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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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near european office. we have a team of reports covering the terror attacks including eyewitness news reporter darla miles in the newsroom. >> belgium is on lock down. the airports are closed. we do know that three american mormons were seriously injured in this attack. we have their pictures. you have 66-year-old mason wells. richard norby, and joseph emby. we know that one suicide bomber is responsible for these attacks, but right now police are not sure if all of those who carried out attacks are dead or on the run. there were two large explosions 10 to 15 seconds apart, both rocking opposite ends of the main departure terminal at brussels airport around 8:00 local time. the large glass windows breaking up into projectile shards of glass that sliced anyone in range, and the concrete and metal walls of the
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>> we hear the explosion, the ceiling went down, jaw dropped down on top my girl and then there was a second explosion. there was a guy next to me with his girlfriend. we all dropped on the floor. >> reporter: emergency crews scrambling to assess the who sobbed openly. those inside the terminal ducked for covers. others in the tarmac for safety, and the plane scheduled to land around the time of the blast, they had to wait. >> there have been explosions in the terminal. that's why we don't allow any aircraft. >> reporter: not an hour after the airport explosions, another blast at a metro station at the european union at 9:11 local time. those who survived fled from the dark smoke filled train cars. other commuters say they were reading about the airport attack just as the metro was hit.
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wind, and we heard some thudding sounds, which apparently were explosions. the metro immediately stopped. the power turned off, the engine turned off, and we heard some announcements over the intercom saying that there had been some kind of a disruption on the line. >> reporter: belgium's prime minister says what we feared has happened. they struck us in a cowardly way, feared after the arrest of a suspect from the paris terror attack, salah abdeslam was detained last week. investigators say the explosive devices were sophisticated and they will examine them to see if there were similar to those used in the paris attacks. mayor bill de blasio called for stepped up security in the city. and nypd counter terrorism officials. we are seeing a larger police presence and tourist attraction
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as in the subways and train stations. eyewitness news report stacy sager is for us. stacy? >> reporter: well, a couple of things that stood out about what the mayor and police commissioner just said. they talked about this seamless operation with federal authorities. also significant, what they said about holding over the midnight shift of these tactical officers so in effect, they could double their security coverage at places like penn station here and grand central station throughout the city. we took some video earlier of this morning's commute here in penn penn station. we want to show you that countier terrorism response unit, the police commissioner talked about, and 400 members of the u.s. national guard on hand. additional bag checks going on at the entrance to the subway in penn station. we spoke to commuters, and you heard the police commissioner and the mayor wrapping up a
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here is what they had to say. >> what the terrorists want is for us to change our ways. the terrorists want to undermine our democracy, our values, they want to see us in afraid. we refuse to change who we are. we are going to respond to their efforts to create chaos by showing them order, by showing our society functioning, our set functioning. >> we at any given time are very engaged in staying aware of threats in the city, and as we gather intelligence we have ramped up that. >> i cute every day on the railroad, and this is prime location for an attack -- commute every day on the railroad and this is prime location for an attack. >> i try not to let it affect me when i go to work, but it's always in the back of my mind.
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>> reporter: and commuters tell us they are all too used to this sort of thing. earlier today, the police commissioner mentioning 35,000 members of the nypd acting as one. you heard the mayor mention, respond to the chaos, with order that this is a sign of solidarity with belgium today, terrorism worldwide. we're going to keep up with the latest on includ -- increased security measures. expect them during rush hour. i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. new york governor andrew cuomo calling for stepped up security at all major transit hubs, including the bridges and tunnels. we have shannon sohn live in news copter 7 over midtown. >> reporter: this is nothing if not a coordinated effort. you can see this truck is stopped here after state police assigned troopers to the mouth of the queens mid-town tunnel as well as the george
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central station. you can see the officer there. you can see there are more officers further back and they have now effectively stopped traffic while they inspect that one truck going into the tube. otherwise they were stopping trucks here as well. this is what you're going to find at any point, and the port authority is including its presence, not only in the bridges and tunnels but the airports, world trade center path, and port authority bus tunnels, mta coordinating with both, state police and the port authority to elevate their police presence throughout new york city as well as west chester and long island, but be prepared for a longer commute for the next few days. reporting live over the queens midtown tunnel, shannon sohn channel 7 eyewitness news. following the attacks, more than 200 flights to brussels were either diverted or canceled. right now, brussels airport has been shut down and will not reopen until wednesday.
