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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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couldn't see, he was turning in to oncoming traffic because his view was blocked. but he turned anyway and four young women were killed. >> reporter: carlos pino left the courthouse this afternoon and said nothing. prosecutors say he has no one to blame but himself for the horrific limousine crash in long island wine country last summer. >> the person who was criminally response for this crash is carlos pino. and carlos pino alone. >> reporter: prosecutors say pino drove his limousine directly in to the path of an suv because he simply could not seen oncoming traffic. his view was blocked by another suv, making the turn directly in front of him, and the limo was struck broadside. >> pino failed to take any precautions whatsoever, or any action to make sure he could safely enter the westbound travel lanes, and he continued to make his u-turn.
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were inside the limo. four died and four others were seriously injured. the driver of the suv that struck the limo, steven romeo, was charged with dwi, but prosecutors say it played no role in the crash. >> perfectly sober, steven romeo could not have avoided this crash. >> reporter: romeo was arraigned this afternoon and the grand jury indicted pino on assault and negligent homicide charges. >> it is our belief that the lines here between civil liability and criminal liability have been blurred. >> reporter: we are pleased with the indictment, said an attorney for one of the families. the family has been devastated by this loss and wants justice in this case. end quote. >> several families have filed lawsuits in this case. if he's convicted of a top count in the indictment, negligent homicide, pino could face up to four years in state prison. n.j. burkett, channel 7
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right now we want to go to breaking news on the garden state parkway where there's an accident as you can see here causing big delays. shannon sohn is live in newscopter7. first of all, do we know how the driver of this car is doing? >> at this time we're hearing any injuries in this accident are minor. that's your good news. that's one of the vehicles in a six-car crash that happened on the northbound side of the garden state parkway, all by exit 137. these delays are an absolute nightmare. if you're traveling southbound where you've got all your lanes open, you've got delays well past route 280. we're down two to three lanes at any given time and this volume goes on and on and on. we're going to go all the way back with the camera to give you an idea how bad it is. this is a good 10-mile jam-up that just doesn't stop. shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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was found dead in new jersey, his mother's trial finally begins today. michelle lodzinski is charged with murder. her 5-year-old son timothy disappeared in may of 1991. his partial remains were discovered a year later. attorneys from both sides displayed evidence today. the prosecution showing timothy's graduation gown and blanket found near his body. >> healthy 5-year-old little boys don't end up in a creek dead 10 miles away from where they were last recorded missing. >> she didn't intend to kill timmy. she intended that he graduate and wear this graduation gown. >> prosecutors also said today that lodzinski killed her son as a way to deal with financial problems. timothy was last seen at a carnival in sayreville. police say a brooklyn mother
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2-year-old daughter while trying to punish the toddler for wetting herself. she put her daughter, melody phang, in a container filled with water, pushing her head under the water and holding it there for a period of time. li was arraigned on murder charges. her daughter was found unconscious in their home in sunset park on sunday. president obama announcing his nominee for the supreme court, the battle is just beginning in washington. today he chose merrick garland to replace justice antonin scalia. garland is 63 years old which makes him the oldest nominee in 45 years and currently he's achieved judge for the u.s. court of appeals in washington. political reporter dave evans is here. >> as you know, the court is evenly divided. four mostly liberal justices, four conservative. so this is very important and could change the supreme court for at least the next 20 years or so.
