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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 19, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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finally, former pro wrestler hulk hogan won a different kind of match tonight in court. >> look at this! >> it may go down as the biggest match hulk hogan ever won. a florida jury ordering the gossip news website dwauk tore pay him $115 million after the site posted portions of a sex tape featuring the former wwe star. but nick denton, founder of gawker, says the fight is not over. >> we feel very positive about the appeal that we have already been preparing and we expect to
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>> thanks for watching abc news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow. and as always, we're online at and on our facebook
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now new york's no. 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news. friends and relatives gathering tonight to remember a teen-ager shot and killed by his good friend.
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in custody and police trying to figure out what happened with a gun inside a home. but first tonight winter is not done yet. >> get out the coats and get ready for more snow, but the big question, how much snow will help us welcome the first day of spring? >> meteorologist lee goldberg at the weather wall timing it all out for us. >> we've been tested a lot this winter, but if this is the final exam, it's a tough one. first of all, we have breezy conditions now, kohler air coming in, 40 -- colder air coming in, 45 degrees. we're down to freezing in monticello. it will be chilly tomorrow morning, no question, chilly dry air coming in, but there's so many moving parts here, low pressure over the gulf of mexico, this area through missouri sending rain eastward and this piece over the upper my west and the interaction of these pieces really tells the tale, what will happen with this storm likely to form along the coast sunday morning. this is not going to strengthen fast enough to give us a big snowstorm.
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spare parts of the area? the storm that did very well in the blizzard advertised a complete miss tonight. we aren't forecasting that yet. here's still the most likely scenario. we get the chilly air in tonight. it's cool can despite sunshine tomorrow. i think wet snow can break out sunday month, and may be delayed a little bit, we'll watch that. still think the steadiest snow would be afternoon, maybe first part of the evening on sunday staying with the 1 to 3-inch totals. there might be more over connecticut and long island, but even in these ranges i would like the lower end. we'll look at new information and your latest snowfall map, your seven-day accuweather forecast a few minutes away. we're following breaking news now, another slashing and stabbing in manhattan, this time a deliveryman in midtown about 8:30 tonight near 31st street and eighth avenue. the deliveryman is in bellevue hospital expected to survive. police are looking for the attacker and trying to put together what led to this
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more breaking news in russia, a plane from dubai went down in southern russia. 61 people were killed. it happened as the fly dubai plane was landing. as we get more information, we'll bring it to you on both stories. an accidental shooting on long island end with one friend dead and the other under arrest. both were just teen-agers. where did the gun come from and how did this happen? eyewitness news reporter josh einiger is in copiague where hundreds of people came together tonight. josh? >> reporter: it was a gathering that grew on social media and wound up on the other side of the crime scene here. police right now still trying to piece together exactly how this started, but they say this 18-year-old was shot once in the chest accidentally by his friend. hours after their sudden loss several hundred high school students stood in stark disbelief steps from where crime scene investigators were still searching for clues in
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tore -- death of their friend wilson gill torres. >> i burst into tears instantly. it was horrible for me. he was such a good guy, too. >> he wasn't like. this he was going to just grow up, play baseball and everything. that's basically what he did. i never knew this would have been him. i never expected it. >> reporter: police announced an death in the high school senior. his friend 18-year-old neffy reyes charged with second degree manslaughter after sources say he showed off a gun and accidentally fired it around lunchtime on great neck road barrel 1/4 mile from the teen's -- barely 1/4 mile from the teen's school which was briefly placed on modified lockdown as police investigated. hours later shock spread across gil torres' friend who lit candles and tried to make sense of the senseless. >> how you going to say somebody just going to pull a trigger, it's no accident? >> reporter: police right now are wrapping up this scene nearly 12 hours after that shot