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burkett live at jfk. >> reporter: that's right the international arrivals building, terminal four at jfk where security has been accepted up dramatically. here's an example of it dave, that you might not notice. the curb side pickup at the arrivals level except for the taxis is virtually diverted because guards are moving people on. when it comes to airport security, the entrance to the terminal is the weakest link. >> it's a concern. hopefully the authorities have ahold of it. >> reporter: passengers arriving said it was a relief jfk. anwar learned of the attacks dubai. >> do you feel you're safe? >> yes, that was the topic with the passengers on the flight. everybody was very kind of not afraid at all. >>
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with national guard troops patrolling the arrival and departure levels. outside the departure level, an response vehicle. frequent fliers we spoke with said the biggest difference they noticed is that immigrations officers were asking more detailed questions of arriving passengers. most international airports are more secure now than they have ever been. experts say the belgian bombers were able to carry out their link. and back now, the live picture at terminal 4, the weakest link, the entrance to the terminal and the terminal itself. flights to belgium all canceled today. security has been stepped up. a number of travels we spoke with say they are on edge. to be clear, no specific, credible threat against any airport in new york that we're aware of. we're live at jfk, n.j. news. >> thank you so much.
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nypd commissioner ray kelly who road before. us. >> good to be with you. >> what do you make of all of responding. >> i think new york is responding well. they have a lot of assets devoted to counter terrorism, and i think it's a smart thing to do. new york is the number one target in this country. that's the consensus of the intelligence community. new york has to do more. as we said, we had 16 plots on the bloomberg watch and there were more on mayor de blasio's they want to come here, and they want to hurt us. that's a reality. doors. we heard the mayor, the police strategic response team, 500 officers at the ready. we got on the phone, the fbi with the joint task force, what's going on behind the closed doors. saying. there's an attempt to get information from europe. not that easy to do at this
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protecting belgium. it's not as easy as you might think in trying to find out exactly what happened and what they have going. as far as the country is concerned, what you do is you plug into a lot of different places, you kind of talk to the >> right. >> before we talked about a door knocking campaign. now we, the government, may engage in something like that. if you want to give someone notice that they're being watched. someone will know you're watching them. by the way, we know you're there. that might be engaged. what we talked about before is i think the san bernardino attack a game changer in the extent that it was sort of a middle sized city of not, you know, particular note. and that means that the threat itself had sort of spread throughout the country. all bets are off. we thought that major cities would be attacked, that sort of thing. i think federal government,
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terrorism task force has to reach out to suburban america and rural america and sort of get them all in the game. there. >> it's a new normal out there. >> that's very true. thanks again for making time >> thank you. >> we really do appreciate that. turning to the president, president obama promised to do whatever is necessary to help belgian authorities seek justice. the president wrapping up his visit to cuba today. the white house says it has been in contact with belgian officials. marcy gonzalez joining us from marcy. >> reporter: and david, following that private phone call to belgium's prime minister, president obama took the stage at the national theater behind me in havana, and before getting to the issues facing the cuban people, the president shared a few brief words about the terror attacks in brussels saying americans are in solidarity with the people of belgium,
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offered help in bringing the terrorists responsible to justice. >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together, regardless of nationality or race or faith, in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. we can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and the world. >> reporter: and the attacks are not expected to impact president obama's schedule. he plans to attend a baseball game between the tampa bay race and the cuban national team before leaving cuba with the first family to travel to argentina. we're live in havana, cuba, marcy gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you marcy. and stay with eyewitness news and abc news for the latest on
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. we are following some breaking news, and rob ford, the controversial former mayor of toronto has died. ford made international headlines for alcohol and drug use while mayor of canada's largest city. after being diagnosed with cancer, he was forced to drop his reelection bid as mayor. ford was 46 years old. he leaves behind his wife and two children. new york city police
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22% increase in slashings and stabbings has prompted the department to implement a new tracking policy. reported procedures are changing to look into when and where the incidents are taking place. they have learned 1/3 of the cases are domestic and not random acts. there have been more than 900 slashings and stabbings in new york city since january 1st. the man at the center of the easter bunny brawl and the man he caught are due in court in jersey city, both facing charges of aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. the fight began with a baby girl charles: the girls father then went after charles. police say while investigating the fight, both men were found to have outstanding warrants against them. school sports scandal.
