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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  March 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this is new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news with michelle charlesworth and rob rob nelson, and amy freeze with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now, eyewitness news this morning. developing at 6:00 a.m., a wild night in nassau county when a driver crashes into a home with people inside and runs from the scene. eyewitness news is live as police search for the suspect. and a milestone and cuban relations as president obama leaves today for the first presidential visit to the island nation in nearly 90 years. we have a full report. good morning, we take a live look outside lower manhattan as we look from brooklyn. thank you for joining us for this first day of spring,
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bundle up, though, because snow is on the way for parts of our area. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm laura. and snow is on the way on the first day of spring. >> mother nature not getting the memory owe. >> meteorologist amy freeze is live in central park not paying any attention to this snow because this year, it's the united airlines, new york city half marathon and she's participating and previewing it, and she has a look at the weather. good morning amy. >> good morning to the both of you and happy spring to you as we begin. it is going to be a very chilly start for us all across area, and for runners, yes, cool on the course, but all of the snow holds off and it also is less windy than it's been years. starting off this morning, we will have clouds in place. the sun comes up, it will be dimmed sunshine, looking at the temperatures. it really is going to be chilly. not only do we have temperatures near the freezing
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race, we're hovering right around the low to mid-30s. it will be cloudy as well, so that means a lot of runners will be layered up for the race. what we're watching is the windchill factor, which is bringing our temperatures down just a few degrees. it feels more like 25, 26 degrees right now, and that's going to be the case during the race today as well. looking at the radar picture, we're able to see this combination of not just the cloud coverage but the moisture pushing in. we had cold air from canada, moisture from the south which has produced light showers through south jersey. as the energy comes through the dell bar, we wait for the snow later tonight. an inch around the inland areas. we could get up to 3 inches and maybe even up to 6 down the forge. east gets the most snow. long island, 1 to 3, and higher amounts in the fork. new england looks like the
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your day ahead, looks like temperatures are going to be in the low to mid-30s, and east wind. that's actually pretty light, low, 15 miles per hour. and going down the west side highway towards the south street sea port where we finish up. not having the head wind is great. i can tell you from past years, when you run with the big strong winds on the open highway, it's a little uncomfortable. knowing we aren't going to have to face that is a bonus. 20,000 runners for the united race. i have to get my number on, maybe layer up a little more and get my hat ready to go. we'll have lots more for you this morning. back to you guys. >> stay warm before that race, amy. >> that's really exciting, though, have a great run. >> absolutely. >> we'll be watching, thank you. it's 6:03. developing on long island,
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driver who slammed head on into a home in freeport. eyewitness news reporter scene. >> reporter: thankfully we are not hearing about injuries to i can show you where we believe the car probably came from. this is east milton street here in freeport. it appears that the car came right through here, all the way down. you can see some of t
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we will keep you updated. live in free port, kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thanks so much, and new this arrest in a deadly hit-and-run in manhattan. police say 60-year-old john bengora is the driver of the yellow cab that hit 44-year-old kenya flores in a bus lane yesterday morning. investigators believe flores was lying in the street when she was hit. a cane found nearby may have belonged to her. an 11-year-old boy is in custody, in the custody of child welfare officials aphemicking a disturb -- after making a disturbing discovery. he found his parents dead inside the home. the 36-year-old family female was found in an upstairs bedroom. the 44-year-old male was found downstairs. >> we believe the male in the
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inflicted gunshot wound to the head. >> i didn't see anything outside, you know, but they are very friendly. >> officials are not commenting on the nature of the woman's death and it's unclear what sparked the violence. police in brooklyn have identified a suspect in last week's slashing. this photo is from a previous arrest. gregory alfred is believed to be responsible for cutting the threat of a 53-year-old woman. the victim survived the attack but needed 13 stitches. a chase finally ends on the border of irving and newark. police say they chased a semitruck without the trailer from newark and back again. they say the driver wouldn't pull over when they tried blocking himatia. the truck hit two -- blocking him off. the truck hit two squad cars. >> the officer jumped out of