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because they don't like him, but simply because of politics. >> reporter: the president this morning acknowledged the difficulty facing merrick garland in this republican senate. >> to suggest someone who served his country with honor and dignity, with a distinguished track record of delivering justice for the american people might be treated as one republican leader stated as a political pinata. that can't be right. >> reporter: garland may be a moderate, and infinitely qualified. it doesn't matter to republicans. senate leader mitch mcconnell quoted joe biden from years ago as of why. >> here's what he said. it would be our pragmatic conclusion that once the political season is underway, and it is, action on a supreme court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over. >> reporter: garland is described as brilliant, most noted for how he prosecuted timothy mcveigh in the oklahoma city bombing. republicans have praised garland
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>> fidelity to the constitution and the law has been the cornerstone of my professional life. >> reporter: democrats are pushing for garland, despite the roadblock ahead. >> we hope the saner heads in the republican party will prevail on chuck grassley and mitch mcconnell to do their job. if merrick garland can't get bipartisan support, then nobody can. >> reporter: in this election year, republicans won't budge, and the president may very well be stuck. >> this is precisely the time when we should play it straight and treat the process of appointing a supreme court justice with the seriousness and care it deserves. >> and this afternoon senator chuck schumer told me he's actually been promised by several republicans that they will meet in person with garland. he calls that certainly a step in the right direction. if republicans keep take up this nomination, they gamble that the next republican
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choose somebody different, but it could be hillary clinton, and she might choose a much more liberal justice. a little bit more now about garland's personal life. he's a chicago native. he went to harvard. undergrad on a scholarship. and also graduated from harvard law school. he's jewish, married, and has two daughters, ages 23 and 25, and they both graduated recently from yale. to read more about merrick garland, go to our website at abc7ny. hillary clinton and donald trump extending their delegate leads after last night's primaries. clinton won at least four states, putting her closer to the democratic nomination. on the republican side, donald trump was the big winner with several states voting in his favor. marco rubio though dropping out of the race after trump defeated him in his home state of florida. this as john kasich tried to build on the momentum of a win in his home state of ohio. >> very indebted to the people of the state and the volunteers that really made the phone
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i think it was an extremely significant win. >> one more note. the next debate, the republican debate that was scheduled for monday in utah, that has now been canceled. in new york a protest against the republican frontrunner. the brady campaign against gun violence organized a so-called die-in protest in front of trump tower on 5th avenue today. dozens of protesters laid on the sidewalk in the past. trump said he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and not lose voters. we've learned an 11-year-old boy brought a loaded gun to a school. this is at ps 40 on union hall street in south jamaica yesterday. police received a call about a loaded firearm on school grounds. when they arrived, they found the gun inside the boy's backpack. his grandfather, 54-year-old kenneth miley, is now facing multiple charges including endangering the welfare of a child. a rally is set to begin at
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elevated levels of lead found in drinking water. thousands of students will undergo lead testing beginning tomorrow. michelle charlesworth is live in newark with more. >> parents and teachers plan to rally here tonight as soon as they get off of work here at city hall in newark. meantime, blood tests begin tomorrow. those are the blood tests taken from the crook of the arm being made available in newark for parents and school children. the message being sent out today is lead is a problem, but one that can be handled and treated and should be fixed. >> that's scary stuff. >> reporter: this is a look inside bard high school. today that was the school that tested highest for lead. a cooler and a sign saying do not drink from the water fountain. this is the flier the schools
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>> there's no problem with that's number one. i think that has to be stated over and over. what it does is creates panic and people think the water is poisonous and this is flint and it's absolutely not the case. >> reporter: leaders are reassuring folks, a bit uneasy after hearing of elevated lead levels and seeing a picture of an expired water filter inside a public school, supplied by the teacher's union president. >> we know there's lead out there. fix it. >> reporter: this is dr. steven marcus, director of new jersey's poison control system. he says most faucets and pipes installed before 1986 contain lead and we should have been proactive in all buildings for years. >> we're now going to screen a whole bunch of kids to find out who might have been exposed. that's using kids as lead detectors. that's absurd. >> reporter: he also cautions there's no need to panic. many years ago he treated a young woman who suffered from
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>> she graduated suma cum laude from college. >> that's good news for this high school senior. >> a lot of people are not coming to school, concerned about it. >> we've been talking about the schools and lead in the water. let's talk about housing. it's tested five different low rise buildings. that's different than the high rise. the low rise buildings have been tested for lead contamination in the water. no results back yet. we're here at city hall tonight waiting for the rally. parents and teachers expected to lead. coming up at 6:00, we have more on how many old buildings in all of our communities could have a problem with lead in the water. live in newark, michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. still ahead on eyewitness news, caught on camera, a man in new jersey tased during an arrest.
