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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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will be too far east. it's currently 38 degrees and dim sunshine. that's the best spin i could put on this one. turns out to be a mostly cloudy day with windchills right now going from the mid to upper 20s to right around the freezing point. feels like 29 in toms river. feels like the low 30s in places like white plains. at least 10 degrees colder on the thermometer and with the windchill, difference. coming in from the west and parts of southern pennsylvania, we have snow. south jersey is rain. a cold rain later on tonight. tomorrow, throughout the day, flurries could fly and we're expecting most of that action in and around the city south and east. as a storm system comes by us to the east, it will have its development mainly offshore, so that will limit the possibility
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stocking up. next, woo el have the michelle? developing right now, investigators have recovered one of the flight recorders from that fiery plane crash in southern florida. all 62 people on board were killed in the crash. the boeing 737 was operating by budget airline. the area was hit by strong wind gusts at the time. a pokes person at light radar 24 says the plane missed its approach and circled the airport for two hours before it tried to land when it clipped a wing on the ground, exploded, and caught fire. lauren? police are searching for the cab driver involved in a deadly hit and run at 17th street and first avenue about 4:30 this morning. police say a 44-year-old woman
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hit by a cab. the driver kept going, leaving her in the street. a cane was found nearby and may belong to the victim. she was rushed to the hospital where she died. >> parents are anxious in new jersey as lead testing continues in the new work school district as high levels of the toxin in the water at 30 schools. tony yates joins us live from alexander street school with the latest on the story. good morning to you, toni. >> reporter: good morning again, michelle. the district is working with the epa. they are testing 12 schools in the district. the 12 schools on the priority one list to have their water tested now. the entire quality control protocol has been established to get water samples from the building to document them, of course. all 67 schools in the district will have the testing done. this is after the 30 schools tested positive for higher than acceptable levels of lead.
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children at early learning centers were tested for lead exposures. those will be due back in a week. once the findings were released, the state stepped in. >> there's no safe level of led. i don't want you to get into a crisis thinking it's something on the scale of flint or that level. it's absolutely nowhere near that. >> reporter: new jersey lawmakers working out of washington d.c. are already looking for federal money to help alleviate this problem. meantime, all of the schools that are affected will be using bottled water. for now, we're live in newark, toni yates, channel 7 "eyewitness news." the focus of a federal investigation is part of a probe by the manhattan u.s. attorney's office. according to court documents, prosecutors are investigating complaints about unsafe,
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lead in their blood are at the center of this investigation. there was another slashing and stabbing in manhattan. this time, a delivery man slashed and stabbed in midtown. police say it happened near 31st street and eighth avenue. the deliveryman is in bellevue hospital and is expected to survive. investigators are trying to piece together what led to the stabbing. a new clue in the search for a man who police say slashed a stranger in brooklyn. police have released this sketch of the suspect in last week's slashing. he approached a 53-year-old woman in broad daylight, they say, and cut her throat. she needed 13 stitches. at the scene, they recovered two knives and an american flag bandanna that had been covering the suspect's face. high school students gathered last night holding handles and balloons in honor of wilson gill tores.
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police say his friend, nefi reyes was showing off his gun when it went off, shooting gill tores in the chest. >> it was horrible for me. he was such a good guy, too. >> he wanted to just grow up, play baseball and everything. that's basically what he did. i never knew this would have been him. i never expected it. >> reporter: the shooting happened at a home one quarter mile away from the teen's high school. the school was briefly put on modified lockdown. marching in a rally against the presidential front- runner. protesters clashed with trump supporters last night. police in riot gear blocked the doors to the venue where trump was speaking. today, an anti-trump rally will be held at columbus circle.
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the president is on the sidelines when it comes to the democrats. not openly supporting sanders or clinton, but he's willing to step it up when it comes to stopping donald trump. president obama was dismissive of trump's campaign initially from theeginning, but now he feels dismayed by what he sees onthe campaign trail. >> we have heard vulgar and divisive rhetoric aimed at women and minorities, and americans who don't look like us or pray like us or vote like we do. >> five years ago, president obama roasted trump during the white house correspondents dinner even joking that if he were elected president the white house would get an interesting makeover. the arguments against him are now taking a much more serious tone as he wins primary after primary. coming up, a dramatic raid. a key suspect in the paris attacks captured and arrested in brussels. we have details just ahead. >> and after deliberating for
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been a victory in the courtroom for former pro wrestler hulk hogan in his sex tape scandal. amy? >> over here in the accuweather center, we're tracking temperatures that are much colder and the possibility of snow diminishing that this will be anything too significant, a trace to an inch off to the south. flurries fly tomorrow.
