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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  March 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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president obama introduced merrick garland to replace antonin scalia last month. merrick garland is 63. he's a harvard, jewish law grad. he is now on the d.c. court of appeals and has served there for 18 years. also, garland served for william brennan, and now the nomination fight begins. >> it is tempting to make this process simply an extension of our divided politics. the squabbling that's going on in the news every day. but to go down that path would be wrong. it would be a betrayal of our best traditions. >> for a judge to be worthy of such trust, he or she must be faithful to the constitution and to the statutes passed by the congress. he or she must put aside his personal views or preferences and follow the law, not make it.
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constitutional right to nominate a supreme court justice, and it's the senate's constitutional right to act as a check on a president, and withhold its consent. >> merrick garland is best known for coordinating the response in the prosecution of timothy mcveigh in the oklahoma city bombing. it's going to be interesting to see had you republicans respond to this choice. they are vowing to fight they will not even take up this nomination of garland, during this, an election year. stay tuned. more breaking news. sources are telling eyewitness news that there have been indictments in a deadly limo crash last year on long island. the limo driver along with the alleged drunk driver who hit n.j. burkett broke this story and
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>> reporter: outside the suffolk county d.a.'s office. a news conference is expected to begin at 12:45 this afternoon. but yes, the chauffeur in that horrific limo case has been indicted. the charges against both men could not immediately be confirmed, because the indictments have not yet been unsealed. as you know, this case goes back to july of last year. their limousine was struck broad side, four of the women were killed, four others seriously injured in the crash. it happened as the limo driver, carlos pineo made a wide u-turn indeed the middle of route 48, where the speed limit is 55 miles per hour. both he and the driver are expected to surrender if they've not done so already. again, to recap, indictments
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handed up in that horrific limousine crash. a news conference is expected within the hour. thank you. tomorrow, officials in newark will start offering testing to students who were possibly exposed to lead. eventually, 17,000 students tested. later today, parents are planning a rally before tonight's city council meeting. eyewitness news reporter, darla story. >> reporter: i just spoke with mayor ross baracka here on the steps of city hall. he wants to make two clear distinctions just to make sure parents aren't overly concerned. he said one, there has not been one single positive test for lead poisoning. and the tests will be allowed to the students affected, and
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it's a test students can do nothing to prepare for. failure can be disastrous. >> i watched the news yesterday, and they're using that in the schools. that's terrifying to me. >> reporter: free lead testing will be available to the 2,000 toddlers in the learning centers with elevated lead levels first. >> i just want to know how long it's going to be in the water and everything. that's my concern. because i have my grammy. >> kids got to go to the bathroom, wash their hands, things like that. i myself thought they should have shut the school counsel for a couple -- down for a couple of days restroom. >> for two decades, the city of newark has been locked out of the operations of the newark public school system in all ways.
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this is the first year that we found out in city hall that there was actually a problem with lead in the schools. >> reporter: mayor ross baracka, says the bottled water band aid approach should only be short term. that state fund is needing to repair the aging infrastructure. >> they should be at the front of this. i know they want newark to be at the front of this thing, but if they want newark to be at the front, they should turn the schools over to us and let us be at at front of it. >> reporter: mayor baracka says he plans to meet with the school board this afternoon at 2:30 to finalize details of their plan of action. reporting live in newark, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. dispute this morning on the streets of washington heights. police say three women and two men were attacked at the corner ofamsterdam avenue and 171st
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no arrests have been made yet in this case. new at noon, police are looking for the armed robbers who targeted a hotel on manhattan's upper west side. police say the robbers pistol whipped three victims at the roadway inn on 71st street. investigators say they demanded the combination to the safe. but when they did not get it, they stole the worker's cell phones and wallets. the pair who were wearing ski masks ran off into central park. a mother accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter in brooklyn was arraigned this morning. police say lin li put melody phang in the bathtub after she wet herself. homicide. phang was found unconscious in li's sunset home.