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as for the suspect, neffy reyes is also 18. he will spend the night in a police precinct and be arraigned in the morning on a charge of second degree manslaughter. we're live in copiague, long island, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. a new clue tonight as police search for the man who slashed a stranger in brooklyn. cops released this sketch of the suspect of last week's slashing in ditmas park. he approached a 53-year-old woman and cut her throat in broad daylight. she needed 13 stitches. at the scene police recovered two knives and an american flag bandanna that was over the suspect's flag. donald trump keeping unusually quiet about a threatening letter sent to his son containing white powder. trump wrapped up a campaign rally in salt lake city moments ago. he did not talk about the fbi investigation into the letter sent to eric trump's home in midtown. the powder was lemonade mix, but a note inside said the next time it will contain something worse if his father does not drop out of the presidential
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the man responsible for scores of death tonight alive and in custody in belgium four months after one of the most wanted terror suspects in the world launched a horrific and bloody series of attacks in paris police captured that man, salah abdeslam, and like his terrifying legacy, it was a violent capture. it was nothing short of a heavily armed military assault. residents running for cover, a s.w.a.t. team storming a building where salah abdeslam was hiding out not far from his family's home in belgium. the man in the hoodie believed to be abdeslam shot in the leg limping as he's forced into the police car. masked men now guard it, but for four months the 26-year-old was on the run, the only terrorist to survive the deadly and coordinated isis attacks in paris last november that killed 130 people in several locations. abdeslam, a french citizen
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car that drove a team of suicide bombers to the soccer stadium in paris where blasts were set off. abdeslam also renting the car that dropped off the isis gunman at the bataclan theater where an american rock band was playing. shots rang out, a pregnant woman hanging out the window begging for help. it was abdeslam's brother who opened fire on this cafe in paris and then set off a suicide vest. after the attacks abdeslam called two friend in belgium asking to be picked -- friends in belgium asking to be picked up, taken at a gas station before abdeslam slipped across the border to belgium. since then more than 150 raids have been convicted. the big break came tuesday in brussels, a gunfight, one man killed, two escape, one of them salah abdeslam apparently jumping out this window, but he left behind i had fingerprints, a stash of weapons -- behind his fingerprints, a stash of
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four other people were also arrested, although it's unclear what role they played in the paris terrorist attacks. authorities in belgium looking for others who may have helped salah abdeslam. his four month tenure as a fugitive, were there other people and now the questioning of the arrested terrorist begins. hulk hogan's awarded $115 million in a sex tape lawsuit against gawker media. the former pro wrestler hugged his lawyers after the verdict came down. jurors in florida reached their decision after less than six hours of deliberations. hogan sued gawker for $100 million for posting a video of him having sex with his former best friend's wife. unsettling new details about a foster father on long island accused of abusing boys he was supposed to take care of. 60-year-old caesar gonzalez megaburu arraigned in riverhead today charged with sexually abusing at least seven foster children in his home in the
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authorities say the boys could have no girlfriends, no extracurricular activities, no phones and were fed just two meals a day while sitting on the floor. his neighbor long suspected a problem but couldn't prove anything. >> i've lived here for approximately 38 years and it's -- tears comes in my eyes. i know the children. >> mugaburu also accused of having sex with his dogs. investigators say he's been a foster parent since 1996, has fostered up to 140 kids. governor christie saying there's no reason to panic after elevated lead levels were found in the water at 30 public schools in newark. >> there's no safe level of lead. we don't want lead to be in water anywhere, but i don't want people to get into a crisis thinking there's something like on the scale of flint or that level. it's absolutely nowhere near that. >> the district is it examining every tap for lead contamination and testing
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gunfire into a car with children inside, tonight those kid are out of the -- kids are out of the hospital as police search for where the bullets came from.