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. one of the most wanted terrorists in the world is wanted. a fugitive in the deadly terrorist attacks was captured in brussels believed to have been hiding there for four months. now the question is, who else could be responsible? >> reporter: gunshots rang out as heavily armed s.w.a.t. teams moved in. the cell phone video shows residents running for cover after four months on the run, one of the most wanted men in
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quiet brussels street. the man in the hooded sweatshirt believed to be salah abdeslam seeming to limp after being shot in the leg. 26-year-old abdeslam is the so- called eighth attacker, the only surviving terrorist of november's deadly attacks that left 130 dead across paris. a childhood friend of the alleged paris mastermind. on the night of november 13th, he drove the car carrying the suicide bombers to france's biggest soccer stadium. abdeslam also rented a car that dropped off the isis attackers where the american band the eagles of deaf metal were performing. authorities believe he planned on carrying out another attack last night but got cold feet and called two friends in belgium to pick him up.
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gas station, surveillance cameras caught this image. the three were stopped but allowed to pass into belgium. abdeslam's family claimed they didn't know where he was and urged him to turn himself in. there were 100 raids conducted and arresting more than 58 people. his friends tell abc news he was trying to get to syria, worried that isis supporters were unhappy he didn't detonate his suicide vest that november night. on tuesday, a break in the case. a raid on this house turned into a shoot-out. one man killed by a police sniper. two others escaping, one of whom may have been abdeslam who articledly jumped out the back window. inside, his fingerprint, a cache of weapons, the net tightening, police zeroing in, and 72 hours later, they had their man.
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awarded $115 million in his sex tape lawsuit against gawker media. the former pro wrestler hugged his lawyers after the verdict came down. jurors in florida reached their decision after less than six hours of deliberation. hogan sued gawker for $100 million from posting a video of him having sex with his former best friend's wife. straight ahead, make way for a second helping. this is what i'm talking about. a new study reveals a new way
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hey, roller coaster lovers. the opening of summer and sunshine is postponed because the winter is spilling into spring. but if you are a die hard role effort coaster lover, the amusement park will be open tomorrow. the opening ceremony, the
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free rides on the same cyclone, will be held march 26th. the weather is supposed to be warmer by then. >> no i want kettle corn. >> really? >> i'll take a hot dog and funnel cake. >> then go on the ride. you'll feel good after that. >> the story is, you have to eat more, right, to be skinny? holding on to that like a life raft. [ laughter ] >> it is chilly out. >> it's cold outside. temperatures are 15, 20 degrees colder than yesterday at the same time. it really is a sign of what's happening over the weekend. tomorrow is spring. it looks like we roll into the last season holding on to the last. we're looking at sunshine here in the upper west side. lincoln square cross the east of us. the clouds are increasing, and we will spend most of the afternoon mostly cloudy.
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not going to have as major of an impact as we thought earlier in the week. instead, what will happen is we'll have below average all week and potentially see cold rain tonight, south jersey and potential for wet snow tomorrow, also, south jersey as the storm develops offshore. let's get started with the numbers. we look outside and there are clouds. 38 degrees in the park, pressure is falling. the storm coming in is more wet than white so don't expect it to stack up deep. windchills are cold, feeling below freezing. temperatures are just above the freezing point for central park, belmar and new work and trenton reading 33 degrees. putting out a snowfall forecast. it's really limited.
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trace to an inch in the city and south. maybe as the storm develops off to the north and east we'll get a little more accumulation there, but all in all, the track continues to give us this diminishing risk for any major snow. accutrack shows the clouds moving in quick and we've got the streamers coming in from the north signifying the cooler temperatures coming in with the northerly winds. here's the moisture over the virginias right now and of southern pennsylvania. cold rain for south jersey is a good bet. this is the track of the system and where the energy starts to pull from. rain to wet snow will be closer in and we continue to see the impact as the snow will be off to the east and pulling away from it. we're basically looking at messy conditions through parts of the area.