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amy freeze sitting in for bill evans. a tough job assignment. >> it looks nice out there. >> it does look nice. it's a little on the cool side. don't let it deceive you. we have the windchill out there. the gusts coming out of the west are up to 15 and 20 miles per hour. it's going to be breezy through the afternoon. not going to be perfect, but tomorrow is as close to perfection the first full week of spring. we get started with temperatures at 45 degrees, and the pressure is falling. going through the afternoon, we're going to add more to that.
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of temperatures we have right now, and that brings our 24 hour temperature change up to 5, f degrees -- 6 degrees, so we compare yesterday to today. we're almost reaching the highs we have yesterday, but there still is the windchill factor which is going to make it feel cool at times. the west winds are going to be strong through the evening. we'll call it a breezy night tonight and tomorrow we'll see the temperatures make it into the 60s, close to 70 degrees in some places. there it is, temperatures take us through the 50s, going for a high of 54 this afternoon. no reason we won't make that. enough sunshine and enough of that mild air pushing in. here's a look at the temperatures, though, as we go into tomorrow. first of all, there's a disturbance that's going to affect parts of upstate new york for the next 36 hours. for us, it's about the temperatures, coming from the southwest, we'll crank our temperatures on wednesday in the mid-50s and upper 60s. looks like the forecast high tomorrow afternoon. now, that system that's off to the north of us, we stay on the
12:21 pm
-- warm side of that, and you can see quite easily, rain, sleet and snow for upstate new york, central new york as meanwhile we stay dry. we take the temperatures that are dry through the middle of the week and cool things off for the second half of the week. becoming breezy through the day, and 54 degrees is the high temperature, and then tonight, a possible shower off to the north, 46 degrees. there's a full moon tomorrow night. heading into thursday. a mix of sun and clouds. this is going to be one you'll want to savor. lunch outdoors. morning showers here, this will into the 50s. easter could have a night shower. the holiday weekend very seasonal, and sunday does not look like a warn at this point. late sunday night, the day to wednesday. 67 degrees. that puts us well above average for this time of year, by,
12:22 pm
in some cases. some inland locations will hit 70s. great. we have breaking news and it's an update on the belgium terrorist attacks. abc news confirming there was a third bomb at the brussels airport which did not explode. there were two explosions, one at the metro station, and we're learning there was a third bomb at the airport, and it did not explode. we're being told it was
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a flight attendant is on the run for police after airport security says she attempted to bring 70 pounds of drugs from lax to new york. a woman pulled for a random screening when agents say she became nervous as she approached a crew check point at lax. after a quick phone call, they say she turned and ran away with her bags and then dropped those bags, jumped out of her gucci heels, and ran out and got away. they found 70 pounds of cocaine inside. a teenager applying for a fast food job figured out one way to nail the interview, stop the place from being robbed. >> i guess he reached his hand in the trunk and he was trying to run to the door. one of the managers did this. and he ran. >> that's when 18-year-old
12:26 pm
he was sitting down for an interview at popeyes when the robbery happened. but even though he didn't work there yet, he knew he had to help out. >> i was thinking like it could be anybody's mama. you have to protect somebody. i remember getting him and putting his hand behind his back. i just got up and did it. >> the teen's football coach says the incident was not surprising to him. the 6-foot 4 gentle giant is known for breaking up fights in the school. as for the job, the manager says she was already going to hire washington and his heroism really sealed the deal. >> we're going to have more on the terror attacks in brussels. our coverage continuing after the break, including reaction from the presidential
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you're watching new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news with david novarro, shirlene allicot, and eyewitness news continues. >> we continue to follow new information in brussels terror attacks. dozens of people killed, the death toll could rise. isis now claiming responsibility for the attacks. and we just reported officials in belgium, a third bomb was deactivated. i'm david novarro. >> and i'm shirlene allicot. the attacks happened in belgium, there were two explosions at brussels airport and then another explosion at a subway station.