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new details in a shooting scare in queens where a grandmother and two young kids riding in a car were nearly hit by gunfire, the children released from the hospital tonight after the windows in the car exploded with the glass falling in on the kids. the. >> reporter: a family outing in edgemere queens came to an abrupt stop friday afternoon when a bullet pierced through the back passenger window of this car nearly striking a grand mother and two small babies in the back seat. >> i had a panic attack. >> reporter: er when heart still racing marion thomas
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for a nearby light to change with her 1-year-old granddaughter, another relative and a 4-month-old baby boy when they first heard the gunfire followed by shattering glass falling on the children. both young children were brought here to st. johns episcopal hospital where they were evaluated and released. with several saints and rosaries in her car she believes there was a higher power. the police are searching for the shooter from either the roof or the street. police believe neither the cab nor the grandmother's car were the intended targets. affordable housing or affordable parking? they're both hard to come by in manhattan, as we know, now the
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center of a fight on the upper east side. there's a proposal to replace three low cost parking structures on west 1,008th street with hundreds -- on west 108th street with hundreds of drivers they say will be fighting in the streets. >> what do you do with 3705 375 cars and people that look for -- 375 cars and people that look for parking during the day that work here? >> the proposed project would provide nearly 300 homes for low income families and seniors and 110 new beds for the homeless. he sure did act like a come. he used emergency lights to unfortunately -- cop. he used emergency lights to pull over a driver and was carrying a done, but he was nothing more than an imposter. this sketch of the suspect was driving a blue four door vehicle. he pulled over a driver in
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was a detective and she was speeding and had a gun holstered on his him, but she suspected he wasn't really -- hip, but she suspected he wasn't really a cop and drove away. this has been a time of reflection today remembering our friend and colleague lisa colagrossi. her husband todd was here with our president and general manager dave davis. lisa died of a brain aneurysm one year ago this weekend just 49 years old, smart, curious, caring and so talented, todd now creating the lisa colagrossi foundation focusing on public education about brain aneurysms and pushing for more research into early detection. we have more information on that and on his a at -- lisa at two russian and an american astronaut just docked moments ago at the international space station. they blasted off tonight from
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capsule. 534 days are the most days in space over three missions. the opening this weekend of one of new york city's most iconic symbols of summer and sunshine now postponed because winter is spilling over into spring. kony island luna park was supposed to van opening ceremony this -- have an opening ceremony this weekend. the big opening ceremony with free rides on the famed cyclone pushed back to march 26th. >> it's getting much warmer next weekend. although coney island not guaranteed a lot of snowfall. this track is pretty tricky. 36 hours from the storm things will be coming into focus, but there's still some questions.
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chilly out there, mainly clear skies and a breeze that's rather gusty out of the northwest. the empire state building is really pretty. i didn't look it up tonight, bill. maybe you'll do your old job and find out, why those beautiful colors on the empire state building. 45 degrees, northwest wind 14 to 25 and barometer on the rise. the high today reached 50 zebedee. sunrise tomorrow at 7 -- 507 degrees. sunrise tomorrow at 7 -- 57 degrees. sunrise tomorrow at 7:01. freezing in monticello now, long island in the mid-40s, same thing in central and southern new jersey, so not as gusty tomorrow morning, sunny, cold. high clouds start to move in, more of a high overcast during the afternoon hours and middle 40s, might be rain over extreme southernmost new jersey. look at the pieces working together here. let's look in on piece no. 1 in the gulf, piece no.