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new york city is about to get a new citywide ferry systems. 21 landings and six different routes. and the cost, less than what riders pay now. but could it also cost hundreds of jobs? eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer with more from the lower east side. >> this ferry service, as you
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it will be run by a company horn blower which already runs ferry service out of pier 16. tonight competitors are firing a shot across the brow. >> we're going to be restoring citywide ferry service and it's going to affect the neighbors all over the city for the better. >> reporter: sporting brand new ferry boats and serving every borough, citywide ferry service will begin, city officials hope, in the summer of next year, and fully operational by 2018. >> it will cost the same as a metro card fair. and it's going to mean for many commute. >> reporter: under a contract with horn blower, a company already running ferry service, they'll operate a total of 21 rockaways. for our community. permanent ferry service is the word. >> reporter: 12 of these new boats will be delivered at the start of service.
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navy yard. >> i'd like to give a shout-out to the competitors who decided to come out and salute this occasion. >> reporter: new york water taxi, another ferry operator, who's officials claim citywide ferry threatens their business. >> if we are shut out of the citywide ferry service, unfortunately we'd be forced to shut down. >> reporter: with 200 employees during the peak season, they also worry the worst would happen. >> first and foremost, my job is on the line. >> it affects everything. my housing, my 2-year-old daughter. >> reporter: deputy mayor alicia glenn counters -- >> we truly believe these things will ultimately add to the vibrancy of the industry as a whole. >> reporter: the city will be investing $55 million to upgrade the landings but more importantly they're also putting in $30 million in subsidies over this six-year contract. reporting live on the lower east
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eyewitness news. it turns out the security scare at a college in long island was over a star wars toy. students and staff at farmingdale state college were told to shelter in place this morning while police investigated a report of someone assembling a rifle in a parking lot. it turns out it was actually a toy light saber. after about a half hour staff and students were given the all clear to resume activities. march madness is here. what would the ncaa tournament be without the brackets and a certain someone's predictions? >> i think the jayhawks in a squeaker get past unc. >> the president has not correctly predicted the national champion since his first year in office, but he is picking the kansas jayhawks to win it all this year. when asked if he'll still give his predictions when he's out of office, the president said gladly, why not? he said he's going to be doing
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>> plenty of time to study the bracket. >> do you have picks? >> i'm not a college football nut. >> you mean basketball. >> see, i told you. [ laughter ] more on the weather. we've got a lot on the map. >> i get interested in the final four. [ laughter ] let's go outside. outside right now we have a lot of clouds. as we look across the hudson, starting to look a little threatening. thunderstorms are moving in right now. i think a few of them are weakening but we still have strong ones over central new jersey. our temperature at 59. a south wind at 5. the pressure is on the fall. the high today, 64 degrees. so it's so beautiful the last few hours, very dramatic change in to the early evening so we want to make sure you're ready for it. lower 80s, your average. record high back in 1990. these numbers over western new jersey will quickly begin to cool in to the 50s as the showers and thunderstorms move through. 61 in caldwell.
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still 69 in poughkeepsie this afternoon. there's not a tremendous amount of wind with these storms. so i'm not concerned about a damaging wind. it's more about lightning strikes, brief heavy downpours and even a little bit of small hail. 54 at 7:00. the showers and storms moving through. quiet by midnight. sun to begin tomorrow and just like today we'll have clouds gathering during the afternoon with a passing shower. a pretty mild st. patrick's day. a bit on the gusty side during the afternoon. there's the line of showers and thunderstorms. working in to morris county and hunterdon county. look at the lightning display. this little cluster to the north has weakened a little bit. it's over mt. olive. you see these heavy downpours over sullivan county going in to western ulster over the next 15 or 20 minutes. in terms of the timing it's an arrival in new york city around 6:00. new york city may go in between the thunderstorms and just a couple showers or brief heavy
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just before that it's bridgewater. 5:49 in paterson. this is part of a huge low giving snow to the northern lakes and whipping a band of rain through and there's one more that will try to come through tomorrow afternoon. depicting the showers around 7:00 in the new york city. i think it's a little earlier than that. these will leave the scene by probably 10:00 to midnight. we'll clear out tomorrow morning. watch out for a passing shower if you're headed to the st. patrick's day tomorrow. it's a nice mild day, albeit a little bit on the breezy side. 46 degrees. a shower or thunderstorm around this evening. then just turning partly cloudy. for tomorrow, sun and clouds. becoming breezy. there can be a passing shower in the afternoon and tomorrow night, a pair of 4s and partly cloudy skies. here's what we're working on for 5:30. will it feel like the 40s on friday? this coastal storm could be trending closer. we'll have much more on that and
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an apology tonight over the oscars ceremony. the academy says it's sorry. >> homeowners in one community say they're being harassed by aggressive realtors and it's leading to growing tensions in one area. >> finding the best stroller. the test. >> i'm lauren glassberg at a jewelry company that started in new york city nearly 40 years
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commuters in the nation's capital in the middle of a sluggish commute as they deal with the unprecedented shutdown of their subway system. checking power cables for potential issues after a series of electrical fires. roads throughout the dc area are now clogged even more than usual. the metro is scheduled to reopen tomorrow at 5 a.m. unless an immediate threat to safety is found. choosing the best stroller for your child, it can be overwhelming. considering they come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. consumer reports just tested 19 of the latest strollers and we have the results.