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statements began in the murder of 5-year-old timothy lazinsky. his partial remains were found a year later. during opening statements, prosecutors said lazinsky killed her son as a way to deal with financial problems. funerals are held today for two people killed in a tugboat accident on the hudson river. they were crew members on the tugboat named the specialist. the boat sank saturday near the tap disci bridge after it struck a barge. the body of a third victim, harry hernandez is believed to still be inside the wreckage. now to the race for the white house. results of tuesday's primaries in five states helping to
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field. and on the democratic side, hillary clinton is inching closer to the nomination. all this as donald trump says he will not attend monday's gop debate. ray ramondy joins us with the latest. >> reporter: voters spoke last nights a as many considered it to be -- the two front-runners grabbing even more delegates as they close in on their respective nominations. a win-win situation for both clinton. both candidates victorious last night after voters made their choice during super tuesday number 3. trump's focus now? to unite the party. >> there's a tremendous fervor out there. i think the republicans should grasp it. their party guarantees 100% that democrats will win. >> reporter: his overwhelming win in the sunshine state,
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the campaign of marco rubio. >> while we are on the right side this year, we will not be on the winning side. >> reporter: while rubio dropped out, john kasich, pushing forward with a full steam ahead, after taking all 66 delegates with a win in his home state of ohio. >> we are going to go all the way to cleveland, and secure the republican nomination. >> reporter: to the democrats, where hillary clinton swept four of the five states up for grab, including the coveted winner take all states of florida and ohio. the democratic front-runner now has a laser focus on donald trump. >> when we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong. >> reporter: as for bernie sanders, an overall disappointing night as the math for his path to the nomination looking extremely grim. most of the presidential candidates don't have any
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exempt for john kasich who is in pennsylvania. the next republican presidential debate, scheduled for monday in utah. big question, whether or not donald trump will make it to the 1,237 votes needed in order to secure the nomination. live here in new york this afternoon, channel 7 eyewitness news. back to you. thank you, ray. arrested again, a teenager soon to be sentenced for a street racing crash that killed five of his friends now back in more hot water. we'll tell you what he's now accused of doing. >> millions of women in new york have to pay it. now there are new developments on the fight over the tampon tax. >> plus, his tearful admission in court. >> i'm meteorologist bill evans here in the weather center. we're going to be looking at a couple of showers. i'm watching them right here for you on the radar. but the temperatures are quite mild. 59, 60 degrees already.
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new york has taken a major step towards getting rid of the sales tax on feminine hygiene products like tampons. manhattan democrat linda rosenthal helped sponsor the bill that just passed the assembly. a companion measure has been introduced in the senate. more than 10 million women of childbearing age live in new york and pay 4% tax on feminine hygiene products. north korea's highest court sentenced an american to 15 years. convicted and sentenced. the trial only lasted one hour.
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trying to steal a propaganda banner from a restricted area of his hotel. he said he wanted the banner as a quote trophy for a friend's mother. authorities in belgium say a suspect killed in a police raid yesterday has been linked to the deadly attacks in paris. they claim an isis flag, muslim book and assault rifle were all found inside his home. four officers were hurt when they stormed the man's house, and were met by gunfire. run. this morning's rush hour was busier than usual on roads in and around washington, d.c. after an unprecedented shut down of the nation's second busiest transit system. the metro closed at midnight after a series of electrical fires.
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encouraging workers to take the day off, or telecommute if you can. they are closed until tomorrowal 5:00 a.m.. >> can you imagine that here? >> we can't telecommute here. an inmate clinging to rope from a hijacked helicopter. dramatic video. >> and the academy's apology. why it is saying sorry for what happened during the oscars.
