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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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terror attacks in brussels an international manhunt is under way as investigators try to zero in on suspects and this morning questions about the attacks and the u.s. issuing an unprecedented travel alert. and good morning i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us today is wednesday march 23rd. we want to begin with the very latest on those terror attacks at least 31 people are dead more than 250 people injured including nine americans. >> at this hour a massive manhunt is under way to find anyone connected to the bombings. at this point police have only issued pictures from the brussels airport showing the bombers and a suspect who may be on the run. state media has identified two of the brothers who blew themselves up yesterday morning. >> in the u.s. the state department has issued a travel advisory for americans planning to visit countries in europe. memorials are growing as the world mourns the death of the victims. >> this morning we have three reports including aj ross live in brussels.
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moment but first a check of weather and traffic. >> meteorologist jeff smith is in for bill evans. >> weather wise we have the best day of the week shaping up for today. 50 degrees so not even that cool of a start. some of the suburbs a little bit cooler as we check out morristown sitting at the 41- degree mark, 39 up toward monticello, 47 on the island at islip, 48 down the shore at toms river. there are clouds out there route now and actually a couple of scattered showers over sullivan county and that's near a little boundary that's kind of lingering in that area and this cold weather north of that boundary thankfully we're south getting a southwesterly wind and that allows highs to sore well into the 60s even some low 70s in spots so here is your day planner 50 as 8:00 in the morning a mix of sun and clouds 60 by none time west southwest wind coming in 10-20 miles per hour pumping in that warmer air 69 your temperature by 4:00 in the afternoon and some of the
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the lower 70s during the day today. we're going to send it over to heather right now looking at the commute. heather? >> we'll talk about the cross bronx west at the degan, an accident in addition to the eastbound near jerome avenue an earlier disabled tractor trailer cleared away but you can see we have very heavy delays going westbound because of the accident in addition to that eastbound side of the cross bronx is jammed off the george washington bridge and in fact as you come inbound to the george washington bridge it is now 20 minutes getting to the upper level lower level is the way to go. lincoln, holland doing just fine and the brooklyn bound upper level disabled vehicle mass transit is doing okay. we have alternate side of the vote parking rules in effect for today. ken and laurie over to you. heather thank you 6:02. back to our coverage of the brussels terror attacks as we told you, a massive manhunt is under way to find anyone connected. >> eye witness news reporter aj ross begins our team coverage now live from brussels. aj? >> reporter: laurie, ken right now a memorial is overflowing
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with flowers, cards, candles and all types of mementos as so many have come here to pray and reflect on the lives lost and injured in yesterdays devastating attacks. as you all mentioned there is a travel ban, a europe wide travel ban for americans coming to the continent and one reason for that is this surveillance video of the three suspected airport bombers the two men on the left wearing gloves both died in the blast. belgium news reports say one of them was a brother who was the subway bomber reportedly. police identified them after the cab driver who brought them to the airport saw the photo and lead authorities to the house where he picked them up and that turned up another bomb packed with nails, bolts and chemicals . it was ready to go to the airport along with an isis flag but it wouldn't fit in the cab. police now suspect the third man seen in the airport
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they released his photo a few days ago. investigators say his dna was found on the suicide vest used in the paris attacks and is thought he could be the bomb maker and those were very distinctive and complex made with a volatile mixture known as tatp. now experts are now comparing those paris bombs to the devises used in brussels yesterday. live in brussels this morning aj ross, channel 7 news. >> aj, thank you. and new yorkers can expect to see more nypd officers at subway stations airports and on the streets. >> here is a lock at times square right now. extra officers are in place to make sure everyone is safe. >> darla miles is outside kennedy airport this morning for us with more on the beefed up security there, darla? >> reporter: good morning again. laurie, ken you know new yorkers are always vigilant and no more so after those attacks in belgium yesterday. this morning a jfk flights are just beginning to arrive and we do see officers outside here making sure these cars keep
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are vigilant both here and laguardia and at newark airports . i do want to tell you there was a brief bomb scare here last night at j t can. take a look at this photograph. you can see through the x-ray machine there's the suit case type of box and there are lots of wires and tangled up. well obviously that was quickly rose to the top of the radar for port authority police and the new york bomb squad quickly responded and it took several hours but they did determine that that package was not a threat. i also want to show you a new tool in the counterterrorism tool box. these are called vapor weight dogs and they are actually trained to detect the scent of explosives in the air. and the department will start using those canines today. >> we are here to protect the people of the city and stopping someone who we think may be armed or be in possession of some kind of explosive is what we get paid for. to stop that from happening.