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a luxury vehicle, and it is for a baby. the price tag, $1300. these new strollers come with high end finishes like gleaming metal, leather, and designer fabrics. and they have price tags to match. but style isn't everything. >> you can find a good stroller and a good looking stroller at almost every price point. >> reporter: consumer reports tested strollers for safety, maneuverability, and ease of youth. it found strollers that transition as your baby grows are a better value. like this stroller that first fits in infancy, then accommodates a toddler up to 50 pounds. >> it has a one-hand fold which is super easy and it self-stands. >> reporter: with similar strollers selling for more than $500, it's a consumer reports best buy at just $230. if your child is a little older,
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convenience of an umbrella stroller. >> this is the summer infant 3d. it's very light weight, nimble. it also has a very large canopy. it's goegto -- it's going to keep the sun and wind out of your child's face. >> reporter: folding is simple and you can carry it with one hand. it's a best buy at $140. if you don't need as many bells and whistles, check out the summer infant 3d light. it lacks the canopy but has many $80. a stun gun debate in new jersey. video shows a man tased by police during an arrest just weeks after new rules went in to was it justified? by the fbi. tonight what happened to millions of dollars meant to buy computers for children. >> a safety feature that major carmakers promise they will install in every new vehicle. >> don't forget channel 7 is your home for the united
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we're taking you mile by mile, introducing you to some of the faces you're going to see on race day. >> i made a living running for the new york giants but at the united airlines city half i'm running for kids. >> the united airlines nyc half
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nyc de united i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (man) we're out of 2%. i wonder what else could be better around here? (man) i heard that. now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet,
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100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't. switch to better. switch to fios we got like six officers on him. there was no need for none of that. >> an eyewitness exclusive interview. a mom witnesses a chaotic scene on the street. her son arrested and another man tased by police.
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>> and growing tensions in a new jersey community. the neighbors who say they're being harassed by aggressive realtors who are pushing them to sell their homes. are the agents breaking the rules? tonight the englewood police department says it was justified. it says the man who was tased threw a punch at an officer. >> but the two men arrested in the cell phone video tell a very different story and one of their mothers and speaking out tonight. >> eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is live at the police department with the exclusive interview. >> varian hooks still has bruises on his neck. his friend jason tells me officers here unfairly tased him. but authorities maintain they were justified, this all on the heels of sweeping change here in new jersey, when an officer can pull out and use a stun gun. >> i seen them jumping on my son, choking him.
5:31 pm
about this group of englewood police officers trying to arrest her son. cell phone video captured the intense moments sunday night. >> i'm hearing my son losing his voice, you've got like six officers on him. there was no need for none of that. >> reporter: police maintain their actions were justified including what happens moments later. that's jason eves, police say when he resisted they tased the 26-year-old. jason tells me not once but twice. he's now walking with a cane and didn't want to go on camera. he says police choked him so hard at one point he passed out. the use of tasers or stun guns, a recent change here in new jersey. previously if an officer thought a suspect was likely to cause death or serious bodily injury to themselves or others, that officer could use the weapon. now if resisting arrest and poses a,
5:32 pm
causing bodily injury, not caught on camera, police say jason throwing a punch at an officer, something he says simply is not true. >> you see mr. eves on the ground. i don't know that there's a scenario that a lot of new jerseyans would think is appropriate to see the deployment of the taser that way. >> reporter: this all started, police say, after they spotted drug dealing here. he denies that and says police should have instead issued a warning. >> i'm let ya'll know if i come back again, if i smell some marijuana, you all under arrest. i want justice. >> both men were arrested, charged, and have hired attorneys. the aclu believes police do have more video of this incident and tonight it is calling on the department to release it. as for the officers, officials say they showed great restraint
5:33 pm
since initially the officers were outnumbered. for now we're live in englewood, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. police say they have arrested a final two suspects in the brazen robbery of a cartier store in midtown manhattan. two are accused of being members of the crew that stole 16 watches worth more than $700,000 back in 2014. 10 others were already arrested. the group is suspected of robbing several jewelry stores in various cities. new at 5:00, homes and businesses raided by the fbi. they're looking in to accusations that some groups in rocklin county lied about school programs to get grants and pocket the money. agencies documents several locations. marcus solis is there with the latest. >> at this location the fbi has been here over four hours.
