders could greatly complicate things for hillary clinton. >> if there's a large voter great. >> reporter: and today in washington the president spoke our politics. >> we have heard vulgar and and minorities. at americans who don't look like we do. and while some may be more to blame than others for the current climate, all of us are
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>> bernie sanders, he's already looking ahead to arizona. that primary is next week. hillary clinton and donald trump, they're both in florida tonight. >> don't forget, stay with eyewitness news and abc news for primary results throughout the night. download our free news app to get breaking alerts as those numbers come in. a developing story right now in washington, d.c. that city's entire subway system is going to be shut down for at least 29 hours beginning at midnight. this shutdown allows crews to inspect electrical components on the tracks. a fire on the tracks led to major delays in dc yesterday. the last year an electrical malfunction caused a train to fill with smoke. the search has been called off tonight for the third and final crew member of a tug boat that sank in the hudson river. police divers say damage to the sunken vessel made it impossible to recover harry hernandez' body. the 90-foot tug boat went down
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near the tappan zee bridge on saturday. an autopsy revealed two other crew members, timothy conklin, and paul ammon, drowned. a mother and her two sons terrorized in nassau county. this happened overnight. two armed men pushed a 21-year-old man in to his family's home and demanded money. the intruders hit the 21-year-old in the face. his older brother was shot in the leg when he tried to run. and their mother, she saw it all. >> i was just pushed down to the ground and then i didn't move no more but my kids came down. i never would have thought i'd see my son get shot. >> a 21-year-old woman was also in the home. she was not hurt. the men who broke in, they didn't take anything. the motive is still unknown. mayor de blasio is in our nation's capital fighting against proposed anti-terror funding cuts. de blasio told a house subcommittee federal funding of anti-terror efforts is critical
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york. the mayor stressed the safety of new yorkers and tourists alike as a top priority. he says new york needs every dollar to support not only response teams but technology that helps keep people safe. >> the amount of traffic, the amount of human intensity that happens on the streets of new york city every single day requires constant vigilance and we need the technology to allow us to look for any and all threats. >> the federal government is proposing to cut anti-terror funding in half. that means new york would lose more than $90 million. funeral services in poughkeepsie today to remember the young man who was shot and killed while leaving a basketball game. the teen, an unintended target. people lined up to pay their respects to 18-year-old keval haylett. >> reporter: he was just realizing a life that held so much promise.
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and move on. >> reporter: a promising life though now being remembered by hundreds who stood in line to pay their respects at the bethel church. they were classmates, many friends and family who knew and saw the promise in this 18-year-old student. >> this kid is really missed because he's a very good kid. very loved. just sad. tragedy. >> he was a great role model and he believed in getting to class on time, going to school on time. >> reporter: keval, also a star athlete at poughkeepsie high school, had just played in this duchess county all star basketball game last wednesday, scoring 21 points. he had worked to improve his grades and was fielding offers from division 2 schools. he was awarded this trophy for excellence. and they again wore his number 5 out of respect and remembrance. >> that's all he wanted to do. he played ball, family, chilled with friends.
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>> reporter: this cell phone video captures the scene last wednesday night. keval and others were standing outside a house when someone fired in to the group, a shot hitting him. another 18-year-old was injured. they feel it deeply here in this community. >> we've got to come together as a city to heal and to support his family, and to support his school. everyone is in this together. >> reporter: at the end of his funeral, they carried his ebony coffin slowly out of the church hearse. they're having to say goodbye to a brother, a friend, a classmate, and the pain is difficult to bear. reporting from poughkeepsie, timurlengia euotica, -- -- reporting from news. one suspect shot at police, seriously. another raid led to a neighborhood lockdown and an
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it's not clear if any suspected terrorists were killed or arrested. several of the paris attackers lived in belgium. secretary of state john kerry says he will travel to moscow. it comes after the first group of russian war planes withdrew from syria. secretary kerry says he will meet with russian president vladimir putin. it estimates about 1,000 military personnel will remain in syria though many see the partial withdrawal as a sign putin is warming to peace talks. the obama administration today announcing new rules that will further ease travel and trade restrictions with cuba. among the new measures the longstanding ban on americans visiting cuba as tourists, that's lifted. cuban citizens are now allowed to earn salaries from u.s. companies. and restrictions on american banks and the use of u.s. currency in cuba, that's also lifted. the announcement comes five days before the president makes his historic trip to havana.