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so i don't know if you heard earlier, david needs you to clarify today's weather. >> that's why i'm here. i knew will was a very good reason. >> grandma evan's quote. >> here we go. right under the brooklyn bridge there, you see the c street. the ferries are working back and forth, they're the new york water taxis. nice calm weather on the east river. got northeast wind here. sunshine. a a pretty nice day where we have a mixture of sun and
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the temperature at noon time is a nice comfortable 59 degrees. a light northeast wind, the pressure falling just a little bit. yesterday's high 57. so we're going to be running numbers way above normal the next couple of days. sun sets at 7:04, and it should be gorgeous. we've got a passing shower coming your way this evening. most likely tonight around 6:00, 7:00, around the evening sunset, above average temperatures today and tomorrow. they fall below normal this weekend. and the first day of spring is starting on sunday. we're going to have a spring time storm with some rain and maybe some snow on sunday night, so we're look at 60 here around laguardia. 61 at white plains. to the north, 59 around monticello and down the jersey shore at 61. we've got single wind speeds. what we have is really clouds coming up from the west ahead
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there's a giant pressure system along the great lakes. the low is going into canada. the trailing front or wave is going to come by this evening. before it does, we get to 62 degrees at 3:00, that's going to feel great. 63 in morristown. here come the showers, at 6:00, hudson river valley west. then, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, they start moving out of pennsylvania. at 8:00 across long island. if you're out and about this umbrella. mild. tomorrow at 11:00, when the parade steps off for st. patrick's day, the temperatures shuck right at 58, 59 degrees. toward the end of the parade, there might be a scattered then we go into cooler weather as we go into friday. here is your accuweather forecast. sunny clouds, mild, a passing shower and we're at 62. a brief shower tonight. the low is 46.
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a passing shower tomorrow on st. patrick's day, it's right around 65 degrees. that's 50 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast, we're looking at cooler weather on friday. chilly weather on saturday. then on sunday, some rain in the afternoon, maybe a little wet snow with that sunday night. monday, first day of spring is a chilly day with temperatures below normal, but we warm back up on tuesday. >> that leprechaun looked like it was hurdling something. >> i thought it looked a little like david. >> i was wondering who was taking a picture of me. we want to tell but this story. a crook gets way more than he bargained for during an attempted heist. the robbery that failed in so many levels. a jammed gun, a brave clerk,
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you're only a day away. a would be robber proved to be no match for the people inside a california liquor store. they also got a little lucky. police say a gunman tried to shoot the clerk several times, but the gun malfunctioned surveillance video shows the clerk then fighting back. another man was able to take the gun away from the suspect,
12:25 pm
the store and held the gunman until police arrived. authorities charged him with attempted murder and robbery. also caught on camera, a dramatic prison escape. it this happened in 2013, but we're just getting it because it went to court. making an escape dangling by a rope from a helicopter. prosecutors reveal the clip is part of the trial of one of the escapees. authorities say two accomplices hijacked the helicopter, forced the pilot to fly to the jail, it's like right out of a movie. authorities recaptured them though just a few hours later. >> incredible, thank you, david. chipotle may be rethinking some of its food safety changes according to the wall street journal. it was reportedly using dna testing for some ingredients but now it may eliminate that. it made significant changes
12:26 pm
uber has launched a stand alone appear for its food delivery service called uber eats. the service will be available in five cities, but not new york, at least not yet. the company says requesting a ride and ordering a meal are two very different things and each need their own home. a teen awaiting sentencing in connection to a deadly street race gets arrested again. coming up on eyewitness news, new charges and fresh fury. why the teen is in trouble with the law once again and what outraged family members are telling us. and a callous crime captured on
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ask your doctor about xarelto . we continue to follow two big stories. president obama naming his supreme court nominee. >> today i am nominating chief judge, merrick brian garland to join the supreme court. >> merrick garland currently serves as the chief justice of the supreme court of appeals, says republicans have vowed not to hold any hearings on this. they want to delay filling the vacancy until after november. >> indictments have been handed out against the limo driver and the accused drunk driver who
12:30 pm
it was hit on the side by an suv driven by steven romeo. four women were also severely hurt. hello again. >> one week ago cory gloe pled guilty in the case, but now he's back in custody for speeding in a car in nassau county. eyewitness news reporter, stacey sager is live in hempstead with the details on this. stacy? >> reporter: well shirleen, this is obviously infuriating for the family members of those five teens killed in that drag racing incident. 19-year-old cory gloe was back here in court this morning and back in trouble. now you may remember it was
12:31 pm
this after five teens were killed in that incident in farmingdale. the judge in the case assured him he would get youthful offender status, probably no more than 6 months in jail if he stayed out of trouble. that was a big if. yesterday, gloe was in a car that police pulled over. cops discovered marijuana and a pocketknife inside. tonight, family members of those teens were the first ones arriving at the arraignment. his defense attorney saying the case against gloe is not what it seems. >> they're going to do the proper investigation, and i think at the end of the day, they're going to do what's right and just in this case. >> he has a blatant disregard to the law. this just goes to prove character. they're out there, they're speeding, they're just doing whatever they want. how many more lives do we need to lose before the system stops giving these slaps on the wrist?