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business. >> now there obviously has been lots of concern about the departure terminal, the ticket counters where those attacks took place yesterday in belgium. this morning homeland security says here in the u.s. , there are no immediate plans to beef up security to change the screening procedures but they will issue new advisories today. reporting live at jfk, darla miles channel 7. 6:06 and there is an outpouring of support from around the world as people turn their thoughts to the people of belgium. we're seeing tributes of solidarity here in new york, one world trade center lit up in the colors of the belgium flag. the empire state building went dark as a tribute to the victims in brussels and overseas the famed brandenburg gate in berlin germany took on the colors of belgium and the same colors could be seen lining up the eiffel tower in paris . you can find updates throughout the day on abc 7 ny and the eye witness news mobile app and good morning america will have more coverage from
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up to 53 by 10:00 a.m. check out temperatures by almost all the way across the bronx. heather anything is better than this this morning back to you. >> thanks for that shannon and as a matter of fact that delay goes back to the george washington bridge with a 20 minute delay getting into the upper level. the lincoln is only five.
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guarantee you the lincoln tunnel will start to build and the bridge brooklyn bound upper level disabled vehicle mass transit is still doing okay our street cleaning rules are in effect ken laurie over to you. heather thank you. still ahead in the eye witness news this morning breaking news in the race for president. republican ted cruz getting a big endorsement this morning. also results coming in from the latest primaries and caucus. were there any surprises overnight? the murder of an aid to governor cuomo.
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6:12 breaking news in the race for president moments ago we learned jeb bush is set to endorse ted cruz. bush who dropped out of the race weeks ago calls it the best way to stop donald trump. bush says he is citing with cruz for the sake of the republican party and to overcome what trump brought into the political a reason aovernight cruz won the presidential caucus in utah with more than 50% of the vote giving him all 40 of the states delegates but earlier in night front runner donald trump thrashed cruz in the arizona prix marry taking all 58 delegates and widening his lead. as the democrats bernie sanders won two states but clinton was the real victor.
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caucus in utah and i a who. clinton overwhelmed sanders in arizona. the big prize right now clinton has total delegate lead of 1214 to 925 for sanders. new this morning police are investigating a deadly hit and run in east harlem moments ago detectives released the name of the victim. 36 year old christopher costaxe was killed just before 10 last night at 115th and madison avenue. police say costaxe was lying in the streator in the crosswalk on madison when he was hit by a gray suv. investigators don't know why costa wayne the road prior to being hit. new this morning police are locking for the suspects wanted in connection with a string of robberies on the upper west side. police say these young men punched and robbed their victims and then made off with cash and other property. two of the robberies took place on march 6 within hours of each other at morningside and riverside park. police say the third incident
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yelled at the suspects and they ran off. 6:13. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with jeff smith outside the studio. jeff? >> today is my weather pick of the week with temperatures getting up near 70 degrees later this afternoon. not that they are bad here right now. let's head up a few hundred feet and lock off to the east towards central park fairly soon we'll see the first rays of sun light coming up 50 degrees right now matching humidity at 50% that wind coming in from the west at eight gusting up to 18-miles per hour coming in from more of the southwest that will help pump in the milder air we're expecting a high up to about 69 today, that's a full 17 degrees above normal this time of the year. 76 was your record back in 2012 so we aren't that far from the record by this afternoon and a balmy breeze out there today as those highs soar into the 60s big temperature range shaping up for tomorrow a little tricky because we have a back door cold front sweeping in from the