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>> the suspect 38-year-old charles lee was hurt and needed to go to the hospital. he faces, theft, assault, resisting arrest and other charges. one officer needed treatment for minor injuries. 6:07 is our time, and happening today, president obama arrives in cuba for his history making visit to the communist nation. >> he'll be the first u.s. president to set foot on the island nation in 90 years. marcy gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: president obama is scheduled to arrive here just after 5:00 p.m. today. the first visit from a sitting u.s. president in 90 years, bringing a lot of excitement and some controversy. along with the sounds and sights of cuba, today, a touch of americana. signs of optimism and support ahead of president obama's historic trip to the island. >> president obama is opening the window in america. >> reporter: the president will be joined by the first family as he takes first steps in trying to normalize relations after decades of tension between the u.s. and authoritarian castro regime, the focus on trade and business opportunities and a meeting with president raul castro, president obama will meet with political dissidents. >> and encourage them to continue to fight for the kinds of universal rights that we deeply cherish in this country. >> reporter: with political arrests ongoing, opponents say president obama is going back on his word that he would not travel to cuba until after human rights are improved, and critics raised concerns about whether the citizens would benefit from the thawing relations.
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to the cuban people, calling for free elections, a more liberal economic system, bringing prosperity because communism has never done anything good to anybody. >> reporter: president obama will address the cuban people in a nationally televised speech in tuesday, after the game between the rays and the cuban national baseball team. meanwhile, news of another milestone in the reestablishment of economy relations between the u.s. and cuba. hotel starwood has signed a deal to renovate and run three cuban hotels. this deal puts a major u.s. corporation directly in business with the communist government. coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning, more violence at a donald trump rally. one protester punched and kicked several times by supporters. that story is ahead. and meteorologist amy freeze returns with the
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that's when we come back on this sunday morning.
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protesters aren't backing down, showing their disapproval of donald trump at events in arizona ahead of tuesday's primary. security escorted a protester from one rally in tucson. he was punched and kicked several times by supporters. earlier, protesters blocked the main highway leading to a rally near phoenix. traffic was backed up for miles with drivers honking in fury.
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rally by joe arpaio, the tough talking sheriff of maricopa county. trump says the establishment has no idea what they're doing. >> they don't know what they're doing. they don't know how to win. they haven't won in a long time. they pick the people that absolutely will never win with the people they talk about. go out on tuesday and vote. i will never let you down. >> we're here to counter mr. trump's hateful rhetoric against immigrants, muslims and other groups of people. he claims to have the support of vets and we're not going to let him have it that easily. >> a march from columbus circle to trump tower on 5th avenue, there were a handful of arrests and some people were pepper sprayed. hundreds of other protesters were able to do so peacefully. protesters say they are planning another demonstration when trump returns to new york. donald trump's competitors spent yesterday in utah.
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former presidential nominee mitt romney. and ohio governor john kasich rallied last night. on the democratic side, bernie sanders will hold two rallies in washington. he toured the border area in arizona, and held a rally near phoenix. his opponent hillary clinton took the day off. >> stay with eyewitness news, and abc news throughout the presidential election and tune in this morning with george stephanopoulos starting at ten right here on channel 7. straight ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning, help is on the way to uncover the boat that killed three crew members.
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landmarks around the world went dark last night as part of the annual earth hour.
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ones in new york city that were going dark for an hour starting at 8:30. the empire state building slowly dimmed its lights. 2016 is the 9th year of this global warning awareness event. did you notice, there it goes. did you notice any buildings going dark last night or were you already asleep. >> i was sound asleep. i go to bed at 6:00. that's how exciting i am. >> i'm jealous. >> we have to get back to amy freeze, live at the new york city half marathon. i hope you got some rest. you have a big day today. >> i went dark real early last night. that's true. good morning, happy spring to the with us here on a weekend morning. we're excited. right now i'm at 72nd and 5 5th. this is the start of the united new york city half marathon, and we're looking forward to a great race today.