12:32 pm
arraignment, the judge in this latest case assured gloe that it is quite likely his youthful offender status will be taken away when he goes in for sentencing on may 20 in the drag racing case. that's a big deal, because it means that corey gloe could spend as much as is a years in prison. also, regarding bail today, the d.a. had asked for $25,000 bail. the judge upped the ante, and made it $50,000. channel 7 eyewitness news. stacy thank you. funeral services are being held for one of two teenagers killed by an alleged speeding driver in new jersey. the funeral began this morning in union city for bryan rodriguez, followed by a burial in north bergen. they were killed earlier this month when a car jumped a curb in north bergen and struck them. eric patterson was driving
12:33 pm
mile-per-hour zone when he hit them. new at noon, a $180 million bond has been overwhelmingly approved by voters in mount vernon in westchester county, about $60 million will be used to tournament vernon high schools into three distinctive academic institutions. one will focus on science, math, technology and engineering. the second will be a arts magnet school. the third will focus on the arts. the district has more than 8,000 students. police say a bias attack in manhattan left a man with a broken nose. police say they jumped a man on 9thavenue and hell's kitchen. the victim in this case, expected to recover. this afternoon, we have images of a man wanted for groping a teenager in a bronx grocery store and to show you. here's a look at the man police want to find.
12:34 pm
16-year-old girl inside a locker room at a stop and shop cratonia. after she was grabbed, the girl off. for the first time, lgbt groups are welcome to march under their own banners. the parade kicks off at 11:00 a.m., going from 34th to 79th streets. multiple lgbt groups are expected to march this year. new jersey transit is offering extra bus service to and from the port authority to the parade, and the metro north are running extra trains. keep in mind alcohol is being banned on all of these services. it's 59 degrees right now. let's turn to meteorologist bill evanson to check that
12:35 pm
>> we've got clouds that are across the area. these clouds will continue to work their way from west to east, mixed in with sunshine. our temperature is 59 degrees. almost 60 degrees already here during the lunch hour. to our west, these showers we're talking about here down to pittsburgh. these will keep working across the mountains, but eventually, that wave goes by later on this evening. right after school, everything's fine. sun and clouds, 52 degrees. passing shower later on in the evening, as we go along, we'll be seeing that take place at 5:00 or 6:00 this evening. we'll talk about that, and weather for the parade tomorrow. back to you. thank you, bill. a heartless act in brooklyn leading to find some abandoned kittens a save and loving home. a suitcase of them thrown over a wall into a parking lot last week. when police arrived, they found the kittens starving and injured. the cats were taken to the brooklyn animal resources coalition, where six of them survived, the others didn't
12:36 pm
you can see the kittens are a big hit, and we're told they're headed to new homes. a heartless crime. watch as a tricky thief steals donations meant to help children with cancer.