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nicely by 4:00 this afternoon. some rain moves into parts of south jersey. there it is right there. tomorrow we start off with a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures are still on the cold side. some of this affects areas south and west of the city. 46 degrees and sunset is going to be at 7:07. by tomorrow, it's cloudy, cold, and it's uncomfortable. rain and wet snow for areas to the south just 37 degrees. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. look at this recovery on monday. tuesday, we've got 47. wednesday we have showers around and we're back up to near 60. thursday 65 degrees with the possibility of a shower. then friday, 68. we warm up nicely heading into
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it all sounds good, but today and tomorrow, if you can find a way to kind of dodge the cold or layer it up because it is chilly out there, last night, you know, was a little cool. inside was the entertainment over at lincoln center. i posted it up on instagram. that beautiful gal to the left of the screen, that's lily cooper. >> gorgeous. >> she was with her family at the lincoln center. they did the "american song book," and it was fantastic. they all sang together. her, her two brothers and their dad. joey and paul on the end. fantastic. really fun to see their show. if you can do something like that today or tomorrow, check out some music, go to the movies -- >> stay warm, dodge this last blast of winter. >> run a half marathon. >> you could do that tomorrow, too. that's where i'll be. i'll see you starting at 5:00 a.m. at the start line. if you are early, come by and get a picture.
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>> right here at central park. there. it's very close. >> you don't sleep? >> i do, actually. i snore sometimes, too. thanks for asking. [ laughter ] let's talk about food. in this morning's health alert, we have heard the advice nerver to skip breakfast. two breakfasts are the better diet. who knew? researchers at yale university tracked young students from dozens of schools which provide free breakfasts. they found children who skip breakfast are twice as likely to be overweight compared to those who eat fist at home then have -- who eat first at home then have another at school. stoke the furnace. is coming. right now. >> i think it's supposed to be oatmeal and egg white omelette. >> no bacon? >> cue the bacon.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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welcome back. affordable housing or affordable housing are both hard to come by in manhattan. now there's a battle between the two with locals asking why they have to choose one over the other. there is a proposal to replace three low cost parking garages with hundreds of new affordable housing units. the people who depend on the garages claim the loss of parking spaces will lead to drivers fighting in the streets. >> what do you do with 375 cars or whatever it is plus the other ones, which comes out, i think, to 600 and change? and what do you do with the people that look for parking during the day that work here? >> the proposed project would provide 300 homes to are low- income families and seniors and 110 new beds for the homeless. social media is rallying behind a grandfather who wanted to share a dinner with his grandchildren. one of his granddaughters
9:24 am
showing her paw paw eating the dinner that he cooked for her and her five cousins, but she was the only one who showed up. the picture was retweeted 140,000 times with many on social media reminding everyone to please make families a priority. drinking on the job. not only is it allowed but it's encouraged and a new trend that's seeing a boom in keg deliveries to companies. the beer flowing at power reviews in chicago not just on st. paddy's day but every day. its ceo says the beer is refreshing. one keg distributor says it now supplies more than 100 companies in chicago. companies that want to prove they are not bland, corporate. charging a tesla in manhattan soon will be easier than gassing up your el camino. according to reports -- i keep changing the car, sorry.
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that would give manhattan three times the number of charging stations to gas stations. there are about 40 gas stations still in business on manhattan. that keeps falling as developers buy up the space. so soon you are going to have to plug in or get out. >> get a tesla. to do. 9:25. behnke. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. tournament. a couple of 12 seeds advancing along with an 11. the big time upset waited until yesterday. yesterday afternoon, michigan state against the blue raiders who led the entire game. each time sparty made a run, something like that happened. the three-point play. then late in the dame, this would seal it after the turnover. it's reggie upshaw with the dunk. 90-81. the first big upset of the tournament. so who will they face next?
9:26 am
dayton kept it interesting in the early going. then malachi richardson kept is interesting. michael with the three at the top of the key. then your exclamation point. 70-51, so orange gets middle tennessee next. we had a buzzer beater. iowa and temple in overtime. adam woodbury is the hero. his putback at the buzzer gave the 7 seed hawkeyes the win over the ten seed owls ensuring themselves a spot. all that from barclays center in brooklyn. the grapefruit league season may have already passed but it's never too late to get involved. the mets hosted the nationals. wright playing third base. colon took the ball to start with one. it's a bit rough. he allowed eight runs in five innings. wright's debut was a success.