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will become a saint during a canonization ceremony on september 4th. mother teresa is named as the saint of the gutter for her work for the poor. pope francis granted her sainthood. in 2003, pope john paul recognized her first miracle, healing a woman with a tumor. stocks took a hit today. analysts say investors are concerned it may be soon more difficult for drug companies to raise their prices. the dow rose 22 points. the nasdaq dropped 21 points. and s&p 500 lost 3 points. new information tonight about a little girl who drowned in a bathtub in brooklyn and doing. >> plus, the nypd helping to all across the city. we'll tell you about the proposed safety changes.
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blame for a 12-year-old's hike upstate turning deadly. >> after billions of dollars and years of construction, leaky ceilings making a mess of new york city's newest subway station. so what's to blame? >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. making progress. about 10 to 15 degrees warmer today, in the mid 50s. still kind of cloudy and chilly but the clouds are definitely thinning out. just have to get rid of a little drizzl this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. new details tonight about proposed changes to make homeless shelters safer in new york city. it involves increasing security
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from the nypd. eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman is live in east harlem with more. >> we're just around the corner from a city shelter that was the scene of a fatal stabbing earlier this year. the city is going all out to make sure incidents like this don't happen again and they're getting some assistance as you pointed out from the nypd. >> reporter: new york city is bringing in the big guns to address concerns about safety at the more than 600 city homeless shelters. the nypd will overhaul the shelter system's security plan after a top to bottom review. >> the benefit of having the nypd with their expertise is they'll take a fresh look at a system that's been in place for many years. >> reporter: the move to bring in the nypd comes in the wake of several violent incidents in the city shelter system earlier this year. in january a man was fatally stabbed at an east harlem shelter after his roommate
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weeks later at a staten island hotel being used as a shelter, a mother and two children were stabbed to death, allegedly by the woman's boyfriend. >> whatever we need to do to make that dhs more effective, efficient, and to keep the residents safe, that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: in addition to reworking shelter security procedures, police will also retrain current shelter security staff. that has some homeless advocates questioning whether the nypd's involvement could keep some from turning to city shelters for help. >> right now a lot of people don't trust nypd. so why are they going to trust someone who has their training from the police department? they're not going to say oh, i feel a lot safer now. they're going to look at them, they're just an extension of the nypd. >> because the city says the majority of incidents of violence in city shelters have a
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they are re-establishing a domestic violence program. i believe it was taken out of the system back in 2010. in addition to re-establishing that domestic violence program within city shelters, they're also going to establish a more extensive system of keeping track of violent incidents. we're live this evening, sandra bookman, eyewitness news. some residents in hoboken are still under a boil water advisory. suez water is warning people living and working near the site of yesterday's 12-inch water main to boil water for at least 1 minute before using it. crews dug up 1st street where the pipe broke creating a sinkhole that swallowed a car. avon is moving its international headquarters from new york to great britain. this move comes after the north american part of the business was sold. that portion of the business
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the cosmetic company will keep its facilities. the obama administration says it will continue to ban oil and natural gas oiling off the atlantic coast. it's a proposal to open up sites more than 50 miles off of virginia, north and south carolina, and georgia. today's interior department announcement also said more areas in the gulf of mexico are going to be open to drilling. i'm much happier today, the weather. yesterday it was just miserable. >> you're always happy. >> i try to be happy. [ laughter ] >> i plead the 5th on that one. [ laughter ] that avon rolled off the tongue really naturally for you. >> back in the day. outside we go right now, nice pretty looking sky. thin spots there as the sun tries to come out. with the sunset, a little after 7:00.