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areas stay in the 50s while inland locations over central parts of new jersey get well into the 70s showers show up lit tomorrow night and lasting into the morning hours on friday. right now, 48 at newark 51 at laguardia, 49 at jfk, temperatures en the lower 40s even upper 30s north of the city, monticello is sitting at 39 degrees, upper 40s on the island and down the jersey shore. the radar satellite is showing a couple showers well north of new york city, parts of sullivan county, you can get a few drops of rain during the next few hours but that would be about it. here is your accuweather forecast breezy becoming warmer a blend of sun and clouds any shower stays well off to our north high getting up to 69 but some of the western suburbs will get into the lower 70s heading into tonight partly cloudy skies we're down to 50 still mild tomorrow, some sunshine a big range in temperature but 54 at some
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well inland south and west of new york city we'll split the difference in midtown i think we get up to about 62 degrees or so. here is your accuweather seven day forecast. showers come in late tomorrow night and then last into friday morning and we clear things out friday afternoon and get sunshine developing in the afternoon and high getting up toot 65, bright but cooler saturday 56 and easter sunday looking dry pretty nice out there, 56 degrees some rain does return for early next week, monday 56 with some rain at times and it depending on how fast that storm exits tuesday could even feature rain and/or drizzle. we have dogs out here right they are twins. >> it's cute. >> this type of weather 70 this afternoon, this coat, that's a >> that's right. this will be an unhappy snow dog version thanks to your forecast.
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>> ask john who the one is in the middle. >> who is the middle dog? >> grace whose very cute and deaf. she was born deaf. >> she is adorable she's cute. >> she's precious. >> very sweet. >> not enough snacks, i'm leaving. >> max is all about the snacks. >> he gave jeff a little bit more love than amy. >> [laughter] >> thank you, jeff. >> over to heather with a check of the commute. >> so news copter 7 up above shannon stone showing us this mess on the cross bronx expressway this morning westbound near the degan. you can see that left lane is closed down and only the left lane. well that's a big deal when it happens on the cross bronx expressway. we'll go back over to our maps and pin point where it is cross bronx westbound right near the degan, but causing major delays coming inbound at the george washington bridge at least 30 to the upper level lincoln is 15 holland is a 10 minute delay subway servers running on or close to schedule new jersey transit long island railroad metro north all running on or
6:18 am
now we do have a problem as you travel on to the southern state parkway westbound near exit 21 nassau road with an accident there. now in addition to that we had this disabled vehicle that was the brooklyn bound on the upper level disabled vehicle has been cleared away so that's some good news for you if you travel out of staten island going over into brooklyn. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. laurie and ken over to you. all right thank you, heather 6:18 still ahead on eye witness news, uber expansion the ride sharing company trying to compete with food delivery services, but will it work? and an abc news exclusive. hulk hogan's first tv interview following the ruling involving a sex tape showing up on a popular website. in todays tech bytes tech companies offer services following terror attacks in brussels. >> facebook activated safety check feature which lets people check on the status of their loved ones following a disaster
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are all offering their customers free calls and texts to brussels. consumer reports says the best smartphone its ever tested is the samsung galaxy s7. >> the magazine reports the s7 delivers on its promises of long battery life, a great camera, and water resistance. it has not yet tested the new iphone. and there's bad news for fans of the wii-u. >> a japanese newspaper reports nintendo will stop manufacturing the popular game console later this year and
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on the money this morning, wall street futures are pointing into a mixed open the dow jones starts the day down 41 points at 17, 582 and the s & p 500 also begins lower. the nasdac composite starts higher. >> overseas your hong kong index fell and there are 26 days and counting until tax day which is april 18 this year, if
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1040 you're in good company. the one in five filers waits until the last week. julian, one of them, our manager based on last years numbers that's about 27 million returns sent to the government the week before the deadline. as uber launches its new standalone app, uber eats, in 10 cities this month is expanding its fleet of drivers. they are adding bike careers and partnering with hundreds of restaurants to dig deeper into the competitive market of food delivery going up against companies like grub hub and you'll be able to track delivery on a live map as it makes its way towards you. >> i wonder how that works as uber goes through the driverless car system just the car pulls up and opens the door or something? 6:23 that's right you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic as meteorologist jeff smith is here they are taking over the world. 50 at the bus stop clouds and