12:30 pm
information at this hour. 34 people dead. 180 others, at least 180 others injured, including three americans. and in new york city, the nypd has increased security at tourist attractions in high traffic areas. >> let's get another update from darla miles live in the newsroom for us. >> isis is claiming responsibility for the attacks, saying several of the members were wearing suicide belts, both at the airport and the metro, but that has not been confirmed by belgium authorities. investigators do believe that one of the bombs may have been in a suitcase. the other, they say, may have been a suspicious package, and as you mentioned, david, abc news has learned there was a third bomb at the airport that did not go off. >> the ceiling came down. the shattered glass windows became a secondary weapon, and anyone in range was bloody and covered in dust. at 8:00 a.m. local time, two explosions rocked the main departure
12:31 pm
those who could ran outside or to the tarmac. >> on the hands, on the face and the clothes of course. >> reporter: emergency crews instantly went into triage mode, helping the wounded, closes off streets. before they could establish order, a second blast at 9:11 local time. the commuters fled the cars. >> i can't explain. it looked like war. it's really hard. i'm an old firefighter. i have almost 45 years of service, and it's the first time i see something so terrible. i saw many injuries. i saw people dead. i saw everything broken. it's just terrible. >> reporter: three american
12:32 pm
in the attack, richard norby, joseph wells, and emby taking their sister to the airport. searching for a place to go with blank and traumatized looks on their faces. president obama still in cuba saying america will stand with belgium to take down those who threaten the world's security. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible. >> reporter: the port will be closed at least through wednesday. the airport ceo says it's still hard to determine exactly how many people were killed there. >> reporter: darla, thank you. >> as for some of the stepped up security in our area, new york governor andrew cuomo called for increased police at all major transit hubs, tunnels. shannon sohn live in news tunnel. >> and you can see that we have an officer right at the mouth of the tunnel there. they are stopping any trucks
12:33 pm
advance that they feel need to be looked at. we're going to bring the shot back to show you that a little bit before this, they are making more stops. they have a box truck stopped here. this is a combined effort from the state police, you can see on the right side of the screen. we've got the national guard here as well. you are going to see similar scenes at penn station as well as grand central station. george washington bridge has similar stepped up security as well. port authority is doing the same thing with their bridges, tunnels, as well as airports and bus terminals, and and the mta is coordinating their effort to step up security. at this point, expect to pack your patience, no matter what bridge or tunnel you are heading towards. reporting live over the queens midtown tunnel, shannon sohn, eyewitness news. >> while the nypd has increased security in times square, it also is outside the belgium consulate in new york city where eyewitness news reporter,
12:34 pm
our coverage. >> reporter: mark calhoun tells me the staff at this office is completely absorbed by what's happening. he got the call early this morning about the terrorist attacks and tells me ever since then, his focus has been on belgium. just a few hours ago, someone came here to the consulate. it's at 47th and 2nd avenue. they left a single bouquet. this is a nondescript building. the nypd as you mentioned has stepped up its presence here, ever since friday's arrest of abdeslam in paris. he's surprised these attacks happened so soon after the significant development in france last week. the consul general's family is in belgium. his 25-year-old son lives in brussels, but he has made contact with him, and he is okay. as far as the outpouring of support for his country from people all over the world, he tells me he's touched by the
12:35 pm
second time in four months that that way. and it's the second time in four months that we have more or less a paralyzed situation, and so for us belgians who are normally very quiet, laid back, out of the way society, it's something that we are not used to. and so we appreciate all the kind of support that we get from everyone. >> and just a few minutes ago, another woman came to the consulate and left a bouquet of flowers. we expect that to happen throughout the afternoon. he tells me right now the priority needs to be on caring for those who are injured and again. live on the east side, kim kim channel 7 eyewitness news -- kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. the leading presidential candidates are weighing in on this morning's terror attacks. >> political reporter dave evans with reaction from the candidates. >> primary voting is underway
12:36 pm
today's attack in brussels certainly has taken center stage in the campaign today. hillary clinton saying the u.s. needs to take tougher action on surveillance and tracking of suspects. and donald trump saying he has warned that more of these kinds of attacks are coming. >> reporter: the republican front runner seized upon today's attack in brussels as more evidence supporting his harsh immigration policy that would ban from the u.s. syrian and all muslim immigrant. >> we have no idea where they're coming from, who they are, where they were. we have people want cooing in with -- people coming in with no documentation into our country. they could be isis, you don't know. >> reporter: after donald trump called into good morning america, hillary clinton did the same, denouncing trump's plan as anti-american, anti- democratic. >> we've got to balance the values of this country, and closing our borders to all people of a certain religion is not either consistent with
12:37 pm
>> reporter: trump today also said torture should be used on suspects in custody, like the master mind of the paris attacks. >> i would use maximum, maximum interrogation, i would use water boarding and i would try and expand the laws so we can go beyond water boarding. >> well, you know, that is just another one of his, you know claims that doesn't bear up. our best and bravest intel and military leaders will tell you torture is not effective. >> reporter: and ted cruz has called for carpet bombing to defeat isis. he claims president obama is more worried about political correctness than in defeating isis. >> today's attacks in brussels underscores that this is a war. this is not an isolated incident. this is not a lone wolf.