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the cold side, thus the oven mitten this morning, trying to keep warm before the race, as a lot of runners will be doing. sunrise expected just before 7:00 a.m., and the race begins at 7:30. let's get you up to speed on what's happening. we have a winter weather advisory for parts of long island, even a winter storm warning for the fork of long island. here's what's going on. 34 degrees in the park. winds are light. that's something that we're watching for during the race. so northeast winds up to 12, 15 miles an hour. we have had a few gusts and i think that settles down as we get into the race itself. there's the winter storm warning that goes until tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. that's where we can see the heaviest accumulations. suffolk county get ready. a winter weather advisory until 6:00 tonight, and that's more for the middle part of the island. right now, we have temperatures in the teens and 20s. we've got just above freezing
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are cold. 31 for bridgeport. spring snow here, as we get going. the calendar doesn't always cooperate with mother nature. there's snow mixed with rain at times, late this afternoon. changing to snow in the evening hours, and accumulationings 1 to 3 -- accumulations, 1 to 3 inches. snow that sticking on grass surfaces. slick travel in spots, and long island will have the accumulations. there's the low pressure offshore, and we have the moisture coming up. it's that energy trending a little bit further to the west this morning that's going to make for new england getting more snow than we would here in the tristate. here's the future cast. temperatures in the 30s as we get into the evening. if you're in the upper 30s at the surface, even if snowfalls, you're going to see a lot of melting. you get the picture there.
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bringing the air over the ocean back inland. future cast looking into monday afternoon, temperatures rebound really quickly, and we have a nice, above average week coming at us once we get past today. parts of western long island, we see lesser amounts, an inch to three inches and the further east you go is where we expect the higher amounts up to six out on the fork. looking at the forecast for today, i mean, all in all, this is really a decent race day for us. later tonight when the rain and snow come in, yes, that will be messy. travel will be tricky, so beware of it. not bad at all. temperatures do slide back into the 30s tonight just above the freezing point, so mainly grassy surfaces get the accumulation and then tomorrow kicking off the workweek. first week of spring, by the way. not bad. 49 on monday and the temperatures increase from there, which is going to be
6:21 am
down. we're looking at 51 on tuesday. a warmer blend of sun and clouds. 62 on wednesday. thursday, 66 and temperatures in the upper 50s as we head into next weekend. so you guys on this race day. 20,000 runners coming and it's really a popular race now. not just for new york, but world wise because this course will take us a loop around central park, which includes the harlem hills and then we come out of the park. we go through times square and go down the great white way, making to the west side highway finishing up in the seaway. a great course and we look forward to the runners out here. good luck. it will be broadcast right here after the news this morning. ken, lauren back to you. and heavy duty help will arrive at the hudson river to uncover a boat at the tappan zee bridge. three crew members abort that tug boat were killed. one man's body remains inside that tug, and tomorrow, a
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virginia. the next day, it will lift specialist to the surface of the water. when we come back, sports with laura behnke, stay with
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6:24, time for sports with laura behnke. >> good morning, everyone, at this point, it's hard to remember when the knicks were talking playoffs and in the position to make a run. instead, new york can only hope to spell spoiler. visiting washington last night.