5:34 pm
remove some of the items seized. no arrest during all these raids today but plenty of evidence were collected. >> search warrant for what? >> reporter: a homeowner shocked upon pulling up to her driveway and finding a team of fbi agents at her home. >> what's going on? i'm an honest lady. >> reporter: this afternoon federal agents and local police executed search warrants at nearly two dozen locations throughout the town of ramapo. investigators removing boxes of evidence. the focus, businesses and individuals who have allegedly pocketed millions of dollars earmarked for education. >> why would the fbi be looking through your files? >> reporter: the feds are looking in to whether they fraudulently collected money from erate, despite the fact that many orthodox schools do not use computers or the internet. just another day in ramapo, say frustrated taxpayers.
5:35 pm
you can assume people were paid under the table. one thing is for sure. the laws have been overlooked. >> reporter: indeed ramapo has long been the target of multiple corruption investigations. three years ago the fbi raided town hall after questions swirled about the funding of a controversial minor league ballpark. today's coordinated effort started with local and federal law enforcement gathering at a staging location then fanning out to raid locations in monsy, spring valley. it had drawn the attention of the curious and the dismay of others. >> it seems people with power and money can get anything they want done by passing all the laws and rules of this town. >> the only comment by the fbi today saying the searches are in connection with an ongoing fraud investigation if and when charges are filed, they'll become public.
5:36 pm
funeral for one of the two teenagers killed by a car that jumped the car in north bergen. services were held for brian rodriguez. he was later buried in north bergen. police say 23-year-old eric patterson was high on pcp and driving nearly 75 miles per hour in a 25-mile-per-hour zone at the time of the accident. the council prepares to vote to approve the city's first police civilian review board. ras baraka created it following a three-year investigation in to the police department. the probe uncovered rampant police misconduct and lax oversight. the head of the police union is vowing to go to court. he says giving the civilian board subpoena power violates the constitution. could the tampon tax soon be a thing of the past?
5:37 pm
the moments seen worldwide during the oscars that has the organization saying sorry. >> see the new feature top carmakers say you'll find in every new car. >> maybe a rough ride in parts of new jersey. still tracking thunderstorms around the lightning near new brunswick. just about to go in to sayreville and old bridge and over to edison, new jersey. more storms through northwest new jersey. the part headed through new york city weakening. it's due in new york city around 6:06. hudson valley between 6:00 and 6:15.
5:38 pm
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the tax on tampons and other feminine hygiene products may soon be eliminated.
5:41 pm
childbearing age live in new york and pay 4% tax on feminine hygiene products. that allows new york to take in about $14 million a year. a north korean court has sentenced an american college student to 15 years in prison. he was convicted and sentenced in a one-hour trial today. in court prosecutors played surveillance video where they said he was stealing a banner from his hotel. this was in january. the state department called the sentence undually harsh. the academy awards motion pictures of arts and science is apologizing for racially insensitive skit during last month's oscars. the skit included three asian children who were introduced as academy accountants. abc news has confirmed the
5:42 pm
automakers will reveal tomorrow that automatic braking is going to be standard equipment in most new vehicles by 2022. it's going to take three more years before pickup trucks and suvs follow suit. automatic braking can reduce insurance claims by up to 35% and save lives. >> the next thing to remember is the car braking alarm going off almost simultaneously, linda yelling my name, mike, i looked and all of the sudden we got this concrete abutment right dead ahead of us. >> right now automatic braking systems are optional in most cars. they cost from $500 to $3,000. consumer reports has changed its car rating system to give bonus points to vehicles with this new safety technology. >> safety is always good. bullied. >> we'll tell you why they claim some local realtors are going too far to make a deal.