12:38 pm
islamic terrorism, isis has declared jihad on europe and on the united states of america. >> and democratic candidate bernie sanders tweeted that we offer our deepest condolences to the families who lost loved ones in this barbaric attack and to the people of brussels. also republican candidate john kasich said we must identify, root out, and destroy the perpetrator of acts of evil. we have more on what the candidates are saying about today's act of terrorism. and stay with eyewitness news and abc news for the latest on the brussels terror attacks. if there are new updates we'll pass them along on air and online. abc7ny, eyewitness news reporter, a.j. ross is travel to go belgium. look for updates from her later on eyewitness news. let's take a look at the weather. we have amy freeze in for bill evans. she has the after school accuweather forecast. >> it's going to be warmer than yesterday for sure. heading to the bus stop, it matters f. you're in the sunshine waiting, it's going to feel okay.
12:39 pm
bit of a chill today. the afternoon. 54 degrees sounds good. we see gusts coming out of the west and southwest, up to 15, 20 miles per hour through the afternoon. get ready for warmer temperatures tomorrow. that will be the day. we're going to the upper 60s. i'll have details in the straight ahead. a call to ban plastic bags. one lawmaker on long island, pushing for a county wide ban
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. a rutgers student is being treated for a contagious, and importantly deadly infection. he was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. in a statement, they urge anyone who has come in close contact with the student to be treated with antibiotics as a precaution. we have new information on the new hudson yard subway station that with leaks. the mta board discussed the station's problems at its meeting yesterday, and some members complained they had been kept in the dark. when it rains, water comes in through ceiling and gathers on the floor. a spokesperson says the contractor is paying $3 million to fix the leaks, work that could take several months. police say they have caught the second of two men wanted in
12:43 pm
even car dee nas -- cardinas is being areined today. broke into -- arraigned today. police say they got into the stores by cutting holes into their rear walls. sanchez pena was arrested last month. we're following breaking news in the belgium terror attacks and take a look at this imagine that was just released. a spokesperson at the belgium federal police confirms to abc news that these people in this picture are possible suspects from the brussels airport attackment right now, we have -- attack. right now we have no confirmation on their identities or if they are alive or dead. belgian police say these are the possible suspects in the brussels airport attacks. we'll keep you posted as more information comes in. a sports team in hot water, rutgers university revealing it
12:44 pm
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for the rutgers men's rugby team has been suspended for violating a school policy. the school not saying what exactly that is that led to the suspension. we know it began back in mid february. the 88 member rugby club is not associated with the athletics department. once the issue is rectified the group can apply to be reinstated as a student organization. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly house fire in queens. it tore through the home on ithaca avenue last night at 10:00. firefighters confronted harsh conditions when they arrived. they rescued one man from the first floor and two from the second floor. >> units arrived, very heavy smoke conditions pushing out from the building, and a fire condition in the rear of the building. >> i told the firemen, there's three people that live in there. they contacted the other
12:48 pm
there's three people in there, and started pulling them out. >> all three men were rushed to nearby hospitals. two of them did not survive. >> suffolk county is considering a ban on plastic bags, at grocery stores. legislature william spencer introduced the bill today saying plastic bags are a source of pollution. the proposed law would mean stores couldn't use single use plastic bags, paper bags and reusable bags would be offered. noneveryone would agree with it. some lawmakers say the proposed ban would bring an unnecessary burden to retailers and customers. it was a warm welcome for three astronauts on the crew. the new arrivals launched from kazakhstan and orbited to earth four times before dockingment it includes jeff williams starting a six month stay. it's his third long-term stay on the space station, and when he's done, he'll hold the american record for the most cumulative days in space.