9:27 am
including this single on the very first pitch he saw. the mets still found themselves in a big hole late. this is a positive, though. michael confort to, a grand slam. also last night, the yankees hosting the orioles. cc sabathia on the mound still fighting for the fifth rotation spot. once again, though, did not help his cause. gave up the home run to mark trumbo, a three-run shot. did not get a lot better from there in the fourth. knocking him around for the single. two more runs score. that would be it for sabathia. he was removed from the game, allowed seven runs, four earned and six hits. 11-2, the yankees fall. while the yankees are busy in florida, the new york city football club keeping an eye on the stadium for them. gold's hard to come by, but
9:28 am
the strike, all they would need. 1-nil, orlando gets the win. that's your morning look at sports. i'm laura behnke. we're back with you later tonight at 5:00. much more ahead on this saturday morning, including a live look at the day's top story.
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. >> reporter: 30 schools tested positive for the higher thatten acceptable levels of lead.
9:33 am
children at early learning childhood centers in newark were tested. their results will be back in about a week. governor christie spoke about the water dilemma. he says once the superintendent released the findings about the water at the schools, the state jumped in to help. >> prying walter, testing children, ed -- providing water, testing children, that's a reactionary response. remediation would take millions, even billions to fix lead pipings in schools. >> reporter: many new jersey lawmakers in washington are asking phratral money to help out with the situation. two brothers fay facing charges.
9:34 am
attempted murder and charged with firing on a man at noon. he took off. police say both men had heroin on them and two handguns found at their home. authorities in new jersey are looking for an armed man who impersonated a police officer using emergency lights to pull over a driver. police released this sketch of the suspect who was driving a blue four-door vehicle. he pulled over a driver in t neck last saturday using blue emergency lights on his dashboard. he told her he was a detective and she was speeding. she says he even had a gun holstered on his win. she sus -- on his hip. she suspected the man was not an officer and drove off. a man who survived last month's deadly crane collapse in tribeca plans to city sue the city for $30 million. thomas o'brien of massachusetts was sitting in his car when the crane slammed onto his roof. he is still recovering from
9:35 am
his attorney says the city did not take appropriate precautions despite the weather forecast for wind and snow. the 38-year-old man was killed in the same collapse. the former nypd officer convicted in the shooting of akai gurley has requested that the judge vacate the verdict that police procedures did not allow liang to administer cpr and that he was inadequately trained. a police academy trainer was questioned whether she provided adequate training. john rowland is appealing his latest corruption conviction. he faces a sentence of 2 1/2 years in prison. he was convicted of conspiring to hide payments for work he did for republican congressional candidates. he resigned as governor in 2004 during a corruption scandal
9:36 am
he's currently free on bail. art lovers are celebrating opening weekends at new york art. the met bringer opened its doors for the first time the whitney. the upper east side gallery space is debuting with three main spaces you can check out. this includes special programs and a family day tomorrow with events for all ages. coming up on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, "ripley's believe it or not" gets ripped off. find out how the crooks tried track. >> a quick reminder, channel 7
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you could soon order a
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being. the company ceo says the yoon it known as drew is being tested now. i like how you called this a roomba for pizza. that's the vacuum cleaner, right? >> my son said mom, you need to get this so you don't have to do any work. >> not the pizza delivery. >> it bounces off the walls and keeps going. >> yes. very cute. so what's going on? a good ]rsez\ 35sewwwtz'g`@5iuk< a pizza? >> the last day of winter. >> thanks >> temperatures are cold and below average all weekend. so as you head out the d hopefully you haven't put away your winter coats, scarves, and gloves.