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temperatures at 54. northwest wind around 3 miles per hour. still a chill in the air, a little bit of dampness at times. sunset is 3 minutes past 7:00. last year on this date, highs in the middle 40s. 60 in kingston and poughkeepsie. certainly been a little brighter up duchess county and parts of ulster county. 55 in yonkers. 54 in norwalk, connecticut. 53, islip. 52, belmar. 55 in west orange. the sunshine has come out, it's in the 70s to the west. gives me hope for tomorrow that we can easily get in to the 60s. fair amount of clouds tonight. partly to mostly cloudy. the skies will try to clear. there will also be patchy fog. i think we'll see breaks in the clouds. clouds will thicken up again. that should get us up to the 50s, if not the 60s. still a few sprinkles. now we're starting to see
5:18 pm
and somerville, morristown. thin spots in the clouds. already in the hudson valley, skies are looking brighter. low pressure is leaving the scene right now. that will pull all the clouds and showers away off to the west. little area of high pressure will build in tonight and tomorrow morning. then there's this system right here. the bulk of it is going to curl in to the great lakes. there's going to be a little extension of it. look what happens. a band of showers swings toward the area during the afternoon hours. i think we're dry through at least 3:00. after that all bets are off. i'd have the umbrella for the late day and evening commute. certainly for your evening. we'll dry out again through st. patrick's time. we start tomorrow morning, low and mid 40s. i think there's breaks, areas of patchy fog. sun will give way to clouds and look at the showers. at the very least by day's end. i think even by midafternoon showers could break out from the city north and west. it will probably take to the
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island and the jersey shore. have the umbrella tomorrow evening then the showers move out. we'll start st. patrick's day high but end with showers. partly to mostly cloudy. tomorrow is a nice high of 62. clouds, occasional sunshine. mild. and it could be a passing shower from midafternoon on. tomorrow evening there will be showers around. then partial clearing as we go through the late night. coming up at 5:30, could we actually have a little bit more sun than forecast tomorrow which could propel us in to the mid 60s. tomorrow may be a day we get to over achieve with the temperatures. passing showers a possibility for the st. patrick's day parade. we'll be timing that. still on the table, maybe some snowflakes for the first day of spring. tell you the latest on that storm track for the upcoming sunday. still ahead on eyewitness news, why an investigation in to a possible bias at a local university is now being called in to question. >> big cheers tonight for a
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dance for the very first time. >> did you know if you get your irs refund check you may never get the money back?
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some of their nine lives to the nypd tonight. two officers rescued the kittens from a parking lot in williamsburg where they were found stuffed inside an abandoned suitcase. there were 7 kittens inside that suitcase and unfortunately one of them died. rescuers were able to save the six others. so far they don't know who put them in that case. it's march madness and several local schools are playing in the ncaa tournament. >> the men left new rochelle for denver. they played iowa state on thursday. >> in addition to ona, seton hall, stony brook are all playing in the tournament. a send-off rally was held in stony brook today. this is the first time the school has made it this far. >> you know they're excited. kristin thorne joining us live with more. >> hi there, guys. stony brook has gotten very close to this point four out of the last five they've finally done it heading
5:24 pm
they say they know they're the underdogs heading in to this tournament but they don't mind. >> reporter: even the youngest of fans are getting caught up in the excitement. >> let's go! woo! >> this team is a special team. and you're going to see some special things on thursday night. >> reporter: the number 13 seed, stony brook sea wolves are finally getting to taste the excitement they've been so close to getting to the last few years. it was a come-from-behind win against vermont which clinched the trip to the ncaa tournament, the first time ever for the small basketball program. >> we made history. you guys have been there for us all season long. we're going to go to the dance and make history. >> this team did something no team in stony brook history did. it's hard to make history and they got through every obstacle this year and i couldn't be more proud of them. >> reporter: the school
5:25 pm
coaching staff a spirited send-off this afternoon. as the team gets ready to face on thursday. >> we're going to represent this great university and this great area the right way on thursday night when we play a small team out there in kentucky. i think they have a basketball program out there. >> let's be honest, the team is not fooling themselves. they know kentucky is going to be a very hard team to beat. they have a hall of fame coach, first round draft picks. they know if they want to win thursday they have to be mistake-free. we wish them all the best. we're live at stony brook university, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we're rooting for them. lead concerns at dozens of newark schools. now we're learning thousands of students may get tested as pictures of expired water filters raised new questions.