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spotty shower well north of the city talking over parts of sullivan county that should be about it though. overall fort vast majority of the area really a beautiful day shaping up. highs getting up to around 69 in midtown liter on today it's a balmy breeze out there, there will below 70s in a few of the western suburbs. we send it over to heather right now looking at the commute. >> yeah and we have a pretty messy commute that happened like that. cross bronx expressway westbound right near the degan, we have this accident new copter 7 up above and shannon stone is checking out what's going on there on the cross bronx expressway. good morning once again shannon. >> reporter: good morning heather. we'll give you good news and a whole lot of good bad news. down to one lane closed on the westbound side of the cross bronx expressway but this two tractor trailer tangle, so now for bad news. it doesn't matter it's only one lane. delay is clear across the bronx but not a lot of traffic coming the other way. i wish i could say that was because you had a clean ride heading inbound but that's not the case underneath the
6:25 am
accident so your inbound delay is getting worse by the minute healther back to you. >> thank you for that shannon. so we do have that accident underneath the apartments of the george washington bridge at least 30 minutes getting to the upper level that's going to build very quickly, lincoln is about 15 minutes i'm sure that will build as well. the holland is 10 mass transit is doing okay. street cleaning rules in effect ken over to you. thank you heather. 6:25 an abc news exclusive. hulk hogan speaking out for the first time since winning a $140 million judgment. hogan sued the website for posting video of him having sex with a former friend's wife. the 62 year old former pro wrestler won $25 million in punitive damages and $115 million in they claims he didn't know he was being taped. >> over three years of dealing with the games they did everything they could to deter me and hoping financially i wouldn't be able to stay in the game with them and i'd quit or tap out. >> while you could see more of the exclusive interview with
6:26 am
morning on good morning america right here on chain 7. 6:25. and president obama's historic trip to cuba finished with a trip to watch america's national past time. the president shook hands with derrick jeter before settling into watch the tampa bay rays take on cuba's national baseball team. it was the first game played in cuba since 1999 when the baltimore orioles did it . the rays won the exhibition 4-1. we are closing in on 6:30 still ahead on eye witness news the terror attacks in brussels a memorial growing from the victims as police troy to zero in on the suspect. also investigators releasing new clues in the search for the suspects who child an aid to governor cuomo. and a reality tv star from new jersey getting ready to report to prison. and it's a warm up on the way.
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terror attacks in brussels. this morning a manhunt is under way as investigators try to find suspects connected to the attacks. coming up new developments overnight and how people are reacting across the world. we have two reports this half hour we'll get to those in just a moment. good morning to you i'm ken rosato. >> i'm laurie is. thanks for starting your morning with us it is wednesday, march 23rd you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist jeff smith. >> really beautiful spring day shaping up for your wednesday. the first little glimmer of light showing up over the horizon the sun officially coming up in just over 20 minutes right now that temperature in central park sitting at the 50-degree mark, we're going well into the 60s during the day today. right now you get 45 in morristown, 48 down the shore at toms river, upper 40s on the island upper 30s north of the city in places like monticello. on the radar satellite speaking of north of the city there are a couple of showers showing up over parts of sullivan county pike county, and these will be
6:31 am
parts of those counties during the next few hours otherwise we break out into sunshine during the course of the day and that warmth really returning full force today that boundary staying off to our north which means we'll get into the warm sector with the wind coming in from the southwest and temperatures getting well into the 60s. here is your day planner 60 by noon time, breezy out there that west and southwest wind coming in 10-20 miles per hour 69 your temperature by 4:00 p.m. under a mix of sun and clouds and low 70s on the board in areas just west of new york city. we send it over to heather right now looking at the commute. >> we still have this accident on the cross bronx expressway westbound at the major degan expressway. news copter 7 is up above shannon stone showing us pictures of this mess you can see the left lane is blocked off looks like the center lane is barely moving as well. they do have the accident, the emergency vehicles on the scene but you can see we have a tremendous amount of volume as you head westbound on the cross bronx expressway.