6:25 am
the first half. carmelo anthony putting them up by 17. they would have the biggest lead of the year at 18, then the first quarter. john wall thrown at the tray, he had 24 points. quickly the lead was gone, 99- 99-89. also last night, the nets on the road to see the pistons. not with anthony toliver hitting 3's in the 4th quarter as the pistons pulled away. 115-103, detroit with the win. a bit of a mixed bag for the rangers, a frustrating overtime loss in los angeles, and a day they would like to forget in san jose yesterday afternoon as the rangers west coast tour took them to the home of the sharks. joel ward, his second goal of
6:26 am
joe pavelski notching his 33rd of the year. 4-1, the rangers fall. just 3 points behind the rangers, the islanders at dallas, all stars all the time. 4th period, patrick geese on the greek away. 3- break away. 3-0. and the devils in columbus, after new jersey tied it, the first it was oliver borkstrand and they add one more, 6-3. it was not a beautiful sunny day in the florida yesterday, the mets and nationals were rained out. the yankees were a bit more fortunate, hosting the braves. allowed one run in four innings. the yanks got all of their runs in the 4th. starlin castro, a single to
6:27 am
jacoby ellsbury, gets hit in the hand for a pitch. x-rays were negative. he was forced to leave the game. 3 2, yankees win. round two of the ncaa tournament continues today. yesterday half of the spots were handed out and uconn was looking for one of them as the 9 seed huskies met kansas. uconn made a run in the second. off the turnover, nine point game. that's the closest they have come, and on the oops end of the big alley-oop, 73-61uconn is knocked out. that's your morning sports. i'm laura behnke. we're back again at five and there's much more, including a look at today's top stories >> a car drives into a house on long island, the question is where is the driver. i'm kristin thorne with that story coming up. thank you, kristen. also ahead, new information on the suspected paris attacker, what he told authorities about his deadly plans at francis main stadium before spending
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. welcome back to eyewitness news. it is sunday morning, march 20 march 20th. >> it's so pretty out there. >> isn't it beautiful. i'm ken rosato in for michelle charlesworth. >> and i'm lauren glassberg. i'm in for rob. maybe you should be in for rob, and i be in for michelle. >> you know what it's interchangeable. it's fluid. >> we're just helping out. >> that's it. on this not very spring like day. meteorologist amy freeze is in for herself live this morning in central park where this year's united air alones new york city half marathon is taking place -- airlines new york city half marathon is taking place. you're running it and telling us how cold it's going to be. >> the first day of spring, this is not bad running weather. it's not too windy, and although i would like the temperatures to be a little close tore 40 myself, not bad
6:31 am
quick course today, and the precipitation holding off until later this evening, and i'm talking about rain and wet snow that we're expecting. as with e get started here in central -- we get started here in central park, this is the start line of the united airlines new york city half marathon, and we have temperatures just above the freezing point. east winds will dominate for us across the area today, and there are some winter weather advisories in nassau county, and suffolk county in a winter storm warning. that's where we expect the most snow is east of the city. grassy surfaces for boroughs and also inland areas, and accumulation along the jersey shore and east onto long island is where we expect deeper snow. so looking at the radar, satellite picture, this low has developed. there's a little piece of energy coming in for tonight. this has been trending to the west, and really is too late to affect us. areas east of i-87, going up into new england is where we will see the snow stack up.
6:32 am
looking for a wintry start to the first day of spring. it's kind of an irony, of course, but the calendar is not always cooperating with what we see in the weather patterns. during the race today, 20,000 runners making their way from the park all the way to near harlem. harlem hills through the park, and then we go out and it's 42 42nd street. times square. this is only the second time each year that times square is closed down. of course before new year's eve, and the runners coming through, broadway to the west side highway, and a finish down to the south street sea port, and looks like it's going to be a good run along the highway, which is what i look for as not too windy. back to you guys, we'll have the full forecast in a few minutes. see you then. we want to let you know we're continue to go follow a developing story out of long island where a driver crashed into a home in nassau county. this morning, police are searching for the suspect. eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne is live in freeport with that story. good morning to you, kristen.