5:26 pm
tonight new details about the investigation that's now centered on the child's mother. >> new developments in the oj simpson murder case where investigators, were they able to link a newly discovered knife to the case? >> channel 7 is your home for the united airlines nyc half marathon. we're taking you mile by mile, introducing you to some of the faces you're going to see on race day. >> hi, i'm peter from new york roadrunners. >> i'm michael. >> we're excited to welcome 20,000 runners and a thousand kids to the united airlines new york city half. see you on race day. >> the united airlines nyc half
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new developments tonight in the death of a 2-year-old girl who drowned in a bathtub. we just learned her mother has been charged with murder. >> police already ruled the young girl's death a homicide. both parents were inside the home at the time when she died. her father though is not facing any charges. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson live tonight from sunset park with more for us. >> right now that young mother is here inside the 72 precinct now officially charged in connection with the death of her daughter. as for melody phang's father, he will not be charged. when paramedics first arrived he was trying to save his little girl. he was performing cpr on the toddler. >> it hurts. it hurts because i've seen the little girl outside and i talked to her and i talked to the mother. >> reporter: 2-year-old melody phang.
5:30 pm
in this home on 47th street where police remain inside investigating a horrible incident that has now taken an even more sinister turn. the medical examiner announced the toddler drowned in a bathtub on the second floor, ruled the death a homicide. police say melody's 24-year-old mother and 30-year-old father were both home when their daughter was found unresponsive sunday evening. >> good people. i don't understand how that happens. because they're the only ones that can say whatever happens. >> reporter: police say there is no history of abuse at the home. the couple also has a 4-year-old son. sources say authorities found bruises around his neck. he's now with children's services. neighbors tell me this is melody's dad's scooter that he worked long hours to support his family. a family they say which appeared picture-perfect just last month during the start of the chinese
5:31 pm
phillips says the little boy was having a ball. >> he was dressed up in red and gold, pops up in the air. they were out front celebrating. they were having a good time with their father and mother. there was nothing odd about them. sad to hear that what happened happened. >> and again, to update you, this 24-year-old mom, lin lee, she's now officially charged with among other things second degree murder and manslaughter. she's expected to be transferred from here, the 72 precinct, and face a judge sometime tomorrow. kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. governor cuomo working on his pledge to raise the minimum wage across new york state. >> what's causing the problem is economic injustice and working men and working women being exploited. >> the governor leading a fight
5:32 pm
workers. he wants state lawmakers to approve a gradual increase in wages, up to $15 an hour. critics claim an increase like that will hurt small businesses. happening tomorrow, opening statements in the trial of a mother killing her 5-year-old son in new jersey 25 years ago. michelle's son timothy disappeared from a carnival in sayreville back in may of 1991. his partial remains were found a year later in an industrial complex in edison. a grand jury indicted her for timothy's murder in 2014. now to the lead crisis unfolding at newark schools. today officials announced 17,000 students in the school system will have the option to be tested. joe torres is in the news room with details. >> thousands of students in the newark school district will be tested for lead poisoning after elevated levels of lead were found in the drinking water at nearly half of the city's schools.