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another one through the upper midwest, piece no. 3. this piece will run out ahead of everything tomorrow. could be snowing tomorrow northwest of washington d.c. if you see, that don't worry. that doesn't mean the snow is coming in early here. that will slide to our south. maybe some rain brushes cape may. this particular model is saying low pressure is developing along the coast. we believe, that but during the morning hours i think the snow shield is farther north and we are seeing some wet snow. this again waits until sunday night and early must be to brush us with some snow -- monday to brush us with some snow, but there's no connection between the two pieces and that's why the storm doesn't develop till later in the game point. we think the interaction will happen earlier and allow some snow back into the area, most of that in the afternoon hours sunday into sunday evening. wet flakes can fall in the morning hours. when it's all done, you get
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inches of snow across much of new jersey, new york city and much of the hudson valley. maybe that storm intensifies fast enough so we get 3 inches or more in connecticut and eastern long island. there's a possibility with spring systems where you have elevations making a huge impact on a storm, so maybe above 500 feet in the hudson valley we start to see some totals that could exceed 3 inches, but that's if the storm is close enough. we have to weigh what's happen overnight. i'll look the next few hours and post on social media. you'll hear tomorrow morning. sunny and cold 7 a.m., 36, 20s in the suburbs in terms of wind chills. on the chilly side tomorrow, sun mixing with some afternoon clouds, 46. then 32, clouds up tomorrow night and snow late is a possibility south and west of new york city. wet snow late sunday, sunday evening, winding down, maybe snow showers left over monday morning, could be slick spots for the commute but don't think
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could be 70 by thursday. thank you, lee. coming up next keeping children from becoming overweight, tell you why the the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus
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drinking on the job is not only allowed but encouraged in a new trend seeing kegs delivered to companies, not just on st. patrick's day but every day. the ceo says the beer is refreshing and it stimulates creative thinking. 1 keg distributor says it now supplies more than 100 companies in chicago, companies that want to prove they're not bland, stuffy or corporate. in tonight's health alert you've heard advice to never skip breakfasts.
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breakfasts are the better diet. researchers at yale tracking students at dozens of schools which provide free breakfast. they found children who skip breakfast are twice as likely to be overweight impaired to children who eat first at home and then have another breakfast at school. pass the pancakes. laura behnke up next with sports. >> if your bracket is upset today, you're not alone. tennessee was more interested in getting that one win. >> plus it's baseball time for the captain david wright next in sports. >> channel 7 eyewitness news your home for the united airlines new york city half marathon. we're taking you mile by mile introducing you to some of the faces you'll see on race day. >> hey, guys, big mike here with the east coast event.
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half marathon. we want to encourage the ladies to finish strong and rock on. see you race day. >> a gentleman, too.
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you get very excited about march madness. >> who doesn't get excited about march madness? >> you really get pumped up. >> that's kind of my job. sure, yesterday there were some upsets with a couple 12 seeds advancing with an 11, but the big time upset waited until today. this afternoon 2 seed michigan state in trouble against 15
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the blue raiders led the entire game. each time sparty made a run, something like that. late in the game this pretty much will seal it, the turn over, reggie upshaw, the dunk, 90-81, the first big upset of the tourney. who do they get next? 10 seed syracuse tipped off against 7 seed dayton, dayton keeping it interesting, but the orange had a two point lead at the half, ran away in the 2nd. an exclamation point, tyler robeson for the alley-oop, 70- 51, so orange meet middle tennessee next. villanova and maryland were both victorious, but in a shocker fourth seed california bounced by 13 seed hawaii and we had a buzzer beater for you, 0 with and temple in overtime. -- iowa and temple in overtime.
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gave the 7 seed hawkeyes the win over the 10 seed owls. 72-70 your final. in brooklyn out west 2nd seed oklahoma and 3rd seed texas a&m were winners. in the east wisconsin wins ugly. 3rd seed west virginia loses to the grapefruit league season may have pass the halfway -- passed the halfway point, but it's never too late to get the captain involved. bartolo colon took the ball and it was rough, giving up the three-run bomb to danny he those. bartolo allowed eight runs -- danny espinosa. bartolo allowed eight runs in five innings. the mets were in a huge hole. this is a positive. that's a grand slam but 12-7,
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also tonight the yankees hosting the orioles, c.c. sabathia on the mound still fighting for that fifth rotation spot. once again he didn't help his cause, gave up the home run to mark trumbo, three-run shot and allowed four runs in the 1st better. in the 4th manny machado single. two more runs score. he allowed seven runs, four earned. the yankees fall. while the yankees are busy in florida, new york city football stadium. goals hard to come by tonight, but orlando did strike early in the seven minute, kyle larkin, the strike, 1-0 orlando wins.


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