6:33 am
lauren, yeah we can show you what we think happened in freeport. it appears the car came here, east milton street, and lost control or we don't know what happened. but the car clearly went here. you can see the marks in the lawn here, and then right into this house. this is some of the video we got from last night. it happened around 11:00 on north columbus avenue in free port. we do believe people were inside the house at the time, and we are not hearing about any injuries. that is definitely a good thing. the question at this point becomes where is the driver. we have been trying to get in contact with freeport police. they have not gotten back to us in custody. so again, you're taking a look at the house right here. it looks at this point just to be some minor structural damage, but, you know, talking to a guy this morning who says this has happened before here
6:34 am
in fact, he doesn't even park his car at night anywhere near this location, because apparently it is a problem of people speeding down the road here, so again, trying to hear from police, if they have anyone in custody. we're live in free port, i'm kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. it's 6:34, an airport remains closed awaiting runway repairs, following a crash of a plane carrying 62 people. the fly dubai737 went down in russia saturday night. surveillance video shows the plane dropping to the ground at a steep angle. both flight recorders were recovered recovered and they're being analyzed by investigators. two americans who died in a suicide bombing have not been identified. dozens were hurt when the bomb detonated in a popular pedestrian area of istanbul. investigators believe either isis or kurdish militants are to blame. this is the 6th suicide bombing in turkey over the past year. new details about the terror suspect arrested in belgium.
6:35 am
abdeslam. and the master mind of the attacks planned to be a suicide bomber. here's abc's alex marker. >> reporter: europe's most wanted man behind bars and under interrogation. salah abdeslam, the loan surviving terrorist from .x? paris attacks has admitted to authorities that after he drove the car to france's biggest soccer stadium, he was supposed to be among the isis suicide bombers. but he didn't go through with it. the french prosecutor said and fled to belgium. this image capture instead a gas station. it's the first major revelation since police cornered salah abdeslam. he was rushed to the hospital where he spent the nate. for four months, this was the main focus of the massive man hunt. in the end, he was found right here in this building, just a few hundred yards away from his
6:36 am
>> it's been very difficult for law enforcement and security services to really penetrate these heavily immigrant neighborhoods in cities like brussels. they don't have sources or a lot of information. >> reporter: abdeslam was charged with terrorist murder and being part of a terrorist group. four others, including three from a single family were detained during the raid, two of them charged with hiding a criminal. >> the real key from the arrest is the opportunity to interrogate abdeslam, find out who he may have been working with. >> reporter: he told reporters his client is cooperating but they will fight having him sent 130 people. channel 7 eyewitness news. it happened last night around 8:30, at the
6:37 am
street and grayson neck road in sheepshead bay. witnesses say two children were in one of the vehicles and they were taken to the hospital for evaluation. one other person was also hurt. neighbors say this is a dangerous intersection. >> this happens left and right every time. if it's not every three months, it's every six months to a year. we're going to try and do a petition where we can try and get a traffic sign here. >> investigators are still working this morning to figure out what led to the crash. 6:37: police are searching for the suspect in an assault on a livery cab driver in brooklyn that was caught on camera. they can see the suspect attacking a supermarket in bed sty. police say the driver had just reached the passenger's destination. instead of paying, the passenger got out of the cab and tried to rob the driver, pulling him out of the car and beating him. the suspect ran away. the victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition. also in brooklyn, police want to find a suspect who robbed a man at gunpoint, the
6:38 am
when the suspect asked for the time. he pulled the gun from his backpack. the victim tried to run. the suspect fired a shot. nobody got hurt. horror on a plane as a girl's iphone burst into flames mid flight. she was on the way to hawaii and the plane was over the ocean. >> there was like 8-inch flames coming right off my phone. i flipped it off onto the ground, and it got under someone else's feet, and the inflammation were getting higher and -- flames were getting higher and a bunch of people were standing up. >> flight attendants quickly put out the fire. this is extremely rare, but keeping an iphone in the airplane mode is an extra step toward fire prevention. >> unfortunately, more and more planes, though, do have wi-fi on the plane. >> people are using them, and they're getting hot.