6:32 am
way back to the bruckner interchange. not only do we have westbound issues but eastbound issues and that means coming inbound so let's go over to our maps and talk about the george washington bridge. we had an accident on the upper level underneath the apartments. the accident has been cleared away up to at least 45 minutes now and the lincoln jumped up to half an hour delay 20 minutes at the holland now, subway services running on or close to schedule new jersey transit long island railroad metro north, they're doing just fine and we have this accident southern state west, right near exit 21 nassau road. our street cleaning rules are in effect. laurie over to you. heather thank you. now back to our coverage of the brussels terror attacks. right now, there's a manhunt under way to find a third suspect connected to yesterdays deadly attacks. >> here is the latest information we have at least 31 people are dead, 250 injured. authorities say the id's of the suspects have been shared with u.s. officials and the u.s. has
6:33 am
americans traveling to the european union. >> eye witness diana rocco sin our news room with an update. >> reporter: laurie and ken the hunt for a third man is under way this morning as we are learning more about the suicide bombers in yesterdays attacks. belgium media now reports the two of them as brothers. one responsible for the attack at the airport the other on the metro. >> it's a difficult battle against them but i'm convinced we will win. >> and winning starts with a manhunt for the third bombing suspect seen on surveillance video. right before the explosions that killed at least 31 people and wounded more than 250. >> everyone just was in a big panic zone. >> investigators picked out these men noting the gloves two of them wore on their left hands. the gloves may have disguised the triggers used to set off the bombs. the third man made an effort to hide his face. and he may have been the
6:34 am
again. find. another bomb and an isis flag in a brussels apartment. it was ready to go but it couldn't fit in the cab the bombers took to the airport so it stayed behind. the cab driver says the men luggage. experts say the follow-up bombing in a metro railcar may have been even more powerful. an american student says the blood shed reminds him of 9/11. >> i'm from new jersey so i know what devastation in a place you love looks like. >> there were tributes during the night to the fallen. adele in a packed london stadium offered up a moment of silence . the brussels headquarters was lit up with the belgium colors while other signs of remembrance were far more simple and all of them heart felt. >> and a new report out this morning says the brothers were known to police for past crimes but nothing related to terrorism.
6:35 am
investigating whether they had any ties to the terror attacks in paris. in the news room this morning diana rocco, channel 7 eye witness news. 6:35 an extra security has been add-on the streets sub ways and airports. >> eye witness news reporter darla miles is live at kennedy airport with that angle of the story. darla? >> reporter: hello again laurie, ken. you know port authority police definitely have increased presence here at jfk. also at laguardia and newark airports and now this morning we're seeing more of a presence outside as opposed to what we saw inside last night. take a look at this video. you can see a real show of forced armed guards at the ticket counters that was the scene at jfk and laguardia last night. now this morning we are hearing from homeland security on tsa screening procedures they're saying at this point at this time, there are no immediate plans to expand the screening area beyond the ticket counters
6:36 am
signs and bulletins this morning. last night also a real show of confidence from mayor deblasio and bill bratton. they both got on the subways last night just to instill a sense of security in the new york subway system. commissioner bratton even said when he spoke to strap hangers last night that they told him that increased security was very reassuring. >> it's about confidence. the idea that the public can feel confident in this city, that we will do everything to try to deter and prevent an act from occurring. god forbid if one were to occur the capabilities to respond very quickly are there also. >> now the state department has issued a travel warning to all americans traveling europe this morning but in terms of any credible threat to new york city again, at this time, there is not one. reporting live at jfk, darla miles channel 7 eye witness news. thank you. and stay with eye witness news for continuing coverage of the brussels terror attacks. you could also find constant
6:37 am