5:33 pm
kids in the early childhood program. last week the city shot off water at 30 different school buildings in newark. 30. students in the meantime have been drinking bottled water. it's unclear at this point how long newark's kids have been exposed to higher concentrations of lead. health experts have said they don't believe the contamination poses any serious risks to the students. today governor christie said he's closely monitoring the situation in newark. >> the public school district, the mayor's office and the d.e.p. have been working well together to deal with the problem, to come forward to now retest, make sure we know the full scope of the problem and to put forward any type of remediation plan. we'll make sure the problem gets addressed. >> leaders have repeatedly said the city's water supply is safe and the situation at the schools is not similar to the one in flint, michigan. as many as 17,000 students in
5:34 pm
undergo testing for lead. a former epa official who resigned amid the flint, michigan water crisis grilled on capitol hill today. susan headman testified before a congressional panel saying she was not aware of the lead problem in flint's water till june of last year. headman said the epa did what it could but enforcement actions under the law are limited. >> the bad news is this problem should never have happened in the first place, and i need to remind you, epa had nothing to do with that. >> headman stepped down over what she called false allegations, portraying her as sitting on the sidelines during the crisis. during today's hearing, state and federal officials pointed fingers at each other for failing to protect the citizens of flint. tmz is reporting dna tested on a knife found at oj simpson's former estate produced no matches. police say a construction worker found that knife when the house was being torn down.
5:35 pm
they say he gave the knife to an off duty police officer who held on to it for unknown reasons. so far the los angeles police department is not confirming the report. backlash over the hiring of a consultant at a local university. coming up, a lawmaker is weighing in and calling for an investigation. >> also, the man on death row convicted of killing two nypd detectives. why a judge ruled he should not be executed. and this. >> this multibillion-dollar subway station already a watery, leaky mess. i'm shirleen allicot. how this happened coming up. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. save the best for last today. our temperatures not too bad. we're right around 50 degrees right now. we're definitely seeing more clouds, little drizzle to the south. more sunshine coming to the north. in fact, a nice sunset brewing as the skies begin to clear
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new at 5:00, a federal judge ruling tonight that a man on death row for killing two nypd officers cannot be executed. the judge vacated an order sending ronell wilson to death, saying he is intellectually disabled. he was convicted of killing undercover officers in 2003 during a botched gun sting. both officers were shot in the backs of their heads. new at 5:00, backlash on campus after cain university reportedly hired a consultant with a criminal record and questionable resume. new jersey state senator kevin o'toole is calling on the state attorney general to investigate the hiring of michael blackwell who was hired to examine racial bias at the school. the school says blackwell's experience with various economic development projects in the state qualified him for the assignment. a second pennsylvania
5:40 pm
resigned tonight for sending raunchy and offensive e-mails to friends and other lawyers. justice michael eakin decided to step down after the attorney general released hundreds of the messages. some contained photos of naked women, sexually suggestive themes, and antigay comments. he apologized for his behavior. a hiking trip takes a tragic turn in upstate new york. a 12-year-old boy killed by a massive boulder. it happened sunday afternoon in roaring brook falls. 6th grader conner mclaughlin was hiking with his uncle when a boulder fell about 100 feet from a cliff and crushed him. his uncle was also struck but survived. president obama has signed a disaster declaration for new jersey tonight that will allow parts of the state to recover money spent during january's record setting blizzard. 17 counties as well as some nonprofit organizations are now eligible for federal funding for
5:41 pm
assistance due to the storm. the blizzard dumped three feet of snow in some areas. coming up, wicked has been defying gravity on broadway for years but now the musical has reached a new milestone. >> it took years to build, but the brand new state-of-the-art hudson yard subway station is already plagued with problems. >> it's tax season and many of us are in danger of having our irs refund check stolen even if you file online. we'll have seven tips on how to minimize risk and protect yourself coming up. >> breaking news tonight, first results, what the voters are saying already. will trump essentially seal the deal? a pivotal night ahead. the uber driver charged in a murder spree. new video tonight. and your taxes, your money.
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a new milestone tonight for a broadway musical that's been casting a spell over moviegoers for 12 and a half years. wicked is the third broadway show to make $1 billion. get this. it did it faster than any other one. only the lion king and the phantom of the opera has made as much money worldwide. more than 50 million people in 14 countries have now seen wicked. amazon is looking to use selfies in order to help you complete a transaction. a selfie. that you take yourself. amazon has filed a patent application for the new facial recognition system. it would allow users to make a specific movement like a head tilt or a smile. no word yet on when amazon plans
5:46 pm
i do wonder, what if you do have a twin? >> see. there aren't that many of them. >> i think this banking apps that are doing that too. >> technology. so you're happy with the lovely mild weather. >> i am. we were just talking about it. >> we have three or four mild days coming up. then we have troubles over the weekend. i think the end of march is normal, maybe slightly below normal. that should pretty much do it. outside we go right now. spring arrives on sunday just after midnight. you see the sunshine out there right now. really pretty end to the day. we'll be playing softball before you know it. let's look at the camera downtown. pretty sunset developing just after 7:00. how pretty is that? high clouds starting to clear out a little bit. bright sunshine over parts of new jersey. 54. partly cloudy skies. northeasterly wind going northwest at 3 miles per hour.