6:39 am
coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning, it could happen at any moment, the second egg is set to hatch at the u.s. national arboretum in washington. we'll take a live look coming up. >> and meteorologist amy freeze comes back with the accuweather forecast. that's when we come back on
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and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. 6:41. welcome back. it's palm sunday. tens of thousands of people gathered in st. peters square in vatican city to celebrate mass with president -- pope francis. palm sunday starts the week of holy week leading to easter. trinity church on wall street will celebrate palm sunday with a parade to trinity church at 10:30 this morning. this year, a donkey will lead the parade, commemorating jesus' entrance, as he road a donkey. america's eyes are on washington as we wait for a
6:42 am
national arboretum. that could happen by the opened of -- end of the weekend. the eagle parents named mr. president and first lady are taking turns hunting food, and keeping the second egg warm. we have a link so you can watch it live at abc7ny. you think if the daddy eagle doesn't get out right away, mommy eagle says go get the food. >> hurry up. it's 6:42, we want to get to meteorologist amy freeze for the nyc half marathon. >> happy spring to you. good morning, it's chilly out here. just starting to do the overhead speaker announcements. the runners are coming in. we are at 72nd and 5th, the start of the united city new york half marathon. it really is a fantastic run. you go through central park all the way up to the north end of the park and then you come through the harlem hills back
6:43 am
we head out into times square. we go down the great white way, and the west side highway takes us down to the south street sea port. big question for the runners this morning has been what will the weather be like, mainly the wind. temperatures on the cold side for the first day of spring are decent for runners. mid- to upper 30s is not awful. you can really wear the right clothing and get away with it just fine, but looking at the winds, easterly wind below 15 miles per hour, not bad at all. going down the west side highway, i think that sounds like a pretty good forecast. there have been times when the wind is in your face, and you're really having to make a big effort down the highway, so looking at the numbers right now, the northeast wind takes us into the afternoon. keeping, you know, an idea of the northeast wind coming in, as the snow arrives. we have the winter weather advisory for the central part of the island. suffolk county, the fork, that's where we're expecting
6:44 am
into early tomorrow morning. these are the weather advisories and warnings that you need to have a heads up for, knowing that there will be slick travel early tomorrow morning. right now, 19 in monticello. 37 in tom river. a big difference here with the temperatures across the board, and the further north and west you are, the colder you are with the dry canadian air, and the further south and east, snow will arrive late this afternoon. it's going to mix with rain at times. this is a wet snow. it will stick to the grassy city. changing to all snow, of course. in the overnight hours and the accumulation 1 to 3 inches and higher amounts on the fork of long island. radar and satellite shows the story. there's the low pressure system offshore, the circular shape you see there, and then moisture along the east coast,
6:45 am
into that, it's well offshore. that's why we're only get accumulations east of us. watch the future cast. we're at the freezing point now. then tonight we go up to 40 degrees before slipping back into the mid-30s overnight. the coldest temperatures also will be out on long island. so even through early tomorrow morning, they're in the low to mid-30s, and that's where we continue to see the accumulation along the fork until maybe about 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so heads up on that. here's your snowfall forecast. grassy surfaces there. in and around the boroughs and down the jersey shore, maybe an inch or so. central long island up to 3 inches and the fork getting up to 6. the forecast breaks down like this, first day of spring, 40 degrees doesn't sound so bad. that will be our top temperature, and of course during the race we're just in the low to mid-30s. tonight, we will go back into the mid-30s above freezing in the city. there could be some outlying areas that get down to 32. we're right there, hovering along the freezing point, so that's why we're just concerned.