12:49 pm
place to be. >> i would do it. not for six months, but i would go up real quick and come back. >> i don't know if you want to go anywhere the way the weather is going to be tomorrow. it's absolutely gorgeous. today is not bad. you see a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the mid-50s this afternoon. the sun. once you get into the shade and the breeze comes, it gives us a bit of a windchill that makes it feel colder than the thermometer readings. i think we climbed another five, ten degrees right now. western wind right now at 12 miles an hour. it's possible we'll see them go to 20. here's a look at the windchills. mid- to upper 30s. actually, we're taking a handful of degrees off the temperatures with the winds right now. that's going to be the case. once you get into the afternoon and the bright sun, it's going to feel decent, and then the temperatures tomorrow will add another 10, 15 degrees. so it's going to be a nice warm up right through the middle part of the week, and some
12:50 pm
first, the windchills in the 30s, beware of those. and 50s on the iphone. we get a shot at 70 degrees tomorrow, and the weekend looks decent. holiday weekend, can't beat it when we're going to see temperatures above average. not quite the 60s all week. it does look good. here's a look at the flow of air in the southwest. that's what's going to warm up us for tomorrow. that pattern bringing energy and warmth from the south in our direction. meanwhile, we are just under the bar here where we've got a storm system to the north of us. that means it's possible for the upper hudson valley to get a few sprinkles tonight and tomorrow night. it might even block our potentially full moon around here on the 23rd. so that's a disturbance that stays well to the north, but beware of it, especially if you're going to be traveling and looking skyward tomorrow night. a few clouds, 54 degrees. becoming breezy tonight. possible shower to the north. temperatures do not cool off that much. 46 in the city. and by tomorrow night, we're going to keep the warm as well. sunshine goes to clouds late in
12:51 pm
6 on wednesday. and then we go into thursday, with a few clouds around. so wednesday into thursday, looking for that full moon. it's going to be a little iffy. it will still be 60 degrees and a lot cooler. inland temperatures may hold onto some of the warmth. we get morning showers on friday. going into the weekend, it's sort of the damp start of holiday weekend. saturday and sunday, temperatures are in the goods. now -- 50s. sunday, we have showers for easter sunday. those are on the back half of the day. most of the day is salvaged. easter sunrise services and the egg hunts and the bunny deliveries and everything that goes on. should be just fine. monday we'll go with 58 degrees. right now, that's a stretch away. we'll have to watch for the timing on it. as far as things go right now, a decent weekend. >> i can't believe easter sunday is already here. >> i know. >> how did it come so fast. >> i don't know because it's shifted. i don't know. it's after the full moon. >> you don't know that. nobody's going to know. >> it's something to do with the full moon. >> thank you, amy.
12:52 pm
delivery service available to new yorkers. uber eats, the food delivery app from uber will now offer access to new yorker's below 100th 100th street in manhattan. customers can choose from more than a hundred eateries and have meals brought to their door. uber eats is available in ten u.s. cities. unsold food at star bucks may be used to help feed the hungry. the company wants to start donating the food it doesn't sell to the nonprofit, feeding america. starbucks estimates it could give out 5 million meals this year. ceo howard schultz says the idea was suggested my employees. they are looking for ways to keep the food safe until it's eaten. >> that's a good idea. speaking of food, here's a look at what's coming up next on the chew. >> today we're making our big fat family favorites. daphne showing chicken kabobs, carla a dessert perfect for a
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i want to recap the latest in the terrorist attacks in belgium. isis taking responsibility for the explosions at the brussels airport and subway station. this video just sent to us. at this point, we don't know if these three people are dead or on the run. >> the first of two explosions took place at 8:00 a.m. local time in brussels airport. within the last hour, we learned that a third bomb was deactivated at the airport. right now we know that 34 people have died. 180 others have been injured, including 3 americans. here at home, mayor de blasio is pledging new york solidarity with the people of belgium. >> the community of nations has to stand together at moments like this. and reject the forces of terror and the appalling violence that they wreak upon innocent people. >> stay with eyewitness news
12:57 pm
the brussels terror attacks and eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross is travel to go brussels, you can see her reports later on eyewitness news. >> we will be following this story all through the day obviously. on abc7ny, our web site, and write to usen facebook for any thoughts on this story, and anything you can help in terms of covering the story. i'm david novarro. >> and i'm shirlene allicot. with amy freeze, and the rest of the eyewitness news team. make sure you're back for
12:58 pm
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pull out a few extra chairs from the basement and get ready for company because we're serving up our big, fat, family favorites. daphne's kicking things off with an easy, delicious dish you can have on the table in a flash. then, i've got a fresh family-style dessert perfect for a hungry crowd. plus, michael's in the kitchen with the fabulous nia vardalos and they're whipping up a classic any greek mother would love. the party starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> good afternoon, and welcome to "the chew." thank you, guys, very much. you know, they come in all


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