our facebook page. 6:36 and that deadly elmhurst fire we told you about yesterday morning claimed a third victim. two victims died shortly after monday nights fire on ithacaxe street and a heard victim held on until yesterday. two other victims were identified. church goers in bergen county new jersey are without a place to worship this holy week after flames gutted a historic church. the fire broke out after 8:00 last night at the first presbyterian church of engelwood. flames quickly tore through the nearly 150 year old building shattering stained glass windows. the reverend says the congregation will worship in the church parking lot if necessary on easter. 6:37. new information in the search for the suspects involved in last years killing of an aid to governor cuomo. overnight police released these new photos of four people
6:38 am
shooting of the 43 year old it happened during last years parade. later today, his wife will join brooklyn bureau president eric adams to discuss ways to combat celebration. the husband of real housewives of new jersey star is headed to prison today. joe is expected to report to the fort dix federal prison to begin serving a 41 month sentence for bankrupt say fraud. in december theresa finished her 15 month prison stint. a judge staggered their sentence toss care for their four daughters you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist evans. >> the best weather day is sharing up for today a view looking from rutherford over toward midtown you'll see the empire state building right there in the middle of the screen. we have some clouds out there this morning but i think that will generally give way to couple showers early well north of new york city. we take a spin at the weather wheel 53 by 10:00 in the
6:39 am
how about a pair of sixes by 3:00, and then our high temperature probably achieved right around 4:00 p.m., 69 in the city low 70s just off to the west and temperatures gradually tailing off into the mid 60s even as we head into the evening going to be really really nice out there this afternoon. we send it over t heather now looking at traffic and the rails. >> unfortuntely, jeff we still have this accident on the cross bronx expressway westbound near the degan. unfortuntely we have news copter 7 up above and shannon stone is here to give us an update . good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's a minor problem but a major headache if west on the cross bronx expressway this is just past the ramp for the major degan. you've got that left lane taken out but as you mentioned earlier we had two lanes shutdown and really that is all it takes on the cross bronx expressway we'll bring you back as far as we can to show you this delay because it is a solid line of traffic that takes you all the way back to the bruckner interchange.
6:40 am
back to you. >> what an unfortunate situation there. inbound george washington bridge is about 45 minutes to the upper level 30 minutes to the lower level we had an level. the accident has been cleared but the damage is done. lincoln is 30, holland is a 20 minute delay, we have an overturned vehicle on route 24 at exit 2 and our street cleaning rules are in effect mass transit is doing okay. laurie ken over to you. thank you heather 6:40 still ahead on eye witness news, backlash against the new jersey police chief, new details we're learning after an e-mail surface that some call racial profiling. and why a plaintiff in the class action lawsuit against
6:41 am
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welcome back. police across europe are searching for the third man the bomber who walked away from the attack at brussels airport. police say that the surveillance video shows the bombers just minutes before 35 people were killed and at least 230 injured. the man to the right wearing a hat left before the explosions. it's thought he may have been the suicide teams handler. and perhaps the bomb maker. police are now trying to link those brussels devises to the bombs used in paris. 6:43 new jersey police chief on administrative leave
6:44 am
claims he supports racial profiling. prosecutors say police chief benjamin fox sent an e-mail to his officers saying racial profiling does have a place in policing. investigators say the e-mail which was sent to the aclu appears to be a violation of the attorney general's policy prohibiting racial profiling. new this morning, police want your help in catching a burglar who broke into a house of worship in brooklyn. now the crime happened two weeks ago. take a look at the man who police are trying to find they say he broke in threw a window and the suspect took cash from collection boxes before getting away. mayor deblasio is warming up his signing arm to aprove a new bill that bans smokeless tobacco at all stadiums, sports and recreation areas. city council approved the ban yesterday by a vote of 44-3. similar bans already exist in boston, los angeles and san francisco. 6:44 time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's check win meteorologist jeff smith.