6:46 am
could be slick at times, and the accuweather 7-day forecast does show a nice recovery. by monday, we're going to see temperatures already in the upper 40s. low 50s for tuesday and then we're back in the 60s wednesday and thursday. all in all, it's a degree forecast until we get towards the end of the week. then we could see showers at times. you guys, coming up in just a few minutes. runners will start to line up. the actual race begins at 7:30 this morning. we'll have much more in the live broadcast coming up at 7:00 a.m. back to you in the studio. >> nice to see the sun. we're in the dark for a while. let's take a look at today's channel 7 community calendar. >> it's the channel 7 community calendar for sunday march 20th march 20th. here's what's happening in your community. in connecticut, put on a costume and stop by the carnival temple shalom for a day of games, t.s, food and fun for everyone. celebrate the book launch of the hidden waters of new york
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friend and a member of our eyewitness news family. lisa colagrossi. the 49-year-old mother and wife died after having a brain aneurysm. >> we think about her often. we know so many of you woke up to lisa's reporting every morning, and you too think of her and miss her as well. lori stokes went to her home and chatted with her husband and sons and chatted about life without lisa. >> you feel your mom here don't you. >> every day. i know she's there watching over me. >> 15-year-old davis crawford, and 11-year-old evan crawford are still trying to get used to life without their mom, lisa colagrossi. >> usually when i'm feeling sad, i just usually sit down somewhere and pray to her, and i know that she's always listening to me. >> reporter: but last march, they suddenly lost their(c when she suffered a brain aneurysm. todd crawford, their father, remembers the day he lost his wife. >> so when you all of a sudden
6:51 am
neurosurgeon at one of the top hospitals in the country saying we have your wife. you know that your life has changed forever. >> reporter: and suddenly, it was up to todd to look after the boys on his own. >> we didn't have as great an appreciation as we certainly do now, and how amazing she was and how much she shoulders and so efficient in how she got things done. she took it upon herself and did it. >> reporter: lisa chose to work morning tv so she could pick up the boys after school, make dinner, help with homework, and take the boys to hockey practice. >> did she make it kind of seem easy to just juggle it all. >> i always thought that, just like being a parent was easy, and you could just do anything you wanted. but now that i see my dad doing it, i realize that it's a lot of work, and you have to know how to multitask, and you have to know how to do a lot of stuff. >> reporter: so your dad's done a pretty good job, though, do
6:52 am
>> yeah a really good job. >> he's just stepped right in, taken mom's place. he's multitasking, great attitude, doing so much work.
6:53 am
6:54 am
this week in neighborhood
6:55 am
be more popular to get your food to go, rather than dine in. >> maroni hot pots at 307 east 77th street on manhattan's east side. >> we love to take home the pot. they just can't get it through their heads that the pot really is there. it's your pot. >> order from maroni's hot pots pots and it's very likely your food will come in one of these, and you can keep the pot. they do the same thing at the 15-year-old north port location and so it goes that the newest spot on theup east side attribute -- upper east side attributes to michael's grandmother's cook. >> people don't get to cook for their families as much because they're busy, wouldn't it be great to bring home cooked delicious food to the table literally but in the old school feeling of a pot.
6:56 am
clams to chicken, it's where marie's father used to get his haircut. >> very spiritual and believed there are reasons for everything. this is where i was supposed to be. >> reporter: residents are happy they have opened here as well. >> i never cook but i like to make it look like the stove is in use. >> reporter: many of the pasta dishes come in the pots, the and basil, and cheese rounds out the dish. >> it's a constructed zitti put back in a pot. >> and you can take home a pot. >> kind of looks like i did it at home. >> reporter: don't you try to pass it off as your own, be honest. >> you could. because it's good home cooking. >> so much fun, and by the way, if you bring the pot back, you get $4 off towards your next
6:57 am
>> oh, i'm headed there. >> that's awesome. the parmesan, i think. >> sounds delicious. >> that is fun, that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news sunday morning, i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lauren glassberg for the entire eyewitness news team, thanks so much for joining us and we have a big event coming up. >> that's right. stay tuned to the united airlines, nyc half marathon. that's coming up next followed by good morning america in the 9:00 hour.
6:58 am
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this morning some of the top athletes and thousands more from all walks of life take to the streets of new york city from one of the world's most compelling and competitive races. last year, she charged to an emphatic and historic victory becoming the first american to ever win here, setting the stage for the dominant season that follows. today, molly huddle returns in an all important olympic year, looking to reconfirm her status as one of the world's best. last year, he came within a


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