5:43 pm
>> if you care about where your care is grown, where your clothes are manufactured, you may care where your jewelry is made.
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lee back with the weather. he's keeping such a tight eye on when the droplets are coming. >> i want to run to the street corner and tell everybody who was walking around in the shorts and t-shirts, it's been such a nice afternoon, to have your umbrella ready about 20 minutes from now because rain is approaching new york city. the skies have been threatening. if you look to the middle of your screen, you see brightening there but you can also see the rain coming down from some of the clouds.
5:47 pm
from the cloud base. that's ready to move in to new york city. 59 degrees. cloudy skies. south wind around 5. here are the showers. heavier downpour over ulster. a heavy downpour over parts of sussex and morris. head toward bergen, raindrops there. lighter sprinkles trying to get in to new york city. heavy downpour near new brunswick. these downpours could move in to new york city in about a half hour or so. light showers and heavier after that. light showers getting in to the hudson valley and going in to connecticut, long island. after 6:00 for you. in terms of some of the timing, more specifics here, newark, a little after 6:00. stanford, connecticut 6:34. 6:37 in hempstead. these aren't severe storms but brief downpours. they're tending to weaken as they get closer in new york city. see scattered showers around in the 7:00 hour.
5:48 pm
at that point i think they're leaving the scene. sunshine tomorrow morning to start st. patrick's day. nice start in the mid and upper 40s. wind picks up more clouds and a passing shower in the afternoon. numbers will be in the low 60s and feel great. there will be a bit of a gusty breeze. as we go in to friday, a little different story. we'll straighten out in the upper 40s again. winds will start to get gusty. showers more widespread and maybe a little earlier, by midday in the early afternoon. look how it's depicting a couple snowflakes. colder air is setting the stage for a dicy situation over the weekend. on saturday, 44. that's our nicer half of the weekend with sunshine but then on sunday i don't think we're starting the day wet but new york city marathon probably just finishes dry. maybe get some chilly rain. this storm is looking closer to the coast. that would lead us to believe we have a chilly rain going to wet snow. then leaving the scene. so obviously it's a little too
5:49 pm
what we would get out of this but slushy accumulation a possibility? that would be yes. local jewelry company has earned a very unique distinction. >> it's the first ever to be certified as made in new york. lauren glassberg shows us what makes it really different from all the rest. >> this company is different because every single piece that it makes is made here in new york city. that sets it apart in a way that the city wants to highlight, and the hope is other companies follow suit. the founder says her company has always been about the city since her very first sale. >> we wore mini skirts, little boots, striped shirts, bowtie. walked up and down. we became the corral girls and we sold $1500 worth of earrings. >> reporter: $1500 that first week in 1977 and from there, it's grown to 40 employees. >> these are real new yorkers.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: shawna could have outsourced to china or indiana where labor is far less expensive, but she opted to keep 100% of production here in new york. >> corel is only made here. it's very, very important to me. >> reporter: it's important to new york city. it's the first jewelry company certification. it's a label. it's a marketing tool so that the public and their fellow members of their community can see that they do their production in new york city. >> reporter: kate is with the economic development corporation. about a decade ago the edc and the city began showcasing films and tv shows made in new york. recently the tech and fashion industries were added as well. >> it's part of this larger movement where people are really looking at where does the food come from? where do the clothes come from? i think it's important people are able to identify that what they're wearing was made by a new yorker and supports the local ecosystem. >> reporter: it will add a
5:51 pm
already luxurious brand. >> we plan to use that in neiman marcus advertisements, bloomingdale's, websites, everything that's possible to promote new york as a design center for jewelry. >> companies interested in getting certified must apply and there's a review process. 75% of production must take place in new york city which also has to be the company's headquarters. in their case 100% takes place in new york. >> i love that. a global call to action on equal pay at the united nations today. it was my honor to lead a discussion on gender equality, women's leadership and pay equity at the u.n. world leaders gathered to discuss concrete measures they're taking to address these critical issues. the event began with the discussion between the prime minister of canada who is a self-described feminist.