9:40 am
upper 30s and looking out in lower manhattan. visibility is fine. we'll get cold rain in south jersey. winds are calm right now. we have seen them pick up as high as 15 miles per hour. you maxed out with colder temperatures and feels a little very brisk outside. we're ten degrees colder and yesterday we had 57 degrees. below that for sure today. it's also more wet than white as the storm system comes in and it's mainly south of us. the temperatures will bounce back fast over the enweekend and we could be looking at the upper 60s by the time we close out the seven-day forecast. transition's coming. it's taking its time. 24-hour temperature changes in the upper 30s here. real reflective of what's happening across the board. the numbers compared to yesterday, 24 hours ago at the same time, we're up to 15
9:41 am
windchill factors are in the upper 20s and low 30s. you'll notice the change. we're looking for snowfall to be very minimal. the track of the system has pushed off farther to the eat. there may be a trace to an inch. all of this energy is off to the east and it's really difficult to put any credence behind snow stacking up. so you look at the satellite and radar picture, and you can see north winds coming in. moisture is over southern pennsylvania and virginia. it's called rain for south jersey. over the weekend here, the next 36 hours there is cold air to work with. the energy, the moisture, the
9:42 am
here. can't rule out the moisture for ideal conditions. this is moisture tomorrow during the day with starting with a little bit of sunshine. tomorrow. runners be ready with the layers and there's a special kind of tech clothing to keep you comfortable during the race. it's mainly for south jersey where you get accumulations, grassy surfaces and wet roads. 46 is the high today. the cold rain comes in south. then tomorrow, we're looking at temperatures limited to 37. ed seven-day forecast, first up on monday. wednesday, it's warmer and 59. rain continues on thursday at 65. nice and warm very mild heading into next weekend. the first full week of spring,
9:43 am
it will get a slow start here sunday into monday. then we do stay quite the average by time the weekend rolls out. out like a lion, in like a lamb, whatever they say. it's not leaving yet. >> not yet. >> we'll see some improvements as the week goes on. >> thanks, amy. coming up on "eyewitness news," a celebrity was severely hurt on the set of the sci-fi movie. dylan o'brien is now recovering. >> you don't have to travel to rome to follow the pope. how his holiness is expanding his web presence today. >> oh, no rob nelson. no witty song that's not going to play, but before the break, let's look at today's community calendar. [music] >> reporter: it's the channel 7 community calendar for saturday, march 1th. here's what'happening in your community.
9:44 am
wood craft, photography and more will be on view at the first annual welcome spring fine art craft fair on long island. the spring expo takes place at the recreation center in the bronx. activities include arts and crafts, potato sack res, dancing yogand greetings with the bunny. and the kid-friendly tours, hands-on activities and scavenger hunts are on tap for all. sing along with nappy's puppet at the library and witness one of the oldest, most wonderful forms of puppetry. jam to a mix of talented performances and do good to benefit the long beach soup kitchen at the sixth annual festival and fooddrive. fomore information about
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event in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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parents got quite the show as a professional gator trapper stepped in to visit the uninvited visitor who was spotted by students roaming around the school's campus. they called in a professional who was able to safely get it off of the school's property. >> do they have any of those professionals in new york city just hanging out waiting for the gator call? >> i don't know. i'm not sure. >> see, it might be nice down there, but they do have gators. the baltimore ravens are mourning the death of a teammate killed in a dirt bike crash. baltimore ravens cornerback tray walker critically hurt when his dirt bike collided with a truck thursday night in miami. he died at the hospital yesterday. walker played only one year in the nfl, mostly on special teams. ravens coach john harbaugh released a statement calling the 23-year-old a young man with a good and a kind heart.
9:48 am
now in the latest installment of maze runner after its star was badly injured on the set. actor dylan o'brien rushed to the hospital after an accident on the set of canada where he's filming "maze runner the death cure." the author on the series on twitter saying o'brien's injuries are not life- threatening, and production happen postponed but not canceled. there's still a high number of work place injuries every year even where safety standards are the highest. a study says more than 10,000 people suffered severe injuries on the job last year. among those hurt, nearly 3,000 needed amputations. those numbers came from 26 state where's safety standards are higher than most other states because their safety standards are higher than government. osha said the majority of the
9:49 am
target is rolling new shopping carts to helits shoppers with spianeeds. starting today, each of target's stores across the country will have at least one of the newly designed carts to feature a harness equipped seat to help children and adults. target began testing last year saying it will make it easier for those used to maneuvering a wheelchair and a shopping cart threw the aisles. instagram has one more user, and he already a following. about an hour ago, pope francis posted his first picture on instagram under the handle francisis. he shows the caption pray for me. he already has more than 270,000 followers. in comparison, selena gomez has the most followers on instagram with more than 70 million. give him a couple days. >> i'm pulling for him. new jersey high school