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he crashed in westchester county. the nypd says 18-year-old xavier wilson from yonkers were high on drugs when officers started to pursue him in the bronx. the officers stopped the pursuit at the city line. the car crashed a short while later in mount vernon. a woman in the backseat was holding a child. she is in the hospital, but expected to survive. the child only had bumps and bruises. a disturbing new images from videotaped attack on a police station that left a police officer dead. two brothers captured a third brother on video. police say laughing as the suspect fired several shots in maryland. but the brothers apparently started to cry as their sibling is shot to death by officers in turn. the officer who died wound up being the victim of friendly fire in this case. changes are coming to both the legal and law enforcement
12:40 pm
the system has agreed to a justice department consent decree to overall its system. the decree was created in the aftermath of the michael brown shooting death. growing number of people submitting their taxes this year are discovering someone else has beat them to it. federal investigators say fraudulent filings are happening more than of. 7 on your side has several tips to make sure it doesn't happen to you. >> just shocked that that could happen. >> reporter: double trouble. a victim of tax id theft, not once, but twice. >> it was a huge problem. i spent hours and hours. >> reporter: first, her $8,000 refund was nearly stolen by an id thief last year. >> i was told at the end of the investigation that the thief was in africa. >> reporter: then this year, she got this email stating someone had filed a fraudulent return in her name through turbo tax. >> i just thought they would
12:41 pm
>> i don't think the irs has sufficient protections in place. i'm not sure any of the online tax services have enough protections in place. >> reporter: he writes in his new book, the strategy for dealing with it is to minimize risk. file early. the thieves do. >> they know if they get in early, most people don't have a tendency to file early. >> reporter: never leave your personal information on a computer. >> put it on an encrypted thumb drive. just don't forget where you put the thumb drive. >> reporter: he also says don't overshare on social media. criminals can hit the jackpot farming social media,adam also warns they target your mailbox, both the physical and virtual. >> make sure that generally your refunds come to you by direct deposit, they don't come in the mail, because oftentimes they're stolen that way. >> reporter: remember, if you
12:42 pm
gets swiped you may have to kiss your money goodbye. >> unless the perpetrator is found, arrested, and prosecuted, and many of them gone. >> nina has two tips for us. first, know how the irs works. and second, the irs does not email you, and will never call and threaten you for money over the phone. the irs works with the gold old fashioned mode of snail mail. thanks for nina for being on it. under attack, and offering an apology. the academy's new controversy.
12:43 pm
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you can help them find a guy who literally took money from sick children. take a look at this video. watch the man in the red hoody. he's standing at a bagel shop and all of a sudden he slips a donation box under his shirt. wait as few minutes and walks away. the box is to help children with cancer. a whole box can hold $800. >> to see a man stealing money from sick children is crossing a red line. >> since the crime, the donation box is now chained to that counter. anyone with information is asked to call police. after a public outrage to one of chris rock's jokes during the oscars, the academy is now apologizing. it took a while, but the
12:47 pm
and sciences says a joke was in bad taste. >> on the one hand, you had some very pro found commentary by chris rock and others around race and diversity. on the other hand, it seemed okay to score some very cheap laughs at the expense of asian americans. the new york woman dubbed grumpy mom after a photo of her went viral is talking about what prompted her now famous grimace. the mom says all she wanted to do was go on the splash mountain ride with her husband steven. jordan said she needed to have some fun after a long day, dealing with a crying baby, and fighting bronchitis. i hear you, woman.
12:48 pm
want to go on one of the rides, she voiced her displeasure. >> i didn't know where the camera was, so i just guessed and looked over and took the picture and that was that. >> when she first showed me the photo, i lost it. did you coordinate this with them? because it was so perfect. >> she is awesome. in no time, meme's of jordan's face are all over. she thinks they're hilarious. >> i love that the tag is angry splash mountain wife. that's her name now. >> that's one of the most genius things disney does. when you go in, you see the picture at the end. i've been on the end, laughing at those. it is genius. >> i want to see your picture. >> most of them are of me, scared to death.