5:52 pm
taken to accelerate gains for gender equality. this followed by global issues affecting women in all sectors of the world. great discussion today. under pressure, homeowners say they're being bullied by aggressive realtors trying to push them to finding colon cancer early gives me the best chance for treatment.
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el tensions are running awfully high in one new jersey community. >> signs that say don't knock are popping up in homes in toms river where homeowners say aggressive realtors are going door to door pushing them to sell. >> toni yates is live with more on this community controversy. >> here is why they say this is happening. part of the section of the toms river shares a border with lakewood, and the mayor here says lakewood's population is growing so much that those real estate agents are now inundating north dover and sometimes with very strong armed aggressive tactics. >> if they want to move to toms river, anybody's welcome, but they're not welcome to come and scare the hell out of people. >> reporter: travel through
5:56 pm
section of toms river. you'll see stickers, and signs like this, don't sell, toms river strong. homeowners are complaining hasidic home agents are coming. >> they wanted me to sell the house to them. i told them i wasn't interested and they left. i had to chase the guy off. he was pretty aggressive. >> in my opinion, what we have going on right now is an invasion and nothing less. >> reporter: february 23rd, this is an overflow township public hearing of homeowners who are fed up. >> it's a form of harassment and block busting. you shouldn't have to put signs in front of your house saying it's not for sale. >> we're not discriminating against anybody. it's the conduct. >> reporter: neighbors pointed out these two cars along the street saying they were there for some time looking at homes
5:57 pm
posted. agents successfully convinced several of her neighbors to move. >> they came daily, weekly, it didn't matter. are you going to sell your house? i actually yelled at one realtor and said listen, when i'm going to sell my house, you'll know about it. >> reporter: come friday, a cease and desist order goes in to effect as well. a blanket of protection, the mayor says, for homeowners who peace. >> people who are being critical of me misunderstand that it's anti-semitic and couldn't be further from the truth. >> so that cease and desist order will prevent solicitors from doing those door knocks at people's homes. if they violate that cease and desist, they could face thousands of dollars of fines or even jail time. toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. still ahead, she's accused of killing her young son 25
5:58 pm
>> the trial beginning today in the most controversial case. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. parents tonight demanding action after worries about lead contaminated drinking water at schools in newark reach a fever pitch. this as free lead testing for all students is set to begin. plus this. >> how many more lives do we need to lose before the system stops giving these slaps on the wrist? >> angry family members speaking out tonight about a young man who just last week pleaded guilty to charges aten illegal street racing case that killed five people. now he's been arrested again on a new charge. good evening at 6:00, i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. much more on those stories in just a minute.
5:59 pm
weather and hav rain passing through our area. >> meteorologist lee goldberg tracking the storm. >> thunderstorms scattered throughout the area. look across the hudson, parts of new jersey. we see showers moving toward staten island. want to show you a few we're keeping an eye on. there's some lightning approaching perth amboy. we've dropped from 64 to 56 degrees right now so we've definitely cooled off. we had a hail report from some of these storms coming out of eastern pennsylvania. storms have weakened a little bit but still heavy downpours and lots of lightning on the radar right now. this particular thunderstorm is about to go to the southern part of staten island. sprinkles going to bayonne and manhattan right now. this storm may track to new york city within the hour. see heavy thunderstorms over parts of northern morris county ready to go to passaic and bergen county. light sprinkles over the hudson valley but also downpours near kingston and orange county. that's going to go to putnam and
6:00 pm
new york city, we talk about midtown manhattan, closer to 6:20 because the storm coming to parts of northern new jersey. 6:43, danbury. 6:45, hempstead. this is another future scan radar confirming in to new york city. 7:00, long island. heavier downpours could be over connecticut as well. brief heavy downpours, lightning, small hail. not a lot of wind with this. just take it slow if you're headed out the next few hours. full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. now to those illegal street racing deaths. 19-year-old cory gloe supposed to be sentenced to six months in jail but now mr. gloe could face a longer sentence after his arrest last night. police say he was a passenger in a speeding car and they say they found a knife and marijuana in that vehicle. stacey sager in east meadow with the latest. >> a judge had warned this teen to stay out of trouble. he was about to get only six


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