9:50 am
the prom and will have a chance to do some shopping today. cinderella's closet is holding its annual charity prom boutique. a runway show in january provides prom outfits, accessories, hair and makeup for teenagers in need. volunteer personal shoppers will help the teens put together the perfect prom look today at long branch high school. >> that is so nice. it looks so glamorous. it's usually packed with tourists. believe it or not, ripley's in times square ripped off. >> thieves swapped out authentic baseball memorabilia with really good fakes. someone even stole some shrunken heads. tim dolan has details. >> reporter: tucked in among the twin trunked elephants at "ripley's believe it or not" in
9:51 am
million, interesting room in the odditorhium as they call it. just down the hall from the whole someness is -- >> weird. >> something genuinely creepy. >> it's a human head. >> reporter: ripley's claim, in fact, they have the biggest collection of genuine real shrunken heads in the world which, you know, may be true, because who else would collect them? apparently someone. it seems both the shrunken head room and baseball room were recently robbed. >> a couple of days ago we noticed that the joe dimaggio autographed bat and ball from his streak was not the correct item. so we investigated further and realized it was fake. >> reporter: yeah, someone replaced the joe dimaggio bat with a fake one. balls autographed by dimaggio and ted williams were also stolen. on their own, they are not worth that much. >> we still have the certificate of authenticity of
9:52 am
the items, there's no way they can sell them legitimately for what they are actually worth. >> reporter: so at the risk of stating the obvious, it just doesn't seem likely the two areas were robbed by the same person. is there any real market out there for shrunken heads? >> not that i'm personally aware of. >> i don't know, the shrunken heads hot on the market. >> i was wondering about that. >> you have a couple. >> well, i got them on ebay. anyway, no, it's not true. super cat saturday. get your paws up, you guys, for this round. we're starting with riley, a good looking cat. today, too. thanks, done that i like the bed. it's the tabby cat bed for the tabby cat. chewbacca getting ready for winner today. temperatures will bounce up with spring around the corner. ollie dipping in by the way
9:53 am
we have tiger sent in by jennifer. we've also got kiwi hanging out and daisy. my twitter handle is amy
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9:55 am
new jersey officials are coasting the water after elevated lead levels were found. >> reporter: the majority of the schools are slated to be tested for lead levels today. they are going into the school to collect samples of water. 30 schools recently tested above average for levels of lead. this past week, dozens of early students were tested at school for lead exposure. their results are due back in about a week.
9:56 am
be conducted through april 11th at all 67 schools and the district. governor christie says this is a problem that needs to be and will be corrected, however, he says lead levels are nowhere near crisis levels. in the meantime, all of the schools that are affected, all 30 will continue to use bottled water. for now we're live in newark, toni yates, channel 7 "eyewitness news." police are searching for the cab driver involved in the deadly hit and run. it happened around 4:30 this morning. police say a 44-year-old woman was in the street when she was hit by a cab. the driver kept going, leaving her in the streets. a cane was found nearby that may belong to the victim. she was rushed to the hospital where she died. a rally against republican presidential front-runner donald trump. the republican candidate wrapped up a rally in salt lake city, utah. police in riot gear blocked the
9:57 am
another rally will be held at columbus circle and demonstrators will then march to trump towers. >> it is a lot more chilly this morning. temperatures will be about ten degrees colder. making a statement. >> temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40s. we're looking at cold rain tonight. there is a bit of a wind out there maybing it feel even colder. bundle up. there will be areas of sunshine, mainly north, you know, over parts of the hudson valley. 38 degrees right now. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 46 the afternoon high. rain is south late tonight, and then tomorrow, we'll see flurries fly. accumulations could be light and snow sticking, again, through south jersey. the track of the systems leaning offshore. 37 degrees. so it's going to be cold into the weekend. quick recovery monday, 47 on tuesday. we're back to near 60 on
9:58 am
middle part of the week and 60s expected on friday. 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. >> yeah. coverage is starting 7:00 to 9:00 for the race. that's going to do it for us. i'm michelle charlesworth. sellson. thanks for joining us. >> hope to see you back here
9:59 am
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announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everyone. i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." transporting large animals is always a challenging job. whether it's moving them to better feeding grounds... i don't know. it happened so daggum fast, i don't know what happened. helping them repopulate their native habitat... you get chills when see that. jim: you do. jack: or returning them back home. wow, look at that. today, five moving stories about moving big animals. oh, gosh, it's a gorilla. sue: wow. jack: plus my blooper of the week! [laughing] we've got all that and more


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