5:47 pm
50s through the evening. partly to mostly cloudy skies. should see clearing and patchy fog. tomorrow morning i think we'll have partly to mostly cloudy skies giving way to more sunshine. should be breaks in the middle of the day. then the clouds will try to thicken again. any time after 3:00, 4:00, have a few showers handy. especially tomorrow evening there will be showers around. a little drizzle over ocean county is pivoting out. some clouds on the island, but a little thin spot right there, not too far from huntington. by tomorrow morning, partly to mostly cloudy. mid and upper 40s. during the day there will be breaks of sun. after 3:00, 4:00 there will be showers moving in. see the showers depicted in pennsylvania. time stamp of 3:00. i think they're closer to the delaware water gap at that point. during the evening hours, certainly have to have your umbrella for passing showers. maybe a couple showers are actually moderate. then they'll move through and clear out by morning on st. patrick's day.
5:48 pm
the clouds will thicken and maybe to the end of the st. patrick's day parade, some showers are trying to get in the area. have your umbrella for the afternoon hours. tomorrow looking at 62 degrees. if we get a little more sunshine, 64 or 65 is within reach. air quality is going to be good. uv index at a 5. tree pollen coming up. on thursday, 62 degrees. here's your parade planner. certainly dry to start the parade. clouds should be thickening. 1:00 is close. a couple showers, maybe at least over parts of new jersey. i think new york city is still dry. later in the parade toward the end of the day, there will likely be a few showers around. on friday, breezy and cooler. still could be a passing shower. notice we lose almost 10 degrees on friday and cooler air is definitely coming in for the weekend. saturday is the brighter sunnier half. we're in the upper 40s to around 50. then what's the story with sunday? we're at the stage now where we know there's probably going to be a storm along the eastern seaboard.
5:49 pm
escape to our south and east or come a little closer to the coast? right now i think it's closer to give us some impact. that will be coastal rain mixed inland. there's the potential for day of spring. morning commute. still super early but let's keep an eye on that storm track. then things will warm up in to the low 50s. with the winter. still a little ways to go. >> we can hang in there. a growing number of people or their accountants are filing taxes only to find out that someone else has beat them to it. >> fraudulent filings are happening more than ever. tonight 7 on your side's nina pineda has seven tips to make sure it doesn't happen to you. >> tax i.d. theft fraud is up 400% this year for just e-mail scams. the irs says it can lose up to $6 billion in a given year to identity thieves using all sorts
5:50 pm
here's how you have to stop it before it starts. >> just shock that that could happen. >> reporter: michelle quinn has been in double trouble, a victim of tax i.d. theft not once but twice. >> it was a huge problem. i mean, i spent hours. >> reporter: first her $8,000 refund was nearly stolen by an i.d. thief last year. >> all i was told at the end of the investigation was that the thief was in africa. >> reporter: then this year she got this e-mail stating someone had filed a fraudulent return in her name through turbotax. >> i just never thought that would happen. crazy. >> i don't think the irs has sufficient protections in place. i'm not sure any of the online tax services have enough protections in place. >> reporter: since i.d. theft is a fact of life, leaven writes in his new book, the strategy for dealing with it is minimize risk. file early. the thieves do. >> they know if they get here early, most people have a tendency not really to file early. >> reporter: if you file
5:51 pm
personal information on a computer. >> put it on an encrypted thumb drive. just don't forget where you put the thumb drive. >> reporter: we can make it harder for thieves by not over sharing on social media. >> your favorite color, your dog's name. the street you grew up on. >> reporter: criminals can hit the jackpot in social media. they target your mailbox, both the physical and virtual. so protect your mail. >> make sure that generally your refunds come to you by direct deposit, they don't come in the mail, because oftentimes they're stolen that way. >> reporter: remember, if you miss something and your return gets swiped, you may have to kiss your money goodbye. >> unless the perpetrator is found, arrested and prosecuted, and many of them can't be found, that money is gone. >> and two more tips for your big takeaway. first, know how the irs works. the irs does not e-mail you and will never call and threaten you to wire money over the phone.