12:49 pm
we take a look outside at noon time. we have these cloudy skies. there is 5th avenue. we've got these clouds, and we have breaks of sun. it's really mild out. it feels nice. we've got a little 59-degree temperature. normal temperature this hour of the day is 48, 59, 50 is our high of the temperature so far. the record is 82, set back in '90. 1990, by the way, throw that out there, one of the years that we had a lot of record highs that year. that was really a warm winter that we had in '90, the buds came out in december, and january and february all over again. a warm winter anyway. 60 around carmel now. 59 around west orange, and 60 towards trenden. got a little wind here out of the east. that's just going to be a light wind around for the afternoon. back to our west, clouds are coming in out ahead of this batch of rain.
12:50 pm
weather to illinois. that's cutting into canada. here comes the rain. lee goldberg will be tracking it for you. there's the line of showers right there at 6:00, or 7:00. if you're out or about tonight, run into a scattered sprinkle or shower. tomorrow night, we start in the mid- to upper 40s. temperatures close to 60, gets to 63, or 65, there's a sprinkle by 4:00, 5:00, then we'll clear out and get cooler weather for friday. they're closer to normal on friday. tomorrow, a great parade weather. if you're along the parade route around 3:00, 4:00, there could be that passing shower like today. 62degrees, a brief shower tonight. 46. looking at sun and clouds. mild with that passing shower late tomorrow. we're at 65 degrees. then, we're going to be watching a system on sunday. sunday there's going to be, of course, that's the kickoff of spring. it's quite possible that on sunday, we could be looking at what could be a system coming
12:51 pm
comes closer, pulls down what could be some wet snow into the mix sunday evening, sunday night. then a chilly day on monday. then you see temperatures by tuesday are back to normal. next week, we're off to spring and hitting the ground running next week, headed toward what's going to be some beautiful spring weather next week. >> looking forward to it. i kind of see the resemblance. just a little bit. >> what time is the parade over? >> don't make me get up and stink. don't make me do that. >> we're leaving that alone. thank you, phil. a homeless man helped police in california recapture two escaped inmates. >> now authorities have decided to give him part of a $100,000 reward. matthew hay chapman helped two men -- they're going to submit
12:52 pm
the guy has been living in a public park, and says he will now use the money to help get a >> that's incredible. we'll be right back, but first, here's a look at what's coming up next on the chew. >> today, we're cooking up meals perfect for a first time foody. i'm teaching chew viewers how
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hi everybody, i'm diana williams in the newsroom. here's what's coming up a bit later on eyewitness news. finding the best stroller. "consumer reports" puts them to the test. we're going to tell you which ones fared the best, and also the best price point. we're also going to tell you about the first jeweler to get the official made in new york certification. we'll show you what that means, and why it's important to those who are creating jewelry in new york state. those stories and more beginning on eyewitness news
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that's all i got. >> that's plenty. the jewelry capital of the world. you just wonder, what does this mean to me, i get it. thank you, diane. the time for the feed. we begin with another reminder of why we have to be careful what we most on social media. michael daulton learned that the hard way. he shared this shot of a short cut through his neighborhood. shortly after, he got a knock on the door from the police. running the stop signs and reckless driving. police say he has a right to post anything he wants. they have a right to go after people that break the law. >> there's somebody. >> okay. >> there's somebody out there had a they're not going to be going after. he's a rock star of sorts and has a huge following on twitter. do you have any guesses who i'm talking about? >> gene simmons. >> no. >> justin bieber.
12:57 pm
i'm talking about the holicy. pope francis is about to be on instagram people. he is is prepping his new page. his handle, we're told will be franciscus. he's already got a big presence on twitter. i don't know if you're following him. followers. we expect to see more of the same. that will wrap it up for us this afternoon. have a great one. see you ba i always heard fios was a lot faster. but i still didn't switch because i thought it'd be a hassle and just take too much
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