6:45 am
wind here now that makes it feel cooler than it really is it's 50 degrees not too bad but this wind is coming in from the south and eventually that warms things up during the day today in these clouds that we have over us right now will be parting for m sunshine. we're looking off to the east over central park first a little ray of light coming up over the horizon sun officially coming up at 6:54 this morning. temperature right now 50 degrees matching humidity at 50% that wind coming in from the west at eight gusting up to 18 miles per hour and then coming in more from a southwesterly direction during the afternoon and that will help to warm things up. 69 eventually for your high today way way above average for this time of the year 76 was your record back in 2012 so we aren't that far from the record by late today. it's a balmy out there as highs sore into the 60s could be a couple 70s west of the city and big temperature range tomorrow back to our front sinks in from new england and that makes it
6:46 am
probably stay in the 50s but there's still 70s inland especially over central parts of interior new jersey. showers show up late tomorrow night and last into friday morning 48 right now newark, 46 teterboro, 47 white plains and you do have upper 30s and a little chilly north of the city at newburg and monticello upper 40s on the island and down the jersey shore. you can really see that southwest early wind picking up on our wind streamlines here on our radar satellite picture. also on the radar, a couple of showers well north of new york city. we're talking parts of sullivan county maybe extreme northern orange county and so there could be a shower or sprinkle in those areas before we tend to clear things out during the course of the day. so here is your accuweather forecast for today breezy, becoming warmer out there a blend of sun and clouds shower remains off to our north 69 in midtown in the low 70s just off to the west of the city in some of the suburbs partly cloudy
6:47 am
still mild tomorrow with sunshine and it's a big range in temperature looking at 54 at some locations right along the coast so won't feel like that great of a day, 62 kind of split the difference here in the city, 74 well inland west and south of new york city again interior parts of central new jersey getting well into the 70s. here is your accuweather seven day forecast showers show up late tomorrow night, lasting into friday morning and then we break out into sunshine friday afternoon and kind of a slow start friday but we get up to 65 during the day. bright but cooler saturday mid 50s easter sunday looking pretty nice and mix of sun and clouds high of 56, not looking so nicerly next week, looks like rain is likely on monday mid 50s and some of that rain could bleed into tuesday with high in the upper 50s so enjoy today. definitely the belt weather day of the week with the high getting up near 70 degrees back into you. >> let me get this straight
6:48 am
sunshine saturday and sunday and it might rain monday and tuesday? >> you've got it. monday miserable anyway might as well rain. >> heather? >> so we have this huge mess on the cross bronx expressway westbound at the degan. this accident being cleared away. huge delays as you go westbound on the cross bronx in fact we have news copter 7 still up above shannon stone showing us the mess that we have here and it looks as though that center lane may remain closed still at this right lane is getting by but the delays go all the way back to the bruckner, so expect delays as you leave queens coming up over into the bronx but look at that bumper to bumper delay. no surprise that an accident on the cross bronx could cause this amount of traffic this early in the morning. let's go back over to our maps now. i can tell you the george washington bridge 45 minutes to the upper 30 to the lower lincoln 30, holland is 20
6:49 am
we have this problem on 24 eastbound side exit overturned vehicle only one lane is getting by. now that's going to cause rubber necking delays for those going westbound for sure. brooklyn bound upper level as you'll recall we had a disabled vehicle and now a new one this one is blocking two lanes. our transit is doing okay. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. laurie over to you. heather thank you. the tennis tournament director who was roundly criticized for saying female players "ride on the coat tails of the men" has resigned. raymond moore stepped down as director of the bnp open in california. an event featuring men and women's players. more a former tennis pro from south africa apologized for the comments saying it was in poor taste. 6:49 one of the women suing donald trump over trump university now pulled out of the federal class action suit. the woman said she gave up
6:50 am
words put her through the ringer. her withdrawal from the case leaves three other plaintiffs still pursuing the six year old case. it is expect today go on trial soon in san diego one of three lawsuit against trump university. 6:49 still ahead on eye witness news this morning, a delivery man attacked on a street in brooklyn the brutal ordeal caught on camera, victims families talking to eye witness news as police try to i've been a turkey farmer my whole life...