5:52 pm
fashioned slow snail mail. and beware of refund turn around times. it's six weeks by mail and 21 days if you file electronically. that's a mandate. if your refund is late, alert the irs immediately to make sure your check didn't get diverted to somebody who's pretending they're you. problems already plaguing the brand new hudson. >> why in the world is water already leaking from the sealing? >> i'm liz cho. coming up tonight, governor christie is responding to criticism for being on the campaign trail with donald trump and missing the funeral of a new jersey state trooper. >> the search for a person armed with a bb gun and firing at
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (man) we're out of 2%. i wonder what else could be better around here? (man) i heard that. now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annualcontract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't.
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it just opened six months ago and cost $2.4 billion to build. tonight new york's hudson yard station is plagued with problems including leaky ceilings. >> i believe we're talking about this now. problems already. eyewitness news reporter shirleen allicot is there now with what it will take to fix all the problems. >> i know, it's pretty unbelievable, but to be fair, the hudson rail yard station is beautiful. the canopy, entrance way is very modern, very cool. when you go inside, especially after a rainy day, it's not so pretty. >> coming from queens to the west side there weren't that many options. this was an easier commute for me. >> reporter: six months after it opened, chris can't believe his eyes. the more than $2 billion subway station that took 13 years to complete already this. >> even happens when you're on the escalators.
5:57 pm
dripping not only on you but on the machines too. >> reporter: water stains riddle the entire ceiling on the escalator. when you reach the bottom, it can get really wet. he snapped these pictures and tweeted it with #mtafail. how does this happen to a multibillion-dollar project? >> there's no reason why a brand new station should have water coming in to the station. >> we've ordered the contract to go in and do everything it can as quickly as possible to address the issue immediately. >> reporter: meanwhile, riders are just going to have to cope. >> just kind of drips down your head. kind of have to prepare myself with a hat and gloves as i'm passing them this way. >> she's going to have to hang on to that hat.
5:58 pm
at least eight to 12 weeks to get the job done. no word on when it's going to start exactly. we're going to have to keep you updated. at hudson yards, shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> need an umbrella inside that station. still ahead, he had a bb gun and he was on a mission. >> when he was finished, more than a dozen cars were damaged. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. i understand that no matter what in this job i'll be criticized. >> governor chris christie responds to criticism campaigning for republican frontrunner donald trump and missing a new jersey state trooper's funeral.
5:59 pm
in new jersey and police have just confirmed that three people are dead tonight. >> good evening at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> and i'm bill ritter. that accident, a collision between a car and suv, happened on route 9 in middlesex county town of olbridge. >> two others are in critical condition. new jersey reporter toni yates is at the scene of this deadly crash with our lead story tonight. >> several people were out here earlier who heard the crash and went out to try to help the victims. first police are telling us that two women ages 86 and 62 were taken to robert wood johnson hospital in serious condition and three people were killed. witnesses said the 44-year-old driver was traveling south.
6:00 pm
north and for some reason the suv jumped the divider in to oncoming traffic slamming in to that honda which was driven by a 37-year-old woman from freehold. both drivers were killed, including a third person, a 62-year-old man. we spoke to some shop owners who heard that crash. >> i saw a car, one was on this side. one was a beige car. one was an suv. i saw somebody pulling them out of the car and put them in the stretcher. >> i heard the big boom. we rushed to the outside. >> traffic was backed up for five hours. at this point they're trying to determine what was it that caused the suv driver to jump


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