6:51 am
we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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6:53 am
a delivery man was attacked with a rubber mallet after a crash in downtown brooklyn and it's all caught on camera. take a look at the attacker. this is some of the video police are using in their investigation. the victim 23-year-old kevin tello fought back by kicking frantically. his brother says his started over a minor car accident while tello was delivering groceries sunday for fresh direct. he's now recovering in the hospital. >> he's doing better, he's still recovering but doctors say he should be fine within six or so weeks, so yeah. we're hopeful with that. >> wow. the victim suffered three fractured vertebra. the suspect 34 year old came john bailey faces charges including assault. >> lucky and wealthy beatles fan has secured the holy grail. that's what collectors are calling this very special piece of history. the rare album was the first released under the beatles name and it also includes the first song ever written by john lennon.
6:54 am
a british collector won the disc at auction yesterday with a bid of $110,000. >> [laughter] wow. >> amazing. 6:52 and top stories plus a final check of weather and your commute when we return. a live picture from brussels where a memorial is growing for the victims. also ahead breaking news in
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
we have breaking news in brussels listen up here we understand local news reports there have police capturing the third man. that's the guy right there. the khaki jacket, he's the man that was on the right side of the screen initially and he was wanted for yesterdays attacks. several days ago police linked him to the paris attacks saying his dna was found on the suicide vest there. surveillance video yesterday before the explosion at the airport appeared to show him pushing a luggage cart alongside the two suicide bombers. the airport and metro attacks killed at least 31 people and wounded another 230. in response to the deadly attacks security in our area is increased. >> eye witness news reporter darla miles live at kennedy airport. darla? >> reporter: ken, laurie this morning the tsa and homeland security are saying there are no immediate plans to expand the screening area beyond the main departure terminal but take a lock at what it looked like last night.
6:58 am
stationed there at both ticket counters again here at laguardia at jfk and laguardia. i also want you to take a live look at times square this morning. you can see there is a clear show of force with officers stationed there and again all of these measures are precautionary as there's no known credible threat to new york city. reporting live at jfk. eye witness news. darla thank you. >> news copter 7 in the air let's check in with shannon stone. >> reporter: we've got a rough morning here westbound side of the cross bronx expressway you've got this two tractor trailer accident just before the major deegan expressway its been out there all morning so your delay takes you well back through the bruckner interchange but it doesn't matter which way you get to that george washington bridge. it's a nightmare. lock at this volume from an rent yes, sir accident heading inbound a 45 minute wait. shannon stone channel 7 eye witness news. >> wow what a mess. >> shannon, thank you.
6:59 am
washington bridge so that delay inbound is about 45 minutes upstairs 30 downstairs the lincoln was affected with 40 minutes coming inbound holland is a 30 minute delay. route 24 east exit 2 overturned vehicle two lanes are closed down as a result of that and the bridge brooklyn bound upper level disabled vehicle blocks two lanes so a mess. >> all lovely. >> happy hump day. , not a mess in the weather department. >> good. >> just clouds but those will be parting for sunshine during the day. we get temperatures well up into the 60s next seven hours by 10:00 a.m. we're 55, breaks of sunshine, 63 by 1:00 in the afternoon and there are a couple sprinkles well north of the city during the next few hours but those will be exiting pretty soon up to 69 today breezy warmer out there still mild tomorrow, 62 instate but only 50s along the coast and showers coming in late tomorrow night into early thank you. >> leave you with some live pictures right now still growing memorial in brussels and that is the news
7:00 am
>> i'm lori stokes and of course good morning america picks up the story from nesday. good morning, america. breaking news in the brussels bombing. reports the third suspect seen in this hat arrested overnight. these two others identified as brothers and new clues in this surveillance photo. what the single gloves two of them wearing tell us. stay down. >> and the dramatic moments of survival from inside that airport and on the metro train. the hero physician who helped the injured. >> cut off so many to massive shrapnel wounds. >> and the miraculous teen surviving the third terror attack in his life. we'll hear from him. >> all of europe on high alert. the dramatic warning for americans right now.


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